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English-translated Anime[HDTV] CLANNAD -クラナド- 第01~19話(1280×720).rarDL320 KiBStatus unknown1270
English-translated AnimeGeass 08 ASS for raw pplzDL320 KiB004040
English-translated AnimeBleach 206 eng softsubDL320 KiB001241
Non-English-translated Anime[Ookami]_ΜΕΤΑΛΛΙΚΟΣ_ΑΛΧΗΜΙΣΤΗΣ_patch_1-6_v2_[720p][AVC_VORBIS_mkv]DL320 KiB00680
English-translated AnimeNatsu_No_Arashi DVD (subs only)DL320 KiB01930
English-translated Anime[N.A.N TeaM] : Ristorante Paradiso English subtitile [1 to 11]DL320 KiB012040
English-translated Anime[UBW] Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works v2 PatchDL320 KiB002991
English-translated AnimeMadouou Grandzort TV 01-20 (EngSubs)DL320 KiB012240
English-translated AnimeTaisho Baseball Girls 07-12 Subs for BRripDL320 KiB014341
English-translated Anime[AIAR_subs] Danball Senki 01-04 (Subtitles)DL320 KiB016736
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave 01-10 ASSDL320 KiB012868
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave 11-20 ASSDL320 KiB012236
Non-English-translated AnimePhi Brain - Kami no Puzzle S3 completa (Sub Ita Foxy63).rarDL320.6 KiB103680
English-translated Anime[Only Subs] Clannad After Story (BD Eng Subs)DL321.4 KiB013690
English-translated AnimeNoragami - OAD 2 revised scriptDL323 KiB106021
Non-English-translated Anime[ Yuma ] Buddy Complex - 03 [10bit] [720p] [Sub-Spanish] v1 PatchDL337.1 KiB0012040
English-translated AnimeSugar Sugar Rune TV 01-51 (EngSub).rarDL342.6 KiB106662
English-translated Anime[Only Subs] Hanasaku Iroha (BD Eng Subs)DL344.8 KiB014221
Non-English-translated Anime(Sindaco) Monster 05 sub ita.assDL347.3 KiB001770
English-translated AnimeMahoujin Guru Guru TV 01-45 (EngSub)DL348 KiB012801
English-translated Anime[cyb3rfr34k]_One_Piece_358-363_SoftSubsDL352 KiB011330
English-translated Anime[CommieRaws] HappinessCharge Precure! 03 [Patch].7zDL354.9 KiB1011463
English-translated AnimeAngel Beats! - 06 [FaggotryRaws v3] to [Himatsubushi-Commie].exeDL361.5 KiB002380
Raw AnimeNova Imagem de Bitmap222.bmpDL361.8 KiB01750
English-translated Anime[RAV] Full_Metal_Panic!_Ep02_I_Want_to_Protect_You_[1080p.BluRay.H264]_v2_patchDL364.2 KiB012172
English-translated AnimeAngel Beats! - 07 FaggotryRaws to Himatsubushi-Commie.exeDL366 KiB002150
English-translated AnimeEnglish Subs for [The_Irresponsible_Captain_TYLOR][TV+OVA+SP][ALL][BDRip][1080P] by gaoshuDL366.1 KiB508544
English-translated AnimeMobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny HD Ep01-37 English SRT SubtitlesDL366.6 KiB108702
English-translated Anime[Commie] Legend of the Legendary Heroes - 02 (v2) patch.zipDL371.7 KiB0116180
English-translated Anime[Nyoron Subs] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - 21.assDL384 KiBStatus unknown710
English-translated Anime[Nyoron Subs] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - 23.assDL384 KiBStatus unknown7750
English-translated Anime[QTS] Cardcaptor Sakura ep 01-15 (BD H264 1280x960 24fps AAC) Subtitle Pack (english,SRT)DL384 KiB019571
Non-English-translated Anime(Torrent Set) [DVD9 ITA-JAP] Megazone-23 (3 torrents)DL384 KiB015590
Raw Anime天使のたまご(押井守監督作品)DL384 KiB016160
English-translated AnimeBleach Movie 4 - Hell ChapterDL384 KiB016110
Raw Anime[GuguruTL-FaggotryRaws] The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei) - 06 (v2 Patch).xdelta3DL394.3 KiB012950
Non-English-translated Anime[HALsub] Log Horizon 2 - 01v2 (Script)DL407.2 KiB102351
English-translated Anime[aether-raws] ef - a tale of melodies - 01 (704x400) [50F30945].en.7zDL408.3 KiB00890
English-translated Anime[GotWoot]_Onii-chan_no_Koto_..._-_01v2_[Uncut][BDrip_720p][30285A0F][v2_patch].rarDL408.5 KiB008630
English-translated AnimeKodomo no Jikan Ni-Gakki OVA - SUBS ONLY (REVISED).rarDL410.9 KiB023180
English-translated AnimeHidamari Sketch x365 DVD subsDL412.9 KiB012980
English-translated Anime[Parkinson's] Bakemonogatari - Ep03 [BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC].assDL416.2 KiB016990
English-translated Anime[FFFpeeps] Kaichou wa Maid-sama 01v2 Patch.rarDL419.8 KiB0116250
Raw Anime[FaggotryRaws] Bakuman - 01 (Audio Fix) (NHK E 848x480).xdelta3DL422.7 KiB001040
English-translated Anime[Parkinson's] Bakemonogatari - Ep01 [BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC].assDL424.5 KiB019551
English-translated Anime[TMD_A-Destiny]_Bakuman_12v2_unofficial_[Shani-san].rarDL426.2 KiB002100
English-translated Anime[Anime-Koi] Arata Kangatari - 02v2 [h264-720p] Patch.zipDL426.9 KiB0130482
English-translated AnimeSakura Wars Movie,OVA 1+2 Eng Subs [BD1080p]DL432 KiB006570
English-translated Anime[Hadena] Inu x Boku SS - 04v2 [1280x720 x264 AAC][Patch].zipDL439.7 KiB008891
English-translated Anime[Hadena] Accel World - 05 Patch.zipDL444.2 KiB00175313
English-translated AnimePATCH [AniYoshi] ToraDora FIX by caset [7,11,12,13]DL448 KiB004000
English-translated AnimeMy Daddy Long Legs TV 01-10 (EngSubs)DL448 KiB012551
English-translated Anime[RobotUnicorn] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - OVA 1-3 SubsDL448 KiB015594
Raw Anime[YYDM-11FANS][COWBOY_BEBOP][BDRIP][1-26+Movie+SP][全][X264-10bit_AAC][720P] ➤DL448 KiB0114090
English-translated AnimeZettai Karen Children 45-46-47 - SUBS ONLY (REVISED).rarDL451 KiB001120
English-translated AnimeMobile Suit Gundam Seed HD English SRT SubtitlesDL453 KiB1017164
English-translated Anime[바카-Raws] Accel World (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC) Subtitles OnlyDL454.8 KiB0214991
English-translated Anime[CCS] One Piece #524[VFR-patch].zipDL455.1 KiBStatus unknown1400
English-translated Anime[ANK-Raws] Campione! (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC Hi10P).English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL455.3 KiB0112882
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chuu - 06 [480p].mkvDL460.1 KiB015820
Raw Anime[GuguruTL-FaggotryRaws] The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei) - 03 (v2) Patch.xdelta3DL477.9 KiB021460
English-translated AnimeTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki - THORA subs [SUBS ONLY] (re-timed for Yousei raws/full rips)DL480 KiB109716
English-translated Anime[FFFpeeps] Mitsudomoe 01v2 Patch.rarDL480.1 KiB0011620
Raw Animeおかっぱマキコ/第1巻DL487.5 KiB012220
Raw Anime[BDISO][100728] 化物語 第六巻つばさキャット(下) ジャケ&レーベルDL492.6 KiB0122220
English-translated Anime[RobotUnicorn] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - OVA 1-4 SubsDL496 KiB1019914
English-translated Anime[RobotUnicorn] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - OVA 1-4v2 SubsDL496 KiB017780
English-translated Anime[SEEDZONE] Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).English Subtitle [KOTEX]DL501.5 KiB019680
English-translated Anime[FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume 09v2.rarDL501.8 KiB007655
English-translated AnimeHikaru No Go + Movie Bluray Subs OnlyDL503.5 KiB007913
English-translated Anime[ray=out]_Takane_no_Jitensha_-_Special_[V2-Patch].7zDL505 KiB012230
English-translated Anime[Commie] The Tatami Galaxy - 02 from FaggotryRaws.exeDL509 KiB012150
Non-English-translated Anime[sup-PT] Mawaru_Penguindrum - 01 [ECC9ACD1]DL510.7 KiB00820
English-translated AnimePlatinumhugen Ordian TV 01-24 (Eng Subs)DL512 KiB023970
Non-English-translated Anime[NamaeNai]_Tokyo_Magnitude_8.0_[TH][Final_Version]DL512 KiB01890
English-translated AnimeKoiKoi Seven TV 01-13+Extra (EngSub)DL512 KiB1013181
English-translated AnimeKara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners - Epilogue SubtitlesDL512 KiB0118673
English-translated Anime劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [前編] 始まりの物語 BDrip 720P CHT ENG x264-ank.assDL512 KiB0022792
English-translated Anime劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [後編]永遠の物語 BDrip 720P CHT ENG x264-ank.assDL512 KiB00164710
English-translated AnimeMouryou no Hako [English Subtitles] [Episodes 1-10]DL512 KiB015970
English-translated Anime[Commie] High School of the Dead - 01 (v2 Patch).xdelta3DL516.9 KiB008090
English-translated Anime[SvM] THE IDOLM@STER TV+MOVIE+SHINY FESTA Unofficial English Subtitle Scripts [KOTEX].7zDL517.5 KiB506200
Raw Anime[Q-R] Full Metal Panic! Blu-ray Box DISC.2 menu.rarDL521.4 KiBStatus unknown700
English-translated Anime[Ayako]_Mayo_Chiki_04_Unofficial_Fix_Synchro_Parch.zipDL523.2 KiB1010100
English-translated Anime[GotWoot]_HOFL_07_v2_patch.zipDL524.8 KiB001900
English-translated AnimeYahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru - OVA [Eng-subs]DL533.7 KiB1017282
English-translated Anime[Parkinson's] Bakemonogatari - Ep05 [BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC].assDL536.9 KiB017066
Anime Music Videokimi ni todoke 001DL540.7 KiB00710
Raw Animekimi-ni-todoke-008DL540.7 KiB00680
Raw Animekimi-ni-todoke-009DL540.7 KiB00800
English-translated Anime[EP] Angel Beats! 01v2 (SubSpa)DL543.5 KiB00930
English-translated Anime[RobotUnicorn] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - OVA 1-5DL544 KiB0143562
Non-English-translated Anime[maGGyar]_Break_Blade_01.zipDL546.9 KiB001620
English-translated AnimeShugo Chara! Party! - v2 Patches [Kirakira].zipDL546.9 KiB013061
Non-English-translated Anime[maGGyar]_Break_Blade_02.zipDL547.8 KiB01960
English-translated Anime[GotWoot]_SOG_02_v2_patch.zipDL548.3 KiB002390
Raw Anime4.zipDL552.9 KiB001390
Non-English-translated AnimeAo no Exorcist - The Movie (Sub ITA by Foxy63)DL556.2 KiB003880
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Reminder: Any Facebook/Twitter/social media/etc. account that tries to look like an official NyaaTorrents account is fake. NT itself and are the only official communication channels.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[10-26, 00:11] <shaddrag> Ya know, they said 6PM PDT, it is NOT 6PM PDT yet, 48 minutes to go.
[10-25, 23:36] <boredatwork> already forgot Jinsei even existed...
[10-25, 22:36] <haseo> its worth to finish watching it
[10-25, 22:32] <ravenleaf182> there are, it's just FFF in my opinion are a rather good group, I quite like their translations and will often wait for them. Again, that particular series just wasn't worth it
[10-25, 22:32] <fibre> Is anyone else able to get Terra Formars uncensored on cruncyroll? The newspost claims it has been up for the last 30 minutes now, but nothing has been released so far.
[10-25, 22:29] <haseo> ah I see, just checked it
[10-25, 22:26] <haseo> are there no subs besides FFF for Jinsei ?
[10-25, 22:26] <ravenleaf182> V in rhetrospect, yes. I just kept thinking it was nice how this guy was in a potential harem like situation but didn't actually do that, and actually seemed to pursue one girl. It was kinda refreshing. Not A+ material, but it was a bit warm hearted compared to other stuff
[10-25, 22:19] <Prazision> Good choice, you probably should've dropped it sooner.
[10-25, 22:10] <ravenleaf182> there is a choice. it was wait or drop, I just dropped it. its not like I dislike them or anything, its just after a month, jinsei itself wasn't that stellar of a series to wait for
[10-25, 22:06] <Prazision> FFF did not drop Jinsei though, they're just late. Be patient, they'll be released eventually.
[10-25, 22:02] <herkz> you say that like you have any choice. there are no other subs.
[10-25, 21:41] <ravenleaf182> Jinsei is like the new mariaholic. I dropped the show, it wasn't worth keeping to wait for FFF. They do good work, but this is the second thing they just dropped that I liked...
[10-25, 21:31] <paulo27ms> herkz, why did you destroy UTW's l@m@s movie? :( y
[10-25, 20:54] <herkz> i have no idea
[10-25, 20:50] <Waifu-Chan> @herkz, Can we expect this episode of Psycho-Pass 2 to be released faster than the last? Thanks.
[10-25, 20:42] <cyatek> why can't i find niconico/gyao stream of terra formars uncesored anywhere? hasn't it been out for a while?
[10-25, 20:34] <ZeroAT> k. :o
[10-25, 20:33] <herkz> nothing
[10-25, 20:32] <ZeroAT> I dont watch Jinsei, but what happened to FFF? o.0
[10-25, 20:19] <NoobSubs> Ohhhh. I was.
[10-25, 20:10] <pky> @Artemix in about 5 hours by CR... Don't know if anyone will rip it, though. HS should, but they haven't stated it officially (or at least I haven't heard about it), so yeah...
[10-25, 20:07] <Artemix> So, Terra Formars's uncensored episodes are going to be released when/by whom?.
[10-25, 20:04] <boredatwork> last time i looked it was like 00:30 - unless you talk about CR
[10-25, 19:54] <NoobSubs> It airs at 9:30. It's not that late.
[10-25, 19:47] <hazardous> a good protection would be to password/pin code tv channel if it offers that feature
[10-25, 19:45] <hazardous> not to mention 6 year old could develop weird fetishes and may turn psychopath when he grows up
[10-25, 19:44] <boredatwork> those kind of shows air at late night in japan. if a 6yr old watches such stuff, then there's something terribly wrong with the family.
[10-25, 19:43] <hazardous> Terraformars can get your hue considerably clouded if you got weak mind.
[10-25, 19:34] <shaddrag> Used to Facebook and like it, most of the time... Could never get into Twitter, I would say why I don't like it but I would run out of characte
[10-25, 19:27] <Robert Franklin> It can't be the responsibility of the artist to stop children from consuming their work and they shouldn't compromise their work because of irresponsible parents.
[10-25, 19:24] <Robert Franklin> You're going to have to do better than the protagonist eating some raw meat if you want to make me blanch.
[10-25, 19:24] <NoobSubs> For that show, it's understandable. I don't think you'd want a 6 year old watching a show with frequent decapitations and brutal killings.
[10-25, 19:23] <Robert Franklin> The new shock anime are fucking nothing anyway. Kite? Genocyber? MD Geist?
[10-25, 19:23] <[TRVE]> Whoa, I just realized I actually missed dilworks with his childish misspelling of the word "government".
[10-25, 19:23] <nitekatt> Japan has its age of consent set to 13. You can screw lolis, legally. God bless that country!
[10-25, 19:19] <SneakiestNEG> I ditched FB for Telegram. Messaging apps are much better than social media.
[10-25, 19:17] <Robert Franklin> Japanese censorship seems to be more about policing the morality of adult consumers.
[10-25, 19:17] <HerbalNekoTea> Twitter's better because you need to be clear and short with 140 caracter, it was a big challenge for me.
[10-25, 19:15] <haseo> still don't understand the point of using twitter or how is it any different than other previous socializing crap
[10-25, 19:12] <SneakiestNEG> Kids shouldn't be watching it anyway. But I know that a lot kf kids have absent parents who just want their children to shut up.
[10-25, 19:10] <SneakiestNEG> Censorship is stupid. Can't handle it? Don't watch it. Simple. You can change channels.
[10-25, 19:07] <Robert Franklin> That's a good idea.
[10-25, 19:05] <dilworks> I hope I'm not the only one who has an actual router-level block for Facebook at home (I did it before $GUBMINT started to fuck up with the censorship down here). Not because of data mining or privacy concerns, but I can't just stand Failbook at all. (Twitter is on the verge - it's marginally useful, but barely)
[10-25, 19:05] <Robert Franklin> I won't speak for anyone else, but I thought Attack on Io was stupid.
[10-25, 19:03] <hazardous> we are anti-social and proud.
[10-25, 19:01] <boredatwork> i bet if they'd have titans instead of cockroaches everyone would talk about how awesome Terra Formars is
[10-25, 18:58] <dilworks> nice, social networking is a cancer anyway.
[10-25, 18:58] <dilworks> > no social network accounts for NT
[10-25, 18:49] <haseo> the only thing that deserves being uncensored is....pantsu desu
[10-25, 18:45] <Robert Franklin> While I agree, crazyivan, it's understandable that people are excited; the show is pointless without the guro.
[10-25, 18:39] <shaddrag> CR has confirmed they're showing it tonight/tomorrow.
[10-25, 18:38] <OneCrazyRussian> Uncensored Terra Formars doesn't matter because it sucks balls
[10-25, 18:07] <HerbalNekoTea> And we still wait for more news about why Naisho got a delay to do episode 15 of PriPara.
[10-25, 18:04] <Jabberwok> Wow, yeah, apparently CR is def getting uncens'd Terra... but seems they can't say when yet.
[10-25, 17:43] <shaddrag> Still 7 more hours until 6PM PDT
[10-25, 17:34] <hazardous> are episodes of Terra Formars uncen now? wasn't CR going to rid censors for 24 hr?
[10-25, 16:52] <haseo> I was wron, PriPara ep 17 is today :D look up
[10-25, 16:42] <paulo27ms> mœ
[10-25, 16:35] <MisterDonut> bad
[10-25, 16:11] <haseo> @Lunarfang7789 prolly tomorrow
[10-25, 16:05] <shaddrag> BakedFish focuses on HS-only, DeadFish re-encodes new fansubs and other shows they'd previously been doing HS for.
[10-25, 16:03] <magatsukami> mendokuse
[10-25, 15:48] <Senzura> I've been lied to
[10-25, 15:47] <Senzura> >claps aren't actually in extra magic hour
[10-25, 15:38] <Robert Franklin> OH SHIT paul I just vomited.
[10-25, 15:36] <Robert Franklin> The kind that doesn't make me admit illegal activity online.
[10-25, 15:35] <paulo27ms>
[10-25, 15:34] <hazardous> what sort of pipe u use?
[10-25, 15:33] <Robert Franklin> i think bakedfish is a reference to smoking.
[10-25, 15:32] <OneCrazyRussian> I prefer my fish smoked
[10-25, 15:29] <MisterDonut> Lunarfang7789, yes. just check the user that uploads it.
[10-25, 15:28] <Robert Franklin> I don't disagree raven. pky's screenshots show them censoring pant legs and totally random stuff.
[10-25, 15:23] <Lunarfang7789> And is [Bakedfish] affiliated with [Deadfish]?
[10-25, 15:22] <ravenleaf182> Bob, they censor it because otherwise they can't get DVD's to move. They didn't have a problem with limbs and gore for decades, now that people have no reason to buy BD/DVD, they censor. Its marketing, it has nothing to do with morals
[10-25, 15:21] <Lunarfang7789> Does Anyone know how long before the next episode of PriPara will be out? feels like been forever :(
[10-25, 15:21] <Koby> *shouldn't
[10-25, 15:21] <Koby> So their 720p shouln't be labeled remake either even though it's a 're-encode'?
[10-25, 15:19] <herkz> I mean, they're stupid, but it has to be the same kind of torrent to be a remake.
[10-25, 15:19] <herkz> No, because subbed anime and raw anime are different categories.
[10-25, 15:16] <Koby> One group is doing this for their 1080p releases, but re-encoding the video for their 720p. Their 720p should definitely be labeled remake; not only is it re-encoded from a compressed source, but it's done so badly (banding everywhere).
[10-25, 15:13] <Koby> If someone uses one of the 'raw' encodes and muxes subs to it from a fansub group; should the release be tagged 'remake'?
[10-25, 15:06] <cyatek> sasuga pierrot
[10-25, 14:56] <hazardous> yes
[10-25, 14:51] <haseo> lolwhat
[10-25, 14:43] <Robert Franklin> They're just censoring their awful, awful art. It's a great idea: throw black stripes and lens flares everywhere in your anime to obscure shitty drawings. Meanwhile, edgy kids will cum themselves because they're assuming everything is extremely gory.
[10-25, 14:31] <haseo> is it me or LH2 has shown bleeding for the very first time in its series
[10-25, 14:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Or she is retarded and you do anything Meliodas does in Seven Deadly Sins
[10-25, 14:28] <shaddrag> Beware she might be a fallen angel.
[10-25, 14:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Or you put sth on the ground before her and she falls down on you
[10-25, 14:22] <xell17> Or you walk in on her while she is changing.
[10-25, 14:21] <xell17> Or you topple over and grab her breasts.
[10-25, 14:17] <xell17> Only if you bump into her while she has a toast in her mouth and then you see her pantsu
[10-25, 14:14] <Senzura> So I have a date with a qt asian thursday, is my life an anime now?
[10-25, 14:01] <Abunja> oh, i thought you are still talking about terraformars. gomen
[10-25, 13:59] <Bobezlol> They censor things like that because severed limbs are a bigger deal in japan
[10-25, 13:56] <shaddrag> Abunja, pky is referring to the BDs. The black boxes are mostly gone but there's still some signs of censorship, and I suppose it gets to me too if those screenshots with black blobs still on them are the BD version, I just think he was being a little unreasonable expecting every gory scene to have new angles and frames.
[10-25, 13:44] <itachi_1s_alive> @pky, They know something you don't. Don't be that hard on yourself, kid.