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English-translated Literature[Evil_Genius]Berserk_v38c336DL24.6 MiB76034520
English-translated Literature[Evil_Genius]Berserk_v38c335DL17.8 MiB68146810
English-translated LiteratureSpice and Wolf Light Novels (6-17 English)DL263.3 MiB443107219
English-translated LiteratureBleach 597 [MangaStream]DL4.1 MiB32015470
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 761 [MangaStream]DL4.9 MiB29017400
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 692 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB27014312
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 690 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB26028180
English-translated LiteratureSword Art Online Novels (1-14 + Extras)DL133.8 MiB25010621
English-translated LiteratureTokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu | Chap 01-75 (Vol 01-08)DL831.5 MiB25534134
English-translated LiteratureSword Art Online Novels 1-13 + All ExtrasDL88 MiB25195273
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 760 [MangaStream]DL4.6 MiB24112350
English-translated Literature[Buddy Waters] Purple Haze Feedback - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 novelDL2.3 MiB24038221
English-translated LiteratureBleach 595 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB23018761
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 691 [MangaStream]DL4.4 MiB22022841
English-translated LiteratureBleach 593 [MangaStream]DL5.1 MiB22030120
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 689 [MangaStream]DL6.3 MiB22036570
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 401 [MangaStream]DL7.6 MiB2207650
English-translated LiteratureBleach 596 [MangaStream]DL4.3 MiB20011732
English-translated LiteratureSword Art Online Ultimate PDF BatchDL657 MiB20339340
English-translated Literature宇宙兄弟 17巻DL103.7 MiB200502040
English-translated LiteratureBleach 594 [MangaStream]DL4.8 MiB19022940
English-translated Literature(v02: Chapter 12 added)Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 14 - Alicization UnitingDL2.5 MiB18060170
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 50.zipDL6.2 MiB16012271
English-translated LiteratureClaymore 154 [MangaStream]DL10.3 MiB15013909
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 759 [MangaStream]DL5.1 MiB15019701
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 49.zipDL6.2 MiB15013040
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] UQ HOLDER - Chapter 50.zipDL5.7 MiB1418040
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 683 [MangaStream]DL5.4 MiB14041120
English-translated LiteratureOyasumi Punpun manga volumes 1-11 Hox translation Goodnight PunpunDL664 MiB141161350
English-translated Literature[Mankitsu]_Mujaki_no_Rakuen_Vol05_ch30.rarDL25.5 MiB1309090
English-translated Literature[Mankitsu]_Mujaki_no_Rakuen_Vol05_ch28.rarDL25.3 MiB1309120
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 758 [MangaStream]DL5.2 MiB13024660
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 757 [MangaStream]DL6.1 MiB13031870
English-translated LiteratureClaymore 153 [MangaStream]DL12.6 MiB13022530
English-translated LiteratureHunter x Hunter 342 [MangaStream]DL6.9 MiB13052584
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 746 [MangaStream]DL6.1 MiB13054292
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 675 [MangaStream]DL5.4 MiB13047380
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 744 [MangaStream]DL6.2 MiB13053930
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 756 [MangaStream]DL6.8 MiB12033030
English-translated LiteratureBleach 590 [MangaStream]DL4.7 MiB12031082
English-translated LiteratureClaymore 152 [MangaStream]DL10.5 MiB12022801
English-translated LiteratureBleach 585 [MangaStream]DL5 MiB12035640
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 40.zipDL6.1 MiB12019670
English-translated LiteratureClaymore 151 [MangaStream]DL11.9 MiB12029310
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 678 [MangaStream]DL7.1 MiB12048390
English-translated LiteratureShingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) - Vol. 13DL79.9 MiB12028010
English-translated LiteratureKodomo No Jikan Vol 1-13 + Extras (Complete)DL913.8 MiB12028333
English-translated LiteratureHidan no Aria LN EnglishDL75 MiB12131205
English-translated LiteratureClaymore Vol.1 to 22DL1.36 GiB122118841
English-translated LiteratureMahou Sensei Negima 001-355 CompleteDL2.51 GiB120309302
English-translated Literature[EN]Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu | Complete ch.1-143DL1.21 GiB1146761
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail 397 MangaStream]DL6.7 MiB11013660
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Attack on Titan - Chapter 60.zipDL20.3 MiB11016871
English-translated LiteratureBleach 592 [MangaStream]DL5.1 MiB11028930
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 48.zipDL6.2 MiB11015542
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 686 [MangaStream]DL10 MiB11040290
English-translated LiteratureSword Art Online Light Novels Vol. 1-13DL88.1 MiB11228052
English-translated Literature[Commie] Fate ⁄ Apocrypha - Prologue [872D03E4].pdfDL100.6 KiB110814763
English-translated Literature[Baka-Tsuki] To Aru Majutsu no Index Light NovelsDL276.3 MiB11348410
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1071 [MangaStream]DL3.5 MiB1014700
English-translated LiteratureAttack on Titan 61 [MangaStream]DL21.6 MiB1017070
English-translated LiteratureToaru Majutsu no Index Translated Light Novel PDFs Vol.1-NT10+SSDL396.2 MiB1006881
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 755 [MangaStream]DL6.3 MiB10030600
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 687 [MangaStream]DL5.5 MiB10132801
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 47.zipDL5.5 MiB10014870
English-translated LiteratureBleach 589 [MangaStream]DL4.7 MiB10032850
English-translated LiteratureHunter x Hunter 346 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB10032790
English-translated LiteratureJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 01-07DL4.86 GiB10313293
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 682 [MangaStream]DL5.3 MiB10041460
English-translated LiteratureHunter x Hunter 341 [MangaStream]DL8.4 MiB10268110
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 38.zipDL5.5 MiB10021160
English-translated LiteratureBleach 581 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB10039560
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 676 [MangaStream]DL6.7 MiB10051860
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 33.zipDL6.2 MiB10019382
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 741 [MangaStream]DL9.2 MiB10045270
English-translated LiteratureSword Art Online Light Novel Volume 13 - Alicization DividingDL3.3 MiB10045853
English-translated LiteratureAttack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Volumes 1-11 (Complete)DL807.5 MiB10139743
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Full Manga Chapters 001-656DL3 GiB10259304
English-translated LiteratureVampire Hunter D NovelsDL518 MiB10037407
English-translated LiteratureSuzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Novels 1-11 + BonusDL55.3 MiB100104914
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Sun-Ken Rock - Chapter 147.zipDL5.9 MiB915781
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - Chapter 126.zipDL8.5 MiB907671
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 53.zipDL7.4 MiB908473
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1070 [MangaStream]DL4.1 MiB904820
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1066 [MangaStream]DL3.7 MiB905830
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 46.zipDL4.9 MiB9013303
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 685 [MangaStream]DL5.3 MiB9040790
English-translated LiteratureBleach 588 [MangaStream]DL5 MiB9031940
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 684 [MangaStream]DL6.2 MiB9038740
English-translated LiteratureBleach 587 [MangaStream]DL7.5 MiB9032330
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Koe no Katachi - Chapter 42.zipDL5.5 MiB9015053
English-translated LiteratureHunter x Hunter 344 [MangaStream]DL6.9 MiB9041270
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 681 [MangaStream]DL6.5 MiB9044310
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 680 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB9036970
English-translated LiteratureNo Game No Life Light Novels (1-3)DL34.5 MiB90284314
English-translated LiteratureBleach 579 [MangaStream]DL5.3 MiB9034570
English-translated LiteratureClaymore 150 [MangaStream]DL8.5 MiB9034620
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 674 [MangaStream]DL7.1 MiB9044780
English-translated Literature(Novel Illustrations + Prologue)Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 14 - Alicization UnitingDL2.3 MiB9058881
English-translated LiteratureBleach 577 [MangaStream]DL5.6 MiB9031700
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-23, 09:52] <xDev> It's hidden up your ass.
[09-23, 03:38] <Abunja> herkz, does xDev have other hidden torrents?
[09-23, 03:15] <anon585> TOTY of the Year
[09-23, 03:11] <herkz> but #488386 is the best torrent on this website
[09-23, 02:52] <OneCrazyRussian> Don't ever seed #488386 PLS PLS PLS
[09-23, 01:30] <sranger> reseed at #461813 please!
[09-23, 01:30] <Artemix> Oh I already watched binbo, amazing anime.
[09-23, 00:37] <ravenleaf182> Yeah, only Japanese people would get gintama references. You should try Binbougami ga! instead Artemix
[09-23, 00:35] <()blivion> . . .
[09-23, 00:34] <()blivion> >Seems like an anime for Japanese people only
[09-23, 00:22] <Artemix> Oh I see. There are so many references in Gintama that sometimes I got extremely lost. Seems like an anime for Japanese people only :p.
[09-22, 23:30] <Ancient_totoro> If someone has Auarion Evol Part 2 with episodes 14-26 english dubbed. Please upload them. thanks.
[09-22, 23:03] <[TRVE]> Actually, the Gobi desert is in Mongolia.
[09-22, 20:33] <haseo> it's a chinese gobi. anime characters who are from china or wear chinese clothes usually say "aru" in the end of the sentence
[09-22, 20:26] <Artemix> Btw, what is this "aru" that Kagura says all the time in Gintama?, or at least it sounds like an "aru".
[09-22, 19:48] <jofs> Nerd Wars
[09-22, 19:47] <Artemix> Java sucks, everyone knows that. Actionscript is the best.
[09-22, 19:24] <SneakiestNEG> I like a cup of Java. The computer kind less so.
[09-22, 19:18] <SneakiestNEG> Wow HS is on a roll!
[09-22, 18:43] <deepeshchugh> wassup peeps?
[09-22, 18:39] <Basjohn> Ew Java, can we keep gore discussions out of here?
[09-22, 18:38] <Rentah> Any updates on the clearing of the censuring or BR versions of Tokyo Ghoul yet?
[09-22, 17:59] <[TRVE]> Your fucking Blu-ray player uses Java.
[09-22, 17:49] <OneCrazyRussian> Also anyone who doesn't distinguish JDK (the java used for developing things) and JRE (the java that you use) is stupid
[09-22, 17:47] <OneCrazyRussian> >you never do serious programming in Java >half of the real world runs on Oracle CC&B utilities which are Java+Cobol
[09-22, 17:24] <sarachikorita> This is why you never do serious programming in a language that needs an emulator (virtual machine) to run. :P
[09-22, 16:47] <()blivion> And nothing has really changed.
[09-22, 16:46] <()blivion> Yup. Java has been the free whore for skiddys and pros alike since it was conceived.
[09-22, 16:04] <REVELLIOM> Hello, world
[09-22, 15:42] <vipim> he
[09-22, 15:11] <haseo> nice and clean =3
[09-22, 14:52] <hazardous> this reminds me of Attack on Titan :)
[09-22, 10:49] <shaddrag> Omg this spam
[09-22, 09:34] <memekontol> ooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[09-22, 08:46] <nitekatt> Java is a ****hole of vulnerabilities, as a whole layer of a thing being "in control" on your computer. Besides, it is a crapware, and many people just dont like the idea of having crapware in their computer.
[09-22, 08:29] <Abunja> I think they won't, but IDK why the hate for Java.
[09-22, 08:22] <()blivion> I have been using Tixati for the last month or so and it's great so far. No dependencies, no ads, no bull shit. And it's updated regularly.
[09-22, 08:20] <()blivion> At the risk of getting censored out of chat for speaking against something nyaa supports, I would recommend against Vuze. No one should trust Java with an internet connection, period.
[09-22, 08:14] <Abunja> yeah, but she will be good after, like 8 years.
[09-22, 08:03] <nitekatt> yet you regret it, I can even smell a pedobear stirring inside you
[09-22, 07:52] <Abunja> except I really do, or should I say an acquaintance of mine. too bad, i'm not into loli
[09-22, 07:31] <nitekatt> oh not again, those animetards keep on pretending they actually do have a female friend...
[09-22, 07:07] <Abunja> s previously watching mahouka, she said.
[09-22, 07:06] <Abunja> well, its not really a joke, except that she's probably been trolled. she'
[09-22, 05:29] <Vorthos> hahahaha another Boku no Pico joke how edgy!!
[09-22, 05:14] <Abunja> maybe my friend is not into hardcore stuff yet lol
[09-22, 05:03] <baku16> Does anybody kno
[09-22, 05:02] <Ancient_totoro> Anyone know where I can download all the english dubbed of aquarion evol, not just the first 13 episodes?
[09-22, 04:59] <enshiu> nothing found of boku no pico
[09-22, 04:39] <HerbalNekoTea> Boku no pico's wrong but not hardcore like Sensitive Pornograph (which this one's in the top 300 on mal)
[09-22, 04:31] <Abunja> talking about boku no pico, i had a fujoshi friend who watched it for the first time and it really disturbed her
[09-22, 04:29] <Abunja> herkz pls
[09-22, 03:36] <herkz> boku no pico
[09-22, 03:29] <Elfman> anyone know any cool new anime to waatch
[09-22, 03:17] <Abunja> @Kuroquel, watamote 2. ofc, im just kidding.
[09-22, 02:26] <Stinky Cheez> I don't, however, recommend the newer versions of UTorrent, although 3.4.x MAY be better than the rest of the 3.x.x series.
[09-22, 02:23] <Stinky Cheez> Vuze is a lot porkier on RAM, and a bit harder on CPU, but also (esp. with plugins) does some things no other client does, or at least very few do. For example, load-balancing across more than one internet connection
[09-22, 02:22] <Stinky Cheez> I actually keep Vuze as a backup to uTorrent 2.2.1
[09-22, 01:59] <FapHazard> thanks Stinky Cheez, bc i want to see which one would be better to use..
[09-22, 01:47] <Kuroquel> Do you guys know an anime like watamote?
[09-22, 01:39] <Stinky Cheez> FapHazrd, while actually running both at the same time is counterproductive, neither installing or executing both at the same time will cause many problems.
[09-22, 01:33] <Abunja> good luck on completing that torrent, vivan
[09-22, 00:47] <MysticVortex> Guess its not finished yet...
[09-22, 00:45] <FapHazard> can i install both vuze and utorrent? will they have a conflict on the performance?
[09-22, 00:45] <MoJo-X> oops
[09-22, 00:45] <MoJo-X> Vanquished Queens
[09-22, 00:14] <vivan> you'll need time machine
[09-21, 23:50] <MysticVortex> Guys, do you know where I can download all 4 episodes of Vanquished Queens?
[09-21, 23:44] <Shunhades> Just copy and put in search here in Nyaa.
[09-21, 23:06] <NoobSubs> I can't read Chinese so I cannot help you.
[09-21, 23:02] <Shunhades> Does anyone have 風魔の小次郎 聖剣戦争篇 at 100%? If so could you please seed. Thank you.
[09-21, 22:34] <ShadowPvP> talk shit about illuminati again m8
[09-21, 22:21] <vivan> wtf with all those fake chinese uTorrents? o_O
[09-21, 21:54] <sarachikorita> The ideal size for an encode is the size that best provides the desired quality at the target resolution.
[09-21, 21:20] <Prazision> I think you might just be an idiot.
[09-21, 21:19] <dongus> anime doesnt deserve any filesizes at all
[09-21, 19:32] <MoJo-X> @ [TRVE]: Don't know about that. I just looked at some of the screen shots, and might just give it a try sometime. Seeing that it's on BakaBT's white-list, I don't think it's used for ratio cheating anymore.
[09-21, 19:28] <hazardous> blame illuminati. it was them. they are everywhere. they are destroying animu ;_;
[09-21, 19:25] <jerxou> yeah of course, but still horrible
[09-21, 19:20] <Googol> It's still got another set of 12 episodes starting from January.
[09-21, 19:14] <jerxou> what the fuck happened in the last ep of aldnoah?? it was constructed horribly, inconsistent and overall was just rushed the fuck up..
[09-21, 19:04] <Robert Franklin> I think every writer who's written a sue should drink bleach
[09-21, 18:58] <Xisca> What I think sao is great, but sure it's more talking in this season than the others but I don't think it's bad. I want to see more after watching the episodes.
[09-21, 18:36] <deepeshchugh> it is awesome!!!!
[09-21, 18:33] <nitekatt> sao is becoming like new naruto: everyone says that it sucks and shit and (s)he doesnt watch it, yet everyone happens to know so many details and reasons for this despisal one wouldnt really have without watching it
[09-21, 18:09] <Obakeinu> SAO II is turning out better than I originally expected... always thought PK'ers were psychos :p
[09-21, 17:45] <Tysonblast> lol why would you watch sao
[09-21, 17:44] <Inmei> hello
[09-21, 17:00] <Tennouji> W-where's my Sword Ass Online dosage? (pun intended)
[09-21, 16:46] <herkz> >The chatbox is the messaging area at the bottom of the site where only validated accounts are allowed to submit messages. Basic guidelines to keep in mind here are: Requests are not allowed.
[09-21, 16:29] <nitekatt> its here on nyaa. use "s2" in the search
[09-21, 15:14] <SneakiestNEG> I remember when they tried to install a web plug in. Ask something or whatever.
[09-21, 15:12] <SneakiestNEG> Utorrent tries so hard to go legit. Bittorrent is under pressure I guess.
[09-21, 15:00] <vivan> I hope that they will stay dead, otherwise it would be shit ending
[09-21, 14:44] <Obakeinu> The ending to Aldnoah was AWESOME! Now to await the winter season to see what really happens next...
[09-21, 14:06] <vybe> ah so many series ending...
[09-21, 14:03] <nitekatt> 1.8.2 does everything and is only a 250Kb program.
[09-21, 12:49] <Endymion> "uTorrent became shit not so long ago" it became shit after original developer sold it. and it was long ago.
[09-21, 11:58] <vybe> pls upload spice wolf vol 1 and 2 scanlated..