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Category DLSizeSELEDLsMsg
English-scanlated Books[D-M_M-S]Worst_v04_c013DL14 MiB002360
English-scanlated Books[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c03.zipDL21.5 MiB012350
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas 60DL4.2 MiB012350
English-scanlated Books[Shiroshitsuji] Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 27 ScanlationDL18.2 MiB002350
English-scanlated Books[Sakinobashi]EgaoDL6 MiB012350
English-scanlated BooksHSD Kenichi 138 [Franky House & Chaoscans]DL8.3 MiB002350
English-scanlated BooksSkyhigh_Karma_v01_c09[Bakalicious]DL4.3 MiB002350
English-scanlated Books[C-P]Ultimate Muscle Volume 1-4 (Kinnikuman Nisei Volume 1-4)DL266 MiBStatus unknown2350
English-scanlated Books[EveTaku] iDOLM@STER Break! Chapter 5 [English]DL14.3 MiB012340
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Silvery Crow 18DL4.5 MiB002340
English-scanlated Books[DDANF] Uwasa no Midori-kun 9DL7.6 MiB012340
English-scanlated BooksYakitate Japan 234 by Franky HouseDL4.1 MiB012330
English-scanlated BooksKaibutsu Oujo/Princess Resurrection chapter 33 [Ala-Atra]DL24.2 MiB012330
English-scanlated BooksPenguin Revolution 023 by Franky HouseDL5 MiB012330
English-scanlated BooksDGM_144[Binktopia].zipDL4.1 MiB002330
English-scanlated BooksMaker Hikoushiki Hatsune Mix Chapters 1-16 ENGLISHDL26.5 MiB012323
English-scanlated BooksDeadman Wonderland chapter 06[S^3]DL10.9 MiB002310
English-scanlated Books[NegimaVN] Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol 04 - VietnameseDL56.2 MiB002310
English-scanlated BooksSkyhigh_Karma_v02_c13[Bakalicious]DL4 MiB002300
English-scanlated Books[Youn In-Wan, Yang Kyung-Il] Defense Devil Vol.01 [English].zipDL52.5 MiB012290
English-scanlated BooksKaibutsu Oujo chapter 30 [Hyena-Scans]DL10.1 MiB012290
English-scanlated BooksYakitate Japan 213 by Franky HouseDL4.6 MiB012290
English-scanlated BooksTsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 213v2 by Franky HouseDL3.9 MiB002290
English-scanlated Books[PhatKahn]Baki:SoO v7 c53 [HQ]DL10.3 MiB002290
English-scanlated BooksAlive 14 by Franky HouseDL10.5 MiB002290
English-scanlated BooksKaibutsu Oujo chapter 29 [Hyena-Scans]DL11.1 MiB012280
English-scanlated BooksSkyhigh_Karma_v02_c12[Bakalicious]DL5.2 MiB002280
English-scanlated BooksBeelzebub_70[KSH].zipDL7.3 MiB002270
English-scanlated BooksHayate no Gotoku! 175DL3.2 MiB002270
English-scanlated BooksTsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 226 by Franky HouseDL3.4 MiB012270
English-scanlated BooksFairy Tail 141 by Franky HousesDL5.6 MiB002270
English-scanlated BooksKatekyo Hitman Reborn 219 by Franky HouseDL4.2 MiB002270
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 45-46DL17.1 MiB002270
English-scanlated BooksLiving Game Volume 1-10DL427.5 MiB012270
English-scanlated BooksSkyhigh_Karma_v01_c10[Bakalicious]DL4.1 MiB002270
English-scanlated BooksKekkaishi 326 [MangaStream & Binktopia]DL5.5 MiB002260
English-scanlated BooksKami to Sengoku Seitokai c012 by Franky HouseDL6.5 MiB002260
English-scanlated Books[Enigma!] Negiho (Ito) Bun - Chapter 1 & 2DL12.9 MiB012250
English-scanlated BooksYakitate Japan 210 by Franky HouseDL2.8 MiB002250
English-scanlated BooksOP_474_HQ_ [FH]DL3.5 MiB002250
English-scanlated Books[McDonald] Ichiro Heian! Chapter 03.rarDL10.5 MiB102240
English-scanlated BooksAshita no Yoichi 024 by Franky HouseDL12.4 MiB002240
English-scanlated Books[EF] Chokotto Sister 40DL4.3 MiBStatus unknown2240
English-scanlated Books[NegimaVN] Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol 05 - VietnameseDL62.9 MiB002240
English-scanlated BooksDorohedoro chapter 84DL13.7 MiB012230
English-scanlated BooksGokuraku Doumei Vol 1 Ch 3 ver 2 [Wai-Scans & In2KLess]DL5.6 MiB002230
English-scanlated BooksSidooh_v03_c024[Bakalicious]DL5.3 MiB012230
English-scanlated BooksBerserk manga vol 02-03 [eng][hq.1970x2900]DL580 MiB012227
English-scanlated BooksOP_472_HQ_ [FH]_v2.zipDL3.2 MiB002220
English-scanlated Books[DDANF] Uwasa no Midori-kun 6DL9 MiB002220
English-scanlated Books[CHIBA Kozue] Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute volume 02 [ENG].zipDL78.7 MiB012200
English-scanlated BooksPsyren_128_[MudaScans].rarDL13.5 MiB002200
English-scanlated BooksKekkaishi 223v2 by Franky HouseDL4.2 MiB002200
English-scanlated BooksSkyhigh_Karma_v02_c15[Bakalicious]DL4.6 MiB002200
English-scanlated BooksBattle_Angel_Alita_Last_Order_Phase77[crazyankan&rippersanime]DL20.2 MiB012200
English-scanlated Books[H1] Digopuri c07-09DL15.4 MiB012191
English-scanlated Books[MAS]Usogui Chapter 3DL4.2 MiB002190
English-scanlated BooksEyeshield21 327 by Franky HouseDL3.9 MiB002190
English-scanlated BooksPenguin Revolution 022 by Franky HouseDL8 MiB002190
English-scanlated Books[MAS]Akazukin ElizaDL8.1 MiB022180
English-scanlated BooksGamon the Demolition Man 04 by Franky HouseDL4.5 MiB002180
English-scanlated Books[DDANF] Uwasa no Midori-kun 7DL7.3 MiB002180
English-scanlated BooksHistory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi chapter 391.rarDL7.6 MiB002160
English-scanlated Books[PAFS]_Seven_Ocean_c05-06[END].zipDL34.1 MiB012160
English-scanlated BooksRave Master 206 HQ by DGScansDL9.3 MiB002150
English-scanlated BooksYakitate Japan 225 by Franky HouseDL4.3 MiB002140
English-scanlated BooksShiinake_no_Hitobito_Chapter.1.rarDL23.5 MiB012140
English-scanlated BooksSkyhigh_Karma_v02_c14[Bakalicious]DL3.8 MiB002140
English-scanlated BooksWorst_v1c2[Banchou]DL14 MiB012130
English-scanlated Books[PhatKahn]Baki:SoO v7 c54 [HQ]DL12.8 MiB002130
English-scanlated BooksBeelzebub_72_KSH_.zipDL7.5 MiB002120
English-scanlated Books[KnA]Amnesia_Labyrinth_v01_c001.rarDL17.6 MiB012120
English-scanlated Books[Mahou-X]Soul Eater 45DL9.4 MiB012120
English-scanlated BooksBattle Angel Alita Last Order Volume 4v2 by Rippersanime and CrazyankanDL51.2 MiB002120
English-scanlated BooksAutoFocus vol 3 snap 9aDL6 MiB012120
English-scanlated BooksBeelzebub 065 by Franky HouseDL5 MiB002110
English-scanlated Books[PhatKahn]Baki:SoO v7 c51 [HQ]DL10.4 MiB002100
English-scanlated BooksHayate_no_Gotoku_Oneshot(English)[FoOlRulez].zipDL16.3 MiB002090
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 41-44DL35.5 MiB002090
English-scanlated Books[JapaneseMaidCookingSpaghetti] Pugyuru Volume 07DL31.3 MiB012080
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 37-38DL18.5 MiB002080
English-scanlated BooksCompiler Volume 1 (Batch) [Fairy-Tail]DL67.7 MiB012080
English-scanlated BooksYakitate Japan 211 by Franky HouseDL2.7 MiB002060
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 28DL5.9 MiB012060
English-scanlated Books[PhatKahn]Baki:SoO v7 c52 [HQ] v2DL10.5 MiB002060
English-scanlated BooksOne Piece Chapter 485 [OPHQ].zipDL4.1 MiB012060
English-scanlated BooksKaibutsu Oujo chapter 28 [Hyena-Scans]DL11.8 MiB012050
English-scanlated BooksKarin Vol.8 (Batch) [Fairy-Tail]DL47.6 MiB012050
English-scanlated BooksRave Master 205 HQ by DGScansDL5.7 MiB002050
English-scanlated BooksAMG Chapter 242 ENGDL10.3 MiB012040
English-scanlated BooksKatekyo Hitman Reborn 223v2 by Franky HouseDL4.7 MiB002040
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 35-36DL17.6 MiB012040
English-scanlated BooksMonster Manga - 2 NEVER SCANLATED Pages from MangascreenerDL688 KiB012031
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 29-30DL10 MiB002030
English-scanlated BooksHayate no Gotoku 167 [Lucid_Yume][mangatoshokan]DL2 MiB002020
English-scanlated BooksPsyren 056 by Franky HouseDL4.3 MiB002020
English-scanlated Books[Mako-Scans] Silvery Crow 20DL4.4 MiB002010
English-scanlated BooksSidooh_v03_c025[Bakalicious]DL5.6 MiB012010
English-scanlated BooksOP_475_HQ_ [FH]DL3.8 MiB002010
English-scanlated BooksHayate no Gotoku c265 (English) [Endless Youth and Co.]DL3.2 MiB002000
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[04-24, 01:33 UTC] <RobbyLob> @Mods: Please change the chatbox so any registered user can post here, since it seems like it's been restricted to certain types of users.
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[04-23, 20:05 UTC] <RobbyLob> I don't see how restricting the chatbox to trusted-users/mods make is any more conducive to meaningful conversation, or more directly, any less likely to be fulled of pointless, trivial bullshit.
[04-23, 19:16 UTC] <OnDeed> hehe, so it's back to the "some people are permitted in, but they don't have anything to say" stage :)
[04-23, 19:05 UTC] <Eroyume> 20 eroge on the 25th (Rance 9, fuck yeah). More videos for you forever alones.
[04-23, 19:03 UTC] <Eroyume> Where are the greys?
[04-23, 17:44 UTC] <ReinForce> Just do it!
[04-23, 16:29 UTC] <Commie> How do I download anime?
[04-23, 15:03 UTC] <neto_rare> pls ban lae and skdicks
[04-23, 13:00 UTC] <Cheesecake Militia> are plebs not allowed to touch things again?
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[04-23, 12:13 UTC] <Seizhan> hello just hello
[04-23, 10:39 UTC] <lae> ohayo iegg-tang!!
[04-23, 10:27 UTC] <IEgg> ohayo minasang!
[04-23, 09:51 UTC] <neto_rare> pls ban koleans
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[04-23, 06:58 UTC] <lae> someone get me a funnel
[04-23, 06:53 UTC] <Ichigo69> Hi aers!
[04-23, 06:35 UTC] <aers> You first RHE
[04-23, 05:17 UTC] <ReinForce> @DJATOM > one one one one///
[04-23, 05:16 UTC] <DJATOM> 'sup, guys \o
[04-23, 04:31 UTC] <RHExcelion> go away noko
[04-23, 02:20 UTC] <Noko> Hello internets