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Raw Literature[Palette] ましろ色シンフォニー Special Book.zipDL71.3 MiB1016240
Raw Literature[paku] 魔界のオッサンDL43.1 MiB3046400
Raw Literature[paku] 覇王の月~明智光秀の生涯~DL84.2 MiB0056460
Raw Literature[paku] 王様ゲーム 第01-03巻DL193 MiB00129962
Raw Literature[paku] 日本沈没DL371 MiB3129651
Raw Literature[paku] プアプアLIPS 第01-03巻DL98.3 MiB4064901
Raw Literature[paku] デビルキング 第01-04卷DL325.5 MiB1057921
Raw Literature[paku] キティ・ホーカーDL89.4 MiB2034630
Raw Literature[paku] オールドボーイ 第01-05巻DL405.5 MiB9176301
Raw Literature[paku] そふてにっ 第01-03巻DL170.8 MiB1166540
English-translated Literature[paku] Softenni vol 01-03DL170.5 MiB0120270
English-translated Literature[paku] Poor Poor Lips vol 01-03DL99.1 MiB1010120
English-translated Literature[paku] Kitty HawkerDL88.7 MiB2056781
English-translated Literature[paku] King's Moon - The Life of Akechi MitsuhideDL82.2 MiB1057020
English-translated Literature[paku] Japan SinksDL365.5 MiB105740
English-translated Literature[paku] Devil KingDL319 MiB0349300
English-translated Literature[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c05-06[END].zipDL34.1 MiB012170
English-translated Literature[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c04.zipDL15.4 MiB011840
English-translated Literature[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c03.zipDL21.5 MiB012360
English-translated Literature[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c02.zipDL18.4 MiB014160
English-translated Literature[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c01.zipDL22.2 MiB013140
Raw Literature[PaBKu_4_3aTpaBKu](Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni)_Kataribanashi-hen_01.zipDL69.8 MiB0113550
Raw Literature[P.A.WORKS] Hanasaku Iroha Vol.1.zipDL71.4 MiB011420
Non-English-translated Literature[ozure-maya][畑健二郎]ハヤテの如く-JPG.rarDL5.6 MiB01134050
Raw Literature[ozure-maya][畑健二郎]ハヤテのごとく!_34巻-JPEG.rarDL77.6 MiBStatus unknown81920
Non-English-translated Literature[ozure-maya][数研出版]4STEPⅡ&B解答解説.lzhDL33.7 MiB0115440
Raw Literature[Over:Δ (あららぎあゆね)] 魔法少女の運命 (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ).zipDL22.2 MiB0482960
English-translated Literature[OtakuVids] Mushibugyo Ch.5DL16.8 MiB011900
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_ScanRepack_433-445_ITA_HQDL134.2 MiB013320
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_440_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.6 MiB011030
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_439_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.8 MiB01510
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_437_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.2 MiB013470
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_436_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.4 MiB013130
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_434_ITA_HQ.rarDL13 MiB013960
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Naruto_433_ITA_HQ.rarDL12.4 MiB011920
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_ScanRepack_341-355_ITA_HQDL180.7 MiB001880
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_351_ITA_HQ.rarDL12.1 MiB001130
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_350_ITA_HQ.rarDL13.1 MiB001520
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_349_ITA_HQ.rarDL11.6 MiB00390
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_348_ITA_HQ.rarDL14 MiB001380
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_347_ITA_HQ.rarDL11.4 MiB00940
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_346_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.8 MiB011270
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_345_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.7 MiB001190
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_344_ITA_HQ.rarDL11.9 MiB002280
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_343_ITA_HQ.rarDL12.3 MiB001310
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_342_ITA_HQ.rarDL10.2 MiB011250
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach_341_ITA_HQ.rarDL11.1 MiB001490
Non-English-translated Literature[Otakutrad.It]_Bleach.185.HD.720p.SUB.ITA.aviDL334 MiB007530
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 44.rarDL8.8 MiB01243620
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 42.rarDL5.2 MiB017620
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 41.rarDL8.3 MiB027660
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 39.rarDL15.8 MiB0110390
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 38.rarDL16.1 MiB019500
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 37.rarDL14.9 MiB0112020
English-translated Literature[OS]To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 35 LQ.rarDL22.5 MiB016140
Non-English-translated Literature[OS]Shakugan no Shana S_01[BD-720p][x264-AAC].mp4DL393.1 MiB011101
English-translated Literature[OS] To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Chapter 52V2.rarDL17.3 MiB10184610
English-translated Literature[OS] To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Chapter 45.rarDL9.2 MiB017960
English-translated Literature[OS] To Aru Kagaku No Choudenjibou (Railgun) 47.rarDL10.2 MiB2017290
Raw Literature[orz 3u] Shiratori+.zipDL4.6 MiB0011170
Non-English-translated Literature[Original][3.10][夜明け前より琉璃色なMC-First Visual Book ]DL68.5 MiB0118900
Non-English-translated Literature[OPF-Italia] One Piece capitolo 581 itaDL7.1 MiBStatus unknown690
Non-English-translated Literature[OPF-Italia] Chopperman capitolo di anticipazioneDL704 KiBStatus unknown1490
Non-English-translated Literature[OPF-Italia] Chopperman capitolo 1 itaDL10 MiBStatus unknown670
Non-English-translated Literature[OpenManga] Naruto Manga 604 GERMANDL17.3 MiBStatus unknown142690
Non-English-translated Literature[OpenManga] Naruto Manga 603 GERMANDL16.9 KiBStatus unknown142430
English-translated Literature[Opan-sub]_one piece CH 596_DL6.3 MiB007270
Raw Literature[Oota Moare] Teppuu - 001 [2008-Vol.01][good! afternoon].zipDL14.9 MiB013800
Raw Literature[ONE] モブサイコ100 第01-02巻DL216.1 MiB11051870
English-translated Literature[Olezor]Nurarihyon no Mago 03DL17.2 MiB002590
Non-English-translated Literature[Okami-Afrodhi] Jashin-chan Drop Kick 02.rarDL3.7 MiB01146330
Non-English-translated Literature[Okami-Afrodhi] Jashin-chan Drop Kick 01DL6.3 MiB01148310
English-translated Literature[ohhimangastreambutwhyican'trightclick] Naruto 507.zipDL4.1 MiB0122940
Raw Literature[OH MY GOD!!] ミッションちゃんの大冒険.zipDL28.7 MiB014770
English-translated Literature[Ogiue Maniax] Genshiken Chapter 56DL24.5 MiB0110841
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulos 1-10DL17.1 MiB00890
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 16DL1.4 MiB00860
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 13DL1.3 MiB00560
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 12DL1.4 MiB00500
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 11DL1.4 MiB01630
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 10DL1.4 MiB00520
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 09DL1.5 MiB00430
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA]Minami-ke - Capítulo 08DL1.4 MiB001000
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 15DL1.2 MiB00850
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 14DL1.2 MiB00720
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 07DL1.4 MiB00470
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 06DL1.4 MiB01470
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 05DL1.5 MiB00620
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 04DL1.6 MiB00520
Non-English-translated Literature[OeA] Minami-ke - Capítulo 01DL4.1 MiB01580
Non-English-translated Literature[O-A] Comic Party v01 c01 scantrad frDL10.4 MiB01660
Non-English-translated Literature[NY-Subs]_Arisa_Chapter_01_GermanDL18.2 MiB01340
Non-English-translated Literature[NU]Watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui 06-10&Omake[sub español]DL47.1 MiB01189830
Non-English-translated Literature[NU]Watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui 01-05DL34.7 MiB01291760
Non-English-translated Literature[NU]Chichi ga loli na mono de_01_sub_espanish[HQ].rarDL22.7 MiB012541
Non-English-translated Literature[NU] Bleach 506DL5.4 MiB00237340
Non-English-translated Literature[NU] Bleach 505DL8.8 MiB00243010
Non-English-translated Literature[NU] Bleach 503DL8.3 MiB10274080
English-translated Literature[Nutbladder] Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei 300DL5.5 MiB1054580
Non-English-translated Literature[NTA] Shagri-la 05DL172.8 MiB004430
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <furzee> This website has been sold to the japanese government, data purging will begin in 24 hours from now. RIP NT.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[07-31, 17:31] <hazardous> google dns
[07-31, 17:30] <hazardous> if they are dns blocking sites, just switch to google to dns.
[07-31, 17:30] <JiroPX> Low quality baito-desu
[07-31, 17:29] <Chewi105> herkz, plz go.
[07-31, 17:28] <Mugiwara Subs> tell me that i'm dreaming o.o
[07-31, 17:28] <supermox> no it is deathededed
[07-31, 17:25] <Diumlol> hello is nyaa alive???
[07-31, 17:21] <big1sofun> i will miss NT :(
[07-31, 17:20] <big1sofun>
[07-31, 17:20] <big1sofun> dam looks like a storm is brewing
[07-31, 17:19] <big1sofun> dam looks like a storm is brewing
[07-31, 17:17] <worker_> good bye everyone. i will miss all guys
[07-31, 17:16] <Chewi105> Wait, its really being taken down?
[07-31, 17:15] <MoeRaws> good bye.
[07-31, 17:14] <Chewi105> herkz its all your fault
[07-31, 17:14] <Artemix> Wow... is it really over?... damn, well, gb.
[07-31, 17:11] <IEgg> goodbye everyone
[07-31, 17:11] <Comet> nyaa is end? OMG
[07-31, 17:04] <konco> bad news :(
[07-31, 17:00] <rinkk> well they blocked animetake here in japan though but i think nyaa will be safe and sound :)
[07-31, 16:56] <hazardous> cheer up nyaa is still up! ^^
[07-31, 16:53] <[TRVE]> Good night, Punpun.
[07-31, 16:34] <Abunja> Good night, y'all
[07-31, 16:33] <Abunja> It'll be the same. After I woke up, NT is there still. And the same goes for the next day until it loops infinitely
[07-31, 16:31] <RobbyLob> Abunja: Yeah I seriously doubt it as well. Just thought I'd ask.
[07-31, 16:30] <Abunja> Oh, its already August 1! WHAT DO WE DO? WHAT DO WE DO? *panics*
[07-31, 16:28] <Abunja> I dont have any except NT, Rob. And I don't believe NT will be down anytime soon
[07-31, 16:28] <RobbyLob> DmonHira: With specific media here or just in general?
[07-31, 16:24] <DmonHiro> how do you guys handle burnout?
[07-31, 16:20] <djester31> Hrrrmmmm?
[07-31, 16:13] <MisterDonut> b8 stronk
[07-31, 15:39] <herkz> i wish i could disable it so much
[07-31, 15:36] <[TRVE]> An exit bag, Dark_Pride.
[07-31, 15:36] <DatMinish> Are any websites down yet?
[07-31, 15:36] <Senfu> Boku no Pico
[07-31, 15:35] <Dark_Pride> What is the best way to painlessly kill yourself?
[07-31, 15:35] <RobbyLob> Abunja: Any other sites/trackers you use? That way we can keep sharing music.
[07-31, 15:34] <nozdrum> sayonara nyaa sensei
[07-31, 15:33] <deanzel> TRVE, let us all mourn in peace.
[07-31, 15:33] <yasha_supercow> We all going to die
[07-31, 15:32] <sillybean> @mojo-x do you prefer onemanga or mangapanda?
[07-31, 15:32] <jerxou> i still demand sacrifice
[07-31, 15:31] <[TRVE]> Disable the chat. Do it.
[07-31, 15:30] <herkz> ...
[07-31, 15:29] <sillybean> @jarcinas777 i agree about "file sharing" and not "pirate"
[07-31, 15:26] <deanzel> RIP herkz virgin bunghole. Make sure not to drop the soap in the joint. See you back on the other side in a few years.
[07-31, 15:26] <0x99> rip XD
[07-31, 15:24] <UnbornMVs> Nothing is closing for God's sake. I am really enjoying watching all these plebs panicking over nothing.
[07-31, 15:24] <Gargadon> bye bye nyaa
[07-31, 15:23] <herkz> no one will miss you because no one knows who you are
[07-31, 15:21] <Abunja> I will miss all of you guys :'(
[07-31, 15:18] <[TRVE]> chat*
[07-31, 15:18] <[TRVE]> Dear mods, just wipe the whole chap clean. You have deleted messages that had nothing to do with the "omg anti-piracy wat" retardation.
[07-31, 05:10] <Cheesecake Militia> rip nyaa. goodbye all. I'll especially miss herkz and aers
[07-31, 05:09] <MoJo-X> Onemanga is still up you damn troll.
[07-31, 05:08] <garukno> @jarcinas777 100% agree with you :)
[07-31, 05:05] <jpoy> oh,dear,what happened?----> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[07-31, 05:03] <ravenleaf182> Hey guys! did you hear the news? One manga went down
[07-31, 05:00] <jarcinas777> HEHE by the way for me Nyaa is not a pirate site ..we are just doing file sharing
[07-31, 05:00] <BakaYuusha> Torrent sites have been up for years and will continue to be. They aren't going anywhere.
[07-31, 04:58] <Keikan64> I was only concerned and looking for a straight answer. If that means I get trolled so be it.
[07-31, 04:55] <jarcinas777> ALL HAIL NYAA ..
[07-31, 04:53] <MoJo-X> Keikan64, you're going to get trolled if you ask that here.
[07-31, 04:53] <garukno> Sh*t just woke up and read news that japanese goverment will shut down many anime sites and Nyaa is one of them, my heart broken right now :(
[07-31, 04:52] <MoJo-X> Use that imagination. :3
[07-31, 04:51] <Keikan64> So hey guys I don't post here that much, but there's been a lot of hubub around the internet the past few days about japanese new antipircacy manga laws. There are some people out there that think this site will just dissapear tomorrow. There's barely any truth to that right?
[07-31, 04:25] <lifebaka> I don't get it, MoJo-X. That's an eight.
[07-31, 04:15] <al12gamer> I believe in the power of the people. And servers.
[07-31, 04:14] <al12gamer> lel shutting down nyaa would be funny
[07-31, 04:04] <MinnaSubs> Nothing to do here .
[07-31, 03:58] <KeithKurogane> Seriously, Nyaa is shutting down along with sukebei.nyaa
[07-31, 03:34] <anon585> flows30, we know. Check Nyaa's top comment.
[07-31, 03:34] <Hobichan> hurray for good news!
[07-31, 03:21] <al12gamer> need moar batches on batches on batches
[07-31, 03:20] <al12gamer> So I put together a batch of No Game No Life because everyone's a shit. And people actually download it. Why are you all a shit
[07-31, 03:16] <sarachikorita> USUALLY it means sub. Since the icon says sub, I always explicitly state if it actually has a dub but no subs.
[07-31, 03:09] <Yompy> tfw you need to skeet a squirt but there's no booty in sight
[07-31, 03:02] <herkz> it could be either
[07-31, 02:59] <animeofpeace> when a torrent is tagged as english translated anime, does that mean its sub or a dub?
[07-31, 02:59] <MoJo-X> These are the nuts that will be kicked to protect the Scurvy Pirate Code: ---> 8====D
[07-31, 02:57] <lifebaka> Your best bet might be going to Japanese hardware stores, if bolt-kicking doesn't bother you.
[07-31, 02:56] <lifebaka> I think you might find that a little difficult, AChannelSideB. From what I understand about Japan, they don't eat a lot of nuts there. And I especially doubt that all that many people carry nuts around with them, as well, so the number of nuts you'll find to be kicked is probably gonna' be pretty small.
[07-31, 02:52] <shirokiri> rip nyaa
[07-31, 02:45] <JacobSwaggedUp> RIP Underwater
[07-31, 02:34] <takamachi> Why can't I stop listening?
[07-31, 02:20] <CrunchyRips> The music in that was ripped right from Civ IV. heh
[07-31, 02:10] <AChannelSideB> If this site goes down I am going to cry, then go to Japan and kick them in the nuts. Not one Japanese person, but them all.
[07-31, 01:59] <Yompy> Nyaa if you go down I will personally post everyone in this chatbox a steaming pile of shit so they don't feel like they've missed out on the latest anime
[07-31, 01:57] <Yompy> Day 31, I have gained the moeblob's trust, they still do not realize I am am a seinen
[07-31, 01:54] <al12gamer> No tears, only anime now
[07-31, 01:48] <jerxou> manG
[07-31, 01:28] <SneakiestNEG> Don't worry nyaa admins I will send you one of those Amnesty International cards when you are in prison ;)
[07-31, 01:14] <BakaYuusha> See... Troll bait.
[07-31, 01:11] <SparkingThunder> isnt Nyaa getting shutdown next month?
[07-31, 01:00] <BakaYuusha> Nah nothing is gonna happen. It's basically troll bait that's been thrown out by the Japanese government and everyone's biting.
[07-31, 00:35] <Abunja> Mr. Nyaa, whats with the flying lawn mower?