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English-translated Anime[A-Destiny] Toriko - 101-147 (848x480 h264 AAC)DL8.3 GiB316010
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Majimoji Rurumo - 11 [1080p].mkvDL541.8 MiB36129150
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Majimoji Rurumo - 11 [720p].mkvDL322.5 MiB104468910
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Majimoji Rurumo - 11 [480p].mkvDL146.4 MiB34531140
English-translated Anime[Usami] Jewelpet Sunshine - 17 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkvDL317.4 MiB203534
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Fairy Tail (2014) - 25 [720p][AAC].mp4DL215.1 MiB23026460
English-translated Anime[SMC] Pokémon - Mewtwo ReturnsDL1.5 GiB303104
English-translated Anime[AE] Fairy Tail (2014) - 25 [720p].mp4DL202.1 MiB503792
English-translated Anime[Tsundere] Kamisama no Memo-chou - 05-08 [BDRip h264 1280x720 10bit FLAC]DL1.4 GiB104561
English-translated Anime[Ai-dle] Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future - 33 [720p][0401825E].mkvDL410.3 MiB204520
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail S2 - 25 [480p].mkvDL151.2 MiB22312162250
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail S2 - 25 [1080p].mkvDL559.1 MiB3265149360
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail S2 - 25 [720p].mkvDL332.5 MiB62724327726
English-translated Anime[Saizen] Kuroko's Basketball [720p] [Unofficial Batch]DL9.48 GiB324162
English-translated Anime[orz] Persona 4 The Golden Animation 10 (720p 10-bit H.264 AAC).mkvDL370.3 MiB15216673
English-translated Anime[Senketsu Subs] Tokyo ESP - 11.assDL23.5 KiB104560
English-translated Anime[Saizen]_Gundam-san_09_[720p][68BE470B].mkvDL53.2 MiB10013710
English-translated Anime[Saizen]_Gundam-san_08_[720p][91BC7EAB].mkvDL46.9 MiB6015070
English-translated Anime[Saizen]_Gundam-san_07_[720p][DFEFBAC3].mkvDL57.8 MiB6013880
English-translated Anime[Saizen]_Gundam-san_06_[720p][08849D20].mkvDL44.1 MiB5012290
English-translated Anime[Saizen]_Gundam-san_05_[720p][48CB0818].mkvDL40.6 MiB7012700
English-translated AnimeSpace Dandy Special Picture Drama 01 [ENG] [MKV 1080p]DL1.3 GiB1214806
English-translated Anime[Relight] 11eyes (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL17.48 GiB745371
English-translated Anime[AE] Tokyo ESP - 11 [720p].mp4DL246.2 MiB616950
English-translated Anime[Commie] Ghost in the Shell Arise - 04 [BD 720p AAC] [FF3667D2].mkvDL2.21 GiB1341469165
English-translated Anime[Commie] Ghost in the Shell Arise - 04 [BD 1080p AAC] [B36D9370].mkvDL6.48 GiB751450561
English-translated Anime[NoobSubs] Mardock Scramble (1080p Blu-ray eng dub MP4)DL29.12 GiB284500
English-translated Anime[NoobSubs] Mardock Scramble (720p Blu-ray eng dub MP4)DL12.34 GiB414901
English-translated Anime[NoobSubs] Mardock Scramble (1080p Blu-ray MP4)DL29.23 GiB414460
English-translated Anime[NoobSubs] Mardock Scramble (720p Blu-ray MP4)DL12.35 GiB585990
English-translated AnimeSailor Moon S (High Quality)(Dual Audio) MKV DVDRip (Uncut)DL9.29 GiB885391
English-translated Anime[Commie] Terror in Tokyo - 06 [7BAADABE].mkvDL428.9 MiB32241381
English-translated Anime[SallySubs] Black Bullet - Vol.01 - Vol.03 [BD 1080p FLAC]DL7.29 GiB215765
English-translated Anime[SallySubs] Black Bullet - Vol.01 - Vol.03 [BD 720p AAC]DL2.45 GiB546335
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Tokyo ESP - 11 [720p].mkvDL464.3 MiB50618298983
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Tokyo ESP - 11 [480p].mkvDL200.3 MiB85986660
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Tokyo Ghoul - 12v2 [720p][AAC].mp4DL251.5 MiB40439670
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Tokyo Ghoul - 12 [720p][AAC].mp4DL253.9 MiB15216940
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Sin Strange+ - 11v2 [720p][AAC].mp4DL38.4 MiB409640
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Sin Strange+ - 10v2 [720p][AAC].mp4DL32.7 MiB129020
English-translated Anime[Final8]Outbreak Company 01-06 (BD 10-bit 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL5.59 GiB918822
English-translated Anime[Final8]Outbreak Company 01-06 (BD 10-bit 1280x720 x264 AAC)DL1.65 GiB8210320
English-translated Anime[NR] Zankyou No Terror - 10 [480p].mkvDL60.1 MiB103910
English-translated AnimeGhost_in_the_Shell_Arise_Ep_4_[1080p,BluRay,aac,x264]_-_THORA.mkvDL4.37 GiB10922543115
English-translated Anime[Final8]Coppelion 03v3 (BD 10-bit 1280x720 x264 AAC)DL901 MiB407740
English-translated Anime[DameDesuYo] Tokyo Ghoul - 12 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [7578A255].mkvDL393.7 MiB77445608
English-translated Anime[Migoto] Sin Strange+ - 11 (848x480 H264 AAC) [11704C43].mkvDL21.6 MiB107610
English-translated Anime[Migoto] Sin Strange+ - 11 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [AD944C4E].mkvDL36.6 MiB16023712
English-translated Anime[NR] Tokyo Ghoul - 12 [480p].mkvDL66.7 MiB103542
English-translated AnimeMahouka Koukou no Rettosei Volume 1 [BD][x264,720p,AAC][10Bit][DarkHollow]DL892 MiB945140
English-translated Anime[CBM] Hal - The Movie (Dual Audio) [BDRip-1080p-8bit-FLAC]DL3.35 GiB18711715
English-translated Anime[CBM] Hal - The Movie (Dual Audio) [BDRip-720p-8bit]DL1.58 GiB21316333
English-translated Anime[Chyuu] Tokyo Ghoul - 12 [720p][DD7C08BB].mkvDL380.7 MiB67363207
English-translated Anime[Kanavid] Sankarea 1-12(END) [BD][1080p][AAC][MP4]DL5.3 GiB446697
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Persona 4 The Golden Animation - 11 [720p][AAC].mp4DL234 MiB22122610
English-translated Anime[Waku] Ao Haru Ride - 11v2 (1280x720 x264 AAC) [7637E4DF].mkvDL279.6 MiB403980
English-translated Anime[Commie] Terror in Tokyo - 05 [5A45EB1D].mkvDL413.8 MiB27243983
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Persona 4 - The Golden Animation - 11 [1080p].mkvDL553.9 MiB87278500
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Aikatsu! 2 - 50 [720p][AAC].mp4DL433.6 MiB719930
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Persona 4 - The Golden Animation - 11 [720p].mkvDL330.7 MiB1789152400
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Persona 4 - The Golden Animation - 11 [480p].mkvDL150.1 MiB55350280
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - 10 [720p][AAC].mp4DL330.7 MiB10116500
English-translated Anime[Mezashite] Aikatsu! ‒ 100 [D035A39F].mkvDL612.1 MiB18119073
English-translated Anime[Chyuu] Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus - 10 [720p][AC7291BA].mkvDL581.2 MiB11231243
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan 733 & 736 [720p]DL555.3 MiB137001
English-translated Anime[AHSH] One Piece 3D2Y - 01 [1080p].mkvDL2.39 GiB327850
English-translated Anime[AE] Tokyo Ghoul - 12 [UNCEN] [720p].mp4DL244.9 MiB16216682
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Rail Wars! - 12 [720p][AAC].mp4DL323 MiB52140501
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Glasslip - 12 [720p][AAC].mp4DL356.2 MiB23020970
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Re: Hamatora - 11 [720p][AAC].mp4DL230 MiB16016760
English-translated Anime[Watakushi] Rail Wars! - 12 END [720p][2045FABE].mkvDL341.4 MiB1170115702
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 24 [720p][AAC].mp4DL282.2 MiB52140610
English-translated Anime[Kaylith] Glasslip - 12 [720p][6F692CEB].mkvDL492.2 MiB93273887
English-translated Anime[STiNX] Mahouka - The Irregular at Magic High School - 24 [cc999f3d].mkvDL326.5 MiB28321804
English-translated Anime[Senketsu Subs] Tokyo Ghoul - 12.ass (END)DL29.1 KiB003890
English-translated Anime[WhyNot-Migoto] Yami Shibai 2 - 11 [480p][0F8B17E9].mkvDL45.3 MiB6015230
English-translated Anime[Anime-Koi] Reply Hamatora - 11 [h264-720p][232C43C8].mkvDL260.1 MiB59351873
English-translated Anime[Anime-Koi] Reply Hamatora - 10 [h264-720p][23B62778].mkvDL328.1 MiB34131262
English-translated Anime[MystVortex] Tokyo Ghoul - Batch [720p][AAC][MP4]DL2.73 GiB435232
English-translated Anime[0000] Tokko 1-13 DVD Hi10 [English & Spanish Dub][Russian & Spanish subs only]DL5.22 GiB1014000
English-translated Anime[AE] Zankyou No Terror - 10 [720p].mp4DL231.2 MiB18411770
English-translated Anime[AE] Glasslip - 12 [720p].mp4DL236.8 MiB203910
English-translated Anime[&] Himegoto - 10 [720p][17A29B8D]DL59.4 MiB705304
English-translated Anime[Senketsu Subs] Zankyou no Terror - 10.assDL25.6 KiB303710
English-translated Anime[Tsundere] Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT - 03-04 [BDRip h264 1920x1080 10bit FLAC]DL2.68 GiB015630
English-translated Anime[pop] Himegoto - 11 HD720p.mkvDL54.9 MiB003110
English-translated Anime[pop] Himegoto - 10 HD720p.mkvDL54.8 MiB002910
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul [720p] [Unofficial Batch]DL5.68 GiB211232061
English-translated Anime[Zurako] Sora no Woto vol.4 (BD 1080p AAC)DL1.45 GiB436500
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Free!: Eternal Summer - 12 [720p][AAC].mp4DL272.5 MiB14117210
English-translated AnimeBlack Bullet - 05 [BD 1080][patch][Trollo]DL599.2 KiB203560
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Sin Strange+ - 11 [720p][AAC].mp4DL34.5 MiB409030
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Ai Mai Mi: Mousou Catastrophe - 11 [720p][AAC].mp4DL27.1 MiB208660
English-translated AnimeTokyo Ghoul 1-12 (1920x1080) [Phr0stY]DL8.34 GiB24228061
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Shin Strange+ - 11 [1080p].mkvDL80.6 MiB11123800
English-translated AnimeTokyo Ghoul 12 Ghoul (1920x1080) [Phr0stY].mkvDL736.6 MiB605240
English-translated Anime[DeadFish] Psycho-Pass: Extended Edition - 11 [720p][AAC].mp4DL419 MiB25423780
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Locodol - 12 [1080p].mkvDL556 MiB35038280
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Locodol - 12 [720p].mkvDL330.7 MiB1183111463
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Locodol - 12 [480p].mkvDL150.7 MiB23037530
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-30, 08:57] <atikabubu> where the hell is the Sabagebu ED Single...
[09-30, 07:55] <OneCrazyRussian> Now everyone shut up and enjoy Space Dandy end.
[09-30, 07:45] <[TRVE]> I remux DVDISOs and watch everything with mpv (or MPC, depending on which computer I use).
[09-30, 07:44] <txtsd> I've been running archlinux for more than a month now, and I miss mpc-hc more than anything :/
[09-30, 07:35] <sarachikorita> Disclaimer: I use mplayer2 as my main player, mpv as my second player, and mplayer1 as my DVDISO handler on Windows. (mplayer2 and mpv share a common bug on Windows regarding DVD filesystems; mplayer1 doesn't have this bug, and it isn't an issue on Linux.)
[09-30, 06:32] <txtsd> thanks @sarachikorita
[09-30, 06:05] <sarachikorita> Only limitation of mplayer/mplayer2 is its crappy rendering of bitmap subs. For that, just use mpv, which is a fork of mplayer2.
[09-30, 05:46] <hazardous> never use VLC!
[09-30, 05:46] <hazardous> there's always some pixel blocks somewhere with VLC and during action scenes, it rains pixels. not to mention video looks kinda blurry on VLC.
[09-30, 05:18] <txtsd> Is there a guide for linux players? I switched to linux as my default OS and I've been using mplayer.
[09-30, 03:59] <Bobezlol> x265 is being aimed at 4k BD's and streaming stuff (like skype video chat crap)
[09-30, 03:27] <S3qu3l> Anyway you can scroll further in the chat or it's just limited to those few lines ?
[09-30, 03:22] <herkz> yes. it's not nearly as good as 10-bit x264 as far as banding is concerned, which makes it pretty useless for anime.
[09-30, 02:35] <x265> Yeah, that was the example that made me try psy=1.0 values and 10-bit, I think fading and banding is one of the weak points of x265
[09-30, 02:32] <herkz> it's insanely easy to tell the difference in that comparison. just look at the entire top-left
[09-30, 02:24] <x265> Yeah, that was a 8 bit build, and you just said it, you need to go to the detail to spot the difference; so basically: x265 is only better than x264 in terms of quality/size at "medium to low" quality; but x264 is still greater than x265 if you look into the detail
[09-30, 02:13] <lotusgg> You can only tell it's worse by looking very very close at a side-by-side comparison with x265 with half the size.
[09-30, 02:11] <lotusgg> I do x265 as second format for many animes at a brazillian fansub, and the results are quite satisfatory.
[09-30, 02:10] <lotusgg> is this 8bits build?
[09-30, 01:04] <MisterDonut> he caught the stinx from Eien
[09-30, 00:59] <HerbalNekoTea> @Imouto6969 Nope, ArchDeco, a certain member of the translation team of FFF got some Computersaure problem.
[09-29, 22:32] <x265> I've tried 10-bits, and results is kind of the same thing, but bitrate is lower, thx
[09-29, 22:32] <Imouto6969> Has jinsei died?
[09-29, 22:10] <vivan> now switch to 10 bit builds and you'll see everybody is uisng them.
[09-29, 21:54] <x265> Amazing, psy-rd=1.0 and psy-rdoq=1.0, and there you have it, banding is almost gone (it took 4x more time encode though)
[09-29, 21:54] <x265>
[09-29, 21:37] <x265> It seems that crf=16 is the border line, above that, x264 still wins
[09-29, 21:34] <x265> Which I don't know, is how this will affect the size...
[09-29, 21:33] <x265> Yeah, I can see it, but as far as I know, that can be solved adjusting parameters, I'll keep trying
[09-29, 21:32] <Varshnyar> banding is present all over your release, and that was the problem i found when I tried x265 long ago
[09-29, 21:32] <x265> That means I need to find better settings for anime, x265 needs to improve fading in general, it makes a good job with edges, but lighting and fading need more works
[09-29, 21:31] <Varshnyar> But the difference between both screenshots is really big D: Can't you see that colorbanding?
[09-29, 21:29] <Varshnyar> yes
[09-29, 21:29] <x265> screenshoots are really closer this one, same bitrate and preset?
[09-29, 21:26] <x265> I'm really missing "-tune animation" in x265, it is a pain configure and experiment parameters manually...
[09-29, 21:26] <Varshnyar>
[09-29, 21:15] <x265> I see, I think that using "fast" is a bad idea, it causes that ugly effect on fading surfaces like that door
[09-29, 21:14] <Varshnyar> Close to very slow settings
[09-29, 21:06] <SneakiestNEG> It has been ages since I logged in but the last time I did Crunchy player went bad.
[09-29, 21:04] <x265> I used preset fast in that one, which one did you used?
[09-29, 21:04] <SneakiestNEG> At the end of the day we are all relying on Crunchy or Funi, no? Personally I watch older stuff so the BD rips are already up.
[09-29, 21:01] <Varshnyar> (same bitrate, x264 still wins)
[09-29, 21:00] <vivan> crf 10 is a way too low, on a reasonable values (15-20) x264 clearly wins, x265 starts winning on 30+ which nobody sane uses (since you should downscale instead).
[09-29, 20:54] <x265> When it comes to crf=10, highest rates, x264 and x265 are really closer, I guess x265 still has to improve more at low crf values
[09-29, 20:49] <x265> of course, is not a general rule, just some sample videos happen to result that way when encoded
[09-29, 20:47] <x265> what i meant (example): 1080p, x265 ~400kbps, x264 ~1000kbps, same quality
[09-29, 20:45] <vivan> what you claimed was "x265 has the same quality as x264 at 2x/3x/whatever lower bitrate", which is wrong because you did your comparation wrong.
[09-29, 20:44] <vivan> you know, "less size at lower bitrate" is what simple math gives
[09-29, 20:43] <vivan> you know,
[09-29, 20:32] <x265> vivan, I just claimed that x265 was giving less size than x264 at low-bitrate, which was true in several short videos (just luck? maybe), now I'm just testing with the big deal, full episodes at 1080p
[09-29, 20:32] <HerbalNekoTea> What do you recommand for playing sid file ? I just want to ditch my C64 for my music. wwwww
[09-29, 20:30] <aceCaptainSlow> Thanks a lot, everyone!
[09-29, 20:27] <aceCaptainSlow> I'll try foobar. I had winamp before, but it crashed constantly.
[09-29, 20:27] <vivan> x265, it's not how to make a "proffesional" comparation, it's just how to make it not wrong. You can do the fuck you want, but if you're doing it wrong - you can't claim anything (like you were doing all this time).
[09-29, 20:26] <Varshnyar> Try foobar2000 or KMP. Even WMP is better than VLC.
[09-29, 20:24] <sarachikorita> For music use a music player, for videos use a video player...
[09-29, 20:22] <aceCaptainSlow> Giving it a try. Does anyone know how well it shuffles music? VLC can't do that for shit.
[09-29, 20:22] <NoobSubs> VLC is as good as the shit stain left on the toilet paper after you wipe your ass.
[09-29, 20:20] <Varshnyar> MPC in Windows, MPV in Linux. Most fansub and encoder groups recommends them.
[09-29, 20:20] <NoobSubs> I'd use Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
[09-29, 20:18] <aceCaptainSlow> So what is the generally recommended player for anime?
[09-29, 20:17] <x265> MPV is not hard though, thanks again Varshnyar
[09-29, 20:14] <aceCaptainSlow> But... but... VLC is easy to use...
[09-29, 20:11] <x265> Thx for the reading vivan, it's obvious I can't perform a professional codec comparation, I'm just testing for fun by myself
[09-29, 20:07] <Kusochibi> Hello! I'm looking for a "Gunslinger Girl - Il Teatrino" pack (it's the season 2) which has seeders and is not a blu-ray version (my computer is getting old and lag when I try to play huge files... and my connection is in morse code -_-")
[09-29, 20:06] <vivan> x265, read this if you want to cure your retardness.
[09-29, 20:00] <x265> I'm just testing settings, when I'm sure I've found the best, I'll encode from RAW, in the meantime, keep testing
[09-29, 19:58] <herkz> are you really shocked, TRVE
[09-29, 19:52] <x265> I would have to test with the RAW at this rate xD
[09-29, 19:51] <x265> When I attach a URL, the message doesn't appear. It is only me?
[09-29, 19:50] <[TRVE]> Oh wow, so you didn't encode from the BD.
[09-29, 19:50] <[TRVE]> >finally some screenshots
[09-29, 19:49] <x265> It seems, crf=14 with slow is enough to spot no difference between x265 and original
[09-29, 19:42] <DistantThunder> oops, I read MPV instead of MPC, which nullifies my request
[09-29, 19:40] <DistantThunder> Varshnyar, what is madVR ? I use MPV (though it can't vsync properly and FFMPEG libs) on Linux
[09-29, 19:35] <vivan> FFDshow died 2 years ago, LAV is new ffdshow
[09-29, 19:35] <x265> I'll post the screenshots soon, I am trying different crf values to catch the x264 equivalent
[09-29, 19:23] <NoobSubs> Doesn't everyone use FFDshow? Why do I keep hearing about the Combine Communist Codec Pack?
[09-29, 19:21] <x265> Gonna try mpv then, thanks
[09-29, 19:20] <Varshnyar> in Linux, you can use mpv
[09-29, 19:19] <OnDeed> such "losses" would generally be due to rendering, you might have wrongly set levels or something like that. Or postprocessing enabled... If properly set-up, there should only be very small differences to how stuff looks in different players
[09-29, 19:19] <x265> I'm going to make some different encodings with that scene, from crf 10 to 20, and from medium to veryslow, to find the best parameters
[09-29, 19:18] <NoobSubs> Rule of thumb: Never use VLC unless you want shit.
[09-29, 19:18] <x265> Well, I use linux for encoding (all I have here is VLC and ffplay), so I can't use that now, sorry
[09-29, 19:16] <Nyaa> TL;DR Don't use VLC.
[09-29, 19:14] <Varshnyar> I notice grain lose with VLC. It feels like washed watercolors
[09-29, 19:12] <OnDeed> I wouldn't say that it "always kills important details"
[09-29, 19:11] <OnDeed> note that the effect shouldn't be *too* significant
[09-29, 19:10] <OnDeed> vlc used to ahve issues that it aliased chroma (and perhaps had other issues - like chorma placement, colormatrix - because it uses swscale for screenshtotting and swscale is just bad)
[09-29, 19:09] <Varshnyar> VLC always kills important details. Better use MPC+LAV+madVR to get the best quality
[09-29, 19:06] <x265> VLC also lossy? It has the latest decoder version
[09-29, 19:02] <Varshnyar> nor VLC
[09-29, 19:01] <NoobSubs> Use PNG. jpg adds artifacts because it's lossy. PNG = Lossless, jpg = Lossy.
[09-29, 19:00] <Bobezlol> you cant use imgur to compare encodes
[09-29, 18:58] <x265> x264 original:, x265 fast:, x265 veryslow:
[09-29, 18:56] <x265> I will upload the images now, veryslow is better than faster, but still needs more bitrate (crf=21 may not be enough)
[09-29, 18:50] <x265> Yeah, I have tried with Baccano! and Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, happy to have more anime to test
[09-29, 18:48] <Varshnyar> Nichijou has a very simple animation with few action scenes and gradients. You should try with a different anime like Witchcraft Works or Psycho-Pass
[09-29, 18:47] <The_Truth> u make shame for the people that put effort into making x265 a more efficient encoder compared to x264