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Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 629[480P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.9 MiB1015610
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 628[720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL253 MiB0022021
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 628[480P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.8 MiB1012930
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 627[480p][arabic][By Senbay ]mp4DL109.8 MiB0112861
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 626[720p][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL253.1 MiB1011110
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 626[480p][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.8 MiB1014791
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 625[720p][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL255.5 MiB1025711
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 625[480p][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.7 MiB1013401
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 624[mq][arabic][By Senbay -muxed.mp4DL59.2 MiB017630
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 624[720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL425.5 MiB1014220
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 624[720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL255.5 MiB1019220
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 624[480P][arabic][By Senbay.mp4DL109.7 MiB1012011
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 623[mq][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL59.3 MiB005540
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 623[720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL255.5 MiB1021100
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 623[720P]V2[arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL425.6 MiB1013141
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 623[480P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.9 MiB0111020
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 622[MQ] [arabic][by Senbay.mp4DL59.2 MiB015391
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 622 [720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL253 MiB0021761
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 622 [480P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.9 MiB0110291
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 621[MQ][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL67.9 MiB014730
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 621 [720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL253.1 MiB2021231
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 621 [480P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL109.8 MiB0110430
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 620[MQ] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL59.7 MiB105620
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 620[720P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL255.3 MiB2026800
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 620[480P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL110.8 MiB109941
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 619[MQ] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL59.8 MiB105840
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 619[720P] [arabic][by Senbay][C2].mp4DL425.3 MiB1013261
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 619[720P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL255.3 MiB1017131
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 619[480P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL110.8 MiB1010690
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 618[480P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL110.8 MiB1013270
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 617[720P] [arabic][by Senbay][C2].mp4DL401.5 MiB1013551
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 617[720P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL255.3 MiB1019820
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 617[480P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL110.7 MiB0110610
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 616[720P]C2 [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL403.4 MiB1014140
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 616[720P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL255.3 MiB2018350
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 616[480P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL110.9 MiB1011720
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 615[720P] [arabic][by Senbay][C2].mp4DL450.9 MiB0019591
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 615[480P] [arabic][by Senbay.mp4DL110.8 MiB1018070
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 614[720P] [arabic][by Senbay]-muxed.mp4DL257.3 MiB1029012
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 614[480P] [arabic][by Senbay].mp4DL111.7 MiB1023132
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 613[720P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL256.9 MiB1028990
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 613[720P] v2 [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL650.6 MiB1019530
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 613[480P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL111.5 MiB1020870
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 612[720P]V2 [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL698.8 MiB1016320
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 612[720P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL255.9 MiB1023980
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 612[480P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL111.1 MiB1017730
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 611[720P]v2 [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL469 MiB1015020
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 611[720P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL256 MiB1016500
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 611[480P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL111.1 MiB1011660
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 610[HD720P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL480.8 MiB1011950
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 610[720P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL255.9 MiB1016750
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 610[480P] [arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL111 MiB109270
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 609[720P][arabic][by senbay]-ون بيس 609.mp4DL255.7 MiB1013730
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 609[720P]v2[arabic][by senbay]-ون بيس 609.mp4DL451.4 MiB1010860
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 609[480P][arabic][by senbay]-ون بيس 609.mp4DL111 MiB109610
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 605[720P][arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL252.3 MiB1020380
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 605[720P]v2[arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL470.5 MiB1012321
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 605[480P][arabic][by senbay]ون بيس.mp4DL109.5 MiB1013690
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 604[720P][arabic][by senbay]ون بيس حلقة 604.mp4DL255.5 MiB1015520
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 604[720P]v2[arabic][by senbay]ون بيس حلقة 604.mp4DL400.1 MiB108571
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 604[480P][arabic][by senbay]ون بيس حلقة 604.mp4DL110.9 MiB1012570
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 600[720p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL255.8 MiB1011442
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 600[720p]H[arabic][by senbay].mp4DL375 MiB107420
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 600[480p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL119.6 MiB106630
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 599[720p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL243.2 MiB1011030
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 599[480p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL113.1 MiB206060
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 599V2[720p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL442.9 MiB107350
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 598 [720p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL255.9 MiB0015761
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One Piece - 598 [480p][arabic][by senbay].mp4DL119.5 MiB206990
Non-English-translated Anime[ZIMABDk]One Piece - 592[720p][by senbay] arabic.mp4DL225.7 MiB1018340
Non-English-translated Anime[ZIMABDk]One Piece - 592[480p][by senbay] arabic.mp4DL112.9 MiB017700
Non-English-translated Anime[ZIMABDk]One Piece - 591[720p][by senbay] arabic.mp4DL225.7 MiB1018620
Non-English-translated Anime[ZIMABDk]One Piece - 591[480p][by senbay] arabic.mp4DL113 MiB018700
Non-English-translated Anime[ZIMABDK]One Piece - 587[v1] [by senbay]sub arabic.mp4DL98.3 MiB109131
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 573[By Senbay] [720p]Arabic.mp4DL241.5 MiB109900
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 573[By Senbay] [480p]Arabic.mp4DL123.1 MiB018750
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 572[By Senbay] [720p]Arabic.mp4DL241.4 MiB1022650
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 572[By Senbay] [480p]Arabic.mp4DL108.2 MiB2011370
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 571[Senbay] [720p]Arabic.mp4DL241.3 MiB0018240
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 571[Senbay] [480p]Arabic.mp4DL123.1 MiB0111790
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 567[By Senbay] [720p]Arabic.mp4DL245.5 MiB0112750
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 567[By Senbay] [480p]Arabic.mp4DL125.2 MiB008070
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 564[By Senbay] [720p].mp4DL243.5 MiB0122020
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 564[By Senbay] [480p].mp4DL124.2 MiB107890
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 560[720p] by senbay - Copy.mp4DL124.4 MiB0190310
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 560[720p] by senbay - Copy.mp4DL259.8 MiB01337770
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 560[480p] by senbay.mp4DL123.8 MiB1015790
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 558 v1 by senbay.mp4DL123.8 MiB109970
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 558 SD by senbayDL123.8 MiB0114110
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]One Piece - 558 HD by senbay.mp4DL293.8 MiB1021291
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]One P - 655 [HD-720p][720p][arabic][by Senbay]v2.mp4DL440.2 MiB4010880
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Oda Nobuna no Yabou - 05[720p] by senbay.mp4DL267.2 MiB009340
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Oda Nobuna no Yabou - 05[480p] by senbay.mp4DL127.3 MiB008030
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Oda Nobuna no Yabou - 04 [720p] by senbay.mp4DL249.5 MiB107680
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Oda Nobuna no Yabou - 04 [480p] by senbayDL127.2 MiB005720
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]Nobunaga the Fool - 02[720P][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL264.4 MiB019800
Non-English-translated Anime[ZiMABDk]Nobunaga the Fool - 02[480p][arabic][By Senbay ].mp4DL114.7 MiB009180
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Natsuyuki Rendezvous - 11[720p][By Senbay]v2.mp4DL236.5 MiB016910
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Natsuyuki Rendezvous - 11[720p][By Senbay].mp4DL120.5 MiB006270
Non-English-translated Anime[zimabdk]Natsuyuki Rendezvous - 11[480p][By Senbay].mp4DL120.6 MiB006010
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-15, 12:01] <MisterDonut> burn the witch
[09-15, 09:33] <Hoshizora> @ RTM: with magic.
[09-15, 09:14] <RTM> fuckin magnets, how do they work?!
[09-15, 05:33] <HorribleSubs> there are magnet links on the site? wtf
[09-15, 05:14] <012013014> at long last....nyaa is back.....T__T
[09-15, 05:00] <oz1gnp9> I noticed that when I'm redirected to a magnet link, it locks in all downloads on that page to their magnet links too. I have to do a search for something else entirely, to get rid of this effect. Is there any way of dealing with this? I like storing the torrents, in case I suffer a drive crash and need to re-download the lost files..
[09-15, 00:22] <Obakeinu> Is one of links broken? (
[09-15, 00:12] <fong> kotuwa, there must be something in the description that the parser doesn't like, just add one phrase at a time and click submit until you find the offending piece, then either fix or simplify or change it
[09-14, 20:01] <kotuwa> and herkz, is there any simple reasons that give teapot error whenuploading, error that gives a poem??
[09-14, 20:00] <kotuwa> thanks my eyes ignored centered manage link :/
[09-14, 19:53] <herkz> click the manage button at the top
[09-14, 19:53] <kotuwa> guys, is there any way to edit the description of a torrent, after uploading?
[09-14, 19:49] <TexasNeko> lmao Only HorribleSubs is posting stuff, huh?
[09-14, 19:48] <kotuwa> can anyone give reasons to TEAPOT error?
[09-14, 19:39] <KingAnime> HELL YEAH!!!! nyaa is finally back. Welome Back baby
[09-14, 19:19] <Thelight52> yay, Nyaa is back!
[09-14, 18:54] <salvotnt> yep , now work chatting .... hello everyones
[09-14, 18:54] <andygor> is there region ip block for i can access here but not sukebei admin?
[09-14, 18:52] <salvotnt> 5646565
[09-14, 18:44] <herkz> Artemix: It's part of the NT cartel, so yes.
[09-14, 18:27] <HerbalNekoTea> Welcome back to the yakuza of torrent. :D
[09-14, 18:25] <cyke1> i tested thorugh same cloud flare server via another dedi, no problem.
[09-14, 18:25] <cyke1> Argro, i don't think its cloudflare, cause sukebei works fine just not here from my dedi.
[09-14, 18:22] <gnmauro> quien sabe.
[09-14, 18:20] <Artemix> Can someone enlight me, is horriblesubs somehow affiliated to nya?.
[09-14, 18:19] <gnmauro> han vueeeelllllltttttooooo...
[09-14, 18:19] <gnmauro> msj test
[09-14, 18:08] <Darkvadett> welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
[09-14, 18:07] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> dscrramjng
[09-14, 17:58] <Argro> i was thinking it might be ip blocked too or something to do with cloudflare
[09-14, 17:53] <cyke1> i would say something in IRC room but its moderated so can't
[09-14, 17:51] <cyke1> Argo i get same thing on my dedi i think IP might be blocked, just by tests i have done
[09-14, 17:47] <Argro> my dedi aswell
[09-14, 17:47] <cyke1> either something still wrong, or my dedi has been blocked from connecting
[09-14, 17:46] <Argro> error 524 again and there are torrents i need =(
[09-14, 17:42] <Crazy Iori> finally the best anime tracker is online. Welcome back :D
[09-14, 17:39] <nitekatt> All of this is an evil plot by Horriblesubs. Since no other version is available, people have no choice but to watch HS releases.
[09-14, 17:36] <pky> Ask Jesus Onii-sama~ to delete them for you.
[09-14, 17:17] <sarachikorita> There's other trackers if you make your own torrents. It's what I'll be doing for the time being. Everyone else, sorry, you're kinda effed
[09-14, 17:10] <herkz> you can't delete them. time to commit sudoku.
[09-14, 17:06] <kurzweil> Is there anybody who knows how to delete comments I wrote?
[09-14, 16:45] <DSK> @vivan, thanks a lot.
[09-14, 16:29] <NoobSubs> The tracker still appears to be offline.
[09-14, 16:21] <yanaro> Woot, freedom for plebs o/
[09-14, 16:10] <vivan> DSK, looks like using (or similar site or browser extension) is the only way.
[09-14, 16:07] <Artemix> Finally the plebe can talk!
[09-14, 15:56] <DSK> How can I get the actual magnet link? Copy the current link from any "download" button doesn't work on my Seedbox.
[09-14, 15:52] <kitsune0> Yeah, the chatbox is for whinin'. Like, y'know, "Why u no shut up?!" things.
[09-14, 15:47] <jofs> The chatbox isn't for site support, plebs.
[09-14, 15:40] <cyatek> oh wow its back
[09-14, 15:38] <rsc> sorry, 522 error.
[09-14, 15:38] <l-angel199> Welcome Back Nyaa
[09-14, 15:32] <rsc> Why I can't access nyaa on my PC (my home network)? Cloudflare 524 error. I'm now on remote comuter via RDC and I'm in shock, nyaa is working..
[09-14, 15:26] <hazardous> for now use demonii, openbittorrent, publicbt trackers. nyaa tracker maybe under ddos
[09-14, 15:23] <hazardous> blame education system lol
[09-14, 15:18] <Progeusz> "0 seeds" Why are you people so stupid?
[09-14, 15:04] <TheM4gicMan> Oh no.
[09-14, 15:03] <tsukikageScans> welcome back
[09-14, 14:47] <freitasantos> but.... wb nyaa :D
[09-14, 14:42] <freitasantos> problems in the tracker... "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"
[09-14, 14:23] <konco> now, i can post on the comment section :D
[09-14, 14:20] <pramana> wait... why when i press Download button, it respond to be a magnet torrent ? (just now)
[09-14, 14:09] <Argro> still can't access nyaa from my server my plex is on
[09-14, 14:05] <pramana> Oh Lord 0.... Why u strike again ???
[09-14, 14:03] <maliksusanto> 0 Seeder Everywhere, oh god why.......
[09-14, 13:58] <yuya12> Hello again,Nyaa! We LOVE you <3
[09-14, 13:42] <Abunja> Is it just me, or the older torrents downloading really slow?
[09-14, 13:26] <jarcinas777> why no seeds
[09-14, 12:58] <sukanime> yay, now i can post.... thanks nyaa.... i hope it will not go down anymore.... :)
[09-14, 12:57] <sukanime> hmmm, testing if i can post now.....
[09-14, 12:54] <paulo27ms> ;_; why nyaa
[09-14, 12:54] <paulo27ms> can't download in sukebei
[09-14, 12:50] <chargedodger> LOL, Nyaa tracker not working so no seeds
[09-14, 12:45] <Dark_witch97> nyaa's back!! *w* but i still miss the
[09-14, 12:00] <hazardous> @darkxmoon
[09-14, 12:00] <hazardous> lol
[09-14, 11:53] <DmonHiro> Who has the best English subtitle for English, you ask?
[09-14, 11:33] <darkxmoon> i'm curious who is the best subbed for english subtitle
[09-14, 11:32] <Profuse> why change the torrent colour to teal?
[09-14, 11:31] <anshcolord> i'm so happy^^
[09-14, 11:18] <anshcolord> I fap on nyaa! I love nyaa! Welcome back!
[09-14, 11:16] <kitsune0> So, when will the next Green Elitists census be?
[09-14, 11:10] <Kawaii!!> Nyaa's back, that's all it matters.
[09-14, 11:07] <Razeth> I miss old torrent files...
[09-14, 11:01] <[TRVE]> Argro, just wait a little. It's not something you have influence on.
[09-14, 10:59] <[TRVE]> Learn to filter your search, idiots.
[09-14, 10:59] <Argro> any idea how to resolve this?
[09-14, 10:57] <Senfu> Oh no chats back.
[09-14, 10:48] <bonnybig> and connection time out,,, D;
[09-14, 10:47] <mouretsu> lol so wtf happened to the torrents. they're all magnets now and I can't rename the folder before it starts downloading in utorrent ... D:
[09-14, 10:44] <twonline> commons can post again.....
[09-14, 10:38] <bonnybig> I love nyaa
[09-14, 10:29] <sryu120> nyaa復活おめでとう!!!!
[09-14, 10:25] <Dat Size> Nyaa, when will you fix the tracker?
[09-14, 10:17] <jofs> Chinese hentai, here we go again.
[09-14, 10:15] <zensub> nyaa~
[09-14, 10:04] <AMZMA> bandaii!
[09-14, 10:03] <vivan> magnet happened o_O
[09-14, 09:52] <handsomepcm> BANZAI!