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Raw Literatureマッシュ- 時代より熱く 第01-02巻 [Marceau - Jidai yori Atsuku vol 01-02]DL152.6 MiB389310
Raw Literatureマジコ 第01-02巻 [MAGiCO vol 01-02]DL70.8 MiB05212800
Raw Literatureマジキュー4コマ Fate/EXTRA 第01巻 [Magi-Cu 4-koma Fate/EXTRA vol 01]DL59 MiB5111970
Raw Literatureマジカノ 第01-02巻 [Majikano vol 01-02]DL102.3 MiB0310390
Raw Literatureマケン姫っ! (Maken-Ki!) 第11巻DL31.1 MiB50107851
Raw Literatureマグノリア 第01-02巻 [Magnolia vol 01-02]DL81.3 MiB0314200
Raw Literatureマグダラで眠れ 第6巻 [Magdala de Nemure vol 6]DL118.4 MiB13711480
Raw Literatureマグダラで眠れ 第01巻 [Magudala de Nemure vol 01]DL49.7 MiB14212980
Raw Literatureマギクラフト・マイスター (Magikurafuto Meister) 第01巻DL145.4 MiB2056500
Raw Literatureマギ 1-13DL1.38 GiB00791331
Raw Literatureマギ 第21巻 [MAGI vol 21]DL53.2 MiB14239070
Raw Literatureマギ 第21巻 [MAGI Vol 21]DL53.5 MiB5220160
Raw Literatureマギ 第17巻.rarDL117.3 MiB31307010
Raw Literatureマギ 第01-16巻DL1.68 GiB84278571
Raw Literatureマギ 全14巻+15・16・17巻分DL1.57 GiB20671341
Raw Literatureマギ 15DL145.4 MiB01180920
Raw Literatureマギ (MAGI) 第21巻DL54.8 MiB25193660
Raw Literatureマギ (MAGI) 第20巻DL47.1 MiB8175820
Raw Literatureマキア (Makia) 第02巻DL172.8 MiB1220600
Raw Literatureマキア (Makia) 第01巻DL149 MiB3059800
Raw Literatureマガジン 12号DL101.4 MiB0155960
Raw Literatureマガジン36-37合併号CompleteDL150 MiB10298530
Raw Literatureマガジン35号CompleteDL134.3 MiB01152160
Raw Literatureマガジン34号CompleteDL135.8 MiB01163480
Raw Literatureマガジン33号CompleteDL282 MiB00177200
Raw Literatureマガジン32号CompleteDL141.8 MiB01135220
Raw Literatureマガジン31号CompleteDL142.8 MiB0177040
Raw Literatureマガジン30号CompleteDL134.8 MiB0092670
Raw Literatureマガジン29号CompleteDL138 MiB1090490
Raw Literatureマガジン28号CompleteDL137.3 MiB0167850
Raw Literatureマガジン27号CompleteDL137 MiB01105980
Raw Literatureマガジン26号CompleteDL271.5 MiB0195890
Raw Literatureマガジン25号CompleteDL138.3 MiB01100270
Raw Literatureマガジン24号CompleteDL134.8 MiB0177600
Raw Literatureマガジン21-22合併号CompleteDL151 MiB0168670
Raw Literatureマガジン20号CompleteDL285 MiB0187720
Raw Literatureマガジン19号CompleteDL283 MiB0189500
Raw Literatureマガジン18号CompleteDL273.5 MiB0173720
Raw Literatureマガジン17号CompleteDL297 MiB1088800
Raw Literatureマガジン16号CompleteDL139.8 MiB0143810
Raw Literatureマイホームみらの 第01-02巻 [My Home Mirano vol 01-02]DL101.6 MiB3114440
Raw Literatureマイガーデン 2014年 11月号 [My GARDEN 2014-11]DL94.5 MiB3210940
Raw Literatureマイガーデン 2014年 11月号 [My GARDEN 2014-11]DL98.7 MiB327820
Raw Literatureマイアミ・ガンズ 第01-02巻 [Miami Guns vol 01-02]DL51.6 MiB5015510
Raw Literatureポヨポヨ観察日記 第06-08巻 [Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki vol 06-08]DL196 MiB131012540
Raw Literatureポコとあそぼう 第01巻 [Poko to Asobou vol 01]DL80.3 MiB2214190
Raw LiteratureポケットモンスターSPECIAL 第01-02巻 [Pocket Monster Special vol 01-02]DL59 MiB2211720
Raw Literatureボールルームへようこそ (Ballroom e Youkoso) 01-06DL388.3 MiB81121821
Raw Literatureボーカロイド(R-15 含有).zipDL135.3 MiB1157100
Raw Literatureボン蔵 第01-03巻 [Bonkura Vol 01-03]DL206.9 MiB1214200
Raw Literatureボン蔵 (Bonkura) 第01巻DL82.9 MiB047930
Raw Literatureボンボン坂高校演劇部 第01-02巻 [Bonbon-Zaka Koukou Engekibu vol 01-02]DL67.5 MiB1210450
Raw Literatureボクラノキセキ 第05巻 [Bokura no Kiseki Vol 05]DL37.3 MiB3128350
Raw Literatureボクラノキセキ (Bokura no Kiseki) 第01-02巻DL142.8 MiB1220460
Raw Literatureボクとワタシの変愛事情 第01巻 [Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijou vol 01]DL69.8 MiB3111520
Raw Literatureボイコレ! 第1巻 [Boikore! vol 1]DL110.9 MiB029770
Raw Literatureボイコレ! 第01巻 [Boikore! Vol 01]DL111.3 MiB127910
Raw Literatureボイコレ! 第01巻 [Boikore! Vol 01]DL114.2 MiB2212310
Raw Literatureホールドアップ☆キッズ 第01-02巻 [Hold Up Kids vol 01-02]DL111.7 MiB2129060
Raw Literatureホーリーブラウニー 第01-02巻 [Holy Brownie vol 01-02]DL83.2 MiB2115810
Raw Literatureホワッツマイケル 第01-02巻 [What's Michael? vol 01-02]DL67 MiB219580
Raw Literatureホリミヤ [Horimiya] 第05巻DL108.4 MiB12131240
Raw Literatureホラーアンソロジー 第01巻 [Kakioroshi Hora Ansoroji vol 01]DL107.5 MiB1112540
Raw Literatureホットロード 第04巻 [Hot Road Vol 04]DL42.5 MiB337830
Raw Literatureホットロード (Hot Road) 第01巻DL31.3 MiB709060
Raw Literatureホットマン 第01-02巻 [Hotman vol 01-02]DL85.7 MiB209470
Raw Literatureホットギミック 第01-02巻 [Hot Gimmick vol 01-02]DL51.7 MiB13310280
Raw Literatureホス探へようこそ 第01-02巻 [Hosutan e Youkoso vol 01-02]DL169.4 MiB2811460
Raw Literatureホクサイと飯 [Hokusai to Meshi]DL116 MiB9411150
Raw Literatureペルソナ3ポータブル公式ファンブック.zipDL156.2 MiB2075790
Raw Literatureペルソナ3フェス 公式ファンブック-MyEpisode-.zipDL337.9 MiB2083190
Raw Literatureペルソナ3フェス 公式パーフェクトガイド.zipDL249.5 MiB2082660
Raw Literatureペルソナ 公式パーフェクトガイド.zipDL300.6 MiB2066200
Raw Literatureペコロス 第01巻 [Pecoros vol 01]DL78.2 MiB1411510
Raw Literatureベルセルク34、35巻DL246 MiB02178000
Raw Literatureベルセルク 第01-02巻 [Berserk vol 01-02]DL72.8 MiB029080
Raw Literatureベクター・ケースファイル 第10巻endDL51 MiB1018660
Raw Literatureベイビーステップ 第02巻.zipDL74 MiB1061540
Raw Literatureベイビーステップ 第01巻.zipDL69.9 MiB0073840
Raw Literatureベイビーステップ 第32巻 [Baby Steps Vol 32]DL59.6 MiB14061400
Raw Literatureベイグラントストーリー アルティマニア.zipDL1.62 GiB2131721
Raw Literatureベアゲルター 第01巻 [Beageruta vol 01]DL109.1 MiB2013010
Raw LiteratureヘヴィーオブジェクトS 第01-02巻 [Heavy Object S vol 01-02]DL313 MiB1366510
Raw Literatureヘヴィ 第01-02巻 [Heavy vol 01-02]DL313 MiB0411250
Raw Literatureヘルズキッチン 第01-02巻 [Hell's Kitchen vol 01-02]DL71.4 MiB4115060
Raw Literatureヘタコイ 第01-02巻 [Hetakoi vol 01-02]DL144.2 MiB2510770
Raw Literatureプルートウ 第01-02巻 [Pluto vol 01-02]DL131.6 MiB3020850
Raw Literatureプリンセスオーダー [Princess order]DL25.8 MiB3313830
Raw Literatureプリキュアぴあ(ぴあMOOK).zipDL66.2 MiB0043790
Raw Literatureプライベート・プリンス 第01-02巻 [Private Princess vol 01-02]DL125.7 MiB1112350
Raw Literatureプピポー 第01巻 [Pupipo! vol 01]DL89.1 MiB4112580
Raw Literatureプァゾン 第3巻 [Poison vol 3]DL35.2 MiB118540
Raw Literatureブロッケンブラッド 第01-02巻 [Brocken Blood vol 01-02]DL107.2 MiB049650
Raw Literatureブレイブルー コンティニュアムシフト 設定資料集.zipDL118.3 MiB1131150
Raw Literatureブレイブストーリー 新説 第01-02巻 [Brave Story – Shinsetsu vol 01-02]DL86.6 MiB7812030
Raw Literatureブレイドブレイカー 第01-03巻 [Blade Breaker vol 01-03]DL211.9 MiB4318690
Raw Literatureブレイドブレイカー 第01-02巻DL415.8 MiB1053250
Raw Literatureブレイクブレイド1~6巻DL347.5 MiB00267590
Raw Literatureブレイク-エイジ 第01-02巻 [Break Age vol 01-02]DL116.1 MiB3117190
Raw Literatureブリーチ 第64巻 [Bleach Vol 64]DL102 MiB11237410
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-30, 08:57] <atikabubu> where the hell is the Sabagebu ED Single...
[09-30, 07:55] <OneCrazyRussian> Now everyone shut up and enjoy Space Dandy end.
[09-30, 07:45] <[TRVE]> I remux DVDISOs and watch everything with mpv (or MPC, depending on which computer I use).
[09-30, 07:44] <txtsd> I've been running archlinux for more than a month now, and I miss mpc-hc more than anything :/
[09-30, 07:35] <sarachikorita> Disclaimer: I use mplayer2 as my main player, mpv as my second player, and mplayer1 as my DVDISO handler on Windows. (mplayer2 and mpv share a common bug on Windows regarding DVD filesystems; mplayer1 doesn't have this bug, and it isn't an issue on Linux.)
[09-30, 06:32] <txtsd> thanks @sarachikorita
[09-30, 06:05] <sarachikorita> Only limitation of mplayer/mplayer2 is its crappy rendering of bitmap subs. For that, just use mpv, which is a fork of mplayer2.
[09-30, 05:46] <hazardous> never use VLC!
[09-30, 05:46] <hazardous> there's always some pixel blocks somewhere with VLC and during action scenes, it rains pixels. not to mention video looks kinda blurry on VLC.
[09-30, 05:18] <txtsd> Is there a guide for linux players? I switched to linux as my default OS and I've been using mplayer.
[09-30, 03:59] <Bobezlol> x265 is being aimed at 4k BD's and streaming stuff (like skype video chat crap)
[09-30, 03:27] <S3qu3l> Anyway you can scroll further in the chat or it's just limited to those few lines ?
[09-30, 03:22] <herkz> yes. it's not nearly as good as 10-bit x264 as far as banding is concerned, which makes it pretty useless for anime.
[09-30, 02:35] <x265> Yeah, that was the example that made me try psy=1.0 values and 10-bit, I think fading and banding is one of the weak points of x265
[09-30, 02:32] <herkz> it's insanely easy to tell the difference in that comparison. just look at the entire top-left
[09-30, 02:24] <x265> Yeah, that was a 8 bit build, and you just said it, you need to go to the detail to spot the difference; so basically: x265 is only better than x264 in terms of quality/size at "medium to low" quality; but x264 is still greater than x265 if you look into the detail
[09-30, 02:13] <lotusgg> You can only tell it's worse by looking very very close at a side-by-side comparison with x265 with half the size.
[09-30, 02:11] <lotusgg> I do x265 as second format for many animes at a brazillian fansub, and the results are quite satisfatory.
[09-30, 02:10] <lotusgg> is this 8bits build?
[09-30, 01:04] <MisterDonut> he caught the stinx from Eien
[09-30, 00:59] <HerbalNekoTea> @Imouto6969 Nope, ArchDeco, a certain member of the translation team of FFF got some Computersaure problem.
[09-29, 22:32] <x265> I've tried 10-bits, and results is kind of the same thing, but bitrate is lower, thx
[09-29, 22:32] <Imouto6969> Has jinsei died?
[09-29, 22:10] <vivan> now switch to 10 bit builds and you'll see everybody is uisng them.
[09-29, 21:54] <x265> Amazing, psy-rd=1.0 and psy-rdoq=1.0, and there you have it, banding is almost gone (it took 4x more time encode though)
[09-29, 21:54] <x265>
[09-29, 21:37] <x265> It seems that crf=16 is the border line, above that, x264 still wins
[09-29, 21:34] <x265> Which I don't know, is how this will affect the size...
[09-29, 21:33] <x265> Yeah, I can see it, but as far as I know, that can be solved adjusting parameters, I'll keep trying
[09-29, 21:32] <Varshnyar> banding is present all over your release, and that was the problem i found when I tried x265 long ago
[09-29, 21:32] <x265> That means I need to find better settings for anime, x265 needs to improve fading in general, it makes a good job with edges, but lighting and fading need more works
[09-29, 21:31] <Varshnyar> But the difference between both screenshots is really big D: Can't you see that colorbanding?
[09-29, 21:29] <Varshnyar> yes
[09-29, 21:29] <x265> screenshoots are really closer this one, same bitrate and preset?
[09-29, 21:26] <x265> I'm really missing "-tune animation" in x265, it is a pain configure and experiment parameters manually...
[09-29, 21:26] <Varshnyar>
[09-29, 21:15] <x265> I see, I think that using "fast" is a bad idea, it causes that ugly effect on fading surfaces like that door
[09-29, 21:14] <Varshnyar> Close to very slow settings
[09-29, 21:06] <SneakiestNEG> It has been ages since I logged in but the last time I did Crunchy player went bad.
[09-29, 21:04] <x265> I used preset fast in that one, which one did you used?
[09-29, 21:04] <SneakiestNEG> At the end of the day we are all relying on Crunchy or Funi, no? Personally I watch older stuff so the BD rips are already up.
[09-29, 21:01] <Varshnyar> (same bitrate, x264 still wins)
[09-29, 21:00] <vivan> crf 10 is a way too low, on a reasonable values (15-20) x264 clearly wins, x265 starts winning on 30+ which nobody sane uses (since you should downscale instead).
[09-29, 20:54] <x265> When it comes to crf=10, highest rates, x264 and x265 are really closer, I guess x265 still has to improve more at low crf values
[09-29, 20:49] <x265> of course, is not a general rule, just some sample videos happen to result that way when encoded
[09-29, 20:47] <x265> what i meant (example): 1080p, x265 ~400kbps, x264 ~1000kbps, same quality
[09-29, 20:45] <vivan> what you claimed was "x265 has the same quality as x264 at 2x/3x/whatever lower bitrate", which is wrong because you did your comparation wrong.
[09-29, 20:44] <vivan> you know, "less size at lower bitrate" is what simple math gives
[09-29, 20:43] <vivan> you know,
[09-29, 20:32] <x265> vivan, I just claimed that x265 was giving less size than x264 at low-bitrate, which was true in several short videos (just luck? maybe), now I'm just testing with the big deal, full episodes at 1080p
[09-29, 20:32] <HerbalNekoTea> What do you recommand for playing sid file ? I just want to ditch my C64 for my music. wwwww
[09-29, 20:30] <aceCaptainSlow> Thanks a lot, everyone!
[09-29, 20:27] <aceCaptainSlow> I'll try foobar. I had winamp before, but it crashed constantly.
[09-29, 20:27] <vivan> x265, it's not how to make a "proffesional" comparation, it's just how to make it not wrong. You can do the fuck you want, but if you're doing it wrong - you can't claim anything (like you were doing all this time).
[09-29, 20:26] <Varshnyar> Try foobar2000 or KMP. Even WMP is better than VLC.
[09-29, 20:24] <sarachikorita> For music use a music player, for videos use a video player...
[09-29, 20:22] <aceCaptainSlow> Giving it a try. Does anyone know how well it shuffles music? VLC can't do that for shit.
[09-29, 20:22] <NoobSubs> VLC is as good as the shit stain left on the toilet paper after you wipe your ass.
[09-29, 20:20] <Varshnyar> MPC in Windows, MPV in Linux. Most fansub and encoder groups recommends them.
[09-29, 20:20] <NoobSubs> I'd use Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
[09-29, 20:18] <aceCaptainSlow> So what is the generally recommended player for anime?
[09-29, 20:17] <x265> MPV is not hard though, thanks again Varshnyar
[09-29, 20:14] <aceCaptainSlow> But... but... VLC is easy to use...
[09-29, 20:11] <x265> Thx for the reading vivan, it's obvious I can't perform a professional codec comparation, I'm just testing for fun by myself
[09-29, 20:07] <Kusochibi> Hello! I'm looking for a "Gunslinger Girl - Il Teatrino" pack (it's the season 2) which has seeders and is not a blu-ray version (my computer is getting old and lag when I try to play huge files... and my connection is in morse code -_-")
[09-29, 20:06] <vivan> x265, read this if you want to cure your retardness.
[09-29, 20:00] <x265> I'm just testing settings, when I'm sure I've found the best, I'll encode from RAW, in the meantime, keep testing
[09-29, 19:58] <herkz> are you really shocked, TRVE
[09-29, 19:52] <x265> I would have to test with the RAW at this rate xD
[09-29, 19:51] <x265> When I attach a URL, the message doesn't appear. It is only me?
[09-29, 19:50] <[TRVE]> Oh wow, so you didn't encode from the BD.
[09-29, 19:50] <[TRVE]> >finally some screenshots
[09-29, 19:49] <x265> It seems, crf=14 with slow is enough to spot no difference between x265 and original
[09-29, 19:42] <DistantThunder> oops, I read MPV instead of MPC, which nullifies my request
[09-29, 19:40] <DistantThunder> Varshnyar, what is madVR ? I use MPV (though it can't vsync properly and FFMPEG libs) on Linux
[09-29, 19:35] <vivan> FFDshow died 2 years ago, LAV is new ffdshow
[09-29, 19:35] <x265> I'll post the screenshots soon, I am trying different crf values to catch the x264 equivalent
[09-29, 19:23] <NoobSubs> Doesn't everyone use FFDshow? Why do I keep hearing about the Combine Communist Codec Pack?
[09-29, 19:21] <x265> Gonna try mpv then, thanks
[09-29, 19:20] <Varshnyar> in Linux, you can use mpv
[09-29, 19:19] <OnDeed> such "losses" would generally be due to rendering, you might have wrongly set levels or something like that. Or postprocessing enabled... If properly set-up, there should only be very small differences to how stuff looks in different players
[09-29, 19:19] <x265> I'm going to make some different encodings with that scene, from crf 10 to 20, and from medium to veryslow, to find the best parameters
[09-29, 19:18] <NoobSubs> Rule of thumb: Never use VLC unless you want shit.
[09-29, 19:18] <x265> Well, I use linux for encoding (all I have here is VLC and ffplay), so I can't use that now, sorry
[09-29, 19:16] <Nyaa> TL;DR Don't use VLC.
[09-29, 19:14] <Varshnyar> I notice grain lose with VLC. It feels like washed watercolors
[09-29, 19:12] <OnDeed> I wouldn't say that it "always kills important details"
[09-29, 19:11] <OnDeed> note that the effect shouldn't be *too* significant
[09-29, 19:10] <OnDeed> vlc used to ahve issues that it aliased chroma (and perhaps had other issues - like chorma placement, colormatrix - because it uses swscale for screenshtotting and swscale is just bad)
[09-29, 19:09] <Varshnyar> VLC always kills important details. Better use MPC+LAV+madVR to get the best quality
[09-29, 19:06] <x265> VLC also lossy? It has the latest decoder version
[09-29, 19:02] <Varshnyar> nor VLC
[09-29, 19:01] <NoobSubs> Use PNG. jpg adds artifacts because it's lossy. PNG = Lossless, jpg = Lossy.
[09-29, 19:00] <Bobezlol> you cant use imgur to compare encodes
[09-29, 18:58] <x265> x264 original:, x265 fast:, x265 veryslow:
[09-29, 18:56] <x265> I will upload the images now, veryslow is better than faster, but still needs more bitrate (crf=21 may not be enough)
[09-29, 18:50] <x265> Yeah, I have tried with Baccano! and Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, happy to have more anime to test
[09-29, 18:48] <Varshnyar> Nichijou has a very simple animation with few action scenes and gradients. You should try with a different anime like Witchcraft Works or Psycho-Pass
[09-29, 18:47] <The_Truth> u make shame for the people that put effort into making x265 a more efficient encoder compared to x264