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Name:Oricon Top 100 CD Single of 2011Date:2011-12-28, 04:21 UTC
Stardom:Only 1 fan.File size:1.12 GiB
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01. フライングゲット - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
02. Everyday、カチューシャ - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
03. 風は吹いている - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
04. 上からマリコ - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
05. 桜の木になろう - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
06. Lotus - 嵐 MP3 320kbps
07. 迷宮ラブソング - 嵐 MP3 320kbps
08. マル・マル・モリ・モリ!(フルサイズ) - 薫と友樹、たまにムック。 MP3 320kbps
09. パレオはエメラルド - SKE48 MP3 320kbps
10. Everybody Go - Kis-My-Ft2 MP3 320kbps
11. オキドキ - SKE48 MP3 320kbps
12. Let's try again - チーム・アミューズ!! MP3 320kbps
13. オーマイガー! - NMB48 MP3 320kbps
14-1. Rising Sun - EXILE MP3 320kbps
14-2. いつかきっと… - EXILE ATSUSHI MP3 320kbps
15. OVER - Hey! Sɑy! JUMP MP3 320kbps
16. Why? [Keep Your Head Down] - 東方神起 MP3 256kbps
17. バンザイVenus - SKE48 MP3 320kbps
18. 絶滅黒髪少女 - NMB 48 MP3 320kbps
19-1. T.W.L - 関ジャニ∞(Kanjani8) MP3 320kbps
19-2. イエローパンジーストリート - 関ジャニ∞(Kanjani8) MP3 320kbps
20-1. 家族になろうよ - Masaharu Fukuyama MP3 320kbps
20-2. fighting pose - 福山雅治 MP3 320kbps
21. Magic Power - Hey! Say! JUMP MP3 320kbps
22. Not yet - 週末Not yet - Not yet MP3 320kbps
23. Eternal - 赤西仁 MP3 320kbps
24. ゼロ - BUMP OF CHICKEN MP3 320kbps
25. GO GO サマー! - KARA MP3 320kbps
26. ジェットコースターラブ - KARA MP3 320kbps
27. Dear J - ー袵ーモムテタ MP3 192kbps
28. Don't Wanna Lie - B'z MP3 320kbps
29. Let Me Cry - チャン・グンソク MP3 320kbps
30. Sexy Zone - Sexy Zone MP3 320kbps
32. BIRTH - (カトゥーン MP3 320kbps
33. Flower - 前田敦子 MP3 320kbps
34. 波乗りかき氷 - Not yet MP3 320kbps
35. ペラペラペラオ - Not yet MP3 320kbps
36. マイホーム - 関ジャニ∞ MP3 320kbps
37. 鬱くしき人々のうた - マキシマムザホルモン MP3 320kbps
38. 「ありがとう」 ~世界のどこにいても~ - Hey! Say! JUMP MP3 320kbps
39. ツブサニコイ - Kanjani8 MP3 320kbps
40. 365日家族 - 関ジャニ∞(エイト) MP3 320kbps
41. Superstar - Tohoshinki MP3 320kbps
42. あの娘と野菊と渡し舟 - 氷川きよし MP3 320kbps
43. RUN FOR YOU - カトゥーン MP3 320kbps
44. さよなら傷だらけの日々よ - B'z MP3 320kbps
45. WHITE - KAT-TUN MP3 320kbps
46-1. 少女時代 - Girls' Generation MP3 320kbps
46-2. Run Devil Run - 少女時代 MP3 320kbps
47. Time - Kinki KIds MP3 320kbps
48. ユメタマゴ - NYC MP3 320kbps
49. 「最初のメール」 - フレンチ・キス MP3 320kbps
50-1. あなたへ - EXILE MP3 320kbps
50-2. Ooo Baby - EXILE ATSUSHI MP3 320kbps
51. カッコ悪い I love you! - フレンチ・キス MP3 320kbps
52. ヘビーローテーション - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
53-1. Let's try again ~kuwata keisuke ver.~ - 桑田佳祐 MP3 320kbps
53-2. ハダカ DE 音頭 ~祭りだ!! Naked~ - 桑田佳祐 MP3 320kbps
53-3. 明日へのマーチ - 桑田佳祐 MP3 320kbps
54-1. Winter ~Winter Rose - 東方神起 MP3 320kbps
54-2. Duet - winter ver. -~ - 東方神起 MP3 320kbps
55. Smile - BUMP OF CHICKEN MP3 320kbps
56. GOOD LUCK MY WAY - L`Arc~en~Ciel MP3 320kbps
57. バレンタイン・キッス - 渡り廊下走り隊7漀 MP3 320kbps
58-1. Laser Beam - Perfume MP3 320kbps
58-2. 微かなカオリ - Perfume MP3 320kbps
59. ふいに - 板野友美 MP3 320kbps
60. 友達の唄 - BUMP OF CHICKEN MP3 320kbps
61. DADA - RADWIMPS MP3 320kbps
62. 唇 触れず... - ノースリーブス MP3 320kbps
63. Each Other's Way ~旅の途中~ - EXILE MP3 320kbps
64. ウィンターマジック - KARA MP3 320kbps
65. 情熱のマリアッチ - 氷川きよし MP3 320kbps
66. Replay-君は僕のeverything- - SHINee MP3 320kbps
67. XXX - L'Arc~en~Ciel MP3 320kbps
68. 縁を結いて - 堂本剛 MP3 320kbps
69. Answer - ノースリーブス MP3 320kbps
70. 青いベンチ - テゴマス MP3 320kbps
71. トイレの神様 - 植村花菜 MP3 320kbps
72. 庄内平野 風の中 - 水森かおり MP3 320kbps
73. 希望山脈 - 渡り廊下走り隊7 MP3 320kbps
74-1. Naked - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
74-2. Fight Together - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
74-3. Tempest - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
75. HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ - YUI MP3 320kbps
76. チャンスの順番 - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
77-1. 恋のスーパーボール - aiko MP3 320kbps
77-2. ホーム - aiko MP3 320kbps
78. If - フレンチ・キス MP3 320kbps
79. へたっぴウィンク - 渡り廊下走り隊7 MP3 320kbps
80. CORE PRIDE - UVERworld MP3 320kbps
81. FIGHTERS - J Soul Brothers MP3 320kbps
82. スパイス - Perfume MP3 320kbps
83. はだかんぼー - Yamashita Tomohisa MP3 320kbps
84. Ultra Lover - 2PM MP3 320kbps
85. Mr. Simple (Japanese Ver.) - Super Junior MP3 320kbps
86. Nijiの詩 - Tsuyoshi Domoto MP3 320kbps
87-1. It's My Life - YUI MP3 320kbps
87-2. Your Heaven - YUI MP3 320kbps
88. 月の裏側 - DiVA MP3 320kbps
89. SCARLET KNIGHT - 水樹奈々 MP3 320kbps
90. 狭心症 - RADWIMPS MP3 320kbps
91. I'm Your Man - 2PM MP3 320kbps
92. Beginner - AKB48 MP3 320kbps
93. コネクト - ClariS MP3 320kbps
94-1. Sexy.Honey.Bunny! - V6 MP3 320kbps
94-2. タカラノイシ - V6 MP3 320kbps
95. MIN・MIN・MIN - SDN48 MP3 320kbps
96. In My Head - C.N.Blue MP3 320kbps
97. Bo Peep Bo Peep - T-ara MP3 320kbps
98. Blue Bird - Kobukuro MP3 320kbps
99-1. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
99-2. Love Story - 安室奈美恵 MP3 320kbps
100. ポニーテールとシュシュ - AKB48 MP3 320kbps

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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-29, 10:32] <jpoy> using VPN or SSH,like in china
[07-29, 10:29] <hazardous> means jp gov will block nyaa like they do with file hosting sites maybe
[07-29, 10:19] <jpoy> That means ...
[07-29, 10:19] <jpoy> To do so indirectly?
[07-29, 10:15] <sarachikorita> I think so long as it's not located in Japan, nor run by Japanese people, they can't directly get it shut down, but they might be able to do so indirectly. That's a bit tricky though.
[07-29, 10:08] <jpoy> Does jp government have the power to shut down nyaa ?sorry for my ENG
[07-29, 09:54] <baka²> lol
[07-29, 09:14] <hazardous> start using vpn. pretend you are not from japan.
[07-29, 09:12] <Vortrex> Oh and guys, I have bad news. According to some sites, more than 40% of it's visitors are Japanese so if that's true, there will be a chance that the jp goverment will shut down Nyaa... About 50% when it's August 1.
[07-29, 09:11] <Vortrex> I was at animecon 2014. But Anime is growing rapidly here in Holland.
[07-29, 09:09] <Ika_Musume> though it will be fapping to art/images on pixiv only if they gonna block anime sharing T.T
[07-29, 09:07] <Ika_Musume> but we still will be having crunchy roll though
[07-29, 09:06] <Ika_Musume> i realy never seen anything anime related in store except pokemon and dragonball z in the netherlands, you only can bet on anime expo and animecon when they are here
[07-29, 09:05] <Ika_Musume> also, no nyaa isnt the biggest sharers, its "animebytes" you find everything there though its an privateto torrent ratio site but have more then any anime torrent site i know, and the tpb ? lol you want to download viruses or fakes ?
[07-29, 09:03] <Ika_Musume> its not about nl if jp blocks it then nl cant sharre it right? and since nl doesnt know anime at all except dragonballz witch they call manga there will be no hope for other anime/manga in nl, im dutch to
[07-29, 08:59] <Vortrex> Not here in Holland :| Well, I believe that anime sharing will never be completely gone but Nyaa is one of the biggest sharers. It would be catastrophic if it would be shut down!
[07-29, 08:50] <Imouto6969> There is always TPB...
[07-29, 08:45] <Ika_Musume> not just nyaa, what if every anime / manga sharer get shut down, there will be no life for us otakus outside jpn
[07-29, 08:43] <Vortrex> So, what would happen if will be shut down by the Japanese goverment? Will it be the end of international anime?
[07-29, 08:24] <warich> I hate that it is easier to download off my friend's cell phone than my home connection.
[07-29, 08:10] <WOOF> Thanks!
[07-29, 07:45] <Akaneon> I'm not Andy, I know him though. He's my friend.
[07-29, 07:42] <guest-again> weev???
[07-29, 07:34] <Akaneon> Actually, regulators like Obama and the Democratic Party are the reason the US is so far behind on technology. The FCC was created by FDR in 1934, which set the framework for massive regulations that have kept the US technologically and medically inferior and bloated for the past 70 years
[07-29, 07:20] <G-Dragon> @Afelers ; Please look at the "Rules & Help" section.
[07-29, 07:16] <G-Dragon> I am G-Dragon.. That is All. :D
[07-29, 06:56] <jofs> Obama a shit
[07-29, 06:26] <sarachikorita> I'm glad the Rat is spamming Doraemon on DXD. My friend's capbox was down due to a power failure when yesterday's ep aired, but he got it up and running in time for a repeat airing 12 hours after the original.
[07-29, 06:16] <deanzel> Obama will get it done. He's a miracle worker. ObamaFiberCare.
[07-29, 06:07] <WastedMeerkat> Akaneon I'll believe it when I see it
[07-29, 05:58] <hazardous> exactly dilworks its yours.
[07-29, 05:55] <hazardous> means 25-50 more years of waiting for underdevelop and developing countries who are stuck at 1-4mbps lol
[07-29, 05:47] <Akaneon> USA has massive planned Fiber expansions for 2015. 60-70% of the US will have access to 1 Gbps by the end of 2015
[07-29, 04:47] <dilworks> All of my DVDROM drives are RPC-unlocked, yet I don't import DVDs. I just reflashed because fuck media cartels, I paid for my shit, it's MINE.
[07-29, 04:46] <dilworks> > Region 1 DVD player
[07-29, 04:24] <Global Tornado> Steins Gate is a little bit cerebral.
[07-29, 04:10] <LeonK> Thanks herkz :P
[07-29, 03:40] <herkz> whatever could you be referring to, i wonder?
[07-29, 03:31] <LeonK> Gotta love it when Minnasubs floods the front page.
[07-29, 03:06] <yukotsu> hi people
[07-29, 02:54] <SneakiestNEG> Ah ofcourse region 5. Seriously this region locking is so annoying.
[07-29, 01:27] <[TRVE]> I meant the Russian DVDs, SneakiestNEG. They're PAL. Now if they're also region-free, I'll buy them.
[07-29, 01:21] <yumiyo> Hello, is darker than black any good?
[07-28, 23:43] <Imouto6969> Lol TRVE has a huge stick up his ass
[07-28, 23:21] <SneakiestNEG> does have the dvds. But the box set is NTSC. The prices are of course insane.
[07-28, 23:13] <SneakiestNEG> TRVE amazon says NTSC
[07-28, 23:10] <iceaco> Was looking at the anime description for Future Boy Conan the other day.. It said humans will be extinct by 2008.. Well lucky we're not extinct yet..
[07-28, 23:08] <SneakiestNEG> English speaking tech savy people with access to high speed, uncapped internet makes for much piracy. Netflix was FORCED to come here.
[07-28, 22:27] <Kawaii!!> @Commie, will you guys work on Hanamonogatari? Thanks in advance.
[07-28, 22:22] <[TRVE]> Ah, speaking of Spice and Wolf: Are the DVDs region-free?
[07-28, 22:05] <Progeusz> To LOVE-Ru has Golden Darkness
[07-28, 21:50] <Profuse> Can someone recommend me an anime that's VERY VERY Similar to golden witch? want to know if there are any similar anime which I haven't watched yet.
[07-28, 21:40] <herkz> but the eva movies did not take long to get subbed
[07-28, 21:39] <Artemix> I always have this doubt.. why do regular tv-shows, like Naruto and many others take almost no time to sub,but movies like Evangelion (the new versions) took ages?
[07-28, 21:29] <deanzel> Russia should get them to dub over those MH17 radio and phone calls if they're that good.
[07-28, 21:06] <OneCrazyRussian> Their TTGL dub is like the most beautiful thing I've ever heard dubbed. Look at this man, he's Kamina at heart and also the Director of the dub
[07-28, 21:02] <OneCrazyRussian> There is ReAnimedia, they make the AWESOME dubs (TTGL, Haruhi, Spice and the Wolf series, a lot of other full-fledged films), they are considered as the saviors of russian anime dub. But they are not a mass-production combine, and also they do the anime festivals and etc., so we get from one to three proper dubs each year. "Russian Adult Swim" aka 2x2 also does abuse other small dub studios and indie voiceovers, but mostly for western things
[07-28, 20:55] <[TRVE]> Are there any other anime publishers except MC Ent. and do they put out crappy voiceovers instead of proper dubs, too?
[07-28, 20:54] <OneCrazyRussian> Shit is real when in Russia Manga and Manhwa is being published by book publishers, but comics and other graphical stuff - by indie studios and translators. It's rare to see a comix like Saga for example, being published in a big volume like it is now.
[07-28, 20:38] <SpookySkeleton> Hey gaiz
[07-28, 20:10] <Progeusz> My country has 38 mil and the only anime publishing company died ~5 years ago. Manga market is growing nicely though.
[07-28, 20:04] <Progeusz> Arpeggio anime was a huge success in Japan (over 12.5k average) and it already has two movies announced, one is a recap with improved video and new scenes, other movie is new material
[07-28, 20:03] <OneCrazyRussian> My country has 130mil and 40 mil illegall immigrants. But 30% live in places without Internet entirely and other 30% have their speeds below 5mbps, so tell me about struggle of businesses
[07-28, 19:53] <[TRVE]> Mine has around 82 million and publishing companies still have to struggle to survive.
[07-28, 19:50] <SneakiestNEG> I can not be angry or frustrated at Crunchy. They are a business. There are simply not enough anime fans to support the licensing fees. US has 350 million people. My country has 17 million.
[07-28, 19:47] <SneakiestNEG> Might as well fly to Akiba.
[07-28, 19:45] <SneakiestNEG> One of the alternatives to pirating is import that DVD from America for 100$, buy an American dvd player from somewhere and wait for 3 weeks for the shipment.
[07-28, 19:04] <sarachikorita> Due to a power failure where my friend's capbox is located, Doraemon didn't cap today; since today's ep reruns at 12:30 AM tonight, if that airing caps successfully, I will encode then and release in the morning.
[07-28, 18:47] <[TRVE]> This may be the case, Puto, but don't overestimate the average Joe. If you label your episode anything other than "episode 001", he will ask where the previous ones are.
[07-28, 18:43] <MisterDonut> no one cares.
[07-28, 18:08] <vicokoby> hi
[07-28, 16:58] <Puto> they can be watched without having to watch the giant backlog of episodes
[07-28, 16:58] <Puto> re: 'would want to start from the beginning' - for the most part, Conan episodes are standalone
[07-28, 16:54] <sarachikorita> AFAICT, the manga isn't doing too shabbily, but the anime has done terribly, and I blame idiot fans... "oh, it's got that dub with the changed names, so instead of buying the DVDs I'm gonna download A-Conan" (never mind that the DVDs not only had subs, but BETTER subs than A-Conan)
[07-28, 16:53] <Artemix> Anyone knows if Arpeggio of Blue Steel is going to comeback?, really enjoyed it...
[07-28, 16:52] <sarachikorita> I believe we're at episode 747? Funi has up to 123
[07-28, 16:28] <OniichanDaisuki> red: deadfish exclusive color
[07-28, 16:23] <RobbyLob> Afelers:
[07-28, 16:19] <Afelers> hey guys whats the meaning of the colors (eg. red, white, green) at the list of the animes? I looked for it and still have no clue...
[07-28, 16:18] <OniichanDaisuki> (was it old news? I just found it lol)
[07-28, 16:17] <OniichanDaisuki> new F/SN will feature Heaven's Feel route!
[07-28, 16:17] <OniichanDaisuki> CONFIRMED!
[07-28, 16:06] <[TRVE]> 730 even.
[07-28, 16:05] <[TRVE]> Conan is a huge franchise, so the owner would demand huge licensing fees. CR might simply not have that much money. Besides, they'd be starting somewhere in the middle and we're at which episode? 600-something? Then what about the previous 600-something? (Potential) CR subscribers would want to watch a new title from the beginning. That means more licensing fees, plus chances are high that the rights simply cannot be obtained at this point.
[07-28, 16:02] <shaddrag> CR get your shit together man, we want HS to rip you a new one.
[07-28, 15:59] <sarachikorita> Believe me, we'd love for CR to get the rights to simulcast Conan. it would take a HELL of a load off our collective backs.
[07-28, 15:55] <[TRVE]> Jesus fuck!
[07-28, 15:55] <[TRVE]> >75€ for one movie
[07-28, 15:45] <Jiru> Is there no BD release for Gundam Build Fighters?
[07-28, 15:42] <karyuudo> Does anyone have Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyoto-hen Special Edition that can be posted?
[07-28, 15:38] <AndyAlex> why detective conan is not subbed by CR ?? this way we would never have trouble with the subs
[07-28, 15:05] <[TRVE]> Not at all. It's not like I don't have anything to watch, read or play.
[07-28, 15:00] <OneCrazyRussian> Being [TRVE] is suffering
[07-28, 14:59] <sarachikorita> I can take about any humor...except toilet humor, hate toilet humor
[07-28, 14:59] <DmonHiro> Wow... I'm getting depressed just THINKING about your midset. I can't imagine how it must feel having it.
[07-28, 14:56] <[TRVE]> stretching one "joke"*
[07-28, 14:52] <[TRVE]> I measure my enjoyment of things with how annoying things get. Childishness, retardation, being unfunny in general (most so-called comedic manga and anime are this), endless repetition and stretching the same thing out to infinity all contribute.
[07-28, 14:52] <jofs> Will check out Hataraku. Haven't seen it
[07-28, 14:50] <jofs> Lol. But I like comedy [TRVE].