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Name:Nodame Cantabile Complete 3 Seasons [720p]Date:2010-04-02, 02:31 UTC
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(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_18_[H.264_AAC][720p][18D015C0].mkv233.62 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_19v2_[H.264_AAC][720p][D34890F6].mkv233.57 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_20_[H.264_AAC][720p][2BF42DC6].mkv233.54 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_17_[H.264_AAC][720p][62CB02C1].mkv233.1 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_07_[H.264_AAC][720p][6DFA88EF].mkv232.91 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_06_[H.264_AAC][720p][452A1E54].mkv232.86 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_11_[H.264_AAC][720p][9FBFD603].mkv232.8 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_09_[H.264_AAC][720p][B2DC56F2].mkv232.79 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_01_[H.264_AAC][720p][F1D3D2F7].mkv232.77 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_10_[H.264_AAC][720p][C44A1D9C].mkv232.77 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_08_[H.264_AAC][720p][6D1FC5DD].mkv232.76 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_03_[H.264_AAC][720p][0E815E52].mkv232.75 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_02_[H.264_AAC][720p][67D24450].mkv232.72 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_04_[H.264_AAC][720p][AA37942E].mkv232.63 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_05_[H.264_AAC][720p][F27C0E0C].mkv232.61 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_12_[H.264_AAC][720p][2B365F00].mkv232.58 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_16_[H.264_AAC][720p][DCD4E0FC].mkv232.56 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_15_[H.264_AAC][720p][4F5E8306].mkv232.55 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_14_[H.264_AAC][720p][CE57C107].mkv232.54 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_13_[H.264_AAC][720p][548D6E77].mkv232.53 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_22_[H.264_AAC][720p][C6EDFF10].mkv231.02 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_21_[H.264_AAC][720p][FA969958].mkv230.9 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[Anime-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_23_[H.264_AAC][720p][5756172C].mkv230.14 MiB
(1) Nodame Cantabile TV/[C1]Nodame_Cantabile_-_DVD_Special[X264][OGG][6E842D53].mkv146.45 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_01_[AVC-AAC][720p][8CBF93B7].mkv229.21 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_03_[AVC-AAC][720p][92834DE2].mkv229.21 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_04_[AVC-AAC][720p][8DADC4F1].mkv229.21 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_02_[AVC-AAC][720p][B8AAF726].mkv229.2 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_08_[AVC-AAC][720p][3BE68F29].mkv229.18 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_07_[AVC-AAC][720p][840AFA1A].mkv229.18 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_05_[AVC-AAC][720p][95E74559].mkv229.16 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_06_[AVC-AAC][720p][754C9E25].mkv229.15 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_10_[AVC-AAC][720p][80586E09].mkv229.15 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_09_[AVC-AAC][720p][4743B6DC].mkv229.14 MiB
(2) Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen/[ANBU_A-Keep]_Nodame_Cantabile_Paris_-_11_[AVC-AAC][720p][2317A0D7].mkv228.26 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[BSS]_Nodame_Cantabile_~Finale~_-_05_[905790AE].mkv349.79 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[BSS]_Nodame_Cantabile_~Finale~_-_02_[ACEF283F].mkv349.66 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Frostii]_Nodame_Cantabile_Finale_-_10_[FCE635D6].mkv343.07 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Frostii]_Nodame_Cantabile_Finale_-_08_[658892C6].mkv342.94 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Frostii]_Nodame_Cantabile_Finale_-_09_[EE78A8C5].mkv342.88 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Frostii]_Nodame_Cantabile_Finale_-_06_[13948D63].mkv342.83 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Frostii]_Nodame_Cantabile_Finale_-_11_[AB668B71].mkv341.67 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Clover]Nodame_Cantabile_-Finale-_-_07[H264][720p][2778AAC2].mkv228.45 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Clover]Nodame_Cantabile_-Finale-_-_04[H264][720p][B6DBE523].mkv227.38 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Clover]Nodame_Cantabile_-Finale-_-_01[H264][720p][93C16E95].mkv219.58 MiB
(3) Nodame Cantabile Finale/[Clover]Nodame_Cantabile_-Finale-_-_03[H264][720p][CA9729C0].mkv169.79 MiB
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User comments:

2012-01-19 at 21:02 UTC
2012-04-09 at 10:25 UTC
Does anyone have a clue what the DVD special is?

The way it's supposed to go is:
Episodes 1-8
special 15-min special (8.5)
Episodes 9-23

In some cases the special might be numbered 9 in which case bump the 2nd group of numbers up.

Then the 11 Paris episodes
Then the paris special

Then ep 0 of finale
Then finale 1-11
Then the OVA

I'm assuming this OVA might be for season 1, but that means we're missing the 1 paris special and the 2 finale specials. I'll see if I can find a link to them.

Still this looks like the only active torrent so it'll do.
2012-10-28 at 15:01 UTC
phew.. I thought I woudn't find this anime in a good quality anymore.
good thing it's still active.. Thanks a lot!
2013-04-24 at 09:34 UTC
Season 3 episode 2 has some crazy subtitle mistakes(not typos but subs randomly playing).....solution?
2013-07-09 at 01:23 UTC
Why are the eps from three different fansub groups? Warning: eps labeled "Clover" are exceedingly bad in sub quality.
2013-12-16 at 11:47 UTC
Thanks! I don't mind watching these as raws every other episode so I guess I'll skip the poor translations and the second episode of season 3. :P

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