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English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 673 [MangaStream]DL5.3 MiB10139120
English-translated LiteratureBleach 499 [MangaStream]DL5.2 MiB10135940
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 592 [MangaStream]DL6.5 MiB10140560
English-translated LiteratureGreen_Blood_v1_ch05_[Kotohona]_[Easy_Going].zipDL20.9 MiB01106560
English-translated LiteratureToaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_ch51.zipDL6.8 MiB10119720
English-translated LiteratureBen-Tou Zero - Road to Witch [Manga][ENG]DL25.4 MiB01105300
English-translated LiteratureHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 480 [MangaStream]DL6.2 MiB1098840
English-translated LiteratureAi no Kusabi v1-4DL74 MiB11103360
English-translated LiteratureThe World God Only Knows_192_RHS.zipDL6 MiB01160070
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 289 [MangaStream]DL6.3 MiB10113440
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub 162 + Omake Red Hawk ScanlationDL8 MiB01101590
English-translated LiteratureKatekyo Hitman Reborn! 391[MangaStream]DL5.3 MiB0198310
English-translated LiteratureBleach 498 [MangaStream]DL5.4 MiB10112840
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 672[MangaStream]DL4.7 MiB10124210
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece Chapter #672DL5.2 MiB0099730
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Chapter #591DL6.6 MiB0096550
English-translated LiteratureBleach Chapter #498DL5.5 MiB0084130
English-translated Literaturenaruto 591 []DL3.1 MiB0170990
English-translated LiteratureBleach 498 [MangaStream]DL5.4 MiB0185580
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 672[Mangateers]DL4.9 MiB1078240
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 591 [MangaStream]DL6.5 MiB2093650
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 591 [Mangateers]DL4.9 MiB0169390
English-translated LiteratureGreen_Blood_v1_ch04_[Kotohona]_[Easy_Going].zipDL26.7 MiBStatus unknown62300
English-translated Literature[NanoFate] Love Pure [Moru House][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL10.4 MiB1073090
English-translated Literature[McDonald] Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - Chapter 20.rarDL5.7 MiB0159670
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 288 [MangaStream]DL7.7 MiB1067460
English-translated LiteratureHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 479 [Mangateers]DL7.5 MiB1060850
English-translated LiteratureAkame_ga_Kill_v05_c20.zipDL21.2 MiB0162570
English-translated LiteratureThe World God Only Knows_191_RHS.zipDL5.6 MiB10119780
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 288 [Mangateers]DL5.5 MiB1061631
English-translated LiteratureIt's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! ch01-21+omakeDL125.2 MiB1053140
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub 161 Red Hawk ScanlationDL6.6 MiB2050100
English-translated LiteratureBleach Chapter #497DL5 MiB0148710
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Chapter #590DL6.3 MiB0146510
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 590 [Mangateers]DL5.1 MiB0142490
English-translated LiteratureBleach 497 [MangaStream]DL5 MiB0154790
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 590 [MangaStream]DL6.2 MiB1064490
English-translated Literature[NanoFate] Magical Girl's Sweet Love Panic [MekiMeki Oukoku][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL14.6 MiB1052910
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub 160 Red Hawk ScanlationDL8.4 MiB0144890
English-translated LiteratureAkame_ga_Kill_v04_c19.zipDL14.1 MiB0139900
English-translated LiteratureGreen_Blood_v1_ch03_[Kotohona]_[Easy_Going].zipDL38.3 MiB0130360
English-translated LiteratureAkame_ga_Kill_v04_c18.zipDL12.7 MiB0131130
English-translated LiteratureAkame_ga_Kill_v04_c17.zipDL14.5 MiB0130780
English-translated LiteratureHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 478 [MangaStream]DL6.6 MiB1033230
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 287 [MangaStream]DL7.4 MiB1043450
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 287 [Mangateers]DL6.2 MiB0130260
English-translated LiteratureMinamoto-kun_Monogatari_ch22.zipDL1.7 MiB0147580
English-translated LiteratureAkame_ga_Kill_v04_c16.zipDL17 MiB0131890
English-translated LiteratureAkame_ga_Kill_v04_c15.zipDL19 MiB0133030
English-translated LiteratureHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 477 [MangaStream]DL7.7 MiB0132430
English-translated LiteratureKatekyo Hitman Reborn! 389 [MangaStream]DL6.2 MiB0137590
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece Chapter #671DL4.3 MiB0146070
English-translated LiteratureBleach Chapter #496DL3.9 MiB0134180
English-translated LiteratureBleach 496 [MangaStream]DL4.2 MiB1048480
English-translated Literature[Tenko] Mix - Chapter 02DL15.2 MiB2040880
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 617 [Mangateers]DL4 MiB1044790
English-translated LiteratureBleach_496[Mangateers].zipDL3.8 MiB0139360
English-translated Literature[tsugumi-love] Kannagi Special.zipDL3.5 MiB0146790
English-translated LiteratureHSDK_477[Mangateers].zipDL7.1 MiB0131920
English-translated Literature[NanoFate] Pieta [hachikai][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL8.1 MiB1037090
English-translated LiteratureRaqiya_V2_Ch15_[Kotonoha].zipDL20.4 MiB1034700
English-translated LiteratureGreen_Blood_v1_ch02_[Kotohona]_[Easy_Going].zipDL39.6 MiB0133880
English-translated LiteratureGreen_Blood_v1_ch01_[Kotohona]_[Easy_Going].zipDL84.2 MiB0134170
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 286 [MangaStream]DL5.9 MiB1047181
English-translated LiteratureMitsudomoe Chapter 44 [ydwtt]DL4.2 MiB0131950
English-translated Literature[Nutbladder] Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei 300DL5.5 MiB2055190
English-translated Literature[ems]Noel_no_Kimochi_V04_C029.zipDL5.4 MiB0135740
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub 159 Red Hawk ScanlationDL7 MiB2041440
English-translated Literature[Si] Jormungand by Takahashi Keitarou [v01-v11]DL916 MiB0059030
English-translated Literature[Manga Draw 012] HOW TO DRAW MANGADL103.9 MiB1044690
English-translated Literature[Si] Sankarea c28.5DL7 MiB0139050
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Chapter #589DL6.3 MiB1043570
English-translated LiteratureBleach Chapter #495DL4.7 MiB0040330
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece Chapter #670DL4.7 MiB0149670
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 589 [MangaStream]DL6 MiB1057250
English-translated LiteratureBleach 495 [MangaStream]DL4.4 MiB1052900
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 589[Mangastream & Mangatears]DL32.8 MiB1045050
English-translated LiteratureMahou Sensei Negima 001-355 CompleteDL2.51 GiB80311102
English-translated Literature[Si] Angel Beats!-HeavensDoor c22DL8.6 MiB0137271
English-translated Literature[NanoFate] Nonaggression [Kohakura][Nanoha Doujin][Yuri][English]DL13.7 MiB1045130
English-translated LiteratureAmanchu! Ch24 [ACS]DL28.8 MiB1038130
English-translated LiteratureHow to draw manga - pen & tone techniquesDL114.5 MiB2047430
English-translated Literature[Manga Draw 008] Maids & mikoDL115.7 MiB0041770
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 285 [MangaStream]DL6.8 MiB1049960
English-translated Literature[Si] Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri [00-83][English][ongoing]DL1.03 GiB0240544
English-translated LiteratureToaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_ch49.5.zipDL8.3 MiB1043980
English-translated LiteratureThe World God Only Knows 190DL3.6 MiB1046620
English-translated Literature[McDonald] Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - Chapter 19.rarDL6.3 MiB0133920
English-translated Literature[Si] Another by Ayatsuji Yukito [English][KC]DL337 MiB1051382
English-translated Literature[Si] Accel World [English][ongoing]DL141.8 MiB30466113
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub 158 Red Hawk ScanlationDL6.1 MiB1038610
English-translated Literature[Si] Sankarea by Hattori Mitsuru [English][SS][ongoing]DL486 MiB0239901
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 588[Mangastream & Mangatears]DL11.6 MiB1047050
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 588[Mangastream&Mangatears]DL11.6 MiB0234740
English-translated LiteratureBleach 494 [MangaStream]DL6 MiB1055530
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 588 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB1055340
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece Chapter #669DL3.8 MiB0153650
English-translated LiteratureBleach Chapter #494DL2.4 MiB1034380
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Chapter #588DL6.5 MiB1034330
English-translated Literaturenaruto 588 []DL3.3 MiB0130300
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[10-20, 12:54] <cyatek> ✈__✈ █ █ ▄
[10-20, 12:52] <Loli Uiharu> ฅ(๑•̀ω•́๑)ฅ
[10-20, 12:43] <Groom> there poster in corner site and it not cool at all ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿'
[10-20, 12:20] <Tysonblast> ilu nt mods
[10-20, 12:18] <Volnutt> Rythix, it's basically using another group's name with shitty translation
[10-20, 11:20] <shaddrag> Ripping
[10-20, 10:35] <ghost_watcher42> you know what i mean. releasing.
[10-20, 09:50] <RinzImpulse> >HS subbing
[10-20, 09:31] <shaddrag> ^^
[10-20, 09:31] <OneCrazyRussian> >HS subbing
[10-20, 08:23] <ghost_watcher42> HS not subbing nanatsu because no simulcast by crunchyroll
[10-20, 08:20] <lolilol> @shaddrag hahahaha thanks for the good laugh
[10-20, 07:37] <shaddrag> HS is already working so hard on fansubbing so many shows guys, cut them some slack it's not easy being the fastest fansubbers.
[10-20, 06:52] <hkBattousai> HS doesn't support it, because HS only releases the most childish shows.
[10-20, 05:03] <xell17> Netflix got the rights for Nanatsu
[10-20, 04:52] <MisterDonut> maybe no simulcast
[10-20, 04:51] <Artemix> I wonder why HS is not subbing it... they sub/distribute? a lot of animes, why not Nanatsu.
[10-20, 04:28] <ZeroAT> yea
[10-20, 04:26] <Adamant> That said, the less drama and angry yelling, the better.
[10-20, 04:20] <Artemix> Chyuu whats taking you so long, we need Nanatsu!.
[10-20, 04:17] <ZeroAT> my bad Adamant :o
[10-20, 03:52] <Adamant> ZeroAT, do note that one person doesn't speak for an entire group
[10-20, 03:26] <WarrFork> They're so bad that it doesn't matter it's not trollsubs.
[10-20, 03:23] <herkz> so the translation staff is just functionally retarded?
[10-20, 03:21] <Rythix> nyaa plz staph deleting FBI's Nanatsu no Taizai releases. I know they are somewhat... meh, but still, they aren't trollsubs.
[10-20, 03:20] <eternia> IRC. How you got anime and manga, one decade ago.
[10-20, 02:48] <Senzura> Well I mean I get finished stuff from animebytes, wondering for on going stuff
[10-20, 02:43] <Stinky Cheez> Actually, I used to get excellent game torrents from specific IRC channels, long before they hit the main trackers. It's sort of a hybrid, bastardized "scene"
[10-20, 02:41] <Stinky Cheez> BakaBT carries a good amount of manga, although it's not their specialty, so...
[10-20, 02:32] <Senzura> speaking of IRC downlaods, is there any good place to get manga besides IRC now that mangatraders is ded
[10-20, 02:11] <Robert Franklin> Expect black bars.
[10-20, 02:05] <deanzel> *Tell that "to" Jennifer Lawrence
[10-20, 02:05] <deanzel> Tell that Jennifer Lawrence.
[10-20, 02:04] <baku16> What can I expect of Terraformars?
[10-20, 01:48] <Denkoko> I guess I better delete my fanfiction I wrote when I was 14 then.
[10-20, 01:43] <SneakiestNEG> I am with you herkz. The internet is free. If you release something it is no longer yours.
[10-20, 01:43] <Kips> how would anyone know about them if their torrents are only on their irc thats just stupid
[10-20, 01:04] <paulo27ms> Like, they are actually all traps?!
[10-20, 01:04] <paulo27ms> >mediocre twist
[10-20, 01:02] <herkz> those groups are retarded. fuck them. upload it all you want.
[10-20, 01:00] <sarachikorita> There's some groups that can be prickish about torrents. I've heard of groups that insist if you want their files, you come to their IRC channel for them.
[10-20, 00:43] <Senzura> but you know its just going to be lesbian drama for 11 episodes, a mediocre twist at 12, then nothing until the last 3 episodes
[10-20, 00:42] <Senzura> Either that or the dragons are the good guys
[10-20, 00:39] <ZeroAT> Dunno why, but they dont want anyone to upload torrents, ddls, or even on stream sites ;/
[10-20, 00:38] <jerxou> fuck the police
[10-20, 00:37] <herkz> it's not against the rules if that's what you mean
[10-20, 00:34] <ZeroAT> Question: If I upload a UNofficial batch of episodes and the original fansubbers ask me to remove it citing that they have seeded torrents on their site.. should I?
[10-20, 00:19] <paulo27ms> Cross Ange is at least worth watching because you know it's a trainwreck in the making, too silly to be taken seriously.
[10-20, 00:17] <xell17> Holy shit
[10-20, 00:17] <Mayobe> But yeah, I already suspected that the dragons were the result of magic use, since it justifies the position of the underdogs in a trope-eriffic way.
[10-20, 00:16] <Mayobe> I'm watching cross ange because I feel a psychological need to punish myself.
[10-19, 23:18] <junh1024> *want
[10-19, 23:17] <Senzura> just read the manga while playing a sawano track at the same time
[10-19, 23:13] <Xinn3r> I need nanatsu subs
[10-19, 22:56] <paulo27ms> Nanatsu is getting way too much love, people just keep releasing "subs" left and right
[10-19, 22:54] <Artemix> seven deadly sins not getting any love Im dissapoint.
[10-19, 22:54] <Senzura> cross ange is objectivly watchable
[10-19, 22:52] <paulo27ms> calma, I think I know what you're talking about but you should probably double check things.
[10-19, 22:44] <xell17> Reminder that you're the only person watching cross ange
[10-19, 22:38] <Senzura> Reminder that the twist of cross ange will be that the use of magic is what creates the dragons
[10-19, 22:37] <calmazof> let me guess, the file you're seeding isn't even actually eng subs right? lol
[10-19, 22:36] <calmazof> you seriously have all these faggots thinking you're gonna seed that torrent, amazing
[10-19, 22:36] <calmazof> paulo27ms you are the best troll i've ever seen in my life
[10-19, 22:24] <paulo27ms> The amount of people that wasted their time not watching GGO is even more astounding.
[10-19, 22:08] <Robert Franklin> the amount of people that wasted their time watching GGO is astounding.
[10-19, 21:53] <Sp00kifier> The amount of groups that wasted their time uploading episode 14.5 of GGO is astounding.
[10-19, 21:30] <eraser> and fade-compensate and a bunch of other stuff i'm forgetting
[10-19, 21:28] <eraser> tmod has aq3+
[10-19, 21:15] <waisehell> COMMIE, psycho pass 2... onegai!
[10-19, 21:09] <Artemix> Nanatsu is not getting any love :(
[10-19, 21:08] <Mirenkorax> What makes x264-tmod better than x264?
[10-19, 20:48] <xell17> Is it yours now?
[10-19, 20:48] <Dat Size> Jing too slow editing my Psycho Pass.
[10-19, 20:40] <Denkoko> pls be in london
[10-19, 20:30] <Sp00kifier> Senpai, my hypes are moving on their own!
[10-19, 19:12] <cyatek> i cri evrtm
[10-19, 19:11] <Senzura> epic xD
[10-19, 19:09] <ZeroAT> Sunday's are going to be a lot more peaceful now <3
[10-19, 19:08] <OneCrazyRussian> top FBI
[10-19, 19:08] <herkz> and nothing of value was lost
[10-19, 19:03] <MisterDonut> tophue
[10-19, 19:02] <FBI> We are leaving Nyaa, because you all keep labeling our torrents as trollsubs. Adios.
[10-19, 18:12] <jesus11> Never enough TRVE, never enough.
[10-19, 17:27] <[TRVE]> Even better, tell them how many NaruxSasu doujins you have.
[10-19, 17:22] <cyatek> tell them how many anime you've seen
[10-19, 17:01] <Senzura> but how
[10-19, 16:45] <Raishin> go get a kanojo Senzura :D
[10-19, 16:22] <Senzura> who no gf here
[10-19, 16:22] <Senzura> >tfw girl fades on you
[10-19, 16:09] <vivan> *sukebei
[10-19, 16:09] <vivan> unless those screenshots are terrible compressed, that hi10p release on sukubei looks much better.
[10-19, 15:42] <kill_la_kill> winter start it rain here :p
[10-19, 15:39] <Stinky Cheez> It hasn't been in anything higher-rez than a DVD rip, AFAIK, so anything "better" is almost guaranteed to be an upscale.
[10-19, 15:39] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @Groom: Agree, why don't they just start on the Alicization arc already.
[10-19, 15:38] <Stinky Cheez> Kite uncut DVD (706x480 anamorphic) is probably the best version you'll be able to find.
[10-19, 15:02] <toenggiliz> fucking seeders
[10-19, 14:56] <kayllin> @Mirenkorax, MeGui is garbage, if you want to encode videos properly, learn to encode using x264.
[10-19, 14:56] <Groom> wtf was that the SAO-15 was just to accept quest (╯°□°)╯︵
[10-19, 14:52] <nataku411> 83gb at 19kb/s. Hooray!