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Name:fictionjunction_~yuki_kajiura_live_vol.#4_part_2~[h264.flac][niizk].mkvDate:2010-08-05, 13:22 UTC
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1. hoshikuzu (星屑)
2. here we stand in the morning dew
3. MC#1
4. gin no hashi (銀の橋)
5. hanamori no oka (花守の丘)
6. houseki (宝石)
7. MC#2
8. synchronicity
9. mizu no akashi (水の証)
10. michiyuki (みちゆき)
11. mezame (目覚め)
12. salva nos
13. zodiacal sign
14. MC#3
15. Parallel Hearts
16. everlasting song [Encore]
17. yume no tsubasa (ユメノツバサ) [Encore]
18. angel gate [Encore]


Live recording from JCB Hall, Tokyo on July 12, 2009. FictionJunction ~Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#4 PART II~Everlasting Songs Tour 2009.


source: r2 dvd
resolution: 704x480 (843x480 anamorphic)
video codec: h264
audio codec: 2.0 flac
audio language: japanese

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