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Name:[mikudb] Hatsune Miku &+ Vocaloid Discography -All of MikuDB- V2 UPDATE #1 (387 Albums) [MP3]Date:2013-01-21, 22:56 UTC
Stardom:Only 4 fans.File size:40.59 GiB
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Torrent description:

Here's the first update to the Big Torrent of Death V2!
It includes all the albums I shared on MikuDB between the 1st of July 2012 and the 21st of January 2013!
It also includes some re-uploaded albums and some Random Cool Albums.
And all that for a grand total of 387 albums in 40,5G!

Original torrent : #325866

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User comments:

2013-01-22 at 04:45 UTC
what, only 40gb?
2013-01-22 at 06:12 UTC
Extend.. maybe
2013-01-22 at 18:36 UTC
are they new album that dont exist in previous torrent?
2013-01-24 at 07:28 UTC
2013-03-23 at 16:47 UTC
2013-08-25 at 19:31 UTC
error the data is invalid
2013-08-26 at 20:55 UTC
Does each album usually have a lead vocaloid? I want to start dividing them based on which Vocaloid is being used.
2013-11-03 at 20:20 UTC
Why did you put your stupid [mikudb] tag in all the folder names.. Now I will have to batch rename it all so I can't seed it.
2013-11-28 at 02:24 UTC
Whoa thank you! I just downloaded the full torrent and take a look to the folders! The sound is working perfectly!, Now seeding. I also have the 129gb torrent so having this one is excellent! (nice fact: I was searching the "New Sound" album in your first torrent and couldnt find it. Now i finded it in this torrent!) Thank you again!
P.S: Would you eventually upload another torrent incluiding the albums between 21st of January 2013 and a future? That would be perfect!
@ichi Its only in the folders dude... chill.
2014-03-14 at 20:10 UTC
THANK YOU! Thank you for shared vocaloid!

Could you make a new, please??

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