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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <furzee> This website has been sold to the japanese government, data purging will begin in 24 hours from now. RIP NT.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-01, 03:41] <mouretsu> :( ................... stop it. don't joke like this. i'm going to rip all my lolis i download from nyaa apart. I SWEAR I WILL KILL THEM ALL WITH CAKE AND PEPPER.. and ... and cream!
[08-01, 03:41] <RobbyLob> Az: You mean 'yamete', not 'kimochi', right? Heh.
[08-01, 03:37] <AzTheSpaz> i didn't even know there were so many variations of the word. Mostly because i can only here it grumbled under all the tentacles that are in the mouth of the heroic heroine of every /h/ series. I learned something new today!
[08-01, 03:35] <RobbyLob> xell17: "Ii kimochi" is far more common. What you said isn't incorrect and wouldn't be misunderstand, but I've almost never heard it used.
[08-01, 03:25] <HerbalNekoTea> They cannot takedown my fictionnal pr0n source, i will make mirror and proxy ! ALL HAIL 2D Girlfriend !
[08-01, 03:16] <gravediggernalk> oh noes teh gobabint com te taek ower chinese cartoons!
[08-01, 03:13] <lifebaka> I'm pretty sure he means "kimchi", xell17. It'd make more sense.
[08-01, 03:13] <vampiregirl> the website online, ufffffffff v____v
[08-01, 03:12] <hyoukami> ...
[08-01, 03:09] <MoJo-X> Why the racial slurs, you stinky faggot.
[08-01, 03:08] <solarstorm3> No :(
[08-01, 03:07] <LigerNyan> fireworks where?
[08-01, 03:06] <al12gamer> lel what takedown
[08-01, 03:04] <MoJo-X> Why the racial slurs faggot?
[08-01, 03:04] <herkz> yes
[08-01, 03:03] <xell17> I'm pretty sure it should be "kimochi ii" because kimochi by itself only means feeling.
[08-01, 03:03] <nks> is nt shutting down?
[08-01, 03:03] <nks> wait what?
[08-01, 03:02] <HerbalNekoTea> We could learn from the failed attemps :
[08-01, 03:01] <Koahku> >arguing on MAL
[08-01, 03:01] <AzTheSpaz> Japanese caught me again. Theres this old fat japanese man dressed as Saber, staring at me through my window while touching himself and yelling "Kimochi!"
[08-01, 02:55] <Zatheyll> RIPIP in pieces Nyaa
[08-01, 02:49] <AChannelSideB> -has no lag nor cookie problems-
[08-01, 02:49] <AChannelSideB> Come join the argument
[08-01, 02:43] <stinky> have the moderators programmed the incredible lag and the inability for my computer to connect to nyaa with cookies on? That just started happening? So sure they aren't trying. That and my nightmares!!!
[08-01, 02:43] <Artemix> The trolling is strong with this site.
[08-01, 02:41] <stinky> test
[08-01, 02:39] <stinky> A animated girl floated over my head and coverd me with her skirt. Two spooks came to interrogate me about my anime wathing. The Japanese man beat a woman to death, then as he was escaping I, watching myself from out of my body shot him to death. Nyaa , you gave me nightmares!!!
[08-01, 02:38] <Yompy> Holy shit I go to look at the moon for half an hour and the chat has exploded, why tho?
[08-01, 02:38] <stinky> A animated girl floated over my head and coverd me with her skirt. Two spooks came to interrogate me about my anime wathing. The Japanese man beat a woman to death, then as he was escaping I, watching myself from out of my body shot him to death. Nyaa , you gave me nightmares!!!
[08-01, 02:37] <AChannelSideB> read this
[08-01, 02:37] <igneel_dragneel> i'm fine as long as they don't take away the hentai
[08-01, 02:35] <Kazehaya Kamito> I was only ** years old. I loved nyaa so much, I had all the merchandise and animes. I pray to nyaa every night before bed, thanking him for the life I've been given. "Nyaa is love" I say, "Nyaa is life". The Japanese Government hear me and they call me a ******. I knew they were just jealous of my devotion for nyaa. I called them a ****. They bans him and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying right now and my heart broken. I lay in bed and its really cold..................The Japenese Goverment walk in. Nyaa looks them straight in the eye and says, " Its all nyaa now". Nyaa leaves through my computer. Nyaa is ove, nyaa is life...
[08-01, 02:34] <AChannelSideB> There was no fuck given to the Japanese Government on this day
[08-01, 02:34] <gravediggernalk> inb4 mods take the site down for a couple of hours for shiggles
[08-01, 02:32] <igneel_dragneel> i'm going to thepiratebay, that shit can't die, i'ts like a damn fenix
[08-01, 02:32] <Onii-chan> Wait, what?
[08-01, 02:30] <AzTheSpaz> some people really need to understand the sarcasm in this chat :P. We only need to worry about seppuku squadrons attacking us in our sleep.
[08-01, 02:30] <igneel_dragneel> do you guy remember SOPA, PIPA and ACTA? well, not a single fuck was given that time, we were still watching illegal movies, downloadig music, porn and stuff lile that.... well, it's the same thing but with anime and manga, even if nyaa dies the fansubs will still be working and sharing the content. so don't panic, this japanese goverment shit will only last 5 months
[08-01, 02:29] <AChannelSideB> They are trolling, if they were going to end it they would of ended it. Goto Tokyotosho, they have a 'dont give a shit' banner but its invisible.
[08-01, 02:28] <Alpersin> Not sure if most of u are trolling or this really is the end (chats really need to have a MASSIVE sarcasm sign in them)
[08-01, 02:24] <AChannelSideB> Japanese watch anime for free, they expect us to pay for it? Up yours Japanese.
[08-01, 02:23] <ComboNicko> Guys, it's a joke from the mods...
[08-01, 02:20] <AChannelSideB> On August 1, the government will start simultaneously sending requests to delete illegal anime and manga contents..." Requests? Japan: "Please delete our stuff from your site." Site: "Nope." -end
[08-01, 02:17] <giratina2009> nooooo
[08-01, 02:16] <gravediggernalk>
[08-01, 02:12] <AChannelSideB> Where is this list at btw?
[08-01, 02:11] <ghostmw323> Is this the end of NT?
[08-01, 02:11] <ghostmw323> Is this the end of NT?
[08-01, 02:10] <gravediggernalk> TokyoTosho is on the meaningless list; It's on Page 10
[08-01, 02:05] <AChannelSideB> Its odd this sites on the list but TokyoTosho someway avoided it.
[08-01, 02:05] <ElecXsuzS> it's over ?
[08-01, 01:57] <AChannelSideB> If you are on the website I don't think its dead.
[08-01, 01:56] <al12gamer> wait is NT really dead
[08-01, 01:53] <0x99> RIP NT
[08-01, 01:51] <AChannelSideB> Worlds worst troll is saying the site is shutting down.
[08-01, 01:51] <xell17> > Komm, süßer Tod
[08-01, 01:49] <Koahku> In 15 minutes
[08-01, 01:48] <gravediggernalk> >Not setting the entire site to play "Komm, susser Tod" in the background to make them think it really is going down
[08-01, 01:44] <peturx> when are the 24 hours upp?
[08-01, 01:43] <Kumachi9> I shall go asleep, and when i wake up i shall see nyaa still going around and my torrents still runnin'... Banzai!
[08-01, 01:43] <MoJo-X> When the Ninja Animu Squad starts raiding your weaboo hideouts.
[08-01, 01:43] <ryota_hasegawa> 2014.8.03 Nyaa is Born Again.
[08-01, 01:42] <MoJo-X> You guys want to keep your pirated shit? Go to CVS and get some Jonhson's baby oil and some Scope. You're going to be doing some "bribing".
[08-01, 01:37] <ryota_hasegawa> My address is 2-78-3, Rokkodai, Matsudo-shi, Chiba-ken.
[08-01, 01:34] <herkz> it hasn't been 24 hours yet
[08-01, 01:32] <Abunja> See? NT is still up :3
[08-01, 01:31] <PHP> go get sukebei at all
[08-01, 01:29] <Keigo Kakiguchi> don't you get it?
[08-01, 01:28] <Keigo Kakiguchi> yes
[08-01, 01:28] <Roxazthelight> Hey hey is this REALLY over for NT?
[08-01, 01:24] <Keigo Kakiguchi> thank god it's all over
[08-01, 01:24] <Yompy> The cum war begins
[08-01, 01:22] <Yompy> Lube up and knuckle down, they're tiny, mosaic covered dicks are no match for your mighty man cave
[08-01, 01:20] <AzTheSpaz> japanese ninja police have entered my house and are demanding i hand over all my animu and mango, guys what can i do?
[08-01, 01:16] <Yompy> Well I fucked that up Its habbening
[08-01, 01:15] <Yompy> {It begins}
[08-01, 01:13] <MoJo-X> I thought some buttpirates liked being butt-fucked though?
[08-01, 01:10] <snow.prince> oh sukebei...
[08-01, 01:04] <Yompy> Its confirmed, the Japanese are sending Section Nine commandos to all our houses to buttfuck us for stealing their cartoons
[08-01, 01:03] <Res> oh i would like to see ALL mods to make a final sticky message
[08-01, 01:00] <EzioAltair14> why can't i shake the feeling that bright flashy colors and loud 90s music await us all..
[08-01, 00:57] <Res> oh yeah, Bump!!
[08-01, 00:56] <Muzs_NY> damn. never thought of that method :|... i am sure nyaa will survive and rebuild itself a while later. rip nyaa.. for now.
[08-01, 00:54] <Res> thx koahku
[08-01, 00:52] <Artemix> wtf is Star Citizen?
[08-01, 00:51] <Imouto6969> It all comes tumbling down
[08-01, 00:50] <Koahku> Read this
[08-01, 00:48] <Res> so how do i connect to irc like FFF or vivid's? im new to the irc thing
[08-01, 00:37] <Koahku> in 15 minutes
[08-01, 00:33] <TheCatWalk> so how long till the 24 hour is over? when was that post made sticky?
[08-01, 00:33] <Koahku> It all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down
[08-01, 00:29] <HerbalNekoTea> He said 24h, just wait when it will be 08-02, 00:00
[08-01, 00:25] <ronelm2000> ....
[08-01, 00:24] <aloneguu001> Nothing is happening now. -_-