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Name:[Tech-Mod] Rurouni Kenshin ModDate:2012-02-23, 04:46 UTC
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major rework of dragonfox's original release
redid the names..fixed some timing
redid the title screens and eps names
changed the fonts and colors...fixed a few OCR errors dragonfox missed...changed some sentence grammar and wording..fixed a lot of common punctuation...added a few TL notes

There is probably still errors..but hopefully its much better..I couldn't stand to watch a show like this without proper names ...btw the subs are basically R1 subs...but with my fixes...if theres any major TL errors...let me know about them and I will fix them with a patch
PS: this is only japanese audio..anyone who watches the dub should be ashamed of themselfs

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2012-02-23 at 05:04 UTC
im adding udp:// and to the tracker list
2012-02-23 at 06:54 UTC
wow this drunk so proudly presenting a grammar fix & flashin it as 'mod' while using words like 'themselfs' instead of themselves. eat ur crap urself. i hav no reason to choose urs over dragonfox.
2012-02-23 at 10:33 UTC
maybe you should visit might fit u better then this site
2012-02-23 at 16:10 UTC
Can you share the subtitles ?
2012-02-23 at 20:29 UTC
yea if you want
2012-02-23 at 20:50 UTC
2012-02-28 at 13:53 UTC
Arigatou gozaimashite.
2012-03-18 at 19:25 UTC
please seed
2012-07-28 at 13:58 UTC
Hey techguru, the subtitle file's gone extinct. Could you use your mystical internet powers to revive it, please? :)
2012-08-21 at 21:03 UTC
"PS: this is only japanese audio..anyone who watches the dub should be ashamed of themselfs"

Heaven forbid anyone should want to hear the male lead actually voiced by a male actor. Why not remux a release like D-YFI's that didn't have the English audio to begin with?
2012-08-26 at 03:55 UTC
techguru sama, the subtitle file's gone extinct. Could you upload it again, plzzzz? :'(
2013-01-20 at 06:01 UTC
if anyone still needs the files
gogeta on googles mail service
msg me

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