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Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_37_HD.mp4DL225.3 MiB2037850
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_37_SD.aviDL168.2 MiB017830
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_38_HD.mp4DL225.4 MiB1038550
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_38_SD.aviDL168.8 MiB018160
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_39_HD.mp4DL225.4 MiB2038750
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_39_SD.aviDL168.2 MiB018140
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_40_HD.mp4DL225.3 MiB2039400
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_40_SD.aviDL168.5 MiB108580
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_41_HD.mp4DL225.5 MiB2039070
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_41_SD.aviDL167 MiB018900
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_09_HD.mp4DL224.8 MiB017650
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_09_SD.aviDL170.3 MiB002190
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_10_HD.mp4DL225.6 MiB017550
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_10_SD.aviDL169 MiB012170
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_11_HD.mp4DL225.3 MiB017570
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_11_SD.aviDL169.9 MiB002200
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_12_HD.mp4DL225.1 MiB017520
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_12_SD.aviDL169 MiB002320
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_02_HD.mp4DL224.6 MiB015550
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_02_SD.aviDL188.9 MiB012100
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_01_HD.mp4DL226 MiB018060
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_01_SD.aviDL180.1 MiB022780
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_03_HD.mp4DL224.7 MiB015110
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_03_SD.aviDL167.8 MiB011870
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_04_HD.mp4DL224.6 MiB014610
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_04_SD.aviDL168.3 MiB011860
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_05_HD.mp4DL225.9 MiB014810
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_05_SD.aviDL183.7 MiB011860
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_06_HD.mp4DL224.9 MiB014440
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_06_SD.aviDL188.9 MiB011880
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_07_HD.mp4DL224.8 MiB015270
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_07_SD.aviDL191 MiB011970
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_42_SD.aviDL168.6 MiB019310
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_42_HD.mp4DL225.2 MiB2041220
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_13_HD.mp4DL225.2 MiB107560
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_13_SD.aviDL186.6 MiB012480
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_43_SD.aviDL168.8 MiB1017262
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_43_HD.mp4DL225.4 MiB1051000
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_44_SD.aviDL168.3 MiB1016080
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_44_HD.mp4DL225.4 MiB1057680
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_14_SD.aviDL186.1 MiB012460
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_14_HD.mp4DL225.6 MiB108290
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_45_SD.aviDL167.6 MiB0118730
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_45_HD.mp4DL225.4 MiB1052490
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_46_SD.aviDL168.6 MiB1018910
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_46_HD.mp4DL225.4 MiB1052810
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_47_SD.aviDL168.2 MiB0121660
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_47_HD.mp4DL250.4 MiB1056700
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_15_HD.mp4DL250.3 MiB207540
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_15_SD.aviDL169 MiB002480
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_08_SD.aviDL174 MiB011630
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_08_HD.mp4DL250.5 MiB014380
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_48_SD.aviDL170.5 MiB0124820
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_48_HD.mp4DL250.7 MiB1055950
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_01_HD.mp4DL250.3 MiB1023990
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_01_SD.aviDL197.6 MiB017890
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_02_SD.aviDL168.2 MiB016350
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_02_HD.mp4DL250.2 MiB1020120
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_49_HD.mp4DL250.4 MiB1065530
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_49_SD.aviDL169.4 MiB0120280
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_09_SD.aviDL180.6 MiB011590
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_09_HD.mp4DL250.6 MiB004110
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_03_HD.mp4DL250.2 MiB1018570
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_03_SD.aviDL169.9 MiB106000
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_50_HD.mp4DL250.5 MiB1066290
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_50_SD.aviDL171 MiB1019020
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_16_SD.aviDL156.4 MiB012030
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_16_HD.mp4DL250.4 MiB107110
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_04_SD.aviDL166.9 MiB107120
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_&_SH-F]Bakuman_04_HD.mp4DL250.1 MiB1018730
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_51_SD.aviDL172 MiB1020550
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_51_HD.mp4DL250.2 MiB1065450
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_52_SD.aviDL169.7 MiB0119620
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_52_HD.mp4DL250.5 MiB2070300
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_05_HD.mp4DL250.3 MiB1018650
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_05_SD.aviDL159.2 MiB105770
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_17_HD.mp4DL250.6 MiB107260
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_17_SD.aviDL187.2 MiB001930
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_53_SD.aviDL169.7 MiB1029080
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_53_HD.mp4DL250.7 MiB2081790
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_06_HD.mp4DL250.2 MiB1018280
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_06_SD.aviDL149.2 MiB105450
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_54_SD.aviDL151 MiB0015610
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_54_HD.mp4DL250.6 MiB2060750
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_07_HD.mp4DL250.5 MiB0116350
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_07_SD.aviDL179.7 MiB104550
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_55_SD.aviDL149.7 MiB0157480
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_08_SD.aviDL187 MiB105140
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_08_HD.mp4DL250.1 MiB1017430
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_55_HD.mp4DL251.5 MiB4061280
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_56_SD.aviDL170.1 MiB0132200
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_56_HD.mp4DL250.2 MiB3093450
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_09_SD.aviDL188.9 MiB105020
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_09_HD.mp4DL250.3 MiB0217690
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_10_SD.aviDL180.8 MiB011440
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Senkou_no_Night_Raid_10_HD.mp4DL250.2 MiB103920
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]K-on!!_18_SD.aviDL185.1 MiB002060
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_57_SD.aviDL159.9 MiB0117760
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF]Fairy_Tail_57_HD.mp4DL250.4 MiB3062860
Non-English-translated Anime[TWWF_SH-F]Bakuman_10_SD.aviDL158.2 MiB104680
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-02, 00:19] <Harutora_Rin> But why are you still updating torrents, when are you going down? Or is it just Nyaa in Japan that wil be Neo Nyaa?
[08-02, 00:19] <MoJo-X> Been hearing good things about Guardians of the Galaxy. Seems to be a lot better than that X-Men anime shit that came out.
[08-02, 00:18] <Harutora_Rin> Wait a minute, you say Nyaa is down. And then Neon Nyaa will rise in 4 days..
[08-02, 00:14] <FFF> Neo Nyaa coming online in T minus 4 days.
[08-02, 00:10] <deanzel> Screw Japan. Go watch Guardians of the Galaxy to show them what real quality is.
[08-02, 00:07] <Rosario> Waiting for Neo Nyaa to arise
[08-02, 00:05] <JoTo> yeah wtf is that shit? can barely read Japanese
[08-01, 23:43] <gravediggernalk> @E.KORPSE - Fakku has "sold out" many, many times in the past; What they're doing now is nothing new
[08-01, 23:41] <miko115> at kazehaya. do you expect me to read japanese
[08-01, 23:40] <Ezui> crap
[08-01, 23:35] <allelujahhaptism> The light of Zvezda will shine throughout the world, quit your worrying.
[08-01, 23:22] <FinalDevil> nyaa.troll :))
[08-01, 23:14] <MoJo-X> The Troll Train continues.
[08-01, 23:14] <Setsunahenry> All I can do is wait and see.
[08-01, 23:12] <E.KORPSE> Are you guys doing this because Fakku is now money grubbing whores and decided to give the community a blow to the crotch?
[08-01, 23:09] <Kazehaya Kamito> All you can do is read this and shut up Nyaa is gone now, but he will back as Neo Nyaa
[08-01, 23:06] <AChannelSideB> My balls itch
[08-01, 23:02] <Kumachi9> The fun lasted only for a few days orz
[08-01, 22:45] <Krissen94> anyone heard anything new about the second season of attack on titan? :3
[08-01, 22:40] <JoTo> Shut down? Yeah,'s obvious trolling. I'm surprised some people are just mindless.
[08-01, 22:38] <Kazehaya Kamito> No one told us that they will shut down.
[08-01, 22:35] <Yagami11> look at mods
[08-01, 22:32] <grognakbabarian> Who told you guys that nyaa is shutting down?
[08-01, 22:31] <Kazehaya Kamito> So, where is my Neo Nyaa ?
[08-01, 22:17] <Deaddog_> This isn't, its lmao
[08-01, 22:05] <atusi> still fine
[08-01, 21:58] <Res> this reminds me of that cancer.
[08-01, 21:57] <Stinky Cheez> *yawn* If Nyaa bites the dust, all the same files will be available elsewhere. Even if it's true that Nyaa is about to shut down (unlikley, yhou silly gits), so what? You expect Nyaa to provide the service forever, for free? What if Nyaa simply gets sick of it..? Learn2Deal.
[08-01, 21:56] <kingtqi> test
[08-01, 21:55] <Mega> test
[08-01, 21:52] <Andeke> test
[08-01, 21:52] <Andeke> test
[08-01, 21:45] <LigerNyan>
[08-01, 21:34] <Yagami11> what is Neo Nyaa
[08-01, 21:33] <pdeddy78> test
[08-01, 21:27] <MoJo-X> Choo!~ Choo!~ Goes the NT Troll Train. Now have fun watching your animu, you scurvy pirates. :3
[08-01, 21:20] <WZ1> because tis the season for shitty remakes
[08-01, 21:19] <WZ1> Please do not stand speak up while the train is in motion. To do so on a sharp turn retort would be fatal. Please buckle up and have a nice cancer-filled ride
[08-01, 21:12] <Yomi Fansub> when the 24 hour end?
[08-01, 21:11] <MoJo-X> Plot twist: The Japanese government were the ones who manufactured the troll train, and are now paying its conductors top yen.
[08-01, 21:05] <AzTheSpaz> oh boy, i cant wait till Neo Nyaa is up. Then we wont need to live in fear of the Japanese world Goverment. The seven warlords of Nyaa will protect us
[08-01, 20:57] <WZ1> Please do not stand up while the train is in motion. To do so on a sharp turn would be fatal. Please buckle up and have a nice ride
[08-01, 20:54] <MoJo-X> The troll train will never stop during its journey through cyber space. Thank you, and have a nice day.
[08-01, 20:53] <al12gamer> lel what shutdown
[08-01, 20:52] <Marse> Thanks Googol
[08-01, 20:50] <DmonHiro> Guys, good news. Neo Nyaa is almost up. Just a few more days, a week tops.
[08-01, 20:49] <KoyomiKami> Is the site getting shut down,lol? *joke
[08-01, 20:48] <yoake hikari> i was using nyaa torrents for a while and when i just made my account a couple of days ago it will purge ;-;
[08-01, 20:41] <ara ara> yes, you missed the troll train :( Oh wait, it's still here and is moving at full speed, faster than a japanese bullet train; go get it !
[08-01, 20:38] <Tennouji> Did I miss something?
[08-01, 20:30] <Googol> @Marse, if you look up on the official website for a given anime, sometime it does list soundtracks' release dates and the such. A random Google search got me this website: - Though I'm not sure how accurate it is.
[08-01, 20:24] <Marse> it's a pretty stupid question, but where's the best place to check for soundtrack release daets and such?
[08-01, 20:18] <Googol> Sorry for the typo, "applies". My Japanese Engrish is yet to be perfected.
[08-01, 20:18] <AzTheSpaz> jesus ***** christ, learn to recognize trolling. No, No and No, to all your questions
[08-01, 20:17] <Googol> @rcts000, yes. I am working with the Japanese government and we just finished the deal. Tomorrow on, a monthly fee of 5,000 yen apples for anyone who wishes to continue using the services here provided.
[08-01, 20:15] <Yagami11> How many times we need to answer?
[08-01, 20:15] <Yagami11> no
[08-01, 20:11] <vampiregirl> so, if the japaneses close to chinese websites off raws. I think is a big problem for the fansubs, so they check the sites of raws in this months, is my opinion. Then, sometimes I stresed
[08-01, 20:09] <rcts000> Good Day sir is it true that nyaa is sold to JAP goverment??
[08-01, 19:58] <MoJo-X> Looks like that conservafucktard was still at again with his faggotry, lol. On a serious note: it looks like people enjoy riding on the troll train that the mods have conducted.
[08-01, 19:56] <afhollow> what cancer?
[08-01, 19:47] <lifebaka> Be wary, AzTheSpaz. I hear cancer is contagious.
[08-01, 19:45] <AzTheSpaz> the amount of cancer in this chat right now... is really high
[08-01, 19:45] <Memories.> owari da
[08-01, 19:44] <afhollow> hmm maybe for while nyaa will safe?
[08-01, 19:36] <nenekoda> hmm...
[08-01, 19:33] <Hobichan> do they have cookies on the other side?
[08-01, 19:32] <Yagami11> Nyaa is still alive. Hypocrites (mad)
[08-01, 19:28] <TheCatWalk> dude there is a 5 MONTH project period..something is definitely gonna happen
[08-01, 19:26] <Veltiel> Just read that this anti piracy operation is not the big deal, and targeted sites might not be closed, like Nyaa
[08-01, 19:26] <RinzImpulse> is it only me or furzee's sticky post is missing?
[08-01, 19:24] <TheCatWalk> what about the raws?
[08-01, 19:20] <Roxasbain> Even if Nyaa is removed, we can still direct download from the fansubbers, not much difference there.
[08-01, 19:19] <Jack93> that sticky is removed, is that just troll ? I see every minute, nyaa keep on update new stuffs... @_@
[08-01, 19:19] <Hobichan> what's on the other side?
[08-01, 19:09] <TheCatWalk> are stuff being taken down one after another?
[08-01, 19:08] <TheCatWalk> wait, that sticky fot the purge started or what?
[08-01, 19:07] <Seiya_L> so fat
[08-01, 19:00] <Bezm> rip
[08-01, 18:55] <Shimat> I will miss you guys
[08-01, 18:47] <afhollow> nyaa not dead guys she's still here
[08-01, 18:45] <afhollow> but i still can download torrent from nyaa
[08-01, 18:43] <xDev> nyaa is love, nyaa is lief
[08-01, 18:39] <Yomi Fansub>, i love u :'(
[08-01, 18:33] <TheCatWalk> so has the purging started yet?
[08-01, 18:31] <plminus0> Nyaa Is Dead - He's Gone. But He's Right There On My Back - And Here In My Heart! He Lives On As Neo Nyaa!
[08-01, 18:28] <herkz> see you on the other side, guys ;_;
[08-01, 18:15] <afhollow> but just now i download rokujouma and still ok
[08-01, 18:14] <Veltiel> Is this true or only a bad joke? Nyaa being sold and shut down...
[08-01, 18:10] <afhollow> hhahahaa still here
[08-01, 18:09] <jerxou> is this piracy still a thing
[08-01, 18:07] <[TRVE]> Yes, Exiled-Destiny ripped it.
[08-01, 18:05] <bluergost> is there a 8bit Dual audio vertion available for Mirai Nikki??
[08-01, 18:04] <Internals> neko neko
[08-01, 18:03] <Internals> neko
[08-01, 18:00] <[TRVE]> And now they're thinking "the Japanese" could bring TPB down if they were allowed to!