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English-translated Literatureジョジョの奇妙な冒険 全80巻DL3.34 GiB025591622
English-translated LiteratureNaruto Manga - (Chapter 001-700) [Kissmanga Rip]DL2.45 GiB251545857
English-translated LiteratureBleach 570 [MangaStream]DL4 MiB41137450
English-translated LiteratureLolicon PhoenixDL43.6 MiB01111430
English-translated Literature(一般コミック) [師走冬子] スーパーメイドちるみさん 第1-7巻DL312.3 MiB01082190
English-translated LiteratureLove Lab (Miyahara Ruri) c008 (v06) [Habanero Scans].zipDL5.7 MiB091670
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 1-700(Complete)DL3.87 GiB7948453
English-translated LiteratureLight Novels Collection PDFDL3.37 GiB1889825
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Im - Great Priest Imhotep (Chapter 02) Manga 2 [KoTuWa]DL10.5 MiB1271270
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Girl May Kill - Chapter 19.zipDL7.8 MiB073850
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 104.zipDL5.7 MiB077440
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 101.zipDL4.3 MiB076290
English-translated LiteratureKingdom 417 [Turnip Farmers & Kingudamu]DL13.2 MiB066060
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! Ch.138 The Ultimate Attack, The Serve [NR].pdfDL10.4 MiB064390
English-translated LiteratureOnepunch-Man 40 [Nerieru-Scans]DL5.7 MiB064810
English-translated LiteratureKyoukai no Rinne|境界のRINNE Volumes 01-20DL1.32 GiB4627690
English-translated LiteratureSaki Manga - Chapter (001-132)DL654 MiB068340
English-translated LiteratureTokyo Ghoul Manga - Complete [Batoto Rip]DL2.1 GiB8618479
English-translated LiteratureJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 01-07DL4.86 GiB7621625
English-translated LiteratureKilling Bites c01-02.zipDL35.9 MiB0612100
English-translated LiteratureAs the Gods Will - The Second Series - CH 01-102 [CR]DL842 MiB653333
English-translated LiteratureShinryaku! Ika Musume c301-304 (v016) [Habanero Scans]DL31.4 MiB051910
English-translated LiteratureKingdom 418 [Turnip Farmers & Kingudamu]DL9.5 MiB054220
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! 142 Powerful Form [NR]DL3.9 MiB053580
English-translated LiteratureMaga-Tsuki Ch.43DL19.1 MiB053391
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Kuroshitsuji 099 That Butler, Frenzy [NR].pdfDL26.9 MiB053430
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 103.zipDL4.8 MiB058410
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 102.zipDL4.6 MiB056890
English-translated LiteratureUbel Blatt 123 [MangaStream]DL13.5 MiB058810
English-translated LiteratureVersailles no Bara v2DL650 MiB057390
English-translated LiteratureKinnikuman v01-v36DL2.48 GiB0516592
English-translated LiteratureSkip Beat 144 by Franky HouseDL7.4 MiB05850
English-translated LiteratureSkip Beat 143 by Franky HouseDL9.1 MiB057350
English-translated LiteratureThe Shadowman - CH 01-13 [CR]DL153 MiB642372
English-translated LiteratureInside Mari - CH 01-46 [CR]DL254.6 MiB1043511
English-translated LiteratureLove Lab (Mihayara Ruri) c008 (v06) [Habanero Scans].zipDL5.7 MiB041390
English-translated LiteratureDungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka English Volume 1-4 (PDFs and epubs)DL45.9 MiB15411940
English-translated LiteratureDetective Conan (1994) [PDF] [INCOMPLETE]DL4.16 GiB245190
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! Ch.144 Limit Switch [NR].zipDL6.6 MiB043150
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Bleach 616 Mimihagi-sama [NR].zipDL2.6 MiB042420
English-translated LiteratureHayate no Gotoku! 481 [Red Hawk Scans]DL4.9 MiB142480
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! Ch.143 Light [NR].zipDL6.4 MiB042670
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 103 [Casanova]DL7.8 MiB045560
English-translated Literature[JRR] Akumetsu Chapter 21-30 [English] [AnimeRG]DL49 MiB042260
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Fuuka - Chapter 41.zipDL8.9 MiB045180
English-translated LiteratureOnepunch-Man 39.2 [Nerieru-Scans]DL4.6 MiB043010
English-translated Literature[OtakuMura] The World God Only Knows [Complete]DL751 MiB144550
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 94 [Casanova]DL6.9 MiB047520
English-translated LiteratureBlood Lad 46 [BloodL]DL19.6 MiB045560
English-translated LiteratureFront Mission - Dog Life & Dog Style Manga - (Chapter 01-41) [Batoto Rip]DL612 MiB045470
English-translated LiteratureSaiunkoku Monogatari Manga - (Chapter 01-25) [Batoto Rip]DL347.3 MiB045122
English-translated LiteratureGintama Manga - (Chapter 001-514) [Batoto Rip]DL2.97 GiB2482918
English-translated LiteratureHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 1-583(Complete)DL4 GiB5417814
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Investor Z - Chapter 61.zipDL9.9 MiB044350
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 93.zipDL5.6 MiB046130
English-translated LiteratureKnights of Sidonia c065 (mag) [Habanero Scans].zipDL5.9 MiB045100
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru - Chapter 108 - Chapter 108.zipDL6.9 MiB048750
English-translated LiteratureGundam SEED Manga Volumes 1-5 CompleteDL3.83 GiB0424964
English-translated LiteratureSword Art Online Ultimate PDF BatchDL657 MiB12443910
English-translated LiteratureBerserk manga batch vols. 1-35 HQDL4.51 GiB542520612
English-translated LiteratureTrigun Rising Complete [Oneshot][Manga][Nyaa]DL12.9 MiB048070
English-translated LiteratureSkip Beat 134 by Franky HouseDL5.3 MiB048080
English-translated LiteratureSkip Beat 130 by Franky HouseDL6.4 MiB045700
English-translated LiteratureOldboy Volume 1-8DL324.5 MiB0411570
English-translated LiteratureManga super packDL13.96 GiB0471451
English-translated LiteratureBokura wa Minna Kawaisou - CH 01-58 [CR]DL421 MiB1633622
English-translated LiteratureBarom One - CH 01-09 [CR]DL396 MiB732830
English-translated LiteratureThe Seven Deadly Sins - CH 01-119 [CR]DL794 MiB2634015
English-translated LiteratureShinryaku! Ika Musume c286-304 (v016) [Habanero Scans].zipDL140.9 MiB032140
English-translated LiteratureNeko Musume Michikusa Nikki c034 (v06) [Habanero Scans].zipDL21.4 MiB131880
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] One Piece 777 Zoro vs Pica [NR].zipDL5.2 MiB135230
English-translated LiteratureYamikin Ushijima-kun 30 [Easy Going Scans]DL6 MiB032240
English-translated LiteratureHayate no Gotoku! 478 [Red Hawk Scans]DL4.5 MiB033650
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 102 [Casanova]DL7.9 MiB035020
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! 141 Team [NR].zipDL3.4 MiB033890
English-translated LiteratureAssassination Classroom 114 [Utopia]DL5.7 MiB036590
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Fairy Tail - 414 [JRR]DL7.1 MiB033430
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! Ch.140 Fellows [NR].zipDL6.2 MiB134290
English-translated LiteratureSkip Beat! 218-219 [S2Scans]DL17.9 MiB036090
English-translated LiteratureNew Prince of Tennis 134 [MangaStream]DL4.8 MiB035330
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 100 [Casanova]DL8.9 MiB236110
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! Ch.137 The Struggles Of The Formerly Weak-Willed [NR].pdfDL11.2 MiB035210
English-translated LiteratureKingdom 415 [Turnip Farmers]DL8.2 MiB036700
English-translated LiteratureKingdom 414 [Turnip Farmers]DL10.3 MiB035270
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Haikyuu!! Ch.133 The Setter Showdown, Round 002 [NR].pdfDL11.1 MiB034690
English-translated Literature[AnimeRG] Fairy Tail 412 - Dance Unto Ishgar [JRR]DL9 MiB035110
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 97 [Casanova]DL8.1 MiB034540
English-translated LiteratureAssassination Classroom 110 [Utopia]DL5.5 MiB033760
English-translated LiteratureMagi The Labyrinth of Magic 249 [Sense-Scans]DL8.5 MiB033770
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 96 [Casanova]DL6.9 MiB034510
English-translated LiteratureShokugeki no Soma 95 [Casanova]DL7.2 MiB034320
English-translated LiteratureMagi The Labyrinth of Magic 248 [Sense-Scans]DL8.1 MiB033670
English-translated LiteratureMagi The Labyrinth of Magic 246 [Sense-Scans]DL8.9 MiB035300
English-translated LiteratureSilver Spoon 98-107 [Red Hawk NEO & Mangawari]DL49.6 MiB035820
English-translated LiteratureToriko Manga - (Chapter 001-299) [Batoto Rip]DL1.98 GiB136380
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Fuuka - Chapter 38.zipDL7.3 MiB035790
English-translated LiteratureThe Seven Deadly Sins 101-102 [Red Hawk NEO]DL9 MiB035620
English-translated LiteratureOnepunch-Man 37.5-39 [Nerieru-Scans]DL36.1 MiB034880
English-translated LiteratureBeelzebub Side Story 1-4 [Red Hawk Scans]DL45.5 MiB035610
English-translated Literature[HorribleScans] Girl May Kill - Chapter 18.zipDL11.4 MiB034540
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