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Non-English-translated Literature【52H里漫画组&动漫先锋漫画组】[水兵きき] あいは呪いの日本人形 全7话DL39.3 MiB016010
Raw Literature『夜明け前より瑠璃色な』オフィシャル設定画集 瑠璃色クロニクル.zipDL122.6 MiB1062770
Non-English-translated Literature「魂+」[OMEGA 2-D] 私利托雷米学园 和父亲一起! (高达00)DL17.2 MiB011120
Raw Literature「紳士同盟クロス」種村有菜イラスト集 [JPG][65P]DL218.3 MiB1034420
Raw Literature「星色マテリアル」 ユユカナ設定資料集.zipDL57.9 MiB1029460
Non-English-translated Literature「恐山 死者たちの場所」DL387.8 MiB10910070
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」魔天世界の聖銃使いDL30.1 MiB0238850
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」聖剣の姫と神盟騎士団 第01-02巻DL83.8 MiB0054460
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」真・魔王降臨!第01-02巻DL62 MiB0142060
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」瓶詰魔法少女地獄DL26.6 MiB0036590
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」灼光のアンチジェネシスDL41.5 MiB3036610
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」正義の味方の味方の味方 第01-02巻DL73.3 MiB4042160
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」月花の歌姫と魔技の王 第01-03巻DL103 MiB2052370
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」俺がヒロインを助けすぎて世界がリトル黙示録!? 第01-08巻DL250.5 MiB3089060
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」ミス・ファーブルの蟲ノ荒園DL107.6 MiB0135780
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」スカイ・ワールド 第01-03巻DL127.1 MiB1059650
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」クロックワーク・プラネット 第01巻DL59.6 MiB2050720
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」クロックワーク・プラネット 2DL90.1 MiBStatus unknown35330
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」アクセル・ワールド 第01-14巻DL689.5 MiB103136310
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」もえぶたに告ぐDL26.1 MiB0226320
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」はたらく魔王さま! 第01-08巻DL362.3 MiB141227510
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」となりの百鬼夜行 第01巻DL24.7 MiB1029630
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」すずみんは肉食系火竜 第01巻DL69.7 MiB0540370
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」しきもんつかいはヒミツの柊さん 第01-02巻DL71.2 MiB1238680
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」うちのクラスの頼りないラスボス 第01-02巻DL62.1 MiB2044450
Raw Literature「ライトノベル」いもうとがかり 第01-03巻DL161.8 MiB0150140
Raw Literature「ビッグガンガン」冴えない彼女の育てかた 恋するメトロノーム 3DL14.4 MiBStatus unknown35361
Raw Literature「ビッグガンガン」冴えない彼女の育てかた 恋するメトロノーム 2DL18.8 MiBStatus unknown38860
Raw Literature「ビッグガンガン」冴えない彼女の育てかた 恋するメトロノーム 1DL22.9 MiBStatus unknown52590
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 3DL14 MiB0076920
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 7DL14.3 MiBStatus unknown38110
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 6DL10 MiBStatus unknown36410
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 4DL12.5 MiB1043570
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 9DL15.5 MiBStatus unknown33361
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 8DL17 MiBStatus unknown31791
Raw Literature「コミケヤングエース」冴えない彼女の育てかた 5DL5.3 MiBStatus unknown35120
Raw Literature「おねがい☆ツインズ」Please!Twins Visual Collection.zipDL116.1 MiB0146730
Non-English-translated Literature「EVANGELION+」~Evangelion Re-Take~ All Ages [Esp]DL64.9 MiBStatus unknown8650
Non-English-translated Literature《学校怪谈》(School Horror Stories)[01-15集全/已完结][漫画单行本]日本秋田书店正式授权中文版[压缩包](BT/EM)DL403.1 MiB01144700
English-translated Literature《Newtype》11月号.rarDL66.7 MiB0130100
Raw Literature《 小島文美原画集 - 緋いユリ 》.zipDL75.5 MiB1043220
Raw Literature〆切様にお許しを 1-2巻DL206.5 MiBStatus unknown86201
Raw Literature 荒川アンダーザブリッジ 第11巻.zipDL54.2 MiB10198840
Raw Literature ロザリオとバンパイアseason2 第05巻.zipDL59.5 MiB10151900
Raw Literature  ゆずぽん 彼女の飼い方 ねこまな YUZUPON-Kanojo_no_Kaikata_Nekonama.rarDL102.5 MiBStatus unknown23780
Raw Literature∀ガンダム・アートワークス.zipDL281 MiB1059990
Raw Literature“文学少女”Fantasy Art Book.zipDL122.3 MiB2055790
Raw Literatureγ-ガンマ- (γ – Ganma) 第01-02巻DL151.5 MiB7027630
English-translated Literature{OS}To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 40.rarDL13.3 MiB029350
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.9DL6.1 MiB011270
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.8DL4.6 MiB011240
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.7DL4.4 MiB011080
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.6DL9.8 MiB011200
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.5DL5.4 MiB011140
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.4DL5.7 MiB011050
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.3DL5.5 MiB011080
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.2DL5 MiB011170
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.8 ch.1DL6.9 MiB011430
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.9_RawDL5.1 MiB011270
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.4_RawDL4.5 MiB011160
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.3_RawDL4.8 MiB011250
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.2_RawDL3.5 MiB011180
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.6 ch.8DL4.7 MiB011170
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.6 ch.5DL4.3 MiB011140
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.6 ch.4DL3.8 MiB011190
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.6 ch.3DL3.7 MiB011090
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.6 ch.2DL7.4 MiB011340
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}_Iketeru Futari _vol.6 ch.11DL3.9 MiB00880
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}I_keteru Futari _vol.7 ch.1_RawDL5.8 MiB011360
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.9DL5.9 MiB011030
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.8DL6 MiB01890
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.7DL4.4 MiB01910
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.6DL5.7 MiB01900
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.5DL5.4 MiB01790
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.4DL5.3 MiB01970
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.3DL5.6 MiB01860
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.2DL5.2 MiB01940
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.10DL5.7 MiB01970
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.9 ch.1DL6.2 MiB011080
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.7 Sp.ch_RawDL5.1 MiB01520
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.8_RawDL4.9 MiB011270
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.7_RawDL4.7 MiB011170
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.6_RawDL4.9 MiB011160
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.7 ch.5_RawDL4.5 MiB011220
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.9DL4.7 MiB011080
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.8DL4.7 MiB01890
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.7DL4.4 MiB01850
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.6DL4.7 MiB01820
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.5DL4.6 MiB01780
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.4DL4.5 MiB01860
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.3DL4.5 MiB01860
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.2DL4.8 MiB01920
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.11DL3.8 MiB01530
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.10DL4.4 MiB01500
Raw Literature{Kolefire Raws}Iketeru Futari _vol.12 ch.1DL6.2 MiB011220
English-translated Literature{Chihiro} Asura Cryin Novel Prologue with Chapter 1DL928 KiB018090
English-translated Literature{Chihiro} Asura Cryin Novel Chapter 3DL1 MiB013810
English-translated Literature{Chihiro} Asura Cryin Novel Chapter 2DL1.8 MiB016050
Raw Literature_[月刊ヤングマガジン]_[ぢたま某]_Kiss×sis_第69話_[2013-No.02].zipDL16 MiBStatus unknown60880
Non-English-translated Literature_ZIMABDK_FairyTail_351_Zaitona_+UP_aLaA_DL8 MiBStatus unknown3510
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-23, 16:15] <baka²> them stale jokes though
[07-23, 15:03] <DmonHiro> They don't call it a "raw" because it wasn't cooked properly, you know...
[07-23, 14:24] <qrazed> @giraty: Well, it's a raw for a reason.
[07-23, 14:22] <giraty> My fault for not realised the left side of the torrent :|
[07-23, 14:21] <giraty> ReinForce's Non Non Biyori 1080p BD RIP have no subtitle
[07-23, 14:14] <nozdrum> What groups did the BD version of Nyaruko-san?
[07-23, 13:48] <[TRVE]> >responding to obvious bait
[07-23, 12:29] <sarachikorita> you fail it
[07-23, 12:29] <sarachikorita> >C:\Windows
[07-23, 12:24] <hazardous> that's a nice wallpaper. ;)
[07-23, 12:21] <Yarukinasu> Hey guise u guise liek my new wallpaper [IMG: C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\Momochan.jpg ]
[07-23, 11:48] <Skynord> Hello everyone ~
[07-23, 11:30] <Yompy> That feel when there isn't enough hard science fiction anime
[07-23, 11:23] <pky> If you only care about animation - you're what's wrong with the world.
[07-23, 10:44] <Mayobe> Nobunaga Concerto - How to ruin a good story with shit animation.
[07-23, 09:08] <aDi> Yup i already Did that !! Thank you !!! But is there any suggestion for receiving e-mails for the comments I have made i want to Subscribe to ..that comments ..!!
[07-23, 08:52] <AWI> @ aDi, If you want to change your profile pic follow these steps: 1. Create an account on 2. Create an account with same emai-address which you created at Nyaa. 3. After Sign up Login your Gravatar account, then upload the image which you want in your nyaa profile pic That's it..
[07-23, 08:51] <AWI> Hi Everyone
[07-23, 08:26] <Abunja> btw, is there any setting for optimal or better detail/graphics other than that is cited on 'how do i play.txt' for watching anime?
[07-23, 07:50] <pky> As for the avatar - there's a reason people put FAQ on their pages.
[07-23, 07:50] <pky> Well then there isn't such an option. Deal with it.
[07-23, 07:37] <aDi> and @pky , that only works for User's own torrents !
[07-23, 07:33] <aDi> and How to change my Profile Pic !
[07-23, 07:31] <Abunja> lol, that typo tho. bbcodes' not to blame
[07-23, 07:29] <pky> damn dem bbcodes
[07-23, 07:28] <pky> Profile>User Settings>[b]New comment e-mail notification[/v] - set it to whatever you want. I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works properly, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't
[07-23, 07:23] <aDi> Suppose i have posted a question in a post and I want to know if someone replies to my Question .. then can i receive email for that ..!!
[07-23, 07:15] <aDi> Guys ! Is there anyway by which I can receive mails to the posts where i have posted any messages ??
[07-23, 07:02] <Sen Goku> Is their is any group subbing Cross Fight B-Daman eS?? Also their is raws but out of seeders?
[07-23, 06:24] <Senfu> Akuma no Drill*
[07-23, 06:06] <Horuhe-kun> No Akuma no Riddle BDrip yet?
[07-23, 06:05] <Cheesecake Militia> torch did nothing wrong
[07-23, 06:04] <[TRVE]> Watch 7 or 8 episodes. If you aren't disgusted by the kids, you'll like it. Keep in mind it's written for 14-year-olds.
[07-23, 05:54] <torchlight> ( ´・ω・`)ノ(´・ω・`)cakesplease
[07-23, 05:25] <Benderboom> Eureka Seven is still my fav anime of all time. Watch the first like 4-5 episodes and judge it for yourself. The opinions you'll find here in chat are just that, opinions!
[07-23, 04:31] <Abunja> dilworks' strategy is based on what he learned from his real-life experiences :3
[07-23, 04:12] <BakaYuusha> Ask for an opinion on here and you're gonna get anime of the season or shit. I actually didn't like it. I think it's more towards the low end of mecha anime because of the wuss of a main character and the mech designs and surfing which was kind of ridiculous.
[07-23, 04:02] <Imouto6969> Is Eureka Seven good?
[07-23, 02:47] <deanzel> If you're not using RAID, I wouldn't even call it safe enough to be a primary backup.
[07-23, 01:41] <eternia> dude, post it at Asenshi's website / forum / channel instead
[07-23, 01:31] <Stinky Cheez> (ugh sorry phone KB) *of media. I just saw a $69.99 3 TB drive on Newegg's newsletter. Not if internal or external, but even with a cheap enclosure (if you prefer external), that's way cheaper per byte than BDs
[07-23, 01:24] <Stinky Cheez> You don't necessarily need different types ofedia,
[07-23, 00:05] <dilworks> --home
[07-23, 00:05] <dilworks> My backup strategy is mix-and-match - I don't trust my shit to a single storage media. It also helps I've yet to move from hme, tho...
[07-23, 00:04] <dilworks> Hope you do backups... of your backups
[07-23, 00:04] <dilworks> > HDD
[07-22, 23:33] <iceaco> Had 300 DVDs in the past containing ~300 anime. Finally caught up with the time and bought 2 external harddisk and dumped all of them there. Man every time I move I had to carry a cardboard box for it only..
[07-22, 23:11] <junh1024> Older MacOSes have limited choices RE:apps. VLC is the only pre-bulit thing that plays 10bit properly on OSX 10.5 iirc
[07-22, 23:07] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> i dont, he dropped kc
[07-22, 21:34] <Tysonblast> yeah torchlight is pretty cool. i like him.
[07-22, 21:33] <NoobSubs> Makes better burns.
[07-22, 21:28] <NoobSubs> You were supposed to use a Torch Lighter noob.
[07-22, 21:26] <WZ1> I write DVDs all over with my notebook and marker
[07-22, 20:10] <lifebaka> The first time I burned a DVD, it didn't catch very well. I had to use a lot of lighter fluid, and even then it smelled horrible. Don't light DVDs on fire, kids. Stick to analogue media, like wood and fireworks.
[07-22, 19:42] <MisterDonut> Artemix, yes.
[07-22, 19:27] <Artemix> Do anyone knows how to use the RSS in this site to download something?
[07-22, 19:27] <Artemix> Sup
[07-22, 19:24] <[TRVE]> Lucky you. When I burned my first DVD I was already thinking in bitrates and minutes of playtime.
[07-22, 19:20] <SneakiestNEG> It turns out an anime only needs like 2-3 disks. Or one blu-ray.
[07-22, 19:18] <SneakiestNEG> Before I burned my first DVD I really thought a DVD could only carry 7 episodes.
[07-22, 18:44] <mehool> hello
[07-22, 18:36] <herkz> but viz is doing such a good job with SM, aers
[07-22, 18:35] <TheM4gicMan> #573176 Now someone needs to put on pretty-looking and accurate subs on these.
[07-22, 18:19] <sarachikorita> At least Dynit's encoders are competent
[07-22, 18:19] <sarachikorita> Yeah, we're prolly going to scotch Viz apart from the subs and audio and do Sailor Moon hybrid with R2IT
[07-22, 18:09] <aers> id rather have toei's upscales then viz's upscales
[07-22, 16:23] <Senfu> #488386 Pls seed °J°
[07-22, 14:20] <AndyAlex> i watched raw the 2nd noragami ova
[07-22, 13:00] <Dragons4life> Hunter x Hunter day, i wonder when they are gonna stop the anime i wish they did't tough.
[07-22, 11:01] <wolx> I love Star Citizen, only issue is my computer specs.
[07-22, 10:49] <opabato9000> ova 2's out? nice
[07-22, 10:49] <opabato9000> noragami
[07-22, 10:07] <nozdrum> anyone knows the name of the vocalist in #432764 ?
[07-22, 10:06] <hiyokokanntyou> plz 越天の空(上) 
[07-22, 09:56] <slimshadythe11> where can i find noragami ova 2's english subtitles
[07-22, 09:24] <SakoeraTyan> [TVRE]: Well, the Level BDs are actual decent HD remasters, but yeah, they only released up to ep 34 on BD, and up to 39 on PSN/360/Zune. And if there'll be Japanese BDs they'll probably be Q-TEC'd because LOL TOEI >_>
[07-22, 09:18] <[TRVE]> And also let's fool people into thinking we're a video editing company, not an animation studio.
[07-22, 09:17] <[TRVE]> Oh, and let's tell the TV networks to do the same, just in case. Surely they will be happy to oblige.
[07-22, 09:16] <[TRVE]> Yeah right, let's throw money out of the window by keeping tons of master tapes from the 70s and 80s in top condition just in case. Maybe 40 years later some faggots will need them for something. Maybe they won't, but let's still waste money on space and air conditioning.
[07-22, 09:14] <yukkuri> #578247 GET THIS SHIT
[07-22, 08:49] <gravediggernalk> I don't think Toei *cares* about quality at all, that's why the GE999 BDs are upscales of old DVDs, like almost everything else they re-release on BD. I know they love money, but how much penny-pinching can one company do?
[07-22, 08:33] <Hobichan> still waiting for that cursed mask episode...
[07-22, 08:11] <Tom12138> hello
[07-22, 08:07] <sarachikorita> I think Toei doesn't *care* about color correction.
[07-22, 07:58] <(⌐■_■)> gosh darn it! maintenance on swtor T__T
[07-22, 06:57] <gravediggernalk> "Pink is great"; It is seriously easy to correct, but *points at the Dragon Boxes* WHY DON
[07-22, 06:41] <sarachikorita> Eastmanshift? That can be fixed.
[07-22, 06:35] <Senfu> Who has the patience and nerves to add hundreds of watched Anime to his new MyAnimeList. Not me.
[07-22, 06:30] <Hobichan> Pink is great though!
[07-22, 06:19] <gravediggernalk> Or, I should say, Toei will just upscale it. In the unlikely event that they do remaster it, they won't do anything to help the wear on the film, and everything will be pink and red-tinted.
[07-22, 06:17] <gravediggernalk> Actually, FUNimation is the only hope for true HD Dragon Ball (Z); Toei is shit at remastering. The Level sets were great, but the new season sets are cropped to shit.
[07-22, 06:13] <[TRVE]> Seeing how the only HD source so far is the Funimation BD, you shouldn't want HD in the first place.
[07-22, 06:10] <sarachikorita> loko12100, The Levels. Unfortunately they didn't get very far.
[07-22, 05:47] <sephirotic> Who needs drugs when you have Artificial Academy 2?
[07-22, 05:14] <loko12100> Is there one, just one fucking HD copy of dragonball z that isnt cropped? just one!!!!!
[07-22, 03:36] <lifebaka> The first step is admitting that you have a problem, dongus.
[07-22, 03:26] <WZ1> if you`re addicted to memes, I think it`s time you leave the internet forever
[07-22, 03:21] <dongus> who needs drugs when you have memes
[07-22, 02:33] <WZ1> herkzes r worse than drugs