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Name:Sound Horizon - Elysion LIVE (Rakuen Parade e Youkoso!)Date:2010-02-21, 01:15 UTC
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Sound Horizon's first DVD, featuring the Story Concert from the 4th Story Album "Elysion" (2005).

7-24 and 9-19 2005 at Nakano ZERO Hall.

01. Eru no Shouzou
02. Eru no Ehon 【Fuefuki otoko to Parade】
03. Eru no Tenbin
04. Eru no Ehon 【Majo to Lafrenze】
05. Requiem K626 ~Lacrimosa~ (Mozart)
06. Baroque
07. Strings Quartet 【ABYSS】
08. Eru no Rakuen [→Side:A→]
09. Ark
10. Yield
11. Sacrifice
12. Stardust
13. Eru no Rakuen [→Side:E→]
14. Members introduction
15. Jimang no Sekai [→Side:J→]
16. Yakusoku no Oka
17. Koibito wo Uchiotoshita hi

Sound Horizon Kingdom!

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