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Name:Oricon Top 100 CD Single of 2011Date:2011-12-28, 04:21 UTC
Stardom:Only 1 fan.File size:1.12 GiB
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01. フライングゲット - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
02. Everyday、カチューシャ - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
03. 風は吹いている - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
04. 上からマリコ - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
05. 桜の木になろう - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
06. Lotus - 嵐 MP3 320kbps
07. 迷宮ラブソング - 嵐 MP3 320kbps
08. マル・マル・モリ・モリ!(フルサイズ) - 薫と友樹、たまにムック。 MP3 320kbps
09. パレオはエメラルド - SKE48 MP3 320kbps
10. Everybody Go - Kis-My-Ft2 MP3 320kbps
11. オキドキ - SKE48 MP3 320kbps
12. Let's try again - チーム・アミューズ!! MP3 320kbps
13. オーマイガー! - NMB48 MP3 320kbps
14-1. Rising Sun - EXILE MP3 320kbps
14-2. いつかきっと… - EXILE ATSUSHI MP3 320kbps
15. OVER - Hey! Sɑy! JUMP MP3 320kbps
16. Why? [Keep Your Head Down] - 東方神起 MP3 256kbps
17. バンザイVenus - SKE48 MP3 320kbps
18. 絶滅黒髪少女 - NMB 48 MP3 320kbps
19-1. T.W.L - 関ジャニ∞(Kanjani8) MP3 320kbps
19-2. イエローパンジーストリート - 関ジャニ∞(Kanjani8) MP3 320kbps
20-1. 家族になろうよ - Masaharu Fukuyama MP3 320kbps
20-2. fighting pose - 福山雅治 MP3 320kbps
21. Magic Power - Hey! Say! JUMP MP3 320kbps
22. Not yet - 週末Not yet - Not yet MP3 320kbps
23. Eternal - 赤西仁 MP3 320kbps
24. ゼロ - BUMP OF CHICKEN MP3 320kbps
25. GO GO サマー! - KARA MP3 320kbps
26. ジェットコースターラブ - KARA MP3 320kbps
27. Dear J - ー袵ーモムテタ MP3 192kbps
28. Don't Wanna Lie - B'z MP3 320kbps
29. Let Me Cry - チャン・グンソク MP3 320kbps
30. Sexy Zone - Sexy Zone MP3 320kbps
32. BIRTH - (カトゥーン MP3 320kbps
33. Flower - 前田敦子 MP3 320kbps
34. 波乗りかき氷 - Not yet MP3 320kbps
35. ペラペラペラオ - Not yet MP3 320kbps
36. マイホーム - 関ジャニ∞ MP3 320kbps
37. 鬱くしき人々のうた - マキシマムザホルモン MP3 320kbps
38. 「ありがとう」 ~世界のどこにいても~ - Hey! Say! JUMP MP3 320kbps
39. ツブサニコイ - Kanjani8 MP3 320kbps
40. 365日家族 - 関ジャニ∞(エイト) MP3 320kbps
41. Superstar - Tohoshinki MP3 320kbps
42. あの娘と野菊と渡し舟 - 氷川きよし MP3 320kbps
43. RUN FOR YOU - カトゥーン MP3 320kbps
44. さよなら傷だらけの日々よ - B'z MP3 320kbps
45. WHITE - KAT-TUN MP3 320kbps
46-1. 少女時代 - Girls' Generation MP3 320kbps
46-2. Run Devil Run - 少女時代 MP3 320kbps
47. Time - Kinki KIds MP3 320kbps
48. ユメタマゴ - NYC MP3 320kbps
49. 「最初のメール」 - フレンチ・キス MP3 320kbps
50-1. あなたへ - EXILE MP3 320kbps
50-2. Ooo Baby - EXILE ATSUSHI MP3 320kbps
51. カッコ悪い I love you! - フレンチ・キス MP3 320kbps
52. ヘビーローテーション - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
53-1. Let's try again ~kuwata keisuke ver.~ - 桑田佳祐 MP3 320kbps
53-2. ハダカ DE 音頭 ~祭りだ!! Naked~ - 桑田佳祐 MP3 320kbps
53-3. 明日へのマーチ - 桑田佳祐 MP3 320kbps
54-1. Winter ~Winter Rose - 東方神起 MP3 320kbps
54-2. Duet - winter ver. -~ - 東方神起 MP3 320kbps
55. Smile - BUMP OF CHICKEN MP3 320kbps
56. GOOD LUCK MY WAY - L`Arc~en~Ciel MP3 320kbps
57. バレンタイン・キッス - 渡り廊下走り隊7漀 MP3 320kbps
58-1. Laser Beam - Perfume MP3 320kbps
58-2. 微かなカオリ - Perfume MP3 320kbps
59. ふいに - 板野友美 MP3 320kbps
60. 友達の唄 - BUMP OF CHICKEN MP3 320kbps
61. DADA - RADWIMPS MP3 320kbps
62. 唇 触れず... - ノースリーブス MP3 320kbps
63. Each Other's Way ~旅の途中~ - EXILE MP3 320kbps
64. ウィンターマジック - KARA MP3 320kbps
65. 情熱のマリアッチ - 氷川きよし MP3 320kbps
66. Replay-君は僕のeverything- - SHINee MP3 320kbps
67. XXX - L'Arc~en~Ciel MP3 320kbps
68. 縁を結いて - 堂本剛 MP3 320kbps
69. Answer - ノースリーブス MP3 320kbps
70. 青いベンチ - テゴマス MP3 320kbps
71. トイレの神様 - 植村花菜 MP3 320kbps
72. 庄内平野 風の中 - 水森かおり MP3 320kbps
73. 希望山脈 - 渡り廊下走り隊7 MP3 320kbps
74-1. Naked - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
74-2. Fight Together - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
74-3. Tempest - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
75. HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ - YUI MP3 320kbps
76. チャンスの順番 - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
77-1. 恋のスーパーボール - aiko MP3 320kbps
77-2. ホーム - aiko MP3 320kbps
78. If - フレンチ・キス MP3 320kbps
79. へたっぴウィンク - 渡り廊下走り隊7 MP3 320kbps
80. CORE PRIDE - UVERworld MP3 320kbps
81. FIGHTERS - J Soul Brothers MP3 320kbps
82. スパイス - Perfume MP3 320kbps
83. はだかんぼー - Yamashita Tomohisa MP3 320kbps
84. Ultra Lover - 2PM MP3 320kbps
85. Mr. Simple (Japanese Ver.) - Super Junior MP3 320kbps
86. Nijiの詩 - Tsuyoshi Domoto MP3 320kbps
87-1. It's My Life - YUI MP3 320kbps
87-2. Your Heaven - YUI MP3 320kbps
88. 月の裏側 - DiVA MP3 320kbps
89. SCARLET KNIGHT - 水樹奈々 MP3 320kbps
90. 狭心症 - RADWIMPS MP3 320kbps
91. I'm Your Man - 2PM MP3 320kbps
92. Beginner - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
93. コネクト - ClariS MP3 320kbps
94-1. Sexy.Honey.Bunny! - V6 MP3 320kbps
94-2. タカラノイシ - V6 MP3 320kbps
95. MIN・MIN・MIN - SDN48 MP3 320kbps
96. In My Head - C.N.Blue MP3 320kbps
97. Bo Peep Bo Peep - T-ara MP3 320kbps
98. Blue Bird - Kobukuro MP3 320kbps
99-1. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
99-2. Love Story - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
100. ポニーテールとシュシュ - AKB48 MP3 320kbps

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[10-25, 12:39] <pky> [url=]This shot[/ur] looks way better with that leg or whatever placed in front of the (I guess) cut off hand.
[10-25, 12:39] <Abunja> seriously, why are you people so bothered with censorship? they placed that there since it may be a bit disturbing to other audiences. idk the case of terraformars but if the censorship became more like an obstruction to cause the show lose valuable details, i can say that it is right to just remove the censorship.
[10-25, 12:38] <pky> Yeah, that shot I linked earlier certainly looked best in video form with that column right where the cut part should be. Please, you're making me laugh.
[10-25, 12:31] <shaddrag> Now that's just being pky. I liked a certain full-body artwork of Naruto in one of the Manga chapters, and when it was made into Anime, it didn't show the full-shot, not because his dick was showing, but because that's how it looked best in video form, or the person who did the frame selection or whatever's decision. If you call that censoring too, it's going a little too far.
[10-25, 12:22] <pky> (fucking enter...) can't see the place where the head is cut off is still censoring it.
[10-25, 12:21] <pky> Placing the camera angle so that you can
[10-25, 12:21] <pky> Example: censoring
[10-25, 12:20] <pky> It's still censoring, m8. Black screen is not the only type of censorship.
[10-25, 12:20] <pky> >it's shadows and lighting, it's not censoring.
[10-25, 12:11] <shaddrag> Yeah, I see that and I have checked the BDs myself, but it's shadows and lighting, it's not censoring.
[10-25, 12:08] <Bobezlol>
[10-25, 12:00] <Bobezlol> a few things are still censored, looks like to reduce production costs of having to draw details
[10-25, 11:51] <shaddrag> Oh, are the TG BD's censored to some degree too? Some person was saying that and I really have no hope for the human race then.
[10-25, 11:49] <shaddrag> Agreed, but then why turn around and suddenly advertise the uncensored? They probably got a lot of complaints, and rightly so.
[10-25, 11:48] <cyatek> and some censor to hide the fact that there is no gore at all ahah, sad
[10-25, 11:45] <Crowmando> I also read the argument that if they censor the anime now, it might help the Blu-ray/DVD sales since people will want to watch it uncensored
[10-25, 11:25] <cyatek> well then there would be no tv broadcast
[10-25, 11:23] <shaddrag> They make it sound like it comes censored and they have to work to uncensor it. Which begs the question, why show a censored version in the first place if they're just gonna stream an uncensored one later? Why would the studios do that?
[10-25, 11:20] <cyatek> meh thought they were planning to have the uncensored version every week..
[10-25, 11:16] <shaddrag> HS, v2 pls
[10-25, 11:15] <hazardous> TERRAFORMARS Uncensored 24 hours Starting Saturday 6pm PT
[10-25, 11:12] <shaddrag> Raw only released as I left for work :'( Had to delay it until tomorrow I'm afraid, or very late tonight. CR video was watchable until the last 5 minutes where it became total shit.
[10-25, 10:47] <ThirdWorld> shaddrag make with the FT
[10-25, 10:11] <cyatek> hs..
[10-25, 09:35] <shaddrag> Currently? Doubt it.
[10-25, 09:33] <Crowmando> Anyone planning on re releasing the first 3 episodes of Terraformars since CR is airing uncensored versions of them
[10-25, 06:23] <eraser> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[10-25, 05:41] <lae> that sure looks fucked up
[10-25, 05:41] <lae> ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ
[10-25, 04:35] <fredgido> wow tritical is a god, such good scripts
[10-25, 04:32] <herkz>
[10-25, 04:32] <fredgido> thanks <3
[10-25, 04:06] <vivan> fredgido, ivtc, tdecimate
[10-25, 03:52] <RinzImpulse> @fredgido : by re-encode it
[10-25, 03:26] <fredgido> how do people put it back to 24fps?
[10-25, 03:25] <fredgido> some shows repeat frames when converting from 23.976 to 30 by inserting repeated frames
[10-25, 02:41] <Senzura> Glasslip then, its like evangelion but more realistic
[10-25, 02:11] <Artemix> that joke is already too old.
[10-25, 01:44] <Robert Franklin> it's got some shonen in it
[10-25, 01:43] <Robert Franklin> boku no pico
[10-25, 01:37] <Artemix> Recommend me an anime, I saw/see most mainstream ones. Something with a little shonen would be better.
[10-25, 01:10] <spotnya> 'ㅅ'
[10-25, 00:58] <external_sd> ㅇㅅㅇ
[10-25, 00:44] <meow> wtf! fuck my 100kbps internet speed!
[10-24, 23:46] <shaddrag> Fuck you guys xD
[10-24, 23:44] <Senfu> Of course Nyaa, of course.
[10-24, 23:38] <Nyaa> 40/40 Gbps. Get on my level.
[10-24, 23:30] <paulo27ms> harem best genre Dx
[10-24, 23:28] <Ecchi & Harem lover> xd :P :D
[10-24, 23:24] <SolidAce> Well, I actually have 160Mbps at my home xD It's normal in Holland :P I download with about 18MBps, if the torrent is seeded well :D
[10-24, 23:21] <NoobSubs> @HerbalNekoTea Is it unlimited?
[10-24, 23:05] <KrystalSX> Did anybody get ez2dj azure expression game from this site???
[10-24, 23:03] <HerbalNekoTea> I have a 50mb/sec download and 20mb/sec upload speed with unlimited bell fiber in canada. Cost me 200$/month for fiber tv, internet and phone line.
[10-24, 21:42] <shaddrag> Lol, I was at college enjoying 10MB/s downloads xD But yeah, I enjoyed downloading way too much and avoided classes xD So that didn't help my grades.
[10-24, 21:38] <ThirdWorld> Heh, I'm paying for a "business" line and its still shit, damn banana republic
[10-24, 21:38] <[TRVE]> Get into a university, move into its dorm, problem solved.
[10-24, 21:16] <shaddrag> Lol sorry I'm on drugs, $200* which is equal to our currency R2000.
[10-24, 21:13] <shaddrag> Universities and shit have access to 100MB lines or even more, but not gonna see that in residential for a reasonable price for a very long time.
[10-24, 21:12] <shaddrag> I still seed what I can, never know when someone might need an extra 50kb/s xD Looking to getting better Internet soon but 40MB is the limit here and that is like over $2000 a month, so that's insane.
[10-24, 21:08] <ThirdWorld> yeah trying to seed is pretty useless, had to get a server to do the heavy lifting
[10-24, 21:02] <shaddrag> Lol, dat username. Befriended a guy on Nyaa who does the uploading/seeding for me :P When there's a will, there's a way.
[10-24, 21:02] <Ecchi & Harem lover> #614054 thanks herkz <3
[10-24, 20:55] <ThirdWorld> shaddrag, how do you release anything with shitty SA internet?
[10-24, 20:48] <(・‿・)> >Chyuu >not Syndicate
[10-24, 20:33] <paulo27ms> Chyuu isn't part of the syndicate, no A+ for them.
[10-24, 20:24] <Artemix> Gintama's soccer episode was freaking hilarious..
[10-24, 19:43] <shaddrag> Ayyy, lmao
[10-24, 19:13] <OneCrazyRussian> Of course you know, stinxy
[10-24, 19:06] <hazardous> Dick in the Sky rofl
[10-24, 19:04] <herkz> i don't even know what that means
[10-24, 18:48] <OneCrazyRussian> Ayy, herkz, did Chyuu apply for A+ on Seven Deadly Sins? Because daaaayum
[10-24, 18:06] <OneCrazyRussian> DRRRRRRRRRR
[10-24, 18:02] <Robert Franklin> goddamn hitachi has the right priorities
[10-24, 18:01] <Artemix> The chat needs a new cleanup.
[10-24, 17:55] <haseo> rofl
[10-24, 17:54] <[TRVE]> Is this some kind of dick measuring contest?
[10-24, 17:50] <Zergslayer> 0.11 / 0.10 for $42 so quit whining.
[10-24, 17:32] <shaddrag> Lol, I have a 2/0.5 connection for equivalent of $40, so don't complain :P South Africa is leagues behind in Internet.
[10-24, 17:29] <Waifu-Chan> The pain of having to pay 35€ for a 8mb/1mb connection when for the exact same price i could have 100mb/10mb... fiber optic here when....
[10-24, 17:26] <hazardous> unlimited animu's in one square glass XD
[10-24, 17:22] <hazardous> Japan's new data storage tech? Data Storage in Crystal Quartz
[10-24, 17:10] <shaddrag> How much?
[10-24, 16:49] <Yuujie> Saki The Nationals - Vol.05 when?
[10-24, 16:49] <Yuujie> 3
[10-24, 16:39] <paulo27ms> I sell ebola.
[10-24, 16:39] <shaddrag> I've ebola.
[10-24, 16:32] <paulo27ms> I've 100:30, used to have like 30:10 but upgraded it for like more €10/month
[10-24, 16:30] <nitekatt> My buddy from Mars has much faster Internet than we do on Earth.
[10-24, 16:26] <Dragons4life> What are good alternatives for mIRC?
[10-24, 16:24] <sarachikorita> Dunno about Lisbon, but my friend in Portugal has much faster Internet than I do in the US. Want to say 120:15, vs. my 15:1.
[10-24, 16:24] <paulo27ms> Don't know about Lisbon's but mine is pretty good and cheap, about the only thing I can brag about really
[10-24, 16:17] <shaddrag> I hear Lisbon's Internet is as shit as ours.
[10-24, 16:15] <[TRVE]> Greece or the Balcans?
[10-24, 16:05] <paulo27ms> >tfw living in Europe >doesn't matter because I'm living in the shittiest of the bunch
[10-24, 15:47] <Senfu> Filthy Germans /s
[10-24, 15:44] <[TRVE]> US$300 = €237 here.
[10-24, 15:40] <nataku411> 300$ = 246$ here.
[10-24, 15:38] <shaddrag> herkz confirmed to live in 'murica.