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Raw Literature(堂本奈央) ウブかわ ~初めての彼~ 第05巻DL101.4 MiB0000
English-translated LiteratureRyuuma no Gagou c010 (v02) [Habanero Scans].zipDL16.4 MiB30710
English-translated LiteratureCrime and Punishment (OCHIAI Naoyuki) c063 (v07) [Habanero Scans].zipDL19.8 MiB30530
Raw Literature(一般大型本/イラスト集) ファンタジスタドール ガールズロワイヤル ドールコレクションズDL337.9 MiB81905480
Raw LiteratureCUTE×GUY 第01-04巻DL199.9 MiB41333760
Raw Literature火宵の月 第11-14巻 [Kashou no Tsuk vol 11-14]DL181.4 MiB24152590
Raw Literatureナイトヘッド 第01-04巻 [Night Head vol 01-04]DL245.3 MiB63284880
Raw Literatureブラック・アイズ 第01-04巻 [B-Eyes vol 01-04]DL432.6 MiB62254290
Raw Literatureミッドナイト・セクレタリ 第06-07巻 [Midnight Secretary vol 06-07]DL133 MiB26152980
Raw Literature火輪 第16-17巻 [Karin vol 16-17]DL150.8 MiB17202560
Raw Literature涅槃姫みどろ 第01-02巻 [Nehanhime Midoro vol 01-02]DL87.3 MiB63235260
Raw Literature僕から君が消えない 第04巻 [Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai vol 04]DL66 MiB2592540
Raw Literature宇宙兄弟 (Uchuu Kyoudai) 第24巻DL168.4 MiB2076115920
Raw Literatureゴルゴ13 (Golgo 13) 第141巻DL122.9 MiB30133990
Raw LiteratureK2 第22巻DL169.3 MiB35263960
Raw Literature涅槃姫みどろ (Nehanhime Midoro) 第01巻DL56.5 MiB1482280
Raw Literatureナイトヘッド (Night Head) 第01巻DL56.5 MiB1872290
Raw Literatureミッドナイト・セクレタリ (Midnight Secretary) 第01巻DL68.5 MiB17132670
Raw Literature火宵の月 (Kashou no Tsuk) 第01巻DL31.2 MiB13102280
Raw Literature火輪 (Karin) 第1巻DL40.5 MiB15102490
Raw LiteratureCUTE×GUY 第01巻DL54.4 MiB1482170
Raw Literature僕から君が消えない (Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai) 第01巻DL60.6 MiB18132980
Raw Literatureブラック・アイズ (B-Eyes) 第01巻DL108.1 MiB1382200
Raw Literature(藍川さき) 僕から君が消えない 第03-04巻DL133.5 MiB24133120
Raw Literature火輪 第16-17巻DL154.9 MiB12112160
Raw Literature(大海とむ) ミッドナイト・セクレタリ 第07巻DL53.9 MiB2292400
Raw Literature(大海とむ) ミッドナイト・セクレタリ 第03-04巻DL125.9 MiB30132860
Raw Literature(小山宙哉) 宇宙兄弟 第24巻DL168.4 MiB1904224960
Raw Literature(真船一雄) K2 第22巻DL169.3 MiB46186430
Raw Literature(さいとう・たかを) ゴルゴ13 第141巻DL122.9 MiB31196060
Raw Literatureワルキューレの降誕 第01巻 [The Birth of Walküre vol 01]DL53.5 MiB36235950
Raw Literatureムショ医~女子刑務所のカルテ~ 第01-03巻 [Musho I - Joshi Keimusho no Karute vol 01-03]DL57.5 MiB88239780
Raw Literatureフリージング 第01-02巻 [Freezing vol 01-02]DL139 MiB14143030
Raw Literatureワルキューレの栄光 第01巻 [The Glory of Walküre vol 01]DL88.8 MiB35245560
Raw Literature珈琲店タレーランの事件簿 第01巻 [Kohiten Tareran No Jikenbo vol 01]DL97.5 MiB39246780
Raw Literatureチェリージュース 第01-02巻 [Cherry Juice vol 01-02]DL132.5 MiB32214260
Raw Literature特等添乗員αの難事件 第01巻 [Tokutou Tenjouin Alpha no Nanjiken vol 01]DL40.8 MiB41196050
Raw Literatureミス 第01巻 [Miss vol 01]DL17.1 MiB19114150
Raw LiteratureK2 (MAFUNE Kazuo) Vol 22DL164.8 MiB26165090
Raw Literatureデジタルカメラマガジン 2014-10月号 [Digital Camera Magazine 2014-10]DL97.5 MiB932311890
Raw LiteratureFLASH 2014-09-30、10-07号DL68.4 MiB882114520
Raw Literature週刊プレイボーイ 2014-40号 [Weekly Playboy 2014-40]DL118.6 MiB1142918680
Raw Literatureゴルゴ13 第140-141巻 [Golgo 13 vol 140-141]DL240.1 MiB814612740
English-translated LiteratureYamada-kun and the Seven Witches - Chapters 124-125DL13.8 MiB1032460
Raw Literature宇宙兄弟 第24巻 [Uchuu Kyoudai vol 24]DL163.9 MiB1352425670
Raw LiteratureIshinomori Shotaro’s manga batchDL15.32 GiB211136000
Raw LiteratureBtooom! (BTOOOM -ブトゥーム) vol 15DL116.5 MiB1122712220
Raw Literatureアフタヌーン 2014年10月号 Complete [Afternoon 2014-10]DL185.3 MiB822015740
Raw LiteratureBaby Steps (ベイビーステップ) Vol 32DL59.6 MiB691112980
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Chapter 401 [MangaPanda] [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.1 MiB512190
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 401 [MangaStream]DL7.6 MiB2607140
Raw LiteratureHEAVEN’S PRISON -TENGOKU VOL 09DL130.7 MiB31135660
Raw LiteratureEVIL HEART VOL 06DL127.7 MiB0935010
Raw LiteratureSEKAIONI VOL 07DL107.9 MiB01265710
Raw LiteratureBIN – SONSHI IDEN VOL 15DL132.9 MiB40136290
Raw LiteratureKENGAN ASHUA VOL 09DL136.4 MiB01817530
Raw LiteratureBANNOU KANTEISHI Q NO JIKENBO VOL 04DL119.5 MiB27135110
Raw LiteratureTOUKYOU KUSHU VOL 10DL150.1 MiB0894710
Raw LiteratureKOE NO KATACHI VOL 05DL54.7 MiB01085500
Raw LiteratureしゃにむにGO 第01-02巻 [Shanimuni GO vol 01-02]DL84.1 MiB26147640
Raw LiteratureフォトカノSweet Snap 第01-02巻 [Photo Kano - Sweet Snap vol 01-02]DL148.8 MiB481413000
Raw Literatureもりあげ7 第01巻 [Moriage Seven vol 01]DL113.2 MiB23148720
Raw Literature喰-kuu 第01巻 [Kue -kuu- vol 01]DL88.2 MiB371911560
Raw Literatureなれる!SE 第01巻 [Nareru! SE vol 01]DL45 MiB37712560
Raw Literature三井澄花と四角い悪魔 第01巻 [Mitsui Kiyoshi Hana-to Shikakui Akuma vol 01]DL127.3 MiB28208810
Raw Literatureジー・エル 第01巻 [G.L. vol 01]DL57.4 MiB2898810
Raw Literature魔女の絶対道徳 第01巻 [Majo no zettai dotoku vol 01]DL67.1 MiB491411750
Raw Literatureハンツーxトラッシュ 第01巻 [Hantsu x Torasshu vol 01]DL108.4 MiB381610470
Raw Literature37ºC 〜ぼくのいちばんすきなもの〜 第01-02巻 [37℃ -Boku no Ichiban Suki na Mono- vol 01-02]DL77.6 MiB35169100
Raw LiteratureANGEL VOICE VOL 19-20DL117.4 MiB29165980
Raw LiteratureALL YOU NEED IS KILL VOL 02DL124.2 MiB32165360
Raw LiteratureRANHOU VOL 02DL56.3 MiB0854530
Raw LiteratureBTOOOM! VOL 15DL116.5 MiB45168120
English-translated LiteratureKindaichi Returns Series 3rd Case - The Flowing Fire Fox Murder Case Chapter 01DL13 MiB712470
Raw LiteratureAreyo Hoshikuzu (あれよ星屑) Vol 01DL76.2 MiB16125710
Raw LiteraturePsychometrer (サイコメトラー) vol 09DL118.5 MiB4189320
Raw Literatureコミックアライブ 2014年10月号 [Comic Alive 2014-10]DL202.2 MiB381212540
Raw LiteraturePandora Hearts (パンドラハーツ) Vol 18-19DL145.1 MiB21127680
Raw LiteratureAho Girl (アホガール) Vol 04DL59.9 MiB34910380
Raw LiteratureHoukago no Charisma (放課後のカリスマ) Vol 08DL79.7 MiB16145470
Raw LiteraturePavlov no Inu (パブロフの犬) Vol 01-03DL110.4 MiB23156750
Raw LiteratureHeroine Pinch (ヒロインピンチ) Vol 03DL416.7 MiB24236820
Raw LiteratureTokyo Ravens – Girls Photograph (東京レイヴンズ -Girls Photograph- ) Vol 01DL356.8 MiB25167770
Raw Literature[Novel] Tokyo Ravens (とうきょうレイヴンズ) Vol 11DL215 MiB25108460
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] One Piece 761 [ES]DL4.3 MiB213530
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Vinland Saga c102 [ES]DL5.8 MiB212620
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Kuroko no Basket 275 v2 FIN [ES]DL9.8 MiB102640
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] One Piece 760 [ES]DL3.9 MiB102680
Raw Literature[NOVEL] QUINTET PHANTASM VOL 01DL132.1 MiB6186390
Raw Literature[Novel] クインテット・ファンタズム 第01巻 [Quintet Phantasm vol 01]DL132.1 MiB291014160
Raw Literature金田一少年の事件簿R 第03巻 [Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo R vol 03]DL133.9 MiB29712230
Raw Literature[Novel] 六人のイヴと神殺しの使徒 第02-03巻 [Rokunin no Eve to Kamigoroshi no Shito vol 02-03]DL245.1 MiB342013660
Raw Literature[NOVEL] FULLMETAL PANIC! ANOTHER VOL 01-08DL153.4 MiB21611070
Raw LiteratureYUZURI WA CORPORATION VOL 01DL58.8 MiB11105540
Raw Literature[Novel] フルメタル・パニック! アナザー 第08巻 [Fullmetal Panic! Another vol 08]DL153.4 MiB391317670
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-23, 03:38] <Abunja> herkz, does xDev have other hidden torrents?
[09-23, 03:15] <anon585> TOTY of the Year
[09-23, 03:11] <herkz> but #488386 is the best torrent on this website
[09-23, 02:52] <OneCrazyRussian> Don't ever seed #488386 PLS PLS PLS
[09-23, 01:30] <sranger> reseed at #461813 please!
[09-23, 01:30] <Artemix> Oh I already watched binbo, amazing anime.
[09-23, 00:37] <ravenleaf182> Yeah, only Japanese people would get gintama references. You should try Binbougami ga! instead Artemix
[09-23, 00:35] <()blivion> . . .
[09-23, 00:34] <()blivion> >Seems like an anime for Japanese people only
[09-23, 00:22] <Artemix> Oh I see. There are so many references in Gintama that sometimes I got extremely lost. Seems like an anime for Japanese people only :p.
[09-22, 23:30] <Ancient_totoro> If someone has Auarion Evol Part 2 with episodes 14-26 english dubbed. Please upload them. thanks.
[09-22, 23:03] <[TRVE]> Actually, the Gobi desert is in Mongolia.
[09-22, 20:33] <haseo> it's a chinese gobi. anime characters who are from china or wear chinese clothes usually say "aru" in the end of the sentence
[09-22, 20:26] <Artemix> Btw, what is this "aru" that Kagura says all the time in Gintama?, or at least it sounds like an "aru".
[09-22, 19:48] <jofs> Nerd Wars
[09-22, 19:47] <Artemix> Java sucks, everyone knows that. Actionscript is the best.
[09-22, 19:24] <SneakiestNEG> I like a cup of Java. The computer kind less so.
[09-22, 19:18] <SneakiestNEG> Wow HS is on a roll!
[09-22, 18:43] <deepeshchugh> wassup peeps?
[09-22, 18:39] <Basjohn> Ew Java, can we keep gore discussions out of here?
[09-22, 18:38] <Rentah> Any updates on the clearing of the censuring or BR versions of Tokyo Ghoul yet?
[09-22, 17:59] <[TRVE]> Your fucking Blu-ray player uses Java.
[09-22, 17:49] <OneCrazyRussian> Also anyone who doesn't distinguish JDK (the java used for developing things) and JRE (the java that you use) is stupid
[09-22, 17:47] <OneCrazyRussian> >you never do serious programming in Java >half of the real world runs on Oracle CC&B utilities which are Java+Cobol
[09-22, 17:24] <sarachikorita> This is why you never do serious programming in a language that needs an emulator (virtual machine) to run. :P
[09-22, 16:47] <()blivion> And nothing has really changed.
[09-22, 16:46] <()blivion> Yup. Java has been the free whore for skiddys and pros alike since it was conceived.
[09-22, 16:04] <REVELLIOM> Hello, world
[09-22, 15:42] <vipim> he
[09-22, 15:11] <haseo> nice and clean =3
[09-22, 14:52] <hazardous> this reminds me of Attack on Titan :)
[09-22, 10:49] <shaddrag> Omg this spam
[09-22, 09:34] <memekontol> ooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[09-22, 08:46] <nitekatt> Java is a ****hole of vulnerabilities, as a whole layer of a thing being "in control" on your computer. Besides, it is a crapware, and many people just dont like the idea of having crapware in their computer.
[09-22, 08:29] <Abunja> I think they won't, but IDK why the hate for Java.
[09-22, 08:22] <()blivion> I have been using Tixati for the last month or so and it's great so far. No dependencies, no ads, no bull shit. And it's updated regularly.
[09-22, 08:20] <()blivion> At the risk of getting censored out of chat for speaking against something nyaa supports, I would recommend against Vuze. No one should trust Java with an internet connection, period.
[09-22, 08:14] <Abunja> yeah, but she will be good after, like 8 years.
[09-22, 08:03] <nitekatt> yet you regret it, I can even smell a pedobear stirring inside you
[09-22, 07:52] <Abunja> except I really do, or should I say an acquaintance of mine. too bad, i'm not into loli
[09-22, 07:31] <nitekatt> oh not again, those animetards keep on pretending they actually do have a female friend...
[09-22, 07:07] <Abunja> s previously watching mahouka, she said.
[09-22, 07:06] <Abunja> well, its not really a joke, except that she's probably been trolled. she'
[09-22, 05:29] <Vorthos> hahahaha another Boku no Pico joke how edgy!!
[09-22, 05:14] <Abunja> maybe my friend is not into hardcore stuff yet lol
[09-22, 05:03] <baku16> Does anybody kno
[09-22, 05:02] <Ancient_totoro> Anyone know where I can download all the english dubbed of aquarion evol, not just the first 13 episodes?
[09-22, 04:59] <enshiu> nothing found of boku no pico
[09-22, 04:39] <HerbalNekoTea> Boku no pico's wrong but not hardcore like Sensitive Pornograph (which this one's in the top 300 on mal)
[09-22, 04:31] <Abunja> talking about boku no pico, i had a fujoshi friend who watched it for the first time and it really disturbed her
[09-22, 04:29] <Abunja> herkz pls
[09-22, 03:36] <herkz> boku no pico
[09-22, 03:29] <Elfman> anyone know any cool new anime to waatch
[09-22, 03:17] <Abunja> @Kuroquel, watamote 2. ofc, im just kidding.
[09-22, 02:26] <Stinky Cheez> I don't, however, recommend the newer versions of UTorrent, although 3.4.x MAY be better than the rest of the 3.x.x series.
[09-22, 02:23] <Stinky Cheez> Vuze is a lot porkier on RAM, and a bit harder on CPU, but also (esp. with plugins) does some things no other client does, or at least very few do. For example, load-balancing across more than one internet connection
[09-22, 02:22] <Stinky Cheez> I actually keep Vuze as a backup to uTorrent 2.2.1
[09-22, 01:59] <FapHazard> thanks Stinky Cheez, bc i want to see which one would be better to use..
[09-22, 01:47] <Kuroquel> Do you guys know an anime like watamote?
[09-22, 01:39] <Stinky Cheez> FapHazrd, while actually running both at the same time is counterproductive, neither installing or executing both at the same time will cause many problems.
[09-22, 01:33] <Abunja> good luck on completing that torrent, vivan
[09-22, 00:47] <MysticVortex> Guess its not finished yet...
[09-22, 00:45] <FapHazard> can i install both vuze and utorrent? will they have a conflict on the performance?
[09-22, 00:45] <MoJo-X> oops
[09-22, 00:45] <MoJo-X> Vanquished Queens
[09-22, 00:14] <vivan> you'll need time machine
[09-21, 23:50] <MysticVortex> Guys, do you know where I can download all 4 episodes of Vanquished Queens?
[09-21, 23:44] <Shunhades> Just copy and put in search here in Nyaa.
[09-21, 23:06] <NoobSubs> I can't read Chinese so I cannot help you.
[09-21, 23:02] <Shunhades> Does anyone have 風魔の小次郎 聖剣戦争篇 at 100%? If so could you please seed. Thank you.
[09-21, 22:34] <ShadowPvP> talk shit about illuminati again m8
[09-21, 22:21] <vivan> wtf with all those fake chinese uTorrents? o_O
[09-21, 21:54] <sarachikorita> The ideal size for an encode is the size that best provides the desired quality at the target resolution.
[09-21, 21:20] <Prazision> I think you might just be an idiot.
[09-21, 21:19] <dongus> anime doesnt deserve any filesizes at all
[09-21, 19:32] <MoJo-X> @ [TRVE]: Don't know about that. I just looked at some of the screen shots, and might just give it a try sometime. Seeing that it's on BakaBT's white-list, I don't think it's used for ratio cheating anymore.
[09-21, 19:28] <hazardous> blame illuminati. it was them. they are everywhere. they are destroying animu ;_;
[09-21, 19:25] <jerxou> yeah of course, but still horrible
[09-21, 19:20] <Googol> It's still got another set of 12 episodes starting from January.
[09-21, 19:14] <jerxou> what the fuck happened in the last ep of aldnoah?? it was constructed horribly, inconsistent and overall was just rushed the fuck up..
[09-21, 19:04] <Robert Franklin> I think every writer who's written a sue should drink bleach
[09-21, 18:58] <Xisca> What I think sao is great, but sure it's more talking in this season than the others but I don't think it's bad. I want to see more after watching the episodes.
[09-21, 18:36] <deepeshchugh> it is awesome!!!!
[09-21, 18:33] <nitekatt> sao is becoming like new naruto: everyone says that it sucks and shit and (s)he doesnt watch it, yet everyone happens to know so many details and reasons for this despisal one wouldnt really have without watching it
[09-21, 18:09] <Obakeinu> SAO II is turning out better than I originally expected... always thought PK'ers were psychos :p
[09-21, 17:45] <Tysonblast> lol why would you watch sao
[09-21, 17:44] <Inmei> hello
[09-21, 17:00] <Tennouji> W-where's my Sword Ass Online dosage? (pun intended)
[09-21, 16:46] <herkz> >The chatbox is the messaging area at the bottom of the site where only validated accounts are allowed to submit messages. Basic guidelines to keep in mind here are: Requests are not allowed.
[09-21, 16:29] <nitekatt> its here on nyaa. use "s2" in the search
[09-21, 15:14] <SneakiestNEG> I remember when they tried to install a web plug in. Ask something or whatever.
[09-21, 15:12] <SneakiestNEG> Utorrent tries so hard to go legit. Bittorrent is under pressure I guess.
[09-21, 15:00] <vivan> I hope that they will stay dead, otherwise it would be shit ending
[09-21, 14:44] <Obakeinu> The ending to Aldnoah was AWESOME! Now to await the winter season to see what really happens next...
[09-21, 14:06] <vybe> ah so many series ending...
[09-21, 14:03] <nitekatt> 1.8.2 does everything and is only a 250Kb program.
[09-21, 12:49] <Endymion> "uTorrent became shit not so long ago" it became shit after original developer sold it. and it was long ago.
[09-21, 11:58] <vybe> pls upload spice wolf vol 1 and 2 scanlated..
[09-21, 11:49] <kurobaxkaito> anybody have the manga 最底辺の男? Looking for a raw version