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Category DLSizeSELEDLsMsg
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan 1-756 Movies 1-18DL180.98 GiB012935034
English-translated AnimeRockman.EXE Ultimate Collection (English Subbed)DL44.11 GiB062502333
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan season 1 to season 22 + season 23(incomplete)DL171.8 GiB1260559715
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] 宮崎駿 Miyazaki Hayao All Movies [BD x264 1080p DTS-HD Audio×N Sub×N]DL138.22 GiB185139792
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Fate Zero 01-25 [BD 1920x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC MKV Sub(CH,JP,EN)]DL51.02 GiB104242978
English-translated AnimeSaint Seiya 001-114 (Jpn-Fre-Esp-Lat).sub(Esp-Eng-Fre)[Remastered]DL25.11 GiB213937183
English-translated Anime[Mochi]_Mayoi_Neko_Overrun_-_05_[400p][XviD][220E0316].aviDL226.5 MiB02212140
English-translated Anime[Stitch_Encodes] Dragon Ball Kai - 53-95 [BD1080p][Yamamoto musical score]DL32.59 GiB02023219
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] 宮崎駿 Miyazaki Hayao All Movies [BD x264 720p AAC Sub×N]DL13.34 GiB271833131
English-translated AnimeBleach CollectionDL77.25 GiB118144594
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] サイレントメビウス 劇場版DL991.2 MiB01812210
English-translated Anime[MiniTheatre] Bleach Season 5 (40mb X264)DL720 MiB0171500
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_Unicorn_(1920x1080_BDrip_FLAC)DL49.81 GiB1216212191
English-translated Anime[shin-Raw] 攻殻機動隊 S.A.C.DL10.92 GiB01525780
English-translated AnimeMonsuno 01-26 [English Dub]DL8.59 GiB014252313
English-translated AnimeBakuman Complete [720p_AAC]DL17.07 GiB61383245
English-translated Anime[DBNL] Dragon Ball Z - Dragon Box Z Vol.1-7DL69.88 GiB1013582812
English-translated Anime[Xanth] Nadia - The Secret Of Blue Water - The Motion PictureDL686.2 MiB01325973
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Saber Marionette All SeriesDL19.91 GiB41386733
English-translated AnimeSayonara Zetsubou Sensei - All episodesDL8.48 GiB012248610
English-translated Anime[Shinsen-Subs]_D.Gray-man_01-103_(avi)_(complete)DL17.59 GiB11123717216
English-translated Anime[Zero] Revolutionary Girl Utena [BD 720p Dual Audio AAC]DL20.41 GiB1711135443
English-translated AnimeDragonball Kai S1 1080p Dual Audio English SubsDL72.54 GiB21022654
English-translated Anime[Kamigami-Raws] Baccano 01-16 Fin [BD x264 1920×1080 FLAC(Jap,Eng) MKV Sub(Jap,Eng)]DL20.41 GiB81064401
English-translated Anime[MS] Gankutsuou [BD][720p]DL12.21 GiB17101342215
English-translated Anime[Tenkai Knights Wiki] Tenkai Knights - 01-52 - English Dub (Complete)DL16.54 GiB097510
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Shingeki no Kyojin - Season 1 [480p]DL3.8 GiB18951287
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Summer Wars [BD x264 1920×1080 DTS(5.1ch,CH,JP) Sub(GB,BIG5,JP,EN)].mkvDL6.08 GiB8936472
English-translated AnimeMajor Complete BatchDL34.43 GiB89344287
English-translated Anime[RG] ARIEL/DELUXE ARIEL (Dual Audio)DL1.37 GiB0912531
English-translated Anime(ATC) City HunterDL45.73 GiB29196010
English-translated Anime[anon] Ushio to Tora - 01 (720p) [D900D256].mkvDL606.6 MiB177842882
English-translated Anime[MEDAMUX] Code Geass Boukoku no Akito - 03 (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkvDL1.14 GiB80851557
English-translated Anime[Solar] Ouran Host Club (1-26 Batch)DL4.43 GiB683430
English-translated Anime[yibis]_One_Piece_692_[720p][630850AE].mkvDL322.5 MiB99857590
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis [720p]DL5.86 GiB17883231
English-translated Anime[TCL] Claymore [Blu Ray][720p][Dual Audio]DL10.83 GiB2882987612
English-translated Anime(G_P) VotomsDL15.78 GiB64238391
English-translated AnimeShooting Star GakusaverDL1.42 GiB087941
English-translated AnimeCaptain ThabitDL6.37 GiB08972
English-translated AnimeGundam Seed MKV (Complete)DL12.01 GiB38315582
English-translated Anime[TSR] Death Note 01-37 (Complete)DL8.37 GiB2789842019
English-translated AnimeDragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods (Dual Audio) - [720p HEVC x265] - BVzDL354.5 MiB52722781
English-translated Anime[yibis]_One_Piece_688_[720p][EDACB900].mkvDL323.5 MiB100776790
English-translated AnimeHajime no Ippo (Complete)DL15.43 GiB77109926
English-translated AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster DVD completeDL42.36 GiB474159225
English-translated Anime[Batch] Keroro Gunsou Subbed 001-130DL21.66 GiB67210439
English-translated Anime[EG] ZZ Gundam Blu-ray - Episodes 1-25DL12.28 GiB27735713
English-translated Anime[dp&RNA]Sakura Taisen N. Y. 1-6 OVADL1.12 GiB0717493
English-translated Anime[shin-Raw] 機動戦士ガンダム 0083 Stardust memoryDL7.85 GiB0719500
English-translated Anime【アニメ】 創聖のアクエリオン 全26話DL7.43 GiB67633710
English-translated AnimeFate/Stay Night UBW Opening (Ideal White)DL153.7 MiB064186
English-translated AnimeKyou_Kara_Maou_CompleteDL18.32 GiB4615082
English-translated Anime[C-W] Beyblade: Metal Masters (Metal Fight Beyblade: Baku) 1-51 720pDL8.6 GiB0617690
English-translated AnimeHetalia Axis Powers + World Series + Paint it, White Movie + Fan DiscDL4.98 GiB6636531
English-translated AnimeYu Yu Hakusho 1080p LOSSLESS BDRip Complete Ep. 1-112DL381.53 GiB06179425
English-translated AnimeAfro Samurai Movie 01 Uncut BD 720pDL1.68 GiB11625500
English-translated Anime[TechMod-F8] Scryed (BD 10-bit)DL9.63 GiB0613660
English-translated AnimeShakugan No Shana II [BD 720p x264 Vorbis]DL11.97 GiB0621904
English-translated AnimeShakugan no Shana Complete 720pDL26.61 GiB1569544622
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind [BD 1920×1040 x264 FLAC(JP,CH1,CH2,EN,FR,DE,KO) Sub(GB,BIG5,JP,EN,FR,KO,SP,FI,RO)].mkvDL13.01 GiB1635200
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Byousoku 5 Centimeter [BD x264 1920x1080 AC3(5. 1ch,jp,en,rus,ita,ger) Sub(BIG5,GB,en,jp,ara,ger,kor,por,tha,spa,ita,ind)].mkvDL3.89 GiB4625413
English-translated Anime[AMX]Stratos 4 (dual audio)DL2.97 GiB0612471
English-translated Anime[Kira-Fansub] Seikon no Qwaser complete + extrasDL19.12 GiB161280820
English-translated Anime[gg]-[Oyasumi] PaniPoni Dash! + OVADL4.89 GiB166176857
English-translated Anime[RiP] Ghost Talker Daydream (Teizokurei Daydream)DL1022.5 MiB063790
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] - The Law Of Ueki - all 51 eps in one torrent.DL16.91 GiB86249474
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden 107 - 480pDL145.2 MiB06985972
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden 96 - 480pDL169.4 MiB0690051
English-translated Anime(OVA)クラッシャージョウ - 氷結監獄の罠 拡張子.ogmDL588.8 MiB066480
English-translated Anime[RAW] Fushigi na MelmoDL4.73 GiB065041
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] 3x3EYESDL2.54 GiB0619540
English-translated Anime(Unofficial Batch) [Vivid] Owari no Seraph [720p][10bit]DL4.59 GiB17511181
English-translated Anime[yibis]_One_Piece_691_[720p][7B4D3084].mkvDL323.7 MiB125564370
English-translated Anime[yibis]_One_Piece_689_[720p][F0965AE2].mkvDL322.1 MiB95596001
English-translated Anime[Unofficial Batch] [Cthuko] ShirobakoDL4.95 GiB28525290
English-translated Anime[yibis]_One_Piece_684_[720p][6ADB04F4].mkvDL406.3 MiB72540960
English-translated AnimeSEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED - (1).mp4DL130.5 MiB056030
English-translated Anime[yibis]_One_Piece_675_[720p][92EA6391].mkvDL298.4 MiBStatus unknown28680
English-translated Anime[Jumonji-Giri] [A-E] Yakitate Japan 1-69 (DVD 480p x264)DL18.02 GiB11520670
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon - 01 - 25 [1080p] [Unofficial Batch]DL13.7 GiB14551220
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Spirited Away [BD 1080p x264 DTS-HD(Man,Can,Jap,Eng,Fre,Fin,Kor) Sub(Chs,Cht,Jap,Eng,Fre,Ger,Kor)].mkvDL14.36 GiB3522410
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Gundam Build Fighters 720p [Ep 1-25]DL8.47 GiB16572681
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Irresponsible Captain Tylor Complete (640x480 DVD Dual-Audio AC3)DL14.26 GiB1522042
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below [BD x264 1920×1080 DTS-HD(5.1ch,Jap,Man,Can,Eng) Sub(Chs,Cht,Jap,Eng)].mkvDL7.72 GiB0519451
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - The Movie [BD x264 1920×1080 DTS-HD(5.1ch,2.0ch) Sub(Chs,Cht,Jap,Eng,Kor,Fre,Spa)]DL20.77 GiB1525003
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] 红の豚 Kurenai no Buta Porco Rosso 1992 [BD x264 1920×1080 DTS-HD(Jap,Man,Can,Eng,Fre,Ger,Fin,Kor) Sub(Chs,Jap,Man,Can,Eng,Fre,Ger,Kor)].mkvDL14.74 GiB75283204
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Chrome Shelled Regios [Dual Audio]DL7.97 GiB2256091921
English-translated Anime[TechMod] Hayate no Gotoku! Uncensored and Noted Series 1DL12.98 GiB1529062
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Puella Magi Madoka Magica 01-12 [BD 1920×1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC(Jap,Eng,Ita) Sub(GB,Big5,Jap,Eng)]DL25.88 GiB2534221
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny]Busou Renkin Dual Audio[English,Japanese]480p[720x480]DL8.62 GiB6541107
English-translated Anime[RaX] Samurai Deeper KyoDL5.44 GiB5535402
English-translated AnimeInfinite Stratos + OVA [BD 1280x720 Hi10P AAC Dual Audio]DL4.68 GiB25134304
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Laputa Castle in the Sky [BD x264 2000x1080 DTS(CH1,CH2,JP,EN,FR,DE,KO) Sub(GB,BIG5,JP,EN,FR,KO,FI,RO,CS)].mkvDL5.57 GiB0522871
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Whisper of the Heart [BD x264 1920x1080 FLAC(5.1ch,CH,JP,EN,GE,KO) Sub(CH,JP,EN,GE,KO)].mkvDL13.62 GiB2519011
English-translated AnimeBlood Plus 1-50DL8.3 GiB0520407
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Kokuriko-zaka Kara [BD x264 1920x1040 DTS 5.1ch Sub(GB,BIG5,JP,EN,CH,FR,KO)].mkvDL4.4 GiB0528052
English-translated AnimeVOTOMS Kilotorrent Mk.3DL35.79 GiB2526708
English-translated Anime[Commie] Steins;Gate 01-25 Complete [720p]DL7.45 GiB26411839013
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