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Name:Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero 1-2 Dual Audio 1080pDate:2013-10-22, 20:43 UTC
Stardom:6 fans.File size:2.32 GiB
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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero 3-13 Dub 12/03/13

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2013-10-22 at 20:56 UTC
2013-10-22 at 20:58 UTC
I loved this anime it is 1 of the first anime that i have seen with OP and Dominant main character that does not get kicked around even by the girl main characters of the anime and he is smart too. He is like the perfect main character too me.
2013-10-22 at 21:03 UTC
Normally want you have Ecchi anime like this the guy is a fool and always get beat up by the girls
Lupin the Nerd
2013-10-23 at 01:42 UTC
Bad dubbing.
2013-10-23 at 02:29 UTC
i hope hope very much they will complete the series, it was left hanging and really deserves more episodes. It is great.
2013-10-23 at 07:23 UTC
2013-10-23 at 08:10 UTC
We finally have an anime where the main guy is not a dumb wimp. Now we need an anime with that kind of main guy that is actually good.
2013-12-01 at 23:59 UTC
Thanks for the first two episodes :) ... also... what does it mean when the torrent page is red?
2013-12-03 at 20:07 UTC
@Universalx ~ Red=Remake. One or more sources are from other uploaders...aka he took the video from another torrent and combined with audio that he ripped.

@Randy Thanks for episodes 1+2 looking forward to the rest.
2013-12-03 at 23:20 UTC
Anyone else getting playback issues? The episodes have choppy video and are unwatchable. Im using VLC and I have no problem playing any other series I have in 1080p.
2013-12-03 at 23:28 UTC
Yeah sorry I just had to update VLC/Restart my computer the episodes run fine now : )

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