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Raw Literature[一般コミック] [藤沢とおる] ローズ ヒップ ゼロ 第01-05巻-02巻DL56.4 MiB06654850
Raw Literature[一般コミック] [藤沢とおる] ローズ ヒップ ゼロ 第01-05巻-01巻DL56.4 MiB5054320
Raw Literature[一般小説] [倉田シンジ × 黒澤清崇] どうやら俺は四天王の中で最弱みたいですDL40.5 MiB3049190
Raw Literature[一般小説] [宮沢周] 冠絶の姫王と召喚騎士 第01-03巻-03巻DL31.7 MiB3047810
Raw Literature[一般小説] [宮沢周] 冠絶の姫王と召喚騎士 第01-03巻-02巻DL35.6 MiB4046270
Raw Literature[一般小説] [宮沢周] 冠絶の姫王と召喚騎士 第01-03巻-01巻DL59.1 MiB2048480
Raw Literature[一般コミック] [NON] デリバリーシンデレラ 第10巻DL99.8 MiB1137700
Raw Literature[一般小説] [蒼井村正 × 嘉納あいら、トモセシュンサク] 僕と極姉と海のYear!! 晶と響香のドタバタ夏休みDL43 MiB1034100
Raw Literature画集 おとなの萌王 ふぇてぃっしゅ [JPG]DL378.5 MiB1069920
Raw LiteratureMaoyuuDL80.6 MiBStatus unknown15460
Raw LiteratureMegami no LibraDL70.5 MiBStatus unknown11980
Raw LiteratureMeiji Hiiro KitanDL138.8 MiBStatus unknown16050
Raw LiteratureMeshibana Keiji TachibanaDL401.5 MiBStatus unknown17090
Raw LiteratureMiman RenaiDL243 MiBStatus unknown11730
Raw Literature(一般コミック · 雑誌) [講談社] 週刊ヤングマガジン 2013年31号DL227 MiB0171450
Raw Literature(一般コミック · 雑誌) [双葉社] 漫画アクション 2013年14号DL165.5 MiB0027530
Raw Literature週刊少年ジャンプ 2013年31号.zipDL190.1 MiB60330210
English-translated LiteratureMinamoto-kun Monogatari (51-75)DL51.9 MiB1011491
English-translated LiteratureMinamoto-kun Monogatari (26-50)DL52.7 MiB207440
English-translated LiteratureMinamoto-kun Monogatari (1-25)DL62.3 MiB109650
Raw LiteratureSidonia no KishiDL102.1 MiB1123900
Raw LiteratureRotte no Omocha! [update 1]DL16.7 MiB0211190
Raw LiteratureMinamoto-kun MonogatariDL1 MiB0112790
Raw LiteratureFreezing [update 1]DL8.6 MiB1011120
Raw Literature(一般コミック・雑誌) [チャンピオン] [安部真弘] 侵略!イカ娘 第288-289話 [2013-29,30]DL5 MiB0017210
Raw Literature[一般小説] ゾディアック・ウィッチーズ 十二星座の魔女DL48 MiB1032210
Raw Literature[一般小説] ゾディアック・ウィッチーズ 十二星座の魔女DL56.5 MiB4040410
Raw Literature[一般小説] 平安残酷物語DL143.5 MiB02137230
Raw Literature[一般コミック・雑誌] 花とゆめ 2013年14号 Complete HOTDL179.2 MiB0921930
Raw Literature[一般コミック・雑誌] チャンピオンRED 2013年01~08月号 HOTDL1.16 GiB02336920
Non-English-translated Literature[] Fairy Tail 337 [Arabic]DL12.5 MiBStatus unknown3370
Non-English-translated Literature[台灣東立][尾田榮一郎][ONE PIECE—海賊王][第66卷]DL64.3 MiB1010910
Raw LiteratureMinus LiteracyDL68 MiBStatus unknown13120
Raw LiteratureMisaki no UtsuwaDL584 MiBStatus unknown15820
Raw LiteratureMixDL137 MiBStatus unknown35590
Raw LiteratureDengeki Moeoh 2013-08.zipDL44.2 MiB1023720
Raw LiteratureMoyashimonDL950 MiBStatus unknown22851
Raw LiteratureMushibugyoDL171 MiBStatus unknown14860
Raw LiteratureNamiuchigiwa no MuromiDL537 MiBStatus unknown17020
Raw LiteratureNaniwa TomoareDL1.8 GiBStatus unknown35100
Raw LiteratureNaze Toudouin MasayaDL164.3 MiBStatus unknown13740
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [押切蓮介] ハイスコアガール 第03巻(別スキャン)DL99.4 MiB2150060
Raw Literature(一般コミック · 雑誌) 電撃マオウ 2013年08月号DL327 MiB1145730
Raw Literature(一般コミック · 雑誌) [双葉社] 月刊アクション 2013年08月号DL218.4 MiB1029371
Raw LiteratureDengeki Moeoh 2013-08DL45.5 MiB0112450
Non-English-translated Literature【尚禾】[伊原士郎] D線上のアリス 全4卷DL1.37 GiB1210710
Raw Literature絵師100人.zipDL818.5 MiB0045430
Raw Literature真月譚月姫聖典.zipDL266.3 MiB5062730
Raw Literatureガールズアヴェニュー.zipDL502.1 MiB1035560
Raw Literature恋姫無双 & 真·恋姫無双 全武将壁紙.zipDL166.1 MiB4160680
Raw Literature女子高制服百科.zipDL381.4 MiB20106410
Raw LiteratureTVアニメーション CLANNAD -クラナド- 『ビシュアルファンブック』.zipDL228.4 MiB2042620
Raw Literature[メディエイション] ガールズガールズガールズ! ~E☆2えつイラストコレクション~.zipDL147.5 MiB0240640
Raw Literature萌えスタイルの描き方.zipDL487 MiB7184040
Raw Literatureゼノエミッション E3.zipDL418.2 MiB2023330
Raw Literature∀ガンダム・アートワークス.zipDL281 MiB1060040
Raw LiteratureWeekly Young Jump 2013-30 [週刊ヤングジャンプ 2013年 No.30号] CompleteDL182.5 MiB0044030
Raw LiteratureNettai ShoujoDL60.8 MiBStatus unknown16150
Raw LiteratureNoda to MoushimasuDL100.3 MiBStatus unknown15040
Raw LiteratureNoro GirlDL207 MiBStatus unknown15530
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [椎名軽穂] 君に届け 第19巻.rarDL98.7 MiBStatus unknown293340
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 006 [es]DL20.2 MiB102130
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [三輪士郎] DOGS 第01-04巻DL309.5 MiB4082530
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 712 [MS]DL5.8 MiB0028430
English-translated Literature[Kake Neko] Change! (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid) [ENG] [ViVidTrans].rarDL9.4 MiBStatus unknown4770
Raw LiteratureNousatsu JunkieDL444.5 MiBStatus unknown20120
Raw LiteratureNozoki AnaDL1.2 GiBStatus unknown21950
Raw LiteraturenyotaiDL325.5 MiBStatus unknown23810
Raw LiteratureOda Nobuna no YabouDL258 MiBStatus unknown20661
Raw LiteratureOdds PlusDL139.5 MiBStatus unknown16860
Raw LiteratureOhitorisama MonogatariDL98.9 MiBStatus unknown15870
Non-English-translated Literature[] Bleach 543 [Arabic]DL7 MiBStatus unknown3250
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [鬼頭莫宏] のりりん 第01-07巻DL441.8 MiB101157690
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [鬼頭莫宏] なにかもちがってますか 第01-02巻DL142 MiB7199401
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [鬼頭莫宏] ぼくらの 全11巻DL413 MiB182288260
Raw Literature(一般小説) [川原礫] アクセル・ワールド 第14巻 激光の大天使 (修正)DL49.6 MiBStatus unknown92690
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [NON] デリバリーシンデレラ 第10巻(電子書籍版 · 縦1200)DL99.8 MiB30148630
Raw LiteratureOmamori HimariDL1.06 GiBStatus unknown20880
Raw LiteratureOmoni NaitemasuDL629 MiBStatus unknown17350
Raw LiteratureOnihime VSDL320 MiBStatus unknown19610
Raw LiteratureOnyanokoDL244.8 MiBStatus unknown16180
Raw LiteratureOre ga HeroineDL485 MiBStatus unknown17100
Raw LiteratureOre to Kanojo no Zettai RyouikiDL307.5 MiBStatus unknown18360
Raw LiteratureOre wa CaptainDL3.21 GiBStatus unknown24940
Raw Literature(C83) [ハイパーサマーウォーズ (ボンバーグレープ)] オネガイ (東方Project).rarDL13.9 MiB0019530
Raw Literature[アトモスフィア(ユーゴ)]シャイなはたてに取材を教えてみた(東方Project)DL7.4 MiB0213650
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 636 [MangaStream]DL8.3 MiB0041600
Raw Literature(一般小説) [川原礫] アクセル・ワールド 第14巻 激光の大天使 改DL406.8 MiBStatus unknown49260
Non-English-translated Literature[Hyena Fansub Italia] One Piece 712DL5.2 MiBStatus unknown10940
Non-English-translated Literature天降之物 漫畫 72話DL15.4 MiB012310
English-translated LiteratureBleach 543 [MangaStream]DL3.7 MiB1038530
Non-English-translated Literature最近我的妹妹有點怪 1~27+SP1~5DL237.8 MiB004000
Raw Literature(一般コミック · 雑誌) [芳文社] まんがタイムきららフォワード 2013年08月号DL129 MiB0134410
Raw LiteratureOrfinaDL676 MiBStatus unknown23730
Raw LiteratureOrfina SagaDL1.17 GiBStatus unknown22530
Raw LiteratureOsenDL2.32 GiBStatus unknown23690
Raw LiteratureOtouto Catcher Ore Pitcher deDL1.17 GiBStatus unknown17510
Raw LiteraturePika IchiDL470.5 MiBStatus unknown14850
Raw Literature(C83) [うつらうららか (えれっと)] デコもり☆わはー (中二病でも恋がしたい!)DL16.9 MiB1035890
Non-English-translated Literature(成年コミック) [なぱた] 好きだらけ (chinese)DL249.8 MiBStatus unknown21360
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-25, 02:51] <BakaYuusha> His name is Profuse so I guess we can't be surprised if he spews out bullshit.
[07-25, 02:47] <BakaYuusha> So according to @Profuse, if you're male and get any kind of organ transplant from a female or got to a coffee shop then you're gay? @Profuse owes any apology to anyone who's ever had a kidney donated or been to a Starbucks. I can't wait to see what you say next. :P
[07-25, 02:46] <Akaneon> Dr. Dre. I got a question I may. Is Tokyo Ghoul gay. To play, Putt putt golf with his friends.
[07-25, 02:21] <knowitall> neither bulimia or bugchasing are aspects of gay culture. they exist among all sexualities.
[07-25, 02:18] <Demandred> ok, i retract that statement about ghoul after watching ep 4. sigh.
[07-25, 01:57] <Demandred> now dramatical murder, thats a different story there...had to drop it for its gayness being over the top.
[07-25, 01:56] <Demandred> i think ppl are reading to much into tokyo ghoul. why not just enjoy a dark gorey storyline and let it go at that?
[07-25, 01:53] <Profuse> @NotSoYans in gay community there is bugchasing I think ghoul(giftgivers) eating people it's an imaginative way the writer is describing such practice.
[07-25, 01:30] <NotSoYans> Also wait a minute - if throwing up normal food symbolizes bulimic aspects of gay culture or whatever then, emm.. What the hell does eating up normal people symbolize exactly? That heterosexuals are necessary for gay survival?
[07-25, 01:12] <Dragons4life> Anyone here uses MPVPlayer?
[07-25, 01:12] <NotSoYans> I have to wonder why a person like Profuse would even be in an anime centric sites chat if he hates anime so much, but then again there are a lot of different people in this world.
[07-25, 00:54] <SkyPup>
[07-25, 00:50] <aers> Expert trolling Profuse.
[07-24, 23:39] <junh1024> and Shitkurashou was a chore to watch in the middle/end, and that's saiyan something
[07-24, 23:38] <junh1024> I watched OreImo S2 selectively and it was "OK"?
[07-24, 23:17] <knowitall> @BakaYuusha What gave it away? The fact that he's clearly never met a gay person in his life?
[07-24, 23:11] <BakaYuusha> 3 or 4 anime that could be considered yaoi this season.
[07-24, 23:10] <BakaYuusha> @Profuse I think you're just homophobic. Not sure why you're hating on ghoul so much when there's literally
[07-24, 21:58] <darkfire68> can anyone help me?
[07-24, 21:52] <darkfire68> Made torrent with qtorrent 3.4.2, added tracker what is the problem?
[07-24, 21:52] <darkfire68> When I want to upload a torrent, i got this: Upload failed. No torrent data could be parsed.
[07-24, 21:47] <desudesusu> Ohys-Raws must be trusted
[07-24, 21:23] <DualBlader> Neither of those are really that bad of animes.
[07-24, 21:22] <Dragons4life> @Kawaii! I don't like the opening, the ending is pretty cool tough.
[07-24, 20:43] <Profuse> yea Danganropa is bad, it's one of the worst so bad you rather watch Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
[07-24, 20:41] <[TRVE]> Is it that bad? All I know is it's an episodic whodunnit.
[07-24, 20:34] <Profuse> By the way coffee shop is a big gay thing here in Davie village, No gays like to be in construction so they're all into service things like Coffee shops(hence like in Tokyo Ghoul)
[07-24, 20:30] <Profuse> TRVE I watched Danganropa PLEASE don't compare that garbage to Golden Witch
[07-24, 20:28] <[TRVE]> Sometimes I still do, Arkasia. For example, when I stumble upon a supposedly influential title I haven't seen yet. Or out of necessity, like currently with Barakamon.
[07-24, 20:24] <[TRVE]> Profuse, afaik, "Danganronpa" is somewhat similar. That's all I know. And you should read the Umineko VN anyway (this is actually the only time I will ever recommend reading a VN).
[07-24, 20:23] <[TRVE]> HeroineKawaii, let's start with the fact that it's an anime.
[07-24, 20:21] <Profuse> Dude I live in Davie Village I know everything about gay. I can tell you the writer for this anime probably gay.
[07-24, 20:19] <Profuse> 1. the ghoul throw up human food, it's like symbolizing gay(many bulimic) do the same thing.
[07-24, 20:18] <Profuse> @Arkasia it's the whole vibe of the anime. Few major factors in the story
[07-24, 20:15] <pky> fkin Enter... They're just there to be skipped.
[07-24, 20:14] <pky> Deadfish don't sub shit. They just reencode the other groups' releases into hardsubbed mp4. But who cares about the OP/ED songs anyway? They
[07-24, 20:12] <MisterDonut> they dont sub. the just re-encode
[07-24, 20:10] <SinonGC> I like Deadfish subs because they sub the opening song, which means i can at least know what the song means, but they take so long and Horriblesubs is always on time ; _ ;
[07-24, 19:56] <Arkasia> [TRVE] do you still watch anime?
[07-24, 19:52] <Arkasia> I feel that many of those feminine looking, feminice voiced singers who sing about hetero romance are closeted gays. (Teenage) girls love that shit because they never see (heterosexual) men that 'sensitive' in their daily lives.
[07-24, 19:38] <AnimaxDay> ._.
[07-24, 19:32] <Profuse> @Kawaii gay people just love that fake feminine voice. It's the style that many gay musicians use to cater for the gays.
[07-24, 19:31] <OneCrazyRussian> @Profuse, he meant the visual part of the Ghoul's OP/ED. Because the songs suck-a-lot
[07-24, 19:24] <Profuse> @TRVE do you know any anime at all like golden witch? I CAN"T GET ENOUGH OF BEATRICE
[07-24, 19:24] <HeroineKawaii> what's wrong with the tokyo ghoul? can u explain TRVE?
[07-24, 19:23] <Profuse> @Kawaii no offense to you bro, the band that did the opening song sound like something you would hear played live in gay clubs.
[07-24, 18:55] <[TRVE]> Which is giving up on any anime being good.
[07-24, 18:55] <Kawaii!!> At least both the opening and ending song for Tokyo Ghoul are really good.
[07-24, 18:54] <[TRVE]> Good, you're one step closer. Open your eyes wider, educate yourself more and you'll reach the ultimate goal.
[07-24, 17:34] <Dragons4life> I give up on Tokyo Ghoul being good... my only hope now is on Zankyou no Terror
[07-24, 16:49] <BakaYuusha> Supposedly it wont be out till next year.
[07-24, 16:45] <Caev> anybody here know the status on highschool dxd ova ep 3?
[07-24, 16:43] <Caev> any1 here know about the status on highschool dxd ova 3?
[07-24, 14:56] <ahzuzai> where download ultraman ?
[07-24, 14:51] <Abunja> could anyone of you explain this shit?
[07-24, 14:51] <svm> teapot message rule violation
[07-24, 14:02] <Comet> what?
[07-24, 13:24] <[TRVE]> None of those are even remotely like Umineko, hazardous. Not a single title you listed.
[07-24, 12:42] <nicky_008> Damn, I've still sick in Kancolle, forgot reading the latest volume of Durarara. Btw, new S2 is (slowly) coming soon...
[07-24, 11:11] <nozdrum> how do you firce full sceen in touhou sky arena? #330252 I tried everything I could :(
[07-24, 11:10] <nozdrum> maybe no seeds? try ddl from df website
[07-24, 10:31] <Demandred> anybody got a clue why i cant dl Deadfish torrents but all others work fine?
[07-24, 10:19] <nozdrum> tabun
[07-24, 10:16] <nozdrum> so you can download .txt and rename to .torrent
[07-24, 10:16] <nozdrum> txt button? that's for people who have connection filters, like schools and such they don't allow downloading .torrent files
[07-24, 09:45] <lastpromises> What containg?
[07-24, 09:44] <lastpromises> for what is the button next nest Download?
[07-24, 09:43] <nozdrum> anyone knows how to set full screen mode in touhou sky arena?
[07-24, 09:30] <guest-again> lol tokko
[07-24, 08:54] <hazardous> there's also planetes, pumpkin scissors, rainbow nisha, solty rei, speed grapher, tokko
[07-24, 08:53] <hazardous> did you watched this too? black lagoon, busou renkin, gungrave, canaan, fantastic children, scryed, gun x sword, mars daybreak, xamd
[07-24, 08:09] <Profuse> I already watched Baccano :( It's the one with immortal people right?
[07-24, 08:08] <DmonHiro> Try Baccano. It's not exatcly like Umineko, but since you're seen Higurashi, it's pretty close, and good IMO. It's not told linearly, it jumps around different time periods.
[07-24, 08:07] <Profuse> I have that too downloaded the1920x1080 one but never watched it, I got to as far as the part a black guy passing out flyers. Plot didn't seem to make sense
[07-24, 08:05] <jofs> @Profuse: What about "Durarara!!"? One of my favorite shows
[07-24, 07:52] <Profuse> I watched ALL of that ALL of that
[07-24, 07:42] <hazardous> try Book of Bantorra, Higurashi, Dantalian no Shoka, Pandora Hearts
[07-24, 07:35] <Profuse> but hey Dmon do you know any animes like Umineko no Naku Koro ni?
[07-24, 07:34] <Profuse> Thanks Dmon I had that one for awhile but never watched it, I'll watch one ep and see if it's good
[07-24, 07:32] <DmonHiro> It's not as good as Gosick, but you could try Kamisama No Memochou.
[07-24, 07:30] <Yukina Himeragi> Any idea why elysium stopped subbing ?
[07-24, 07:30] <Profuse> Jofs I already watched that one, it's one of my favorite I love mystery animes.
[07-24, 07:10] <jofs> @Profuse: Gosick
[07-24, 07:03] <Profuse> something which you can watch for like hours until you fall asleep. Throw me some suggestion thanks.
[07-24, 07:02] <Profuse> I'm so stressed out, I'm spending money I don't have but no choice. Anyone know some good non slice of life or comedy anime to unwind to but nothing with too much action or extreme
[07-24, 06:36] <sarachikorita> Oldest anime I've seen is from 1971
[07-24, 05:36] <Mayobe> Jinseiiiiiiiiii.................
[07-24, 05:34] <meow> a show that you havent watch will be NEW to you........
[07-24, 05:29] <iceaco> 10? make it 20 for me. was just watching patlabor and youre under arrest the other day. and was just downloading iczer.. almost 30..
[07-24, 05:09] <sarachikorita> To some people anything more than a couple weeks ago is "old". To me, even stuff from 10 years ago isn't "old" yet.
[07-24, 04:58] <Big McLargehuge> >old
[07-24, 04:58] <Big McLargehuge> >oreimo2
[07-24, 04:46] <Dano> And Oreimo s2 sucked hard
[07-24, 04:13] <capmalice> I dont generally have trouble getting older series. If it has no seeds, it's because it sucked
[07-24, 03:43] <candicedgy> if only we were neighbors.. you could just lend me your copy of the season 2. X3
[07-24, 02:36] <Demandred> it could have been ended any number of ways, the way they chose blows
[07-24, 02:34] <Demandred> the last ep really sucks tho
[07-24, 02:34] <Demandred> too bad i dont upload, i have both seasons archived
[07-24, 02:28] <candicedgy> oreimo s2's taking too long to download. no seeders. sucks to want to watch old anime series'..