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Raw Literature暗殺教室 (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) 第10巻DL106.2 MiB16076990
Raw Literature暗殺教室 (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) 第08巻DL40.1 MiB180172850
Raw Literature暁の夢使いたち [Dream Maker In Dawn]DL25.1 MiB1013150
Raw Literature暁のヨナ 第16巻 [Akatsuki no Yona vol 16]DL134.9 MiB36521790
Raw Literature暁のヨナ 第16巻 [Akatsuki no Yona vol 16]DL134.9 MiB25722610
Raw Literature暁のヨナ 第15巻 [Akatsuki no Yona vol 15]DL147 MiB2011360
Raw Literature暁のヨナ 第15巻 [Akatsuki no Yona vol 15]DL147 MiB107620
Raw Literature暁のヨナ (Akatsuki no Yona) 第16巻DL138.9 MiB29910160
Raw Literature暁のヨナ (Akatsuki no Yona) 第15巻DL104.7 MiB2117810
Raw Literature暁のヨナ (Akatsuki no Yona) 第15巻DL151 MiB2016770
Raw Literature暁に立つライオン [Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion]DL51 MiB208040
Raw Literature暁に立つライオン [Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion]DL51 MiB109410
Raw Literature時槻風乃と黒い童話の夜 第01-02巻DL27.9 MiBStatus unknown12710
Raw Literature時をかける少女 第01巻 [Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo vol 01]DL46.2 MiB4113510
Raw Literature時の添乗員 第01巻 [Toki no Tenjouin vol 01]DL61.9 MiB2114080
Raw Literature時の消失請負人 第01巻 [Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin vol 01]DL126.6 MiB2118020
Raw Literature昭和柔侠伝 第03巻 [Shouwa Juukyouden Vol 03]DL111.8 MiB0213970
Raw Literature昭和不老不死伝説バンパイア (Shouwa Furoufushi Densetsu Vampire) 第05巻DL74.1 MiB028890
Raw Literature昭和不老不死伝説バンパイア (Shouwa Furoufushi Densetsu Vampire) 第01巻DL76.5 MiB0013510
Raw Literature昭和40年男 10月号 [Showa 40 Nen Otoko 2014-10]DL140.4 MiB2016120
Raw Literature昭和40年男 10月号 [Showa 40 Nen Otoko 2014-10]DL140.4 MiB1014220
Raw Literature春風のスネグラチカ [Harukaze no Snegurochka]DL207.6 MiB3013310
Raw Literature春美120% 第01-02巻 [Harumi 120% vol 01-02]DL65.2 MiB0111290
Raw Literature春本版四畳半襖の下張 現代語訳付DL1.4 MiBStatus unknown29710
Raw Literature春告小町 第04巻 [Harutsuge Komachi vol 04]DL66.6 MiB008850
Raw Literature春告小町 (Harutsuge Komachi) 第04巻DL137.5 MiB037510
Raw Literature星空へ架かる橋 第02巻 [Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Vol 02]DL213.1 MiB0314970
Raw Literature星空へ架かる橋 第01-02巻 [Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Vol 01-02]DL432.2 MiBStatus unknown24650
Raw Literature星川銀座四丁目 第01巻 [Hoshikawa Ginza Yonchoume vol 01]DL92.3 MiB2114470
Non-English-translated Literature星咬的皋月全1話DL8.9 MiB103030
Raw Literature星刻の竜騎士 第2話DL186.7 MiB1030570
Raw Literature星を継ぐもの 星野之宣DL75.3 MiB3083720
Raw Literature昔久街のロジオネ [Natsukashi Machi no Rozione]DL52.2 MiB049070
Raw Literature昔久街のロジオネ [Natsukashi Machi no Rozione]DL52.2 MiB0127690
Raw Literature明稜帝梧桐勢十郎 第01-02巻 [Meiryoutei Gotou Seijuurou vol 01-02]DL92.7 MiB2010000
Raw Literature明治緋色綺譚 第09巻 [Meiji Hiiro Kitan Vol 09]DL86.3 MiB1022930
Raw Literature明治緋色綺譚 (Meiji Hiiro Kitan) 第13巻DL140.9 MiB218060
Raw Literature明治緋色綺譚 (Meiji Hiiro Kitan) 第13巻DL139.5 MiB009210
Raw Literature明治緋色綺譚 (Meiji Hiiro Kitan) 第09巻DL86.3 MiB2115330
Raw Literature日本海軍軍装図鑑1867-1945DL160 MiB4148250
Raw Literature日常 第09巻 [Nichijou Vol 09]DL101.5 MiB3176190
Raw Literature日常 (Nichijou) 第09巻DL92.5 MiB5148230
Raw Literature日帰りクエスト 第01-02巻 [Higaeri Quest vol 01-02]DL45.3 MiB1012360
Raw Literature日出処の天子 第01-02巻 [Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi vol 01-02]DL117.5 MiB3012540
Raw Literature日々これ好日 第01巻 [Hibi kore Koujitsu vol 01]DL112.2 MiB1310500
Raw Literature旅の途中 第01-02巻 [Tabi no Tochuu vol 01-02]DL93.6 MiB1113720
Raw Literature新Good Job 第01-02巻 [Shin Good Job vol 01-02]DL62.2 MiB2212200
Raw Literature新黒沢 最強伝説 第01巻 [Shin Kurosawa - Saikyou Densetsu Vol 01]DL101.8 MiB5025200
Raw Literature新谷かおる 第01-03巻 [RAISE Vol 01-03]DL325 MiB4124300
Raw Literature新谷かおる 第01-03巻 [RAISE Vol 01-03]DL325 MiB3018060
Raw Literature新約 とある魔術の禁書目録 第01-03巻DL27.7 MiBStatus unknown11210
Raw Literature新機動戦記ガンダムW MSエンサイクロペディア.zipDL110 MiB2063250
Raw Literature新東京遊郭物語 [Shin Toukyou Yuukaku Monogatari]DL130.2 MiB1224140
Raw Literature新旭日の艦隊 第01-02巻 [Shin Kyokujitsu no Kantai vol 01-02]DL69.2 MiB1020690
Raw Literature新感覚癒し系魔法少女ベホイミちゃん 第01-02巻 [Shin Kankaku Iyashikei Mahou Shoujo Behoimi-chan vol 01-02]DL115.2 MiB0214880
Raw Literature新宿スワン 第32巻DL223 MiBStatus unknown376001
Raw Literature新宿スワン (Shinjuku Swan) 第38巻DL165.5 MiB4310640
Raw Literature新宿スワン (Shinjuku Swan) 第38巻DL165.5 MiB0111870
Raw Literature新宿スワン (Shinjuku Swan) 第38巻DL165.5 MiB0214670
Raw Literature新宿スワン (Shinjuku Swan) 第38巻DL165.5 MiB0018570
Raw Literature新宿スワン (Shinjuku Swan) 第01-04巻DL292.3 MiB1014330
Raw Literature新妻のそだて方 第01巻 [Niizuma no Sodate Kata Vol 01]DL138 MiB5155530
Raw Literature新妹魔王の契約者 第04巻DL144.2 MiB7123060
Raw Literature新妹魔王の契約者 第01巻DL146.3 MiBStatus unknown11460
Raw Literature新妹魔王の契約者 Vol 1 to 5.rarDL385.3 MiB6261990
Raw Literature新仮面ライダー SPIRITS 第10巻 [Shin Kamen Rider Spirits vol 10]DL152.8 MiB13026640
Raw Literature新仮面ライダー SPIRITS 第10巻 [Shin Kamen Rider Spirits vol 10]DL152.8 MiB4214880
Raw Literature新仮面ライダー SPIRITS (Shin Kamen Rider Spirits) 第10巻DL157.4 MiB739420
Raw Literature新仮面ライダー SPIRITS (Shin Kamen Rider Spirits) 第09巻DL58.6 MiB1062480
Raw Literature新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 第01-02巻 [Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 01-02]DL142.1 MiB0310290
Raw Literature新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 碇シンジ育成計画 第16巻DL109.7 MiB4084240
Raw Literature新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 碇シンジ育成計画 (Shinseiki Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku) 第16巻DL112.6 MiB4126950
Raw Literature新世界より 第01-03巻DL148.3 MiB50223810
Raw Literature新世界より (Shinsekai yori) 01-06DL443.4 MiB130285981
Raw Literature新世の学園戦区 (Shinsei no Gakuen Senku) 第01巻DL129.5 MiB2054880
Raw Literature新・幸せの時間 第01-02巻 [Shin Shiawase no Jikan vol 01-02]DL152.2 MiB0119240
Raw Literature新・子連れ狼 第01-02巻 [Shin Kozure Ookami vol 01-02]DL97.7 MiB1011720
Raw Literature新・天地無用! パーフェクトコレクション Shin Tenchi Muyo Perfect CollectionDL186.8 MiBStatus unknown103531
Raw Literature新・ハッピーピープル (Shin Happy People) 第01巻DL160.2 MiB7041520
Raw Literature新・コータローまかりとおる! 柔道編 第01-02巻 [Shin Kotaro Makaritoru! Juudouhen vol 01-02]DL102 MiB028690
Raw Literature新テニスの王子様 第01-13巻DL1.03 GiBStatus unknown66610
Raw Literature新テニスの王子様 (Shin Tennis no Oujisama) 第13巻DL127.5 MiB10035980
Raw Literature新テニスの王子様 (Shin Tennis no Oujisama) 第13巻DL128.8 MiB2015140
Raw Literature新ジャングルの王者ターちゃん 第01-02巻 [Shin Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan vol 01-02]DL86.5 MiB3110780
Raw Literature新サラリーマン金太郎 第06-07巻 [Shin Salaryman Kintarou vol 06-07]DL122.5 MiB119940
Raw Literature新サラリーマン金太郎 第06-07巻 [Shin Salaryman Kintarou vol 06-07]DL122.5 MiB0310970
Raw Literature新サラリーマン金太郎 (Shin Salaryman Kintarou) 第01巻DL62.3 MiB2015050
Raw Literature新クロサギ 第01-02巻 [Shin Kurosagi vol 01-02]DL148.2 MiB1214310
Raw Literature新クロサギ 完結編 第03-04巻 [Shin Kurosagi Kanketsuhen vol 03-04]DL166.3 MiB6140930
Raw Literature新クロサギ 完結編 (Shin Kurosagi Kanketsuhen) 第04巻DL171.3 MiB3511450
Raw Literature新クロサギ 完結編 (Shin Kurosagi Kanketsuhen) 第01巻DL109.5 MiB7135940
Raw Literature断裁分離のクライムエッジ 第01巻 [Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge vol 01]DL111.1 MiB0114270
Raw Literature断裁分離のクライムエッジ (Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge) 第01巻DL111.1 MiB005400
Raw Literature断裁分離のクライムエッジ (Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge) 第01巻DL111.1 MiB137200
Raw Literature文鳥様と私 愛蔵版 第01-02巻 [Bunchou-sama to Watashi vol 01-02]DL234.8 MiB0013750
Raw Literature文鳥様と私 愛蔵版 (Bunchou-sama to Watashi) 第02巻DL110.1 MiB057460
Raw Literature文豪ストレイドッグス 第06巻 [Bungou Stray Dogs vol 06]DL145.9 MiB04513310
Raw Literature文豪ストレイドッグス 第06巻 [Bungou Stray Dogs vol 06]DL145.9 MiB7123560
Raw Literature文豪ストレイドッグス 第05巻 [Bungou Stray Dogs vol 05]DL177 MiB06315220
Raw Literature文豪ストレイドッグス 第05巻 [Bungou Stray Dogs vol 05]DL177 MiB9226130
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-21, 23:53] <qrazed> The manual is there for a reason. I swear no one reads it, even though before you post a message, it says to read the manual and the playback one, right above this.
[12-21, 23:51] <qrazed> @caiopires: Read this. Scroll down to the part that says avatar.
[12-21, 23:41] <caiopires> How people change the avatar on nyaa? Are they moderators or anything of the kind?
[12-21, 22:14] <ravenleaf182> no, I just wanted to actually speak to her, since all I did was send her an email and never spoken since. If I went to germany, we would have wound up having sex first
[12-21, 22:09] <[TRVE]> Indeed. Don't come to Germany. We have to deal with Syrian asylum seekers first.
[12-21, 22:00] <NoobSubs> @ravenleaf182 So you wanted to go all the way to Germany just to re-break up with her? That would have been a horrible idea.
[12-21, 21:56] <Robert Franklin> What are you guys planning to watch in the winter season?
[12-21, 20:29] <ravenleaf182> I tend to get amused, but occasionally someone goes full retard. you never go full retard.
[12-21, 20:08] <[TRVE]> Except they will act flustered if bothered long enough, Smelly Cheez. That's funny to watch.
[12-21, 20:04] <unclesporkums> I understand. I thought you could also create one here. Sorry.
[12-21, 20:02] <MisterDonut> don't upload the .rar directly
[12-21, 20:02] <MisterDonut> you have to create a torrent file first
[12-21, 19:58] <unclesporkums> Hello. I'm new here and I'm trying to upload a torrent. Every time I try to upload the .rar file from my computer and put in the information, it gives me the "No Data Could Be Parsed" sentence.
[12-21, 19:58] <Stinky Cheez> And the exact same goesa for anyone you claim no one cares about =) .
[12-21, 19:56] <salvotnt> I'm a little teapot,....[error] GRRRRR.... what now?
[12-21, 19:52] <[TRVE]> I can live with that. :)
[12-21, 19:51] <[TRVE]> Not caring about me gives me free reign to do almost anything.
[12-21, 19:43] <Stinky Cheez> As long as you don't speak for everyone, TRVE, no one really cares about you, either =) . Funny how that works - lol...
[12-21, 19:41] <[TRVE]> As long as you don't have XDCC bots nobody cares.
[12-21, 19:40] <JacobSwaggedUp> New IRC :)
[12-21, 19:29] <Shinsekai Fansub> ohayu!
[12-21, 19:23] <ravenleaf182> @[TRVE] noooooo, the girl I dumped lives in germany, it was long distance
[12-21, 18:29] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Wow, it worked.
[12-21, 18:29] <NeVe12p4wNeD>
[12-21, 18:28] <my2ndangelic> but I hope someone will sub the BD ver
[12-21, 18:27] <my2ndangelic> it's tooooooooooo gay light Free! :v
[12-21, 18:27] <my2ndangelic> no
[12-21, 17:57] <MisterDonut> i hope arvon2 will do the Himegoto BD. hi-def trap.
[12-21, 17:48] <MisterDonut> read the doc that comes with it.
[12-21, 17:48] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @MisterDonut: Can you explain and give me more details about avsx4x26x and tMod please?
[12-21, 17:46] <[TRVE]> Have you paid your respect to the shrine today?
[12-21, 17:46] <commieis4niggers> why is herkz a nipple
[12-21, 17:14] <AkiraLeir> But I guess that's the way to go, IF one wanted to become an expert. Not my case /shrugs
[12-21, 17:13] <MisterDonut> *avs4x26x, x264 tMod and cmd
[12-21, 17:12] <AkiraLeir> This one doesn't like dark backgrounds.
[12-21, 17:12] <MisterDonut> just avisynth, avs4x26x x264 tMod and cmd
[12-21, 17:11] <[TRVE]> not to use*
[12-21, 17:11] <[TRVE]> He expected you not using MeGUI.
[12-21, 17:10] <AkiraLeir> I'm on Windows. What did you expect?
[12-21, 17:09] <MisterDonut> don't use MeGui
[12-21, 17:06] <AkiraLeir> I wonder what it would look like if that was a full episode... HEVC FTL -_-
[12-21, 16:33] <IchigoKiss> @deanzel your* - at least learn the difference between "your" and "you're" if you are going to attempt to troll me.
[12-21, 16:30] <deanzel> @IchioKiss That's exactly what you're mom told me last night.
[12-21, 16:26] <Rin2K> wasn't raven?
[12-21, 16:20] <IchigoKiss> You know, the sad reality is that society cares too much about age. What it should be is: as long as the two of you have genuine feelings for each other and are not going to fuck around, who cares?
[12-21, 16:19] <[TRVE]> Or was that someone else?
[12-21, 16:19] <[TRVE]> Wait, were you her ex-boyfriend? I remember you talking about properly dumping someone.
[12-21, 16:11] <Abunja> and also, always don't forget to use rubber ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 16:08] <Abunja> 20? not bad, i do admit that i want to have a waifu thats 10 years younger than me (•⚗৺⚗•)
[12-21, 16:04] <Svered> So the French are say I should fuck a 10 year old? Those sick bastards.
[12-21, 15:47] <Stinky Cheez> According to the French, the best age for a female lover is half the man's age, plus one. Of course, the French are also perverted bastards ^^' ...
[12-21, 15:02] <hazardous> raven, get the enoch calendar and recalculate, and get your real age. i m sure you're younger than what that stupid gregorian calendar tells you. (⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)
[12-21, 14:11] <thai6070> @NeVe12p4wNeD Yes
[12-21, 14:07] <ravenleaf182> plus shes 20 and I'm 31. It feels creepy. and thats coming from a guy that likes hentai :P
[12-21, 14:06] <ravenleaf182> no way, I know why her boyfriend left her, I want to get laid but I definitely don't want that baggage
[12-21, 13:53] <Abunja> think about it, raven-kun. both of you would benefit if she became your girlfriend. so go for it, hope you bang her tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 13:42] <(⌐■_■)> ↓ have sex with anyone without having to worry about responsibility and diseases??!? count me in on the NerveGear train!! (▰˘◡˘▰)
[12-21, 13:31] <hazardous> this is why we need amusphere asap! so we can get over porn.
[12-21, 13:22] <Artemix> the article is about what happens to your brain when you masturbate to porn repeatedly, day after day, even multiple times per day.
[12-21, 13:21] <Artemix> I didn't say stop masturbating, in our current over-sexualized society that would probably end in blue balls.
[12-21, 13:18] <ravenleaf182> ha....but why would I want to quit? I haven't been laid in 3 years, if I gave up porn I'd probably go postal.
[12-21, 13:04] <Artemix> you should all read "your brain on porn".
[12-21, 12:26] <hazardous> me too. good thing my lizard brain is mostly offline. \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/
[12-21, 12:04] <ravenleaf182> actually I dislike loli, but I like the femdom stuff
[12-21, 12:02] <hazardous> ( ͡3 ͜ʖ ͡3)>\■-■/
[12-21, 11:19] <(⌐■_■)> Much more details on To Love-Ru Darkness Season 2
[12-21, 11:17] <[TRVE]> Cartoon porn is a different story though.
[12-21, 11:16] <vivan> probably she knows that he faps only to 2d lolis
[12-21, 11:14] <ravenleaf182> well yeah, I am not being discrete about it. were all adults and shes not my girlfriend, I'll be damned if I can't have porn while she gets bonked 4-5 times a week
[12-21, 10:50] <Abunja> and she probably know you're watching porn, too
[12-21, 10:49] <Abunja> oh, i see. she's moaning loudly for you to hear, that's for sure. she might bore a hole in the wall so you can peep, lol. nozoki ana much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 10:26] <MisterDonut> i usually just buy verbatim BDs
[12-21, 10:14] <sephirotic> Anyone knows of good online stores that sells original good quality BD-r worldwide? I'm afraid on buying on ebay
[12-21, 10:08] <ravenleaf182> I watch hentai. fakku helps too.
[12-21, 10:02] <n0xiety> Yo raven how do you even endure that situation. I would just leave the room or call a whore so that we can atleast moan in sync. Who knows it might turn into an orgy
[12-21, 09:54] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @thai6070: Are you Thai?
[12-21, 09:28] <ravenleaf182> Abunja, I just have thin walls and she moans really loudly :P she didn't tell me anything, I can just hear everything. Yay for being a creepy otaku!
[12-21, 08:14] <Abunja> what your roommate actually want is you, raven-kun. i mean, how could she tell you all these stuff? she must have been plotting something. (•⚗৺⚗•)
[12-21, 07:59] <ravenleaf182> @prazision lets see, she was crying hysterically more than half the day, like wailing and crying. then she spent the last hour and half moaning and screaming in pleasure with not her ex boyfriend. I feel like she could at least have waited until her ex got his stuff at least. just saying.
[12-21, 07:59] <hazardous> ( ͡° lol ͡°)
[12-21, 07:58] <Res> To love ru darkness gets 2nd season!
[12-21, 07:57] <ravenleaf182> you guys don't understand the reality. I meant she was already having sex with someone else, she just called a friend and she got banged out :P it wasn't me
[12-21, 07:01] <KoyomiKami>
[12-21, 06:29] <Prazision> Your roommate isn't a whore, you're just retarded.
[12-21, 06:27] <hazardous> cross ange better than gundam seed at least ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 06:17] <NoobSubs> Your roommate wants the D. Provide!
[12-21, 06:03] <Abunja> maybe your roommate actually got a thing for you, raven-kun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[12-21, 04:18] <ravenleaf182> you mean like the UN? <_<
[12-21, 03:53] <ravenleaf182> roommate is a whore. she spent like half the day crying horribly about breaking up with her boyfriend before christmas, now shes...very obviously not worried about him
[12-21, 03:32] <teamthunder> I can't upload... ^_^
[12-21, 03:32] <teamthunder> helllp...
[12-21, 03:29] <LateralusManga> giratina2009, probably you're using wrong announce-urls. I suggest that you use nyaatorrents+pomf+demonii only. OBT is dead and PBT is not responding.
[12-21, 03:28] <giratina2009> uploaded successfully, thank you for your advice.
[12-21, 03:13] <Don abu> hellp can someone please tell me if persona 4 movie has been subbed yet or if the new brothers conflict ova has been subbed yet
[12-21, 03:12] <ravenleaf182> if you're a little teapot, you're doing it wrong. read directions, google them if you don't know
[12-21, 02:57] <Don abu> hello
[12-21, 02:20] <SeedSucksIt> cross angie sucks
[12-21, 02:06] <グロ猫> Nisekoi season 2 in april! Good news for me!
[12-21, 02:02] <giratina2009> hello, how to upload torrent, i only get i am a teapot while uploading one