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Name:Heaven's Lost Property - Forte (Sora no Otoshimono - forte) BATCH [3xR][Blu-ray.1080p.H264.FLAC]Date:2011-06-07, 05:30 UTC
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Whew... finally done!

This was a totally awesome series to do. I hear there are Blu-rays for the first season coming out, so I may do those if I get bored. This was really a side project of mine that I suddenly got really into.

For those wondering where Aquarion Volume 03 is, I have finished it and am working on Volume 04. However, I could not find a translation for "NIKE 15-sai", so I translated it myself and am having someone look it over. I am putting a little more effort into Aquarion than I did for Heaven's Lost Property and that's why I didn't bother to check the translations for "Old-fashioned Lovers".

Commentary tracks included.

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2011-08-26 at 00:01 UTC
It's going to take some time for anyone to download from me, seeing that I'm the only seed for the moment.
2012-02-08 at 16:49 UTC
no kidding, and the smaller batch has no seeders
2012-02-09 at 23:52 UTC
Does this have English subtitles?
2013-09-25 at 03:36 UTC
can seeds? the 100% one cause no one seeds it

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