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Raw Literature鉄人28号皇帝の紋章 第01巻 [Tetsujin 28-Gou: Koutei no Monshou vol 01]DL47.9 MiB19713420
Raw Literatureレストアガレージ251 第01-02巻 [Restore Garage 251 vol 01-02]DL252.2 MiB131111750
Raw Literatureだから僕は、Hができない。 第01-02巻 [Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. vol 01-02]DL60.2 MiB26415660
Raw Literature舞 第01-02巻 [Mai, the Psychic Girl vol 01-02]DL58.2 MiB768950
Raw Literatureジオブリーダーズ 第01-02巻 [Geobreeders vol 01-02]DL71.4 MiB1478610
Raw Literatureファイブ 第01-02巻 [Five vol 01-02]DL59.7 MiB868030
Raw Literatureホールドアップ☆キッズ 第01-02巻 [Hold Up Kids vol 01-02]DL111.7 MiB988170
Raw LiteratureAKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei (恋愛禁止条例) Vol 21DL160.7 MiB13013860
Raw LiteratureYajikita Gakuen Douchuuki II (やじきた学園道中記II 2) Vol 08DL74.6 MiB937400
Raw LiteratureVinland Saga (ヴィンランドサガ) Vol 14DL105.8 MiB42528850
Raw LiteratureLiar Game (ライアー ゲーム) Vol 16DL119 MiB26517130
Raw LiteratureEden no Ori (エデンの檻) Vol 21DL384.6 MiB14310870
Raw Literature週刊プレイボーイ 2014-39号 [Weekly Playboy 2014-39]DL109 MiB18818600
Raw LiteratureBleach ( ブリーチ ) Vol 64DL102 MiB32234070
Raw LiteratureAoba Jitenshaten e Youkoso! (アオバ自転車店へようこそ!) Vol 07DL89.4 MiB11612250
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [高津カリノ] サーバント×サービス 全04巻DL93.6 MiB104772921
Raw Literature[5pb×ニトロプラス×nidoro] Steins;Gate 比翼恋理のニャンニャンくらいす.rarDL136.6 MiB11038371
Raw LiteratureAKB49 – 恋爱禁止条例 第21巻 [AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei Vol 21]DL160.7 MiB13519920
Raw Literatureブリーチ 第64巻 [Bleach Vol 64]DL102 MiB20435150
Raw Literatureだいたいこんなンで? 第01巻 [Daitai Konna n de? Vol 01]DL54.8 MiB28432800
Raw Literature(久保帯人) ブリーチ - BLEACH 第64巻DL104.6 MiB53660240
Raw Literature(高橋ヒサシ×元麻布ファクトリー×宮島礼吏) AKB49-恋愛禁止条例- 第21巻DL165.1 MiB161219730
Raw Literatureウッドストック 第15-16巻 [Wood Stock Vol 15-16]DL193.1 MiB14617240
English-translated Literature[Mankitsu]_Mujaki_no_Rakuen_Vol05_ch30.rarDL25.5 MiB2138260
Raw Literature(浅田有皆) ウッドストック 第16巻DL110.3 MiB777240
Raw Literatureアオバ自転車店へようこそ! 第07巻 [Aoba Jitenshaten e Youkoso! Vol 07]DL89.4 MiB11310060
Raw Literature(宮尾岳)アオバ自転車店へようこそ! 第07巻DL101.5 MiB13216740
Raw Literatureマグダラで眠れ 第01巻 [Magudala de Nemure vol 01]DL49.7 MiB19511990
Raw Literature女帝花舞 第01-03巻 [Jotei Hanamai vol 01-03]DL63.3 MiB8810430
Raw Literature吉田家のちすじ 第01-03巻 [Yoshidachi no Chitsuiji vol 01-03]DL68.2 MiB9815280
Raw Literature御伽大戦 ファンタズマ 第01巻 [Otogi Taisen Fantasma vol 01]DL41.8 MiB13510900
Raw Literatureラブホリック 第01-02巻 [Loveholic vol 01-02]DL87.4 MiB1259410
Raw Literatureヴイナス戦記 第01-02巻 [Venus Senki vol 01-02]DL66.9 MiB19311040
Raw Literatureロマンスからはじめよう 第01-02巻 [Romance kara Hajime You vol 01-02]DL91.5 MiB1258540
Raw Literature下降世界ヲ辿ル物語 第01巻 [Kako Sekai wo Tadoru Monogatari vol 01]DL45.7 MiB10810860
Raw Literature半蔵の門 文庫版 第01-02巻 [Hanzou no Mon Bunko vol 01-02]DL108.9 MiB978220
Raw Literatureブギーポップシリーズ 第01-03巻 [Boogiepop Series vol 01-03]DL19.6 MiB1259450
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Investor Z - Chapter 60.zipDL9.6 MiB413920
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Space Brothers - Chapter 235.zipDL7.4 MiB715100
Raw Literatureがらくたストリート 第03巻 [Garakuta Street Vol 03]DL34.9 MiB12413620
Raw LiteratureGet Navi 2014-10月号DL129.7 MiB18220810
English-translated LiteratureOne Shot - Starbiter Satsuki [MangaStream]DL9.9 MiB606010
Raw Literatureムシヌユン 第01巻 [Mushinuyun Vol 01]DL113.1 MiB19320870
Raw Literature終わりのセラフ 第05巻 [Owari no Seraph Vol 05]DL99.4 MiB31424830
Raw Literature七つの大罪 第10巻 [Nanatsu no Taizai vol 10]DL128.5 MiB83573560
Raw Literature(鏡貴也×山本ヤマト) 終わりのセラフ 第05巻DL102 MiB35441730
Raw LiteratureAMAI YAKA NA HANA NO KETSUZOKU VOL 03-04DL116.8 MiB557380
Raw LiteratureHAJIOTSU. VOL 03DL52.7 MiB538170
English-translated LiteratureKoe no Katachi - Chapter 52DL8.9 MiB305671
English-translated LiteratureKoe no Katachi - Chapter 51DL7.1 MiB715391
Raw Literature(山田穣) がらくたストリート 第03巻DL35.5 MiB18418770
Raw Literature(鈴木央) 七つの大罪 第10巻DL132 MiB1168113240
Raw LiteratureSERVANT X SERVICE VOL 04DL64.7 MiB17117700
Raw LiteratureDESTROY AND RE VOL 05DL129.4 MiB7110830
Raw Literature[NOVEL] SOSEI NO ITAN KISHI VOL 01DL34.7 MiB8312090
Non-English-translated Literature[刀劍神域][SAO Progressive][第13話]DL18 MiB1914010
Non-English-translated Literature[刀劍神域Calibre][聖劍篇][02]DL21.2 MiB1724010
Raw LiteratureZETTAI HAREM VOL 05-07DL355.8 MiB10513660
Raw LiteratureYUKI NI TSUBASA VOL 01DL79.9 MiB299570
Raw LiteratureNISEKOI VOL v13DL130.7 MiB10313960
Raw LiteratureWEEKLY PLAYBOY 2014-39DL109 MiB6113200
Raw Literature姫のためなら死ねる 第02巻 [Hime no Tame nara Shineru Vol 02]DL10.7 MiB3115220
Raw Literatureまじカライズ 第02巻 [Magicaliz Vol 02]DL300.4 MiB2511040
Raw Literature江戸前の旬 第74巻 [Edomae no Shun Vol 74]DL116.1 MiB11313750
Raw Literatureサーバント×サービス 第4巻 [Servant x Service vol 4]DL64.4 MiB44649490
Raw Literatureデストロイアンドレボリューション 第5巻 [Destroy and Re volution vol 5]DL129 MiB16525320
Raw Literature絶対☆は~れむ 第7巻 [Zettai Harem vol 7]DL108.5 MiB21621980
Raw Literatureミス・ファーブルの蟲ノ荒園 第4巻 [Miss Fabre no Mushi no Almas Givrer vol 4]DL269.1 MiB10513370
Raw Literatureはじおつ。 第3巻 [Hajiotsu. vol 3]DL52.3 MiB22623260
Raw Literature甘やかな花の血族 第4巻 [Amai Yaka na Hana no Ketsuzoku vol 4]DL54.7 MiB1079570
Raw Literature獣王星 第01-02巻 [Juuousei vol 01-02]DL128.5 MiB7512780
Raw LiteratureイケナイBOY 第01-02巻 [Ikenai Boy vol 01-02]DL166.2 MiB15511770
Raw Literatureホス探へようこそ 第01-02巻 [Hosutan e Youkoso vol 01-02]DL169.4 MiB101010750
Raw Literatureトップ・ノート 第01巻 [Top Note vol 01]DL97.8 MiB13512280
Raw Literatureそれが彼女のセイギなら 第01巻 [Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara vol 01]DL107.3 MiB10815360
Raw Literature魔王様ちょっとそれとって!! 第01-02巻 [Maousama Chotto Sore Totte!! vol 01-02]DL134.2 MiB27322370
Raw Literature宇宙なぼくら! 第01-02巻 [Uchuu na Bokura vol 01-02]DL83 MiB8811660
Raw Literature特例措置団体ステラ女学院高等科 C³部 第01巻 [Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C³ Bu vol 01]DL68.5 MiB8912260
Raw Literatureフォトカノ Omnibus Album 第01巻 [Photo Kano–Omnibus Album vol 01]DL78.4 MiB6714120
Raw Literatureじゃりン子チエ 第01-02巻 [Jarinko Chie vol 01-02]DL96.7 MiB6710630
Raw Literature終末のマリステラ 第01巻 [Shuumatsu no Maris Stella Vol 01]DL99.1 MiB11711710
Raw LiteratureTo Loveる ダークネス 47 ( To Love Ru Darkness ) ( MAGAZINE RAW )DL19.3 MiB05614490
Raw Literatureワカコ酒 第03巻 [Wakako-Zake Vol 03]DL57.2 MiB14313980
Raw Literatureスロウスタート 第01巻 [Slow Start Vol 01]DL58.5 MiB14719070
Raw Literature愛気ーS 第 02巻 [Aiki-S Vol 02]DL99 MiB959440
Raw Literatureとある魔術の禁書目録 第13巻 [To Aru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku Vol 13]DL79.1 MiB39454100
Raw LiteratureTomodachi Game (トモダチゲーム) Vol 01-02DL60.5 MiB18114070
Raw LiteratureOusama no Shitateya 2 (王様の仕立て屋 サルトリア・ナポレターナ) Vol 06DL120.6 MiB14213400
Raw Literature甘やかな花の血族 第03-04巻 [Amai Yaka na Hana no Ketsuzoku Vol 03-04]DL116.8 MiB9211080
Raw Literature累 第01-03巻 [Kasane Vol 01-03]DL131.9 MiB25618090
Raw Literatureはじおつ。 第03巻 [Hajiotsu. Vol 03]DL52.7 MiB11511010
Raw Literatureサーバント×サービス 第04巻 [Servant x Service Vol 04]DL64.7 MiB16419711
Raw Literatureデストロイアンドレボリューション 第05巻 [Destroy and Re Vol 05]DL129.4 MiB11513980
English-translated LiteratureKeyman - The Hand of Judgement c020 (v05) [Habanero Scans].zipDL18.9 MiB403280
Raw Literatureフットボールネーション 第05巻 [Football Nation Vol 05]DL114.6 MiB969690
Raw Literatureビリーバット 第11巻 [Billy Bat Vol11]DL150 MiB20722090
Raw LiteratureBLUE GIANT 第03巻DL102.4 MiB597220
Raw LiteratureAZUMI -あずみ- 第18巻 [Azumi 2 v18]DL137.9 MiB8811640
Raw Literature陶子 第05巻 [Touko Vol 05]DL99.8 MiB4108730
Raw Literatureサーバント×サービス (Servant x Service) 第04巻DL66.3 MiB10417970
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-21, 08:05] <LateralusManga> ()blivion, congratulations, you end up discovering the warm water.
[09-21, 08:04] <haseo> @Reijssss Maybe worth trying uT 2.2.1 or Vuze
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> 3rdPGray> "... see any sign of the two of them surviving that ..." <--- this is more or less a spoiler, you know.
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> Also...
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> I highly recommend changing if you are still using it.
[09-21, 07:20] <()blivion> As a PC tech, and long time user of uTorrent, I can authoritatively inform all that it is fully garbage.
[09-21, 06:41] <[TRVE]> You're Under Arrest season 2.
[09-21, 06:25] <MantasB> CaeX, bad DEEN anime? pupa
[09-21, 05:44] <Abunja> e.g. font size too big or bright colors.
[09-21, 05:43] <Abunja> Yes, though, it will be deleted if it's too obstructive.
[09-21, 05:30] <Nazomon> does the bbcode thing work in the comments section??
[09-21, 05:20] <skeii> can i ask for seed on #403191 ? need 5% to complete it :(
[09-21, 05:13] <Reijssss> i download where the seeds are many. my connection is okay. utorrent is the one i have problem with.
[09-21, 05:02] <aceCaptainSlow> hi
[09-21, 04:49] <3rdPGray> if your download is slow that means the seeds is low. If the seed ain't low then it's your connection that's blow. :p
[09-21, 04:45] <Reijssss> why are my downloads so slow???
[09-21, 04:45] <Reijssss> why are my downloads so slow???
[09-21, 04:33] <3rdPGray> sux ain't it? I actually keep replaying to see any sign of the two of them surviving that.. but sadly, I don't see em.
[09-21, 04:15] <jangab> ALDNOAH ZERO WHY!!!! that ending...
[09-21, 03:44] <paulo27ms> Ars Nova is getting a recap movie and then a sequel movie. You just have to keep your eyes open. Creating a feed to MAL's news or something helps, ANN and others are better but they report more.
[09-21, 03:36] <Robert Franklin> Has Inaho got his autism bux yet?
[09-21, 03:09] <C0mput3r> Hi
[09-21, 02:21] <Artemix> I meant, for example, a second season of Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
[09-21, 02:04] <Stinky Cheez> *has not
[09-21, 02:03] <Stinky Cheez> AS for shit Studio Deen series, I have two words for you: "Dragon Crisis!" *spits* They have good stuff too, mind you, but pProtip: Don't try to pretend that every damn animation house (including Ghibli) has made some stinkers.
[09-21, 02:01] <Stinky Cheez> What, the Bible tells me what the Chandrasekhar limit is..?! Who knew?
[09-21, 00:06] <Abunja> A remake, perhaps.
[09-21, 00:05] <kandenshi> hi
[09-20, 23:37] <[TRVE]> Google. Sometimes ANN. Also, what do you mean by "come back to life"?
[09-20, 23:37] <NoobSubs> The bible has all of your answers.
[09-20, 23:32] <Artemix> If I want to know if certain anime is going to comeback to life, where should I look? (other than just google)
[09-20, 23:06] <walid> br?
[09-20, 22:40] <ShadowPvP> gr8 sao episode
[09-20, 22:31] <haseo> Gundam G Reconguista is another interesting anime that airs this Q4
[09-20, 22:29] <anon585> guess I have nothing to worry about, then.
[09-20, 22:24] <herkz> why would you want that
[09-20, 22:15] <crf> anyone have bs11 transport streams for aldnoah zero?
[09-20, 22:12] <haseo> @3rdPGray totally agree with you
[09-20, 22:05] <OneCrazyRussian> Because they never made anything, ofc
[09-20, 22:03] <3rdPGray> NoobSubs: I love aldnoah zero. it's Urubochi and his twisted taste that I hate. :/
[09-20, 21:51] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> protip: you cant
[09-20, 21:51] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> think of one bad anime deen has ever made
[09-20, 21:44] <anon585> so deen is good?
[09-20, 21:41] <NoobSubs> I get not liking a show but why so extreme?
[09-20, 21:40] <SneakiestNEG> Is log horizon going to be carried by crunchyroll?
[09-20, 21:39] <SneakiestNEG> That would make for literal ghost writing.
[09-20, 21:08] <3rdPGray> aldnoah zero ending is just sux.. >.> I wish the producer dies before he even thinks about the second season.
[09-20, 20:35] <TheM4gicMan> B-but herkz, I liked AKB0048
[09-20, 19:47] <Obakeinu> You're not the only one *waiting* for LH II, haseo... can't be much longer now... I hope. :/
[09-20, 19:20] <sarachikorita> Well, DEEN did a lot of the animation work on Ranma 1/ they've been around a long time
[09-20, 19:07] <thesomo> ้hi
[09-20, 18:58] <Senfu> herkz is broken
[09-20, 18:38] <shaddrag> herkz has spoken
[09-20, 18:10] <herkz> satelight is shit and anyone who thinks deen is worse is retarded and has no idea what they're talking about (not that deen is that great, but still)
[09-20, 18:06] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> deen is the best
[09-20, 18:01] <sarachikorita> Studio DEEN still exists?
[09-20, 17:41] <[TRVE]> The change from Satelight to DEEN is only an improvement. Plus, it's almost the same staff. Don't piss your pants.
[09-20, 17:03] <SneakiestNEG> Great thing about log horizon is that it doesn't rely on romance.
[09-20, 16:58] <haseo> yes it is, use the search filter then press RSS to generate custom feed
[09-20, 16:52] <ot4ku> is it somehow possible to customize the RSS to only show trusted posts?
[09-20, 16:41] <haseo> waiting unpatiently for Log Horizon 2
[09-20, 16:35] <ZeroAT> o
[09-20, 16:23] <rfjy> is there some compilation of added scenes in PsychoPass Ext? or a full batch with chapter marks on added scenes?
[09-20, 16:00] <Yagami11> [09-20, 03:11] <Dragon16611> Just checked Fall list. LOG HORIZON 2!!!!!!->DEEN-_-
[09-20, 15:48] <beastyownzu> hi
[09-20, 14:33] <Abunja> Here.
[09-20, 13:58] <ghost2orz> where is neo-nyaa
[09-20, 10:24] <Kainord> A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master was good :)
[09-20, 08:55] <logun21> There are a few exceptions....all the even numbered Star Treks, thus including #4. Star Wars episode IV (ok, cheating there but..)
[09-20, 08:14] <()blivion> All live action is boring to me. (inb4: weeaboo faggot)
[09-20, 06:59] <[TRVE]> Also Rocky 4.
[09-20, 06:50] <jofs> @nitekatt: Alien 4. Not boring
[09-20, 06:09] <Stinky Cheez> Funny enough, but the anime I missed the most when Nyaa was down was... Akame ga Kill. I don't get it, either ^^' .
[09-20, 06:09] <Stinky Cheez> Artemix, all the Transformers live-action movies were crappy, but what did you expect from Micael Bay..? The 1st 2 were fun, but crap, and the rest, well, just crap =p
[09-20, 05:47] <nitekatt> is there even such thing as a #4 movie which is not boring?
[09-20, 05:07] <Artemix> New transformers movie is so fucking boring... damn.
[09-20, 03:11] <Dragon16611> Just checked Fall list. LOG HORIZON 2!!!!!!
[09-20, 01:29] <gurumao> Thaks for clering it up.
[09-19, 21:06] <Senfu> Oh, thought it's something like the 16th, oh well. :)
[09-19, 20:44] <[TRVE]> If you do, you'll find out the release date is September 24th.
[09-19, 20:43] <[TRVE]> Maybe it helps to search by the artist and song title.
[09-19, 20:37] <Akaneon> LETS RUMBLE PARTY! YEAH!
[09-19, 20:28] <Senfu> Barakmon Opening still not out, I can't
[09-19, 18:49] <godfate> nagisa dies\
[09-19, 18:39] <jesus11> @gurumao Some scenes got cleaned up, and new, short dialogue scenes were added.
[09-19, 18:35] <OneCrazyRussian> Inner monologues? ...
[09-19, 18:19] <hazardous> monologues.
[09-19, 18:14] <gurumao> What's the difference b/w Psycho pass and the Extended version?
[09-19, 18:08] <OneCrazyRussian> >Zombie Makishima controlled by Sybil >GiTS SEASON 3 CONFIRMED
[09-19, 17:22] <deanzel> I've got the inside scoop that Makishima comes back as a zombie this season. Don't question.
[09-19, 17:21] <hazardous> Fall Anime list :)
[09-19, 15:07] <Dangalang> looking forward to Psycho-Pass S2, but no Makishima :(
[09-19, 13:32] <giratina2009> hi
[09-19, 11:27] <suji2742> hi
[09-19, 10:28] <baka²> very cute
[09-19, 10:07] <nitekatt> who is IRC chan? is she cute?
[09-19, 10:07] <kitsune0> i'm really drive right now
[09-19, 09:08] <chuckk> i'm really hard right now
[09-19, 06:59] <zhesha23> that is.four.iphone.could is iphone.and ipad...