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Name:[PSP] ソードアート・オンライン -インフィニティ・モーメント- (Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment)Date:2013-03-14, 23:27 UTC
Stardom:11 fans.File size:1.04 GiB
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2013-03-14 at 23:40 UTC
Is the real psp iso?
2013-03-14 at 23:41 UTC
2013-03-14 at 23:41 UTC
I believe this is the real.
2013-03-14 at 23:45 UTC
I pray it's the real.
2013-03-15 at 00:55 UTC
damn it download now, LINK START
2013-03-15 at 01:23 UTC
yep it's the real thing. I'll be seeding for a few days
2013-03-15 at 01:55 UTC
Thankz Bro
2013-03-15 at 03:20 UTC
This game is good but can we hope for an English translation (official or fan-made)?
2013-03-15 at 03:21 UTC
Thank you!)
2013-03-15 at 03:45 UTC
it's fake file iso
2013-03-15 at 03:48 UTC
thank you!
2013-03-15 at 05:21 UTC
It's legit.
2013-03-15 at 07:49 UTC
Working on 6.60.What is the point in the rar archive? .cso 1086892203 bytes=1036,54MB. Even smaller than this and can be played directly.
2013-03-15 at 10:44 UTC
They should just use zip instead of rar.
2013-03-15 at 17:27 UTC
Leeeeeeecherrrrr PLEASE !
2013-03-15 at 18:41 UTC
Ty for the game ;), but seed plz, :D
2013-03-15 at 18:59 UTC
2013-03-16 at 08:51 UTC
Thank you!And a picture is erotic.
2013-03-16 at 18:08 UTC
Is it normal that the skills are in jap, i saw a trailer with english (names, skills, items).
2013-03-17 at 09:51 UTC
has anyone successfully gotten this running yet? im having problems running it on my PC hope to see an English patch soon also
2013-03-17 at 09:59 UTC
can i play it using psp emulator?
2013-03-17 at 09:59 UTC
what is the best emulator for this?
2013-03-17 at 20:40 UTC
With the JCPSP emulator, it didn''t work for me cuz I don't have a recent graphic card.
2013-03-20 at 02:42 UTC
Just buy a psp... It might cost you 30-40$ and install remotejoylite to play on your pc with it. Emulators on pc are just crap. Btw epic game over 15 hours of gameplay atm and the game is actually pretty easy to understand.
2013-03-22 at 10:27 UTC
which firmware does this works on? My PSP is currently 5.50 Prometheus,yea,didn't update for very long
2013-03-23 at 08:30 UTC
lol i'd like to find a psp that's $30-40. They mostly range at $50-60 <_<
2013-03-25 at 13:32 UTC
PSP's here are around €80-90
2013-03-27 at 04:39 UTC
So... is it partially translated or not?? :3
2013-03-31 at 05:18 UTC
AHAHAHAH Why am I downloading this... ;_;
2013-04-03 at 11:05 UTC
I'll never regret playing this...
2013-04-08 at 03:33 UTC
So anyone have an idea on the progress of the english patch? According to a youtube video it's about 60 -70% done
2013-04-08 at 03:34 UTC
PS: that's not recent
2013-04-14 at 07:08 UTC
@JDMxAddicted, I think that video links you to either a fake/virus-laden link. I personally tried that video's linked download that states 60-70% done, sketchy.
2013-04-18 at 15:01 UTC
gahh...this is awesome been waiting for this ^_^
2013-05-14 at 04:37 UTC
how to upgrade my psp?
2013-05-28 at 20:41 UTC
Hey do u know whats wrong if u enter the game and it kicks u back out again saying:
the game could not be stared
help i wanna play this soo bad!!
2013-07-29 at 05:05 UTC
2013-08-26 at 22:41 UTC
This should help most of you who are having problems getting it to run on the hardware (psp, rather than an emu)

Let's start with out.01, you can upgrade your psps by downloading the latest firmware for it, I'm certain that if you google "PSP X latest firmware" referring to the model of PSP you have, then you'll be able to. To upgrade it, follow the instructions on the site on how to install it, once it has installed, google "gbatemp" which is a homebrew/modding site with the latest custom firmware, which is needed to run pirated/ not your region games.

flamedemon, you get that error from not having custom firmware installed, or from not running the crack. In the case of the latest firmware (6.60) then you need to run the crack everytime you turn your PSP on.

Sorry, this is only a rough guide, but it should help a few people get it up and running, if anyone has any problems, I'll do my best to help them fix them. Also, if a more in-depth guide is needed, let me know, I'll be checking this on a regular basis.
2014-08-18 at 06:26 UTC
AHH I have no idea how to work this, I've just finished downloading it, extracted (am I supposed to?) using 7Zip, and then moved it onto PSP>GAME section on my psp and I have 660_PRO-B10 and 660_FastRecovery but I just ran through 660_FastRecovery. But then it still showed that the game was corrupted data and I couldn't get into it

QAQ I don't get this I'm sorry I'm just new to it all please help! (hopefully someone will reply to this)
2014-08-18 at 06:34 UTC
^I also ran through the 660_PRO-B10 but it still couldn't show it

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[12-17, 20:41] <[TRVE]> That's what you get with a limited budget. Want good CGI? Go watch game cutscenes, those had much more money pumped into.
[12-17, 20:28] <xell17> Okay, just rewatched the first Sidonia scene and it still looks as juddery as I remember it. The mech stops every second frame mid-air and it looks like a game with fps problems.
[12-17, 20:21] <etatoby> it's like diving into the anime world ^__^
[12-17, 20:21] <etatoby> the Baby Princess ova is a 2D anime, with every item in the scene placed into 3D space. It looks awesome
[12-17, 20:19] <etatoby> I was referring to stereoscopic 3D, or 3DTV
[12-17, 20:19] <etatoby> actually I hate 3D CGI in anime as well, with a few exceptions (GitS)
[12-17, 20:19] <HarmfulMushroom> Can't wait for the Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo OVA to air
[12-17, 19:50] <xell17> Yeah. so I heard. I was planning to give it another chance when the BDs out.
[12-17, 19:47] <nataku411> It took a while to get used to the CGI characters, but I thought the mech animations were really cool. Animation aside, Knights of Sidonia was really interesting
[12-17, 19:45] <xell17> They still seem not to get it that cgi animation will look juddery as fuck if you only animate every 4th frame.
[12-17, 19:43] <xell17> Really? I saw the first couple minutes of the first episode and turned it off because it looked like ass.
[12-17, 19:42] <nataku411> Knights of Sidonia had some great 3D CGI
[12-17, 18:55] <JacobSwaggedUp> I wonder if anyone is going to upload the new ikkitousen blu-rays for season 2 and seasons 3
[12-17, 18:46] <etatoby> does anybody know of other 3D series like that?
[12-17, 18:46] <etatoby> it's really nice how they did a 2D anime with 3D depth in that ova
[12-17, 18:45] <etatoby> A big THANK YOU to its uploader and seeder
[12-17, 18:44] <etatoby> After looking everywhere, finally I found it here! The 3D version of Baby Princess 3D Paradise Love
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[12-17, 18:19] <Dat Size> Oh... ;_;
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[12-17, 17:38] <ultimatum177> any mod here ?? plz i need help i have uploaded the torrent without being logged in and i dint get nyaa tracker in it.. so i need to delete it and upload it again so that i can get help with nyaa
[12-17, 17:19] <5H4D0W> DALII BD 720p anyone know if eng subs exists?
[12-17, 14:26] <(⌐■_■)> MM! has no season 2!! ≡/( .-.)\ ︵╰(«○»益«○»)╯︵ /(.□. /)̨
[12-17, 12:51] <fenris_6> oh wait, it says it's not on sale yet. *facepaw* well sorry for bothering you all.
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[12-17, 11:48] <ravenleaf182> then again, I am using Saw as viable therapy so...yeah. there went that argument.
[12-17, 11:47] <ravenleaf182> actually they went into a lot of detail how he had to alter the coffin and do stuff to make sure she wouldn't suffocate and so that she could break out :P its basically the "Saw" treatment. Its difficult, but not impossible, she had a way out but she had to work for it and want it
[12-17, 11:43] <[TRVE]> The Spanish festival has a different theme, of course, but still it is a good, non-harmful way to cope with such experiences.
[12-17, 11:42] <[TRVE]> If approached and done correctly. This is a somewhat good approach, Grisaia's is not. It is very likely the victim is just scared shitless and simply suffocates. Well done, MC-kun.
[12-17, 11:37] <ravenleaf182> you say that sarcastically, but there is a lot of therapy in that solution.
[12-17, 11:18] <[TRVE]> Yes, the epic story where burying someone alive is perfect therapy.
[12-17, 11:13] <ravenleaf182> Grisia has a lot more going for it than the H scenes, at least in the visual novel. Honestly, the H scenes were terrible, but the story is pretty epic
[12-17, 10:12] <n0xiety> ok it seems d-gray man only released in 704p. And i just watched a 704p part of and it was pretty close to 720p. Atleast it was way better than 480p but it seems i can't find it anywhere. No wonder i remember it better looking. The channel it aired must have used 704p version.
[12-17, 09:50] <shaddrag> Read the comments on the DF torrent.
[12-17, 09:40] <n0xiety> Is there any better version of d.gray man than 480p? I remember watching a couple of episodes while it was still airing with bigscreen TV and it wasn't this bad.
[12-17, 09:08] <ryuzaki256> heya...
[12-17, 08:58] <hazardous> D.Gray-man returns in 2015 or just a false rumor?
[12-17, 08:58] <[TRVE]> Yeah, they better not remove the only thing that made their product sell.
[12-17, 08:43] <hazardous> (¬ ‿ ⌐)
[12-17, 08:18] <Abunja> Yosuga no Sora best H scenes (¬‿¬)
[12-17, 07:43] <ravenleaf182> and I'll be ticked if they remove all the H content. the H scenes weren't really all that good, actually they were really mediocre, but still.
[12-17, 07:37] <ravenleaf182> I'm just going to leave this here:
[12-17, 07:36] <Mayobe> How come the evil ninja girl was a foot shorter after Arata grabbed her boobs...
[12-17, 07:10] <n0xiety> 00 all the way mate
[12-17, 07:10] <n0xiety> SeedSucksIt dat scream in the background
[12-17, 07:03] <shaddrag> Just get the DF one.
[12-17, 06:41] <dannyngxp> D. Gray-Man no seeders stuck at 79.4%
[12-17, 05:51] <SeedSucksIt>
[12-17, 05:35] <Mkilbride> Dragonball DNBL torrent broken
[12-17, 03:21] <Bulu_indah> @kanbaru @Krudda I'm sure a significant number of SoL anime and manga that depict anime and manga as being something of shame/not in majority favor.
[12-17, 03:21] <Abunja> vv behind his glasses ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>⌐■-■
[12-17, 02:52] <(⌐■_■)> `just watched buzzer beat one scene really made me o(╥﹏╥)o *sniff
[12-17, 01:15] <Krudda> weaboo crushing news!
[12-17, 01:10] <kanbaru> exports*
[12-17, 01:09] <kanbaru> New Flash: Anime is not even that big in Japan. They have many imports other than animation.
[12-17, 00:42] <mtndew> Is Japanese Santa Claus real?
[12-16, 23:50] <SneakiestNEG> Thing is Japan is not even TRYING to sell anime here. Their loss.
[12-16, 23:47] <SneakiestNEG> Honeypot? It is still better than CR. Besides good luck catching me! Wait why is this candle flickering maybe the wind *shinobi*
[12-16, 23:45] <NoobSubs> Shooting myself in the head with a real gun would hurt though. I want Persona gun.
[12-16, 22:59] <vivan> NoobSubs, yeah, time to get real gun
[12-16, 22:54] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @MisterDonut: Ponderings are awesome.
[12-16, 22:53] <NoobSubs> I just finished watching PERSONA3 and now I feel like putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger. Am I normal?
[12-16, 18:00] <xell17> davido-kun is my role model.
[12-16, 17:58] <Artemix> A study shows that piracy actually improve sells instead of the opposite.
[12-16, 17:53] <Shunbin> davido-kun ?
[12-16, 17:37] <ignitionguez> the japanese gov should be thankful to nyaa, cause their animation product became popular :) and its prop sold out everywhere
[12-16, 17:36] <shaddrag> herkz is a weaboo
[12-16, 17:33] <paulo27ms> herkz wishes he was japanese like all the cool dudes
[12-16, 17:05] <Bulu_indah> @herkz real?
[12-16, 16:54] <MisterDonut> honeypot
[12-16, 16:36] <herkz> this site has been controlled by the japanese government for months
[12-16, 16:10] <haseo> by Santa Claus
[12-16, 16:09] <Waifu-Chan> yes
[12-16, 15:59] <Bulu_indah> Though this is a week late, but is Nyaa gonna get raided by the swedish police?
[12-16, 15:27] <lotusgg> dis shitto agen
[12-16, 15:14] <dngnta> it's the chatpocalypse
[12-16, 13:22] <hazardous> ( ͡3 ͜ʖ ͡3)
[12-16, 12:37] <Liveloulis> ???
[12-16, 10:01] <Abunja> 'coz the title is too long, of course.
[12-16, 09:50] <OneCrazyRussian> OH NOES, CHAT HAS BEEN WIPED, NOW POST LIONS, FAST! >:3
[12-16, 09:45] <n0xiety> its misleading when noone uses the official title and go for one of the synonyms
[12-16, 09:43] <n0xiety> ahh ty
[12-16, 09:40] <Abunja> or rather, ano hana
[12-16, 09:39] <Abunja> look for anohana, noxiety
[12-16, 09:35] <n0xiety> Am i doing something wrong with the search?
[12-16, 09:34] <n0xiety> Hmm i just found out about Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai anime from myanimelist and seems its at 37th place. Tho i cant find 11 episode series anywhere. Only the sequel movie. Am i do
[12-16, 09:28] <kotuwa> ?