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English-translated Anime[Kamigami] 宮崎駿 Miyazaki Hayao All Movies [BD x264 1080p DTS-HD Audio×N Sub×N]DL138.22 GiB178930182
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan 1-756 Movies 1-18DL180.98 GiB18116863
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan season 1 to season 22 + season 23(incomplete)DL171.8 GiB456119613
English-translated AnimeSaint Seiya 001-114 (Jpn-Fre-Esp-Lat).sub(Esp-Eng-Fre)[Remastered]DL25.11 GiB223530302
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] 宮崎駿 Miyazaki Hayao All Movies [BD x264 720p AAC Sub×N]DL13.34 GiB263123931
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Fate Zero 01-25 [BD 1920x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC MKV Sub(CH,JP,EN)]DL51.02 GiB42439888
English-translated Anime[HNG] Tatakae Ramenman 01-35 DVD MKVDL8.06 GiB12224702
English-translated Anime[Kamigami-Raws] The Tale of Princess Kaguya [BD x264 1080p DTS-HD(Man,Can,Jap,Eng,Fre) Sub(Man,Can,Jap,Eng,Fre,Kor)].mkvDL11.66 GiB31227874
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Shingeki no Kyojin - Season 1 [480p]DL3.8 GiB172245687
English-translated Anime[TSR] Death Note 01-37 (Complete)DL8.37 GiB36199146119
English-translated Anime[Kamigami-Raws] Baccano 01-16 Fin [BD x264 1920×1080 FLAC(Jap,Eng) MKV Sub(Jap,Eng)]DL20.41 GiB81558451
English-translated Anime[SSP-Corp]Wedding Peach TV & OVA Dual AudioDL18.04 GiB11515144
English-translated AnimeDoraemon the movie: New Nobita's Great Demon-Peko and the Exploration Party of FiveDL806 MiB28148110
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple dual audio[english,japanese]DL16.58 GiB131452043
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] サイレントメビウスDL5.19 GiB01413180
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Guilty_Crown_(1280x720_Blu-ray_FLAC)DL13.13 GiB3113108492
English-translated AnimeMajor Complete BatchDL34.43 GiB913317476
English-translated AnimeShakugan no Shana Complete 720pDL26.61 GiB20126996822
English-translated Anime[QTS] Mobile Suit GUNDAM SEED HD Remaster Blu-ray BOX1-2 + Eizou Tokuten + Original English Subtitles (BD H264 1920x1080 FLAC 2.0+2.0+2.0 SUP)DL43.67 GiB012113846
English-translated Anime[TechMod] Orphen RevengeDL4.62 GiB01118189
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon - 01 - 25 [1080p] [Unofficial Batch]DL13.7 GiB211035330
English-translated Anime[Zero] Revolutionary Girl Utena [BD 720p Dual Audio AAC]DL20.41 GiB1710116743
English-translated AnimeInuYasha [ 001-167] [a4e] and [AHQ]dual audio[english,japanese]DL47.77 GiB71039367
English-translated AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster DVD completeDL42.36 GiB12103894625
English-translated Animekekkaishi [DVDRip][Rus sub] + BonusDL12.72 GiB01033870
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] サイレントメビウス 劇場版DL991.2 MiB01011040
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_Unicorn_(1920x1080_BDrip_FLAC)DL49.81 GiB179126040
English-translated Anime[RaX] Kiba dual audio[english,japanese]DL12.68 GiB4914230
English-translated Anime[TCL] Claymore [Blu Ray][720p][Dual Audio]DL10.83 GiB1892739512
English-translated Anime[Commie] Steins;Gate 01-25 Complete [720p]DL7.45 GiB2867911313
English-translated Anime[Mochi] Letter Bee - Tegami Bachi (1280x720 h264)DL8.2 GiB39126602
English-translated AnimeArgevollen.S01E23.720p.WEBRip.x264-ANiHLSDL322.5 MiB081670
English-translated Anime[DIY-Commie] Chihayafuru 2 - Volume 2 - Episode 13-25 [BD 720p FLAC]DL6.34 GiB185234
English-translated Anime[C-W] Beyblade: Metal Masters (Metal Fight Beyblade: Baku) 1-51 720pDL8.6 GiB0816090
English-translated Anime[cloudyvision] Papuwa dual audio[english,japanese]DL4.42 GiB086401
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Black Cat [Dual Audio]DL7.96 GiB88297559
English-translated Anime[MS] Gankutsuou [BD][720p]DL12.21 GiB1681162215
English-translated AnimeSamurai Champloo H.264 720p Dual Audio AAC 5.1DL9.45 GiB1882676311
English-translated Anime[RG] ARIEL/DELUXE ARIEL (Dual Audio)DL1.37 GiB0811881
English-translated Anime[ACX] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle S1 S2 dual audio[Japanese, English]DL11.87 GiB5727456
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Chrome Shelled Regios [Dual Audio]DL7.97 GiB2174723819
English-translated Anime[ACX]Azumanga Daioh (Dual Audio)DL5.95 GiB47454660
English-translated Anime[Shinsen-Subs]_D.Gray-man_01-103_(avi)_(complete)DL17.59 GiB1273519816
English-translated Anime[shin-Raw] 攻殻機動隊 S.A.C.DL10.92 GiB0723190
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] - The Law Of Ueki - all 51 eps in one torrent.DL16.91 GiB97233854
English-translated Anime(ATC) City HunterDL45.73 GiB27185820
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Saber Marionette All SeriesDL19.91 GiB3779213
English-translated Anime[PrincessSerenity] Sailor Moon Season 01 Part 01 [BD 720p] [Dual-Audio] [Hi10]DL18.34 GiB563932
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_XY_049_Mobilize,_Laplace_Defense_Corps!_Eureka_Does_Her_Best!![H264_720P][8E00DD3E].mkvDL403.3 MiB22633000
English-translated AnimeFairy Tail 121 - 131 [1080p][5.1][Dual-Audio] Part 11DL6.68 GiB7638377
English-translated Anime[Commie] Samurai Flamenco (720p)DL4.91 GiB4619140
English-translated Anime[WhyNot] Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle S1-3 [TV 720p AAC]DL23.27 GiB2612922
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Mardock Scramble 01-03 [BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC(5.1ch) MKV Sub(Chs,Cht,Jap,Eng)]DL34.99 GiB3613440
English-translated Anime[ACX] Project Arms (S1 S2) dual audio[english,japanese]DL11.75 GiB1614891
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Kekkaishi DVD 480pdual audio[english,japanese]DL17.25 GiB2625047
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Kidou Senshi Gundam UC Unicorn 01-06 [BD 1920x1080 x264 AAC MKV Sub(JP,EN,FR,SP,CH)]DL3.37 GiB106314903
English-translated AnimeSteins;Gate [BD 1280x720 Hi10P AAC Dual Audio]DL11.81 GiB1163120118
English-translated AnimeBlood Plus 1-50DL8.3 GiB0619086
English-translated Anime[Batch] Keroro Gunsou Subbed 001-130DL21.66 GiB86198129
English-translated Anime[GrimRipper] Revolutionary Girl Utena [Remastered R2J] [Dual Audio]DL12.34 GiB136226014
English-translated AnimeYakumo Tatsu OVA [Anime-MX]DL700 MiB0620460
English-translated Anime[Xanth] Nadia - The Secret Of Blue Water - The Motion PictureDL686.2 MiB0624843
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny]_GodannarDL8.63 GiB16169162
English-translated AnimeMagical Nyan Nyan Taruto 01 - 12DL2.07 GiB064671
English-translated Anime[Surf] Dororo 04-08DL526 MiB1052341
English-translated Anime[PM]Pocket_Monsters_XY_052_Ninja_Art_Showdown!_Gekogashira_VS_Gamenodes!![H264_720P][AF92C080].mkvDL434.1 MiB73525211
English-translated Anime[VashTheStampede] Trigun + Movie [DVD 480p] [Dual-Audio] [AC3] [Hi10]DL15.5 GiB459511
English-translated Anime[Chyuu] Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus [720p]DL4.27 GiB656180
English-translated Anime[Jumonji-Giri] [A-E] Yakitate Japan 1-69 (DVD 480p x264)DL18.02 GiB757940
English-translated Anime[Surf] Dororo 01-03DL314 MiB154711
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Spirited Away [BD 1080p x264 DTS-HD(Man,Can,Jap,Eng,Fre,Fin,Kor) Sub(Chs,Cht,Jap,Eng,Fre,Ger,Kor)].mkvDL14.36 GiB4520520
English-translated AnimeBakuman Complete [720p_AAC]DL17.07 GiB12558613
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Mardock Scramble 01-03 [BD x264 1280×720 AAC MKV Sub(Chs,Cht,Jap,Eng)]DL1.96 GiB113404520
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Phantom the Animation dual audio[english,japanese]DL1.03 GiB159011
English-translated Anime[AniMecha] Ranma TV dual audio[english,japanese]DL26.97 GiB0572812
English-translated Anime[TCL] Black Blood BrothersDL3.41 GiB25106771
English-translated Anime[RaX] Samurai Deeper KyoDL5.44 GiB8528842
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence (2004) [x264(10bit) 1920×1036 FLAC(6.1ch,JP,EN) Sub(GB,BIG5,JP,EN,DE,RO,DA,NL,ET,PT,SL,ES)].mkvDL5.27 GiB55276703
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea [BD 1920×1036 x264 DTS(6.1ch,JP,CH1,CH2,EN,IT,FR,SP,KO,RU,PT) Sub(CH1,CH2,JP,EN,IT,FR,SP,KO,RU,PT,AR,FA,DA,FI,NL,RO,TR,HU,ID,PL,TH)].mkvDL7.97 GiB0529053
English-translated Anime[Kamigami] Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind [BD 1920×1040 x264 FLAC(JP,CH1,CH2,EN,FR,DE,KO) Sub(GB,BIG5,JP,EN,FR,KO,SP,FI,RO)].mkvDL13.01 GiB1533500
English-translated AnimeSayonara Zetsubou Sensei [720p]DL6.01 GiB185144452
English-translated AnimeBleach CollectionDL77.25 GiB25133344
English-translated AnimeSpace Pirate Mito [complete_1&2]DL5.74 GiB05614571
English-translated AnimeFighting_Beauty_Wulong_Rebirth_complete[HKDVD]DL6.4 GiB1544600
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden 97-205 [720p]DL28.53 GiB25214087
English-translated AnimeHetalia Axis Powers 1-52DL1.3 GiB155643436
English-translated AnimeSaint Seiya Movies [AIF]DL3.22 GiB056730
English-translated AnimeTide-Line Blue [DVD, h264, AAC] [Kyo] + SoundtracksDL3.44 GiB0514101
English-translated Anime[Ayu-Anime][DVD-Rip][h264-AAC] Baccano! 1-16DL4.21 GiB75387107
English-translated Anime[AniYoshi&frong] Guin Saga (complete)DL7.29 GiB85122430
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] Tokyo Underground Complete Eps01-26 v2DL8.62 GiB05100290
English-translated Anime[Ayako] Minami-ke Season's 1,2,& 3 Complete BatchDL7.65 GiB1056270211
English-translated AnimeSubmarine.707.Revolution.The.Movie.(2004).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1.41 GiB056260
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny] OVA Idol Fight Suchie-Pai ⅡDL696.2 MiB0510121
English-translated AnimeBasiliskDL3.64 GiB145682152
English-translated AnimeGhost HuntDL3.77 GiB0527214
English-translated AnimeSuper Robot Wars OG ~Divine Wars~ (ENG+ESP)DL4.46 GiB0534551
English-translated Anime[Ripped & Encoded By Ra-Calium] - [H264 - AC3] - [Ronin Warriors]DL12.14 GiB0579483
English-translated Anime[Shinsen-Subs] Speed GrapherDL4.01 GiB185178841
English-translated AnimeZetsuen no Tempest [AnimeNOW BD 1080p FLAC unofficial batch]DL43.36 GiB047070
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-22, 12:40] <sephirotic> B-but muh placebo...
[12-22, 12:34] <[TRVE]> B-but muh lossless...
[12-22, 11:58] <sephirotic> Baffles me how these stupid leechers keep complaining about the audio of release not being FLAC. I bet all my 10 hard drives worth over 1000USD of storage that neither of those idiots ever did a proper ABC HR in their whole life.
[12-22, 11:45] <vivan> favicon?
[12-22, 11:37] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @derpi: Thanks anyway. ^^
[12-22, 11:33] <derpi> Ow, Sorry about that
[12-22, 11:32] <zsax> and to press "like" button
[12-22, 11:30] <Ponylover> So you could post memes #488386
[12-22, 11:30] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @derpi: I mean these things.
[12-22, 11:24] <____> What's the point of having an account?
[12-22, 11:19] <derpi> NeVe12p4wNeD Here
[12-22, 11:15] <SeedSucksIt> a stupid seed is a stupid does
[12-22, 10:57] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Can anyone link me to the nyaa picture? You know... the little blue picture of someone's half face.
[12-22, 10:53] <sarachikorita> Sometimes I can be such a troll. XD
[12-22, 07:19] <Rin2K> `-´
[12-22, 06:54] <hazardous> especially ending was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-22, 06:38] <shaddrag> inb4 Valvrave fanboy
[12-22, 06:32] <Abunja> wow, valvrave sucks a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-22, 06:08] <Mayobe> if we could somehow harness the sucking power of valvrave then we could easily put every vaccuum cleaner company on earth out of business inside one week
[12-22, 05:16] <RangerArthur> No BDs uploaded.
[12-22, 05:00] <(⌐■_■)> kakumeiki valvrave season 2 BD no one is working on it..... #sadface .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.
[12-22, 04:54] <lotusgg>
[12-22, 04:54] <lotusgg> Let me Hear single and lyrics is out
[12-22, 04:35] <Res> lol nyaa, u tell 'em!
[12-22, 03:48] <anas48> yo
[12-22, 03:17] <步之道> Nisemonogatari
[12-22, 02:40] <admiraLeric> good day to all!
[12-22, 02:06] <ravenleaf182> that's fine :P I'm not really trying to disagree or force people to like it, I just personally really enjoyed it, it was touching
[12-22, 01:39] <paulo27ms> I do like that sort of endings too but overall the series was just kinda meh, wasn't bad but it really wasn't that great.
[12-22, 00:55] <ravenleaf182> many series don't end that neatly, I am huge on endings. I'll take it.
[12-22, 00:53] <Robert Franklin> I thought it was too blatant about being a tie-in.
[12-22, 00:52] <ravenleaf182> woah, just finished Wixoss. manly tears were shed, that was beautiful
[12-22, 00:50] <Robert Franklin> #shotsfired
[12-22, 00:27] <Nyaa> The next one to go might be JacobSwaggedUp unless he stops advertising his IRC channel here.
[12-22, 00:25] <Nyaa> I've deleted plenty of accounts belonging to users that refuse to read the manual, so reading it is probably a good idea.
[12-22, 00:19] <ravenleaf182> okay, clearly I didn't take into account the type of usernames people would use. why the hell do people make user names like that, why not DancesWifUnicorns, SocialRejectedMonkey or why not zoidberg?
[12-22, 00:16] <[TRVE]> The old one‘s still there.
[12-22, 00:13] <[TRVE]> Why make a new account though?
[12-22, 00:11] <[TRVE]> I've wondered where he went.
[12-22, 00:10] <[TRVE]> Oh, are you?
[12-22, 00:09] <ravenleaf182> aw, who am I kidding? I am totes that guy
[12-22, 00:08] <ravenleaf182> not to be that guy, but I actually did read the manual before I used chat. it also makes me feel peeved to see people asking for seeds now every time in chat as a result.
[12-21, 23:53] <qrazed> The manual is there for a reason. I swear no one reads it, even though before you post a message, it says to read the manual and the playback one, right above this.
[12-21, 23:51] <qrazed> @caiopires: Read this. Scroll down to the part that says avatar.
[12-21, 23:41] <caiopires> How people change the avatar on nyaa? Are they moderators or anything of the kind?
[12-21, 22:14] <ravenleaf182> no, I just wanted to actually speak to her, since all I did was send her an email and never spoken since. If I went to germany, we would have wound up having sex first
[12-21, 22:09] <[TRVE]> Indeed. Don't come to Germany. We have to deal with Syrian asylum seekers first.
[12-21, 22:00] <NoobSubs> @ravenleaf182 So you wanted to go all the way to Germany just to re-break up with her? That would have been a horrible idea.
[12-21, 21:56] <Robert Franklin> What are you guys planning to watch in the winter season?
[12-21, 20:29] <ravenleaf182> I tend to get amused, but occasionally someone goes full retard. you never go full retard.
[12-21, 20:08] <[TRVE]> Except they will act flustered if bothered long enough, Smelly Cheez. That's funny to watch.
[12-21, 20:04] <unclesporkums> I understand. I thought you could also create one here. Sorry.
[12-21, 20:02] <MisterDonut> don't upload the .rar directly
[12-21, 20:02] <MisterDonut> you have to create a torrent file first
[12-21, 19:58] <unclesporkums> Hello. I'm new here and I'm trying to upload a torrent. Every time I try to upload the .rar file from my computer and put in the information, it gives me the "No Data Could Be Parsed" sentence.
[12-21, 19:58] <Stinky Cheez> And the exact same goesa for anyone you claim no one cares about =) .
[12-21, 19:56] <salvotnt> I'm a little teapot,....[error] GRRRRR.... what now?
[12-21, 19:52] <[TRVE]> I can live with that. :)
[12-21, 19:51] <[TRVE]> Not caring about me gives me free reign to do almost anything.
[12-21, 19:43] <Stinky Cheez> As long as you don't speak for everyone, TRVE, no one really cares about you, either =) . Funny how that works - lol...
[12-21, 19:41] <[TRVE]> As long as you don't have XDCC bots nobody cares.
[12-21, 19:29] <Shinsekai Fansub> ohayu!
[12-21, 19:23] <ravenleaf182> @[TRVE] noooooo, the girl I dumped lives in germany, it was long distance
[12-21, 18:29] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Wow, it worked.
[12-21, 18:29] <NeVe12p4wNeD>
[12-21, 18:28] <my2ndangelic> but I hope someone will sub the BD ver
[12-21, 18:27] <my2ndangelic> it's tooooooooooo gay light Free! :v
[12-21, 18:27] <my2ndangelic> no
[12-21, 17:57] <MisterDonut> i hope arvon2 will do the Himegoto BD. hi-def trap.
[12-21, 17:48] <MisterDonut> read the doc that comes with it.
[12-21, 17:48] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @MisterDonut: Can you explain and give me more details about avsx4x26x and tMod please?
[12-21, 17:46] <[TRVE]> Have you paid your respect to the shrine today?
[12-21, 17:46] <commieis4niggers> why is herkz a nipple
[12-21, 17:14] <AkiraLeir> But I guess that's the way to go, IF one wanted to become an expert. Not my case /shrugs
[12-21, 17:13] <MisterDonut> *avs4x26x, x264 tMod and cmd
[12-21, 17:12] <AkiraLeir> This one doesn't like dark backgrounds.
[12-21, 17:12] <MisterDonut> just avisynth, avs4x26x x264 tMod and cmd
[12-21, 17:11] <[TRVE]> not to use*
[12-21, 17:11] <[TRVE]> He expected you not using MeGUI.
[12-21, 17:10] <AkiraLeir> I'm on Windows. What did you expect?
[12-21, 17:09] <MisterDonut> don't use MeGui
[12-21, 17:06] <AkiraLeir> I wonder what it would look like if that was a full episode... HEVC FTL -_-
[12-21, 16:33] <IchigoKiss> @deanzel your* - at least learn the difference between "your" and "you're" if you are going to attempt to troll me.
[12-21, 16:30] <deanzel> @IchioKiss That's exactly what you're mom told me last night.
[12-21, 16:26] <Rin2K> wasn't raven?
[12-21, 16:20] <IchigoKiss> You know, the sad reality is that society cares too much about age. What it should be is: as long as the two of you have genuine feelings for each other and are not going to fuck around, who cares?
[12-21, 16:19] <[TRVE]> Or was that someone else?
[12-21, 16:19] <[TRVE]> Wait, were you her ex-boyfriend? I remember you talking about properly dumping someone.
[12-21, 16:11] <Abunja> and also, always don't forget to use rubber ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 16:08] <Abunja> 20? not bad, i do admit that i want to have a waifu thats 10 years younger than me (•⚗৺⚗•)
[12-21, 16:04] <Svered> So the French are say I should fuck a 10 year old? Those sick bastards.
[12-21, 15:47] <Stinky Cheez> According to the French, the best age for a female lover is half the man's age, plus one. Of course, the French are also perverted bastards ^^' ...
[12-21, 15:02] <hazardous> raven, get the enoch calendar and recalculate, and get your real age. i m sure you're younger than what that stupid gregorian calendar tells you. (⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)
[12-21, 14:11] <thai6070> @NeVe12p4wNeD Yes
[12-21, 14:07] <ravenleaf182> plus shes 20 and I'm 31. It feels creepy. and thats coming from a guy that likes hentai :P
[12-21, 14:06] <ravenleaf182> no way, I know why her boyfriend left her, I want to get laid but I definitely don't want that baggage
[12-21, 13:53] <Abunja> think about it, raven-kun. both of you would benefit if she became your girlfriend. so go for it, hope you bang her tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 13:42] <(⌐■_■)> ↓ have sex with anyone without having to worry about responsibility and diseases??!? count me in on the NerveGear train!! (▰˘◡˘▰)
[12-21, 13:31] <hazardous> this is why we need amusphere asap! so we can get over porn.