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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-29, 13:53] <ehmz1021> try animetorrents?
[12-29, 13:36] <Gypa> Hi. Can somebody tell me where i can get the first 220 episodes of naruto? The most torrents have 1-2 seeds.
[12-29, 13:20] <kingtqi> Golden fin flutter street bird sure can rhyme ww
[12-29, 13:18] <kingtqi> Q~Q
[12-29, 12:41] <hazardous> lol
[12-29, 12:39] <Yuyu> yes
[12-29, 12:36] <kingtqi> I'm a little teapot, Short and stout, Here is my handle, Here is my spout, When I get all steamed up, Hear me shout, Tip me over and pour me out! I'm a clever teapot, Yes, it's true, Here's an example of what I can do, I can turn my handle into a spout, Tip me over and pour me out!
[12-29, 11:57] <shaddrag> And if we took a dump on your doorstep?
[12-29, 11:21] <McKotarn> I'd rather not waste my time fixing someone else's mistakes. If they're too incompetent to do it themselves, they shouldn't have done it. If you take a dump in the park, I won't pick up your turd. Same principle.
[12-29, 11:03] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @McKotarn*
[12-29, 11:02] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @McKotark: Edit it then. If you can't do it yourself then edit it.
[12-29, 10:45] <McKotarn> is anyone else annoyed when the only english subs for a show have obviously been done by someone who cant even speak english properly. completely ruins the flow of the show if the subs are almost in broken english
[12-29, 10:37] <TerrificSubs> Kokoro prank prank
[12-29, 10:22] <shaddrag> Baka-yaro, kono-yaro.
[12-29, 09:28] <Level99Cheater> Also The Boondocks might be considered an anime, it is full of black characters. Technically it's an American-produced cartoon but it's all done in anime style, specifically copying the style of Samurai Champloo.
[12-29, 08:20] <Level99Cheater> Lots of anime have black folk. Bleach does (a Captain who follows Sosuke Aizen), also Steins;Gate (some guy selling stuff on the street), also Eureka Seven... and while Samurai Champloo doesn't have black characters a lot of 'em act like they wanna be black... "B-stylers" they are called, Japanese people who want to be black.
[12-29, 08:18] <streaming> !!!!
[12-29, 08:14] <Abunja> that is subbed by Commie
[12-29, 05:17] <Dago314> A Certain Scientific Railgun S
[12-29, 05:11] <nataku411> You all don't know
[12-29, 05:08] <xell17> Wasn't there a black man in Boku no Pico?
[12-29, 04:38] <sarachikorita> Wasn't there a black woman in Macross too?
[12-29, 03:49] <cyatek> wow mate nsfw warning please my grandma was here now shes all excited
[12-29, 03:45] <penguin-fever> park your ass down and watch amagi brilliant park. it is brilliant
[12-29, 03:40] <supernut64>
[12-29, 02:50] <Tokkan> Really? A especial ;_;
[12-29, 02:50] <cyatek> and next week is a special i think
[12-29, 02:49] <SlackerNReckless> Cool! :D And I forgot to say: I'm not black!
[12-29, 02:49] <Tokkan> ok thanks
[12-29, 02:48] <cyatek> no ep this week
[12-29, 02:48] <Tokkan> Nanatsu no taizan episode dont come today?
[12-29, 02:46] <lotusgg> There's a nigga in darker than black
[12-29, 02:40] <cyatek> chainz and everything
[12-29, 02:40] <cyatek>
[12-29, 02:33] <SlackerNReckless> Yeah... I know there are some blackish characters, but they aren't really black people. Anyway... just I thought I had! ;)
[12-29, 02:29] <SneakiestNEG> Uhm Full metal alchemist? Planetes- well brown anyway. Towards the Terra. And Eureka. That is all I have.
[12-29, 02:25] <SneakiestNEG> America is an outlier. Prior to the 1950s there were no black people in Western countries. Hard to believe now.
[12-29, 02:21] <x265> As a spanish... I think not, more like mexican (Hawlucha, Ludicolo) xD
[12-29, 02:20] <SneakiestNEG> Correct me if I am wrong: but what besides anime actually uses 10 bit encoding? We're all a small persecuted minority ;)
[12-29, 02:19] <Robert Franklin> Is there even spanish in pokemon world?
[12-29, 02:17] <sarachikorita> Brock is Hispanic
[12-29, 02:13] <x265> Does Simon from Durarara! counts? XD, btw, new season incoming :3
[12-29, 02:09] <cyatek> MC from corey in the house also black
[12-29, 01:56] <dilworks> --who
[12-29, 01:53] <dilworks> ...and that Pokeymanz dude which breeds monsters
[12-29, 01:53] <dilworks> butbutbutbut there is Kuro!
[12-29, 01:52] <dilworks> > black people on anime
[12-29, 01:31] <herkz> 24
[12-29, 01:13] <Artemix> Is Nanatsu going to have 20+ episodes or dies at 13?.
[12-29, 01:13] <xell17> no
[12-29, 01:06] <SlackerNReckless> There are people of different nationalities in some animes but hardly black people. I just think it would be interesting. :P
[12-29, 01:03] <SlackerNReckless> This "commieis4niggers" makes me say this: Japanese people are all racists! We don't see black people in animes!
[12-29, 00:49] <paulo27ms> Woah, I got 2 comments on the twitters
[12-28, 23:26] <FedSubs> You speak the truth, shaddrag. We don't want to look like the bastards that let fame get to their heads easily. :)
[12-28, 23:08] <commieis4niggers> iwata is a coding genius
[12-28, 21:48] <[TRVE]> By the time they're done with coding HEVC will start rolling, rendering all this obsolete for the manufacturers.
[12-28, 21:47] <dilworks> Also, for some weirdass reason only known by Iwata, the New 3DS DOES support 10-bit... up to Level 3.2:
[12-28, 21:45] <dilworks> Any of the resident video gurus can tell how bad are things for HW guys? ($10K+ pro geear spec cards need no apply)
[12-28, 21:44] <dilworks> and on PC land... only some vague promise from AMD last year:
[12-28, 21:44] <dilworks> so far, nothing on ARM land (except for some confusing reports from Tegra 3/4, any truth on this?)
[12-28, 21:43] <dilworks> So... I'm trying to do a roundup regarding the (non-)support of 10-bit on hardware this year...
[12-28, 21:41] <[TRVE]> Don't be so gullible. They won't voice them because they are simply too lazy.
[12-28, 21:35] <shaddrag> True, but fame can easily go to one's head, and it takes time and maturity to learn how to deal with it properly. I'm sure Chyuu has plenty thoughts about FedSubs too, but they won't voice it because they've been around long enough to be the "better man". They have their fans, and FedSubs have theirs, it's just interesting to see who can win/lose the most before the end of the season ;D Competition is good, and rivalry is healthy. But yes, they could deal with the "hate" a little better, and they will, given a chance.
[12-28, 21:28] <ZeroAT> I agree, they do have plenty of potential. Probably the only issue I have with them is that they sometimes hate on other sub groups unnecessarly. They just need to calm down a bit when it comes to bashing other subgroups.
[12-28, 21:23] <shaddrag> Well yeah, I was also pretty busy with real life these past two weeks, I'm the reason FedSubs doesn't release the same day anymore xD I love supporting the underdog, and they have lots of potential, which I am working on tapping into.
[12-28, 21:23] <ZeroAT> or that lol :o
[12-28, 21:20] <Yuyu> or they need a week to guess their translation
[12-28, 21:19] <ZeroAT> they didnt necessarly "spend more time editing", they could just be busy with life and take their time with subs...
[12-28, 21:18] <ZeroAT> Oh nvm, I zoomed out a bit on my browser and forgot to change it. :o
[12-28, 21:17] <ZeroAT> It might be browser issues because what is in the screenshot is how I see it on my browser.
[12-28, 21:16] <baka²> no
[12-28, 21:10] <Yuyu> windows 98 ie6 masterrace
[12-28, 21:07] <shaddrag> FedSubs is a relatively new group, subbing a highly popular show that is also done by a trusted, established group. You almost cannot resist comparing, especially when the download counts are not too far off from each other and judging episode 11, many of the lines were very similar, albeit they spent more time editing.
[12-28, 21:04] <shaddrag> What the hell kinda devices are you guys using?
[12-28, 20:59] <paulo27ms> this is how it looks:
[12-28, 20:58] <ZeroAT> @shaddrag quality seems fine for me..
[12-28, 20:56] <paulo27ms> and it's even worst because Chyuu is "more" correct, these fucking guys
[12-28, 20:55] <shaddrag> How does one fuck up the quality of a screenshot?
[12-28, 20:54] <paulo27ms> my fucking sides man "rival group" "ch***'s" that'd be somewhat funny if they weren't serious but I know they are so it's even funnier!
[12-28, 20:53] <ZeroAT> Stop verbally bullying Chyuu and focus on your own subs. ;/
[12-28, 20:48] <ZeroAT> (FBI Subs blog post )
[12-28, 20:48] <ZeroAT>
[12-28, 19:25] <cyatek> omg magical bois aoty
[12-28, 19:18] <haseo> is there going to be d-frag 2nd season or smth ? next Q
[12-28, 19:16] <hazardous> check here and decide based on pv's on youtube. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡■/)っ由
[12-28, 19:13] <shaddrag> Naruto the Movie: The Last? It just came out in cinemas, wait 9 months for DVD/BD release or watch low quality camrips as they leak.
[12-28, 19:13] <MisterDonut> what does it not have?
[12-28, 19:12] <isa1997> the last naruto sub dont have ?
[12-28, 19:11] <shaddrag> Perhaps
[12-28, 18:56] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Why not?
[12-28, 18:56] <atikabubu> /discussion
[12-28, 18:55] <herkz> definitely not
[12-28, 18:50] <atikabubu> depends
[12-28, 18:44] <>>=2> unlikely
[12-28, 18:40] <Yuyu> maybe
[12-28, 18:36] <[TRVE]> No.
[12-28, 18:24] <cyatek> yes
[12-28, 18:22] <Artemix> Anything decent in the new upcoming season?