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Name:PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2012 -MAYONAKA TV in TOKYO International Forum-Date:2012-09-15, 20:40 UTC
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Title: PERSONA MUSIC LIVE 2012 -MAYONAKA TV in TOKYO International Forum-
Type OST:Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Live Event
Artist:Yumi Kawamura, Shihoko Hirata, Lotus Juice, Shuhei Kita, Shoji Meguro
Number of songs: 29/5
Release Date:11/09/2012


Disc 1
1. Reach Out To The Truth
2. Pursuing My True Self
3. sky’s the limit
4. Your Affection
5. P3 fes
6. key plus words
7. Heartful Cry
8. Burn My Dread
9. When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars
10. Time for True Revelation
11. Mass Destruction
12. Soul Phrase
13. I’ll Face Myself -Battle-
14. Alone in this World
15. Heaven
16. Found Me
17. Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down
18. Beauty of Destiny
19. 全ての人の魂の戦い
20. Time to Make History
21. Best Friends
22. 霧
23. Breakin’ through
24. Deep Breath Deep Breath
25. We Are One and All
26. The Way of Memories -キズナノチカラ-
27. キミの記憶
28. Never More
29. Reach Out To The Truth

Disc 2
1. Reach Out To The Truth
2. key plus words
3. Beauty of Destiny
4. We Are One and All
5. The Way of Memories -キズナノチカラ-


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