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Non-English-translated Literature偽戀147DL9.9 MiB502600
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第40巻DL149.4 MiB11214300
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第39巻DL143.4 MiB7115090
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第38巻DL139.7 MiB7115740
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第30巻DL93.4 MiB2710400
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第39巻DL143.4 MiB147990
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第040巻DL149.4 MiB227500
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第16巻DL165.3 MiB1211700
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第17巻DL184.6 MiB4310990
Raw Literature[葉原鉄×ミヤスリサ] 俺の聖剣をヌイてみろ!DL115.8 MiB20426100
Raw Literature[NYAN] 看護学生のないしょ 第05巻DL66.9 MiB5811400
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第126巻DL210.6 MiB3210690
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第127巻DL222.6 MiB2310770
Raw Literature[古味直志] ニセコイ 第14巻DL138.7 MiB47954880
Raw Literature[鸣见なる] 東京★イノセント 第04-06卷DL176.8 MiB5110410
English-translated LiteratureRock Lee's Springtime of Youth 37 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB303750
English-translated LiteratureGokukoku no Brynhildr 123 [/a/nonymous]DL16.1 MiB113532
Raw Literature[鸣见なる] 東京★イノセント 第04-06卷DL176.8 MiB3211800
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第128巻DL220.1 MiB7614680
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第127巻DL222.6 MiB5513480
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第126巻DL210.6 MiB3514020
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第125巻DL203.8 MiB6617750
Raw Literature[Habara Tetsu×Miyasu Risa] 俺の聖剣をヌイてみろ!DL31 MiB8010660
Raw Literature[NYAN] 看護学生のないしょ 第05巻DL66.9 MiB3111550
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第17巻DL184.6 MiB2310480
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第16巻DL165.3 MiB5110720
English-translated Literature[OtakuMura] Chibi Maruko-chan [Complete] [MangaReader]DL15.6 MiB103660
English-translated Literature[OtakuMura] Black Jack no Yuuwaku [Complete] [MangaReader]DL13.3 MiB213540
Raw Literature[辰波要徳] ミルクティーチャー 全01巻(完) [Milk Teacher vol.01]DL103.7 MiB16329580
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第123巻DL219.9 MiB4311270
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第30巻DL93.4 MiB4112190
Raw Literatureまおゆう魔王勇者 「この我のものとなれ、勇者よ」「断る!」 (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – “Kono Watashi no Mono to Nare, Yuusha yo” “Kotowaru!”) 第11巻DL82.7 MiB30343220
Raw LiteratureCANDY POP NIGHTMARE 第04巻DL78.5 MiB9511560
Raw Literatureバガボンド (Vagabond) 第37巻DL122.4 MiB50361580
Raw Literatureサイトーくんは超能力者らしい (Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii) 第04巻DL21.5 MiB8615160
Raw Literature[本宮ひろ志] まだ、生きてる??? 全02巻(完) [Mada Ikiteiru vol.01-02]DL162.8 MiB19128281
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第27巻DL160.4 MiB6415360
Raw Literature[Novel] 境界線上のホライゾン (Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon) 第07巻DL183.2 MiB9117260
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第28巻DL157.8 MiB5215110
Raw Literature花は紅 (Hana wa Kurenai) 第06-07巻DL185.7 MiB1118320
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第29巻DL151.8 MiB4212450
Raw Literature高橋さんが聞いている。 (Takahashi-san ga Kiite Iru) 第03巻DL55.2 MiB16215470
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第14巻DL176.9 MiB3315510
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第15巻DL179.4 MiB2314110
Raw Literature[永井豪×TEAM MOON] デビルマン対闇の帝王 第03巻DL284.5 MiB849570
Raw Literature[鶴ゆみか×オカベタカシ]ヒーローマスク 第01巻DL111.8 MiB6810890
Raw Literature[小説] [望公太] 異能バトルは日常系のなかで 第07-08巻DL55.8 MiB17113580
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第121巻DL213.8 MiB7517710
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第122巻DL226.6 MiB6517700
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第123巻DL219.9 MiB2214720
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第124巻DL204.6 MiB3615850
Raw Literature[加藤元浩] Q.E.D.証明終了 第49巻DL161.8 MiB7415430
Raw Literature[Artbook] 天体のメソッド OP&ED 原画集DL57.9 MiB6412360
Raw Literature[島袋光年]トリコ 第32巻DL160.2 MiB16224190
Raw Literatureミナミの帝王 (Minami no Teiou) 第120巻DL230 MiB188970
Raw Literatureデビルマン対闇の帝王 (Devilman Tai Yami no Teiou) 第03巻DL290.2 MiB456190
Non-English-translated Literature[russian] 緑の王 - Verdant Lord - Лесной владыка. 1-й томDL151 MiB102380
Raw Literature[加藤元浩] Q.E.D.証明終了 第49巻DL161.8 MiB12126300
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也] ミナミの帝王 第124巻DL204.6 MiB2010320
Raw Literature[八神ひろき] 灌篮少年ACT3 第15巻DL179.4 MiB2210030
Raw Literature[古谷野孝雄] エンジェルボイス 第29巻DL151.8 MiB3410870
Raw Literature[七条剛] ヴァリアブル・アクセル 第01巻DL76.2 MiB5116200
Raw Literature[三浦勇雄×山田孝太郎] 聖剣の刀鍛冶 第08巻DL155.3 MiB23233820
Raw Literature[新井理恵] ろまんが 第01-05巻DL878.1 MiB18825010
Raw LiteratureRewrite Side-R Vol 01-04DL459.9 MiB7711340
Raw Literature[ふじもとゆうき] キラメキ☆銀河町商店街 第10巻DL128.1 MiB639850
Raw Literature[風見周] 僕と彼女がいちゃいちゃいちゃいちゃ 第03巻DL37.6 MiB11214900
Raw Literature[兄崎ゆな] あなたの、とりこ。 第01-02巻DL77.5 MiB12218570
English-translated LiteratureKingdom 410 [Turnip Farmers]DL7.9 MiB003450
English-translated Literature[OtakuMura] Apple [Complete] [MangaReader]DL7.3 MiB103540
English-translated Literature[OtakuMura] Ally of Justice [Complete] [MangaReader]DL65 MiB003290
Raw Literature(一般コミック・雑誌) [チャンピオン] [安部真弘] 侵略!イカ娘 第357話 [2014-50].zipDL2.2 MiB329960
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi 147 [Red Hawk Scans]DL4.9 MiB314491
Raw Literature[望公太] 異能バトルは日常系のなかで 第08巻DL26 MiB17127900
Raw Literature[七三太郎×川三番地] 天のプラタナス 第22巻DL184.9 MiB4113290
Raw Literature[井上智徳] コッペリオン 第21巻DL130.4 MiB19533700
Raw Literature[うえやまとち] クッキングパパ 第128-129巻DL93 MiB10216080
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛MAGI 第246夜DL5 MiB202160
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王767 JOJODL6.9 MiB602850
Raw Literature[木多康昭] 喧嘩稼業 第01巻 [Kenka kagyou vol.01]DL110.9 MiB17417620
Raw Literatureイブニング 2014年22号 [Evening 2014 vol.22]DL131.3 MiB9013590
English-translated LiteratureGintama 518 [Hi Wa Mata Noboru]DL7.8 MiB113880
English-translated LiteratureMagi The Labyrinth of Magic 246 [Sense-Scans]DL8.9 MiB204120
English-translated LiteratureDorohedoro c129 (mag) [Habanero Scans].zipDL13 MiB203540
English-translated LiteratureDorohedoro c127x v19 [Omake] [Habanero Scans].zipDL6.8 MiB303430
Raw Literature[鶴ゆみか×オカベタカシ] ヒーローマスク 第01巻DL111.8 MiB15226670
Raw Literature[Miss Dream] Nakayoshi July 1989 IssueDL1.89 GiB124691
Raw Literatureヒーローマスク (1)Hero Mask v01 digital ebook 1200px OKABE Takashi / オカベタカシDL111.8 MiB528360
Raw Literature[桂よしひろ] 5時から本番! 全01巻(完) [5ji kara Honban vol.01]DL119.8 MiB15232641
Raw Literature(七三太郎×川三番地) 天のプラタナス 第17巻DL195.4 MiB438700
Raw Literature[天王寺大× 郷力也]ミナミの帝王 第120巻DL225.5 MiB2212030
Raw Literature[高田靖彦] ほたる~真夜中の歯科医 第01巻DL79.8 MiB11416100
Raw Literature[永井豪×TEAM MOON] デビルマン対闇の帝王 第03巻DL284.5 MiB12313940
Raw Literature(一般コミック)(七三太郎×川三番地) 天のプラタナス 第16-17巻DL397 MiB6514720
Raw Literature(一般コミック)(天王寺大× 郷力也) ミナミの帝王 第120巻DL232.3 MiB129090
Raw Literature(一般コミック) (永井豪×TEAM MOON) デビルマン対闇の帝王 第03巻DL293 MiB3112750
Raw Literature[大見武士] ろ~まじ 全01巻(完) [RowMaji vol.01]DL104 MiB17329591
Raw Literature(原画集) 天体のメソッド OP&ED 原画集DL57.3 MiB20624840
Non-English-translated Literature妖精狩猎者漫画 Those Who Hunt Elves 1-21 + Returns manga chineseDL528.9 MiB113980
Raw Literature(COMIC1☆4) [J.O.C★e.go!! (カスガソウイチ)] HOT ORANGE (咲-Saki-).zipDL41.3 MiB11614820
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-22, 10:10] <yakumofuji> I see. Thanks for the reply and link. @vivan
[11-22, 10:01] <vivan>
[11-22, 09:58] <vivan> it's a group of retards from kickass or something
[11-22, 09:50] <yakumofuji> Anyone knows what's [AnimeRG] tag is about? Been seeing different groups with the same tag.
[11-22, 08:31] <vivan> >hadena
[11-22, 08:27] <Ammosh> just plz its not much what am asking, anyone can u help seeding this torrent :'( I really want it to finish downloading, I'd be so grateful
[11-22, 08:00] <Ikusa> [TRVE] gave a good advice/suggestion!
[11-22, 07:28] <[TRVE]> Stop being a faggot and read this.
[11-22, 06:39] <Iviih> * addiction
[11-22, 06:39] <Iviih> * addiction
[11-22, 06:39] <Iviih> Hello ~ new here. Came from D-addicts as well... Glad to find a new website for my manga addictioni, what manga is good nowadays? Last I read was bleast...
[11-22, 01:37] <Rin2K> Don't forget to gas them...
[11-21, 23:36] <SneakiestNEG> I did have to truecrypt my sukebei folder.
[11-21, 23:34] <SneakiestNEG> Yeah what did happen to the anti-piracy campaign? Amnesty International did not send me emails about the great Otaku genocide.
[11-21, 23:30] <heavenwargod> I heard the movie sucked, but I dunno, missed it in the cinemas by just a few days.
[11-21, 22:51] <Ecchi & Harem lover> save as abunja
[11-21, 22:32] <Abunja> lae, i'm experiencing problems
[11-21, 20:42] <Artemix> Did anyone watch the new Saint Seiya movie?, you know, the 3Dish one, does it suck?.
[11-21, 19:33] <Rin2K> just go to kisunekko, fag.
[11-21, 18:24] <shaddrag> Yes, Senfu, you can. Don't let TRVE tell you otherwise.
[11-21, 18:19] <Senfu> I can be japanese thru anime rite desu desu hai? /s
[11-21, 18:15] <bigmodizel93> hey guys please help. i wanted to know who also does japanese subs besides the kamigami group :D
[11-21, 18:14] <nicky_008> Allright, I have to do some magic works about the MEMEs on the next Monday again. Damn dat Anno-san and Khara. :<
[11-21, 18:12] <AkiraLeir> Hm... Looks like it is just mkvmerge being sassy about extracted/raw AAC tracks being added to the queue. Making it into a MP4 then muxing doesn't trigger a warning. Thanks for the tip, anyway.
[11-21, 17:41] <MisterDonut> i havent seen one with HE-AAC yet. maybe use an aac encoder that doesnt cause those problems you are experiencing
[11-21, 17:23] <AkiraLeir> Could someone please tell me which one is "right"? mkvmerge seems to not recognize that the encode isn't SBR, so when I don't tick the "AAC is SBR/HE-AAC/AAC+" box, it gives me a warning while muxing that I should've done so.
[11-21, 16:46] <bigmodizel93> hey what subbers have japanese subs like kamigami ?
[11-21, 16:46] <bigmodizel93> hey what subbers have japanese subs like kamigami ?
[11-21, 16:31] <[TRVE]> No one. There are already several encodes here on NT and another one is in the works. Your "enhancements" are unnecessary shit you shouldn't do.
[11-21, 16:10] <shintek> And replace the intro's original music with the audio album's FLAC version and shit like that
[11-21, 16:10] <shintek> I have the DVD's with the updated first dvd that has the additional lines of dialogue
[11-21, 16:09] <shintek> How many people would be interested if I would encode and enhance (not ruin) Evangelion completely?
[11-21, 16:08] <shintek> Yo
[11-21, 16:04] <lae> also, here's the extracted (low bitrate) music for MEMEs if anyone wants them part 1 part 2
[11-21, 14:19] <Abunja> i see. and on the note of episode 3, i don't think it's necessary be subbed. those jugs, asses and music are already enough
[11-21, 14:12] <lae> I only ever linked ep1, which an anon uploaded - and uploaded the one you mentioned - but both were hardsubbed on nicovideo
[11-21, 14:05] <Abunja> oh, i thought the one you linked before this (Hill Climb Girl IIRC) were subbed by you. well, thanks again. time to watch some pron :)
[11-21, 13:48] <lae> also i don't fansub
[11-21, 13:46] <lae> oh, herkz added parentheses so I didn't see it. Anyway, I'm not subbing it because >tling songs
[11-21, 13:33] <hazardous> gainax drugs are trippy as fuck
[11-21, 13:11] <Abunja> #625607, the same thing
[11-21, 12:56] <vivan> have they found gainax drugs or something
[11-21, 12:45] <lae> I meant #625656 - oops. Also, what?
[11-21, 12:20] <Abunja> hey, lae. the link is broken. could you sub herkz raw? thanks
[11-21, 12:17] <Abunja> Everybody is welcome here. First things first, you need to do this and pay a visit here.
[11-21, 11:23] <frannycesca> joining from d-addicts as well. hope nyaa works well
[11-21, 11:22] <frannycesca> hi
[11-21, 11:10] <Rin2K> 7.5/10 fine meme, sir.
[11-21, 11:02] <xell17> MEMES
[11-21, 10:49] <Rin2K> Oh, I see... so, the asperger is kill? am I right?.
[11-21, 10:46] <moel1980> hi
[11-21, 10:39] <lae> enjoy your memes and porno #626656 1 2 3
[11-21, 10:29] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> Now... You can only go there for the subs... & Discussions... A whole COMMUNITY WIPED OUT in the blink of an eye...
[11-21, 10:27] <[TRVE]> The people who matter (those who translate) can try their luck at Crunchyroll or Viki. The others can go to hell, nobody cares about them.
[11-21, 10:26] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> The site is still up... The CHUNK that got TAKEN OUT was...: THE TORRENTS' SECTION...
[11-21, 10:24] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> D-Addicts held its righteous rank of, I believe #247 world wide...
[11-21, 10:17] <Rin2K> That D-Addicts thing in a new kind of ebola or something?.
[11-21, 10:13] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> All of those people from D-Addicts are homeless now looking for a place to BELONG...!!
[11-21, 10:11] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> D-Addicts died (for good) yesterday/today... Think about how we felt during the time of the DDOS...
[11-21, 10:09] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> Hello...! Did you guys FORGET how we felt almost @ the end of last trimester/season when we thought NYAA was taken from us...?!
[11-21, 09:02] <Mayobe> *sukebei
[11-21, 09:01] <Mayobe> You're addicted to d? I think all the shotacon is in subeki.
[11-21, 08:50] <in2sky> hiya, just came from 12 years of d-addicts, hope this will work here :)
[11-21, 08:11] <Edohiguma> I am the King and Queen of Cheese.
[11-21, 07:42] <Rin2K> gib momos or else!
[11-21, 07:26] <hazardous> thanks to my philosophy class... actually fuck philosophy class, i will let aya or dmt tell me about it.
[11-21, 07:02] <xthorgoldx> Thanks to my philosophy class, I know now that... well, I'm fairly sure I know less than I did when I started.
[11-21, 06:45] <HerbalNekoTea> Thank to my class of philosophy and criminality, i know now than i am a narcissistic psychopath. I don't plan to kill and ruining my chance to the otaku dream.
[11-21, 04:55] <herkz> no
[11-21, 04:38] <spopo> Can we make seed requests here?
[11-21, 04:33] <Abunja> My meme Fridays won't be complete without Amaburi
[11-21, 04:31] <(・‿・)> .akick add chuckk
[11-21, 03:34] <Abunja> Where's my weekly dose of meme? :(
[11-21, 02:46] <chuckk> you're insulting method and vanadis by putting grisaia on their level, however low that already is
[11-21, 02:39] <Denkoko> I like anime recommend me anime
[11-21, 02:26] <Artemix> Hey, at least he didn't say: "I like Sora no Method, Vanadis, Grisaisa and shit".
[11-21, 02:06] <boredatwork> that's indeed similar to shit
[11-21, 02:05] <herkz> sounds like you'd like Attack on Titan and Naruto
[11-21, 02:01] <shintek> I like Terra Formars, Parasyte, Akame Ga Kill and shit, recommend me some similar ones
[11-21, 01:42] <shintek> hey guise
[11-21, 01:17] <NoobSubs> Rape charges.
[11-21, 01:15] <Denkoko> why was the meme factory abandoned?
[11-21, 01:09] <lotusgg> is aniplex stream any different from crunchyroll's one?
[11-21, 00:58] <NoobSubs> Blu-ray for cheap:
[11-21, 00:54] <hotaruloveyui> @anas48: oh...... anyway thanks a lot! I will try!
[11-21, 00:32] <SneakiestNEG> Now if only blu-ray writers were cheap.
[11-20, 23:47] <Naenia> @SneakiestNEG thanks!
[11-20, 22:21] <Ponylover> Pls subscribe #488386
[11-20, 21:45] <[TRVE]> It's not a good converter though. You need CCE or Procoder.
[11-20, 21:13] <chikamtsu> .
[11-20, 21:07] <SneakiestNEG> Oh jesus niggerlyncher you will bring the WRATH of anonymous upon us!
[11-20, 20:57] <SneakiestNEG> Not sure if you are still around Naenia but just pirate convertXtodvd. It is a great piece of software to make your own DVD. Menus, chapters, backgounds.
[11-20, 20:53] <vivan> and I mean retired
[11-20, 20:52] <vivan> i mean real one
[11-20, 20:51] <vivan> miyazaki is dead
[11-20, 18:18] <Robert Franklin> oh god, no, miyazaki, not you too. I didn't realize 3d had claimed another victim this season.
[11-20, 17:29] <anas48> @hotaruloveyui: your torrent seems dead to me, tried with 1gbps seedbox. sorry.
[11-20, 17:25] <C0D3X> A-Addcits is dead (for the most part) I just hope the subbers don't quit because that will be the end for me :(
[11-20, 17:09] <ElecXsuzS> :)