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Name:[Commie] Shakugan no Shana III - 01 [6FA7779A].mkvDate:2011-10-07, 22:04 UTC
Stardom:64 fans.File size:419.2 MiB
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2011-10-07 at 22:07 UTC
oh kewl
2011-10-07 at 22:08 UTC
2011-10-07 at 22:09 UTC
/do a barrel roll
2011-10-07 at 22:13 UTC
NIce! Thank you so much!
2011-10-07 at 22:14 UTC
ah shit here we go...
2011-10-07 at 22:15 UTC
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been waiting for this since '08 T.T
2011-10-07 at 22:16 UTC
Finally! My most hyped anime of the season
2011-10-07 at 22:17 UTC
THANK YOU!! Now seed god dammit, I WANNA WATCH!
2011-10-07 at 22:22 UTC
2011-10-07 at 22:23 UTC
2011-10-07 at 22:47 UTC
Great!!! Final!!!! D:
2011-10-07 at 22:51 UTC
been waiting for this:D
2011-10-07 at 22:58 UTC

2011-10-07 at 23:12 UTC
Thank you!
Я джва года ждал! =)
2011-10-07 at 23:19 UTC
Crossing fingers for a good end.
2011-10-07 at 23:19 UTC
The video quality leaves much to be desired.
2011-10-07 at 23:19 UTC

kinda tsundere there, huh?
2011-10-07 at 23:19 UTC
А я смотрел только мувик =D
Tnx Commie!
2011-10-07 at 23:59 UTC
2011-10-08 at 00:22 UTC
OMG FINALLY ITS OUT!!! Now all thats left is to wait for eclipse :D Thanks for this release as well Commie!!
2011-10-08 at 00:28 UTC

It's a 10bit encode. I can't watch it either so your best bet is to get cccp or wait patiently for SS-Eclipse subs.
2011-10-08 at 00:35 UTC
Thank you
I will wait for 8bit version . .
2011-10-08 at 00:56 UTC

Or just update your codecs
2011-10-08 at 01:24 UTC
FINALLY!! been waiting for this for months... Thanks

SS-Eclipse going to sub this??
2011-10-08 at 01:27 UTC
Love the first episode of season 3,
2011-10-08 at 01:31 UTC

Yes SS-Eclipse is going to sub season 3.


I did that a few days ago and it didn't work.
2011-10-08 at 01:39 UTC
Will SS-Eclipsev add his works in Nyaa ?
2011-10-08 at 02:09 UTC
>Look at me, I don't know how to update my codecs, so I'm going to blame the sub groups.
2011-10-08 at 02:11 UTC
just updated your codecs people 10 bit is not the end of the world, people were the same way when people moved from xvid to 8 bit now they complain about 8 to 10
2011-10-08 at 02:17 UTC
You ppl just don't stop, don't you?

2011-10-08 at 02:20 UTC
Get a new computer any computer made in the last 4 years should be able to play with updated codecs, if your comp is older than 4 years or so shitty it cant play 10 bit than its time to upgrade
2011-10-08 at 02:21 UTC
2011-10-08 at 02:22 UTC
laptops and desk tops are cheap upgrade
2011-10-08 at 02:34 UTC
Check this out first while waiting patiently for eclipse
2011-10-08 at 02:36 UTC
Freaking Clueless 8-bit turd babies popping up like a colony of bacteria I swear.
2011-10-08 at 02:41 UTC
2011-10-08 at 03:13 UTC
stop complaining about free stuff, it makes u guys look like... like... like morons.
2011-10-08 at 03:19 UTC
Really, if you have troubles with 8-bit with other hardware, then encode the video yourself to 8-bit. Really ppl, it is not that hard. I mean rly, 5 min on google will guide you to a dumb software and dumb clicks to solve that, most human beings can do it. So just do it. Quality won't drop (almost nothing anyway) if you do it right.
2011-10-08 at 03:20 UTC
Just wait for .avi or wait till others make remix files if you're gonna use it on other devices. No reason that the main releases should have to cater to alternative ways of watching
2011-10-08 at 03:22 UTC
nice thanks
2011-10-08 at 03:23 UTC
I've never had a single problem with a 10bit video and this release looked and played perfectly fine for me.

Thanks for the subs, this season looks like its going to be good.
2011-10-08 at 03:28 UTC
The point is that this site doesn't need to cater to retards. If they can't figure out how to use 10bit, just go stream in shit quality or something.

Sorry if I sound angry, I'm just really getting tired of this being an ongoing issue when it has a very simple solution to play 10bit
2011-10-08 at 03:33 UTC
Thanks for this!
2011-10-08 at 03:44 UTC
I really wish there's "like" or "thanks" button on the torrent comment section.
2011-10-08 at 04:26 UTC
Yeah, the present discussion for now are the tagging system and the fansub's encoding favorite choice, not how to play 10bit and calling retard each other.

- The tagging system; It's up to Nyaa and the fansubs.
- The fansub's encoding favorite choice; Absolutely, it is the fansub's right.

We should stay calm and try to understand the problems obviously. No more unnecessary flood comment. ^_^
2011-10-08 at 04:44 UTC
>Watching anime on plastic toys
For fuck's sake, what the fuck are you doing nigger?
2011-10-08 at 06:16 UTC
If your device doesn't play the current format, it's your responsibility to either update your hardware, update your firmware (if available), or cross encode. Subtitle groups have absolutely zero obligation to cater to legacy hardware.

Retarded PC users who can't take ten seconds to upside their codecs have no business complaining, and retarded hardware player users who think the world should cater to their outdated minority have no business complaining either.

Thanks for the release, Commie.
2011-10-08 at 06:29 UTC
there wont be anymore 8bit releases right? as said in the site of commie itself, but there is a tutorial on how to turn 10bit to 8bit
2011-10-08 at 06:33 UTC
hey mmark,
|┳┻|ヘ_∧ you're a moron.
2011-10-08 at 06:48 UTC

Horriblesubs will still be 8bit, since Crunchyroll encodes suck, and failure groups may still stay 8bit. But any real fansub group will be 10bit from now on
2011-10-08 at 06:50 UTC
whoa, reading all these comments was funny.
I guess it will keep on for a while until 10-bit completely takes over the community.
2011-10-08 at 06:55 UTC
I've been waiting for this
2011-10-08 at 07:16 UTC
I just made an account to post this...

I did update my codecs to CCCP, I installed everything that was included in that pack. After which, I tried to play the 10-bit video and still got a Green screen of junk.
Tell me, where would some better codecs be?
2011-10-08 at 07:50 UTC
Hey mmark, did anyone tell you you are complete retard yet?

>Name and/or description do(es) not match the contents.

2011-10-08 at 08:03 UTC
Soup guys, I'm finished with UBW.

Also mmark, I'm ESL and I can write, read, and speak better than you. That shows how much of a retard you are.
2011-10-08 at 08:05 UTC

I will keep this simple since you may struggle to keep up.

You claim 30 years experience in "video transmission and encoding", but sadly we have a problem. If you have 30 years in that job field chances are very high you would need to have a college degree which could be no less than 2-4 years for what you claim. Furthemore you would need to be at the least 18 years of age on average to get into college at all. I have seen 16 year old people get in, but that is rare and usually in the case of someone rather smart, which you don't seem to be considering you misspelled several words that are grade school level.

So I am forced to conclude you are in your 50s or maybe even 60s and still watching anime and misspelling grade school words. I find that hard to think this is the case, but you know I don't doubt it is possible. However the most likely answer is you are a underage teenager who cannot afford a proper computer or mommy and daddy won't buy you a 3 Jigahertz PC, and therefore cannot play 10-bit video and are trying to drag down the rest of the crowd (like you XviD scum) which makes me sick.

With much hate and butthurt,


TL;DR: Read it you faggots, it would do you fucks so good to read once in a while.
2011-10-08 at 08:09 UTC
And yes I did not into grammar properly either, but it is 4am, I'm tired, I'm really mad, and I don't give a fuck.
2011-10-08 at 08:09 UTC
2011-10-08 at 08:20 UTC

I will keep this simple since you may struggle to keep up."

*wall of text*

rofl good 1
2011-10-08 at 08:22 UTC
But anyway, thanks for this! \o/
2011-10-08 at 08:38 UTC
I'm trying (very fuck'n hard) to assume that he still haven't read in the blog (or don't know Commie has a blog). I don't want to mark someone be retard more and more cause I feel guilty today (angelic Satan mode).

mmark, you haven't read it, right? Right? lolz.
2011-10-08 at 10:26 UTC
Just play the video with MPC-HC which came out with the latest CCCP, and enjoy your magic.
WMP and other players might play the video, but requires rather tricky method.
2011-10-08 at 10:57 UTC
I got in college when I was 16 y.o. and it turns out now I'm just like Satou-kun(NHK FUCK YEAH).
2011-10-08 at 12:44 UTC
Where's my Eclipse? Goddamnit, why must it be Commie?
2011-10-08 at 14:18 UTC
thx for this release
2011-10-08 at 14:23 UTC
How to play this via DXVA or CUDA?
2011-10-08 at 14:32 UTC
That's what open minded means, I don't live in a cave. BTW, did you pay these people? Do you think they should give a fuck about your or even my opinion? You never do anything, all you do is download the FREE things they are offering, nobody is forcing you, but you still complain about it. It's like begging for money and when someone gives you some you say it's not enough. This has happened so many times...wmv>xvid>x264.mp4>x264.mkv>10 bit... and people are still surprised about these things.
2011-10-08 at 14:51 UTC
I dont care about 10 bit or 8 bit or whatever, i just want to watch my fav anime.
Please give me a solution to watch this with hardware acceleration and good quality.
2011-10-08 at 15:01 UTC
If you think that the only benefit is the smaller file size, I feel sorry for you. Whatever, it's your loss, not mine.

Currently, there's no hardware acceleration available with 10bit-encoded video. So, your solution is to watch it on a decent PC with updated codecs. Any PC from 2007 and beyond should be enough.
2011-10-08 at 15:07 UTC
I'm crying :(
Its sure playable but consumes much CPU and freezes sometimes.
Anyway, thanks for answering...
2011-10-08 at 15:13 UTC
Mad 8-bit babies still complaining about something they can't do shit about I see.
2011-10-08 at 15:43 UTC
@Ryan CR probably still does 8-bit for pretty much the reason we see here. Their encode sucked but now yea they r cool for constant sizes.
2011-10-08 at 15:46 UTC
10-bit video is fun and all, but what's up with the file size? Most of the Hi10p 720p FLAC BR rips I have are under 300MB, and this is just a tv-rip... Just curious.
2011-10-08 at 15:56 UTC

This episode has tons of fast moving animation and fire detail, so it takes up a lot of space. It would likely be 500-550mb for 8bit
2011-10-08 at 16:11 UTC
@fureimu Don't easily give up, you can do it. Keep walking when you have good enough GPU (or... the correct settings). ( ´_ゝ`)

The most frequently found problem why you can't play 10bit or can play it in a bit suck, even you already have 10bit supported codec packs, is about wrong settings. You should force the codec (CoreAVC, LAV, bla bla bla...) you use to work mainly in your player (program on the PC).

These pages can help you getting 10bit compatible magic, more or less. (Watching H.264 by using DXVA) (Watching H.264 by using CUDA) (Watching H.264 by using DXVA Intel GPU) (Great combo; PotPlayer with madVR + DXVA /CUDA)

Good luck. Today, though I have a fever but I kindly to help everyone, really. ( ゚ヮ゚)
2011-10-08 at 20:26 UTC
If you got trouble with 10-bit, uninstall CCCP, it's bloated with useless software and ffdshow sucks now. Get MPC and LAV, that's the only 2 things you'll ever need nowadays. And probably madVR for optional better quality.
2011-10-10 at 22:58 UTC
Doesn't work for me, tried and tried on vlc, but there is only audio and a green screen.
2011-10-12 at 03:23 UTC
wow, that's a lot of comments
2011-10-14 at 21:53 UTC
finaly new shana, also to the ppl that is q.q´ing on 10bit, its not a prob that ppl is starting to change from 8bit to 10bit. and to thoes ppl that say to get a new cpu, that did not rly work for me. my cpu is barely half year old and it still cant handle 10 bit..well my vlc cant handle it anyway (encode fail and only a full green screen on prog or something) so asking, does any1 know a working mediaplayer that can handle 10bit?
2011-10-18 at 04:54 UTC
You are all idiots you know that? It is'nt about how good your PC is and it's it's certainly not about the 8bits & 10bits! It's about their damn video codec that no got damn "normal" media player can run without some special installation program for those codecs and you can't just update them if was that simple then my VLC is fucked beyond belief. So do it like this instead take this files from Commie shove it in their asses and tell them to go fuck themselves and download from others!!
Oh and before I forget; How I know it's not the PC cause I have the newest fucking things cost me 3000 Euros!
2011-10-28 at 23:00 UTC
Arigatou, Commie!!!
2011-11-26 at 03:08 UTC
Aw. I don't know Shakugan no Shana already have season 3. Thank you commie =)

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[10-21, 05:10] <hazardous> just use the MPC's good ol' overlay mixer with ffdshow when it comes to low cpu toaster :p
[10-21, 04:55] <HerbalNekoTea> The good think for my toaster's with VLC, i can disable the video hardware acceleration for low cpu bleached color
[10-21, 04:50] <NoobSubs> VLC and its creators need to die.
[10-21, 04:49] <Abunja> no need to, HNT. those two work fine and completely understandable.
[10-21, 04:43] <HerbalNekoTea> using those setting with that combo * Damn, i was too much pressed to switch my sentence...
[10-21, 04:42] <HerbalNekoTea> For those using the MPC+MadVR+Something filter, i lagged so much with my toaster i could not think about the Jinsei sub from FFF which crash my VLC and Android Tab. Thank to FFF to put a light second track sub.
[10-21, 04:30] <Adhiesc> @Abunja Oh, so it is bbcodes.. thanks.. I've just read the manual again in search of it and found the bbcodes. :D
[10-21, 04:25] <Abunja> bbcodes work here, adhiesc. this is equal to [ i ] t h i s [ / i ], without the spaces.
[10-21, 04:22] <Adhiesc> @Stinky Cheez Thanks for you advices.. It helps better than someone who only said "it sucks" or whatsoever.. :D By the way, how did you type an italic word here?
[10-21, 04:20] <Abunja> *know, instead of choose. sry
[10-21, 04:18] <Abunja> there's mostly no problem on playback if you're watching releases from HS. anything else can be covered by CCCP on some exceptions. the last time i used CCCP is when i experience lagging on ITW's Noucome. basically, you don't need to tweak too much if you choose which file to play.
[10-21, 04:16] <Stinky Cheez> Yes, ENglish and Japanese grammar are not very close. It's also an issue, that Japanese uses fewer words (and generally, no tenses) than English to say the same thing. I think you could use a lot of help with "localization".
[10-21, 04:14] <Adhiesc> Oh, so that's the problem.. Thanks.. -,-a I've realized it's pretty bad for a subtitle to match the structure of japanese conversation.. Now I think, I am more fluence in japanese than english, I thought my english was better before.. -,-a Thanks again.. I'll get better the next time I try. :D
[10-21, 04:12] <Stinky Cheez> You might want to get a friend who's more fluent in English and run the subs past him/her, if you can get anyone to help.
[10-21, 04:08] <MCR75> @Stinky Cheez Wow, thank you for all that useful info. I will put it into use!
[10-21, 04:05] <Stinky Cheez> There's many different ways to say the same thing, of course, but the point is the flow of the sentences.
[10-21, 04:04] <rizenfrmtheashes> As much as I want to watch it tonight, I'll wait till better subs come out.
[10-21, 04:03] <Stinky Cheez> As an example, what you typed below, Ahiesc, should have been more along the lines of, "Are my subs that horrible on Tamako Love story (yesterday)? Can anyone point out what's so bad about them?"
[10-21, 04:02] <rizenfrmtheashes> @adhlsec It's just your grammar and sentence structure are pretty off from conversational english. It's pretty easy to tell.
[10-21, 04:01] <herkz> no, the problem is the english grammar is seriously awful. like every line has something wrong with it.
[10-21, 04:00] <Adhiesc> @Stinky Cheez I'm sure I've checked every sentences so that no typing error, and I've tried to synchronize the subs with what is really said at the time. -,-b Well, it's one of my weakness to choose the right word. Or is it bad to just focus on synchronizing it? Well thanks for the answer by the way.
[10-21, 03:48] <Stinky Cheez> *awkwardness
[10-21, 03:46] <Stinky Cheez> Occasional grammar flubs and awkeardness isn't a problem, but if ALL your subs are like what you just typed, they'll cause brain damage and epileptic seizures after long exposure =p .
[10-21, 03:42] <Stinky Cheez> Adhiesc, if that sentence is representative of your English skills, yes, they're that horrible o.O' ... Remember, you need fluency in BOTH languages for it to go well.
[10-21, 03:42] <xell17> You couldn't even formulate these 2 questions properly.
[10-21, 03:40] <Stinky Cheez> A lot of people recommend PotPLayer, as well, but I haven't bothered with it. I also don't bother with madVR and etc.; it's just too much effort for a quality difference that - as you note, MCR75 - can be difficult to perceive, and can be a significant load on a weaker CPU. MPC-HC plays every video file I care to throw at it and doesn't have VLC's absolutely SHITTY interface. VLC is also still an ongoing bugfest), and its scaling algorithms are... Well, let me put it this way, I can't easily see the madVR improvement, but I can see where VLC fucks shit right up. Make sense?
[10-21, 03:39] <Adhiesc> Is my subs are that horrible? (On Tamako Love Story, yesterday) -,-a Can anyone point where is the horrible side?
[10-21, 03:36] <Stinky Cheez> MPC-HC + madVR and etc. IS more CPU-intensive, yes, but you also don't have to use all that with MPC-HC, which is still superior (by far) to VLC. The only area where VLC shines is playing broken/unfinished files (when previewing videos from eMule, say). Both CCCP and K-Lite are good codec packs; CCCP is more specific to what you'd want for anime watching, while K-Lite is MUCH more general (can be more useful, but also has a lot of stuff you may not ever need).
[10-21, 03:27] <Abunja> this site doesn't recommend the use of VLC, or rather, prefer the use of MPC-HC as player. your call, MCR75. i use MPC-HC+madVR+xy-SubFilter and never had a problem (except on some parts of a show with heavy typesetting, e.g. Kaylith's zankyou no terror episode 5)
[10-21, 03:20] <MCR75> Never heard of klite before, what advantages does it have?
[10-21, 03:04] <Faggosaurus> but i prefer vlc + klite
[10-21, 03:03] <Faggosaurus> yes
[10-21, 02:59] <herkz> ...
[10-21, 02:59] <MCR75> Does that mean that VCL+CCCP is better or just faster?
[10-21, 02:55] <xell17> CCCP*
[10-21, 02:55] <xell17> >VLC+CCP
[10-21, 02:53] <MCR75> I have been trying to use MPC-HC+madVR+xy-VSFilter and its been much choppier than VLC+CCCP, and the quality increase is negligible. Is the problem in how I installed it or is the MPC thingy just more resource heavy?
[10-21, 02:39] <penguin-fever> ~Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!~
[10-21, 02:37] <penguin-fever> What are you talking about? It's an awesome song. I can't get it out of my head.
[10-21, 01:58] <kill_la_kill> @Senzura: alrady one in other site link this to me (SiM - Silence iz mine) and tnx to you anyway:D
[10-21, 01:57] <Senzura> either way its garbage why would you want it?
[10-21, 01:56] <Senzura> single isn't out yet
[10-21, 01:55] <Senzura> performer is named SiM
[10-21, 01:38] <kill_la_kill> Shingeki no Bahamut OP, were can download album or who the singer?
[10-21, 01:33] <Groom> @Abunja: i think Gintama good chose tnx d(o_-)b
[10-21, 01:10] <Abunja> It's not even magic, Mr. Nyaa. Means that they aren't smart (or rich) enough to have a "smart" TV.
[10-21, 00:39] <fibre> Am I expecting additional black circles around the karaoke lyrics or what?
[10-21, 00:33] <HerbalNekoTea> @FourChannel Too late, but you missed nothing but shitsub.
[10-21, 00:32] <Nyaa> My "smart" TV does MKV via HDMI. It's like magic.
[10-21, 00:22] <Prazision> 't say i'm surprised, tbh
[10-21, 00:21] <Prazision> can
[10-21, 00:21] <Prazision> >trve >having shit taste in music
[10-21, 00:20] <Abunja> @Groom, dragon ball, detective conan, one piece, gintama, naruto. anything i missed?
[10-21, 00:19] <NoobSubs> Lmao!
[10-21, 00:13] <crf> Thank god NoobSubs does re-encodes. I don't want anyone being exposed to quality.
[10-21, 00:10] <Groom> prefer anime to watch (old) more then 50 episode ?
[10-21, 00:01] <SneakiestNEG> Deadfish clearly names their source of the subs. If it comes from Commie they say it. They are not passing ither people work as their own AFAIK.
[10-20, 23:58] <SneakiestNEG> Yellow subtitles are the worst. I saw them a lot with dvd rips of old shows. Deadfish is great for smart tv since those don't do MKV. Deadfish uses Commie fansubs a lot.
[10-20, 23:50] <Artemix> I thought Gintama was the only anime that featured profanity in their songs.
[10-20, 23:39] <NoobSubs> Thank god Commie censored the OP lyrics for episode 04 of TERRA FORMARS. I don't want children being exposed to such offensive language.
[10-20, 23:20] <Groom> after watch Akame ga Kill - Log Horizon - Sword Art Online... end of life +_+' gloomy also
[10-20, 23:07] <FourChannel> Anyone know where I can torrent Tamako Love Story (Tamako Markets movie) at?
[10-20, 22:39] <[TRVE]> More like musical sleeping pill.
[10-20, 22:20] <jofs> #drunkassfuck
[10-20, 21:54] <junh1024> repair as in ...?
[10-20, 21:53] <shaddrag> Chibi specials FTW
[10-20, 21:38] <cyatek> just the first
[10-20, 21:37] <Artemix> Are AOT OVAs worth watching?.
[10-20, 21:32] <shaddrag> Boku no Pico
[10-20, 21:24] <HerbalNekoTea> Anyone know how to repair a m4a audio track ?
[10-20, 20:46] <shaddrag> Sorry NoobSubs, maybe next time ^^
[10-20, 20:45] <NoobSubs> nvm then.
[10-20, 20:41] <shaddrag> OVA 2 is only coming in February 2015.
[10-20, 20:36] <kill_la_kill> were can found Nisekoi OVA "2" i just found first episode ?
[10-20, 19:54] <shaddrag> Cadbury Top Kek
[10-20, 19:49] <Senfu> top kek
[10-20, 19:44] <MisterDonut> kek
[10-20, 19:37] <NoobSubs> Does anyone need help seeding? I can temporarily help.
[10-20, 19:36] <shaddrag> And she does Gohan amd Goten's voices, as well as Bardock. She got skills.
[10-20, 19:35] <sarachikorita> His VA's 77 and still voicing him, screams and all.
[10-20, 19:30] <Artemix> The only thing I hate about DBZ with Japanese voices is Goku's voice.. he is like 20+ and speaks like if he is 5.
[10-20, 19:19] <shaddrag> Nope, it was just after I released my v1 of it because I couldn't wait for EveTaku who is only just getting started on it now.
[10-20, 19:17] <webtax> i think there were only raws here when they posted it, i'll keep an eye on the next one
[10-20, 19:02] <shaddrag> Well yeah, they got the Nisekoi OAD subs from here too.
[10-20, 18:54] <webtax> it's possible, tough they published last tuesday (14), it's been the same with ovas from nisekoi, noucome, mangaka-san and couple others i have been keeping an eye
[10-20, 18:53] <shaddrag> cyatek is probably right. I watch Kai and enjoy it, if you love DBZ, there's no reason not to. Also watching in Jap is a different experience completely if you're used to English Dub, so it's almost like a second first time xD
[10-20, 18:50] <cyatek> they probably used the one that was here earlier
[10-20, 18:42] <Artemix> Because its the same..?
[10-20, 18:41] <webtax> oh but i'm talking about OADs and movies for example tamako
[10-20, 18:26] <frostyon420> been a dbz fan for years. any reasons not to watch kai?
[10-20, 18:10] <MisterDonut> they just rip CR webtax
[10-20, 18:05] <shaddrag> Random peeps who do TLs who are afraid of NT hate and herkz. People who left before like F.B.I. xD
[10-20, 18:03] <webtax> how come those unofficial streaming sites have translations so early? do they have like their own paid translation staff ?
[10-20, 18:03] <MisterDonut> Deadfish is good if you're watching cartoons on your phone/tablet for some reason. saves battery.
[10-20, 17:48] <vivan> the only good thing about remakes is that you can filter them out.
[10-20, 17:40] <Senzura> Artemix because everyone but Underwater is shit
[10-20, 17:39] <HerbalNekoTea> The only good thing about remake's when some seedless old show got a remake.
[10-20, 17:29] <shaddrag> convert*, they don't translate anything. And yes, mkv seems fine to you so you can filter remakes in your user settings as you have no need for them.
[10-20, 17:27] <Artemix> I see, so they translate it to mp4. Maybe I never needed other format because I always play anime on my PC.