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RADWIMPS/03 - 心臓.mp38.66 MiB
RADWIMPS/04 - もしも「みんな一緒に」バージョン .mp37.74 MiB
RADWIMPS/07 - 青い春.mp35.64 MiB
RADWIMPS/08 - 「ぼく」と「僕」 .mp34.04 MiB
RADWIMPS/10 - 嫌ん.mp38.17 MiB
RADWIMPS/12 - 愛へ.mp36.86 MiB
RADWIMPS/01 - 人生 出会い.mp37.83 MiB
RADWIMPS/02 - 自暴自棄自己中心的(思春期)自己依存症の少年 .mp36.35 MiB
RADWIMPS/05 - さみしい僕.mp35.96 MiB
RADWIMPS/06 - コンドーム.mp36.73 MiB
RADWIMPS/09 - あいまい .mp34.09 MiB
RADWIMPS/11 - 「ずっと大好きだよ」「ほんと?・・・」.mp39.22 MiB
RADWIMPS/13 - あいラブユー .mp34.16 MiB
25コ目の染色体/01 - 25コ目の染色体.mp37.35 MiB
25コ目の染色体/02 - アンチクローン.mp34.54 MiB
イーディーピー~飛んで火に入る夏の君~/01 - イーディーピー~飛んで火に入る夏の君~.mp33.81 MiB
イーディーピー~飛んで火に入る夏の君~/02 - ささくれ.mp36.82 MiB
ふたりごと/01 - ふたりごと.mp35.94 MiB
ふたりごと/02 - ラバボー.mp37.84 MiB
へっくしゅん_愛し/01 - へっくしゅん.mp35.11 MiB
へっくしゅん_愛し/02 - 愛し(かなし).mp38.96 MiB
祈跡/01 - 祈跡.mp311.09 MiB
祈跡/02 - 僕チン.mp36.87 MiB
祈跡/03 - 何十年後に「君」と出会っていなかったアナタに向けた歌.mp38.84 MiB
祈跡/04 - そこにある.mp35.3 MiB
もしも/01 - もしも.mp313.04 MiB
もしも/02 - 「ぼく」と「僕」.mp36.75 MiB
もしも/03 - おっぱい.mp36.86 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/01 - 愛し(かなし)~明るく明け~.mp32.17 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/02 - なんちって.mp34.58 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/03 - そりゃ君が好きだから.mp34.53 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/04 - 夢見月に何想ふ.mp37.04 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/05 - ノットビコーズ.mp35.54 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/06 - 愛し(かなし) イントロ サビ.mp39.02 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/07 - うぃんぷす学園休み時間.mp31.34 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/08 - ヒキコモリロリン.mp36.54 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/09 - 着席.mp30.21 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/10 - 俺色スカイ.mp35.89 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/11 - 音の葉.mp35.6 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/12 - 祈跡 -in album version-.mp312.43 MiB
RADWIMPS 2 ~発展途上~/13 - ララバイ.mp33.89 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/01 - 4645.mp33.72 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/02 - セプテンバーさん.mp37.04 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/03 - イーディーピー~飛んで火に入る夏の君~.mp34.1 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/04 - 閉じた光.mp36.14 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/05 - 25コ目の染色体.mp37.25 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/06 - 揶揄.mp35.02 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/07 - 螢.mp35.92 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/08 - おとぎ.mp34.78 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/09 - 最大公約数.mp36.28 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/10 - へっくしゅん.mp34.95 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/11 - トレモロ.mp34.62 MiB
RADWIMPS 3 ~無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚~/12 - 最後の歌.mp38.85 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/01 - ふたりごと 一生に一度のワープver..mp36.6 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/02 - ギミギミック.mp33.65 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/03 - 05410-(ん).mp34.36 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/04 - me me she.mp36.45 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/05 - 有心論.mp35.75 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/06 - 遠恋.mp36.45 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/07 - セツナレンサ.mp34.64 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/08 - いいんですか_.mp35.68 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/09 - 指きりげんまん.mp35.61 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/10 - 傘拍手.mp35.56 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/11 - ます。.mp33.11 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/12 - 夢番地.mp36.9 MiB
RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~/13 - バグッバイ.mp312.11 MiB
セツナレンサ/01 - セツナレンサ.mp34.7 MiB
セツナレンサ/02 - バイ・マイ・サイ.mp36.48 MiB
有心論/01 - 有心論.mp35.79 MiB
有心論/02 - ジェニファー山田さん.mp35.06 MiB

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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-21, 14:06] <vybe> ah so many series ending...
[09-21, 14:03] <nitekatt> 1.8.2 does everything and is only a 250Kb program.
[09-21, 12:49] <Endymion> "uTorrent became shit not so long ago" it became shit after original developer sold it. and it was long ago.
[09-21, 11:58] <vybe> pls upload spice wolf vol 1 and 2 scanlated..
[09-21, 11:49] <kurobaxkaito> anybody have the manga 最底辺の男? Looking for a raw version
[09-21, 11:10] <[TRVE]> Wasn't Tixati a Chinese client meant for ratio cheating?
[09-21, 10:48] <RTM> 2green4green
[09-21, 10:26] <Kips> theres too much green fuck off
[09-21, 10:26] <Kips> >trying to greentext when you have a green name
[09-21, 10:14] <sarachikorita> >uT older than 1.6.1
[09-21, 10:14] <sarachikorita> >uT newer than 1.6.1
[09-21, 09:38] <MoJo-X> I think I might give Tixati a try some other time.
[09-21, 08:11] <LateralusManga> BTW, uTorrent became shit not so long ago. That's why I use Tixati.
[09-21, 08:05] <LateralusManga> ()blivion, congratulations, you end up discovering the warm water.
[09-21, 08:04] <haseo> @Reijssss Maybe worth trying uT 2.2.1 or Vuze
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> 3rdPGray> "... see any sign of the two of them surviving that ..." <--- this is more or less a spoiler, you know.
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> Also...
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> I highly recommend changing if you are still using it.
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> As a PC tech, and long time user of uTorrent, I can authoritatively inform all that it is fully garbage.
[09-21, 06:41] <[TRVE]> You're Under Arrest season 2.
[09-21, 06:25] <MantasB> CaeX, bad DEEN anime? pupa
[09-21, 05:44] <Abunja> e.g. font size too big or bright colors.
[09-21, 05:43] <Abunja> Yes, though, it will be deleted if it's too obstructive.
[09-21, 05:30] <Nazomon> does the bbcode thing work in the comments section??
[09-21, 05:20] <skeii> can i ask for seed on #403191 ? need 5% to complete it :(
[09-21, 05:13] <Reijssss> i download where the seeds are many. my connection is okay. utorrent is the one i have problem with.
[09-21, 05:02] <aceCaptainSlow> hi
[09-21, 04:49] <3rdPGray> if your download is slow that means the seeds is low. If the seed ain't low then it's your connection that's blow. :p
[09-21, 04:45] <Reijssss> why are my downloads so slow???
[09-21, 04:45] <Reijssss> why are my downloads so slow???
[09-21, 04:33] <3rdPGray> sux ain't it? I actually keep replaying to see any sign of the two of them surviving that.. but sadly, I don't see em.
[09-21, 04:15] <jangab> ALDNOAH ZERO WHY!!!! that ending...
[09-21, 03:44] <paulo27ms> Ars Nova is getting a recap movie and then a sequel movie. You just have to keep your eyes open. Creating a feed to MAL's news or something helps, ANN and others are better but they report more.
[09-21, 03:36] <Robert Franklin> Has Inaho got his autism bux yet?
[09-21, 03:09] <C0mput3r> Hi
[09-21, 02:21] <Artemix> I meant, for example, a second season of Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
[09-21, 02:04] <Stinky Cheez> *has not
[09-21, 02:03] <Stinky Cheez> AS for shit Studio Deen series, I have two words for you: "Dragon Crisis!" *spits* They have good stuff too, mind you, but pProtip: Don't try to pretend that every damn animation house (including Ghibli) has made some stinkers.
[09-21, 02:01] <Stinky Cheez> What, the Bible tells me what the Chandrasekhar limit is..?! Who knew?
[09-21, 00:06] <Abunja> A remake, perhaps.
[09-21, 00:05] <kandenshi> hi
[09-20, 23:37] <[TRVE]> Google. Sometimes ANN. Also, what do you mean by "come back to life"?
[09-20, 23:37] <NoobSubs> The bible has all of your answers.
[09-20, 23:32] <Artemix> If I want to know if certain anime is going to comeback to life, where should I look? (other than just google)
[09-20, 23:06] <walid> br?
[09-20, 22:40] <ShadowPvP> gr8 sao episode
[09-20, 22:31] <haseo> Gundam G Reconguista is another interesting anime that airs this Q4
[09-20, 22:29] <anon585> guess I have nothing to worry about, then.
[09-20, 22:24] <herkz> why would you want that
[09-20, 22:15] <crf> anyone have bs11 transport streams for aldnoah zero?
[09-20, 22:12] <haseo> @3rdPGray totally agree with you
[09-20, 22:05] <OneCrazyRussian> Because they never made anything, ofc
[09-20, 22:03] <3rdPGray> NoobSubs: I love aldnoah zero. it's Urubochi and his twisted taste that I hate. :/
[09-20, 21:51] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> protip: you cant
[09-20, 21:51] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> think of one bad anime deen has ever made
[09-20, 21:44] <anon585> so deen is good?
[09-20, 21:41] <NoobSubs> I get not liking a show but why so extreme?
[09-20, 21:40] <SneakiestNEG> Is log horizon going to be carried by crunchyroll?
[09-20, 21:39] <SneakiestNEG> That would make for literal ghost writing.
[09-20, 21:08] <3rdPGray> aldnoah zero ending is just sux.. >.> I wish the producer dies before he even thinks about the second season.
[09-20, 20:35] <TheM4gicMan> B-but herkz, I liked AKB0048
[09-20, 19:47] <Obakeinu> You're not the only one *waiting* for LH II, haseo... can't be much longer now... I hope. :/
[09-20, 19:20] <sarachikorita> Well, DEEN did a lot of the animation work on Ranma 1/ they've been around a long time
[09-20, 19:07] <thesomo> ้hi
[09-20, 18:58] <Senfu> herkz is broken
[09-20, 18:38] <shaddrag> herkz has spoken
[09-20, 18:10] <herkz> satelight is shit and anyone who thinks deen is worse is retarded and has no idea what they're talking about (not that deen is that great, but still)
[09-20, 18:06] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> deen is the best
[09-20, 18:01] <sarachikorita> Studio DEEN still exists?
[09-20, 17:41] <[TRVE]> The change from Satelight to DEEN is only an improvement. Plus, it's almost the same staff. Don't piss your pants.
[09-20, 17:03] <SneakiestNEG> Great thing about log horizon is that it doesn't rely on romance.
[09-20, 16:58] <haseo> yes it is, use the search filter then press RSS to generate custom feed
[09-20, 16:52] <ot4ku> is it somehow possible to customize the RSS to only show trusted posts?
[09-20, 16:41] <haseo> waiting unpatiently for Log Horizon 2
[09-20, 16:35] <ZeroAT> o
[09-20, 16:23] <rfjy> is there some compilation of added scenes in PsychoPass Ext? or a full batch with chapter marks on added scenes?
[09-20, 16:00] <Yagami11> [09-20, 03:11] <Dragon16611> Just checked Fall list. LOG HORIZON 2!!!!!!->DEEN-_-
[09-20, 15:48] <beastyownzu> hi
[09-20, 14:33] <Abunja> Here.
[09-20, 13:58] <ghost2orz> where is neo-nyaa
[09-20, 10:24] <Kainord> A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master was good :)
[09-20, 08:55] <logun21> There are a few exceptions....all the even numbered Star Treks, thus including #4. Star Wars episode IV (ok, cheating there but..)
[09-20, 08:14] <()blivion> All live action is boring to me. (inb4: weeaboo faggot)
[09-20, 06:59] <[TRVE]> Also Rocky 4.
[09-20, 06:50] <jofs> @nitekatt: Alien 4. Not boring
[09-20, 06:09] <Stinky Cheez> Funny enough, but the anime I missed the most when Nyaa was down was... Akame ga Kill. I don't get it, either ^^' .
[09-20, 06:09] <Stinky Cheez> Artemix, all the Transformers live-action movies were crappy, but what did you expect from Micael Bay..? The 1st 2 were fun, but crap, and the rest, well, just crap =p
[09-20, 05:47] <nitekatt> is there even such thing as a #4 movie which is not boring?
[09-20, 05:07] <Artemix> New transformers movie is so fucking boring... damn.
[09-20, 03:11] <Dragon16611> Just checked Fall list. LOG HORIZON 2!!!!!!
[09-20, 01:29] <gurumao> Thaks for clering it up.
[09-19, 21:06] <Senfu> Oh, thought it's something like the 16th, oh well. :)
[09-19, 20:44] <[TRVE]> If you do, you'll find out the release date is September 24th.
[09-19, 20:43] <[TRVE]> Maybe it helps to search by the artist and song title.
[09-19, 20:37] <Akaneon> LETS RUMBLE PARTY! YEAH!
[09-19, 20:28] <Senfu> Barakmon Opening still not out, I can't
[09-19, 18:49] <godfate> nagisa dies\
[09-19, 18:39] <jesus11> @gurumao Some scenes got cleaned up, and new, short dialogue scenes were added.
[09-19, 18:35] <OneCrazyRussian> Inner monologues? ...