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English-translated Literatureジョジョの奇妙な冒険 全80巻DL3.34 GiB033551432
English-translated LiteratureA stuffload of mangas (webrip)DL114.93 GiB03218083
English-translated LiteratureCrazy's MangaDL192.56 GiB122637469
English-translated Literature(一般コミック) [師走冬子] スーパーメイドちるみさん 第1-7巻DL312.3 MiB01781500
English-translated LiteratureShirogane no Nina - Silver Nina Ch. 01-47 [Crunchyroll]DL302.5 MiB111581
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Vol. 21-25 [Chapter 170-213]DL223.8 MiB01012180
English-translated LiteratureSora no Otoshimono Manga - (Chapter 01-77) [Batoto Rip]DL1.54 GiB1894036
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Vol. 6-10 [Chapter 40-82]DL198.5 MiB0913790
English-translated LiteratureJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 01-07DL4.86 GiB5814943
English-translated LiteratureShaman King's Manga CompleteDL809.3 MiB0822302
English-translated LiteratureAkame ga KILL! Manga - (Chapter 01-53) [Batoto Rip]DL1.03 GiB474768
English-translated LiteratureMinamoto-kun Monogatari Manga - (Chapter 001-144)DL433.5 MiB675340
English-translated Literature(一般コミック) [赤衣丸歩郎] 仮面のメイドガイDL266.2 MiB07184430
English-translated LiteratureTerra Formars C000-C085 (English)-Mored1984DL1.12 GiB562641
English-translated LiteratureYowamushi Pedal Manga - (Chapter 001-199) [Batoto Rip]DL2.21 GiB763300
English-translated Literature(C83) [Shigatake] Totally Unaware Good Vibes Nikki -Nikki's Personal Diary- [English].zipDL49.5 MiB3662760
English-translated LiteratureHunter x Hunter Manga - (Chapter 001-349) [Kissmanga Rip]DL1.02 GiB263460
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Vol. 26-30 [Chapter 214-257]DL298 MiB1610920
English-translated LiteratureOnegai teacher (complete)DL123.8 MiB0624980
English-translated LiteratureThe Tenth Prism Ch. 01-23 [Crunchyroll]DL141.8 MiB18500
English-translated LiteratureKamisama no Iutoori 2 - Chapter 75 + 80-81 [Crunchyroll]DL23.8 MiB052701
English-translated LiteratureSaki - Achiga-hen Manga - (Chapter 01-20) [Batoto Rip]DL493 MiB353930
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 1-686(Latest)DL3.77 GiB959710
English-translated LiteratureTokyo Ghoul JACK chapter 1 [Kawa Scans]DL9.8 MiB056160
English-translated Literature[Shinkai] Magic Knight RayearthDL161 MiB055990
English-translated LiteratureKill La Kill 1-3 [Madman Scans]DL104.1 MiB1863730
English-translated Literature[rontorl (Jiroumaru Itsuki)] The Festival of Demons - A Cunning Chance Encounter [English] [Yuri-ism].zipDL20.8 MiB1842580
English-translated LiteratureSankarea Manga (Complete) 1-56 with special chaptersDL775 MiB2145631
English-translated LiteratureFreezing Manga - (Chapter 001-168) [Batoto Rip]DL2.55 GiB1244340
English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Kuroko no Basket v29DL67.9 MiB043270
English-translated LiteratureDenma Chapter 01-37DL41.4 MiB042830
English-translated LiteraturePrison School Manga - (Chapter 01-139) [Batoto Rip]DL1.19 GiB945940
English-translated LiteratureInitial D 1-719(Complete)DL3.01 GiB448247
English-translated Literature[Manga Motome] Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Daily Life with a Monster Girl) [INCOMPLETE] [PDF]DL925 MiB147540
English-translated Literature[Kawa scans] Jyoshikausei ch.21(v2).zipDL23.4 MiB044760
English-translated Literature[TINY UPLOADS] The god of highschool (Manhwa) up-to-dateDL796 MiB0410280
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Vol. 31-35 [Chapter 258-299]DL307.5 MiB1411523
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Vol. 16-20 [Chapter 127-169]DL238.5 MiB1412340
English-translated Literature[CrunchyScans] The Seven Deadly Sins - 60.zipDL5.8 MiB0412500
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1039 [MangaStream]DL6.4 MiB0412631
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1038 [MangaStream]DL3 MiB0412092
English-translated LiteratureTower of God MangaDL786 MiB04112571
English-translated LiteratureShaman King Zero One-Shot [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL10.3 MiB0411231
English-translated LiteratureShounan Jun'ai Gumi (Young GTO)DL571 MiB0418580
English-translated LiteratureSkip Beat 134 by Franky HouseDL5.3 MiB047990
English-translated LiteratureBremen [無頼男-ブレーメン-] Vol. 1-9DL245.4 MiB0413390
English-translated Literature(一般小説) [美水かがみ×竹井10日] らき☆すた殺人事件.zipDL12 MiB0447500
English-translated LiteratureKill La Kill 4-6 [Roselia Scanlations]DL31.8 MiB1363620
English-translated LiteratureFreezing - Zero Manga - (Chapter 01-20) [Batoto Rip]DL523.5 MiB1234140
English-translated LiteratureFreezing - First Chronicle Manga - (Chapter 01-04) [Batoto Rip]DL105.7 MiB833850
English-translated Literature[Mankitsu]_Mujaki_no_Rakuen_Vol05.rarDL136 MiB736520
English-translated Literature[Mankitsu Scans]_Umareru_Kachi_Vol01_ch04.zipDL12.5 MiB336141
English-translated LiteratureSakuranbo Syndrome Manga - (Chapter 01-64) [Batoto Rip]DL878 MiB132991
English-translated LiteratureLove So Life Manga - (Chapter 01-82) [Batoto Rip]DL1016.5 MiB232970
English-translated LiteratureAo Haru Ride Manga - (Chapter 00-45) [Batoto Rip]DL1.02 GiB533360
English-translated LiteratureTower of God Manga - (Chapter 000-200) [Kissmanga Rip]DL1.04 GiB533425
English-translated LiteratureMelty BloodDL774 MiB334670
English-translated Literature[WWW]_Shishunki_Bitter_Change_-_15.zipDL3.9 MiB133870
English-translated LiteratureGintama Manga - (Chapter 001-514) [Batoto Rip]DL2.97 GiB3349215
English-translated LiteratureShinryaku! Ika Musume Manga - (Chapter 001-274) [Batoto Rip]DL1.23 GiB533621
English-translated LiteratureMagi The Labyrinth of Magic 243 [Sense-Scans]DL7.2 MiB033970
English-translated LiteratureShigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - c019 (v05) [HorribleSubs-Scans].zipDL24.3 MiB17323054
English-translated Literature[Manga Motome] Peace Maker Kurogane (2002) [INCOMPLETE] [JPG/PNG]DL73.9 MiB034700
English-translated LiteratureHajime No Ippo 1-1071(Latest)DL3.82 GiB438331
English-translated LiteratureHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 1-583(Complete)DL4 GiB6311212
English-translated LiteratureAttack on Titan 60 [MangaStream]DL23.1 MiB7313190
English-translated LiteratureAttack on Titan 58 [MangaStream]DL20.5 MiB4319001
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Vol. 36-42 [Chapter 300-361]DL499 MiB1336150
English-translated LiteratureKilling Bites c01-02.zipDL35.9 MiB039930
English-translated LiteratureAttack on Titan 55 [MangaStream]DL20.7 MiB2320080
English-translated LiteratureBleach 564 [MangaStream]DL6.9 MiB4334470
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 734 [MangaStream]DL5.8 MiB6350970
English-translated LiteratureBleach Full Manga Chapters 001-560DL2.51 GiB73312210
English-translated LiteratureTasogare Otome x Amnesia (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) - Vol. 10v2DL56.5 MiB0313811
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1036 [MangaStream]DL6.3 MiB0311550
English-translated LiteratureHajime no Ippo 1027 [MangaStream]DL6.5 MiB0310680
English-translated LiteratureSpice and Wolf Light Novels (6-17 English)DL263.3 MiB623132809
English-translated Literature[mankitsu] Mujaki no Rakuen CH05DL15.7 MiB03148740
English-translated LiteratureGaku-Touhou Back Archives (2012-11-04)DL15.45 GiB3390356
English-translated Literature[Kusunoki Kei] Bitter Virgin [Solaris-SVU] (Reuploaded)DL508 MiB0310820
English-translated LiteratureShakugan no Shana Novels 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,16DL14.8 MiB0311470
English-translated Literature[Baka-Tsuki] To Aru Majutsu no Index Light NovelsDL276.3 MiB26355740
English-translated LiteratureHayate no Gotoku 300-350 (English)DL249.5 MiB034700
English-translated LiteratureBleach 462 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.1 MiB0334330
English-translated Literature[X5] Kamisama Dolls - Chapter 12.zipDL5.6 MiB0313740
English-translated LiteratureOne Piece 626 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.9 MiB0320961
English-translated Literature[A-Destiny]_Konjiki_No_Gash!!-Gaiden.zipDL6.9 MiB034740
English-translated LiteratureAishiteruze Baby [Complete][Vol01-07]DL194.8 MiB036280
English-translated Literature[Konno Azure] Koe de Oshigoto! Vol01 [Tonigobe].rarDL137 MiB038470
English-translated LiteratureUrusei Yatsura - CompleteDL1010.1 MiB0310777
English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail Manga vol1-22 +8omakeDL937 MiB23121351
English-translated LiteratureTrigun Rising Complete [Oneshot][Manga][Nyaa]DL12.9 MiB037390
English-translated Literature[RS, KTK & Wolfram] Berserk Volumes 1-32 & Prototype HQ ScanlationsDL7.86 GiB0294112
English-translated Literature.hack//Legend of the Twilight Complete Series [Manga]DL317.8 MiB0311531
English-translated LiteratureFSSDL1.1 GiB0310270
English-translated LiteratureHayate no Gotoku chapters 000-264 (English)DL1.34 GiB038871
English-translated Literature[Yoshihiro_Tatsumi][辰巳 ヨシヒロ][The_Push_Man_and_Other_Stories][Abandon_the_Old_in_Tokyo][Good-Bye]DL140 MiB034760
English-translated LiteratureGTO CompleteDL993.5 MiB0326832
English-translated LiteratureHistorys Strongest Disciple KenichiDL1.98 GiB039232
English-translated Literature[ZSS]_Gundam_00_Fictional_Affection[CA51992E].zipDL8.9 MiB038410
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Reminder: Any Facebook/Twitter/social media/etc. account that tries to look like an official NyaaTorrents account is fake. NT itself and are the only official communication channels.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-01, 03:19] <Artemix> Sometimes I wonder if the chat hides my messages and I'm the only one who can see them...
[11-01, 02:49] <And360red> 4h
[11-01, 02:18] <dzn018> I was wondering, is [spoiler][/spoiler] works in zomments section, do [quote][/quote] do too?
[11-01, 01:56] <paulo27ms> >being american >having ebola
[11-01, 01:54] <Senzura> everyone here is gay because they are not at a halloween party and are watching girl cartoons insteas
[11-01, 01:53] <Jabberwok> K, nvmd... just checked a similar file know had good subs and same thing happened... lol my bad
[11-01, 01:53] <Artemix> I want to watch Hellsing (never watched it) is the AHQ release decent?.
[11-01, 01:51] <Jabberwok> Anyone else grab the HS Terra Formars 6 (480p ver) and not have the subs recognised? My player's usually good fer it but wanted to check on this.
[11-01, 01:48] <paulo27ms> lol @ Cthuko uploading Shirobako without TSing it, welp already watched it now thinking they just missed a couple signs
[11-01, 01:02] <HerbalNekoTea> I agree, nowaday, encoding are way better. I downloaded Simoun with the only encode on nyaa, i could have downloaded the one on bakabt but i wanted to leech it. I regret my move because all i saw was those motherfucking artifact...
[10-31, 23:50] <Sheep> @Sticky, other than nyaatorrents.txt
[10-31, 23:32] <OnDeed> and brand new BD releases of stuff raising the bar on image quality
[10-31, 23:32] <SenketsuSubs> @TRVE HAHAHAHA =D
[10-31, 23:32] <OnDeed> what you encoded in 2009 and watched on 22" screen might look worse when you look five years later with a brand new LCD and some extra experience under the belt...
[10-31, 23:30] <OnDeed> actually, they do rott in a sense. As time passes, your criteria get higher - newer encodes/sources tend to look increasingly better, and thus the older stuff starts to look worse in comparison, you notice the flaws more :)
[10-31, 23:28] <[TRVE]> Oh, and: yes, of course, SenketsuSubs, even though it takes much longer to see visible damage. That's why you only store DVD or BD remuxes, nothing else.
[10-31, 23:27] <Artemix> I wonder why holophonic sounds are not used in games or movies.. it would be awesome.
[10-31, 23:25] <OnDeed> it sucks that audio is so intangible - OTOH, if you could inspect the compression damage as closely as with video, it would probably only give one more worries
[10-31, 23:20] <[TRVE]> As hinted below, I know some cases where more bitrate helps (basically, everything that's a wall of noise), but yeah, I don't think I'd hear anything different at different stereo modes either.
[10-31, 23:09] <OnDeed> all in all, it's mostly waste of time anyway
[10-31, 23:08] <OnDeed> otherwise it's too much placebo effect and "I think I heard something"
[10-31, 23:08] <OnDeed> doesn't really make sense unless you are going to use really rigorous ABX methods
[10-31, 23:05] <[TRVE]> Making test samples and listening for myself is called for.
[10-31, 23:05] <SenketsuSubs> Interesting the talk below... If you keep animes sitting on a hard drive, will they degrade too? HAHAHAHA :-P
[10-31, 23:03] <[TRVE]> Uh-huh... I've just learned something new.
[10-31, 23:00] <OnDeed> note that I don't claim there is quality degradation there, I don't know enough about it. What is more likely is that it doesn't help on high bitrates (but I don't know if Lame actually disables it in those presets - I think some encoders do, but that might be aac or other formats, even). What I would say though is that at high bitrate, the effect of it beind disabled couldn't create audible damage, because 320kbps would be safely enough for transparency
[10-31, 22:51] <OnDeed> there are actually two types, one is lossy, one is lossless (however, there might be still lossy effects due to later quantization steps). I'Ve read somewhere that the switching between the modes - the encoder does that to pick the best mode - is potentially detrimental to quality
[10-31, 22:49] <[TRVE]> OnDeed: From what I read (and understood, lol), any kind of "joint stereo" works with only encoding one channel fully, then computing the difference between the channels and encode only those for the other channel. In many cases this results in what looks like a higher bitrate per channel. Hence my question: where is the quality degradation here?
[10-31, 22:41] <lotusgg> boku no pi... forget it, that joke's no fun anymore.
[10-31, 22:38] <Denkoko> what is the most anime candy?
[10-31, 22:24] <herkz> it's called a joke.
[10-31, 22:18] <chon1314> i bet it is your hearing that are degrading, afterall, there are now way to stop aging, let alone reversing it
[10-31, 22:14] <chon1314> ""each year the MP3 sits on your hard drive, it will lose roughly 12kbps"" - how the heck something be degraded when the calculated crcs remain the same, then and now? aren't data stored on hdd in forms of 1s and 0s?
[10-31, 22:02] <xell17> Spooky, scary skeletons ;-;
[10-31, 21:58] <Yarukinasu> Warm sound from record player sounds great, bright sound from silver cable sounds great, etc. ( ̄Д ̄)
[10-31, 21:25] <OnDeed> damn, now I remembered the tiems when you needed to install quicktime to watch video on websites (early 2000s)... that was such an annoying piece of shit software
[10-31, 21:23] <OnDeed> qaac probably works under wine, since just the dll is needed, not full craptunes/quacktime install
[10-31, 21:17] <kugel> it's bendable
[10-31, 20:50] <eraser> qaac is a frontend for apple's aac encoder so ???
[10-31, 20:33] <Onionion> Watamote ova, aw yeah
[10-31, 20:29] <Mirenkorax> But herkz, what would Stallman think?
[10-31, 19:45] <sarachikorita> A lot of times, when people say they hear "warmth" coming from a record player... IMO, that's not quality, that's limited bandwidth.
[10-31, 19:37] <herkz> lol if you don't use qaac to encode aac. oh wait, windows only. MUH FREEDOMS xDDDDDDDDDDD
[10-31, 19:32] <eraser> lol if you don't use fdk to encode aac
[10-31, 19:29] <klaudinnei> out the dvd vol. 02 uncensored
[10-31, 19:28] <klaudinnei> pky, out the dvd vol. 02 uncensored
[10-31, 19:24] <BoboJavelinsky> mp3 is nuke, AAC encoded by Apple's proprietary encoder is the new wave, high-end preserved
[10-31, 19:19] <Waifu-Chan> RIP Kaylith Subs.
[10-31, 19:11] <OnDeed> I saw some poeple on forum threads putting huge emphasis about how you absolutely need joint stereo and how they found tremendous differences at 320kbps CBR. They usually used those typical stories about how it sounded much "richer" , while it was empty, dull, etc without JS (= which suggests with great confidence that they were just full of shit, hehe)
[10-31, 19:08] <OnDeed> basically, if Lame itself configures itself as full stereo when you use preset insane, then I wouldn't not try to force joint stereo - and vice versa (dunno actualyl what it is). That being said, the difference at 320kbps probably isn't ABXable (distinguishable)
[10-31, 18:57] <OnDeed> [TRVE]: I don't know the mecahnics, but if it is a part of the codec's tuning, it probably is so. There can be signaling costs (from what I read, the encoder actually switches the modes on/off depending on what is more favorable mode), effects of quantization etc. It is not weird that a compression tool would not be useful in some scenarios (for example, just look at HE-AAC, which is onyl good for low bitrates and aac encoders automatically switch to LC as bitrate goes up. Moral = don't force parameters, trust the presets)...
[10-31, 18:37] <shaddrag> Not this shit again.
[10-31, 18:29] <pky> @klaudinnei "uncensored"
[10-31, 18:12] <shaddrag> I have worse than bad Internet and I don't even download those starved re-encodes xD
[10-31, 18:11] <klaudinnei> tokyo ghoul vol. 02 uncensored came out today in Japan, when they post here.
[10-31, 18:10] <herkz> No one gives a fuck about people with bad Internet. Just download the 480p release instead.
[10-31, 17:59] <[TRVE]> That made me curious.
[10-31, 17:58] <[TRVE]> Oh, and could you please explain how "joint stereo" degrades quality?
[10-31, 17:54] <[TRVE]> And in general, people are dumb. For example, some Russian rippers maintained the unshakeable belief that for CBR 320 you had to use LAME 3.93.1 and no other version because the frequency cut-off for this version is set really high, so you get spectres that looked like those of a CD. If this sounds both shady and dumb to you - it is. But you couldn't convince them otherwise, because "just do a spectral analysis, man".
[10-31, 17:48] <[TRVE]> OnDeed: Many frontends simply used presets instead of gathering data and generating a command line. 320 kbps CBR would be "insane" and that is set to "stereo" per default. People would just select "320" and click start without bothering with details. Also, with MS joint stereo, you'll get an even higher bitrate per channel, so why not use that.
[10-31, 17:34] <no9bra> Ref [NR] Psycho-Pass 2 - 04 [480p] [AnimeRG].mkv deletion - THINK OF THE CHILDREN - with crap data plans.
[10-31, 17:29] <isamaa> anyone getting this problem or just me? nyaa's page didn't show any picture, it was just white blank
[10-31, 17:22] <Zurl> Johj
[10-31, 17:12] <hazardous> also no ebola vaccine too. ebola virus is man-made.
[10-31, 15:29] <Artemix> A question for the experts, what is the limiting quality factor that produces a frying-like sound when I hear songs with multiple voices, for example some of the Queen songs.
[10-31, 15:28] <xell17> no kissing, no touching. :[
[10-31, 15:28] <xell17> don't touch your friends~
[10-31, 15:28] <xell17> ebola
[10-31, 14:43] <MisterDonut> what is a google
[10-31, 14:30] <124997186> How to download it? I am a freshman
[10-31, 14:16] <OnDeed> 160kbps per mono channel is quite high, even for MP3, after all, so I'm pretty sure not using joint stereo despite it actually being helpful would not cause audible damage
[10-31, 14:15] <shaddrag> For the record, my 320kbps mp3's are fine to my non-elitist ears.
[10-31, 14:12] <OnDeed> "<[TRVE]> And I maintain what I said before: 320 kbps mp3 sounded and sometimes still sounds like crap because people didn't change the default settings and encoded both channels fully." --- where do you get this from? In reality, I think many codecs disable joint stereo or mid-side coding when on higher bitrates *to prevent quality degradation*. That might actually include Lame, though I'm not sure
[10-31, 13:46] <Atlus> (´◔౪◔)
[10-31, 13:40] <shaddrag> They were so young, RIP in peaces.
[10-31, 13:22] <supernut64> rip ;_;7 go with hs then
[10-31, 13:21] <[TRVE]> Kaylith is dead.
[10-31, 13:18] <supernut64> also, kaylith, nabi
[10-31, 13:14] <supernut64> when will commie die
[10-31, 13:13] <nabi1103> so commie or hs for shigatsu guys?
[10-31, 12:46] <shaddrag> You could at least have the courtesy to link the file you are referring to, not that it would help you get assistance anyway.
[10-31, 12:01] <xenoforce> [TouhouProject] [MP3] Super Best Trance Ultimate Collection
[10-31, 12:00] <xenoforce> please seed this file for finish my download thx
[10-31, 10:26] <nano02kg> thx
[10-31, 10:07] <shaddrag> "will it work with my toaster?"
[10-31, 08:54] <sarachikorita> I think in the real world people don't really care about that extra bit of quality or that extra few bytes of compression, they want to know, "will it work with my player?"
[10-31, 08:48] <ravil> Ank is gay
[10-31, 08:45] <sarachikorita> For what you share with others, if you use some hipster format nobody else uses, people are gonna need special software, they're just gonna turn around and say fuck you, and download from someone else who uses a better-supported format.
[10-31, 08:45] <[TRVE]> And I maintain what I said before: 320 kbps mp3 sounded and sometimes still sounds like crap because people didn't change the default settings and encoded both channels fully. They effectively got the sound of 160 kpbs. Nobody in their right mind used the Fraunhofer encoder even back then, LAME was and still is the way to go.
[10-31, 08:42] <sarachikorita> FLAC is common and has good support; it being open source is a plus. Wavpack and TTA may be open source but about nobody uses them - if they use anything else it's the proprietary and semi-proprietary formats ALAC, SHN and APE. What you use for your own stash is your business but IMO it's daft to use anything but FLAC for lossless.
[10-31, 08:41] <[TRVE]> As long as there is no hardware support without patching the firmware, anything other than FLAC has no future.
[10-31, 07:57] <BaeOonk Hke> its amazing web site its easy to download any anime on 1080p
[10-31, 07:47] <junh1024> Wavpack, otoh, is open sauce, and supported just well amonst my tools, has a few benefits over FLAC (sometimes smaller size), and so I can suggest WV as a lossless codec.
[10-31, 07:46] <junh1024> Although TAK may have the best lossless compression, it's a proprietary codec, and isn't supported well enough amonst my tools to warrant switching to it.
[10-31, 07:45] <junh1024> 320kps MP3 ripped from aeons ago may sound crap simply because the encoders were crap back then. Modern encoders like LAME on 320kps now should sound better than any back then.
[10-31, 07:44] <junh1024> < note how the graph stop at about 128kps. This is about when the low-delay restriction of Opus is apprently detrimental. AAC has served us well for many years, and will continue doing so. There's new xsns for AAC being developed, too.
[10-31, 06:46] <Denkoko> We may lost Kaylith, but at least Hadena is coming back, right guys?
[10-31, 05:58] <Rin2K> Sometimes ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °), sometimes ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º), on rare occasions ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)