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English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 496 by Franky HouseDL5 MiB0026860
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 495 by Franky House and Puffing TomDL6.8 MiB0024690
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 493 by BWM and Franky HouseDL5 MiB0031180
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 490 by Franky HouseDL4.8 MiB0013160
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 489 by Franky HouseDL6.5 MiB0025790
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 489 by Franky HouseDL6.4 MiB00880
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 488 by Franky HouseDL6.3 MiB0128780
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 480 HQ v2 by Franky HouseDL3.5 MiB002430
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece - Cover Series {001-647}DL191.3 MiB0122314
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece - 716 [MangaPanda].rarDL3.6 MiB1019010
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 492 by Franky HouseDL4.8 MiB0025730
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece - Volumes 1 - 42DL1.36 GiB0125762
English-translated LiteratureOnani Master Kurosawa (complete)DL219.8 MiB50110314
English-translated LiteratureOmamori_Himari_v01-03[Manga-Heaven]DL132.5 MiB0125990
English-translated LiteratureOldboy Volume 1-8DL324.5 MiB0610110
English-translated LiteratureOdin's Wrath - Chapter 01DL5 MiB016710
English-translated LiteratureNyotai-ka_c013_reddevilshn_[]DL5 MiB011320
English-translated LiteratureNyotai-ka c12 reddevilshn [].rarDL5.5 MiB01590
English-translated LiteratureNyotai-ka c10 reddevilshn [].rarDL5.6 MiB011580
English-translated LiteratureNyotai-ka c09 reddevilshn.rarDL5.2 MiB011570
English-translated LiteratureNyotai-ka c08 reddevilshn [].rarDL5.4 MiB002150
English-translated LiteratureNyotai-ka c07 reddevilshn [].rarDL5.2 MiB011920
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c122_[reddevilshn].rarDL10.3 MiB003480
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c121_[reddevilshn].rarDL10.5 MiB00810
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c118_[reddevilshn].rarDL11.7 MiB003790
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c117_[reddevilshn]DL11.8 MiB002440
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c116_[reddevilshn].rarDL15.2 MiB003930
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c114_[reddevilshn].rarDL9.9 MiB004300
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c113_[reddevilshn].rarDL5.5 MiB002530
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c112_[reddevilshn].rarDL9.5 MiB003240
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c110_[reddevilshn].rarDL9.4 MiB003250
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_c109_[reddevilshn].rarDL10.7 MiB002210
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon_no_Mago_01-85_(Ongoing)_[NKSH-JcScans][ShinraTensei]DL533 MiB019190
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon no Mago ch01-54 + Omake + Oneshot English ScanlateDL360 MiB012570
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon no Mago ch01-40 + Omake + Oneshot English ScanlateDL283.5 MiB00890
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon no Mago Arc's 1-33 + oneshotDL241 MiB001430
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon No Mago 137[Mangacurse].rarDL5.1 MiB003090
English-translated LiteratureNurarihyon no Mago - Manga-Chapter 1-113+One-Shot+Summer-OmakeDL730 MiB019701
English-translated LiteratureNozoki Ana Volumes 01 - 13DL1.12 GiB2022260
English-translated LiteratureNononono_56_[Trinity BAKumA].zipDL10 MiB01900
English-translated LiteratureNogizaka Haruka - Chapter 2 [Mahou-X]DL6.8 MiBStatus unknown10880
English-translated LiteratureNoel no Kimochi V5 C30DL9 MiB0190170
English-translated LiteratureNobunaga Kyousoukyoku c004 (v01) [Habanero Scans].zipDL13.1 MiB104940
English-translated LiteratureNo Game No Life Light Novels (1-3)DL34.5 MiBStatus unknown235813
English-translated LiteratureNo Game No Life (Chapter 01-07) [Batoto Rip]DL74.1 MiB609470
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi ch 001-056DL324 MiBStatus unknown146850
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi 57 by MTODL8.2 MiBStatus unknown165871
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 12DL46.3 MiB2017806
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 11DL42.6 MiB1019191
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 10DL49.8 MiB0129352
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 09DL56.1 MiB0018100
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 08DL66.8 MiB0016770
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 07DL66.4 MiB1015740
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 06DL57 MiB0015400
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 05DL54.2 MiB0015140
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 04DL59.6 MiB1014660
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 03DL50.6 MiB1014900
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 02DL50 MiB0015010
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - Vol. 01DL51.3 MiB0015352
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi - OneshotDL17.1 MiB009780
English-translated LiteratureNisekoi (Chapter 000-128) [Batoto Rip]DL786 MiB908983
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c9DL3.4 MiB002350
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c7-8 v2DL5.5 MiB012260
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c7-8DL5.5 MiB002350
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c6DL2.3 MiB016150
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c4-5DL3.2 MiB013840
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c2-3DL3.7 MiB014570
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v1c10&11DL6.2 MiB002130
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c33-34DL7.3 MiB204410
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c30-32DL7.4 MiB204580
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c25-29DL8.9 MiB104700
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c23-24DL3.8 MiB104580
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c22DL1016.1 KiB104860
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c21DL2 MiB204540
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v02c19-20DL5.7 MiB104410
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v01c18DL2 MiB002210
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v01c17DL3.8 MiB001990
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v01c16DL1.9 MiB002030
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v01c14-15 [Musashi]DL5.4 MiB002320
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v01c01 [Musashi]DL6.2 MiB016380
English-translated LiteratureNichijou v01c01 [Musashi]DL6.7 MiB01660
English-translated LiteratureNichijou c133-137 (v08) [Habanero Scans]DL21.3 MiB212990
English-translated LiteratureNichijou c130-132 (v08) [Habanero Scans]DL15 MiB403710
English-translated LiteratureNichijou c125-129 (v08) [Habanero Scans]DL30.4 MiB115210
English-translated LiteratureNewtype09年1月号.rarDL67.4 MiB0131710
English-translated LiteratureNewtype 12月号.rarDL77.1 MiB0211050
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 41-60DL89.9 MiB014990
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 21-40DL99.2 MiB024380
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 14-20DL30.6 MiB015840
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 13DL2.6 MiB114310
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 012 by Franky HouseDL5.1 MiB014170
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 010 by Franky HouseDL3.5 MiB014030
English-translated Literaturenew Grappler Baki:the search of our strongest hero 1-6DL334.8 MiB0012950
English-translated LiteratureNeon Genesis Evangelion MangaDL798 MiBStatus unknown16150
English-translated LiteratureNeko Musume Michikusa Nikki c029 x1 (v05) [Omake] [Habanero Scans].zipDL25.6 MiB102670
English-translated LiteratureNeko Musume Michikusa Nikki c029 (v05) [Habanero Scans].zipDL24.9 MiB204610
English-translated LiteratureNeko Musume Michikusa Nikki c025-029 (v05) [Habanero Scans].zipDL179.3 MiB213050
English-translated LiteratureNegima!? Neo: Magister Negi Magi v1-7 - Complete[Type it Up]DL1.05 GiB409862
English-translated LiteratureNegima! Chapter 203DL5.5 MiB0029350
English-translated LiteratureNegative_Happy_Chain_Saw_Edge_v01_c01[Moob]DL10 MiB017980
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-24, 04:13] <capmalice> I dont generally have trouble getting older series. If it has no seeds, it's because it sucked
[07-24, 03:43] <candicedgy> if only we were neighbors.. you could just lend me your copy of the season 2. X3
[07-24, 02:36] <Demandred> it could have been ended any number of ways, the way they chose blows
[07-24, 02:34] <Demandred> the last ep really sucks tho
[07-24, 02:34] <Demandred> too bad i dont upload, i have both seasons archived
[07-24, 02:28] <candicedgy> oreimo s2's taking too long to download. no seeders. sucks to want to watch old anime series'..
[07-24, 02:21] <Demandred> kinda pissing me off cause there are torrents that i wanna watch!
[07-24, 02:20] <Demandred> anybody know why when i try to dl a torrent by [Dead Fish] it starts to dl then resets itself over and over again?and its only deadfish, other torrents dl fine...
[07-24, 02:04] <Senfu> And will do the OST for Xenoblade Chronicle X, fuck yes
[07-24, 02:04] <Senfu> Idc he's still amazing
[07-24, 01:05] <guest-again> snk is his only ost that deviates from the pattern
[07-24, 01:05] <guest-again> sawano would be better if his music didnt all sound the same
[07-24, 00:52] <opabato9000> sawano's ok, not great, he's overhyped as fuck
[07-24, 00:18] <Hoshizora> yuyu where is my vol II of Aikatsu 2
[07-23, 23:53] <Senfu> Aldnoah OST tho... Hiroyuki Sawano is a true god
[07-23, 23:16] <iceaco> Hmm I don't find much interesting shows on weekdays this season.. Welp at least I'll use the weekdays to catch up.
[07-23, 23:12] <aers> Aikatsu isn't even delayed what
[07-23, 23:12] <Dano> Speak for yourself, I judge anyone and everyone.
[07-23, 22:50] <lifebaka> It's all right, herkz. We all have guilty pleasures. We don't judge you.
[07-23, 22:14] <herkz> i dont watch aikatsu i was just messing with yuyu
[07-23, 22:13] <polarwindz> Hey Guys, i am finally back to transcoding, been so pissed at my potato of a computer lol
[07-23, 22:11] <XavierSylfaen> also, a solution to aikatsu being delayed: stop watching aidolshit, problem solved
[07-23, 22:10] <XavierSylfaen> k, thanks
[07-23, 22:03] <herkz> probably soon, yeah
[07-23, 21:57] <darkfire68> ok thanks but its a little buggy, every field is ok and after upload I only got a poem with: I'm a little teapot,...
[07-23, 21:56] <XavierSylfaen> herkz are you guys going to release Space Dandy 13 within the next few weeks, I want to marathon all of S1 and start on S2
[07-23, 21:54] <herkz> pretty sure "insane quality dragonball" doesn't exist, but yes, anyone can upload
[07-23, 21:54] <darkfire68> can anyone upload torrents? have insane quality dragonball and i want to upload them here
[07-23, 21:46] <herkz> yuyu stop delaying aikatsu
[07-23, 21:43] <Yuyu> no
[07-23, 21:38] <herkz> i at least don't stall things, which i believe puts me above some fansubbers
[07-23, 21:28] <Yuyu> dicks
[07-23, 21:09] <Senfu> Leecher have feelings too, you know
[07-23, 21:08] <astrum> Nah, you're just useless. Best become a fansubber ASAP.
[07-23, 21:06] <pky> And if I'm not a fansubber at all... then I must be immortal?
[07-23, 20:58] <DmonHiro> Why not watch something else, if your episode of choice hasn't come out yet? There are literally thousands of anime episodes out there. Shave you seen them all?
[07-23, 20:52] <Cheesecake Militia> So if I'm a shitty fansubber, does that mean I must have a life? ( ´‿ゝ`)
[07-23, 20:44] <HorribleSubs> herkz are you trying to say you're a good fansubber
[07-23, 20:24] <herkz> everyone knows all the good fansubbers have no life
[07-23, 19:50] <lifebaka> Sometimes, Imouto6969, fansubbers have lives that get in the way of their fansubbing. FFF will get to it when they get to it.
[07-23, 19:50] <Dragons4life> I tough today was Tokyo Ghoul and Terror in Resonance, i was wrong..
[07-23, 19:32] <Imouto6969> Ahhhh where is jinsei!
[07-23, 19:14] <pky> And lolis' love day. Don't forget lolis' love day!
[07-23, 19:03] <BakaYuusha> Saturday and Sunday are the best this season. Wednesday is boy's love day.
[07-23, 18:58] <[TRVE]> What good shows?
[07-23, 18:33] <Dragons4life> So many good shows today
[07-23, 18:18] <krizzern100> Kyahh~
[07-23, 17:47] <MisterDonut> I released Haiyore W too.
[07-23, 17:37] <TheM4gicMan> Actually, no I don't. Just use Final8.
[07-23, 17:36] <TheM4gicMan> Dammit. TenB for the first season. Final8 for the second season. I suggest just sticking with Commie's TV rip for the second season.
[07-23, 17:36] <TheM4gicMan> @nozdrum
[07-23, 16:38] <FUnNshot> wat
[07-23, 16:15] <baka²> them stale jokes though
[07-23, 15:03] <DmonHiro> They don't call it a "raw" because it wasn't cooked properly, you know...
[07-23, 14:24] <qrazed> @giraty: Well, it's a raw for a reason.
[07-23, 14:22] <giraty> My fault for not realised the left side of the torrent :|
[07-23, 14:21] <giraty> ReinForce's Non Non Biyori 1080p BD RIP have no subtitle
[07-23, 14:14] <nozdrum> What groups did the BD version of Nyaruko-san?
[07-23, 13:48] <[TRVE]> >responding to obvious bait
[07-23, 12:29] <sarachikorita> you fail it
[07-23, 12:29] <sarachikorita> >C:\Windows
[07-23, 12:24] <hazardous> that's a nice wallpaper. ;)
[07-23, 12:21] <Yarukinasu> Hey guise u guise liek my new wallpaper [IMG: C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\Momochan.jpg ]
[07-23, 11:48] <Skynord> Hello everyone ~
[07-23, 11:30] <Yompy> That feel when there isn't enough hard science fiction anime
[07-23, 11:23] <pky> If you only care about animation - you're what's wrong with the world.
[07-23, 10:44] <Mayobe> Nobunaga Concerto - How to ruin a good story with shit animation.
[07-23, 09:08] <aDi> Yup i already Did that !! Thank you !!! But is there any suggestion for receiving e-mails for the comments I have made i want to Subscribe to ..that comments ..!!
[07-23, 08:52] <AWI> @ aDi, If you want to change your profile pic follow these steps: 1. Create an account on 2. Create an account with same emai-address which you created at Nyaa. 3. After Sign up Login your Gravatar account, then upload the image which you want in your nyaa profile pic That's it..
[07-23, 08:51] <AWI> Hi Everyone
[07-23, 08:26] <Abunja> btw, is there any setting for optimal or better detail/graphics other than that is cited on 'how do i play.txt' for watching anime?
[07-23, 07:50] <pky> As for the avatar - there's a reason people put FAQ on their pages.
[07-23, 07:50] <pky> Well then there isn't such an option. Deal with it.
[07-23, 07:37] <aDi> and @pky , that only works for User's own torrents !
[07-23, 07:33] <aDi> and How to change my Profile Pic !
[07-23, 07:31] <Abunja> lol, that typo tho. bbcodes' not to blame
[07-23, 07:29] <pky> damn dem bbcodes
[07-23, 07:28] <pky> Profile>User Settings>[b]New comment e-mail notification[/v] - set it to whatever you want. I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works properly, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't
[07-23, 07:23] <aDi> Suppose i have posted a question in a post and I want to know if someone replies to my Question .. then can i receive email for that ..!!
[07-23, 07:15] <aDi> Guys ! Is there anyway by which I can receive mails to the posts where i have posted any messages ??
[07-23, 07:02] <Sen Goku> Is their is any group subbing Cross Fight B-Daman eS?? Also their is raws but out of seeders?
[07-23, 06:24] <Senfu> Akuma no Drill*
[07-23, 06:06] <Horuhe-kun> No Akuma no Riddle BDrip yet?
[07-23, 06:05] <Cheesecake Militia> torch did nothing wrong
[07-23, 06:04] <[TRVE]> Watch 7 or 8 episodes. If you aren't disgusted by the kids, you'll like it. Keep in mind it's written for 14-year-olds.
[07-23, 05:54] <torchlight> ( ´・ω・`)ノ(´・ω・`)cakesplease
[07-23, 05:25] <Benderboom> Eureka Seven is still my fav anime of all time. Watch the first like 4-5 episodes and judge it for yourself. The opinions you'll find here in chat are just that, opinions!
[07-23, 04:31] <Abunja> dilworks' strategy is based on what he learned from his real-life experiences :3
[07-23, 04:12] <BakaYuusha> Ask for an opinion on here and you're gonna get anime of the season or shit. I actually didn't like it. I think it's more towards the low end of mecha anime because of the wuss of a main character and the mech designs and surfing which was kind of ridiculous.
[07-23, 04:02] <Imouto6969> Is Eureka Seven good?
[07-23, 02:47] <deanzel> If you're not using RAID, I wouldn't even call it safe enough to be a primary backup.
[07-23, 01:41] <eternia> dude, post it at Asenshi's website / forum / channel instead
[07-23, 01:31] <Stinky Cheez> (ugh sorry phone KB) *of media. I just saw a $69.99 3 TB drive on Newegg's newsletter. Not if internal or external, but even with a cheap enclosure (if you prefer external), that's way cheaper per byte than BDs
[07-23, 01:24] <Stinky Cheez> You don't necessarily need different types ofedia,
[07-23, 00:05] <dilworks> --home
[07-23, 00:05] <dilworks> My backup strategy is mix-and-match - I don't trust my shit to a single storage media. It also helps I've yet to move from hme, tho...
[07-23, 00:04] <dilworks> Hope you do backups... of your backups
[07-23, 00:04] <dilworks> > HDD
[07-22, 23:33] <iceaco> Had 300 DVDs in the past containing ~300 anime. Finally caught up with the time and bought 2 external harddisk and dumped all of them there. Man every time I move I had to carry a cardboard box for it only..