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Name:Digimon Adventure Zero Two VOSTFRDate:2012-01-24, 16:50 UTC
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Fansub français de Digimon par YagamiRaito, comprenant la deuxième saison, Digimon Adventure Zero Two dans son intégralité.

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Digimon Adventure Zero Two 42 Amour et bortsch, le combat féroce.mkv365.8 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 49 La dernière digivolution cuirassée.mkv355.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 41 Combat des récifs et Versailles.mkv354.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 15 Les arts martiaux de Shurimon.mkv352.8 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 11 La lumière bleue, Lighdramon.mkv345.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 04 Le Seigneur des Ténèbres, L'empereur des Digimon.mkv329.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 14 Shurimon du Vent.mkv325 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 05 Détruire la Tour Noire.mkv323.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 36 L'ange de métal, Shakkoumon.mkv322.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 43 Assaut de l'armée de Demon.mkv321.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 03 Digimental Up.mkv313.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 48 La terreur de Belialvamdemon.mkv312.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 12 Duel sur la prairie Digimon.mkv310.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 09 La magie des Anneaux Maléfiques se déchaîne.mkv310.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 28 Le piège de la charmeuse d'insectes.mkv309.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 10 L'ennemi est Metalgreymon.mkv306.3 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 37 Gigantesque forme Méga, Qinglongmon.mkv302.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 02 La porte digitale est ouverte.mkv300.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 47 Le sceau de Blackwargreymon.mkv300.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 39 Tous les Digisauveurs en action ! Imperialdramon.mkv299 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 25 Aquilamon, le chevalier des cieux.mkv298.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 18 Trouver le QG de l'Empereur.mkv296.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 22 La digivolution courageuse ! XV-mon.mkv296.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 50 Notre Monde Digital.mkv295.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 16 La fuite de Sabmarimon du fond des mers.mkv295.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 45 La porte des ténèbres.mkv295 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 46 Blackwargreymon contre Wargreymon.mkv293.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 44 Le combat mortel contre les Digimon Noirs.mkv292.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 38 Douce nuit La grande réunion des Digimon.mkv291.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 06 Pique-Nique dangereux.mkv289.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 34 Protéger les Holy Stones.mkv288.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 07 Les souvenirs d'Hikari.mkv284.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 01 Celui qui hérite du courage.mkv280.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 35 Assaut sur Blackwargreymon.mkv279.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 19 Le Monstre Synthétique, Chimairamon.mkv278.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 40 New York, Hong Kong, super mêlée.mkv275 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 21 Adieu, Ken.mkv274.3 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 20 La digivolution tanscendante ! Magnamon de l'or.mkv273.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 26 Digivolution Jogress Maintenant, les coeurs en font un.mkv273.8 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 08 La solitude de l'Empereur des Digimon.mkv272.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 30 Blackwargreymon Niveau Méga maléfique.mkv272.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 17 Odaiba Memorial.mkv271.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 24 Ankylomon, le guerrier de la terre.mkv268.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 29 Archnemon, l'erreur de la femme araignée.mkv264.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 13 L'appel de Dagomon.mkv263.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 33 Miyako à Kyoto aujourd'hui.mkv263.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 32 Les ruines mystérieuses, Holy Stone.mkv256.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 23 Quand le Digivice est teinté de Ténèbres.mkv238 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 27 L'union sans précédent ! Paildramon.mkv236 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 31 Silphymon, la tempête de l'amour.mkv225.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two Ending 01.mkv53.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two Opening.mkv39.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two Ending 02.mkv31.1 MiB

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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-30, 15:08] <OniichanDaisuki> nvm I see it, they released them only recently though
[07-30, 15:06] <OniichanDaisuki> @herkz about star citizen, where can I find some gameplay footage? I love sci-fi
[07-30, 15:05] <Muzs_NY> it won't stop the piracy, but it will damage the site owners and sharing websites A LOT.
[07-30, 15:02] <herkz> yeah you guys are complete and utter idiots
[07-30, 15:01] <opabato9000> @AutoOps shit i was joking, i don't think anything will happen
[07-30, 14:59] <OniichanDaisuki> if they can understand that streaming works but, download works even better
[07-30, 14:57] <OniichanDaisuki> this might be the good time they come up with something like itunes or steam but for anime, where you can actually download stuff
[07-30, 14:55] <boredatwork> it's funny how people think anything will happen. piracy couldn't be stopped in the last 15 years so what makes you think japan can do it now ?
[07-30, 14:54] <Abunja> start your prayers, xDev
[07-30, 14:54] <OniichanDaisuki> @jpoy nothing happened, they made a fuss for a while then realized it was harmless and got over it
[07-30, 14:53] <Muzs_NY> *is being
[07-30, 14:53] <AutoOps007> @Muzs_NY I would think about 99.99% of content on this website is illegal. I doubt any uploaders on this website has distribution rights
[07-30, 14:53] <Muzs_NY> i really like nyaa, and find it useful. it sucks that the site i love being threatened. be strong plz. lots of lives are depending on nyaa ;(
[07-30, 14:51] <Muzs_NY> @Fussoir the report I was able to view was from Japanese officials. Was a japanese report, containing final summary and reports about the regulation project.
[07-30, 14:51] <jpoy> what happened?
[07-30, 14:50] <Muzs_NY> @jarcinas777 What the Japanese government is asking is to take all the illegally pirated/scanned/uploaded publishments and products of theirs. BUT, as most of the files uploaded here is torrents linked to those illegal files. So if we just sort them out and delete them, it won't be a problem. But it's too much work.
[07-30, 14:49] <AutoOps007> @opabato9000 Just because the request will be sent on Aug 1, doesn't mean it will be taken down on that same day. I would imagine that the Japanese government would give the owner of the site about a week to respond before sending out sanctions or taking legal action
[07-30, 14:48] <OniichanDaisuki> remember what happened with the mp3 back in the early 2000s?
[07-30, 14:47] <opabato9000> back to irc sharing lol
[07-30, 14:46] <OniichanDaisuki> nah
[07-30, 14:46] <AutoOps007> but since everything on nyaa is illegal anime/manga content, the owners of this site in my opinion will probably choose to take down the whole thing
[07-30, 14:44] <AutoOps007> Just to clear things up, they're not asking to take down the website. they're asking to remove all illegal anime/manga content
[07-30, 14:43] <opabato9000> yes, the day after tomorrow nyaa will be gone
[07-30, 14:41] <jarcinas777> choconeko: but it is only a watchlist right? nothing will happen?
[07-30, 14:40] <choconeko> @jarcinas777 sadly Nyaa is on the watchlist ;_;
[07-30, 14:39] <Nozomi> Morning herkz
[07-30, 14:37] <herkz> you guys are retarded holy shit
[07-30, 14:35] <jarcinas777> Muzs_NY: is nyaa will be terminated?
[07-30, 14:26] <xDev> yes
[07-30, 14:24] <MisterDonut> what the fuck am i reading here.
[07-30, 14:22] <OniichanDaisuki> but this is nothing new, it simply means more PITA for chillingeffects
[07-30, 14:21] <OniichanDaisuki> nyaa and similar sites can be contained in a few dozens of megabytes, if it comes to the worse they can release for download a whole backup of the website
[07-30, 14:20] <xDev> these fucking ppl lmao
[07-30, 14:20] <Ikusa> @zerriet My bad, I thought they'll ask them to remove specific works, if they're asking to take down the website, ROFLOL. I'm fine now :3 ^_^
[07-30, 14:19] <MarainKun15> terminated*
[07-30, 14:18] <MarainKun15> Is it true that Nyaa will be termited? I can't live with that. T_____T
[07-30, 14:15] <hazardous> maybe fansubs should also become copyright holders...
[07-30, 14:09] <Fussoir> Muzs_NY: where did you get that this PDF is directly related to the current jpn operation? I mean, there are *lots* of reports about piracy… I'm not going to spread that link without serious evidence.
[07-30, 14:06] <Muzs_NY> @AutoOps007 sry about that. i remember (the report got deleted somehow) that there were some kind of results from the research preceded, and the research results were either 'answered the request' or 'haven't been deleted'. so i thought there was some kind of request before August 1st.
[07-30, 14:02] <choconeko> No please Nyaa please keep on doing what you always do, kouha kun needs you sempai ;_;
[07-30, 14:02] <Senfu> dededed.
[07-30, 14:01] <Senfu> Daiz is ded
[07-30, 13:59] <xDev> it is time let us now summon Daiz-senpai
[07-30, 13:55] <lifebaka> Taking down a website is surprisingly difficult, short of physically attacking the servers, guys. is (currently) hosted in the Netherlands, so it'd be somewhat difficult for Japan to attack the servers directly without Dutch help.
[07-30, 13:55] <jarcinas777> nyaa please stay strong
[07-30, 13:53] <xDev> hide yo kids, hide yo waifus
[07-30, 13:53] <zerriet> They are asking*
[07-30, 13:53] <zerriet> @Ikusa they are not just asking for an entire site removal, that is too big a scale
[07-30, 13:52] <jarcinas777> What The Hell why nyaa is on the hitlist? .. im scared :(
[07-30, 13:51] <JRR_STuDios> Please Seed #581696
[07-30, 13:43] <AutoOps007> @Musz_NY They will start sending out deletion request on August 1.
[07-30, 13:42] <Ikusa> @zerriet But Batoto complies to removal requests from copyright holders when they get them.
[07-30, 13:37] <OniichanDaisuki> @Satone
[07-30, 13:36] <zerriet> it probably wont work, remember a few years ago when they wanted to close the Pirate Bay, look how well that went
[07-30, 13:35] <xDev> pls
[07-30, 13:34] <opabato9000> ahaha rutracker good luck with that
[07-30, 13:31] <opabato9000> time for nyaa to change domain (again) or smth
[07-30, 13:28] <Abunja> @xDev, this is Pirate Bap
[07-30, 13:27] <Muzs_NY> and yes. according to the pdf file below, Japanese government asked nyaa to regulate files violating their rights, but Nyaa haven't responded the request, leaving the files not deleted. This might cause some problem.
[07-30, 13:25] <opabato9000> oh shit is there a script for mass dl from batoto?
[07-30, 13:24] <Satone-Chan> which torrent do u useee D: XD
[07-30, 13:21] <Muzs_NY> this is the pdf file. final report for Japanese pirated product regulation project they call.
[07-30, 13:21] <xDev> what the fuck is "Pirate Bap"
[07-30, 13:21] <xDev> what the fuck is "Pirate Bap"
[07-30, 13:19] <jpoy> i live in china,many media sites have bought copyright of the anime…
[07-30, 13:18] <opabato9000> what happened to the pdf, doesn't load?
[07-30, 13:16] <Reijssss> lel Japan banning Nyaa too?
[07-30, 13:10] <Muzs_NY> damn that's long. excuse me for that.
[07-30, 13:08] <etherblade> here is the list of sites to be hit:
[07-30, 13:08] <etherblade> so i saw in a PDF that the METI shared... looks like nyaa is on the hitlist
[07-30, 13:05] <Muzs_NY> with the information i have, the major japanese publishers and anime makers will ask bunch of internet sites that treat their publishments or products which 'they' hold the rights to be taken down. About 80 animes and 500 mangas and paper-books scanned will be taken down. Which tells us that the most of animes, has 12 episodes to 24 episodes per season, will not be asked to be taken down or to be deleted from the websites. I mean, most of the animes nowadays does not make profits from airing them on TV or other media. They earn most of their money from the products out of the animes and mangas such as nendroids, figures, comics or Novels ( for animes based on light-novels ) and other secondary profitable contents. So, summarizing this damn long announcement of mine, IT CAN BE PRESUMED THAT MOST OF THE FILES ON NYAA.SE MIGHT NOT BE DELETED, AND YOU MAY SAY SAYONARA TO ANIMES A WHILE LATER.
[07-30, 13:05] <Satone-Chan> Hav can I download the Animes? ; A ; it get downloaded but I cant open it D:
[07-30, 12:47] <OniichanDaisuki> a bunch of sites to bookmark, that's nice
[07-30, 12:47] <jofs> Nothing will happen.
[07-30, 12:44] <hazardous> just don't buy anything until they give up.
[07-30, 12:27] <choconeko> So I guess we will be saying sayonara to anime? :c
[07-30, 12:13] <jpoy> sorry,the keyboard is so bad
[07-30, 12:13] <jpoy> sorry,the keyboard is so bad
[07-30, 12:12] <jpoy> dont worry,nothing will happen. i am using mobile phone,the keyboard
[07-30, 12:00] <galaxybeam> So no more anime? time to move to japan i guess...
[07-30, 11:37] <Ikusa> If it weren't for the unofficial releases, I wouldn't have taken an interest in the stuff and purchased official releases of the ones I like. No unofficial releases (*AA's call this piracy) => less people discover stuff => less people get interested => less sales. Unofficial releases == free advertisement. Fansubs/Scanlations == free advertisement will more impact on consumer. If anti-piracy suceeds the publishers will get considerably less revenue, serves them right.
[07-30, 11:35] <xDev> This is entertainment lmao
[07-30, 11:34] <SneakiestNEG> This is 2014. It is impossible to slay the hydra. If Japan comes up with a way to legally watch anime, running Crunchyroll with Hola or proxmate is also piracy.
[07-30, 11:32] <Hobichan> I like watching headless chicken running around
[07-30, 11:24] <[TRVE]> Jesus fuck, will you stop running around like a bunch of headless chicken?
[07-30, 11:20] <UnbornMVs> Please overcome this my brothers.
[07-30, 11:20] <UnbornMVs> It seems that nyaa is there on the list
[07-30, 11:20] <UnbornMVs>
[07-30, 10:34] <JRR_STuDios> OK will seed
[07-30, 09:53] <yaska> please seed #405589
[07-30, 09:45] <OniichanDaisuki> it's Daiz all over again
[07-30, 09:42] <Hobichan> they're gonna fail anyway
[07-30, 09:40] <icq - 650934255> hello i hust upload a torrent
[07-30, 09:39] <Lili-hime> I torrent because Japanese companies are too afraid of reverse importation to let us have blu rays -_-;
[07-30, 09:36] <SinonGC> Guys is it true they're going to exterminate all illegally uploaded anime? I know not to trust the internet but i just want to make sure.
[07-30, 09:07] <OniichanDaisuki> or nendoroids <3
[07-30, 08:58] <Kseniasolo> Support the industry by buying dakis of your waifu.
[07-30, 08:16] <sarachikorita> I hear you. Japanese companies trying to sell in the US market try to push their wares at Japanese prices, and naturally, Americans, who are used to their own material selling much cheaper, balk.
[07-30, 08:15] <jofs> I've spent a alot of money on anime, and it's all thanks to fansubs that i found those shows in the first place.