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Name:[Twilight Frontier] Touhou: Super Marisa Land (v1.11)Date:2011-03-17, 04:45 UTC
Stardom:0 fans.File size:47.5 MiB
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Torrent description:

This game, Super Marisa Land, was created by Twilight Frontier. It's a Super Mario Bros-inspired Touhou Platformer. I am not taking credit for what I didn't do (as in, I didn't make the game), as I have only packaged this torrent up.

I would appreciate it if you could help seed, as it's only a ~48MB file and most likely your upload speeds are better than mine. If there's only one seed, it will most likely be me, and I have a flaky router which sometimes spits the dummy when seeding. Please be patient.

Game Controls:
Move: Arrow Keys
Attack / Go back (on menus) : X
Note: ESC also works for going back to the previous menu
Jump: Z
Start Button / Proceed (on menus) : C

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2011-03-17 at 07:28 UTC

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