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Raw Literature[菅野文] オトメン(乙男) 第06-09巻DL125.6 MiB2061640
Raw Literature[荒木飛呂彦] 魔少年ビーティーDL63 MiB2086640
Raw Literature[荒木飛呂彦] バオー来訪者 全02巻DL77.9 MiB30135020
Raw Literature[荒木飛呂彦] ジョジョリオン 第01巻DL125 MiB180444580
Raw Literature[荒木飛呂彦] ゴージャス☆アイリンDL48.1 MiB1058200
Raw Literature[荒川弘×田中芳樹] アルスラーン戦記 第01巻.rarDL94.9 MiB190280001
Raw Literature[荒川弘] 鋼の錬金術師 第26巻.zipDL70.4 MiB10269780
Raw Literature[荒川弘] 鋼の錬金術師 プロトタイプDL51.3 MiB00149360
Raw Literature[草野紅壱] お兄ちゃんのことなんかぜんぜん好きじゃないんだからねっ!! 第03巻.zipDL86 MiB4031810
Raw Literature[草野紅壱] お兄ちゃんのことなんかぜんぜん好きじゃないんだからねっ!! 第02巻.zipDL39.7 MiB3030670
Raw Literature[草野紅壱] お兄ちゃんのことなんかぜんぜん好きじゃないんだからねっ!! 第01巻.zipDL39.4 MiB1034121
Raw Literature[草川為]ガートルードのレシピ 第01-02巻DL80.9 MiB6128080
Raw Literature[茜虎徹] 緋色のマリオネッタ 全1卷.zipDL82.3 MiB2044150
Raw Literature[茜虎徹] ツバメしんどろ~む 全8巻DL423.5 MiB2293330
Raw Literature[茜虎徹] ななみくす! 第03巻.zipDL55.7 MiB049550
Raw Literature[茜虎徹] ななみくす! 第02巻.zipDL60.4 MiB108820
Raw Literature[茜虎徹] ななみくす! 第01巻.zipDL67 MiB038910
Raw Literature[若木民喜] 神のみぞ知るセカイ第14巻 おまけありDL46.7 MiB0055190
Raw Literature[若木民喜] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 第25巻.rar(輸入)DL88.6 MiBStatus unknown55750
Raw Literature[若木民喜] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 第24巻DL74.8 MiB2059280
Raw Literature[若木民喜] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 第16巻DL102.5 MiB01217010
Raw Literature[若木民喜] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 第13巻 メッセージペーパー付DL87.1 MiB20124920
Raw Literature[若木民喜] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 第1-8巻DL551.8 MiB20351580
Raw Literature[若宮弘明] 蹴球少女 第03巻DL101.6 MiB0134530
Raw Literature[花見沢Q太郎]Rec 第09巻.zipDL31.3 MiBStatus unknown1191
Raw Literature[花沢健吾] アイアムアヒーロー 第13巻DL152.4 MiB61449750
Raw Literature[花とゆめ2011年2号] スキップ・ビート!ACT.168 [RAW]DL7.9 MiB019340
Raw Literature[色白好] 不思議Hとスクールガール school girl.rarDL195.9 MiBStatus unknown86480
Raw Literature[能條純一] 月下の棋士 第01巻 -将来の名人なり-DL36.2 MiB0211380
Raw Literature[能條純一] 月下の棋士 第01巻 -将来の名人なり-DL36.1 MiB0114610
English-translated Literature[聯合漢化中文誌] COMIC 萌 VOL.02 [2008年02月號]DL208 MiBStatus unknown52120
Raw Literature[聖悠紀] 超人ロック collection incompleteDL4.17 GiB3378580
Raw Literature[聖剣の刀鍛冶 第03巻]THE_SACRED_BLACK_SMITH_Vol03AddExtraCover.zipDL54.3 MiB0133690
Raw Literature[美水かがみ] らき ☆ すた ポケットとらべら~ずDL110.5 MiB0248041
Raw Literature[美樹本晴彦] ガンダム画集 INTO THE SKY.zipDL193.9 MiB40115890
Raw Literature[美内すずえ] ガラスの仮面 第01-02巻DL113.9 MiB108200
Raw Literature[美内すずえ] ガラスの仮面 文庫版 第01-23巻DL1.82 GiB0164331
Raw Literature[緒川千世]王子の箱庭DL38.6 MiB0143000
Raw Literature[綾波黎] 天使と悪魔図鑑~消された神々の真の姿に迫る!!~DL174.4 MiBStatus unknown68320
Raw Literature[綱島志朗] Jinki -真説- Final EpisodeDL120.5 MiB0039890
Raw Literature[紺野比奈子×十全文博] 妹のジンテーゼ 第03巻.rarDL111.8 MiB3048920
Raw Literature[紳士同盟クロス] 種村有菜イラスト集.zipDL217.9 MiB3030490
Raw Literature[細野不二彦]ダブル・フェイスv01DL39.3 MiB0617720
Raw Literature[細野不二彦] さすがの猿飛 全7巻.zipDL504.9 MiB21108920
Raw Literature[細川智栄子] 王家の紋章 第01-04巻 (別スキャン).rarDL440.6 MiBStatus unknown43670
Raw Literature[細川忠孝 x 東郷隆] センゴク兄弟 第01巻DL118.6 MiB1051700
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 辺境警備 第6卷 End.zipDL42.3 MiB0329290
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 辺境警備 第2卷.zipDL45.7 MiB0530140
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 辺境警備 第1卷.zipDL48.9 MiB0535910
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 辺境警備 星が生まれた谷 全1卷.zipDL59.5 MiB0338640
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第8卷 End.zipDL52.7 MiB0337830
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第7卷.zipDL45.9 MiB0135540
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第6卷.zipDL47.6 MiB0234970
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第5卷.zipDL53.7 MiB0234910
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第4卷.zipDL46.3 MiB0034770
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第3卷.zipDL40.6 MiB0234940
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第2卷.zipDL46 MiB0034940
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 癒しの葉 第1卷.zipDL45.8 MiB0244290
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 不死鳥のタマゴ 第3卷 End.zipDL60.9 MiB0138140
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 不死鳥のタマゴ 第2卷.zipDL52.5 MiB0137150
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] 不死鳥のタマゴ 第1卷.zipDL48.5 MiB0241210
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] グラン ローヴァ物語 第4卷 End.zipDL55.6 MiB0241050
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] グラン ローヴァ物語 第3卷.zipDL51.5 MiB1040080
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] グラン ローヴァ物語 第2卷.zipDL54.6 MiB0139830
Raw Literature[紫堂恭子] グラン ローヴァ物語 第1卷.zipDL52.8 MiB0052710
Non-English-translated Literature[糸杉柾宏][あきそら/秋色之空/秋色天空/秋日之空/秋日天空/Akisora][全]DL863 MiB13119700
Raw Literature[米倉あきら] インテリぶる推理少女とハメたいせんせいDL37.1 MiB11248021
Raw Literature[籘真千歳] スワロウテイル序章/人工処女受胎DL132.4 MiB3054730
Raw Literature[笹桐ゆうや] リトルバスターズ!The 4コマ 第1巻~4巻DL371.1 MiB02123270
Raw Literature[笹本祐一] ミニスカ宇宙海賊8 紫紺の戦魔女 (朝日ノベルズ).zipDL142.8 MiB2062710
Raw Literature[竹宮恵子] 時を往く馬DL133.2 MiB1053281
Raw Literature[竹宮恵子] ノルディスカ奏鳴曲DL58.7 MiB1049540
Raw Literature[竜騎士07×つのはず壱郎×西E田] 彼岸花の咲く夜に 第02巻.zipDL73.4 MiB104450
Raw Literature[竜ノ湖太郎] 問題児たちが異世界から来るそうですよ? 第08巻 暴虐の三頭龍.zipDL116.3 MiB6072450
Raw Literature[空野晶] CRYEYE 第01話DL18.6 MiB0111390
Raw Literature[空知英秋] 銀魂 第41巻DL52.9 MiB00161310
Raw Literature[空知英秋] 銀魂DL1.45 GiB40677080
Non-English-translated Literature[空気系★汉化][NPC少女][第01话]DL13.1 MiB1098060
Non-English-translated Literature[空気系★汉化] [怪奇日蝕 (綾野なおと)] 月下蜻蛉 (境界線上のホライゾン)DL24.7 MiB01190230
Non-English-translated Literature[空气系☆汉化][香蕉要进入姐姐身体么?][第01话]DL23 MiB0169660
Raw Literature[稲井雄人] キックのお姉さん 第02巻DL100.6 MiB0126720
Raw Literature[福本伸行] 賭博覇王伝 零 ギャン鬼編 第01,02,03巻DL319.5 MiB70311440
Raw Literature[福本伸行] 新黒沢 最強伝説 第01巻DL102.7 MiB25139200
Raw Literature[神江里見×小池一夫] 弐十手物語 1-2DL77.4 MiBStatus unknown25870
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第07巻.zipDL121.5 MiB1032090
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第06巻.zipDL121.7 MiB1032970
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第05巻.zipDL74.2 MiB0234010
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第04巻.zipDL69.5 MiB1033100
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第03巻.zipDL72 MiB1033450
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第02巻.zipDL73.3 MiB1033490
Raw Literature[祁答院慎×篠宮トシミ] コープスパーティー BloodCovered 第01巻.zipDL64.3 MiB1037240
Raw Literature[石黒正数] それでも町は廻っている 第09巻DL148.4 MiB10129331
Raw Literature[石踏一榮×みしまひろじ] ハイスク-ル DxD 第01巻.zipDL109.3 MiB004300
Raw Literature[石動あゆま] コーセルテルの竜術士物語 第06巻.zipDL108.3 MiB1036910
Raw Literature[石動あゆま] コーセルテルの竜術士物語 第05巻.zipDL110.4 MiB0440640
Raw Literature[石動あゆま] コーセルテルの竜術士物語 第04巻.zipDL114.9 MiB0537450
Raw Literature[石動あゆま] コーセルテルの竜術士物語 第03巻.zipDL116.3 MiB1035080
Raw Literature[石動あゆま] コーセルテルの竜術士物語 第02巻.zipDL113 MiB1135780
Raw Literature[石井あゆみ] 信長協奏曲 第05巻DL101 MiB5142070
Raw Literature[石ノ森章太郎萬画大全集] [平井和正×石森章太郎] 幻魔大戦 全02巻DL157.3 MiB4085850
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-31, 11:25] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : why not try one of those
[07-31, 11:23] <[TRVE]> Ah, yes, of course, pop culture is still culture.
[07-31, 11:20] <jpoy> @Stefanus_E i know,and many chinese have developed many proxy softwares, and we called them "brakwall soft"
[07-31, 11:14] <RobbyLob> [TREV] Sorry about the late reply, but a lot of jokes and references in 'Excel Saga' needed explanation for me.
[07-31, 11:06] <Crowmando> Are people just making assumptions about the page going down, or has Nyaa themselves said they are?
[07-31, 11:02] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : try to use hidemyass,or change ur ip address
[07-31, 11:01] <MoJo-X> Naw, I don't really care about the picture quality at this point to be honest.
[07-31, 11:00] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : wew,... seriously ?
[07-31, 10:56] <jpoy> @Stefanus_E you are so lucky. i live in China,and in here i can‘t use facebook but the pirate in china are VERY Rampant
[07-31, 10:52] <[TRVE]> And by the way, if you have issues with the picture quality, you can always download the DVD ISOs. That's the best you can get.
[07-31, 10:51] <MoJo-X> TRVE: No, if I didn't read the different terms for the plays that could be used while playing the game, then I wouldn't have understood anything. I know Exiled-Destiny are rippers and use official subs, but before the episode they had notes that explained some of the different terminology that was being said during the episode. Yes, I know that Exiled-Destiny are rippers and not fansubs, but they still supplied that information. I understood that the meaning of the game at the end of the episode, but I still would want to understand what was going on during the majority of the episode, otherwise, I would've just skipped the episode.
[07-31, 10:51] <jpoy> @you are so lucky. i live in China,and in here i can‘t use facebook(just because the GOV). :)
[07-31, 10:50] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : no prob,... i just shared what i knew...
[07-31, 10:48] <jpoy> @Stefanus_E sorry for my rude .my English is noy good. i think if they could shut down the sites, they would have done this so long ago
[07-31, 10:44] <MoJo-X> xell17: nevermind then. Thanks for the heads up though.
[07-31, 10:42] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : idk man,i just read some news... And many otaku in my country shared it on facebook...
[07-31, 10:40] <xell17> @MoJo-X yeah. The release also has no english subs. You'll need to mux them in yourself.
[07-31, 10:39] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : idk man,i just read some news...
[07-31, 10:39] <[TRVE]> One final comment, MoJo-X: Even if you don't know anything about the game, you understood they were talking game specifics, didn't you? If you got that, you could follow the game without a problem. The game itself wasn't even important, the important thing was that it was a way to appease the dead and that was explained right after the game. And FYI, Exiled-Destiny are rippers, not fansubbers, which means the subtitles you saw were official ones.
[07-31, 10:38] <jpoy> @Stefanus_E wow,i think some china site on this list is very stubborn(like QQ,56 IQIYI), shutting down them is impossible. And many site on the list have bought the copyright of the anime(like IQIYI).
[07-31, 10:38] <MoJo-X> xell17: Do you have to be a member to that site to download the torrent file because it ain't downloading for me.
[07-31, 10:38] <jerxou> herkz should save nyaa by human sacrifice
[07-31, 10:35] <DmonHiro> Yup, today is inded the last day. It's the 31st of July.
[07-31, 10:35] <SneakiestNEG> Talking about subs Horriblesubs on space brothers is really bad. Fuck I have trouble reading some of them.
[07-31, 10:34] <qashairy> @xell17 Sankyu.
[07-31, 10:33] <SneakiestNEG> Some anime require a knowledge of Japanese culture. Twelve kingdoms had a great fansub that explained some stuff.
[07-31, 10:28] <jpoy> @DmonHiro today's the last day <------ is this real?
[07-31, 10:28] <Stefanus_E> and all sites in this list can't be acces
[07-31, 10:26] <SneakiestNEG> Use the kazaa defense: Nyaa is in no way responsible for the unlawful actions of a few users who distribute copyright content.
[07-31, 10:26] <[TRVE]> Ah yes, Mononoke and Ayakashi, the needles in the haystack. Yes, those shows are rare, but they do exist.
[07-31, 10:25] <Stefanus_E> @jpoy : here and here
[07-31, 10:21] <DmonHiro> Nothing happened. I'm just milking the drama, like everyone else.
[07-31, 10:17] <Jarri> I haven't even fully explored the sites and its going to be taken down?
[07-31, 10:17] <xell17>
[07-31, 10:16] <jpoy> @Stefanus_E how do you know this? sorry for my ENG
[07-31, 10:15] <qashairy> <xell17> Where's that?
[07-31, 10:13] <Stefanus_E> Nyaa one of the targeted sites by the Japanese government anti-piracy crackdown,dude... Today is the last day before this site close... Oh man,now i can't watch Persona 4 Golden Animation anymore...
[07-31, 10:13] <Koby> @Mojo-X about Viz Subs on Naruto: they translate everything to English, including all attack names, tailed-beats, etc.
[07-31, 10:08] <jpoy> @DmonHiro what happened?
[07-31, 10:05] <DmonHiro> So.. today's the last day, isn't it. It's been a great ride, guys. Hope we meet again someday. Stay well..
[07-31, 10:04] <xell17> Speaking of xxxHolic: Found a really neat release on a russian website. It looked like this instead of the ugly E-D version.
[07-31, 09:43] <MoJo-X> God damn that is a wall of text. Sorry about that. =P
[07-31, 09:43] <MoJo-X> TRVE: I know certain cultural phrases maybe explained throughout the show, but I would prefer to have them explained, so I understand the what is going on in the dialog. I just finished watching xxxHolic the other day, and there was an episode about Majong. I don't know jack shit about that game, but if it wasn't for Exiled-Destiny's explanations, then I wouldn't understand what the characters were talking about. That may be an extreme example, but it was still nice to understand the episode. Now let's look at Naruto. That show is full of different phrases that I wouldn't understand, and I doubt the official subtitles by Viz do a good job at explaining them. For example, all of the different names for the attacks that are being said. Knowing specifically what Bijuu and Jinchuuriki means are still helpful. I understand your point about the honorifics, but I still would rather have them attacked to the end of names whenever they are said. I understand how they are used, but this is still a part of Japanese cultural, and they can serve a different meaning depending on the relationship between different individuals. Also, having Japanese folklore explained within the episode is nice because I don't need to google it, unless I'm completely lost. Don't mean to blow this up anymore than it needs to be, but that's one reason why I prefer fansubs over the official subs.
[07-31, 09:07] <sarachikorita> Just because Nyaa's targetted doesn't mean they can do anything about it, if the hosting provider decides to give them the finger.
[07-31, 09:03] <anon585> It is.
[07-31, 08:54] <Tomonori> Anyone knows whether is Nyaa one of the targeted sites by the Japanese government anti-piracy crackdown?
[07-31, 08:46] <hazardous> don't worry we just have bit different likes than most other people :)
[07-31, 08:30] <Profuse> I tried to forced myself the best I can to keep my feelings to myself on how depressed I am. I force myself not to cry
[07-31, 08:30] <Profuse> Today my parents called me a hikikomori and told me what I'm when I already know, it was something I just can't handle.
[07-31, 08:28] <Profuse> I have no friends, Can I just log on here to pretend I have somebody to talk to?
[07-31, 07:58] <sarachikorita> My romanization of Japanese makes things slightly hard, though it still works out; for example, searching for "teru-teru bōzu" (with or without macron), the correct link is still the first hit.
[07-31, 07:57] <sarachikorita> Tend to agree with [TRVE]. I *do* leave honorifics, but usually if it's a cultural thing I'll basically be like, just look it up... and I hate trivia popups on my fansubs.
[07-31, 07:43] <Marse> TRVE, what about mononoke? If I remember right, that was pretty cultural reference heavy and wasn't explained in the show
[07-31, 07:42] <boredatwork> that's somewhat true,TRVE. but i think it isn't as bad as it has been some years ago. back then i've seen quite some shows where they felt the need to explain stuff you see in like 1/3 of all anime anyway
[07-31, 07:38] <Squiggy> Nothing will happen, people.
[07-31, 07:18] <[TRVE]> Forgive me, MoJo-X and RobbyLob, but I've never come across an anime where cultural specifics played such a big role that it was important to have them explained. Either they are all self-explanatory or they are so widely known that you know it anyway or they are so obscure that even the average Japanese won't understand, in which case they are explained in the show itself. It's just that fansub fanatics grossly exaggerate this point, together with honorifics, because they don't have anything else to cling to.
[07-31, 07:12] <jofs> Lol. It will be a big anti-climax for all you scaredy-cats tomorrow ^___^
[07-31, 07:11] <ElecXsuzS> oh why.. , nyaa please don't leave us.. TwT
[07-31, 06:59] <jarcinas777> @garukno yeah yeah thats why i love torrent sites
[07-31, 06:57] <5H4D0W> IS THIS FOR REAL?
[07-31, 06:57] <5H4D0W>
[07-31, 06:36] <Zatheyll> If you seriously believe that people have the power to shut down Nyaa then tell me why TPB is still up and running perfectly fine. I'm sure all you people saying it'll be shut down tomorrow will be able to answer that, right?
[07-31, 06:35] <Dragons4life> Did this Hunter x Hunter Last Mission movie came out today on BD?
[07-31, 06:30] <ara ara> oh noes, I'm so afraid Japan is going to shut down this swedish tracker-- wait, nevermind.
[07-31, 06:29] <garukno> @jarcinas777 nah dude i thing you right we are not illegaly uploading anime, its just sharing an anime with friend right?
[07-31, 06:27] <hayatan> nyaa dont leave T^T
[07-31, 06:26] <hayatan> im just registered since i found my place. but will it get ripped soon ...... i'm usually download some anime and if i think it's worth i bought a real piece from japan..
[07-31, 06:26] <hayatan> im just registered since i found my place. but will it get ripped soon ...... i'm usually download some anime and if i think it's worth i bought a real piece from japan..
[07-31, 06:25] <krucierchan> Nyaa I didn't know you were chinese o_o
[07-31, 06:05] <polarwindz> Trolls make everyone go fuck -.-
[07-31, 05:55] <BakaYuusha> Nah, if China did anime like Japan does then it would be all state controlled and censored even worse. They couldn't even make jokes about their own culture.
[07-31, 05:50] <jarcinas777> @garukno: hehe what do you think? am i wrong?
[07-31, 05:45] <mirrorin> so nyaa get shutdown? meh :3
[07-31, 05:43] <jarcinas777> Hehe Im encouraging china to make their own manhua and anime xD ..they can really do it because they are too powerful
[07-31, 05:37] <BakaYuusha> China and Japan aren't on the best terms. I could see China starting a government sponsored anime site just to piss them off.
[07-31, 05:23] <jpoy> @BakaYuusha yeah,china has millions of anime sites,and they are very powerful ;)
[07-31, 05:20] <BakaYuusha> They also seem to be mentioning China a lot. Anyone really think anyone in China is gonna give a damn about what the Japanese government tells them to do?
[07-31, 05:14] <BakaYuusha> It says they're demanding that everything be deleted within the next 5 months. So everybody can wait till then till you start the troll train again. :P
[07-31, 05:14] <hazardous> if you got cops, fbi, illuminazi whoever knocking your door? just direct them to chatbox. we have people like Shiroe and Akatsuki here to counter them. ;)
[07-31, 05:10] <Cheesecake Militia> rip nyaa. goodbye all. I'll especially miss herkz and aers
[07-31, 05:09] <MoJo-X> Onemanga is still up you damn troll.
[07-31, 05:08] <garukno> @jarcinas777 100% agree with you :)
[07-31, 05:05] <jpoy> oh,dear,what happened?----> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[07-31, 05:03] <ravenleaf182> Hey guys! did you hear the news? One manga went down
[07-31, 05:00] <jarcinas777> HEHE by the way for me Nyaa is not a pirate site ..we are just doing file sharing
[07-31, 05:00] <BakaYuusha> Torrent sites have been up for years and will continue to be. They aren't going anywhere.
[07-31, 04:58] <Keikan64> I was only concerned and looking for a straight answer. If that means I get trolled so be it.
[07-31, 04:55] <jarcinas777> ALL HAIL NYAA ..
[07-31, 04:53] <MoJo-X> Keikan64, you're going to get trolled if you ask that here.
[07-31, 04:53] <garukno> Sh*t just woke up and read news that japanese goverment will shut down many anime sites and Nyaa is one of them, my heart broken right now :(
[07-31, 04:52] <MoJo-X> Use that imagination. :3
[07-31, 04:51] <Keikan64> So hey guys I don't post here that much, but there's been a lot of hubub around the internet the past few days about japanese new antipircacy manga laws. There are some people out there that think this site will just dissapear tomorrow. There's barely any truth to that right?
[07-31, 04:25] <lifebaka> I don't get it, MoJo-X. That's an eight.
[07-31, 04:15] <al12gamer> I believe in the power of the people. And servers.
[07-31, 04:14] <al12gamer> lel shutting down nyaa would be funny
[07-31, 04:04] <MinnaSubs> Nothing to do here .
[07-31, 03:58] <KeithKurogane> Seriously, Nyaa is shutting down along with sukebei.nyaa
[07-31, 03:34] <anon585> flows30, we know. Check Nyaa's top comment.