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Jan. 24, Tue. 0:30 - 1:00 (UTC) etc.

"MIKUNI: Fukui-Pref."
-The supreme winter delicacy-

- Gow learning the shamisen
- Sea of Japan in winter
- Mikuni snow crabs

In this journeys in japan, Gow takes a trip to Mikuni-cho of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, in search of snow crabs, the king of winter delicacies.
Mikuni is famous for its delicious fresh crabs, being close to good fishing grounds. When the snow crab fishing season starts on November 6, many people travel great distances to Mikuni specifically for the crabs.
Gow first has a taste of boiled crab at one of the restaurants on the busy shopping street, and is amazed at how delicious it is, like something she's never tasted before.
Then, at an old ryokan inn, acclaimed for serving top-class crab dishes, she is treated with crab sashimi and grilled crab.
She also wanders through the old Mikuni townscape and gets to meet the local people to enjoy a delightful, heart-warming time.

Restaurant serving boiled crab / Yamani Fisheries
Yamani Fisheries is located in Tojinbo, famous for its magnificent view of rugged cliffs that continue on for a kilometer. Serve a selection of seafood in addition to snow crab.
Address: Tojinbo, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.
Access: 15 min. by bus from Echizen Railway Mikuni-minato Station 40 min. by bus from Awara-onsen Station.
Open: 8:00 to 17:00 (Crab available from Nov. 6 to March 20)
Tel: (+81) 776-81-3420 (in Japanese only)
URL: (in Japanese only)

Old Merchant's House / Former Kishina Residence
The Former Kishina Residence is a 170-year-old Mikuni timber merchant's home, open to visitors with guided tours. An old bank and ryokan are nearby, also open to visitors.
Address: Kitahonmachi 4-6-54, Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.
Access: 10 min. walk from Echizen Railway Mikuni Station.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00 (closed on Wednesdays)
Admission fee: 100 yen
Tel: (+81) 776-82-8552 (in Japanese only)
URL: (in Japanese only)

Café with Shamisen Lessons / Takeyoshi
Takeyoshi was opened by a shamisen player who grew up in Mikuni. Shamisen performances available with tea.
Address: Kitahonmachi 4-4-22, Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture.
Access: 10 min. walk from Echizen Railway Mikuni Station.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00 (closed on Wednesdays)
Rates: Music and maccha green tea 1000 yen, Shamisen lesson 1000 yen (20 min.)
Tel: (+81) 776-82-0120 (in Japanese only)

Inn serving crab sashimi / Wakaebisu
Old ryokan inn established 75 years ago. Famous for serving top-class snow crabs.
Address: Komegawaki 4-3-41, Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture
Access: 5minutes by complimentary shuttle service to the inn from Echizen Railway Mikuni Station. (reservation required)
Rates: From 52,650 yen (for one night with dinner and breakfast) Crab dishes are available from around Nov. 10 to end of May.
Tel: (+81) 776-81-3155 (in Japanese only)
URL: (in Japanese only)

Traveler: Gow (actress & musician)
Access Map

Approx. 4 hours from Tokyo to Mikuni by train including Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train. 1 hour by car or 1.5 hours by train from Komatsu Airport. Komatsu Airport has flights to and from Taiwan, Shanghai, and Seoul.

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