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English-scanlated BooksThe World God Only Knows Complete (PDF)DL1.89 GiB0010
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Space Brothers - Chapter 229.zipDL8.2 MiB1202700
English-scanlated Books[WWW]_It's_Not_My_Fault_That_My_Friend's_Unpopular!_-_CH.12.zipDL893.5 KiB403450
English-scanlated BooksThe World God Only Knows Complete (Kindle/MOBI)DL1.52 GiBStatus unknown4020
English-scanlated BooksWorld God Only Knows Complete (E-reader version)DL1.35 GiBStatus unknown4410
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 31-35 [Chapter 258-299]DL307.5 MiB454292
English-scanlated BooksToriko 275 [MangaStream]DL7.2 MiB1505750
English-scanlated BooksOne Piece 745 [MangaStream]DL8.2 MiB78122080
English-scanlated Books[Light Novel] NisiOisiN - Otorimonogatari [English]DL7.9 MiB1207155
English-scanlated BooksBleach 578 [MangaStream]DL5.4 MiB69218310
English-scanlated BooksNaruto Chapter 674 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.8 MiB609000
English-scanlated BooksOne Piece Chapter 745 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.9 MiB508720
English-scanlated BooksBleach Chapter 578 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL2.3 MiB206130
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 674 [MangaStream]DL7.1 MiB72320310
English-scanlated BooksBleach 578 THE UNDEAD 5DL2.3 MiB1008370
English-scanlated BooksOne Piece 745 BirdcageDL3.9 MiB14011460
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 674 Sasuke’s rinnegan…!!DL3.8 MiB1308880
English-scanlated Books[WWW]_It's_Not_My_Fault_I'm_Not_Popular_-_CH.58.zipDL1.5 MiB607230
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - Chapter 107.zipDL8.4 MiB1827251
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 35.zipDL6.2 MiB3308200
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] My Wife is Wagatsuma-san - Chapter 89.zipDL7.2 MiB1006072
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] UQ HOLDER - Chapter 32.zipDL5.6 MiB1907040
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Fairy Tail - Chapter 381.zipDL7 MiB805490
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Kamisama no Iutoori 2 - Chapter 62.zipDL6.2 MiB714470
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 74.zipDL5.6 MiB804540
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 13DL24.3 MiB616890
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 12DL37.4 MiB356620
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Investor Z - Chapter 41.zipDL7.3 MiB106260
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Ajin Demi-Human - Chapter 6.zipDL12 MiB206400
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Sun-Ken Rock - Chapter 137.zipDL9.7 MiB206540
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Investor Z - Chapter 40.zipDL7.9 MiB105980
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 34.zipDL5.8 MiB1719350
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Kamisama no Iutoori 2 - Chapter 61.zipDL7.6 MiB306480
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] My Wife is Wagatsuma-san - Chapter 88.zipDL7.6 MiB537230
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Fairy Tail - Chapter 380.zipDL7.2 MiB206401
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] UQ HOLDER - Chapter 31.zipDL5.6 MiB306850
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - Chapter 106.zipDL7.2 MiB1007782
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Love Theory - Chapter 40.zipDL6.5 MiB205580
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 26-30 [Chapter 214-257]DL298 MiB216520
English-scanlated Books[NanoFate] Love is a Battlefield (1 and 2) [MASULAO MAXIMUM][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL26.9 MiB508130
English-scanlated Books[Wonderland Translations] Waratte! Sotomura-san v04c65DL2.1 MiB507850
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 11DL33 MiB227650
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 10DL31.1 MiB117200
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 21-25 [Chapter 170-213]DL223.8 MiB218520
English-scanlated BooksThe World God Only Knows_268_RHS.zipDL7.4 MiB8015694
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 09DL26 MiB207510
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 08DL30.3 MiB107310
English-scanlated Books[Tenko]_Mix_Chapter_21DL16.3 MiB307510
English-scanlated Books[Tenko]_Mix_Chapter_20DL8.6 MiB207460
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Chapter 381 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.6 MiB009070
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail 381 [MangaStream]DL6.7 MiB12016740
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 16-20 [Chapter 127-169]DL238.5 MiB019400
English-scanlated Books[Lazy Lily] Sakura Trick Vol03 - Chapter 09 [6AB18290].zipDL9.2 MiB208143
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 11-15 [Chapter 83-126]DL214.3 MiB2010280
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 07DL48.3 MiB109420
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 06DL21.7 MiB029240
English-scanlated Books(Novel Illustrations + Prologue)Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 14 - Alicization UnitingDL2.3 MiBStatus unknown18090
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Okitenemuru - Chapter 6.zipDL7.5 MiB109813
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Okitenemuru - Chapter 1.zipDL14.7 MiB109580
English-scanlated Books[CrunchyScans] Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Vol 01-11DL716 MiBStatus unknown13622
English-scanlated BooksToriko 274 [MangaStream]DL8.1 MiB5012600
English-scanlated BooksBleach 577 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB30122300
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 673 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB33027180
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 673 [MS]DL6.4 MiB4012980
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 05DL24.1 MiB309920
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 04DL25.8 MiB309700
English-scanlated BooksBleach Chapter 577 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL1.9 MiB2011730
English-scanlated BooksNaruto Chapter 673 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.5 MiB1013730
English-scanlated BooksBleach 577 SwordDL1.9 MiB4015940
English-scanlated BooksNaruto 673 We will...!!DL3.5 MiB5018690
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 6-10 [Chapter 40-82]DL198.5 MiB0110960
English-scanlated BooksUQ Holder 31 [MangaStream]DL4.8 MiB10013780
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 03DL26.9 MiB3010060
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Vol. 1-5 [Chapter 1-39]DL163.5 MiB0010990
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 02DL26.5 MiB407570
English-scanlated BooksBleach - Vol. 01DL28.3 MiB417620
English-scanlated BooksMysterious_Girlfriend_X_chapter_86__tktranslate_.zipDL20.1 MiB4010330
English-scanlated BooksMysterious_Girlfriend_X_chapter_85__tktranslate_.zipDL23.1 MiB409690
English-scanlated BooksMysterious_Girlfriend_X_chapter_84_tktranslate_.zipDL20.7 MiB609440
English-scanlated BooksRock Lee's Springtime of Youth 32 [MangaStream]DL5.1 MiB205950
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Silver Nina - Chapter 29.zipDL5.7 MiB206471
English-scanlated BooksSword Art Online - Volume 13 - Alicization Dividing [tap-trans] [EPUB] [v0]DL10.1 MiB0010740
English-scanlated Books[Wonderland Translations] Pocha Pocha Suieibu v01c04DL2.4 MiB107900
English-scanlated Books[Wonderland Translations] Waratte! Sotomura-san v04c64DL2.1 MiB208020
English-scanlated Books[WWW]_It's_Not_My_Fault_I'm_Not_Popular_-_CH.57.zipDL2.6 MiB337970
English-scanlated BooksMahou Tsukai Kurohime (Katakura Masanori)DL1.14 GiB3011011
English-scanlated Books[NanoFate] Mahou Shoujo no SEASIDE STORY! [Mekimeki Oukoku][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL5.3 MiB1009320
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail Chapter 380 [Dr4g0n_Sl4y3r]DL3.8 MiB007770
English-scanlated BooksThe World God Only Knows_267_RHS.zipDL5.5 MiB9016120
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail 380 [MangaStream]DL7 MiB12016940
English-scanlated BooksNisekoi - Vol. 10DL49.8 MiB11022882
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 081-090DL54 MiBStatus unknown10280
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 071-080DL56.1 MiBStatus unknown8690
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 061-070DL66.7 MiBStatus unknown8610
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 051-060DL56.5 MiBStatus unknown8460
English-scanlated Books[HorribleScans] Kamisama no Iutoori 2 - Chapter 59.zipDL7.4 MiB328531
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 041-050DL48.6 MiBStatus unknown8310
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 031-040DL47.1 MiBStatus unknown8370
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 021-030DL42.7 MiBStatus unknown8230
English-scanlated Books[kuchieusei] Silver Spoon 011-020DL46.5 MiBStatus unknown8570
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