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Name:LAST EXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing- O.S.T (FLAC)Date:2011-12-22, 01:57 UTC
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Title: LAST EXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing- O.S.T.
Rasuto Eguzairu -Ginyoku no Famu- O.S.T.
Type OST: Anime
Artist:Hitomi, Maaya Sakamoto
CD's: 1
Number of songs: 25
Release Date: 21/12/2011


01 Silver Wing
02 Buddy [TV ver.]
03 Sanctuary
04 Heart in the Right
05 Back to the Place
06 A Rose in the Wind
07 Original Sin
08 Amazing Land
09 National Disappearance
10 Sky to Recovery
11 Tail Wind
12 Wings of Honor
13 My Favorite Home
14 Ominous Clouds
15 Failed to Resolve the Crisis
16 Gamesmanship
17 Red-letter Warfare
18 I've Got Friends
19 Sorrows of Life
20 Rolling Take-off
21 Reconciled My Fate
22 Merciless Attack
23 Critical Points
24 The First Exile
25 Starboard

Released by as .exe, reupload for those not trusting it. Rather than that you shouldn't allow exe files in the audio category.

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2011-12-22 at 05:50 UTC
did you do a spectrum analysis to see if this is not encoded from mp3?

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