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Name:[P-O] Pocket Monsters Best Wishes 73 RAW-TX-HD *10 bit*Date:2012-03-24, 17:36 UTC
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We now use 10bit x264 encoding. Don't know what this is? Read on.
Why? It's more efficient and better all around in terms of quality.
Make sure you have the current version of one of the following and you will be able to play the new 10bit files:
CoreAVC 3.0.1
LAV Video
VLC 2.0

#pokemon-originals@irc.hoshinet.orgはキッズステションHDからTSファイルへ録画をしている人を 探してます。

Episode 73
どんどん続くよドンナマイト! クリムガンVSキリキザン!!
Don-don tsudzuku Don-namite! Crimgan VS Kirikizan!!
Crimgan VS Kirikizan

Some specifics that you may or may not care about:
Source: TV Tokyo
Destination: CRF18.5 H264 10bit + AAC
Resolution: 1280x720
Encoder: FMA1394


Announcement: We are looking for translators for Pocket Monsters! If you have any interest in Pocket Monsters and know Japanese and English in a fluent sense, we want you! If interested, please email me at

Description for this file:
Free for all to use. Please use common sense and credit #pokemon-originals if you produce derivative works.

Please visit us at
This release is also available via XDCC.

Q & A
Can you reseed x, y, and z?
Nope. I don't have the time to do reseeds. Besides, all releases are available from on IRC

What took so long, FMA?
Didn't get the TS until last night.

Best wishes,

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2012-03-24 at 21:56 UTC
FYI, you didn't close the tag on "Kirikizan/i]" properly, causing everything to become italicized all the way to the Q&A section.
2012-03-26 at 01:33 UTC
thanks for noticing. fixed.

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[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-02, 08:37] <bLACK_pants> ? I'm alive!
[08-02, 08:36] <NotSoYans> Yeah, well.. I liked this chat for the lack of that [looks at chat] but now it's sort of pointless to show up at this chatbox for some time.
[08-02, 08:22] <lele102> my bad maybe jealous of nyaa
[08-02, 08:22] <lele102> too many troll
[08-02, 08:21] <lele102> izzit April this months?
[08-02, 08:21] <first_alchemy> Hey NT, Aren't you dead yet?
[08-02, 08:21] <first_alchemy> Hey NT, Aren't you dead yet?
[08-02, 08:18] <Yagami11> bye, nyaa.
[08-02, 08:16] <nzdesign> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo will be missing NYAA
[08-02, 08:13] <Yagami11> one point, it will be private tracker or open?
[08-02, 08:12] <Yagami11> i think, but data migtare to other servers, so its not a big deal.
[08-02, 08:11] <anddo> Is it really over?
[08-02, 08:10] <Yagami11> source:
[08-02, 08:09] <Yagami11> Nyaa will migrate to Neo Nyaa, so Nyaa will be closed?
[08-02, 08:04] <Proxi> The trolls are strong... It made me cry...
[08-02, 07:49] <jofs> No, just stupid
[08-02, 07:41] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> The Troll is strong
[08-02, 07:23] <mexatiteam> 12.08.2014 , nyaa for sadly will stop for good.
[08-02, 07:20] <TheCatWalk> BANG BANG BANG ! its all ogre now
[08-02, 07:12] <MoJo-X> You said it. August 1st is now the official animu troll day, for scurvy pirates.
[08-02, 07:12] <JohnVaughan> I didn't know mental retardation could spread through electronics.
[08-02, 07:09] <jamstarfyui> Troll
[08-02, 07:03] <psi237> So, according to the sticky we are now on a site being purged. Oh how clean do I feel.
[08-02, 06:54] <hazardous> 1st August is now considered Trolls Day. cheers!
[08-02, 06:47] <Recyclez> Nyaa and Daiz, stop it, it's not April Fools yet.
[08-02, 06:42] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> I think the whole "Nyaa Shutting Down" Thing was made by a trolls blog.
[08-02, 06:39] <Cickany> Nyaa is never going down!
[08-02, 06:38] <MoJo-X> And the troll train continues its journey across the cyberwebs. Choo!~ Choo!~
[08-02, 06:34] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> Where i live
[08-02, 06:34] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> No it's saturday
[08-02, 06:32] <TheCatWalk> is today sunday? -hangover-
[08-02, 06:31] <hazardous> shh... they are listening
[08-02, 06:29] <TheCatWalk> wasnt the new ep of Aldnoah.zer, SAO II and Mahouka supposed to be out by now?
[08-02, 06:29] <TheCatWalk> wasnt the new ep of, SAO II and Mahouka supposed to be out by now?
[08-02, 06:27] <ghostmw323> They trolling u guys nyaa will be fine
[08-02, 06:24] <hazardous> this will help :P
[08-02, 06:13] <[TRVE]> Help, the retards have multiplied!
[08-02, 06:11] <Risuruu> so much weaaboo in nyaa-desu~ :/
[08-02, 05:58] <B Boy Rock> Maybe we should revolt and all just go back to watching chinese cartoons!
[08-02, 05:48] <Senpai OKanime> damn for Copyright, I hate that rules
[08-02, 05:46] <Senpai OKanime> we should work revolution
[08-02, 05:42] <Senpai OKanime> Fuck u Japan >_<
[08-02, 05:40] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> It's not gonna die
[08-02, 05:39] <afhollow> hhhoooiihoihoi dont talk like that
[08-02, 05:38] <xell17> Nippa~
[08-02, 05:37] <Senpai OKanime> when?!
[08-02, 05:36] <Senpai OKanime> Are you sure Guys about this news? (Nyaa will be closed)
[08-02, 05:35] <suwan> Don't die
[08-02, 05:34] <Senpai OKanime> Is that True... Please tell us
[08-02, 05:32] <mr.ivantotmo> NYAAAAA~\
[08-02, 05:29] <c0d3_n@m3> stop saying "its all over" just keep sharing this To Support this website !!!!!
[08-02, 05:21] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> But i never use bakabt
[08-02, 05:21] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> But theres also bakabt
[08-02, 05:20] <netmester> i think it,s not true, but we want an admin answer
[08-02, 05:17] <B Boy Rock> Michael, it's ok to be sad. There is no need to run away.
[08-02, 05:15] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> It's not dying
[08-02, 05:15] <B Boy Rock> Please don't leave me Nyaa... idk what I'll do without you! :'( :'( :'(
[08-02, 05:06] <afhollow> Hhhaaa alive nyaa still alive!!!
[08-02, 05:02] <giraty> It's still here! :'D
[08-02, 05:02] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> Nothing is getting removed
[08-02, 05:02] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> No
[08-02, 05:01] <johnpp> is fap will be removed to?
[08-02, 04:56] <OneCrazyRussian> Polyrux did you come from 2013?
[08-02, 04:56] <Hobichan> I SAY CRRRYYYYYYYYYYY
[08-02, 04:54] <E.KORPSE> lalalalalalalalalala >just wasting time< lalalalalalalalalalalala
[08-02, 04:44] <Polyrux> Well shit, anyone can talk now?
[08-02, 04:44] <Polyrux> fuck
[08-02, 04:43] <5H4D0W> Yeah! Like
[08-02, 04:42] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> But most of the time it's uploaded into parts, Or the video quality is crap.
[08-02, 04:39] <OneCrazyRussian> >streaming sites >YouTube is the only streaming site that doesn't suck and uses user-generated content
[08-02, 04:25] <Kips> you mean 'remember that thing that happened with every illegal streaming site, how it never worked?'
[08-02, 04:25] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> I also heard that there are now sites with the .moe domain name.
[08-02, 04:20] <Veltiel> Listen, remember what happened to Megaupload? It's unlikely Japan can close any streaming site, but if they do, dozens of sites will flourish
[08-02, 04:07] <Res> Ohys deserves trusted status
[08-02, 04:05] <MoJo-X> In other news, it seems that Lionsgate got trolled hard with the Expendables 3 being leaked.
[08-02, 04:04] <AChannelSideB> No Japan can't shut down anything, they just like to whine.
[08-02, 04:01] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> Tv*
[08-02, 04:00] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> Hey, I heard Japan is shutting down Anime Streaming And Anime torrent sites. Is this true??? If it is then i'll have to go back to watching crappy gaijin
[08-02, 03:59] <Harutora_Rin> I guess i'll just go and watch Boku no Pico to calm me down
[08-02, 03:58] <jerxou> knee high fight!
[08-02, 03:57] <Faggot> Fuck you, I'll panic if I want to
[08-02, 03:47] <Stinky Cheez> Whatever. Just as IsoHunt being unavailable frop US IPs isn't the end of the world, neither will Nyaa shutting down cause the End TImes. Relax, FFS. Either you're being trolled, or it's true, but you can't do dick-all about either situation. Have a beer, joint, or w/e age-appropriate refreshment and chill the fuck out.
[08-02, 03:44] <Stinky Cheez> No one can *stop* piracy, but they can make it far less likely that the Japanese Joe or Jane Average will do it. Just as the majority of ppl in the US aren't conversant with proxies, VPNs, Tor, FTPs, or any other real methods to fly under the radar
[08-02, 03:31] <Harutora_Rin> Do you really think Japan can stop piracy? Even if they block sites within Japan itself that doesn't mean raws can't be uploaded. Because, believe it or not, most raws come from China
[08-02, 03:27] <Jewelpet94> is really the end or is just a nightmare.....
[08-02, 03:19] <Harutora_Rin> IS THIS JUST FANTASY?!
[08-02, 03:18] <TheM4gicMan> IS THIS THE REAL LIFE
[08-02, 03:13] <mikaring> ;;;;;
[08-02, 03:01] <xell17> What is love? Baby, don't hurt me.
[08-02, 03:00] <ebildude123> RIP
[08-02, 02:49] <Harutora_Rin> What is real and what is fake? I actually highly doubt that Japan payed you guys since it was their content first xD
[08-02, 02:48] <Harutora_Rin> I don't know what to believe anymore
[08-02, 02:45] <Veltiel> <hertz> stop trolling please. Some of nyaaers believe it. I guess it's not true.
[08-02, 02:41] <nsfMatt> Since they won't air the 4th episode due to some problems in Japan. But it was streamed by Funimation
[08-02, 02:40] <nsfMatt> Hey guys, the Psycho Pass 04 is the actual 4th episode or the 5th that was aired yesterday?
[08-02, 02:36] <herkz> goodbye, friends