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Category DLSizeSELEDLsMsg
English-translated AnimeKoiKoi Seven TV 01-13+Extra (EngSub)DL512 KiB1012901
English-translated AnimeKara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners - Epilogue SubtitlesDL512 KiB0018523
English-translated Anime劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [前編] 始まりの物語 BDrip 720P CHT ENG x264-ank.assDL512 KiBStatus unknown22352
English-translated Anime劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [後編]永遠の物語 BDrip 720P CHT ENG x264-ank.assDL512 KiBStatus unknown161710
English-translated AnimeMouryou no Hako [English Subtitles] [Episodes 1-10]DL512 KiB015850
English-translated Anime[Commie] High School of the Dead - 01 (v2 Patch).xdelta3DL516.9 KiB007970
Raw Anime[Q-R] Full Metal Panic! Blu-ray Box DISC.2 menu.rarDL521.4 KiBStatus unknown580
English-translated Anime[Ayako]_Mayo_Chiki_04_Unofficial_Fix_Synchro_Parch.zipDL523.2 KiB109990
English-translated Anime[GotWoot]_HOFL_07_v2_patch.zipDL524.8 KiB001780
English-translated AnimeYahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru - OVA [Eng-subs]DL533.7 KiB0117152
English-translated Anime[Parkinson's] Bakemonogatari - Ep05 [BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC].assDL536.9 KiB106896
Anime Music Videokimi ni todoke 001DL540.7 KiB00590
Raw Animekimi-ni-todoke-008DL540.7 KiB00560
Raw Animekimi-ni-todoke-009DL540.7 KiB00680
English-translated Anime[EP] Angel Beats! 01v2 (SubSpa)DL543.5 KiB00810
English-translated Anime[RobotUnicorn] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - OVA 1-5DL544 KiB1043382
Non-English-translated Anime[maGGyar]_Break_Blade_01.zipDL546.9 KiB001510
English-translated AnimeShugo Chara! Party! - v2 Patches [Kirakira].zipDL546.9 KiB012941
Non-English-translated Anime[maGGyar]_Break_Blade_02.zipDL547.8 KiB01860
English-translated Anime[GotWoot]_SOG_02_v2_patch.zipDL548.3 KiB002270
Raw Anime4.zipDL552.9 KiB001210
Non-English-translated AnimeAo no Exorcist - The Movie (Sub ITA by Foxy63)DL556.2 KiBStatus unknown3760
English-translated Anime[SEED] Queen's Blade Rebellion (BD 1920x1080 AVC_Hi10P ALAC).English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL557.1 KiB0154400
English-translated Anime[Underwater-Commie] Nichijou 720p v2 patch.rarDL559.1 KiB019434
English-translated Anime[ReinForce] Vividred Operation (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).English Subtitle [KOTEX].7zDL560.3 KiB1016520
English-translated Anime[Only Subs] Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth (BD Eng Subs)DL562.9 KiB013170
English-translated Anime[ReinForce] Girls und Panzer (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL570.4 KiB1012160
English-translated Anime[QTS] Cardcaptor Sakura ep 17-40 (BD H264 1280x960 24fps AAC) Subtitle Pack (english,SRT)DL576 KiB016301
English-translated AnimeLast Exile Subtitles compiled and timed for the Zero-Raws 720p Release (by Voidhawk)DL576 KiB011950
English-translated AnimeFighting Beauty Wulong Rebirth TV 01-25 (EngSubs)DL576 KiB016580
English-translated AnimeDevilman TV 01-39 (EngSubs)DL576 KiB026578
English-translated Anime[DOMO]Magical Fairy Persia 8-19, 25-28DL576 KiB101511
English-translated Anime[PATCH FOR CHIKI] Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel - 01DL583.8 KiB002425
English-translated Anime[PATCH][HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden - 182 [720p]DL597.7 KiB0110512
English-translated AnimeFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete 1920x1080 english subtitle (typeset, styled).rarDL601 KiB01219710
Non-English-translated AnimeKyoukai no Kanata - 00 OVA (Font batch per Foxy63).rarDL608.2 KiB102471
English-translated Anime[Yousei-raws] C3 - Cube x Cursed x Curious 01-12 w.OVA [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC] SubtitleDL612.6 KiB0111860
English-translated AnimeJormungand (01-12) BD 720p Hi10P AAC [OPTIONAL FONT FIX]DL614.6 KiB108808
Non-English-translated Anime[sup PT] Kamisama Dolls 01 [1F4B2C4B]DL622.9 KiB001260
English-translated AnimeMaria-sama ni wa Naisho 4th (09,10,11) (Scripts)DL625.7 KiB002011
English-translated Anime[Critter-Subs] Jewelpet Happiness - 01 (v1 to v2 patch kit)[AED17FC4].zipDL630.5 KiB107170
English-translated Anime[qIIq]_Bakemonogatari_-_01v2_Patch.zipDL634.2 KiB0131780
English-translated AnimeMonkey Turn TV 01-25 (EngSubs)DL640 KiB105260
English-translated Anime[CTO] Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls - 03 (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC) [F5B52D95] v2 PATCHDL640 KiB005494
English-translated AnimeGoldfish Warning! TV 01-27 (EngSubs)DL640 KiB012720
English-translated Anime[CCS][Hi10p] Toriko x One Piece Crossover Part 2 v2[patch] [1865ABA6]DL640 KiB0116460
English-translated AnimeBlue Literature - No Longer Human 1 - CommieRaws to Commie Patch.xdelta3DL642.6 KiB002000
English-translated AnimeHeroman - 07 FaggotryRaws to Commie Patch.xdelta3DL645 KiB00740
English-translated AnimeShin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~ - 04 FaggotryRaws to Commie Patch.exeDL647 KiB00780
English-translated Anime[Yousei-raws] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC].English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL650.5 KiB0010841
English-translated Anime[lolgh0st] ORETACHI 1v3 patch.rarDL651.6 KiB007480
English-translated Anime[loligeddon] Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation - 13v0 OVA [Patch].zipDL652.1 KiB30181311
English-translated Anime[Raws-4U] Souten Kouro (D-NTV 1280x720 H.264 AAC) (Subtitles...)DL656 KiB019480
English-translated AnimeMouryou no Hako Episodes 1-14 [BD 1080p COMPLETE SERIES] [English Subtitles Only]DL656 KiB6012301
Non-English-translated Anime[ncrb230a] Queen's Blade Rebellion OAD 01v2 Vostfr [DVD-X264-AAC-720x480] Patch.zipDL656.4 KiB012380
Non-English-translated Anime[anisab-subs] To Love ru 8-26.rarDL656.4 KiB004750
Non-English-translated Anime[maGGyar]_Break_Blade_05.zipDL656.6 KiB101550
English-translated Anime[Hatsuyuki-Tsuki]_Gosick_-_09v2_[1280x720][v2_patch].zipDL662.6 KiB0112890
English-translated Anime{CoalGuys} K-on Scripts 1-13DL672 KiB003870
English-translated Anime[Buddy Waters] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Bluray vol.1-9DL688 KiB2010330
English-translated Anime[S0] Hikaru no Go [01-75+S] [Subs-for-TxxZ][ENG]DL697 KiB106593
English-translated Anime[Nutbladder]_Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica_-_11_[v0-Unofficial].zipDL699.3 KiB0010238
English-translated Anime[CCS] One Piece 502v2DL704 KiB001500
English-translated Anime[TastyMelon] Black Lagoon OVA - Roberta's Blood Trail - 01v2 Patch.zipDL704.9 KiB013190
English-translated AnimeSlayers Evolution-R subsDL705.3 KiB013701
English-translated Anime[Anonymous] Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Vol. 1-3 [BD]DL720 KiB107237
English-translated AnimeMirai Nikki Subtitle files 01-26DL736 KiBStatus unknown9563
Raw AnimePrincess Knight (Unaired 1966 Pilot Film) Clip.flvDL751.1 KiB013420
English-translated Anime[QTS] Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Eng SubDL752 KiBStatus unknown3471
Raw Anime[C2&A.I.R.nesSub][Non_Non_Biyori][BDRIP][全6卷+OAD][1920x1080_10bpp][AVC_FLAC][MKV] ➤DL752 KiB214870
English-translated Anime[Commie] Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin - 01 (v2) patch.zipDL755.9 KiB1026740
Raw Anime[Q-R] Genmu Senki Leda + Booklet.rarDL767.5 KiBStatus unknown1720
English-translated AnimeMitsume ga Tooru TV 01-48 (EngSubs)DL768 KiB034300
English-translated AnimePapuwa 2 TV 01-26 (EngSubs)DL768 KiB013220
English-translated AnimeFullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood / Eclipse English Subs for 1080pDL768 KiB107790
English-translated Anime[MagicSubs] C3 Cube x Cursed x Curious [Scripts]DL768 KiB015850
English-translated Anime[SUBS][Zero-Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - Vol.1 (DVD 720x480 H.264 AAC).zipDL768.1 KiB00570
English-translated Anime[Parkinson's] Bakemonogatari - Ep02 [BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC].assDL798.3 KiB017613
Non-English-translated Anime[sup PT] Usagi Drop 01 [6F72B239]DL803.7 KiB001010
English-translated Anime[ReinForce] DOG DAYS I-II (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL806.3 KiB0111880
Raw AnimeCM デニーズ ウインタースペシャル - [by 江口寿史].flvDL809.6 KiB02116950
English-translated Anime[RAV] Full Metal Panic Fumoffu BD Ep 12 English Subtitle PatchDL810.3 KiB00595
English-translated Anime[MD] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W (1920x1080 Blu-ray FLAC) [patch]DL817.7 KiB404522
Raw AnimeGuru Guru Town Hanamaru-kun (ぐるぐるタウン はなまるくん) OPDL826.7 KiB001300
English-translated Anime[EngSub] Muu no HakugeiDL832 KiB105122
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou - 3 [480p] patchDL832 KiB017350
English-translated AnimeMonster TV 01-25 (EngSubs)DL832 KiB011880
English-translated AnimeLAST EXILE Subs Timed to the DECAY 1080p BR ReleaseDL832 KiB016112
English-translated AnimeD.Gray-man subs 2DL832 KiB2010527
English-translated Anime[S-A] Hunter x Hunter FIXED SCRIPTS BY TECHGURUDL833.7 KiB0121512
Raw AnimeHajime no Ippo はじめの一歩 New Challenger TrailerDL842.3 KiB0115430
English-translated Anime[SEED] PSYCHO-PASS (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL855.7 KiB108361
English-translated AnimePSYCHO-PASS Episodes 1-22 [BD 1080p COMPLETE SERIES] [English Subtitles Only]DL864 KiB2017014
English-translated AnimeHeroman - 06 FaggotryRaws to Commie Patch.exeDL868.5 KiB001750
English-translated AnimeMacademi Wasshoi! Episode 01-12 ScriptsDL869.4 KiB012200
Non-English-translated Anime[Psycho-Squirrel]_Fairy_Tail_promo_.mkvDL869.9 KiB00600
English-translated AnimeHeroman - 07 FaggotryRaws to Commie Patch.exeDL871 KiB00610
English-translated Anime[umai]_Basquash!_-_11_[DAFD3E01].mkv.patch.zipDL890.9 KiB0141171
English-translated Anime[DVDISO] Kanon Vol.1-8.rarDL896 KiBStatus unknown1013
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <un1qu3> It was a good run while it lasted. It's all over now. Thank you all for your support.
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-21, 08:46] <pky> It's not like they're the only ones...
[08-21, 08:46] <pky> @OneCrazyRushin
[08-21, 08:39] <ppuppy> who has it ? upload please [Cornflower.Studio][Ranma½][BDRip.1280X960]
[08-21, 08:37] <OneCrazyRussian> Why do Commie bother having their site when they have Nyaa?
[08-21, 06:40] <Liamash3> Uhh...ignore that. Meant to post in the comments section of a torrent, didn't realise it was disabled...
[08-21, 06:39] <Liamash3> thanks Commie :)
[08-21, 05:14] <RinzImpulse> yes
[08-21, 05:06] <desudesusu> Yes.
[08-21, 04:56] <astrum> Yes.
[08-21, 04:49] <C.C.> ... yo, has the category "fap" always been there and I'm just shitforbrains and haven't noticed all this time?
[08-21, 04:09] <Stinky Cheez> I'm guessing you do have to, but hoping not lol
[08-21, 04:07] <Stinky Cheez> I've asked this before, but didn't get (or at least see) the answer: DO you HAVE to use LAV filters with madVR/xysubfilter..? I get that LAV filters offer higher quality, but I can't see enough of a difference from ffdshow to want to lose all the functions ffdshow brings to the table.
[08-21, 03:24] <sekininsha> hello
[08-21, 03:13] <fag13> @BakaYuusha You can't back up your claims with evidence because you're not a fag? That doesn't even make any sense.
[08-21, 03:05] <SneakiestNEG> Always have a quiver of acid arrows for trolls.
[08-21, 02:54] <BakaYuusha> @fag13 I can't because I'm not a fag like you. Sorry to everyone else. I'm not gonna start a fight with a troll.
[08-21, 02:48] <BakaYuusha> FFF putting out BDs... still waiting on quite a few.
[08-21, 02:35] <Grell> NT will fall?
[08-21, 01:03] <Phantasmagorie> daiz r u kill?
[08-21, 00:40] <RyukoMatoi> This site is the best for music!
[08-21, 00:39] <RyukoMatoi> sup
[08-21, 00:34] <allelujahhaptism> #570617
[08-21, 00:27] <lifebaka> Nyaa, please. If you keep doing that, I'll get all excited.
[08-21, 00:23] <krucierchan> @Wildbreed: I'm pretty sure FFF is planning on doing the BDs.
[08-21, 00:15] <takamachi> wat
[08-21, 00:11] <Røckageek> Nyaa pls
[08-21, 00:07] <RinzImpulse> Nyaa pls
[08-21, 00:02] <Senfu> Nyaa pls.
[08-21, 00:00] <Nyaa>       /ヽ__/ヽ
[08-21, 00:00] <Nyaa>     /       \
[08-21, 00:00] <Nyaa>    / _ノ  ヽ_   ヽ
[08-21, 00:00] <Nyaa>    | ●   ●    |
[08-21, 00:00] <Nyaa>    |  (_人_)    /
[08-21, 00:00] <Nyaa>     \        /
[08-20, 23:59] <BakaYuusha> No doubt someone will as popular as that show is but I wish someone would go ahead and sub the specials that are out already so we don't also have to wait months for those.
[08-20, 23:36] <Wildbreed> any1 planning on doing no game no life BD?
[08-20, 22:51] <Yagami11> to me it's ignorance from your side
[08-20, 22:50] <Yagami11> Why is amazing? That sticky notes are two or three weeks on air and you still asking about what we ask three weeks ago
[08-20, 22:13] <meow> hi
[08-20, 21:42] <Gyentwo> What's the best BD release for prisma Illya?
[08-20, 21:00] <Artemix> There is nothing wrong with you if you happen to be on a mac, however if you say there is something wrong with it then there is something wrong with you.
[08-20, 20:59] <ASSauLTxMasTER> Did my message disappear? :O
[08-20, 20:00] <sarachikorita> [08-20, 18:30] <Lunarfang7789> So its been on my mind what is the deal with 1 episode of Sailor Moon Crystal every 2 wk? <-- No idea, that's just what Toei's doing
[08-20, 19:24] <[TRVE]> There is a better alternative even on mac: MplayerX.
[08-20, 19:17] <nitekatt> There is nothing wrong with VLC if you happen to be on mac. However, if you happen to be on mac, there might be something wrong with you.
[08-20, 18:50] <OneCrazyRussian> Implying they do double the work on it because of the relaxed schedule
[08-20, 18:31] <herkz> what, do you want it to look even worse than it already does?
[08-20, 18:30] <Lunarfang7789> So its been on my mind what is the deal with 1 episode of Sailor Moon Crystal every 2 wk?
[08-20, 18:08] <Stinky Cheez> You've been trolled, zf117, and what's sad is, it was a stale troll, at that ^^' ...
[08-20, 18:02] <SneakiestNEG> Thanks nyaa I have to nake money now to pay the rent but I'll be setting up MPC tonight. Hard to believe I used to like VLC. I was so blind! But now I have a new cult
[08-20, 17:09] <zf117> ditto
[08-20, 17:04] <lifebaka> How about this, zf117? This? Does this guy explain anything? What about this news?
[08-20, 17:00] <zf117> I'm very obtuse
[08-20, 16:54] <kiryu-kun> Isn't it obvious?
[08-20, 16:38] <zf117> That's nice and all but my ignorance is still amazing.
[08-20, 16:35] <jofs> @zf117: This
[08-20, 16:32] <hazardous> who is subbing Magi - Sinbad no Bouken? #565016
[08-20, 16:26] <OneCrazyRussian> of the only thing worth watching now - Konan, ofc
[08-20, 16:25] <zf117> yagami11, maybe you can make my ignorance less amazing?
[08-20, 16:19] <Dat Size> Of what lol
[08-20, 15:45] <kiryu-kun> I guess I'll wait for the memeless version...
[08-20, 15:37] <lifebaka> Don't worry, zf117. It's only the end of the world. Nothing major.
[08-20, 15:34] <Yagami11> zf117, your ignorance is amazing
[08-20, 14:46] <herkz> we'll just have to wait and see
[08-20, 14:44] <zf117> ....oh come on, can I get a straight answer? Nyaa is my favorite site and I'm getting paranoid.
[08-20, 14:42] <herkz> you never know
[08-20, 14:41] <zf117> What are the sticky messages referring to? "rip nt, it's all over". Nyaa isnt closing down is it?
[08-20, 12:35] <Dat Size> I'm using CCCP+Madvr with my own settings, it's that fine? Mostly of the settings are the same as that guide and has the recommended things that my machine can handle I guess. (Not max settings, but middle-high.)
[08-20, 12:21] <Nyaa> ...and of course it doesn't help when that thing has cancer written all over it.
[08-20, 12:19] <Nyaa> Perhaps it does, but a modular approach where you actually know exactly what you did to the setup and can replace parts independently is always better than some lazy codec pack.
[08-20, 12:13] <Dragons4life> also,does't KCP do the same thing as the guide you recommended him?
[08-20, 12:11] <Dragons4life> I wonder why people don't use PotPlayer more, but i guess MPC-HC is better.
[08-20, 11:56] <Nyaa> If you want something even better quality-wise, I'll need hardware details.
[08-20, 11:54] <Nyaa> Uninstall everything and use the guide at the top of this chatbox instead.
[08-20, 11:52] <SneakiestNEG> I installed the kawaii codec pack for MPC. Are there any other codecs or shaders I need?
[08-20, 11:49] <SneakiestNEG> I like deadfish because he provides an option. Also hardsubs are fine because my Japanese is not good enough for Ergo Proxy. Re-encoding is a pain.
[08-20, 11:11] <nozdrum> Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha BD already completed: #590131 will believe in Anime-Koi for this release
[08-20, 11:09] <qrazed> Just before that everyone was discussing hardsubs vs softsubs actually.
[08-20, 11:02] <nitekatt> So I open this chatbox and all I can see is Commie and Hanamonogatari. I mean - no usual s**t topics at all, like nobody is discussing horriblesubs, nobody is discussing hardsubs vs softsubs, nobody is discussing herkz. Cant believe that.
[08-20, 09:41] <nozdrum> ok and ty
[08-20, 09:24] <Nyaa> nozdrum, their XDCC bot listing also serves as direct download links: Here is the patch.
[08-20, 08:59] <nozdrum> @Commie do you have an alternative download link for #247007 v2 patch?
[08-20, 08:58] <nozdrum> 有中国人,他们只是不说话非常多。写英文,请。Write in English: rules
[08-20, 08:31] <jofs> The Commie translation of "Hanamonogatari" was really nice. Good flow, good wording for the most part.
[08-20, 07:34] <NFG004> bearded* Kaiki
[08-20, 07:33] <[TRVE]> You wish you had what?
[08-20, 07:19] <NFG004> I wish I had beareded Kaiki as my uncle.
[08-20, 07:17] <NFG004> So I didn't realize that Commie had combined all 5 episodes of Hanamonogatari into 1 video. I've now sat down and watched the entire series of an anime that I had planned to watch an episode once a day. Thanks Obama.
[08-20, 07:10] <Cloudef> I lol'd at the comments of commie's hanamonogatari
[08-20, 06:55] <[TRVE]> There's also a gay pedophile in HxH.
[08-20, 06:52] <Akaneon> Hunter X Hunter confirmed for 300 filler episodes and a bunch of video games
[08-20, 05:54] <Sekai1ban> Kak kek kok kik kak kuk kuk
[08-20, 05:48] <sarachikorita> Top kek. Well, I start some of my projects that way, if they're TV subs... (I mean, subs from US TV)
[08-20, 05:35] <SenketsuSubs> "<sarachikorita> DeadFish just takes MKVs and hardsubs them, that's all" And SenketsuSubs takes hardsubbed MKVs and softsubs them! lol :-P
[08-20, 05:07] <Yarukinasu> Feels good to see people asking for subs on raw releases ( ¬‿¬)