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Raw Literatureデート・ア・ライブ 凜祢バスタイム 挿し絵 | Date A Live: Rinne Buss Time IllustrationDL18.1 MiB4063400
Raw Literatureデンキ街の本屋さん (Denki Machi no Honya-san) 04-06DL272.2 MiB5189771
Raw Literatureデリバリーシンデレラ 第01-02巻 [Delivery Cinderella vol 01-02]DL155.4 MiB319050
Raw Literatureデラシネマ 第01-02巻 [Dera Cinema vol 01-02]DL92.9 MiB2211640
Raw Literatureデビルマンレディー (Devilman Lady) 第01-03巻DL198.5 MiB2011460
Raw Literatureデビルマンレディー [Devilman Lady] 第01-05巻DL326.8 MiB1231850
Raw Literatureデビルサバイバー 第01巻DL35.7 MiB1046150
Raw Literatureデビル17 第01-02巻 [Devil 17 vol 01-02]DL113.6 MiB2012200
Raw Literatureデビューマン 第01巻 [Debut Man vol 01]DL174.2 MiB3211280
Raw Literatureデッドマン・ワンダーランド 第12巻.rarDL101.5 MiB30193701
Raw Literatureデッドマン・ワンダーランド 第01-02巻 [Deadman Wonderland vol 01-02]DL129.1 MiB14143871
Raw Literatureデスレス 第05巻 [Deathless Vol 05]DL130.1 MiB4227940
Raw Literatureデストロイアンドレボリューション 第01-02巻 [Destroy and Re vol 01-02]DL195.3 MiB419490
Raw Literatureデストロ246 (Destro 246) 第03巻DL150.9 MiB4028520
Raw Literatureデストロ246 (Destro 246) 第01巻DL180.2 MiB6129590
Raw Literatureデストピア 第1巻 [Deathtopia vol 1]DL66.7 MiB44616170
Raw Literatureデストピア 第01巻 [Deathtopia Vol 01]DL67.1 MiB1468960
Raw Literatureデスエッジ 第01巻 [Death Edge vol 01]DL42.1 MiB4012400
Raw Literatureデジタルカメラマガジン 2014-09月号DL105.7 MiB38142580
Raw Literatureデザート・コーラル 第01-02巻 [Desert Coral vol 01-02]DL166 MiB3214880
Raw Literatureデイジー ~3.11女子高生たちの選択~第01巻DL30.1 MiB1036220
Raw Literatureデイジー ~3.11女子高生たちの選択~ 第01巻 [Daisy – 3.11 Joshikouseitachi no Sentaku vol 01]DL30.1 MiB2112840
Non-English-translated Literatureディーふらぐ!DL257.5 MiB0372470
Raw LiteratureディメンションW (Dimension W) 第01-02巻DL202.5 MiB0021170
Raw Literatureディエンビエンフー (Dien Bien Phu) 第01巻DL76.1 MiB3247490
Raw Literatureディア・マイン 第4巻 [Dear Mine vol 4]DL30.7 MiB216720
Raw Literatureディア・マイン 第01-04巻 [Dear Mine vol 01-04]DL119 MiB6418740
Raw Literatureテルマエ・ロマエ 第01-03巻 [Thermae Romae vol 01-03]DL46.1 MiB119350
Raw Literatureテラフォーマーズ 第09巻 [Terra Formars Vol 09]DL43.6 MiB26049230
Raw Literatureテラフォーマーズ 第05巻.rarDL131.1 MiB21165560
Raw Literatureテラフォーマーズ (Terra Formars) 第09巻DL44.5 MiB09842750
Raw Literatureテラフォーマーズ (Terra Formars) 第07-08巻DL243.4 MiB270119270
Raw Literatureテラフォーマーズ (Terra Formars) 第01巻DL105.9 MiB309430
Raw Literatureテイルズ オブ エクシリア 第01巻.zipDL41.7 MiB1049001
Raw Literatureティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ-花冠の大地 第01巻 [Tears to Tiara - Kakan no Daichi vol 01]DL76.9 MiB8215970
Raw Literatureツンバカ.zipDL17.8 MiB012720
Raw Literatureチョイス! 第01-02巻 [Choice! vol 01-02]DL99.9 MiB0314450
Raw LiteratureチャンピオンREDいちご [vol.22]DL87.9 MiB20214480
Raw Literatureチャンネルはそのまま! (Channel wa Sonomama!) 第01-02巻DL282.9 MiB2018130
Raw Literatureチャラ! 第02巻 [Chara! Vol 02]DL40.6 MiB1118300
Raw Literatureチキタ★GUGU 第01-02巻 [Chikita Gugu vol 01-02]DL66 MiB2210720
Raw Literatureダーク・エッジ 第01-02巻 [Dark Edge vol 01-02]DL78.9 MiB2016950
Raw Literatureダンドー 第01-02巻 [DANDOH!! vol 01-02]DL86.4 MiB017900
Raw Literatureダンタリアンの書架 ダリアンDays 第01巻 [Dantalian no Shoka Dalian Days vol 01]DL70.7 MiB3112840
Raw Literatureダンス・マカブル~西洋暗黒小史~ 第01巻 [Dance Macabre - Seiyou Ankoku Shoushi vol 01]DL139.4 MiB5410410
Raw Literatureダンス イン ザ ヴァンパイアバンド 公式同人誌 (ダンス イン ザ ヴァンパイアバンド).zipDL81.4 MiB3073680
Raw Literatureダイヤモンド カット ダイヤモンド (Diamond Cut Diamond) 第01-02巻DL164.7 MiB2135470
Raw Literatureダイヤのエース 第41巻 [Ace of the Diamond Vol 41]DL114.1 MiB8133990
Raw Literatureダイヤのエース (Ace of the Diamond) 第41巻DL117.1 MiB18025340
Raw Literatureダイの大冒険 27-37.zipDL412 MiB1042470
Raw Literatureダイの大冒険 13-26.zipDL531.6 MiB1079350
Raw Literatureダイの大冒険 01-12.zipDL479.2 MiB1087430
Raw Literatureターヘルアナ富子 (Taheruana Tomiko) 第01巻DL47.4 MiB4017370
Raw Literatureタンスの奥のぱんつさん 第01巻 [Tansu no Oku no Pantsu-san vol 01]DL47.3 MiB4114800
Raw Literatureタブロウゲート 第01-02巻 [Tableau Gate vol 01-02]DL126.4 MiB0213180
Raw Literatureタッチ 全26巻DL579.2 MiB122236171
Raw Literatureタイガーマスク 第01-02巻 [Tiger Mask vol 01-02]DL347.6 MiB239600
Raw Literatureソードゲイル (SWORD GALE) 第01-02巻DL127.4 MiB5158960
Raw Literatureソラニン 第01巻 [Solanin vol 01]DL85.3 MiB1113270
Raw Literatureソムリエール 第01-02巻 [Sommelière vol 01-02]DL101.4 MiB1211720
Raw Literatureソニコミ アートブック ~すーぱーそに子写真集~.zipDL502.9 MiB20197800
Raw Literatureソウルイーターノット! (Soul Eater Not!) 第03-04巻DL163.9 MiB14229330
Raw Literatureソウルイーター 第25巻 [Soul Eater Vol 25]DL98.6 MiB34461000
Raw Literatureソウルイーター 第24巻 [Soul Eater vol 24]DL62.8 MiB29458040
Raw Literatureソウルイーター 第24巻 [Soul Eater Vol 24]DL63.2 MiB09316150
Raw Literatureソウルイーター 第023巻 [Soul Eater Vol 023]DL47.8 MiB42811050
Raw Literatureソウルイーター 第01-22巻 [Soul Eater vol 01-22]DL1.33 GiB254287931
Raw Literatureソウルイーター (Soul Eater) 第25巻DL101.1 MiB4127900
Raw Literatureソウルイーター (Soul Eater) 第24巻DL64.6 MiB9223980
Raw Literatureゼロイン 第03巻.zipDL45.1 MiB0079370
Raw Literatureゼロイン 第02巻.zipDL41.6 MiB0079930
Raw Literatureゼロイン いのうえそら 第01巻.zipDL43.4 MiB0293000
Raw Literatureゼロイン 第12巻DL124.2 MiB0447570
Raw Literatureゼロの使い魔 第01-02巻 [Zero no Tsukaima vol 01-02]DL118.7 MiB2212980
Raw Literatureゼロのちゅかいま -よーちえんnano!- 第03巻 [Zero no Chukaima – Yochien Nano! Vol 03]DL51.4 MiB4018800
Raw Literatureゼロのちゅかいま -よーちえんnano!- 第01-02巻 [Zero no Chukaima – Yochien Nano! vol 01-02]DL125.3 MiB3129730
Raw Literatureゼロ―THE MAN OF THE CREATION 第01-02巻 [Zero - The Man of the Creation vol 01-02]DL93.3 MiB1110480
Raw Literatureゼノエミッション E3.zipDL418.2 MiB0023560
Raw Literatureゼットマン 第01-02巻 [Z Man vol 01-02]DL269 MiB049320
Raw Literatureセーラー服と重戦車 第09巻 [Sailor Fuku to Juusensha Vol 09]DL51.4 MiB2029440
Raw Literatureセーラー服、ときどきエプロン 第01巻 [Sailor Fuku, Tokidoki Apron Vol 01]DL67 MiB4244460
Raw Literatureセントールの悩み 第01-04巻DL259.8 MiB4087970
Raw Literatureセントールの悩み 第01-02巻 [Centaur no Nayami vol 01-02]DL136.1 MiB3213290
Raw Literatureセンセ。第01-05巻DL453.3 MiB0196920
Raw Literatureセンゴク天正記 第01-02巻 [Sengoku Tenshouki vol 01-02]DL119.4 MiB8117550
Raw Literatureセンゴク一統記 第01巻 [Sengoku Ittouki vol 01]DL148 MiB2097240
Raw Literatureセブンスドラゴン2020&2020-II VISUAL COLLECTION (ファミ通の攻略本).rarDL747.8 MiB9429210
Raw Literatureセブンスドラゴン 設定画集.zipDL97.8 MiB9437800
Raw Literatureセックスなんか興味ない 第01-02巻 [Sex Nanka Kyouminai vol 01-02]DL168.2 MiB11544490
Raw Literatureセクシャル・ハンター・ライオット 第01巻 [Sexual Hunter Riot vol 01]DL31.3 MiB15411970
Raw Literatureセクサドール 第01巻 [Sexuadoll vol 01]DL27.7 MiB3022810
Raw Literatureセカイ魔王 (Sekai Maou) 第01巻DL57.2 MiB1128890
Raw Literatureセイビング・ライフ 第01巻 [Saving Life vol 01]DL44.1 MiB1118520
Raw Literatureセイバーキャッツ 第01-02巻 [Saber Cats vol 01-02]DL98.9 MiB3113050
Raw Literatureスンデレ! 第01-02巻 [Sundere! vol 01-02]DL252.4 MiB5124930
Raw Literatureスライムさんと勇者研究部 第01巻 [Slime-san to Yuusha Kenkyuubu vol 01]DL37.9 MiB3127760
Raw Literatureスミレ 17歳!! 第01巻 [Sumire 17sai!! vol 01]DL54.2 MiB1114210
Raw Literatureスマッシュ 第02巻.zipDL97.3 MiB0128800
Raw Literatureスマッシュ 第01巻.zipDL87.4 MiB0131140
Raw Literatureスマッシュ v11DL205.8 MiB0013220
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-17, 03:13] <i300> ano natsu subs when ;~;
[09-17, 02:55] <nobuyuki26> hey, anyone knows why my torrent always shows "seed 0"? i'm pretty sure there's 1 seeder and it's me, but it always shows 0 seed >.<
[09-17, 02:53] <nobuyuki26> twsss
[09-17, 02:37] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> It's so dusty
[09-17, 02:37] <MichaelMyersIsKawaii> Will these 11 planes crash into a building
[09-17, 00:49] <dilworks> I use Chatzilla, but that's because I'm lazy... and yes, beeps can be turned off there (but for some reasoy they don't work at all under Debian)
[09-17, 00:18] <maxnuk> what did yours think of 60fps ?
[09-17, 00:18] <sarachikorita> hexchat doesn't beep when it starts, and even with mirc, it can be shut off.
[09-17, 00:15] <maxnuk> someone ?
[09-17, 00:14] <maxnuk> yooo
[09-17, 00:14] <sarachikorita> u wot m8
[09-17, 00:14] <sarachikorita> >hashtags for any purpose than names of IRC channels
[09-16, 23:57] <[TRVE]> u wot m8
[09-16, 23:57] <[TRVE]> >therefore the production staff are the same
[09-16, 23:56] <[TRVE]> >both series have similar character types,?
[09-16, 23:30] <dilworks> those youngsters... get off my lawn and go back to Twitter!
[09-16, 23:29] <dilworks> > complaining about IRC
[09-16, 23:14] <Stinky Cheez> One of those series with the uber-whiny, limp-ass "hero", who NEVER grows out of it =p . Think of "Tokyo Ghoul", without the inadvertent comedy. In fact, I'd wager (haven't checked) that many people are shared between the production of those two
[09-16, 23:13] <Stinky Cheez> Deadman Wonderloand is just good enough to piss you right off, when it all falls to utter shit.
[09-16, 22:37] <[TRVE]> Your client is shit. Use another one.
[09-16, 22:12] <Artemix> IRC is evil, my MyIRC client makes loud noise when it starts, I don't like it.
[09-16, 21:20] <Yagami11> no, manga is a lot better ;)
[09-16, 20:40] <aers> Visit IRC if you want any response.
[09-16, 20:35] <Artemix> is Deadman Wonderlan any good?
[09-16, 20:17] <MisterDonut> just visit IRC if you want a fast response
[09-16, 19:26] <Malor69> Is there a mod in here ?
[09-16, 18:44] <Dat Size> @Artemix Yeah, it gets better.
[09-16, 18:35] <saiou> Oh my lord, if the current chapters in the manga are anything to go by, it does get more amazing as time goes on. Give it at least through s2 before passing judgement.
[09-16, 18:25] <sarachikorita> Both depending on the series.
[09-16, 18:04] <Artemix> Btw, I got quite hooked to Gintama, you just need to give it time. I'm around episode 40. And for what I've heard, it only gets better.
[09-16, 18:03] <ArmosNights> When you animu what do? Subs or dubs?
[09-16, 17:52] <JRR_STuDios> Hope NYAA never goes down again
[09-16, 17:41] <Artemix> So finally the plebe has voice, again.
[09-16, 17:16] <Tennouji> Wait, I just posted a message. lol. But I swear I tried like days ago and I couldn't.
[09-16, 17:16] <Tennouji> Why can't I post a message here?
[09-16, 17:08] <kotex> Then, only granted member can post messege?
[09-16, 17:06] <sarachikorita> Sounds like the channel was set to moderated mode.
[09-16, 17:00] <kotex> Maybe, I should switch to others brand? Modess/Whisper/Laurier/Sofy
[09-16, 16:57] <nitekatt> I would too ban someone with a nickname like that, just because of it
[09-16, 16:56] <kotex> WTF about the channel?
[09-16, 16:54] <kotex> Sorry, not kicked out, but banned to send message.
[09-16, 16:53] <kotex> Tracker seems OK, but IRC still kicked me out.T_T.Yesterday I see a lot of teapot issues.
[09-16, 16:34] <LiQuid> I jump around noscope 360 ery day around in d jungle
[09-16, 15:37] <donmega> nyaaaaaaaaaa !!
[09-16, 15:30] <OneCrazyRussian> How do I quickscope?
[09-16, 15:01] <Onionion> SUDDENLY A WILD DESU APPEARED
[09-16, 13:43] <Hobichan> wtf
[09-16, 13:32] <critz2537> ???
[09-16, 12:36] <Dat Size> WOW, it works!
[09-16, 12:35] <jofs> @nitekatt: The power of adults compels you.
[09-16, 12:32] <MysticStrider> testing..
[09-16, 12:22] <torchlight> You're a teapot!
[09-16, 12:06] <Zorro-kun> HELP! TRYING to upload since 6 hrs. >> Getting Error: I'm a little teapot, Short and stout, Here is my handle, Here is my spout, When I get all steamed up, Hear me shout, Tip me over and pour me out! I'm a clever teapot, Yes, it's true, Here's an example of what I can do, I can turn my handle into a spout, Tip me over and pour me out!
[09-16, 12:04] <Zorro-kun> [size= 20]Hell!![/size]
[09-16, 11:44] <nitekatt> yep, damn September, parents are back from their vacation and as usual they try to play strict, make sure you are going to school, not watch anime, took away my laptop :(
[09-16, 11:29] <hazardous> cuz' its a no seed month
[09-16, 11:15] <RinzImpulse> tes
[09-16, 10:55] <ujifujimoto> wb nyaa
[09-16, 10:49] <muffledhair> why do so many of the torrents have no seeders?
[09-16, 10:46] <salvotnt> testttttttttttttt
[09-16, 09:14] <DrkStr> guess so! kewl!
[09-16, 09:14] <DrkStr> is chat workin yet
[09-16, 08:59] <Abunja> Thanks for the shrine, TRVE.
[09-16, 08:33] <kotuwa> thanks fong... this time i uploaded with one line description.. success.... then updated it with the long description :)
[09-16, 08:07] <csp222> hello
[09-16, 08:03] <Dragmid> testing
[09-16, 07:54] <NakkiNyan> Other than making a new record for up time? ... I didn't say that
[09-16, 07:47] <anshcolord> what's happened?
[09-16, 07:33] <NakkiNyan> well, I can't type for shit... see = seed
[09-16, 07:32] <NakkiNyan> Anyone around with the TechMod Moretsu Pirates that can see the scripts rar file here #405430 ?
[09-16, 07:23] <[TRVE]> Hello xDev, we haven't forgotten you.
[09-16, 06:41] <kitsune0> Magnets gone & tracker is [somehow?] online.
[09-16, 06:29] <sillybean> huurrrraaaayyy! okaeri Nyaaaaa...!!
[09-16, 06:15] <parata> test __
[09-16, 06:03] <Nozomi> Yay! I can make comments of torrents again. Thanks folks. :)
[09-15, 12:01] <MisterDonut> burn the witch
[09-15, 09:33] <Hoshizora> @ RTM: with magic.
[09-15, 09:14] <RTM> fuckin magnets, how do they work?!
[09-15, 05:33] <HorribleSubs> there are magnet links on the site? wtf
[09-15, 05:14] <012013014> at long last....nyaa is back.....T__T
[09-15, 05:00] <oz1gnp9> I noticed that when I'm redirected to a magnet link, it locks in all downloads on that page to their magnet links too. I have to do a search for something else entirely, to get rid of this effect. Is there any way of dealing with this? I like storing the torrents, in case I suffer a drive crash and need to re-download the lost files..
[09-15, 00:22] <Obakeinu> Is one of links broken? (
[09-15, 00:12] <fong> kotuwa, there must be something in the description that the parser doesn't like, just add one phrase at a time and click submit until you find the offending piece, then either fix or simplify or change it
[09-14, 20:01] <kotuwa> and herkz, is there any simple reasons that give teapot error whenuploading, error that gives a poem??
[09-14, 20:00] <kotuwa> thanks my eyes ignored centered manage link :/
[09-14, 19:53] <herkz> click the manage button at the top
[09-14, 19:53] <kotuwa> guys, is there any way to edit the description of a torrent, after uploading?
[09-14, 19:49] <TexasNeko> lmao Only HorribleSubs is posting stuff, huh?
[09-14, 19:48] <kotuwa> can anyone give reasons to TEAPOT error?
[09-14, 19:39] <KingAnime> HELL YEAH!!!! nyaa is finally back. Welome Back baby
[09-14, 19:19] <Thelight52> yay, Nyaa is back!
[09-14, 18:54] <salvotnt> yep , now work chatting .... hello everyones
[09-14, 18:54] <andygor> is there region ip block for i can access here but not sukebei admin?
[09-14, 18:52] <salvotnt> 5646565
[09-14, 18:44] <herkz> Artemix: It's part of the NT cartel, so yes.
[09-14, 18:27] <HerbalNekoTea> Welcome back to the yakuza of torrent. :D
[09-14, 18:25] <cyke1> i tested thorugh same cloud flare server via another dedi, no problem.
[09-14, 18:25] <cyke1> Argro, i don't think its cloudflare, cause sukebei works fine just not here from my dedi.
[09-14, 18:22] <gnmauro> quien sabe.