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Name:[TCL] Claymore [Blu Ray][720p][Dual Audio]Date:2012-07-21, 14:16 UTC
Stardom:0 fans.File size:10.83 GiB
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Torrent description:

Dual Audio version of Claymore in glorious 720p, taken from Funimation Blu-Rays. Fully chaptered as well.

Courtesy of [TCL]


Files in torrent:

[TCL]_Claymore_24_[Blu-Ray][720p][B1EE5D67].mkv830.9 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_23_[Blu-Ray][720p][AA0809F5].mkv695.7 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_21_[Blu-Ray][720p][91A689FC].mkv552 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_22_[Blu-Ray][720p][1C7FFB9B].mkv548.3 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_26_[Blu-Ray][720p][253A478D].mkv479.5 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_25_[Blu-Ray][720p][09D89ED0].mkv468.4 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_19_[Blu-Ray][720p][93FA98EE].mkv440 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_01_[Blu-Ray][720p][13A866AC].mkv432.1 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_18_[Blu-Ray][720p][EEA4F731].mkv427.9 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_09_[Blu-Ray][720p][C98CDCE7].mkv423.2 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_08_[Blu-Ray][720p][6D63F5B0].mkv394.4 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_02_[Blu-Ray][720p][61683B4F].mkv388.3 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_20_[Blu-Ray][720p][5F022603].mkv385.7 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_13_[Blu-Ray][720p][2C1B6988].mkv385.6 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_17_[Blu-Ray][720p][BA70D453].mkv375.4 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_11_[Blu-Ray][720p][C84E6FB5].mkv375 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_03_[Blu-Ray][720p][1741BD5B].mkv369.4 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_05_[Blu-Ray][720p][F9F7BC7D].mkv366 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_04_[Blu-Ray][720p][AEC52C27].mkv356.6 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_10_[Blu-Ray][720p][E06FA3DA].mkv353 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_16_[Blu-Ray][720p][443F80EB].mkv346 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_12_[Blu-Ray][720p][45F58A6C].mkv343.6 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_07_[Blu-Ray][720p][A49A3D61].mkv337.9 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_06_[Blu-Ray][720p][9390E814].mkv336.4 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_14_[Blu-Ray][720p][837E30A7].mkv336.2 MiB
[TCL]_Claymore_15_[Blu-Ray][720p][8DF89F37].mkv333.6 MiB

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User comments:

2012-07-21 at 20:08 UTC
Can you change trackers to ones that aren't down? ( )

DHT and PEX doesn't seem to be helping.
2012-07-22 at 13:16 UTC
its fast enough atm :)
thx for sharing~
2012-07-23 at 23:07 UTC 300bs is fast enoungh for you? You need to change trackers more support
2012-09-24 at 20:36 UTC
2012-10-14 at 00:27 UTC
Can we please get some more people seeding this? Apparently there are 4 but I'm getting nothing at the moment, it's killing me!
2013-01-30 at 10:12 UTC
SEEEED PLEASE stuck at 90% and there are three people who are done downloading but there not seeding im tempted to post their client ip.
2013-02-25 at 17:54 UTC
quality is average.

thx for the dual audio release.
2013-04-29 at 20:18 UTC
thanks :) hopefully the quality`s alright since SiTTiNGDUCK doesn`t seem to be a fan. I`ll seed when uTorrent`s on for sure
2013-05-13 at 21:39 UTC
no speed T_T
2014-05-04 at 01:14 UTC
Being anal about quality, I can honestly say these are the best looking dual-audio files I've managed to find. Hopefully someone else on the same search as I will see this comment and heed my words.

Files are 1280x720 with minimal pixelation. For once, the line about it being a BRrip isn't a lie. V10/A10
2014-06-26 at 22:10 UTC
Really good release.
Keep up the good work. ^^
2014-09-07 at 07:02 UTC
Seed Please!!!

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[10-24, 14:49] <herkz> xDD
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[10-24, 12:49] <kill_la_kill> . . .
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[10-24, 07:22] <shaddrag> It needs memes.
[10-24, 06:56] <Rin2K> It's just plain awful. I don't think it really deserves nice subs.
[10-24, 06:33] <Denkoko> if it gets good feedback I'll dl
[10-24, 06:31] <Tenkuu> Only Commie picked up Tamako.
[10-24, 06:30] <Samo8412> My version was fairly decent if you gave it a look, but the others will surely be better. Go with them.
[10-24, 06:20] <Denkoko> any minute now
[10-24, 06:17] <Onionion> Where is my Watamote OAD?
[10-24, 06:11] <fibre> No idea of it's quality, though.
[10-24, 06:10] <fibre> JnMBS just released a translation.
[10-24, 05:43] <Denkoko> I don't think Tamako Love Story will ever get non-google subs, did anyone pick it up?
[10-24, 05:33] <desudesusu> Who's Oshino Meme?
[10-24, 05:31] <junh1024> Tamako market from [SAMO] is probably the same googlefished subs.
[10-24, 05:27] <Denkoko> Ginmeme-a is a good meme show?
[10-24, 04:38] <Artemix> Gintama is a memeshow for memes.
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[10-24, 02:34] <sarachikorita> Like Lucky Star?
[10-24, 02:32] <NoobSubs> It's a show about memes.
[10-24, 02:27] <Denkoko> What the fuck is a memeshow? Like what does that even mean?
[10-24, 02:24] <HerbalNekoTea> When will there be a real fansubs of Tamako nstead of some smartass trying to sub something they don't understand.
[10-24, 01:59] <shaddrag> Having pun, are we?
[10-24, 01:57] <Rin2K> Sadly, no .ass there.
[10-24, 01:40] <shaddrag> That's a great abbreviation.
[10-24, 01:35] <Senzura> Also reminder to read assclass before it becomes the next big memeshow
[10-24, 01:34] <Senzura> >there are literally people still watching SAO
[10-24, 01:11] <shaddrag> herkz I hope outrageous OP typesetting is why SAO II 15 is taking this long :P Whoops and just saw the post on your site.
[10-24, 01:09] <herkz> it was shitty quality
[10-24, 01:07] <HerbalNekoTea> Hey guys, i saw on AnimeTosho some sub for Tamako market from [SAMO], was there an upload on nyaa here and it was removed for shitty quality or it was only uploaded on external website ?
[10-23, 23:33] <chuckk> ayy lmao
[10-23, 23:01] <sarachikorita> !
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[10-23, 22:04] <Rin2K> B-but it's Nozaki-sensei. Nozaki-sensei can't be wrong :((
[10-23, 21:52] <shaddrag> Oh well
[10-23, 21:48] <Rin2K> I knew this picture would come in handy ––
[10-23, 21:28] <MisterDonut> ouch
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[10-23, 19:52] <shaddrag> Nardo Shoepudamn, and no, it's not shit to those who follow and enjoy it.
[10-23, 19:25] <MisterDonut> i hope it isnt shit
[10-23, 19:25] <MisterDonut> what is NS?
[10-23, 19:11] <shaddrag> NS coming soon, Senfu ;D Uploading to seedbox currently.
[10-23, 18:23] <[TRVE]> Reread the first sentence.
[10-23, 18:14] <Kips> i dont see a reason to use adblock on any site ever outside of ones you trust, theres some scummy shit you can get from ads alone
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