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Name:Emma: A Victorian Romance Complete [COR]Date:2010-02-28, 11:28 UTC
Submitter:AnonymousSeeders:Status unknown (0)
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cor.extras.victorian.romance.emma.s1.textless.ending.[87459852].mkv14.62 MiB
cor.extras.victorian.romance.emma.s1.textless.opening.[F90BAA17].mkv15.06 MiB
cor.extras.victorian.romance.emma.s2.textless.ending.[E11AC408].mkv15.03 MiB
cor.extras.victorian.romance.emma.s2.textless.opening.[E6DF46EE].mkv15.04 MiB[BC26CFD7].mkv174.29 MiB[3D7ED2CD].mkv174.63 MiB[3DA0477F].mkv174.41 MiB[D460F0DC].mkv174.1 MiB[55C256E4].mkv175.31 MiB[BC2A20D2].mkv174.57 MiB[D2E5FDAC].mkv175.32 MiB[928FFAD9].mkv175.37 MiB[9CD8D42E].mkv175.08 MiB[F23D8D74].mkv175.31 MiB[3BF7B5CC].mkv175.22 MiB[E8E80F50].mkv174.59 MiB[B59B19B4].mkv174.32 MiB[15AAAD57].mkv174.57 MiB[A3AC588A].mkv174.16 MiB[3F5BD4A0].mkv174.98 MiB[3E75DDED].mkv174.44 MiB[EBCE59DE].mkv174.52 MiB[560F5FE1].mkv174.16 MiB[A24046EB].mkv174.8 MiB[D61469BD].mkv174.53 MiB[13F3CAE9].mkv174.43 MiB[A1248F4F].mkv174.74 MiB[3CFA964B].mkv174.84 MiB[268251F4].mkv175.21 MiB MiB

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2012-02-19 at 20:35 UTC
Seeding forever~
2013-11-18 at 18:23 UTC
Seed please...

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