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English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_048_Nyagotiator_Nyarth!_Break_Through_the_Tunbear_Forest!![H264_SD][547D955E].mkvDL204.3 MiBStatus unknown930
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_048_Nyagotiator_Nyarth!_Break_Through_the_Tunbear_Forest!![H264_720P][71A67808].mkvDL378.4 MiBStatus unknown1861
English-translated Anime[Frenchies-Subs]_Anime_Sanjuushi_01_[16802D87].aviDL270.8 MiB017101
English-translated AnimePokemon - Adventures On The Orange Islands (full)DL6.11 GiB011640
English-translated Anime[AonE] Nyanpire - The Animation - Episode 10DL74.6 MiB019681
English-translated Anime[RyRo]_Digimon_Xros_Wars_-_51_(1280x720_x264_AAC)_[7C248F87].mkvDL274.8 MiBStatus unknown2880
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_047_Orbem_Doublan_and_the_Dream_Thief![H264_SD][63F2F6E7].mkvDL198 MiBStatus unknown900
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_047_Orbem_Doublan_and_the_Dream_Thief![H264_720P][2392192B].mkvDL364.7 MiBStatus unknown2082
English-translated Anime[DOZO]_Bleach_Movie_2_[BD_1040p_x264_AC3][Multi-Dub&Sub][666AF861].mkvDL3.7 GiB013551
English-translated Anime[EG] Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz: Special Edition (1080P, FLAC, Bilingual)DL9.41 GiB0111482
English-translated AnimePokemon - Adventures On The Orange Islands (1/3)DL2.04 GiB01920
English-translated AnimeSeikon no qwaser II- 09 vostaDL253.4 MiB00660
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Eden Of The East Movie 2 Paradise Lost [DE50D533]DL1.96 GiB0017313
English-translated AnimeKaiji S2 - 22.mp4DL413.7 MiB00640
English-translated Anime11 eyes [BD1080p] remuxDL12.73 GiB01705
English-translated Anime[Frenchies-Subs]_Captain_Tsubasa_027_DVD_[CAE8E87C].aviDL232.7 MiB017080
English-translated Anime[OP-FANs] One Piece 513(1280x720 VFR AAC).mkvDL389 MiB00143912
English-translated Anime[Sunny] Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a place on Earth PV [640x480 Webrip] [0ECE36E3].mkvDL22.6 MiB015331
English-translated AnimeEpisode 10 of "Daltanious: Robot of the Future" (The Destination of a Grain of Hatred)DL113.5 MiB013992
English-translated Anime[KSN]Valkyria_Chronicles_-_14_[720p][15B853CB].mkvDL1.36 GiB002641
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_046_Beware_of_Choroneko!_Nyarth_and_Mijumaru!![H264_SD][859C8AA1].mkvDL186.1 MiBStatus unknown821
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_046_Beware_of_Choroneko!_Nyarth_and_Mijumaru!![H264_720P][96FA12B9].mkvDL346.8 MiBStatus unknown1581
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_09_(1280x720_H.264_AAC)_[DB55DFF0].mkvDL88.3 MiBStatus unknown18783
English-translated Anime[QTS] Mardock Scramble The First Compression -Complete Version- [English subs] (Fixed)DL124.8 KiB018761
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_045_Nyagotiator_Nyarth!_Operation_Persuade_Zuruzukin!![H264_SD][EAC3262C].mkvDL179.4 MiBStatus unknown720
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_045_Nyagotiator_Nyarth!_Operation_Persuade_Zuruzukin!![H264_720P][5D70A36D].mkvDL327.8 MiBStatus unknown1231
English-translated AnimeBleach Movie 4 - Hell ChapterDL384 KiB015800
English-translated AnimeFairy Tail - 94 [Arsal]DL56.9 MiB01630
English-translated Anime[Nevets] Kuroshitsuji S1-S2+OVA+Dubbed+OST+Manga+MusicalDL25.01 GiB0641682
English-translated Anime[QTS] Mardock Scramble The First Compression Theatrical and Complete Versions - Original Japanese and English Subtitles (SUP)DL17.3 MiB0110582
English-translated Anime[Buny]_Ikoku_Meiro_no_Croisée_-_04.5v2_[x264][288p][CF4C65E7].mkvDL40.4 MiB0121303
English-translated Anime[Kaiji-Subs] Kaiji S2 - 21 (720p) [ED791BCC].mkvDL339.9 MiB0127674
English-translated AnimeHellsing: The Dawn Ep 1DL47.3 MiB00248324
English-translated Anime[HnG-Hajike] Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - 09DL530 MiB013031
English-translated AnimeTiger & Bunny 21DL399 MiB001463
English-translated Anime[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana S - 02 (1280x720 h264) [29745873].mkvDL398.6 MiBStatus unknown246681
English-translated Anime[SS-Eclipse] Shakugan no Shana S - 01 (1280x720 h264) [DABC2A44].mkvDL327.7 MiBStatus unknown250300
English-translated Anime[AonE]_Nyanpire_-_The_Animation_07_[EE33FE3B]DL76.4 MiB017980
English-translated Anime[SJRIP]_Nurarihyon_no_Mago_Sennen_Makyou_-_08_[400p].mp4DL54.7 MiBStatus unknown64681
English-translated Anime[Kinosei] Redline [576p][Hi10p][7600E548].mkvDL1.51 GiB011560
English-translated Anime[AMX]Stratos 4 (dual audio)DL2.97 GiB0210921
English-translated Anime[Team_Catshark][Zero-Raws]Yu-Gi-Oh!_ZeXal_-_19.mp4DL243.9 MiBStatus unknown22543
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_044_The_Decisive_Don_Battle!_Satoshi_VS_Iris!![H264_SD][E9CF1D61].mkvDL181.2 MiBStatus unknown850
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_044_The_Decisive_Don_Battle!_Satoshi_VS_Iris!![H264_720P][615DC3F1].mkvDL328.2 MiBStatus unknown1580
English-translated Anime[RG]Pocket Monsters - SS01 - Takeshi! Save Nibi Gym![DVD-h264-AAC-SUB][005BC4CD].mkvDL231.3 MiB011281
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_043_The_Heated_Don_Battles!_Emonga_VS_Dageki!![H264_720P][25D144B2].mkvDL380.8 MiBStatus unknown1981
English-translated Anime[Young-Subs]_Kaitou_Tenshi_Twin_Angel_-_Kyun_Kyun_Tokimeki_Paradise!!_-_06_[x264-AAC][9DDA9070].mkvDL349.5 MiB011461
English-translated AnimeREDLINE [Temuchin]DL2.25 GiB001192
English-translated Anime[SJRIP]_Nurarihyon_no_Mago_Sennen_Makyou_-_07_[400p].aviDL133.2 MiBStatus unknown12363
English-translated Anime[AU]_One_Piece_-_510_[360p].mkvDL227.3 MiBStatus unknown500
English-translated Anime[AU]_One_Piece_-_510_[360p].mp4DL40.8 MiBStatus unknown3260
English-translated Anime[TF-AniGroup] Supernatural The Animation - 01 (BDRip, JAP+ENG)DL663 MiB003570
English-translated AnimeUta_No_Prince_Sama_7_[360p].mp4DL160.7 MiBStatus unknown2170
English-translated AnimeAkazukin Cha Cha (episodes 48-52 and 55, VHS, English dub)DL1.02 GiB01720
English-translated Anime[RyRo]_Digimon_Xros_Wars_-_47_(1280x720_x264_AAC)_[B5998D69].mkvDL274.7 MiBStatus unknown1100
English-translated Anime[RyRo]_Digimon_Xros_Wars_-_47_(XviD_MP3).aviDL169.2 MiBStatus unknown1390
English-translated Anime[mE]_Elfen_Lied_01v2.DVD[H264.AC3]DL282.5 MiBStatus unknown560
English-translated Anime[Team_Catshark]_Yu-Gi-Oh!_ZeXal_18.v1.mp4DL79.1 MiBStatus unknown13802
English-translated Anime[Takara] Ashita No Joe 2 - 13.mkvDL283 MiB011561
English-translated AnimeVotoms: Shining Heresy (DVD)DL1.57 GiB013240
English-translated Anime[Live_eviL] Snow Queen - episodes 1 to 24DL4.33 GiB014590
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Naruto_Shippuuden_224_[480p].aviDL124.9 MiBStatus unknown78270
English-translated Anime[AonE]_Naruto_OVA1_&_OVA2DL494.8 MiB0036980
English-translated Anime[DS-DSi DPG Video]_-_Steins;Gate_-_19.dpgDL57.1 MiB00641
English-translated Anime[Asuka-subs] YuruYuri - 06 - Art - Arter - Artist(720 x 404 Xvid MP3)[7689BDFD].aviDL141.7 MiB006971
English-translated Anime[John Doe Fansub] Battle Girls - Time Paradox 01.mkvDL278.5 MiB011450
English-translated Anime[EG] Victory Gundam - Episodes 1-6DL1.86 GiB0213773
English-translated AnimeDream Hunter Rem Ep 01 [ac].aviDL228.7 MiBStatus unknown3920
English-translated Animezx.escaflowne movieDL1.36 GiB012200
English-translated Anime[Tasty] Air Gear - Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori -Break on the sky - Vol.2 (848x480 h.264 AAC)DL355.3 MiB0121630
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Usagi Drop - 04 [720p].mkvDL265 MiB019750
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Usagi Drop - 04 [480p].mkvDL142.9 MiB004930
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Usagi Drop - 03 [480p].mkvDL143 MiB004360
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Usagi Drop - 02 [720p].mkvDL265.2 MiB006960
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Usagi Drop - 02 [480p].mkvDL142.8 MiB004140
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Usagi Drop - 01 [480p].mkvDL142.8 MiB014360
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 05 [720p].mkvDL277.9 MiB0013710
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 05 [480p].mkvDL149.4 MiB006280
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 04 [720p].mkvDL277.5 MiB007730
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 04 [480p].mkvDL149.5 MiB003370
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 03 [720p].mkvDL278.1 MiB005240
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 03 [480p].mkvDL149.8 MiB003070
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 02 [720p].mkvDL277.9 MiB004810
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 02 [480p].mkvDL149.7 MiB002890
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 01 [720p].mkvDL278 MiB014920
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] Kamisama Dolls - 01 [480p].mkvDL149.9 MiB003060
English-translated AnimeSugar Sugar rune 1-51DL7.46 GiB033991
English-translated Anime[A-Keep & gg] Night Head GenesisDL2.32 GiB035040
English-translated Anime[FTWT] Fairy Tail - 01-22 [720x480_H.264]DL4.41 GiB01761
English-translated Anime[KSTS]Morita_san_wa_Mukuchi_-_05[A2614681].mkvDL31.2 MiB0125982
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_042_The_Fierce_Don_Battles!_Tsutarja_VS_Komatana!![H264_SD][D4EEFF90].mkvDL219.3 MiBStatus unknown2210
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_Best_Wishes_042_The_Fierce_Don_Battles!_Tsutarja_VS_Komatana!![H264_720P][7835B7FC].mkvDL402.8 MiBStatus unknown3231
English-translated Anime[Hi10P] DOG DAYS - 01 BDRip 1920x1080 sub US/FR (.ssa)DL350.2 MiB001931
English-translated Anime[Asuka-subs] YuruYuri - 05 - When Akari and the Cicadas Cry(720 x 404 Xvid MP3)[526FADB9].aviDL157.2 MiB014360
English-translated AnimeMaria Watches Over Us 3rd Season / Maria-sama ga Miteru S3 OVA (DVD) [GrimRipper]DL2.33 GiB008236
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] YuruYuri - 05 [480p].mkvDL153.7 MiB003680
English-translated Anime[Frenchies-Subs]_Captain_Tsubasa_026_DVD_[FA5FCF43].aviDL233.4 MiB017211
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] YuruYuri - 04 [480p].mkvDL153.5 MiB003230
English-translated Anime[CrunchySubs] YuruYuri - 03 [480p].mkvDL153.6 MiB013220
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[04-18, 08:07 UTC] <[FALSE]> TRVE are you aware of the fact that some of the anime this season are making fun of the fact that the government forces little girls to fight dangerous demons with little/no pay?
[04-18, 08:02 UTC] <Usome> Why is only Commie the trusted user subbing JoJo? >.<
[04-18, 07:59 UTC] <Hitagi.Crab> such allow, much untrusted, very chat, wow
[04-18, 07:50 UTC] <nunarita> Wow, everyone can have a message now. It seem more busy with a bunch of people here.
[04-18, 07:46 UTC] <desudesusu> Hello World (?
[04-18, 07:45 UTC] <RobbyLob> @Memories.: Heh, I guess because I'm not a polygamist? Sorry if the grateful shout-out comes across as annoying. @Abunja: Thanks. And sorry, but no. I keep looking but I don't know why I can't find them. It's not like anyone's ever stolen CDs from me or anything. I'm baffled about where I've put them.
[04-18, 07:36 UTC] <Abunja> Hello there, Rob. Hope your doing well now. Seen the cds yet? Melting Holidays I mean.
[04-18, 07:36 UTC] <Memories.> if you like the releases so much, why dont you marry them
[04-18, 07:25 UTC] <Dark_Pride> tip kek
[04-18, 07:22 UTC] <RobbyLob> Thanks everyone for the great music uploads over the past week, especially from tman88, VyseLegendaire, Dark_witch97, skibblesx, seriagoras, and youshikibi as always!
[04-18, 07:22 UTC] <rjr12004> Trve has horrible taste
[04-18, 07:21 UTC] <Shinsekai Fansub> hello
[04-18, 07:18 UTC] <ratatata> he-heyy shitposting chatbox is back
[04-18, 07:13 UTC] <Ashura7z> Leave your message, before chatbox gone again XD
[04-18, 06:57 UTC] <lae> >these prattle do not know of the saving grace of spring 2014 that is ping pong
[04-18, 06:56 UTC] <Sora Iro> hi ( ´‿ゝ`)
[04-18, 06:52 UTC] <akiranyo> Phew so I walked into the monster's den, and watched Sonico from Horriblesubs on the end, as long Scribbles said no to it. Wish Hatsuyuki would have picked up instead subbing shows which we watched from the big guys days before.
[04-18, 06:52 UTC] <ventsu24> um, why did Bakakun028 just give a long winded prattle for no reason? Couldn't have just summed it up with a single precise word that encompasses most of what they said?: Otaku.
[04-18, 06:51 UTC] <[TRVE]> This season has Mushishi, it's automatically great even it everything else is garbage (which is the case).
[04-18, 06:41 UTC] <Abunja> You must have contriubted something good in this community, or do something remarkable/extraordinary feat here to make yourself famous. Then, you can be a trusted user (¬‿¬)
[04-18, 06:36 UTC] <polarwindz> did anyone think this anime season was ehh?
[04-18, 06:36 UTC] <Natsu Wo> cbox is back
[04-18, 06:36 UTC] <polarwindz> did anyone think this anime season was ehh?
[04-18, 06:28 UTC] <[FALSE]> John, what the fuck did you just say about me you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated at the top of the chatbox from the Nyaa Seals...
[04-18, 06:26 UTC] <dongus> i want to become a busted user, pls report me to the fbi
[04-18, 06:22 UTC] <IEgg> Saturday nisekoi BDMV Upload wait plz
[04-18, 06:17 UTC] <Usome> I want to become a trusted user, how can I be it? :'c
[04-18, 06:13 UTC] <Abunja> Troll Alert. Reported.
[04-18, 06:12 UTC] <Puyero> The fansubbers life is full of hookers, strippers and waifus... is a hard life...
[04-18, 06:10 UTC] <kbj5572> .
[04-18, 06:10 UTC] <bakakun028> Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook. Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening. Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch
[04-18, 06:10 UTC] <lae> can we get some more delusional leechers in here
[04-18, 06:06 UTC] <dedel> ahhhh waifus....I can only get them from ero books and hentai....3D waifus are a pain and nag all the time..
[04-18, 06:06 UTC] <dedel> ahhhh waifus....I can only get them from ero books and hentai....3D waifus are a pain and nag all the time..
[04-18, 05:59 UTC] <Abunja> Sorry, my bad. I have no intention of offending anyone.
[04-18, 05:58 UTC] <Abunja> Thats kinda sad, astrum. I thought fansubbers get waifus to have sex with T______T
[04-18, 05:56 UTC] <Abunja> Well that doesn't mean that he gets paid, and who's gonna pay them actually.
[04-18, 05:55 UTC] <Abunja> >Hadena
[04-18, 05:50 UTC] <twonline> ._________.
[04-18, 05:47 UTC] <Memories.> It's TABLE TENNIS. And, uh, my friend works for Hadena and he's pretty rich sooo
[04-18, 05:46 UTC] <_ACDC> ping pong is awsome
[04-18, 05:45 UTC] <astrum> Mind you. Fansubbers get bitches and waffles.
[04-18, 05:45 UTC] <Abunja> You're living a nice life, Puyero. Eat, sleep, sex and sub
[04-18, 05:39 UTC] <Fulbring> Obviously. That's why its called fansubbing :P
[04-18, 05:38 UTC] <Abunja> IDK what you mean, fansubbing IMO is something you out of your goodwill. I mean, I never heard any of fansubbing peeps that they're getting paid for what they did.
[04-18, 05:36 UTC] <Puyero> I work for food and sex...
[04-18, 05:33 UTC] <Fulbring> @Mermories: ..... They get paid pretty well. Its better than having a regular Job. -_-
[04-18, 05:28 UTC] <Memories.> How much do you get paid to be a fansubber???
[04-18, 05:15 UTC] <Abunja> That said, I haven't read the manual for a long time. And I haven't seen a grey torrent, not even once. Well, they're hidden anyways lol
[04-18, 05:14 UTC] <Abunja> No request, lotusgg. Please read the site manual. If you want that badly, you can try bakabt.
[04-18, 05:09 UTC] <lae> skibbigs pls gib kinmosa
[04-18, 05:05 UTC] <lotusgg> Thirsty for dat moribito's BD, yet no money to spend on it.
[04-18, 05:04 UTC] <lotusgg> #336252 or #426349 would be sweet.
[04-18, 05:03 UTC] <hakaze> is Sidonia good show?
[04-18, 05:02 UTC] <Cheesecake Militia> cakes pls
[04-18, 05:02 UTC] <lotusgg> Can I ask for seeds here?
[04-18, 05:02 UTC] <juniiflow> whats the best subgroup/encode for Yu Yu Hakusho?
[04-18, 05:00 UTC] <hakaze> test
[04-18, 05:00 UTC] <hakaze> test
[04-18, 05:00 UTC] <hakaze> test
[04-18, 04:57 UTC] <frostyon420> yay i can chat without being trusted lol
[04-18, 04:56 UTC] <ChitogeKirisaki> Boo!
[04-18, 04:56 UTC] <ChitogeKirisaki> Boo!
[04-18, 04:53 UTC] <ACrazyOldMan> bold
[04-18, 04:49 UTC] <ACrazyOldMan> [spoiler]test[spoiler]
[04-18, 04:47 UTC] <ACrazyOldMan> [spoiler][/spoiler]
[04-18, 04:36 UTC] <Yukina09> nyaa.
[04-18, 04:32 UTC] <allelujahhaptism> what is this madness
[04-18, 04:27 UTC] <Persius> anyone knows when Yugioh ARC V epi 2 will be released...
[04-18, 04:27 UTC] <Persius> yo
[04-18, 04:22 UTC] <Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r> Does anyone know where I can download ANIMAX unofficial english dubbed version Fairy Tail?
[04-18, 04:20 UTC] <huntasubs> Fartz.
[04-18, 04:17 UTC] <Abunja> So much cancer here.
[04-18, 04:13 UTC] <chocolatecornet> hiiiii
[04-18, 03:56 UTC] <Koahku> MIDALAH MIDALAH MIDALAH
[04-18, 03:54 UTC] <Zeta-Nu> I KNOW I CAN KILL
[04-18, 03:53 UTC] <[FALSE]> NOW I'VE LOST IT.
[04-18, 03:46 UTC] <jerxou> yolo
[04-18, 03:43 UTC] <Tmusubs> ~jiewell~ Daa Daa Daa And Cat's Eye... ;P
[04-18, 03:43 UTC] <clemllk> ping pong
[04-18, 03:42 UTC] <Zeta-Nu> Aku no Hana
[04-18, 03:42 UTC] <Tmusubs> what's the up chuckles?
[04-18, 03:41 UTC] <jiewell> what anime should i watch guys?
[04-18, 03:40 UTC] <jiewell> guys
[04-18, 03:39 UTC] <shani-san> ?
[04-18, 03:37 UTC] <Memories.> "table tennis" > "ping pong" [[ FACT ]] [[ CONFIRMED ]]
[04-18, 03:27 UTC] <chuckk> >anime's
[04-18, 03:21 UTC] <Chewi105> Dont listen to Zeta-Nu, he's just trying to lead you off the path of righteousness
[04-18, 03:19 UTC] <Satsunechii> ε=ε=ε=┏( ;* ̄▽ ̄ )┛
[04-18, 03:18 UTC] <Zeta-Nu> Boku no Pico is Yaoi, don`t watch it!
[04-18, 03:16 UTC] <deanzel> Does anyone know where I can download Boku no Pico? My friend really wants to watch it.
[04-18, 03:12 UTC] <Archein> I've watched all of the newly airing anime this spring and I can definitely say this is the one. There's is a saying that goes, "don't judge a book by its cover", and its truer than ever.
[04-18, 03:10 UTC] <LekiHayasaki> Fap Time it is
[04-18, 03:09 UTC] <Archein> @dedel & abunja here , that list can't beat this airing anime
[04-18, 03:07 UTC] <CoolCo> lazypls.
[04-18, 03:06 UTC] <NekoNekonime> Yo!
[04-18, 03:04 UTC] <Sekai-Subs> which means we all are survivin'
[04-18, 02:51 UTC] <Abunja> We're on the 18th day though.
[04-18, 02:49 UTC] <razorswt> hello