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Name:[Raizel] Inuyasha The Final Act 1-26 [BD_720p_Dual_Audio]Date:2013-02-06, 18:02 UTC
Stardom:Only 3 fans.File size:16.28 GiB
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Title: Inuyasha The Final Act, InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen
Episodes: 26
Duration: 24 mins per episode
Source: Bluray
Censorship: Uncensored
Audio: English/Japanese 2.0
Chaptered: Yes
Subs: Dialogue:Viz/Official, OP/ED/Songs: O-L Fansub

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User comments:

2013-02-07 at 03:33 UTC
2013-02-07 at 06:43 UTC
Thanks, my Inuyasha collection is finally completed!

@eddyjy, you can go to for AHQ encodes or for A-S encodes. I would go with the a-s encodes since the sub isn't seperated from the video.
2013-02-24 at 19:01 UTC
Can't anyone encode a video? 10Bit and there is as much as 275MB between one episode to the next, that is a bit ridiculous.
2013-02-24 at 22:41 UTC
K1ller your obviously dont know wth your talking about.
2013-02-25 at 06:24 UTC
Hi Raizel (D4L) :D

Most of us (Encoders) use CRF instead of 2pass! each episode will have a different file size depending on the episode itself. For example, a episode with STILL scenes will most likely have a smaller file size compared to the one with lots of fast ACTION scenes. and 10bit compresses better than 8bit but 10bot can only be viewed on a PC.
2013-02-25 at 06:51 UTC
Cornbreadman what does (D4L) Mean? Got me lost there

probably encodes using 2pass with set bitrate its probably strange for him to see a 400MB episode then a 700MB episode after.
2013-02-25 at 07:22 UTC
My friend thinks you're "Daman4Life" from KAT using a new name!?
2013-02-25 at 21:28 UTC
Yeah, whats the point of having episodes so far out of wack, that's why the scene doesn't use constant rate factor encoding. So I would tread lightly while flinging that word "(Encoders)" around. To me it just seams odd and annoying to have file sizes that for out of wack. Obviously bitrate calculators were not made for you "professionals" of encoding, just for nobs that don't know to use them anyways. :p
I'm not saying 10 bit encoding is bad, it just brings all the complaints that others with crappy computers or hardware players that can't play them bring. CRF encoding is just annoying especially with series compared to movies as file sizes are all over the place and you have no control over anything.
2013-02-26 at 01:39 UTC
Cornbreadman, i added 2 of my encodes to KAT because someone told me its pretty good, but 2 of the torrents i uploaded got taken down by Viz/Funimation/Sentai in the last week. So KAT sucks.
2013-02-26 at 01:55 UTC
I see... I thought it was a uploading error with their website or something, but I guess I was wrong... so yea, they suck now! :P
2013-07-11 at 03:22 UTC
As for CRF vs 2pass, with CRF, you're guessing filesize, with 2pass, you're guessing quality. I prefer guessing filesize vs. guessing quality, but that's pretty much up to you. With the correct bitrate, there is not much difference in quality between the two, but it's hard to get it right for 2pass imo.

Who the hell is translating the OP/ED? I'm not a native Japanese speaker, and I clearly see mistakes in the translations.

mamorubeki mono nante nayamu made mo naku hitotsu shika nakatta
The things one must protect, it doesn't even warrant worrying, when there wasn't anything but one thing [to protect]

sakebigoe no kodama munashiku hibiita
The echo of my screams vainly resounded (For this one, the translation was okay, but this is more literally what was said)

namida no ko"r"aerareta riyuu wa

kimi ga inai mirai imi nado nai mirai
A future without you [is] a future without meaning and the like/so forth
(This blatantly screamed "WRONG!"
You don't have a future would be "Kimi wa mirai ga nai"
Literally, "kimi ga inai mirai" = "future which/that you do not exist")

kimi to nozomu sekai
The world I wished with you (The to means with, if it was ga/no your translation would be correct)

kata wo daku sae sunao ni wa dekinakute
[Even] the way you embrace me, I honestly can't do it (Well your translation isn't wrong, mine's just more literal)

yoake no mukou ni donna mirai ga attemo shinjiru koto de shika kaeraenai
No matter what future there is beyond daybreak, we can only change things with what we believe in (First of all, there's a "de" there. "de" means "with." The object particle is removed when you use shika. Second, shika + negative verb = dake (only) + positive verb, just stronger meaning/implication.)

futari de sagashiateta shunkan kitto
surely [were found in] the instant we searched together

kowashite oikakete kirihiraita ano sora de
In that sky that we broke, chased, and cleared away
2013-07-17 at 04:13 UTC
I've fixed the subtitles if anyone wants them. You'll either have to remux the mkv files (This replaces track 4 of the mkv (there are 5 tracks in each mkv: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4)) or load the subtitle file when you play the video.

I was planning to replace the Romaji with the actual Japanese, but I'll save that for a later date as replacing it just doesn't look as good. I'll probably have to position it under the Romaji.
2013-07-18 at 19:14 UTC
yithar is pretty cool that you went through the trouble of fixing a FAnsub groups OP/ED mistakes,
Since i cant read Japanese i really wasnt able to do anything about it.
2013-12-15 at 11:56 UTC
Thanks Raizel
2014-02-03 at 23:23 UTC
So this version is better than WN-Anime or Daman (incomplete)?? Seeing how this is 10bit, it certainly will have better video quality.
2014-03-23 at 03:33 UTC
Why 96000 Hz audio?
2014-04-03 at 15:35 UTC
seed please
2014-04-06 at 10:27 UTC
Hi all, Can anyone help me??? can you upload Inuyasha movie 2 Blu ray?? Thanks :-)
2014-04-09 at 02:41 UTC
seed please..... :-(
2014-04-16 at 15:20 UTC
sedd please!!!!!
2014-04-16 at 15:20 UTC
seed please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-04-17 at 11:08 UTC
SEED please!!! why no one seed it??
2014-04-17 at 11:13 UTC
WTF!!!!! no one seed

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