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Raw Anime[Raw-Deal] Naniwa Yokyo Den (なにわ遊侠伝) 01 [7DFD6E14].aviDL114.7 MiB014550
English-translated AnimeDinoZaurs - 01 - The Dino Knights Revived (EngDub)DL115 MiB0181400
Raw AnimeCyber Weapon Z (超神Z) OVADL115.2 MiB0128261
Raw Anime[ARR] Sumiko (スミ子).wmvDL115.4 MiB0112171
Raw AnimeShoujo Fight ~Nora Inu-tachi no Odekake~ (少女ファイト 野良犬たちのおでかけ) OVADL115.9 MiB0214790
Raw AnimeTotsugeki! Pappara-tai (突撃!パッパラ隊) - 01DL116.8 MiB014000
English-translated Anime[ARR] Kyoro-chan - 01 [2F4564C8].mkvDL116.9 MiB015240
Raw AnimeTaoist Mutul and 108 Specters (머털도사와 108 요괴)(1990)DL117 MiB0115401
Raw Anime[Raw-Deal] Naniwa Yokyo Den (なにわ遊侠伝) 02 [766D6962].aviDL118 MiB014060
Raw Anime(アニメ) A-Girl (マーガレット・ビデオ)DL118.4 MiB019551
English-translated AnimeJungle Emperor (1989) - 02 (ENG SUB)DL118.6 MiB0112350
Raw AnimeAa no Yama ni Noborouyo (あの山に登ろうよ)DL118.8 MiB0112180
Raw Anime[ARR] Tobenai Hotaru (とべないホタル)(1991) OVA.aviDL119 MiBStatus unknown10944
Raw AnimeTaoist Mutul (머털도사)(1989)DL119.4 MiB1015061
English-translated Anime[Nanto] GeGeGe no Kitaro (3rd Series) - 16 [05ACC523].mp4DL119.4 MiB104440
Raw AnimeSakai Noriko no Yoiko no Ohanashi Hiroba 5 (酒井法子のよ いこのおはなしひろば)DL119.5 MiB0235450
English-translated AnimeSakai Noriko no Yoiko no Ohanashi Hiroba 5 (Eng Dub)DL119.5 MiB0131401
English-translated Anime[ARR] Attack No. 1 - 001 [AB900571].mkvDL119.5 MiB017524
English-translated Anime[ARR] Majokko Tickle - 01 [AVC][D4249EFC].mkvDL119.6 MiB007743
Raw AnimeDr.Dolittle (ドリトル先生物語) - 01DL119.6 MiB103010
English-translated Anime[ARR] Microid S - 01 [0454275F].mkvDL119.7 MiB014900
English-translated Anime[ARR] Ultraman Kids Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Kounen - 01 [41B4B39E].mkvDL119.7 MiB015160
English-translated Anime[ARR] Jetter Mars - 01 [FF2D29D2].mkvDL119.7 MiB005393
English-translated Anime[Asuka ♥ Shinji] Welcome to Lodoss Island! TV 01-17DL119.8 MiB055440
English-translated Anime[ARR] Kouya no Shounen Isamu - 01 [728249FC].mkvDL119.8 MiB034060
English-translated Anime[ARR] Sarutobi Ecchan - 01 [E03148DB].mkvDL119.8 MiB107270
English-translated Anime[DOMO] Magical Girl Lalabel - The Sea Calls for a Summer Vacation [AAD9ABE1]DL119.9 MiB1015910
English-translated AnimeHideaki Anno Teaches Animation to Kids (EngSub)DL119.9 MiB014900
English-translated Anime[ARR] Maeterlinck's Blue Bird - 01 [2A0B2B5E].mkvDL120.7 MiB038470
English-translated Anime[ARR] Lucy of the Southern Rainbow - 01 [FEADA30F].mkvDL120.7 MiB207261
English-translated Anime[ARR] Red Baron - 01 [CEA9B27A].mkvDL120.7 MiB108915
Raw AnimeSHIN-MEN (シン-メン) TV 01-03DL120.8 MiB013320
Raw AnimeJungle Taitei (ジャングル大帝) Tezuka Museum Movie.wmvDL120.8 MiB0240801
English-translated Anime[ARR] Astro Ganga - 01 [47EC8FEC].mkvDL120.8 MiB015560
Raw AnimeToilet no Hanako-san (Raw 470x238).mkvDL120.9 MiB023320
English-translated AnimeMarine Boy TV 01 (636x480, EngDub).mp4DL121.3 MiB104080
English-translated AnimeBeauty And Warrior (Worst Anime Ever).mp4DL121.6 MiB014310
English-translated AnimeAnime Boston 2010 - Dubs that Time Forgot.mp4DL121.6 MiB015750
Raw AnimeHi no Ame ga Furu (火の雨がふる)DL122 MiB207910
English-translated Anime[ARR] A Dog of Flanders ~My Patrasche~ - 01 [9EE79EFE].mkvDL122.4 MiB015295
Raw AnimeTaoist Mutul and DoMae (머털도사와 또매)(1990)DL122.5 MiB0111641
English-translated Anime[ARR] Sasurai no Taiyou - 01 [AVC][8B5D5744].mkvDL122.7 MiB035830
Raw AnimeHello Kitty no Minna no Mori o Mamore! (ハローキティのみんなの森をまもれ!) OVA.mp4DL123.2 MiB1012970
Non-English-translated AnimeTonde Mon Pe (とんでモン・ぺ) - 01 (ArDub)DL123.4 MiB018330
English-translated Anime[Y-Sub] Akubi Girl TV 01-02DL123.5 MiB014490
Raw Anime【アニメ】リトル・エル・シドの冒険 第01話「小さな騎士誕生」.wmvDL124.2 MiB014810
Raw Anime[ARR] Koisuru Nezumi (恋するネズミ).wmvDL124.2 MiB0114781
English-translated Anime[ARR] Aoi Blink - 01 [7CEA315B].mkvDL124.3 MiB0110474
English-translated Anime[RStalker] Yamato Takeru - 01 [AF30898F].aviDL124.3 MiB1013580
Raw Anime[ARR] Sore Ike! Anpanman - Gomira no Hoshi (それいけ! アンパンマン ゴミラの星) [067BB54E].mp4DL124.6 MiB0137470
Raw AnimeKappa Maki (かっぱまき) - 001-010DL124.9 MiB012100
English-translated Anime[ARR] Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan - 01 [AVC][837BEFB1].mkvDL125.3 MiB105664
Raw AnimeNOOBOW (ぬ~ぼ~) TV 01-52DL125.8 MiB0112101
Raw AnimePeach Command Shin Momotarou Densetsu (PC新桃太郎伝説) - 01DL125.8 MiB033960
Raw Anime[Raw-Deal] Naniwa Yokyo Den (なにわ遊侠伝) 03 [21B4A922]DL126.4 MiB023580
Raw AnimeKishin Douji Zenki Gaiden: Anki Kitan (鬼神童子ZENKI外伝 黯鬼奇譚)DL126.4 MiB0111510
English-translated Anime[ARR] Karate Baka Ichidai - 01 [1B682DC6].mkvDL127.2 MiB034361
English-translated AnimeOshare Kozou wa Hanamaru OVA (VHSRip)DL127.9 MiB017540
English-translated Anime[Nanto] GeGeGe no Kitaro (3rd Series) - 17 [E111F8F7].mp4DL128 MiB103900
Raw Anime[ARR] Wakaranai Buta (わからないブタ).aviDL128.2 MiB0115591
Raw Anime[Raw-Deal] Toilet no Hanako-san [C430BFC5].mp4DL128.7 MiB017380
English-translated Anime[DOMO] Croket! - 01 [287F7711].mkvDL129.1 MiB0112889
Raw AnimeMechakko Dotakon (めちゃっこドタコン) - 01DL129.2 MiB102561
English-translated Anime[ARR] Don Dracula - 04 [6B4B8B9C].mkvDL129.5 MiB013061
English-translated Anime[ARR] Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster - 01 [9169971E].mkvDL129.5 MiB016550
English-translated Anime[ARR] Fuma no Kojirou - 01 [E6432844].mkvDL129.6 MiB025320
English-translated Anime[ARR] Don Dracula - 03 [3029DD6B].mkvDL129.6 MiB014132
English-translated Anime[ARR] Don Dracula - 06 [3B998E54].mkvDL129.7 MiB013740
English-translated Anime[ARR] Don Dracula - 01 [126A8864].mkvDL129.7 MiB0115634
English-translated Anime[ARR] Gulliver Boy - 01 [5F03B667].mkvDL129.7 MiB004370
English-translated Anime[ARR] Don Dracula - 02 [EC569E06].mkvDL129.8 MiB015072
English-translated Anime[ARR] Don Dracula - 05 [F1724D6C].mkvDL129.8 MiB013291
English-translated Anime[ARR] Gamba no Bouken - 01 [FF72A4C6].mkvDL129.8 MiB0110140
Raw Anime宮沢賢治 作 どんぐりと山猫.aviDL129.8 MiB0185170
English-translated Anime[ARR] Alps Monogatari Watashi no Annette - 01 [AVC][0A2B716A].mkvDL129.8 MiB024700
English-translated Anime[ARR] Fushigi na Shima no Flone - 01 [AVC][FEB0AFC7].mkvDL129.8 MiB105401
Raw Anime[ARR] Sore Ike! Anpanman - Roll to Laura Ukigumojou no Himitsu (それいけ! アンパンマン ロールとローラ うきぐも城のひみつ) [EB576596].mp4DL130 MiB1131050
Raw AnimeMidori no Makibao (みどりのマキバオー) - 01DL130.1 MiB015850
English-translated Anime[ARR] Belle and Sebastian - 01 [B6BC311C].mkvDL130.2 MiB007410
Raw AnimeStarlight Scramble OVA 01 (VHSRaw)DL130.5 MiB017240
English-translated AnimeRobotech - How Drugs Won the War (Remastered).mp4DL130.5 MiB018061
English-translated Anime[ARR] Toshi Gordian - 01 [AVC][7B5EAF11].mkvDL130.9 MiB016560
English-translated Anime[ARR] Vicky the Little Viking - 01 [CENSORED][F138D0CF].mkvDL131 MiB026380
English-translated Anime[ARR] Yakyuukyou no Uta - 01 [B8BB9B2D].mkvDL131 MiB103232
English-translated Anime[ARR] Soreike! Zukkoke Sanningumi - 01 [5B89DBBA].mkvDL131.5 MiB023515
English-translated Anime[ARR] Time Patrol-Tai Otasukeman - 01 [65BF943E].mkvDL131.8 MiB104581
Raw AnimeAshita e Attack! (あしたへアタック!) - 01DL131.8 MiB022830
English-translated Anime[ARR] Cooking Papa - 001 [6EEE86B7].mkvDL132 MiB108845
English-translated Anime[RStalker] Yamato Takeru - 02 [F3213398].aviDL132 MiB006680
English-translated Anime[ARR] Gowapper 5 Godam - 01 [DF46C355].mkvDL132 MiB024310
Raw AnimeKita e ~Pure Session~ (北へ。Pure Session) OVADL132.2 MiB2015350
Raw Anime[ARR] Sore Ike! Anpanman - Ningyo-hime no Namida (それいけ! アンパンマン 人魚姫のなみだ) [A44FDF18].mp4DL132.5 MiB1029932
English-translated Anime[ARR] Space Neko Theater ONA [720p][90F9AECE].mkvDL132.6 MiB017190
Raw AnimeFushigi na Koala Blinky (ふしぎなコアラ ブリンキー) - 01DL132.6 MiB012450
English-translated Anime[ARR] Paul no Miracle Dai Sakusen - 01 [422E9061].mkvDL132.6 MiB034020
English-translated Anime[ARR] Tiger Mask II - 01 [AVC][E3C73F76].mkvDL132.7 MiB0110110
English-translated Anime[DOMO] Moretsu Ataro (1990) - 01 [4BE8E1C5].mkvDL132.8 MiB018874
Raw AnimeSkyers 5 (スカイヤーズ5) - 01DL132.8 MiB014160
Raw Anime[ARR] Otsuki-sama to Oujo (お月さまと王女) OVA.aviDL133.1 MiBStatus unknown10304
English-translated Anime[ARR] Dodge Danpei - 01 [B2D37BE2].mkvDL133.2 MiB006494
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[10-02, 05:58] <[TRVE]> That was me. And as far as I know, there is no surefire way to find out what's wrong, it might be anything You can simply try again a few times or you can change something and try again, for example, delete the description.
[10-02, 05:48] <[WolfPack]> It wasn't uploaded. It happened to me. Someone said I did something wrong, but I know I didn't. Maybe it was because I took it from and added nyaa's trackers, but it worked before. Maybe it's because I already uploaded stuff. Maybe nyaa just plain bugged and was overloaded. That error isn't supposed to exist. The tea pot was supposed to be a joke. It,s not funny. I can't fix an error if I don't know what I do wrong. I just plain gave up. I'm looking forward to paycho pass 2 and log horizon 2
[10-02, 05:37] <theklutch> damn son
[10-02, 05:11] <Dhruv2930> I've got a question regarding uploading to .... I uploaded this torrent here and when I click "Upload" , a nursery rhyme comes... how do I know my torrent was uploaded?
[10-02, 05:10] <Dhruv2930> hey guys
[10-02, 05:09] <Dhruv2930> hey guys...
[10-02, 03:31] <sarachikorita> Only idiots, kooks and trolls release subs made with machine translators.
[10-02, 03:31] <Tysonblast> who is your nt mod waifu, chatbox?
[10-02, 03:23] <Artemix> Herkz please delete sinky account. Thanks.
[10-02, 02:34] <Chewi105> Motherfucking DATABASE, duuuh
[10-02, 02:24] <Artemix> So, what's worth watching this new season?.
[10-02, 02:11] <herkz> because you're retarded, stinky
[10-02, 02:05] <sarachikorita> I think certain people here would agree with me that googlefished subtitles need to die in a fire.
[10-02, 01:51] <himuraK24> Nyanpasu~
[10-02, 01:46] <Kenaya9> tes
[10-02, 01:35] <stinky> Why do you erase my post on subtitle edit? Fuckyou NYAA! There
[10-01, 23:35] <Addaz> trolololing
[10-01, 22:39] <titannobaka> there is a search bar,you know.
[10-01, 21:44] <whattawaste> Any Tokyo Ghoul blu ray uploads yet?
[10-01, 21:14] <jofs> Omnicat pls
[10-01, 20:58] <kureyonall> nyanpasu. :3
[10-01, 20:10] <zaturama007> NYANPASU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[10-01, 20:10] <zaturama007> is the original the light novel?
[10-01, 17:35] <SneakiestNEG> Most of the stuff on nyaa has plenty of seeds.
[10-01, 17:20] <Kawaii!!> Yeah, i guess i'll have to =(
[10-01, 17:17] <SneakiestNEG> Or just wait for the BD rip to come out. Patience ;)
[10-01, 17:08] <Kawaii!!> Thanks... seems to be stalled for a while now, sadly.
[10-01, 17:03] <MisterDonut> FFF
[10-01, 17:00] <Kawaii!!> Is anyone working on the Danganronpa Blu-rays? Just wondering, thanks.
[10-01, 16:15] <hazardous> lol they shud have named the movie Dragged in to The War
[10-01, 16:08] <[TRVE]> Also, nobody cares.
[10-01, 16:08] <[TRVE]> It's based on the light novel, you dipshit. So is the manga.
[10-01, 14:59] <nitekatt> that tinfoil hat looks so good on you
[10-01, 14:51] <hazardous> time travel is real. hidden gov already have it. amnesia is real. you'all in amnesia right now!
[10-01, 14:32] <sakuyabloodwing> everything that isn't time travel = moe shit
[10-01, 13:55] <xell17> I agree. fuck time travel and fuck amnesia, too.
[10-01, 13:54] <memekontol> ooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[10-01, 13:43] <nitekatt> who cares? all this time travel shit in anime and fiction is getting annoying
[10-01, 12:56] <CrimsonTitanRed> Can anybody help me setup this rss feed with my rainmeter theme?
[10-01, 12:50] <shaddrag> My upload speed is literally 50kb/s, I might as well not even try.
[10-01, 12:47] <Profuse> I have a very important annoucement to make, Edge of Tomorrow is based on a manga that's all.
[10-01, 12:38] <sakuyabloodwing> So I wrote a long explination about why people bitching about people not seeding/sharing is fallible but; TL;DR: ISP throttle upload speeds, for many it isn't doable and any encoder/uploader should make proper use of a seedbox which means you don't need to bitch to your fan base.
[10-01, 12:30] <Tysonblast> more like Gundam Seed PLS
[10-01, 12:21] <GoldenCrow> go kill yourself! (did i do it right?)
[10-01, 11:50] <x265> @lotusgg I see, then I'll keep using this aq values for now, I'll be testing with other anime, in order to get "general settings for anime"
[10-01, 10:19] <AttackNeo++> Seed Please
[10-01, 10:02] <sarachikorita> Oh geez, Mediaset...the Italian masters of the Macekre
[10-01, 09:34] <HypnoDisk> Ciao Benjo ti ringrazio follemente per questa tua release, era tanto che cercavo l'intera serie col doppiaggio milanese. Tuttavia devo segnalarti un piccolo errore. L'episoio 006 non ha la traccia Mediaset, la seconda traccia infatti è sempre quella del doppiaggio romano anni 80. Puoi risolvere? (o in caso contrario dove posso recuperare il 6° episodio col doppiaggio Mediset?)
[10-01, 08:40] <[WolfPack]> The anime suggestion I made is the link for the 480p. I LOVE CRAP. It's a wonderful fertilizer. Enjoy~
[10-01, 08:38] <[WolfPack]> Kips, you have made no torrents and I bet you're not sharing either. So I don't see much value in your mere opinion. I was about to make this torrent but it was already made, so I adopted it. Nozaki is hilarious: #603990
[10-01, 08:31] <[WolfPack]> I'm a french canadian, to me a meme is a grandmother, and they're both dead. I make demotivational posters. I have more than 200 but I'm just getting started. I think that the one I shared is relevant here, and quicker than saying it in my usual millions words. Enjoy. It's so freaking cute!
[10-01, 08:18] <Kips> your memes end here
[10-01, 06:51] <[WolfPack]> I actually came here to edit my torrents with a demotivational poster about the importance of sharing. Look at how cute it is! I'm going to eat so I won't get the wonderful insults you're going to use to praise me. Enjoy~
[10-01, 06:49] <[WolfPack]> Then why are you here and with a member name. *hands over a rope to Mayobe* Come back as a zombie and watch Tokyo Ghoul
[10-01, 06:40] <Mayobe> Anyone who watches anime should hang themselves.
[10-01, 06:14] <jofs> Underwater = Steven Seagal. Hard to kill
[10-01, 05:16] <Abunja> talking about rip, has underwater re-surfaced again? i saw their release of barakamon the other day.
[10-01, 05:13] <Abunja> there is no easier explanation other than that
[10-01, 05:12] <Abunja> rip = death
[10-01, 05:05] <hazardous> encode from lossless = rip. encode from rip = re-encode. encode from re-encode = death.
[10-01, 04:39] <eternia> Anyone who watches 50 MB anime should hang themselves.
[10-01, 04:39] <lotusgg> you understood me well. Using a 1080p to reencode to 720p is still a reencode.
[10-01, 04:36] <sarachikorita> You would do better to encode CR's 1080p video to 720p, instead of using their 720p at all.
[10-01, 04:30] <NoobSubs> Anyone who watches 50MB Anime files should be ashamed of themselves.
[10-01, 04:14] <lae> >implying source has much anything to do with size
[10-01, 03:46] <krucierchan> i do faggot fuckin fight me I like my 50mb animes it saves a lot of space, queer
[10-01, 03:46] <HerbalNekoTea> Some people has brain fart in the chat. lol
[10-01, 03:41] <herkz> lol who the fuck encodes from CR's 720p video
[10-01, 03:17] <lotusgg> using crunchyroll 2pass 1800kbit and reencode it is not incredible at all.
[10-01, 03:16] <lotusgg> @crf if all reencodes are shit, then almost all releases at nyaa are shit.
[10-01, 03:06] <lotusgg> aq2 is still better for economic bitrates tho.
[10-01, 03:05] <lotusgg> @x265 aq1 is better at highet bitrates and with grainy anime, also is meant to be used with higher strenght.
[10-01, 02:29] <crf> All re-encodes are shit.
[10-01, 02:18] <OnDeed> the best thing soviet union did was to die \o/
[10-01, 02:17] <OnDeed> yeah, I wish they would drop it, those trolls
[10-01, 02:04] <x265> Name is kind of a joke
[10-01, 02:01] <LiQuid> is vlc bad to use ? cuz I have no idea what CCCP is.
[10-01, 01:43] <Senfu> Database, Database
[09-30, 22:59] <x265> Why nyaa should be https? I mean, no personal data involved...
[09-30, 22:58] <SneakiestNEG> If I had a euro for every time someone asked why it is called the 25th anniversary! Any decent extras?
[09-30, 22:55] <SneakiestNEG> Weird nyaa is not https. Never noticed that.
[09-30, 22:50] <SneakiestNEG> I am incredibly old skool Just get mp4, throw it on a flash drive and stick it in a smart tv. Sure tv's are not the best media players but it is good enough.
[09-30, 22:29] <x265> @lotusgg I think I've found a set of better parameters for anime, aq-strength=2 is even better, I'll upload same episode with new settings, to compare
[09-30, 22:22] <OKanime Team> ops, sorry for the spam ><
[09-30, 22:22] <OKanime Team> any news about Tokyo Ghoul's BD? -_-
[09-30, 22:21] <OKanime Team> any news about Tokyo Ghoul's BD? -_-
[09-30, 21:41] <lotusgg> because of CTUs size. Anime is mostly flat textures.
[09-30, 21:23] <x265> x265 is very good with edge-detection (if anime is simple, that is good), but modern anime has a lot of lighting, shading... effects, and that's a problem
[09-30, 21:18] <[TRVE]> Who gave you that idea?
[09-30, 21:17] <lotusgg> In case of x265, anime is the best scenario.
[09-30, 21:08] <OneCrazyRussian> Just make all video into keyframe-jpgs and make user to SVP that shit realtime
[09-30, 21:07] <OnDeed> *x264 beats
[09-30, 21:07] <OnDeed> 1) those numbers are more like "best case scenario, maybe, we hope at least" 2) it of course depends on the source and varies all the time 3) hhevc encoders aren't as mature so x264 (h.264) betas them by better utilization of the older format
[09-30, 21:05] <OnDeed> "x265 could half-size it or even double-quality it for the same size" --- no. I know that "50% better" is the usual media story for H.265, but compression simply doesn't work like that
[09-30, 21:00] <herkz> best size/quality ratio is smallest you can make it while making the encode transparent to the source
[09-30, 20:54] <lotusgg> anime blurays are usually 1gb+, when not 2gb. x265 could half-size it or even double-quality it for the same size.
[09-30, 20:49] <Prazision> I'd rather have a larger file that doesn't look like shit, tbh.
[09-30, 20:48] <aceCaptainSlow> Is this argument still going? XD