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Raw Books(一般小説) [あざの耕平×すみ兵] 東京レイヴンズ 第01-11巻 (Tokyo Ravens Vol 01-11)DL846 MiB12912110980
Raw Books(一般コミック・雑誌) [あざの耕平×久世蘭] 東京レイヴンズ Sword of Song 第01-07話 (Tokyo Ravens - Sword of Song ch.01-07)DL147.3 MiB67306300
English-scanlated BooksThe World God Only Knows_268_RHS.zipDL7.4 MiB4166582
Raw BooksVinland Saga Vol 14 [ヴィンランド・サガ 第14巻]DL105.4 MiB2316719200
Raw BooksGiant Killing Vol 30 [ジャイアントキリング 第30巻]DL102.5 MiB1734914220
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 09DL26 MiB942990
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 08DL30.3 MiB722970
Raw BooksIkusaba Animation Vol 01 [戦場アニメーション 第01巻]DL35 MiB1072210720
Raw BooksCode: Breaker Vol 26 [コード:ブレイカー 第26巻]DL107.9 MiB1313411190
Non-English-scanlated Books風夏11-12DL23.5 MiB29123250
Non-English-scanlated Books[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 001 [es]DL14 MiB002940
Non-English-scanlated Books[KG] Naruto Manga #21. kötet (181. - 190. fejezet)DL33.8 MiB403260
Raw BooksAll Rounder Meguru Vol 13 [オールラウンダー廻 第13巻]DL98.6 MiB1712616400
Raw BooksDoreiku – Boku to 23nin no Dorei Vol 04 [奴隷区 僕と23人の奴隷 第04巻]DL102.1 MiB2783422900
Raw BooksLibido Hunter Takeru Vol 01 [リビドーハンタータケル 第01巻]DL36.6 MiB1631816570
English-scanlated Books[Tenko]_Mix_Chapter_21DL16.3 MiB613510
English-scanlated Books[Tenko]_Mix_Chapter_20DL8.6 MiB503570
Non-English-scanlated Books妖精的尾巴第381話DL5.7 MiB2844120
Non-English-scanlated Books零度戰姬157-162DL29.3 MiB3144030
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Chapter 381 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.6 MiB315250
Non-English-scanlated Books[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 046 [es]DL16.5 MiB004360
Non-English-scanlated Books[FSF] Centaur no Nayami - Tomo 07 [es]DL130.3 MiB204580
Raw Books(一般小説) [小川糸] 食堂かたつむり(文庫版)DL90.9 MiB1122119220
Raw Books(一般小説) [東野圭吾] 予知夢(文庫版)DL82.8 MiB1472526290
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail 381 [MangaStream]DL6.7 MiB3009790
Raw Books(一般小説) [S.キング] キャリー(文庫版)DL88.8 MiB1041820740
Raw Books(一般評論) [中山康樹] これがビートルズだ(新書・表紙なし)DL50.3 MiB811616590
Raw Books(一般コミック) [泉昌之] かっこいいスキヤキ(文庫版・表紙なし)DL89.1 MiB1521724750
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 16-20 [Chapter 127-169]DL238.5 MiB145710
Raw Books(一般コミック) [森夕x佐島勤] 魔法科高校の優等生 第01-03巻DL142.3 MiB56180125241
Raw Books(一般小説) [新美南吉] ごんぎつねDL79.6 MiB871620841
Raw Books(一般小説) [宮沢賢治] ちくま日本文学全集DL67 MiB941023521
Non-English-scanlated Books[TNJ] 悪魔の花嫁 / Akuma no Hanayome Vol. 1-4 [Bulgarian]DL537 MiB0275090
Non-English-scanlated Books[TNJ] 悪魔の花嫁 / Akuma no Hanayome Vol. 1-4 [Bulgarian]DL537 MiBStatus unknown4470
English-scanlated Books[Lazy Lily] Sakura Trick Vol03 - Chapter 09 [6AB18290].zipDL9.2 MiB704953
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 11-15 [Chapter 83-126]DL214.3 MiB636340
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 07DL48.3 MiB715900
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 06DL21.7 MiB515750
English-scanlated Books(Novel Illustrations + Prologue)Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 14 - Alicization UnitingDL2.3 MiBStatus unknown11670
Raw Books(一般小説) [横山秀夫] 第三の時効(集英社文庫)改DL104.6 MiB84734821
Raw Books(一般小説) [東野圭吾] 流星の絆DL65.6 MiB1311049461
Raw Books(一般小説) [東野圭吾] 聖女の救済DL65.9 MiB1241048901
Raw Books(一般小説) [東野圭吾] ガリレオの苦悩DL56.3 MiB1451049951
Raw Books(一般小説) [筒井康隆] 文学部唯野教授DL112 MiB881235581
Raw Books(一般小説) [スズキヒサシ] 魔法戦争 第08巻 (電子書籍版)DL74.9 MiB52632511
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Okitenemuru - Chapter 6.zipDL7.5 MiB506453
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Okitenemuru - Chapter 1.zipDL14.7 MiB406270
Raw Books(一般教養) [井沢元彦] 逆説のアジア史紀行DL50.8 MiB75634491
English-scanlated Books[CrunchyScans] Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Vol 01-11DL716 MiBStatus unknown9902
English-scanlated BooksToriko 274 [MangaStream]DL8.1 MiB908590
English-scanlated BooksBleach 577 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB39115820
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 673 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB49118140
Raw BooksShingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou Vol 03 [進撃!巨人中学校 第03巻]DL63.3 MiB103537740
Raw BooksDoubutsu no Kuni Vol 13 [どうぶつの国 第13巻]DL91.4 MiB98737601
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 673 [MS]DL6.4 MiB507820
Non-English-scanlated Books火影忍者673 JOJODL9.3 MiB2017660
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 05DL24.1 MiB137160
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 04DL25.8 MiB116960
English-scanlated BooksBleach Chapter 577 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL1.9 MiB109040
English-scanlated BooksNaruto Chapter 673 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.5 MiB0010280
Raw Books(一般コミック) [勝木光] ベイビーステップ 第29巻DL75.1 MiB188595800
Raw Books(一般コミック) [宮島礼吏×元麻布ファクトリー×高橋ヒサシ] AKB49 恋愛禁止条例 第16巻DL41.6 MiB61248190
English-scanlated BooksBleach 577 SwordDL1.9 MiB4012790
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 673 We will...!!DL3.5 MiB6014690
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 6-10 [Chapter 40-82]DL198.5 MiB208230
Raw Books(一般小説) [左京潤] 勇者になれなかった俺はしぶしぶ就職を決意しました。 第09巻DL27.1 MiB53342281
Raw Books(一般コミック) [田中ほさな] 時坂さんは僕と地球に厳しすぎる。 第04巻DL76.6 MiB1321084681
English-scanlated BooksUQ Holder 31 [MangaStream]DL4.8 MiB6211140
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 03DL26.9 MiB017700
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 1-5 [Chapter 1-39]DL163.5 MiB328110
Raw Books[亜月裕] 伊賀野カバ丸+外伝DL612.9 MiB61835341
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 02DL26.5 MiB616350
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 01DL28.3 MiB206250
Non-English-scanlated Books[漫の汉化组] [吉川英朗] 科学家们(カガクなヤツら)第03卷DL136.6 MiBStatus unknown8180
Raw BooksNewtype 2014-05DL56.7 MiB37237250
English-scanlated BooksMysterious_Girlfriend_X_chapter_86__tktranslate_.zipDL20.1 MiB909100
English-scanlated BooksMysterious_Girlfriend_X_chapter_85__tktranslate_.zipDL23.1 MiB908670
English-scanlated BooksMysterious_Girlfriend_X_chapter_84_tktranslate_.zipDL20.7 MiB1008470
Raw Books[Miss Dream] Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Volume 10DL5.36 GiB102611330
Raw Books[Miss Dream] Sailor Moon Perfect Edition Volume 9DL5.44 GiB142811000
Raw Books[paku] プアプアLIPS 第01-03巻DL98.3 MiB61452001
Raw BooksD-Frag! Vol 08.5 [ディーふらぐ! 第08.5巻]DL81.2 MiB108678221
Raw BooksJojo no Kimyou na Bouken – Jojorion Vol 06 [ジョジョリオン 第06巻]DL45.4 MiB1401085151
English-scanlated BooksRock Lee's Springtime of Youth 32 [MangaStream]DL5.1 MiB305120
Raw BooksONE PIECE カラー版 1-68.rarDL2.97 GiB1044575092
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Silver Nina - Chapter 29.zipDL5.7 MiB205691
English-scanlated BooksSword Art Online - Volume 13 - Alicization Dividing [tap-trans] [EPUB] [v0]DL10.1 MiB909480
Raw Books(一般小説) [西尾維新] 終物語 (下)DL48.7 MiB1577141092
Raw Books(一般小説) [西尾維新] 終物語(上)(中) (txt形式)DL2.1 MiB64261822
Raw Books(一般小説) [西尾維新] りぽぐら! (txt形式)DL1.2 MiB38238102
Raw Books(一般小説) [鎌池和馬] ヘヴィーオブジェクト 08 七〇%の支配者DL81.2 MiB32533632
Raw Books(一般小説) [逢空万太] 這いよれ!ニャル子さん 第12巻DL80.3 MiB47346962
Raw Books(一般小説) [逢空万太] ヴァルキリーワークス 第01-03巻DL209.1 MiB43949232
Raw Books(一般小説) [逢空万太] 深山さんちのベルテイン 第01・02巻DL78.5 MiB26335802
Raw Books(一般小説) [竹宮ゆゆこ] ゴールデンタイム 第08巻 (txt形式)DL1 MiB16223332
Raw Books(一般小説) [野尻抱介] 沈黙のフライバイ/南極点のピアピア動画DL112.8 MiB19628262
Raw Books(一般小説) [野尻抱介] クレギオン 全7巻/ふわふわの泉 (青空文庫対応txt 挿絵付)DL19.1 MiB24333122
Raw Books(一般小説) [一肇] 魔法少女まどか☆マギカDL48.8 MiB31335842
Raw Books(一般小説) [綿矢りさ] 蹴りたい背中《芥川賞受賞作》/インストール《文藝賞受賞作》(青空文庫対応txt 表紙付)DL288 KiB24532652
Raw Books(一般小説) [ロバート・J・ソウヤー] ネアンデルタール・パララックスDL157.3 MiB25327342
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[04-18, 22:54 UTC] <nks> AGE 720p IS OUT!!!
[04-18, 22:54 UTC] <lae> who's RHE?
[04-18, 22:53 UTC] <kenshinsama> The chat rules aren't that hard to find.
[04-18, 22:48 UTC] <HerbalNekoTea> What are the chat specific rules ? If i remember, not blasting X or asking for seed or when x anime will be release. (or it was IRC)
[04-18, 22:30 UTC] <Kawaii!!> Oh hi.
[04-18, 22:30 UTC] <[FALSE]> Avdol Did Nothing Wrong
[04-18, 22:04 UTC] <pac2m43> 720p rules >_<
[04-18, 22:01 UTC] <MoeRaws> f**k...:/
[04-18, 22:01 UTC] <MoeRaws> who impersonate me?
[04-18, 21:59 UTC] <Abunja> That said, no encoding discussions. You'll feel the wrath of the god mod RHE lol
[04-18, 21:55 UTC] <hyenafansubitalia> hello everyone!
[04-18, 21:40 UTC] <Memories.> If HorribleSubs doesn't sub, then why do they have "Subs" in their name? Check. Mate.
[04-18, 21:18 UTC] <Usome> el_loko_176 google it, or look for in crunchyroll...
[04-18, 20:45 UTC] <el_loko_176> when there going to release the new chapter of fairy tail
[04-18, 20:42 UTC] <cyberpunk1788> HAVE TO HAVES
[04-18, 20:39 UTC] <nobuyuki26> i want pussy right now!!!
[04-18, 20:33 UTC] <Senfu> 3spooky5me
[04-18, 20:22 UTC] <NCODS> Good night OUPS xd
[04-18, 20:22 UTC] <NCODS> Sorry...and goonightxd...
[04-18, 20:20 UTC] <el_loko_176> when is available the raw of fairy tail?
[04-18, 20:15 UTC] <Seeder> @PrincessRailgun how can I trust myself ? what's the steps to be one of trusts members ?
[04-18, 20:11 UTC] <stinky> If I read the site correctly, I beleive the Lupin vs conan movie to be BD released on june 4, Or April 6. Cant remember what day and month look like in Japanese.
[04-18, 20:09 UTC] <stinky> All that I've noticed is in BD encodes, comparing 720 to 1080, that the 720p encodes have more detail. The 1080 seems to smooth the details out more. There is a subtle blockiness to the 720 that shows more detail. Of course like someone said, might be dependent on settings.
[04-18, 20:07 UTC] <HiddenFlat> ㅇㅅㅇ
[04-18, 20:06 UTC] <stinky> Wow they are permitting us lowly peons to post now!?!?! Thanks!
[04-18, 20:04 UTC] <kira1985> so an anything goes chat
[04-18, 20:04 UTC] <HerbalNekoTea> Personnaly, i prefer 8bit encode because they are light and 1080p can run on any dual core android device or lowend pc. I personaly think if your screen don't fit more than 720p, it is not worth the bandwidth and space for 1080p.
[04-18, 20:02 UTC] <PrincessRailgun> trust yourself
[04-18, 19:57 UTC] <Seeder> Guys , I want to be a trust on nyaa , how ?
[04-18, 19:54 UTC] <OnDeed> MrNobodyWTB, in principle 1080p would be better, yeah. But in reality it depends on lots of things - source quality, bitrate used, filtering used, the encoder being or not being a clueless berk/asshole...
[04-18, 19:51 UTC] <ktz> 99% of the time, 1080 is an upscale; there's no point.
[04-18, 19:43 UTC] <RinaChan> woah! this is a surprise attack to me 0.0 didnt know the chat is back xD
[04-18, 19:41 UTC] <MrNobodyWTB> Not trying to invoke an arguement here, I just want honest opinions. Even if you're using a HTPC capable of decoding 10bit fine, wouldn't 1080p 8bit still look better than 720p 10 bit? (trying to save bandwidth by not downloading both and just want people's opinions)
[04-18, 19:37 UTC] <chocolatecornet> mushishi s2 = AOTS
[04-18, 19:33 UTC] <ivoyko> Memories... each show less Arc-V D:
[04-18, 19:32 UTC] <Jospy8> Holi
[04-18, 19:21 UTC] <greenanon> So this is the chat?
[04-18, 19:17 UTC] <Arkasia> horriblesubs is so fast because they don't sub. They rip.
[04-18, 19:16 UTC] <I Swear Im Not Gay> Mekakucity is saturdays
[04-18, 19:06 UTC] <xKinqdom> fuck the new comment system
[04-18, 18:51 UTC] <acookie> hi~
[04-18, 18:46 UTC] <Asad> on what day does mekakucity releases?
[04-18, 18:40 UTC] <Memories.> HorribleSubs are my favorite sub group, they do every show :D and so faster than others...
[04-18, 18:39 UTC] <Eroyume> @R3dNaz Most will use computers for work/school on a daily basis. The same cannot be said of aeronautics. Simply not knowing something doesn't make one an idiot, but being willfully ignorant and uninquisitive does.
[04-18, 18:22 UTC] <Abunja> Nothing unusual happenings here. Back to sleep for me then.
[04-18, 18:15 UTC] <Soran-Ibrahim> Sup Seizhan ( • ̀ω•́ )
[04-18, 18:13 UTC] <Laikered Matter> How rude
[04-18, 18:08 UTC] <R3dNaz> because not knowing something is equals being an idiot, amirite baka? true idiot logic. I wonder if you know how to fly a jet, oh you don't? you idiot.
[04-18, 18:04 UTC] <Laikered Matter> ....
[04-18, 18:01 UTC] <HerbalNekoTea> Deadfish are encoder, they convert the best version of each anime to 8bit mp4 for your cellphone or lowend device.
[04-18, 17:59 UTC] <Seiya_L> Chewi105, Deadfish make hardsub videos, not sub
[04-18, 17:56 UTC] <aers> So not at all?
[04-18, 17:53 UTC] <Chewi105> Deadfish are subbers in the sense that HS are subbers
[04-18, 17:52 UTC] <Seizhan> hi Soran. =)))
[04-18, 17:48 UTC] <baka²> idiots will be idiots
[04-18, 17:46 UTC] <Memories.> >Deadfish not subbers / Why you gotta be a hater like that man. They've never made a tl error, they've never made bad typesetting, etc
[04-18, 17:46 UTC] <Hexagonal> Uhmm ....*cough*
[04-18, 17:39 UTC] <HerbalNekoTea> Because they are users, not a true IT like the Linuxian. XD
[04-18, 17:37 UTC] <Soran-Ibrahim> > Dual Encodes
[04-18, 17:30 UTC] <Koahku> Why are apple users so dum?
[04-18, 17:30 UTC] <Seiya_L> >Deadfish #1 subbing group of all time. / Deadfish not subbers
[04-18, 17:19 UTC] <Kirby54729> Well, this place is fun in a way too.
[04-18, 17:07 UTC] <Zatheyll> @Sir Fluffykins, Oh my. I was confused at how a video could be 20kb in size, but him trying to play a .torrent explains it. I have no words.
[04-18, 17:03 UTC] <[TRVE]> >Apple
[04-18, 17:02 UTC] <Memories.> @Zatheyll think of it as a containment chamber, keeps the shit out of the other places :)
[04-18, 17:01 UTC] <Sir Fluffykins> @deanzel. Are you sure they're videos and not the torrent files you need to load into a torrent program to download the torrents?
[04-18, 17:01 UTC] <That Guy Who Seeds> <Kikusui> thanks man, I completely missed break blade coming out
[04-18, 16:59 UTC] <Zatheyll> I'm starting to see why this was turned off for so long.
[04-18, 16:55 UTC] <deanzel> Hey guys I'm new and I can't get these videos to play on my new Apple iBook. Why are they all like 20kb (??) in size when the descriptions say something different? I'm so confused. HALP.
[04-18, 16:54 UTC] <Memories.> "Dual Encodes" ? You wot mate?
[04-18, 16:54 UTC] <karambia> Congrats.. you all have no life!
[04-18, 16:50 UTC] <Sir Fluffykins> Dual Encodes. Lagrange Season 2? Little Busters season 2? Proper sync'd encode of Nyan Koi and Rideback? 1080 dual encode of Robotics Notes? AKB0048 season 2? Psycho Pass in HD and dual? So many shows without encodes.
[04-18, 16:49 UTC] <Lodarky> I was wondering how the Cake has exceptionally Pink colour ?!
[04-18, 16:48 UTC] <NeVe12p4wNeD> <aers> Yay~ I'm glad I'm one.
[04-18, 16:46 UTC] <citizeninsane89> @kirara you killjoy
[04-18, 16:39 UTC] <SomeRandomLurker> hello world
[04-18, 16:27 UTC] <Kirara> for funsies
[04-18, 16:26 UTC] <TsundereBrokenScene> why are we talking about that? ._.
[04-18, 16:23 UTC] <Kirara> Rape is pretty uncommon in prisons, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that only about 2% of inmates in federal or state prisons and 1.7% of inmates in jails report being raped, a statistic which has been found in numerous samples by third party researchers as well
[04-18, 16:19 UTC] <Leeu> shit, gonna get assraped in prison then
[04-18, 16:19 UTC] <Memories.> Do YOU or someone you love watch ANIME? Go to and keep the community a better, safer place.
[04-18, 16:18 UTC] <TsundereBrokenScene> loool. no. you´re just like me when i was working for the city´s office. XD
[04-18, 16:17 UTC] <aers> If you watch anime, you are a criminal
[04-18, 16:17 UTC] <big1sofun> i watch a lot of anime at work (on slow days)
[04-18, 16:17 UTC] <big1sofun> no clue i just download wich ever ones comes out with the subbed episode first xD
[04-18, 16:16 UTC] <Memories.> deadfish is red, that's like being blue, except even better RiGHT?
[04-18, 16:15 UTC] <TsundereBrokenScene> eraser, don´t be some wiener. :D
[04-18, 16:15 UTC] <R3dNaz> you do know that deadfish just take horriblesubs subtitles, which are taken from crunchyroll originally?
[04-18, 16:15 UTC] <TsundereBrokenScene> hehe. :3 coolio. wanna have the time to watch that many animes *_* btw.: does anybody know wether the real life kenshin film was uploaded here?
[04-18, 16:14 UTC] <eraser> No one cares.
[04-18, 16:12 UTC] <big1sofun> i watch deadfish or horriblesub
[04-18, 16:11 UTC] <big1sofun> my current watch list is nisekoi,nobunaga the fool,akuma no riddle,atelier escha & logy,black bullet,blade & soul,bokura wa minna kawaisou,break blade,captain earth,gochuumon wa usagi desu ka fuuun ishin dai shogun, seikoku no dragonar, soul eater not!,mekakucity actors,mahouka koukou no rettousei, mahou shoujo taisen, kenzen robo daimidaler kamigami no asobi, hitsugi no chaika, gokukoku no brynhildr
[04-18, 16:09 UTC] <Memories.> Deadfish #1 subbing group of all time
[04-18, 16:08 UTC] <bakasugoi> @kikusui ... deafish is a re-encoding group, not a fansub.
[04-18, 16:07 UTC] <[TRVE]> Mushishi and Ping Pong. Knights of Sidonia looked mildly interesting, too. Fuck the rest.
[04-18, 16:06 UTC] <Kikusui> <That Guy Who Seeds> I saw (Deadfish) releasing the first two episodes.
[04-18, 16:05 UTC] <big1sofun> currently watching black bullet