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English-translated LiteratureHigh School DxD Novel (123 english translated by n0m@n) + 4-10 (Jap text,Atlas Trans)DL51 MiB0116191
English-translated LiteratureKatekyo Hitman Reborn! 368 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.8 MiB1025310
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub_139_RHS.zipDL5.7 MiB017520
English-translated Literature[ZeonicScanlations]_Mobile_Suit_Crossbone_Gundam_Ghost[Chapter02]DL32.1 MiB1014260
English-translated LiteratureMayoi Neko Overrun! ch 1-8 [CXC]DL122.1 MiB018870
English-translated LiteratureBleach 479 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.8 MiB1044741
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 652 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.1 MiB0128660
English-translated Literature[Konno Azure] Koe de Oshigoto! EXTRA [Tonigobe].rarDL12.6 MiB1029790
English-translated Literature[Konno Azure] Koe de Oshigoto! Vol06-CH35 [Tonigobe].rarDL25.6 MiB105041
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 569 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL7.8 MiB1054060
English-translated Literature[hinikuya] Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko 006DL9.6 MiB009511
English-translated Literature[facepalm]_Drifters_Ch26_ENG.rarDL13.7 MiB012570
English-translated Literature[anon-tan]_Puella_Magi_Kazumi_Magica_~The_innocent_malice~_c12.rarDL9.5 MiB104980
English-translated LiteratureYubisaki Milk Tea CompleteDL483.5 MiB028930
English-translated LiteratureBiohazard Marhawa Desire v01 c01 [Eng]DL4 MiB015310
English-translated Literature[Shini-tan]_Kowarekake_no_Orgel_c05.rarDL7.8 MiB102360
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Manga [001 - 568]DL2.6 GiB1146427
English-translated LiteratureSun-Ken Rock ch.91DL24.8 MiB011550
English-translated LiteratureSun-Ken Rock ch.90DL20.7 MiB011560
English-translated Literature[Galaxy Network] SDF Macross - Before the Launch (Novel Excerpt)DL50.5 KiB209173
English-translated LiteratureCoral of the Moon (Tsuki no Sango)DL757.6 KiB106760
English-translated Literature[facepalm]_Enigma_Ch53-55_ENG.rarDL65.5 MiB011820
English-translated Literature[facepalm]_6000_07_ENG.rarDL23.2 MiB011390
English-translated LiteratureShaman King Zero One-Shot [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL10.3 MiB0210721
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 961 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.4 MiB017860
English-translated Literature[facepalm]_Enigma_53_ENG_v2.rarDL18.6 MiB011480
English-translated LiteratureD.Gray-man 211 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL7.6 MiB0110530
English-translated LiteratureClaymore 122 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL7.3 MiB1019361
English-translated Literature[Utopia]Gantz_[EN]_c355.zipDL11 MiB0117580
English-translated LiteratureRock Lee's Springtime of Youth Special [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL1.3 MiB012930
English-translated LiteratureThe World God Only Knows_172_RHS.zipDL5.3 MiB0146430
English-translated Literature[AFFTW-S] Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou C22.rarDL4.5 MiB013690
English-translated Literature[AFFTW-S] Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou C21.rarDL5.2 MiB013170
English-translated LiteratureRock Lee's Springtime of Youth 08 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.6 MiB012970
English-translated Literature[facepalm]_6000_06_ENG.rarDL20.4 MiB011350
English-translated LiteratureBakuman_161_RHN.zipDL6.8 MiB016810
English-translated LiteratureKatekyo Hitman Reborn! 367 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.2 MiB1025980
English-translated LiteratureDeadman Wonderland 50 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL7.2 MiB106741
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub_138_RHS.zipDL9.9 MiB017140
English-translated LiteratureSun-Ken Rock Vol. 1-14DL1.28 GiB0139400
English-translated Literature[ZeonicScanlations]_New_Mobile_War_Report_Gundam_W_Endless_Waltz_The_Glory_of_Losers_[Volume02]DL72.7 MiB3026400
English-translated LiteratureHunter x Hunter 330 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL4.3 MiB2025510
English-translated LiteratureBleach 478 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL6.2 MiB1045560
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 651 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL6 MiB0130761
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 568 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL6.4 MiB0154652
English-translated Literature[Ritual scanforge team] HANMA BAKI 32 son of ogre.zipDL88.7 MiB0112221
English-translated LiteratureRock Lee's Springtime of Youth 07 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL3.6 MiB023180
English-translated LiteratureRock Lee's Springtime of Youth 06 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.9 MiB013040
English-translated Literature[GMT] Ah! My Goddess 277DL5.7 MiB308610
English-translated Literature[ems]_Noel_no_Kimochi_V04_C026.zipDL6 MiB014880
English-translated LiteratureMahou Sensei Negima_348_RHS.zipDL6.5 MiB006580
English-translated Literature[NanoFate] Perfect Holiday & Snow White [Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL16.1 MiB107850
English-translated LiteratureHellsing manga[complete]DL542 MiB0024490
English-translated LiteratureAmanchu! Ch23 [ACS]DL13.4 MiB013420
English-translated Literature[EN]Gantz c0354[Utopia].zipDL13.6 MiB0112430
English-translated LiteratureHayate no Gotoku 300-350 (English)DL249.5 MiB014320
English-translated LiteratureRozen Maiden II - Tale 35 (English).rarDL36.8 MiB013160
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 960 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.5 MiB018000
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 264 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL7.2 MiB1033320
English-translated LiteratureMahou Sensei Negima_347_RHS.zipDL6.5 MiB016600
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 650 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL3.8 MiB0020840
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 959 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.2 MiB107670
English-translated LiteratureBakuman_160_MRI.zipDL6.5 MiB015640
English-translated LiteratureShadow Star NarutaruDL644 MiB105010
English-translated Literature[ims]The!! Beach Stars(complete)DL115.5 MiB019270
English-translated LiteratureMahou Sensei Negima_346_RHS.zipDL6 MiB016630
English-translated LiteratureThe World God Only Knows_171_RHS.zipDL6.3 MiB1038810
English-translated Literature[MFO]Naruto Manga Vol 56-60.rar (between ch 521-567)DL255.2 MiB20212850
English-translated LiteratureKatekyo Hitman Reborn! 366 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.9 MiB1026720
English-translated Literature[Hokazono Masaya] Girlfriend Vol. 05 [Eng].zipDL77.6 MiB101440
English-translated Literature[Hokazono Masaya] Girlfriend Vol. 04 [Eng].zipDL44.8 MiB101440
English-translated Literature[Hokazono Masaya] Girlfriend Vol. 03 [Eng].zipDL42.3 MiB101380
English-translated Literature[Hokazono Masaya] Girlfriend Vol. 02 [Eng].zipDL46.2 MiB101290
English-translated Literature[Hokazono Masaya] Girlfriend Vol. 01 [Eng].zipDL44.2 MiB101780
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 263 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.5 MiB0129050
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub_137_RHS.zipDL6.2 MiB106830
English-translated Literature[ZeonicScanlations]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_UC_HARDGRAPH_Iron_Mustang_[Chapter01]DL44.2 MiB0118210
English-translated LiteratureBleach 477 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL5.6 MiB1043100
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 567 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL8.1 MiB1050082
English-translated LiteratureBakuman_159_MRI.zipDL6.3 MiB015680
English-translated Literature[anon-tan]_Puella_Magi_Kazumi_Magica_~The_innocent_malice~_c11.rarDL10 MiB105180
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 958 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.5 MiB107750
English-translated Literature[vnm][Aozora][ims]Fantasista Chapters 001-105DL785 MiB016231
English-translated Literature[NanoFate] Excitement Beach [Suigendo][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL11.4 MiB205780
English-translated Literature[OS] To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Chapter 45.rarDL9.2 MiB017960
English-translated LiteratureMahou Sensei Negima_345_RHS.zipDL6.1 MiB015760
English-translated Literature[ZeonicScanlations]_Mobile_Suit_Crossbone_Gundam_Ghost[Chapter01]DL44.6 MiB0021370
English-translated LiteratureThe World God Only Knows_170_RHS.zipDL7.1 MiB0133110
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub_136_RHS.zipDL6.4 MiB006110
English-translated LiteratureKatekyo Hitman Reborn! 365 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL6.9 MiB1026050
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 649 [MangaStream & Binktopia].zipDL6.1 MiB1032101
English-translated LiteratureBleach 476 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL4.3 MiB1039510
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 262 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.3 MiB0127740
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 648 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL6.1 MiB1022931
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 565 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL7.2 MiB0134510
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 566 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.9 MiB0148490
English-translated LiteratureRemembrances for a Certain Pilot.pdfDL12.5 MiB004110
English-translated Literature[Makijima Azusa x Age] Muv Luv Alternative V01-CH05 [Tonigobe].rarDL22.9 MiB013190
English-translated LiteratureBakuman_158_MRI.zipDL7.3 MiB016001
English-translated Literature[ims]Batting Female Doctor Saori(complete)DL102.5 MiB104660
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-22, 19:27] <Artemix> Do anyone knows how to use the RSS in this site to download something?
[07-22, 19:27] <Artemix> Sup
[07-22, 19:24] <[TRVE]> Lucky you. When I burned my first DVD I was already thinking in bitrates and minutes of playtime.
[07-22, 19:20] <SneakiestNEG> It turns out an anime only needs like 2-3 disks. Or one blu-ray.
[07-22, 19:18] <SneakiestNEG> Before I burned my first DVD I really thought a DVD could only carry 7 episodes.
[07-22, 18:44] <mehool> hello
[07-22, 18:36] <herkz> but viz is doing such a good job with SM, aers
[07-22, 18:35] <TheM4gicMan> #573176 Now someone needs to put on pretty-looking and accurate subs on these.
[07-22, 18:19] <sarachikorita> At least Dynit's encoders are competent
[07-22, 18:19] <sarachikorita> Yeah, we're prolly going to scotch Viz apart from the subs and audio and do Sailor Moon hybrid with R2IT
[07-22, 18:09] <aers> id rather have toei's upscales then viz's upscales
[07-22, 16:23] <Senfu> #488386 Pls seed °J°
[07-22, 14:20] <AndyAlex> i watched raw the 2nd noragami ova
[07-22, 13:59] <SiMiK> #414800 could someone seed?
[07-22, 13:00] <Dragons4life> Hunter x Hunter day, i wonder when they are gonna stop the anime i wish they did't tough.
[07-22, 11:01] <wolx> I love Star Citizen, only issue is my computer specs.
[07-22, 10:49] <opabato9000> ova 2's out? nice
[07-22, 10:49] <opabato9000> noragami
[07-22, 10:07] <nozdrum> anyone knows the name of the vocalist in #432764 ?
[07-22, 10:06] <hiyokokanntyou> plz 越天の空(上) 
[07-22, 09:56] <slimshadythe11> where can i find noragami ova 2's english subtitles
[07-22, 09:24] <SakoeraTyan> [TVRE]: Well, the Level BDs are actual decent HD remasters, but yeah, they only released up to ep 34 on BD, and up to 39 on PSN/360/Zune. And if there'll be Japanese BDs they'll probably be Q-TEC'd because LOL TOEI >_>
[07-22, 09:18] <[TRVE]> And also let's fool people into thinking we're a video editing company, not an animation studio.
[07-22, 09:17] <[TRVE]> Oh, and let's tell the TV networks to do the same, just in case. Surely they will be happy to oblige.
[07-22, 09:16] <[TRVE]> Yeah right, let's throw money out of the window by keeping tons of master tapes from the 70s and 80s in top condition just in case. Maybe 40 years later some faggots will need them for something. Maybe they won't, but let's still waste money on space and air conditioning.
[07-22, 09:14] <yukkuri> #578247 GET THIS SHIT
[07-22, 08:49] <gravediggernalk> I don't think Toei *cares* about quality at all, that's why the GE999 BDs are upscales of old DVDs, like almost everything else they re-release on BD. I know they love money, but how much penny-pinching can one company do?
[07-22, 08:33] <Hobichan> still waiting for that cursed mask episode...
[07-22, 08:11] <Tom12138> hello
[07-22, 08:07] <sarachikorita> I think Toei doesn't *care* about color correction.
[07-22, 07:58] <(⌐■_■)> gosh darn it! maintenance on swtor T__T
[07-22, 06:57] <gravediggernalk> "Pink is great"; It is seriously easy to correct, but *points at the Dragon Boxes* WHY DON
[07-22, 06:41] <sarachikorita> Eastmanshift? That can be fixed.
[07-22, 06:35] <Senfu> Who has the patience and nerves to add hundreds of watched Anime to his new MyAnimeList. Not me.
[07-22, 06:30] <Hobichan> Pink is great though!
[07-22, 06:19] <gravediggernalk> Or, I should say, Toei will just upscale it. In the unlikely event that they do remaster it, they won't do anything to help the wear on the film, and everything will be pink and red-tinted.
[07-22, 06:17] <gravediggernalk> Actually, FUNimation is the only hope for true HD Dragon Ball (Z); Toei is shit at remastering. The Level sets were great, but the new season sets are cropped to shit.
[07-22, 06:13] <[TRVE]> Seeing how the only HD source so far is the Funimation BD, you shouldn't want HD in the first place.
[07-22, 06:10] <sarachikorita> loko12100, The Levels. Unfortunately they didn't get very far.
[07-22, 05:47] <sephirotic> Who needs drugs when you have Artificial Academy 2?
[07-22, 05:14] <loko12100> Is there one, just one fucking HD copy of dragonball z that isnt cropped? just one!!!!!
[07-22, 03:36] <lifebaka> The first step is admitting that you have a problem, dongus.
[07-22, 03:26] <WZ1> if you`re addicted to memes, I think it`s time you leave the internet forever
[07-22, 03:21] <dongus> who needs drugs when you have memes
[07-22, 02:33] <WZ1> herkzes r worse than drugs
[07-22, 01:56] <xell17> mhkay
[07-22, 01:42] <herkz> drugs r bad
[07-22, 01:37] <Mayobe> What happened to DopeSubs? I was looking forward to this week's comedy within a comedy.
[07-22, 01:28] <sarachikorita> That's more than enough for most videos - I use MPlayer2 for almost everything and MPV for everything else, and that, on Windows!
[07-22, 01:28] <sarachikorita> Maggotboxen still have MPlayer2, MPV and VLC, não?
[07-22, 01:25] <bug_sniper> hello
[07-22, 01:19] <sephirotic> Wait, just found a 64gb USB 3.0 drive with 110 mb/s read speed. Tough is a unknow brand. Nevertheless 30mb/s is more than enough for watching videos.
[07-22, 01:17] <sephirotic> A 30mb/s read class 10 64gb micro sd is only about 30 USD. A slow flash drive is only about 5 usd cheaper. I Doubt You can get a noticeable better performance for this price, tough I don´t know all flash drives out there.
[07-22, 00:45] <tgamtgamorigin> upload Cross Fight B-Daman, no Cross Fight B-Daman eS (´・ω・`)
[07-22, 00:30] <iceaco> How about price/speed between flash drive and micro sd?
[07-22, 00:15] <sephirotic> Flashdrive? Micro SD cards are much more pratical and my Android devices work perfectly as a media center. (unless you try to feed it with 1080 HI10, then it'll struggle) I pity silly Apple Users.
[07-22, 00:01] <tgamtgamorigin> (* · ∀ ·)/
[07-21, 23:56] <herkz> because he doesn't shower
[07-21, 23:05] <nenekoda> dunno
[07-21, 22:59] <junh1024> Whye does Eien stinx?
[07-21, 22:58] <nenekoda> (* · ∀ ·)/
[07-21, 19:41] <Fizhbone24> Hi, LOL!
[07-21, 19:05] <[TRVE]> Never.
[07-21, 19:02] <HINOHI> Monogatari S2 BDs when?
[07-21, 18:47] <SneakiestNEG> Ofcourse whenever I find myself in the US I carry a dozen flashdrives with me because internet speed sucks even in NYC
[07-21, 18:45] <SneakiestNEG> case in point: the PS4.
[07-21, 18:44] <SneakiestNEG> Since one is supposed to stream everything surprisingly few devices support media from a flashdrive. If you don't have a laptop or pc as a mediacenter you are fucked.
[07-21, 18:12] <opabato9000> fff just takes too many shows and failz to deliver
[07-21, 18:11] <opabato9000> damn you FFF, why you stopped non non biyori at volume 1?
[07-21, 17:41] <Tysonblast> #stop-NTchatbox-bullying #eiendidnothingwrong
[07-21, 17:40] <Tysonblast> stop bullying eien
[07-21, 17:18] <Senfu> Eien pls
[07-21, 17:11] <Hobichan> cause Eien stinx
[07-21, 16:56] <Senfu> FFF pls y u ded?
[07-21, 16:46] <Yompy> I am a decent human being, using potentially harmful substances irresponsibly doesn't change that
[07-21, 16:39] <herkz> might be hard to when no one is uploading the BDs
[07-21, 16:37] <Hobichan> who would want to anyway?
[07-21, 16:35] <qashairy> Nobody's going to pick up Sonico BD releases?
[07-21, 16:19] <x420xSePhiRoTHx> why would anyone want to be a decent human being
[07-21, 15:58] <[TRVE]> Yes. For example staying sober like a decent human being and having a balanced meal.
[07-21, 15:46] <Yompy> Does anything go better with a Planetes marathon than a hangover and cheerios?
[07-21, 15:16] <OneCrazyRussian> Mekakucity Ashit. So much promise from Kagerou Project was undelivered
[07-21, 13:10] <dreamer2908> Eien stinx
[07-21, 11:14] <nalo> ah I see. Sorry if I came across as spoiled, just wondering because it's been a while since vol2 was released. Thanks for your work!
[07-21, 11:12] <penguin> We will be doing Mekakucity Actors.
[07-21, 11:07] <nalo> Pretty sure a lot of people know Mekakucity Actors :( oh well i guess ill try to wait it out
[07-21, 11:06] <nozdrum> multiplayer not working either :/
[07-21, 10:59] <nozdrum> how do you set full screen mode in touhou sky arena #330252 ?
[07-21, 10:34] <[TRVE]> And if you're really desperate, consider lurking in Share.
[07-21, 10:32] <[TRVE]> If it's some shit nobody except you knows, it can take a while.
[07-21, 10:07] <DmonHiro> Or just auto-demux the endlgish dub. It wastes space anyway,
[07-21, 10:06] <nalo> How long does it usually take for BDrips to come up after release? Been 2 weeks since Kisaragi Attention Q_Q
[07-21, 08:57] <Devindor> Ignore that I'm a retard. With CCCP I think you gotta change the properties on LAV splitter. Open up a show, right click the LAV icon, properties, audio should be jpn subs should be eng
[07-21, 08:54] <Devindor> View->Options->Playback you'll see "Default track preference" with Subtitles and Audio, I think Jap or JP is what you'd type for it to always have Japanese audio and Eng/EN in the subtitles section
[07-21, 08:51] <Devindor> Imuoto, yes. Are you using CCCP?
[07-21, 08:39] <Imouto6969> Is it possible to make default JP audio on dual audio releases on MPC?
[07-21, 08:34] <Devindor> What happened to FFFansubs site?
[07-21, 08:32] <sarachikorita> sorry about that, I'm half-asleep.
[07-21, 08:32] <sarachikorita> To those who got Baaro DBK 114, a new torrent will be showing up in the list - the file has not changed, only the NAME.