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English-translated Anime[Chihiro]Da_Capo_II_Second_Season_07[h264][4273E327].mkvDL231.5 MiB0046680
English-translated Anime[Horrible Subs] Hunter x Hunter (2011) 1-52 [720p-1080p]DL16.73 GiB2446643
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Shiki - 13 [360p].mkvDL176.2 MiB1046600
English-translated Anime[NotHorribleSubs] Valvrave the Liberator - 20 [1080p].mkvDL558.1 MiB2046573
English-translated Anime[Nevets] Kuroshitsuji S1-S2+OVA+Dubbed+OST+Manga+MusicalDL25.01 GiB2746572
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Fortune Arterial - 11 [720p].mkvDL287.3 MiB0246560
English-translated Anime[Mochi]_Baka_to_Test_to_Shoukanjuu_-_03_[720p][h264][CBB6674D].mkvDL357.6 MiB0046530
English-translated AnimeFinal Fantasy XIII The Movie [ENG]DL9.3 GiB0146453
English-translated Anime[Mochi]_Pandora_Hearts_17_[h264][80BE4035].mkv.torrentDL169.2 MiB0046430
English-translated Anime[Shinji]_Ristorante_Paradiso_-_07_[8F04ACE2].mkvDL399.5 MiB0146380
English-translated Anime[mbt] Moetan ep 6DL174.8 MiB0146340
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] El Hazard_ The Wanderers dual audio[english,japanese]DL8.62 GiB3146291
English-translated Anime[Shinji]_Shangri-La_-_14_[2972F3E0].mkvDL403.9 MiB0046270
English-translated Anime[Ronery]_Kuroshitsuji_16_[720p]_[83617E7A].mkvDL444.5 MiB0046250
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - 189 [720p].mkvDL272.2 MiB0146240
English-translated Anime[Lance-Menclayako-HorribleSubs]_Phantom_-_Requiem_for_the_Phantom_-_08_[640x360_VP6_MP3]DL205.6 MiB0046231
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - 190 [720p].mkvDL271.8 MiB0146200
English-translated Anime[Ayako-Himatsubushi]_Needless_-_06_[720p][H264][C80A4BF3].mkvDL378.1 MiB0146200
English-translated Anime[DVDrip]魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS/「19~21+特典」(848x480 x264 VFR CQ18 AC3)DL1.06 GiBStatus unknown46180
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] El Hazard_ The Magnificent World 2 dual audio[english,japanese]DL1.94 GiB3146160
English-translated Anime[Mochi]_Pandora_Hearts_16_[h264][C0AA4967].mkv.torrentDL169.5 MiB0146160
English-translated Anime[STAR] Bamboo Blade 22DL170 MiB0146140
English-translated Anime[NARUTO-BASE.RU] Fairy Tail - 90 [480p]_[ENG]DL153.1 MiB0146100
English-translated Anime[Shinji] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 17 [98FDA375].mkvDL403.8 MiB0046100
English-translated Anime[gg] Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai [UNOFFICIAL BATCH]DL4.07 GiB2146012
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]_Kono_Aozora_ni_Yakusoku_Wo_05_[h264][06DB2BD0].mkvDL169.6 MiB0045960
English-translated Anime[SS]_Fortune_Arterial_-_08_[E5CA34D6].mkvDL336.7 MiBStatus unknown45890
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]ToLOVERu_Trouble_20_[h264][D40C7E03].mkvDL229.5 MiB0145840
English-translated Anime[SFW]_Saraiya_Goyou_-_01_[720p][B0C8CAED]DL350.1 MiB0245830
English-translated Anime[Gonzo] Kurogane no Linebarrels - 05 [1280x720 x264 VORBIS][3107EC9B].mkvDL223.6 MiB0045790
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kore wa Zombie desu ka - 02 [480p].mkvDL157.6 MiB1045780
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]_World_Destruction_01-06_[XviD].aviDL1017 MiB0145730
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - 183 [720p].mkvDL271.9 MiB0045660
English-translated Anime[AnimeUltima.TV] Uraboku - 15 [480p].mkvDL148.2 MiB0145640
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Gintama - 198 [480p].mkvDL154.4 MiB0145600
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Sora no Woto - 12 [480p].mkvDL154.4 MiB0045560
English-translated AnimeGhost_in_the_Shell_2_Innocence_(2004)_[720p,BluRay,DTS-ES,x264]_-_THORADL4.27 GiB0145552
English-translated Anime[leak] Monogatari Series - Second Season - 19v2 [504p] [FA357D56].mkvDL108.9 MiB30454011
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]_School_Rumble_San_Gakki_26_[h264][0EBAE713].mkvDL169.8 MiB0145391
English-translated Anime[DVDISO] MacrossDL4.36 GiB0145311
English-translated Anime[Deculture]_Zettai_Karen_Children_-_14_[704x400_h264][079859F6].mkvDL169.7 MiB0045300
English-translated Anime[SS]_Fortune_Arterial_-_09_[9E1E6E63].mkvDL333.2 MiBStatus unknown45280
English-translated Anime[zOMG]_Bleach_166_[h264][07BCD795].mkvDL225.5 MiB0145270
English-translated AnimeSketchbook Full Color's - 01DL181.5 MiB0045270
English-translated AnimeMardock Scramble - 01 (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkvDL1.98 GiB1045263
English-translated Anime[FUNiGuys] Nurarihyon no Mago - 11 [400p](XviD).aviDL173.7 MiB0045220
English-translated Anime[mbt] Moetan ep 9DL174.8 MiB0145170
English-translated AnimeEyeshield 21 - 86 [Espada]DL222.7 MiB0045140
English-translated Anime[GoGGu]_Bounen_no_Xamdou_-_01_-_Xam`d_at_the_Dawn_of_WarDL238.1 MiB0145094
English-translated Anime[FOXHnF]Naruto Shippuuden 53-54 en EspañolDL380.5 MiB0045080
English-translated AnimeMobile Suit Gundam 00 - 01 (704x400 XviD MP3 Revision 2, Subbed by Anonymous)DL233 MiB0045080
English-translated Anime[SJSUBS]_Nurarihyon_no_Mago_Sennen_Makyou_17 [360p].mkvDL208.9 MiB1045075
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - 182 [720p].mkvDL271.6 MiB0145060
English-translated Anime[Hi-no-Ka] Kurogane no Linebarrels - 14.mkvDL171.8 MiB0045020
English-translated Anime[bettersub] Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance (BD 1920x1080 H.264 AAC 2ch+5.1ch).assDL168.4 KiB0144985
English-translated Anime[Anon]_Druaga_no_Tou_-_The_Sword_of_URUK_-_03_[1280x720]_[0C41A61C].mkvDL291.1 MiB0144930
English-translated Anime[Yuurisan] Kobato [720p]DL5.11 GiB3144912
English-translated AnimeSpace Adventure Cobra MovieDL705 MiB0144880
English-translated AnimeNurarihyon no Mago OVA1 & OVA2DL305.5 MiB14044876
English-translated Anime[Shinji]_Natsu_no_Arashi_-_04_[18217B5A].mkvDL330 MiB0144860
English-translated AnimeStreet.Fighter.IV.The.Ties.That.Bind.(2009).BluRay.x264.Dual.480P-BluDragonDL1.87 GiB0044740
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Naruto Shippuuden - 183 [720p].mkvDL267.5 MiB0044690
English-translated Anime[Frostii]_K-On!!_-_27_[CCB16240].mkvDL415.9 MiBStatus unknown44683
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]_Zettai_Karen_Children_33_[XviD][58EB8632].aviDL173.1 MiB0044660
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]ToLOVERu_-_Trouble_18_WS_[h264][F0E1A925].mkvDL229.6 MiB0044640
English-translated Anime[SS]_Fortune_Arterial_-_11_[E64C5006].mkvDL337.5 MiBStatus unknown44530
English-translated Anime[Anon-NknF] Seto no Hanayome Ova Gi 2.mkvDL360.5 MiB0144520
English-translated Anime[Yakuza]Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku - 05 SDDL197.3 MiB0044520
English-translated Anime[Shinji] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 15 [82FD3A4D].mkvDL404 MiB0044480
English-translated Anime[Oyakimura] Sengoku BASARA - 06 (720p h264-AAC).mkvDL329.4 MiB0044480
English-translated Anime[B2E].One_Outs.01v2.x264.[7532BA7E].mkvDL236.1 MiB0044360
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]_Skip_Beat_01_[h264][DCCCCDBE].mkvDL229.7 MiB0144350
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail - 131 [720p] High QualityDL235.9 MiB0144301
English-translated Anime[Clover]Seikon_no_Qwaser_-_02[H264][720p][59CD1431].mkvDL354.4 MiB0044280
English-translated Anime[Hitode]_Princess_Lover_-_09_[BD23EE0C].mkvDL313.9 MiB1044280
English-translated Anime[YSOSRS] Bounen no Xamdou 06DL342.8 MiB0044271
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_Unicorn_(1920x1080_BDrip_FLAC)DL49.81 GiB542144260
English-translated Anime[Shinji] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 18 [BB7450D5].mkvDL403.9 MiB0144230
English-translated Anime[Mashumaro]_Kateikyoushi_Hitman_Reborn_-_115_[937DC102].mkvDL167.9 MiB1044210
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu - 19 [360p].mkvDL186.6 MiB0144150
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kuragehime - 09 [360p].mkvDL166.9 MiB0144140
English-translated Anime2x2=Shinobuden (Complete)DL2.05 GiB0244124
English-translated Anime[Hitode]_Princess_Lover_-_02_[D6D9CED2].mkvDL268.4 MiB1044100
English-translated Anime[Eclipse] Fate Stay Night 01-24 (h264)DL5.55 GiB0144045
English-translated Anime[CrunchyShit] Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - 05 [640x480 h.264 AAC] [0FA95E6F].mkvDL128.1 MiB0144030
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]Macross_Frontier_10[XviD][409C9F12].aviDL156.3 MiB0044020
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]_Kyou_no_Go_ni_Ni_06v2_[h264][B001DA75].mkvDL230 MiB0143990
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Bleach - 291 [720p].mkvDL279.9 MiB0043980
English-translated Anime[Deculture]_Zettai_Karen_Children_-_14_[1280x720_h264][6EF3FD21].mkvDL350 MiB0143970
English-translated Anime[DVDISO] hapinessDL1.56 GiBStatus unknown43960
English-translated Anime[Chihiro]ToLOVERu_-_Trouble_19_WS_[h264][4502A1AE].mkvDL229.6 MiB0043890
English-translated Anime[Shinji]_Ristorante_Paradiso_-_08_[C4190B5D].mkvDL399.7 MiB0143870
English-translated AnimeTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann [Order BSS-Anon]DL6.17 GiB5043863
English-translated Anime[CrunchyShit] Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! - 09 [640x480 h.264 AAC] [51EF7617].mkvDL128 MiB0143811
English-translated Anime[SS]_Fortune_Arterial_-_10_[B123468F].mkvDL340.4 MiBStatus unknown43800
English-translated Anime[Shinji]_Saki_-_12_[70CAF7BD].mkvDL230 MiB0043760
English-translated Anime[UTSF] One Piece 425 [720p]DL300 MiB0143670
English-translated Anime[hh] Maria+Holic 10DL202.9 MiB0143670
English-translated Anime[zomg] Naruto Shippuuden 46DL146 MiB0143650
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-25, 22:29] <Hoshizora> DON'T Hardsub. Anything. For any reason. Ever. Hardsubbing is the best way to burn out encoders and delay releases forever. If you think you need hardsubs to make a good release, you’re either retarded or a TS perfectionist (they’re mostly equivalent anyway).
[07-25, 22:16] <OneCrazyRussian> Softsub allows: better styling, optional animation, use of customized coordinates and etc.
[07-25, 22:15] <OneCrazyRussian> The bad happens when hardsubbed video is stretched. Text looks more blurry the more stretching AND post-effect shaders are applied to video
[07-25, 22:12] <Artemix> What its so bad about hardsubbed subs?, I don't notice any difference.
[07-25, 22:02] <herkz> neither of them sub anything you retard
[07-25, 22:02] <aers> theres nothing HS does that no one else can do. its not like how-to-rip-CR is some big secret.
[07-25, 21:43] <RobbyLob> @MinnaSubs What are some things you've subbed which HorribleSubs has as well? The qualitative differences between your translations is about the only thing worth judging/criticizing.
[07-25, 21:36] <[TRVE]> It's unlikely, but not impossible.
[07-25, 21:35] <[TRVE]> And what will you do when HorribleSubs cease to exist one day?
[07-25, 21:18] <Kips> why would you wanna rip horriblesubs better or faster or anything a golden painted shit is still shit
[07-25, 20:31] <MinnaSubs> maybe :)
[07-25, 19:54] <BakaYuusha> So it's a race then? :P
[07-25, 19:38] <MinnaSubs> than*
[07-25, 19:38] <MinnaSubs> @BakaYuusha we're not re-uploading what HS put up . we rip as well and sometimes we are fast then HS
[07-25, 19:04] <[TRVE]> Thank you, Captain Obv- sarachikorita.
[07-25, 18:56] <BakaYuusha> @MinnaSubs Why are you just reuploading what HorribleSubs has already put up. Am I missing something here?
[07-25, 18:49] <MinnaSubs> we're back .
[07-25, 18:47] <Kips> whats shit or isnt shit is objective; aka why theres still siscon animes being mad. someone, somewhere likes that kinda trash
[07-25, 18:30] <Abunja> oh, sorry. my bad. its just me assuming
[07-25, 18:27] <sarachikorita> @ lifebaka and [TRVE]: 90% of everything sucks. Just ask Theodore Sturgeon
[07-25, 18:27] <Arkasia> A gaming magazine I used to read always explained that they like mecha to compensate for their small **** size.
[07-25, 18:26] <hazardous> maybe they want to make GiTS age a reality :)
[07-25, 18:09] <eternalmetal> I wonder why Japan is so into robotics?
[07-25, 17:58] <[TRVE]> And Abunja - wrong. I gladly watch and rewatch good animated cartoons.
[07-25, 17:58] <[TRVE]> Most of everything sucks, indeed. The case with anime is that it's a niche medium, known by only a small amount of people and produced by an even smaller amount of people. And only a fraction of those people has actual talent, both for writing and for direction, storyboarding etc. So you can imagine that actual worthwhile content is very scarce, even more scarce compared to wider-spread media. That's why it's worthless - good content is so rare it's practically inexistent.
[07-25, 17:52] <Senfu> I'm not taking him serious haha, just bored
[07-25, 17:21] <Abunja> dont take TRVE so seriously, lifebaka. he finds animation/cartoons unappealing so you cant do anything about it
[07-25, 17:16] <Senfu> Blahblahblah TRVE saying weird stuff again yada yada
[07-25, 17:07] <lifebaka> Ah, but of course most anime sucks. I can certainly agree with that. Most anime kinda' sucks. So do most novels, most movies, most TV shows, most of pretty much everything. What I don't agree with is saying that anime, as a whole, is worthless simply because most of it sucks.
[07-25, 16:54] <[TRVE]> And you seem to assume that "artistic merit" is the sole thing that defines quality. Besides, you mentioned a "new" medium, seemingly telling me it just needs time. I went along with both and am trying to figure out how much time it needs.
[07-25, 16:38] <lifebaka> You see, [TRVE], your question is based on the assumption that people acknowledging the artistic merit of a medium matters. I don't agree with that premise. So I won't answer that question.
[07-25, 16:34] <[TRVE]> So, how long did it take?
[07-25, 16:30] <lifebaka> Film didn't "acquire" artistic value. It always had it. People just stopped being pretentious assholes who could pretend that it wasn't important.
[07-25, 16:26] <[TRVE]> So, how long did it take for film to acquire artistic value? And how long has anime been around?
[07-25, 16:24] <lifebaka> Eh, there was a time when people didn't think that film had artistic value. There was a time when people didn't think the novel, as a form, had artistic value. So you'll have to excuse me for finding arguments that anime, or other new media, doesn't have artistic value somewhat unconvincing.
[07-25, 16:09] <OneCrazyRussian> >throwaway medium yourself
[07-25, 16:03] <[TRVE]> Plus, when a throwaway medium only sports a handful of good titles, you can't do anything else but judge it by its shit.
[07-25, 16:00] <OneCrazyRussian> Get low get low get low HEREWEGOOO
[07-25, 16:00] <[TRVE]> And lifebaka, I didn't know Twilight had anything to do with literature.
[07-25, 15:59] <[TRVE]> If Macross 7 is even remotely like the other parts of the franchise, then the bar is set really low. Come on, put more thought into it.
[07-25, 15:16] <eternalmetal> All literature should be judged by comparisons with Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination. And all anime to Macross 7.
[07-25, 14:33] <lifebaka> You could easily point the same line of criticism at any media, [TRVE]. Anime shouldn't be judged by its shit any more than literature is judged by Twilight.
[07-25, 12:54] <NotSoYans> oh, TRVE, I'm fully aware of that. Everyone has their oppinon and like it or not you will express it simehow. I still find it as a representation of society, though a scewed one. Besides because these, more or less, are artistic works, the in-universe happenings can and most certainly will not make real world sense at times. Because seriously, no one can expect a comedy to be realistic.
[07-25, 12:47] <[TRVE]> Anime nowadays is there to provide means to escape reality (among other reasons).
[07-25, 12:46] <NotSoYans> I guess TL/DR version - bugcatching makes no sense, but thanks Profuse for tellingabout it.
[07-25, 12:46] <[TRVE]> Therefore, if you claim you watch anime for different facets of human society, you delude yourself.
[07-25, 12:41] <[TRVE]> Oftentimes anime show not actual facets of an actual society, but simply how the creator would like to or imagines society to be. An anime portraying a real society is quite rare.
[07-25, 12:20] <NotSoYans> lol, yeah, sure. If you don't want to read it, don't. It's not even that important. Just some words on the internet.
[07-25, 12:16] <pky> @NotSoYans
[07-25, 12:03] <NotSoYans> Ok, so these will be my last two cents on the subject, because I don't it should be brought up in this way to begin with. Concerning bugcatching - while I could see the basis for that analogy it still is quite confusing, because while it may have originated in gay community it isn't really exclusive to them anymore, which by the way is not even mentioned in that wiki article. Also it is quite confusing Tokyo Ghoul wise. Also there seems to be high mortality rate in ghoul/human relationships and rare cases of children from those, which would make a better HIV analogy. Don't get me wrong, nor am I gay or have anything against them, actually Profuse told me an interesting tidbit of information today, so thanks you Profuse. Well, ether way I will continue watching TG and Love Stage! because I like seeing different facets of human society. Not so sure about Dramatical Murder simply because I have no idea where the story is even suppose to go. Well this is a wall at this point so I guess it will be deleted.
[07-25, 10:16] <jerxou> peroperoperopero~~
[07-25, 10:04] <usagiaddict> Then `Could not parse bencoded data` error looks like my shell's IP is banned... Couldn't be worse
[07-25, 09:50] <MisterDonut> rtorrent is whitelisted
[07-25, 09:47] <qashairy> Gintama S1 Blu-ray. Fuck yeah does anyone interested to pick it up? Japs subs is included.
[07-25, 09:46] <usagiaddict> Could you whitelist rTorrent, pretty please? I'm afraid that downloading torrents with cute little girls directly from my workplace would be bad idea.
[07-25, 09:45] <MisterDonut> the BDMV i mean
[07-25, 09:28] <MisterDonut> nalo, volume 02 hasnt been uploaded yet.
[07-25, 09:04] <nozdrum> cant edit messages on nyaa?
[07-25, 08:27] <nalo> I just want Kisaragi attention lossless aha :P
[07-25, 06:53] <jerxou> what the buck
[07-25, 06:32] <parata> Mekakushitty >>
[07-25, 06:18] <nalo> So many people uploaded Mekaku Volume 1, but no one wants to do Volume 2 for some reason. :(
[07-25, 06:04] <Kips> this is a very confusing conversation
[07-25, 05:30] <nitekatt> Looks like someone here is willing to say that its completely okay to suck d..k as long as you dont get a kidney transplant from woman.
[07-25, 05:20] <()blivion> "something you would hear played live in gay clubs". <--- implying he's familiar with gay club music.
[07-25, 04:54] <eternia> getting kidney transplant from a woman makes you gay
[07-25, 02:51] <BakaYuusha> His name is Profuse so I guess we can't be surprised if he spews out bullshit.
[07-25, 02:47] <BakaYuusha> So according to @Profuse, if you're male and get any kind of organ transplant from a female or got to a coffee shop then you're gay? @Profuse owes any apology to anyone who's ever had a kidney donated or been to a Starbucks. I can't wait to see what you say next. :P
[07-25, 02:46] <Akaneon> Dr. Dre. I got a question I may. Is Tokyo Ghoul gay. To play, Putt putt golf with his friends.
[07-25, 02:21] <knowitall> neither bulimia or bugchasing are aspects of gay culture. they exist among all sexualities.
[07-25, 02:18] <Demandred> ok, i retract that statement about ghoul after watching ep 4. sigh.
[07-25, 01:57] <Demandred> now dramatical murder, thats a different story there...had to drop it for its gayness being over the top.
[07-25, 01:56] <Demandred> i think ppl are reading to much into tokyo ghoul. why not just enjoy a dark gorey storyline and let it go at that?
[07-25, 01:53] <Profuse> @NotSoYans in gay community there is bugchasing I think ghoul(giftgivers) eating people it's an imaginative way the writer is describing such practice.
[07-25, 01:30] <NotSoYans> Also wait a minute - if throwing up normal food symbolizes bulimic aspects of gay culture or whatever then, emm.. What the hell does eating up normal people symbolize exactly? That heterosexuals are necessary for gay survival?
[07-25, 01:12] <Dragons4life> Anyone here uses MPVPlayer?
[07-25, 01:12] <NotSoYans> I have to wonder why a person like Profuse would even be in an anime centric sites chat if he hates anime so much, but then again there are a lot of different people in this world.
[07-25, 00:50] <aers> Expert trolling Profuse.
[07-24, 23:39] <junh1024> and Shitkurashou was a chore to watch in the middle/end, and that's saiyan something
[07-24, 23:38] <junh1024> I watched OreImo S2 selectively and it was "OK"?
[07-24, 23:17] <knowitall> @BakaYuusha What gave it away? The fact that he's clearly never met a gay person in his life?
[07-24, 23:11] <BakaYuusha> 3 or 4 anime that could be considered yaoi this season.
[07-24, 23:10] <BakaYuusha> @Profuse I think you're just homophobic. Not sure why you're hating on ghoul so much when there's literally
[07-24, 21:58] <darkfire68> can anyone help me?
[07-24, 21:52] <darkfire68> Made torrent with qtorrent 3.4.2, added tracker what is the problem?
[07-24, 21:52] <darkfire68> When I want to upload a torrent, i got this: Upload failed. No torrent data could be parsed.
[07-24, 21:47] <desudesusu> Ohys-Raws must be trusted
[07-24, 21:23] <DualBlader> Neither of those are really that bad of animes.
[07-24, 21:22] <Dragons4life> @Kawaii! I don't like the opening, the ending is pretty cool tough.
[07-24, 20:43] <Profuse> yea Danganropa is bad, it's one of the worst so bad you rather watch Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
[07-24, 20:41] <[TRVE]> Is it that bad? All I know is it's an episodic whodunnit.
[07-24, 20:34] <Profuse> By the way coffee shop is a big gay thing here in Davie village, No gays like to be in construction so they're all into service things like Coffee shops(hence like in Tokyo Ghoul)
[07-24, 20:30] <Profuse> TRVE I watched Danganropa PLEASE don't compare that garbage to Golden Witch
[07-24, 20:28] <[TRVE]> Sometimes I still do, Arkasia. For example, when I stumble upon a supposedly influential title I haven't seen yet. Or out of necessity, like currently with Barakamon.
[07-24, 20:24] <[TRVE]> Profuse, afaik, "Danganronpa" is somewhat similar. That's all I know. And you should read the Umineko VN anyway (this is actually the only time I will ever recommend reading a VN).
[07-24, 20:23] <[TRVE]> HeroineKawaii, let's start with the fact that it's an anime.
[07-24, 20:21] <Profuse> Dude I live in Davie Village I know everything about gay. I can tell you the writer for this anime probably gay.
[07-24, 20:19] <Profuse> 1. the ghoul throw up human food, it's like symbolizing gay(many bulimic) do the same thing.
[07-24, 20:18] <Profuse> @Arkasia it's the whole vibe of the anime. Few major factors in the story