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Name:Naruto Full [Arabic Sub] [Season 1 Full (1-220 ) + 4 Movies + 4 Ova + Season 2 (1- 75) ] Only HQDate:2008-10-06, 08:02 UTC
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Torrent description:

This a rare torrent made by me ( that contains all Naruto video In High Quality and In Arabic Subtitle by various translators .

the Anime is Ongoing so there is still EP and Movies and Ova that may be released after I made this torrent

I hope you Enjoy this great Anime.

Files in torrent:

Movie/[Msoms-Anime][a.m.i][Naruto][Movie-1][Arabic Subtitle].avi518.91 MiB
Movie/Mohamed A Uploader.URL0 MiB
Movie/Naruto-Movie3_Naz.avi693.6 MiB
Movie/Naruto-Shippuuden_Movie_Naz.avi698.66 MiB
Movie/Nruto-Movie2_Naz.avi619.38 MiB
Naruto/Mohamed A Uploader.URL0 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-001-Arashi.avi123.92 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-002-Arashi.avi179.57 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-003-Arashi.avi149.45 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-004-Arashi.avi122.59 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-005-Arashi.avi129.64 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-006-Arashi.avi151.42 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-007-Arashi.avi112.18 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-008-Arashi.avi166.05 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-009-Arashi.avi125.97 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-010-Arashi.avi127 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-011-Arashi.Mp4139.93 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-012-Arashi.Mp4140.23 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-013.Arashi.avi195 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-014-Arashi.avi195.27 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-015-Eternal_Dream.avi159.21 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-016-Eternal_Dream.avi172.45 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-017-Eternal_Dream.avi158.45 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-018-Eternal_Dream.avi159.44 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-019-Arashi.Mp4170.06 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-020-Arashi.Mp4170.15 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-021-Eternal_Dream.avi162.22 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-022-Eternal_Dream.avi171.29 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-023-Eternal_Dream.avi179.58 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-024-Eternal_Dream.avi182.67 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-025-m0hajr.avi64.46 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-026_27.avi387.72 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-028-m0hajr.avi74.89 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-029-m0hajr.avi61.4 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-030-m0hajr.avi59.65 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-031-m0hajr.avi59.88 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-032-m0hajr.avi84.6 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-033-m0hajr.avi93.33 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-034-m0hajr.avi76.34 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-035-m0hajr.avi92.93 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-036.avi171.16 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-037.avi171.09 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-038.avi169.24 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-039.avi170.42 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-040.avi171.16 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-041.avi171.17 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-042.avi218.05 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-043.avi171.06 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-044.avi171.02 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-045.avi171.1 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-046.avi170.99 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-047.avi217.92 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-048.avi171.1 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-049.avi184.98 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-050.avi184.62 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-051-Anime Down.avi196.35 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-052-Anime Down.avi196.13 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-053-AnimeDown.avi205.04 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-054-AnimeDown.avi203.19 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-055-AnimeDown.avi201.73 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-056-AnimeDown.avi196.49 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-057-AnimeDown.avi200.98 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-058-AnimeDown.avi196.59 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-059-AnimeDown.avi201.6 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-060-AnimeDown.avi201.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-061-AnimeDown.avi196.32 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-062-AnimeDown.avi200.74 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-063-AnimeDown.avi196.33 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-064-AnimeDown.avi196.37 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-065-AnimeDown.avi196.43 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-066-AnimeDown.avi196.32 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-067-AnimeDown.avi196.35 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-068-AnimeDown.avi242.14 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-069-AnimeDown.avi196.39 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-070-AnimeDown.avi206.09 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-071-AnimeDown.avi206.32 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-072-AnimeDown.avi189.01 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-073-AnimeDown.avi196.36 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-074-AnimeDown.avi197.94 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-075-AnimeDown.avi196.41 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-076-AnimeDown.avi206 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-077-AnimeDown.avi196.38 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-078-AnimeDown.avi196.5 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-079-AnimeDown.avi206.79 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-080-AnimeDown.avi205.02 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-081-AnimeDown.avi196.34 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-082-AnimeDown.avi196.37 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-083-AnimeDown.avi196.57 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-084-AnimeDown.avi205.66 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-085-AnimeDown.avi196.32 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-086-AnimeDown.avi196.35 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-087-AnimeDown.avi196.34 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-088-AnimeDown.avi196.34 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-089-AnimeDown.avi196.34 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-090-AnimeDown.avi197.07 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-091-AnimeDown.avi194.11 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-092-AnimeDown.avi207.85 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-093-AnimeDown.avi196.51 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-094-AnimeDown.avi196.4 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-095_096-AnimeDown.avi210.43 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-097-AnimeDown.avi203.76 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-098-AnimeDown.avi196.4 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-099-AnimeDown.avi196.88 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-100-AnimeDown.avi194.66 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-101-ami.avi143.56 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-102.avi173.83 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-103.avi173.74 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-104.avi171.32 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-105.avi171.26 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-106.avi171.37 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-107.avi184.07 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-108.avi174.21 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-109.avi174.47 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-110-111.avi395.04 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-112.avi179.24 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-113-AnimeDown.avi207.19 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-114.avi173.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-115-DrJackal.avi171.44 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-116_117-DrJackal.avi335.8 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-118-DrJackal.avi171.06 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-119-DrJackal.avi170.8 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-120-DrJackal.avi172.9 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-121-DrJackal.avi173.35 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-122-DrJackal.avi171.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-123-DrJackal.avi171.87 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-124.avi173.86 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-125-Anime Down.avi195.85 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-126-ami.avi156.33 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-127-128-ami.avi233.38 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-129-ami.avi116.84 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-130-ami.avi116.95 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-131-ami.avi106.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-132-sayig.avi142.84 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-133-ami.avi146.28 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-134-ami.avi133.21 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-135-Sayig.avi100.98 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-136-Sayig.avi118.18 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-137-Sayig.avi118.43 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-138-Sayig.avi110.8 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-139-Sayig.avi108.56 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-140-Sayig.avi123.27 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-141.avi175.12 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-142-Sayig.avi20.52 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-143-Sayig.avi183.39 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-144-Sayig.avi182.89 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-145-Anime Down.avi170.25 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-146.avi170.34 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-147_148.avi321.7 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-149-Naz.avi172.99 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-150-Naz.avi170.67 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-151-Naz.avi124.27 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-152-Naz.avi129.67 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-153-Naz.avi105.36 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-154-Naz.avi100.39 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-155-Naz.avi119.99 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-156-Naz.avi124.12 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-157-Naz.avi119.05 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-158-Naz.avi119.01 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-159-Naz.avi111.09 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-160-Naz.avi125.36 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-161-Naz.avi139.58 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-162-Naz.avi106.84 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-163-Naz.avi105.52 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-164-Naz.avi176.35 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-165-Naz.avi113.46 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-166_167-Naz.avi232.51 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-168-Naz.avi138.49 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-169-Naz.avi156.2 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-170-Naz.avi113.5 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-171-Naz.avi109.82 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-172-Naz.avi153.9 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-173-Naz.avi154.4 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-174-Naz.avi139.74 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-175-Naz.avi169.7 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-176-Naz.avi165.92 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-177-Naz.avi149.94 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-178-Naz.avi149.43 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-179-Naz.avi145.84 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-180-Naz.avi146.06 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-181-Naz.avi148.1 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-182-Naz.avi139.08 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-183-Naz.avi145.85 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-184-Naz-v2.avi151.3 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-185-Naz.avi151.6 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-186-Naz.avi135.38 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-187-Naz.avi140.75 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-188-Naz.avi140.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-189-Naz.avi141.88 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-190-Naz.avi140.91 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-191-Naz.avi140.9 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-192-Naz.avi147.48 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-193-Naz.avi142.86 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-194-Naz.avi140.73 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-195-Naz.avi147.17 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-196-Naz.avi148.28 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-197-Naz.avi140.74 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-198-Naz.avi140.8 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-199-Naz.avi140.82 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-200-Naz.avi140.8 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-201-Naz.avi140.85 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-202-Naz.avi140.75 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-203-204-205-Naz.avi370.02 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-206-Naz.avi140.84 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-207-Naz.avi140.85 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-208-Naz-Dos-Mode.avi142.82 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-209-Naz.avi140.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-210-Naz.avi140.79 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-211-Naz.avi145.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-212-Naz.avi131.03 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-213-Naz.avi140.81 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-214_215-Naz.avi279.6 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-216-Naz.avi145.82 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-217-Naz.avi170.89 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-218-Naz.avi170.97 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-219-Naz.avi170.93 MiB
Naruto/Naruto-220-Naz.avi170.92 MiB
Ova/Mohamed A Uploader.URL0 MiB
Ova/Naruto-Ova1-Lady_Oscar.avi74.74 MiB
Ova/Naruto-Ova2-ami.avi151.41 MiB
Ova/Naruto-Ova3-Naz.avi163.56 MiB
Ova/Naruto-Ova4-Naruto Kun.avi43.16 MiB
Shippuuden/Mohamed A Uploader.URL0 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_001-002-Naz_updated.avi301.66 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_03-Naz.avi148.52 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_04-Naz.avi160.88 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_05-Naz.avi170.91 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_06_07-Naz.avi276.56 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_08_09-Naz.avi276.54 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_10-Naz.avi150.83 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_11-Naz.avi156.4 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_12-Naz.avi170.94 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_13-Naz.avi170.92 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_14-Naz.avi171.1 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_15-Naz.avi168.29 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_16-Naz.avi156.21 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_17-Naz.avi170.92 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_18-Naz-v2.avi163.41 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_19-Naz.avi172.48 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_20-Naz.avi168.54 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_21-Naz.avi174.93 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_22_23-Naz.avi276.58 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_24-Naz.avi170.93 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_25-Naz.avi170.91 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_26-Naz.avi171.35 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_27-Naz-v2.avi144.7 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_28-Naz-v2.avi188.91 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_29_30-Naz.avi301.68 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_31-Naz.avi160.78 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_32-Naz.avi168.18 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_33-Naz.avi164.01 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_34-Naz.avi157.8 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_35-Naz.avi160.92 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_36_37-Naz.avi268.36 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_38-Naz.avi167.94 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_39-Naz.avi160.94 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_40_41-Naz.avi300.83 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_42-Naz.avi171.02 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_43-Naz.avi172.83 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_44-Naz.avi177.01 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_45-Naz.avi171.33 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_46-Naz.avi175.97 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_47-Naz.avi175.98 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_48-Naz.avi170.91 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_49-ahmedsh.avi141.48 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_50-ahmedsh.avi133.07 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_51-52-Naz_DVJYZ.avi301.74 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_53-Naz_5S8Y2.avi144.72 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_54-ahmedsh.avi154.07 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_55-ahmedsh.avi145.89 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_56-ahmedsh.mp4149.94 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_57_58-ahmedsh.mp4289.89 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_59-ahmedsh.avi241.2 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_60-ahmedsh.mp4170 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_61-Naz_RV6OP.avi190.08 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_62-ahmedsh.mp4170.05 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_63-ahmedsh.mp4169.89 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_64_65-ahmedsh.mp4319.81 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_66-Naz_GHW5T.avi173.81 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_67-ahmedsh.mp4149.5 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_68_69-ahmedsh.mp4299.93 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_70-ahmedsh.avi99.87 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_71-Naz_FGY6P.avi231.65 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_72-ahmedsh.mp4170 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_73-Naz_NO5YK.avi251.25 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_74-Naz_BU1TK.avi251.51 MiB
Shippuuden/Naruto-Shippuuden_75-Naz_JO4WB.avi245.24 MiB
Important Note.txt0 MiB

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User comments:

2010-09-18 at 09:38 UTC
nice.. but i don't see any seeders on it :l
2012-07-28 at 05:47 UTC
شكرا لك ارجو استمرار بالسيد

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[10-20, 16:50] <shaddrag> Artemix, you're not new to NT, you should know the point and no, it isn't sad. Some re-encodes/releases are pointless, but DeadFish's are not.
[10-20, 16:50] <cyatek> they change it to mp4, so tvs and whatnot can play it
[10-20, 16:40] <Artemix> What is the point of distributing subs that other group made?, attention?. Sounds kind of sad.
[10-20, 16:36] <herkz> yes...
[10-20, 16:28] <HerbalNekoTea> So, i saw on twitter the sub of tamako love story was made with google translator ? That why they got removed ?
[10-20, 16:25] <tamako1986> ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
[10-20, 16:19] <shaddrag> They get it from the best subs available at that moment in time, in their opinion.
[10-20, 16:03] <herkz> chyuu, obviously.
[10-20, 16:01] <Artemix> Yeah I mean, the sub quality, if they don't make the sub, then where do they get it from?.
[10-20, 16:00] <HerbalNekoTea> If you have an old toaster or an old dual-core or single core android device, deadfish are the best.
[10-20, 16:00] <giratina2009> deadfish good! mp4 smaller file, and easier to watch on tv compared to soft sub and mkv
[10-20, 15:59] <herkz> that's not saying much
[10-20, 15:55] <Groom> (ʘ_ʘ) ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿(╯°□°)╯
[10-20, 15:53] <shaddrag> Who said they suck? They're the best mp4 re-encoders.
[10-20, 15:52] <sarachikorita> Deadfish doesn't sub anything, they just re-encode for toasters
[10-20, 15:40] <Artemix> Is Deadfish any good?, they subbed Nanatsu.. but.. everyone say that they suck donkey balls.
[10-20, 15:05] <Senzura> 8===========D
[10-20, 14:51] <nitekatt> Tip of the day: Dont eat yellow snow!
[10-20, 14:49] <OneCrazyRussian> >Yellow Comic Sans
[10-20, 14:43] <herkz> ur all fags
[10-20, 14:30] <DJATOM> ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
[10-20, 14:19] <Senzura> Amagi brilliant park is the best show this season.
[10-20, 14:12] <jofs> Yellow Comic Sans. Based as fuck
[10-20, 14:11] <Waifu-Chan> Implying clannad/after story is aids...
[10-20, 14:05] <supernut64> why is everything kyoani does aids
[10-20, 13:52] <OneCrazyRussian> Comic Sans makes everything better. I set up default sub style to use it too
[10-20, 13:51] <OneCrazyRussian> ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
[10-20, 13:24] <Groom> ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
[10-20, 13:10] <paulo27ms> Volnutt, that's not the problem.
[10-20, 12:54] <cyatek> ✈__✈ █ █ ▄
[10-20, 12:52] <Loli Uiharu> ฅ(๑•̀ω•́๑)ฅ
[10-20, 12:43] <Groom> there poster in corner site and it not cool at all ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿'
[10-20, 12:20] <Tysonblast> ilu nt mods
[10-20, 12:18] <Volnutt> Rythix, it's basically using another group's name with shitty translation
[10-20, 11:20] <shaddrag> Ripping
[10-20, 10:35] <ghost_watcher42> you know what i mean. releasing.
[10-20, 09:50] <RinzImpulse> >HS subbing
[10-20, 09:31] <shaddrag> ^^
[10-20, 09:31] <OneCrazyRussian> >HS subbing
[10-20, 08:23] <ghost_watcher42> HS not subbing nanatsu because no simulcast by crunchyroll
[10-20, 08:20] <lolilol> @shaddrag hahahaha thanks for the good laugh
[10-20, 07:37] <shaddrag> HS is already working so hard on fansubbing so many shows guys, cut them some slack it's not easy being the fastest fansubbers.
[10-20, 06:52] <hkBattousai> HS doesn't support it, because HS only releases the most childish shows.
[10-20, 05:03] <xell17> Netflix got the rights for Nanatsu
[10-20, 04:52] <MisterDonut> maybe no simulcast
[10-20, 04:51] <Artemix> I wonder why HS is not subbing it... they sub/distribute? a lot of animes, why not Nanatsu.
[10-20, 04:28] <ZeroAT> yea
[10-20, 04:26] <Adamant> That said, the less drama and angry yelling, the better.
[10-20, 04:20] <Artemix> Chyuu whats taking you so long, we need Nanatsu!.
[10-20, 04:17] <ZeroAT> my bad Adamant :o
[10-20, 03:52] <Adamant> ZeroAT, do note that one person doesn't speak for an entire group
[10-20, 03:26] <WarrFork> They're so bad that it doesn't matter it's not trollsubs.
[10-20, 03:23] <herkz> so the translation staff is just functionally retarded?
[10-20, 03:21] <Rythix> nyaa plz staph deleting FBI's Nanatsu no Taizai releases. I know they are somewhat... meh, but still, they aren't trollsubs.
[10-20, 03:20] <eternia> IRC. How you got anime and manga, one decade ago.
[10-20, 02:48] <Senzura> Well I mean I get finished stuff from animebytes, wondering for on going stuff
[10-20, 02:43] <Stinky Cheez> Actually, I used to get excellent game torrents from specific IRC channels, long before they hit the main trackers. It's sort of a hybrid, bastardized "scene"
[10-20, 02:41] <Stinky Cheez> BakaBT carries a good amount of manga, although it's not their specialty, so...
[10-20, 02:32] <Senzura> speaking of IRC downlaods, is there any good place to get manga besides IRC now that mangatraders is ded
[10-20, 02:11] <Robert Franklin> Expect black bars.
[10-20, 02:05] <deanzel> *Tell that "to" Jennifer Lawrence
[10-20, 02:05] <deanzel> Tell that Jennifer Lawrence.
[10-20, 02:04] <baku16> What can I expect of Terraformars?
[10-20, 01:48] <Denkoko> I guess I better delete my fanfiction I wrote when I was 14 then.
[10-20, 01:43] <SneakiestNEG> I am with you herkz. The internet is free. If you release something it is no longer yours.