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Name:Persona 4: The Golden Original Soundtrack [320k]Date:2012-06-27, 22:33 UTC
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Title:Persona 4: The Golden Original Soundtrack
ペルソナ4 ザ・ゴールデン オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Type OST: Game PSP Vita
CN: SVWC-7859
Artist:Shihoko Hirata, Rie Kugimiya
Number of songs: 15
Release Date:27/06/2012


01Shadow World
02Time To Make History
03Umi e Ikou ze
04Everyday Sunshine
05True Story
06Mayonaka Oudan Miracle Quiz
07A Sky Full Of Stars
08Minna de Hatsumoude
09Yukemuri Ryojou Dai Sakusen
11Utsuro no Mori no Shoujo
13Never More ~okaeri~
14SNOWFLAKES -powder snow mix-
15Shin Mitsuo Tensei


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[08-31, 10:17] <meh301> ;C
[08-31, 10:15] <Ar> Why site shut downed?
[08-31, 10:14] <hhh0785> <Etou-Raws>//それmjd?ガセだったり?
[08-31, 10:13] <hhh0785> Is there any problem with nyaa?
[08-31, 10:12] <hhh0785> 대체 뭣 때문에 안 됐던 거지?
[08-31, 10:10] <Etou-Raws> Neo nyaa nyamazing!(lines of Koizumi Hanayo-Love Live)
[08-31, 10:08] <Etou-Raws> Oh! Sorry [the attacker was]->[The attacker is] rewrite[書き直し],I'm not good at English
[08-31, 10:07] <[TRVE]> lines, you all. Acting like somebody had deprived you of all necessities just because this website was unavailable.
[08-31, 10:06] <Etou-Raws> >>konco I think the attacker was Japanese's government(攻撃者は多分日本の政府関係者だと思います。)
[08-31, 10:05] <ara ara> Stay strong, Omnicat!
[08-31, 10:04] <Etou-Raws> Is here needs to Japanese guide?(日本語の案内が必要な方はいらっしゃいますか?)
[08-31, 10:03] <konco> nyaa is live again, who are ddoser?
[08-31, 10:03] <Etou-Raws> How about Neo Nyaa!?
[08-31, 10:01] <EightHandedMaya> nyaa is back, life is complete again.
[08-31, 10:01] <lines> who's disgusting
[08-31, 10:01] <donmega> the southk. regime is STEALING ANIME AND ALL THINGS.
[08-31, 10:01] <Etou-Raws> さっきまで日本政府からのDDoS攻撃があったらしいです
[08-31, 10:00] <choconeko> welcome back nyaa. I missed you <3
[08-31, 09:59] <Etou-Raws> There was some DDoS attackings,so many Nyaa Torrent cannot accessed here.
[08-31, 09:56] <Horuhe-kun> Hell yeah!
[08-31, 09:56] <[TRVE]> You're all disgusting.
[08-31, 09:55] <OneCrazyRussian> You can get your personal omnicat@home
[08-31, 09:52] <lines> i would like to have nyaa as a pet that would be nice
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[08-31, 09:25] <nitekatt> DDL? Does DDL even exist since Megaupload was gone?
[08-31, 09:25] <butthurtautist> I-I missed you
[08-31, 09:25] <Kendjin> Nyaa to you too :D
[08-31, 09:22] <Chaos47> Nyaa being down for so long made me realize just how little of a life I have... Don't ever go away again Nyaa.
[08-31, 09:19] <IEgg> come on Nyaa
[08-31, 09:19] <Zatheyll> I almost resorted to DDL, thank god it's back so I didn't have to see such a horror.
[08-31, 09:18] <Alucardov> why was it down?
[08-31, 09:14] <mirrorin> its back, welcome xD
[08-31, 09:13] <kurudoj2k14> NYAA IS BACK!
[08-31, 09:10] <snyperdrake> yokatta... :D
[08-31, 09:06] <lines> woop ITS BACK
[08-31, 09:02] <donmega> nyaa ha vuelto ! nyaaaaa !!!!! 僕は猫です
[08-31, 09:00] <kutsu14x> lol japan tried to do their best
[08-31, 09:00] <Mikasa> warrfart
[08-31, 08:59] <WarrFork> NICE TRY JAPAN.
[08-31, 08:57] <dika46> well... well...
[08-31, 08:57] <Dat Size> Commie's Showtimes still doesn't works...
[08-31, 08:57] <Netami> Hooray welcome back Nyaa! I missed you =( Don't ever go away again like that.
[08-31, 08:56] <w2050278> Thank you SO MUCH for coming back !!!
[08-31, 08:54] <()blivion> I'm just wondering why no synced mirroring? Too hard to get piracy site hosting?
[08-31, 08:53] <MizulRembo> shit they got myanimelist also with 9001 epicness! shit...
[08-31, 08:53] <OneCrazyRussian> >anshcolord HOORAY, NYAA IS BACK!!! | I'm not even a person, I'm a google-translator now
[08-31, 08:51] <Liveloulis> Yesssss! I am so glad!!!!
[08-31, 08:51] <()blivion> This is only like... the 10 thousandth time Nyaa has been DDoSed.
[08-31, 08:51] <razorswt> hooray~ yokatta
[08-31, 08:50] <anshcolord> УРА, НЯЯ ВЕРНУЛСЯ!!!
[08-31, 08:48] <ConvexEd> KITAAAAAAAAAA
[08-31, 08:47] <Kurguzenkin> Hooray! Nyaa is back! Thank you for being alive!
[08-31, 08:47] <Yagami11> You fix it quicly. Thank you.
[08-31, 08:44] <Dat Size> Has this something to do with twitch DDoS, PSN DDoS, MAL DDoS and other websites?
[08-31, 08:44] <sakashi> Good news.
[08-31, 08:43] <desudesusu> I'ts faquen back!!!
[08-31, 08:39] <hazardous> Omnicat is the only God you should thank.
[08-31, 08:39] <sukanime> Hore... Nyaa is back.....
[08-31, 08:38] <awvnx> i wonder if CR subscriptions spiked during the downtime
[08-31, 08:38] <hazardous> God = illuminati dude. don't thank the problem creators
[08-31, 08:38] <Dat Size> "Prepare yourself for another 9001 action-packed episodes oozing with epicness!"
[08-31, 08:37] <zxcvbgt> I waiting you come back,THANK GOD!
[08-31, 08:37] <Nozomi> Thanks for bringing the site back up :)
[08-31, 08:36] <hazardous> MAL should become https or provide an option for it
[08-31, 08:34] <bashrc> AndyAlex, not for the first time, it will be fixed soon enough.
[08-31, 08:34] <hazardous> @bashrc: illuminati.
[08-31, 08:33] <AndyAlex> my anime list also got hacked alot of anime titles got messed and many animes now habe 9001 episodes lol
[08-31, 08:32] <QUICKSORT> Yokatta~~~
[08-31, 08:31] <shaddrag> Omg am I dreaming
[08-31, 08:30] <HikariNyan> yay! nyaa is back
[08-31, 08:30] <bashrc> What kind of asshole would throw away a few thousand bucks per day just to put down a tracker like Nyaa?
[08-31, 08:29] <falconaccelerator> working!! WOW!!
[08-31, 08:29] <vidy> shocked
[08-31, 08:29] <OneCrazyRussian> >bayan THNK YOU GOD
[08-31, 08:28] <junh1024> itworks!
[08-31, 08:26] <Kips> i like how the ddos was more effective then the anti piracy shit japan put out the other month
[08-31, 08:25] <khayali> these good for nothing ddos attackers first it was psn now nyaa m***f