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Name:Digimon Adventure Zero Two VOSTFRDate:2012-01-24, 16:50 UTC
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Fansub français de Digimon par YagamiRaito, comprenant la deuxième saison, Digimon Adventure Zero Two dans son intégralité.

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Digimon Adventure Zero Two 42 Amour et bortsch, le combat féroce.mkv365.8 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 49 La dernière digivolution cuirassée.mkv355.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 41 Combat des récifs et Versailles.mkv354.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 15 Les arts martiaux de Shurimon.mkv352.8 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 11 La lumière bleue, Lighdramon.mkv345.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 04 Le Seigneur des Ténèbres, L'empereur des Digimon.mkv329.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 14 Shurimon du Vent.mkv325 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 05 Détruire la Tour Noire.mkv323.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 36 L'ange de métal, Shakkoumon.mkv322.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 43 Assaut de l'armée de Demon.mkv321.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 03 Digimental Up.mkv313.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 48 La terreur de Belialvamdemon.mkv312.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 12 Duel sur la prairie Digimon.mkv310.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 09 La magie des Anneaux Maléfiques se déchaîne.mkv310.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 28 Le piège de la charmeuse d'insectes.mkv309.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 10 L'ennemi est Metalgreymon.mkv306.3 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 37 Gigantesque forme Méga, Qinglongmon.mkv302.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 02 La porte digitale est ouverte.mkv300.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 47 Le sceau de Blackwargreymon.mkv300.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 39 Tous les Digisauveurs en action ! Imperialdramon.mkv299 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 25 Aquilamon, le chevalier des cieux.mkv298.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 18 Trouver le QG de l'Empereur.mkv296.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 22 La digivolution courageuse ! XV-mon.mkv296.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 50 Notre Monde Digital.mkv295.7 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 16 La fuite de Sabmarimon du fond des mers.mkv295.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 45 La porte des ténèbres.mkv295 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 46 Blackwargreymon contre Wargreymon.mkv293.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 44 Le combat mortel contre les Digimon Noirs.mkv292.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 38 Douce nuit La grande réunion des Digimon.mkv291.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 06 Pique-Nique dangereux.mkv289.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 34 Protéger les Holy Stones.mkv288.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 07 Les souvenirs d'Hikari.mkv284.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 01 Celui qui hérite du courage.mkv280.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 35 Assaut sur Blackwargreymon.mkv279.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 19 Le Monstre Synthétique, Chimairamon.mkv278.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 40 New York, Hong Kong, super mêlée.mkv275 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 21 Adieu, Ken.mkv274.3 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 20 La digivolution tanscendante ! Magnamon de l'or.mkv273.9 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 26 Digivolution Jogress Maintenant, les coeurs en font un.mkv273.8 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 08 La solitude de l'Empereur des Digimon.mkv272.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 30 Blackwargreymon Niveau Méga maléfique.mkv272.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 17 Odaiba Memorial.mkv271.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 24 Ankylomon, le guerrier de la terre.mkv268.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 29 Archnemon, l'erreur de la femme araignée.mkv264.4 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 13 L'appel de Dagomon.mkv263.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 33 Miyako à Kyoto aujourd'hui.mkv263.1 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 32 Les ruines mystérieuses, Holy Stone.mkv256.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 23 Quand le Digivice est teinté de Ténèbres.mkv238 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 27 L'union sans précédent ! Paildramon.mkv236 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two 31 Silphymon, la tempête de l'amour.mkv225.2 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two Ending 01.mkv53.5 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two Opening.mkv39.6 MiB
Digimon Adventure Zero Two Ending 02.mkv31.1 MiB

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[10-25, 14:31] <haseo> is it me or LH2 has shown bleeding for the very first time in its series
[10-25, 14:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Or she is retarded and you do anything Meliodas does in Seven Deadly Sins
[10-25, 14:28] <shaddrag> Beware she might be a fallen angel.
[10-25, 14:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Or you put sth on the ground before her and she falls down on you
[10-25, 14:22] <xell17> Or you walk in on her while she is changing.
[10-25, 14:21] <xell17> Or you topple over and grab her breasts.
[10-25, 14:17] <xell17> Only if you bump into her while she has a toast in her mouth and then you see her pantsu
[10-25, 14:14] <Senzura> So I have a date with a qt asian thursday, is my life an anime now?
[10-25, 14:01] <Abunja> oh, i thought you are still talking about terraformars. gomen
[10-25, 13:59] <Bobezlol> They censor things like that because severed limbs are a bigger deal in japan
[10-25, 13:56] <shaddrag> Abunja, pky is referring to the BDs. The black boxes are mostly gone but there's still some signs of censorship, and I suppose it gets to me too if those screenshots with black blobs still on them are the BD version, I just think he was being a little unreasonable expecting every gory scene to have new angles and frames.
[10-25, 13:44] <itachi_1s_alive> @pky, They know something you don't. Don't be that hard on yourself, kid.
[10-25, 13:35] <MCR75> Does anyone know of a good batch torrent of Valvrave the Liberator, preferably in 1080p with both seasons?
[10-25, 13:33] <Abunja> remember, we are watching the TV version. expect it of that, especially japan. even their porn is censored.
[10-25, 13:31] <Abunja> buy the BDs then if you want to watch it that badly
[10-25, 13:21] <Senzura> Because I would rather watch anime as opposed to black boxes
[10-25, 13:21] <Senzura> >why are you people so bothered by censorship
[10-25, 12:56] <shaddrag> *spits*
[10-25, 12:55] <shaddrag> Lol. What I did see of the Nisekoi BD had one scene in normal colour when the TV one had been inverted, I was like, what? Sure, changing shit can be done, but you shouldn't come to expect it.
[10-25, 12:55] <pky> I feel like I'm having a conversation with a llama or something. The point is that the censors weren't necessary and were only put there for people to buy the BDs. What's so wrong about this leg that it needed to be censored? Or this one? What was wrong with this black ball (or this one) that they needed to be further censored? (oh wait, you said they removed the black bars?) What's wrong with an eye? What's wrong with this head in the bottom? What's so wrong with this face?
[10-25, 12:51] <xell17> unheard-of
[10-25, 12:51] <xell17> Changing shit completely is not unheard of. See Shaft.
[10-25, 12:48] <shaddrag> Removing black bars and shadows is what's expected of a BD, which TG did. Changing shots and reanimating is asking way too much, you're basically expecting them to do the episode twice.
[10-25, 12:46] <pky> @Abunja and that's fine for the TV version. But when the BD version has almost the same level of censorship, that's when things are not good.
[10-25, 12:40] <pky> hyperlink fail...
[10-25, 12:39] <pky> [url=]This shot[/ur] looks way better with that leg or whatever placed in front of the (I guess) cut off hand.
[10-25, 12:39] <Abunja> seriously, why are you people so bothered with censorship? they placed that there since it may be a bit disturbing to other audiences. idk the case of terraformars but if the censorship became more like an obstruction to cause the show lose valuable details, i can say that it is right to just remove the censorship.
[10-25, 12:38] <pky> Yeah, that shot I linked earlier certainly looked best in video form with that column right where the cut part should be. Please, you're making me laugh.
[10-25, 12:31] <shaddrag> Now that's just being pky. I liked a certain full-body artwork of Naruto in one of the Manga chapters, and when it was made into Anime, it didn't show the full-shot, not because his dick was showing, but because that's how it looked best in video form, or the person who did the frame selection or whatever's decision. If you call that censoring too, it's going a little too far.
[10-25, 12:22] <pky> (fucking enter...) can't see the place where the head is cut off is still censoring it.
[10-25, 12:21] <pky> Placing the camera angle so that you can
[10-25, 12:21] <pky> Example: censoring
[10-25, 12:20] <pky> It's still censoring, m8. Black screen is not the only type of censorship.
[10-25, 12:20] <pky> >it's shadows and lighting, it's not censoring.
[10-25, 12:11] <shaddrag> Yeah, I see that and I have checked the BDs myself, but it's shadows and lighting, it's not censoring.
[10-25, 12:08] <Bobezlol>
[10-25, 12:00] <Bobezlol> a few things are still censored, looks like to reduce production costs of having to draw details
[10-25, 11:51] <shaddrag> Oh, are the TG BD's censored to some degree too? Some person was saying that and I really have no hope for the human race then.
[10-25, 11:49] <shaddrag> Agreed, but then why turn around and suddenly advertise the uncensored? They probably got a lot of complaints, and rightly so.
[10-25, 11:48] <cyatek> and some censor to hide the fact that there is no gore at all ahah, sad
[10-25, 11:45] <Crowmando> I also read the argument that if they censor the anime now, it might help the Blu-ray/DVD sales since people will want to watch it uncensored
[10-25, 11:25] <cyatek> well then there would be no tv broadcast
[10-25, 11:23] <shaddrag> They make it sound like it comes censored and they have to work to uncensor it. Which begs the question, why show a censored version in the first place if they're just gonna stream an uncensored one later? Why would the studios do that?
[10-25, 11:20] <cyatek> meh thought they were planning to have the uncensored version every week..
[10-25, 11:16] <shaddrag> HS, v2 pls
[10-25, 11:15] <hazardous> TERRAFORMARS Uncensored 24 hours Starting Saturday 6pm PT
[10-25, 11:12] <shaddrag> Raw only released as I left for work :'( Had to delay it until tomorrow I'm afraid, or very late tonight. CR video was watchable until the last 5 minutes where it became total shit.
[10-25, 10:47] <ThirdWorld> shaddrag make with the FT
[10-25, 10:11] <cyatek> hs..
[10-25, 09:35] <shaddrag> Currently? Doubt it.
[10-25, 09:33] <Crowmando> Anyone planning on re releasing the first 3 episodes of Terraformars since CR is airing uncensored versions of them
[10-25, 06:23] <eraser> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[10-25, 05:41] <lae> that sure looks fucked up
[10-25, 05:41] <lae> ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ
[10-25, 04:35] <fredgido> wow tritical is a god, such good scripts
[10-25, 04:32] <herkz>
[10-25, 04:32] <fredgido> thanks <3
[10-25, 04:06] <vivan> fredgido, ivtc, tdecimate
[10-25, 03:52] <RinzImpulse> @fredgido : by re-encode it
[10-25, 03:26] <fredgido> how do people put it back to 24fps?
[10-25, 03:25] <fredgido> some shows repeat frames when converting from 23.976 to 30 by inserting repeated frames
[10-25, 02:41] <Senzura> Glasslip then, its like evangelion but more realistic
[10-25, 02:11] <Artemix> that joke is already too old.
[10-25, 01:44] <Robert Franklin> it's got some shonen in it
[10-25, 01:43] <Robert Franklin> boku no pico
[10-25, 01:37] <Artemix> Recommend me an anime, I saw/see most mainstream ones. Something with a little shonen would be better.
[10-25, 01:10] <spotnya> 'ㅅ'
[10-25, 00:58] <external_sd> ㅇㅅㅇ
[10-25, 00:44] <meow> wtf! fuck my 100kbps internet speed!
[10-24, 23:46] <shaddrag> Fuck you guys xD
[10-24, 23:44] <Senfu> Of course Nyaa, of course.
[10-24, 23:38] <Nyaa> 40/40 Gbps. Get on my level.
[10-24, 23:30] <paulo27ms> harem best genre Dx
[10-24, 23:28] <Ecchi & Harem lover> xd :P :D
[10-24, 23:24] <SolidAce> Well, I actually have 160Mbps at my home xD It's normal in Holland :P I download with about 18MBps, if the torrent is seeded well :D
[10-24, 23:21] <NoobSubs> @HerbalNekoTea Is it unlimited?
[10-24, 23:05] <KrystalSX> Did anybody get ez2dj azure expression game from this site???
[10-24, 23:03] <HerbalNekoTea> I have a 50mb/sec download and 20mb/sec upload speed with unlimited bell fiber in canada. Cost me 200$/month for fiber tv, internet and phone line.
[10-24, 21:42] <shaddrag> Lol, I was at college enjoying 10MB/s downloads xD But yeah, I enjoyed downloading way too much and avoided classes xD So that didn't help my grades.
[10-24, 21:38] <ThirdWorld> Heh, I'm paying for a "business" line and its still shit, damn banana republic
[10-24, 21:38] <[TRVE]> Get into a university, move into its dorm, problem solved.
[10-24, 21:16] <shaddrag> Lol sorry I'm on drugs, $200* which is equal to our currency R2000.
[10-24, 21:13] <shaddrag> Universities and shit have access to 100MB lines or even more, but not gonna see that in residential for a reasonable price for a very long time.
[10-24, 21:12] <shaddrag> I still seed what I can, never know when someone might need an extra 50kb/s xD Looking to getting better Internet soon but 40MB is the limit here and that is like over $2000 a month, so that's insane.
[10-24, 21:08] <ThirdWorld> yeah trying to seed is pretty useless, had to get a server to do the heavy lifting
[10-24, 21:02] <shaddrag> Lol, dat username. Befriended a guy on Nyaa who does the uploading/seeding for me :P When there's a will, there's a way.
[10-24, 21:02] <Ecchi & Harem lover> #614054 thanks herkz <3
[10-24, 20:55] <ThirdWorld> shaddrag, how do you release anything with shitty SA internet?
[10-24, 20:48] <(・‿・)> >Chyuu >not Syndicate
[10-24, 20:33] <paulo27ms> Chyuu isn't part of the syndicate, no A+ for them.
[10-24, 20:24] <Artemix> Gintama's soccer episode was freaking hilarious..
[10-24, 19:43] <shaddrag> Ayyy, lmao
[10-24, 19:13] <OneCrazyRussian> Of course you know, stinxy
[10-24, 19:06] <hazardous> Dick in the Sky rofl
[10-24, 19:04] <herkz> i don't even know what that means
[10-24, 18:48] <OneCrazyRussian> Ayy, herkz, did Chyuu apply for A+ on Seven Deadly Sins? Because daaaayum
[10-24, 18:06] <OneCrazyRussian> DRRRRRRRRRR
[10-24, 18:02] <Robert Franklin> goddamn hitachi has the right priorities