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Name:Lupin III $1 Money Wars (2000)Date:2012-02-29, 14:56 UTC
Stardom:Only 1 fan.File size:856.7 MiB
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Japanese and english audio, english soft subtitles.
original releaser i presume is TOMA

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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-25, 20:58] <croze-nb> lags to hell and back with madVR Spline 3 taps. Intel HD Graphics P4600
[12-25, 20:50] <MisterDonut> try it.
[12-25, 20:33] <croze-nb> is smooth motion possible with integrated graphics?
[12-25, 20:27] <xell17> Shingeki no Fire Nation
[12-25, 20:11] <Armin Shuichi> Okay ! Thank You Very Much, Bye.
[12-25, 20:02] <OnDeed> forget about opencl encoding on GPU, it is not going to happen. you can only write crap quality encoders for gpus, but for doing proper encoding, you need to use proper cpu encoder (today, that is x264, in the future, possibly x265)
[12-25, 20:00] <OnDeed> btw, I think scripts run faster with cpu fft3dfilter anyway, on today's CPUs
[12-25, 20:00] <Armin Shuichi> @MisterDonut - I am Buying W5100 becuase I need it for Rendering in 3Ds Max and Maya... and W5100 has OpenCL 2.0 so I can use it for Encoding ?
[12-25, 19:58] <Armin Shuichi> @mister
[12-25, 19:58] <OnDeed> opencl option in x264? That doesn'T have any reason to be used. It doesn'T realyl increase speed today, quality is same or worse. CPU is only thing you need, really. Also, it doesn't really matter if it is xeaon or core, both can take 24/7 usage. The only thing that could die on you is motherboard or psu anyway.
[12-25, 19:52] <MisterDonut> gpu only matters if you use the opencl option in x264 for 8-bit encodes or FFT3DGPU in avisynth. besides that nothing comes to my mind right now
[12-25, 19:49] <[TRVE]> You're welcome to do it yourself though.
[12-25, 19:49] <[TRVE]> in2sky, because nobody wants to waste their time retiming and restyling the existing subs.
[12-25, 19:46] <aDi> what the hell .. gpu does not matters ... but why ? and also i think Xeon will be better because ... xeons are made to work for 24\7 on full load and also xeon e3-1246 v3 which i mentioned earlier is same as i7 4790k (devils canyon)
[12-25, 19:42] <OnDeed> @Armin - BTW I guess you need that FirePro for something else, but just to make it clear, GPU is 100% irrelevant for both video encoding and for video filtering. CPU is the only thing that matters
[12-25, 19:38] <lotusgg> veryslow with some tweaks. Some are Slower, but mostly veryslow
[12-25, 19:34] <in2sky> hey guys, any idea why SLAM DUNK's BDrips have not been subbed to english yet? thx!
[12-25, 19:20] <x265> @lotusgg did you use veryslow preset? or custom?
[12-25, 19:18] <x265> I would like to encode more x265 for testing, but my PC shutdowns randomly (I think it is a motherboard issue), but I'll be back with new PC and encoding with x265
[12-25, 19:14] <shaddrag> gr8 b8 m8
[12-25, 19:12] <lotusgg> check my torrentes, filtered x265
[12-25, 19:11] <lotusgg> x265 is great, mate
[12-25, 19:10] <x265> DDR4 and i7-5xxx are too expensive atm, I'll buy a 4790k + ddr3 2400 in 2 months and get started with encoding movies with x265 again (last movie needed about 80h per video hour, 1080p and veryslow, using a i7 950)
[12-25, 19:09] <MisterDonut> just don't filter the shit out of it.
[12-25, 18:47] <shaddrag> Would anyone be willing to teach how to encode properly? MD-senpai, pls.
[12-25, 18:45] <Werebeast> Merry F@@kin Christmas
[12-25, 18:34] <MisterDonut> might help for 8-bit encodes but i dont think it will speed up 10bit (maybe a bit if you use gpu accelerated filters)
[12-25, 18:09] <Armin Shuichi> Okay ! But I am asking about time because W5100 is Workstation Graphic Card which is awesome for rendering so I thought it would take some less time
[12-25, 17:56] <MisterDonut> Armin Shuichi i would just stick to x264 for now. the time depends on what you encode (obviously). 8-bit encodes take about ~30min (unfiltered) to ~90min (filtered) at veryslow with some other other settings. 10-bit varies for me (high motion vs almost still image). 3-6hours (filtered) on my 3770k.
[12-25, 17:45] <shaddrag> In TRVE we trust.
[12-25, 17:42] <[TRVE]> Forget x265 for a few months.
[12-25, 17:41] <Armin Shuichi> and suppose if I go with that Xeon E3-1246 V3 + Firepro W5100 + 8GB RAM... how much time will it take to encode a single Episode with x265 ..
[12-25, 17:40] <Armin Shuichi> And please don't tell me about i7 5820k as it costs too much and also for that I will have to Change all the Configuration (LGA 2011-V3 Socket Motherboard + DDR4 RAM)
[12-25, 17:35] <Armin Shuichi> And I won't go with AMD FX series as they consume too much Power and I keep my PC running all the day !
[12-25, 17:32] <Sdawg> Urgh does anyone know where I can download SAO II OST Vol.1?
[12-25, 17:32] <Armin Shuichi> and as for GPU part I'm buying this AMD Firepro W5100 (
[12-25, 17:32] <Sdawg> Howdy peeps
[12-25, 17:31] <Armin Shuichi> I am doing VFX course I will need to use 3D Max and Maya and many more and I will be Doing encoding as well
[12-25, 17:21] <Tysonblast> thanks skidbama
[12-25, 17:09] <shaddrag> When I see an upload from skiddiks (・‿・)
[12-25, 17:02] <derpi> @anas48 Do you trains noobs? I have some free time
[12-25, 17:02] <ravenleaf182> pretty sure santa doesn't go around making 14 year olds pregnant. I also think Japan holds off until 16. just sayin'
[12-25, 16:57] <SneakiestNEG> Makes perfect sense Raven. Visit a 14 year old virgin at night, get her pregnant and get away with it. Can't you see the romance in that?
[12-25, 16:52] <shaddrag> Shitpoodamn
[12-25, 16:51] <SneakiestNEG> Have a good Christmas/Thursday y'all.
[12-25, 16:50] <SneakiestNEG> Somebody misspelled Shippuden.
[12-25, 16:46] <shaddrag> Sorry, don't have time.
[12-25, 16:40] <anas48> any timer here? need someone to time some "How it's Made" series :v
[12-25, 16:22] <ravenleaf182> jeez, I check out chat, you are all back to number technical mambo jumbo, Why can't we talk about something everyone understands. Like nutella?
[12-25, 16:22] <Robert Franklin> Zankyou fell apart because the director was too cheap to hire people who could actually speak English.
[12-25, 16:03] <n0xiety> wish they would add the liquid cooling system to the price of FX-8350.
[12-25, 15:52] <MisterDonut> good for cold winters
[12-25, 15:47] <OnDeed> actually, for encoding, FX-8350 isn't a bad idea, since x264 is one of the few tasks that the architecture does good in. It will costs you less, but eats more power
[12-25, 15:43] <OnDeed> the xeon e3 models aren't a bad pick, because you get HT quadcore for cheaper money than the cost of the least expensive i7 model - so Xeon E3-1231v3 could be a good choice unless you are one of those overclocking types
[12-25, 15:40] <OnDeed> or wait - does ti have 6 cores now? In that case, maybe. But cost-wise, it is still a better idea to get socket lga 1150 and i7-4790 or i5-4690
[12-25, 15:38] <OnDeed> 5820k is not a good choice for video encoding as he stated - it has just 4 cores, so you will be better off with i7 4790
[12-25, 14:41] <Armin Shuichi> lol
[12-25, 14:38] <MisterDonut> *got a "few"
[12-25, 14:37] <MisterDonut> Armin Shuichi 4790k should be fine. but i'd recommend a 5820k or 5930k/5960x if you could a "few" more bucks to spend.
[12-25, 14:33] <Abunja> >Maybe not, just 2 episode of something might still save Xmas. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ pretty much i said. anyway, good job skiddiks. here's your cookie.
[12-25, 14:25] <Armin Shuichi> i74790 or Xeon E3-1246 V3
[12-25, 14:24] <Armin Shuichi> Guys Which One should I buy for Video Encoding and Rendering ?
[12-25, 14:20] <Kanwakyuudai> Merry Christmas
[12-25, 14:17] <Stinky Cheez> ravenleaf182, they merely did their research and know what Saturnalia is about =) .
[12-25, 14:09] <shaddrag> Amazon?
[12-25, 14:07] <(・‿・)> Buy the official scans if they exist. Otherwise, you're sol.
[12-25, 14:04] <Blacktear> This is probably not the best place to ask this, but where's a good place to find Manga? I hardly read it so I wouldn't know. I'm looking for "NANA" I have the fan-translated copy off of BakaBT, but it's really poorly done.
[12-25, 14:02] <(・‿・)> "In the end, skiddiks is just a bit too late to save Xmas. #TwelveDaysofSkiddmas" <- please, I already saved it
[12-25, 13:44] <A'cup> Merry christmasu. now can someone upload a english sub for the kyoto inferno bluray, t\which works with the 720p wiki release
[12-25, 13:11] <mizuhasama> メリークリスマス
[12-25, 12:56] <barco> Merry Christmas everyone
[12-25, 12:39] <Bartz Klauser> Merry Christmas fukers :3
[12-25, 12:32] <Cuan> I can agree with Parasyte on top, but I feel more proud of being one of the elite 50 who voted for Ai Mai Mi. And the true AOTY is Space Dandy.
[12-25, 12:29] <Cuan> Terror in Resonance was hyped from the beginning, but it fell completely apart thanks to Five.
[12-25, 11:52] <Lambert> Merry Christmas Everyone!圣诞快乐!
[12-25, 11:43] <n0xiety> I don't believe that Mayobe. As you can see No Game No Life sits at 3rd place and it was a very early show. If anything late shows are getting less attention. Terror in Resonance is a good example to this. That show deserves to be higher up the list.
[12-25, 11:12] <NOP> Merry Christmas everyone :)
[12-25, 11:06] <Mayobe> Also, that poll is kind of daft. If they want to get information like that then they should collect ratings data from MAL and AP about people who have been active members for all of 2014. If you just do a poll then there's a bias against shows from earlier in the year because people tend to have moved on moentally to the more recent cours.
[12-25, 11:00] <Mayobe> Merry Nightmare, otaku.
[12-25, 10:59] <Abunja> Maybe not, just 2 episode of something might still save Xmas. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
[12-25, 10:56] <Abunja> In the end, skiddiks is just a bit too late to save Xmas. #TwelveDaysofSkiddmas
[12-25, 10:56] <Rail-kun> "Marry" Kirisutinamasu~ fap all the way. ╭∩╮
[12-25, 10:49] <OneCrazyRussian> (it won't let me do Comic Sans any more D: )
[12-25, 10:49] <OneCrazyRussian> MERRY CURISTMASU
[12-25, 10:40] <xDev> Merry Christmas people!
[12-25, 10:26] <Diumlol> Merry Christmas fags
[12-25, 10:12] <n0xiety> Terror in Resonance under Sword art Online.... People have strange tastes...
[12-25, 10:11] <Bleak> give a batch of shingeki no bahamut please =/
[12-25, 10:09] <n0xiety> Well i can agree with parasyte atleast
[12-25, 10:03] <hazardous> Shingeki no Bahamut not within top 10? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[12-25, 09:58] <hazardous> Fate/hype is ranked 2nd. ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
[12-25, 09:53] <hazardous> Winter will last from Dec 15 to Mars 16. -_^
[12-25, 08:49] <shaddrag> Seven Deadly Feels, more like. Ban's past :'( Right in the kokoro, dat soundtrack too.
[12-25, 08:38] <twonline> Merry Christmas People....
[12-25, 08:08] <jzgundam9752> Why did you say saranghae and to whom
[12-25, 08:07] <shaddrag> >Nisekoi not on top
[12-25, 08:04] <n0xiety> So who agrees with this list Animenews Mega Poll!
[12-25, 07:39] <shinjix7> Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to everyone! v(^_^)v
[12-25, 07:31] <fatass420> HERKZ A STINX