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Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Hunter x Hunter 342 [ES]DL5.6 MiB105980
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 077 [es]DL11.2 MiB103390
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的劣等生-九校戰篇09DL11.3 MiB818030
Non-English-translated Literature偽戀128DL8.6 MiB004270
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王751+火影忍者682 JOJODL11.4 MiB015020
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王751+火影忍者682+獵人345DL18.9 MiB316960
Non-English-translated Literature【NT-R汉化组】[速野悠二] みのりスキャンダル 全2卷DL323.5 MiB4412220
Non-English-translated Literature【尖端出版】[Koi] ご注文はうさぎですか? 第01-02卷DL281.5 MiB12035960
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Kuroko no Basket 265 [ES]DL9.7 MiB105730
Non-English-translated Literature[藤村真理] きょうは会社休みます。 第01-02巻DL123.3 MiB8027630
Non-English-translated Literature[A-Kei] Fairy Tail 187 [480p][x264][2B30A96D].mp4DL82.8 MiB105710
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛MAGI 第230夜DL4.9 MiB016650
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Shamo v29 c87 [ES]DL10.2 MiB105400
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 076 [es]DL10.3 MiB104630
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] One Piece 750 [ES]DL7.1 MiB008060
Non-English-translated LiteratureShaman King (Manga complet en français)DL554.3 MiB106590
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴389 (重新下載)DL5.4 MiB104730
Non-English-translated Literature風夏20DL14.9 MiB005450
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara - Completa [es]DL136.3 MiB104960
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 010 [es]DL15.9 MiB104820
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王750 JOJODL11.4 MiB016160
Non-English-translated Literature[台灣東立][古味直志][偽戀][第11集][無水印][推薦收這個版本]DL156.7 MiB316200
Non-English-translated Literature偽戀127DL11.5 MiB205450
Non-English-translated Literature[MegaNime™]ToqGer Ep.01 Sub IndonesiaDL20.1 MiBStatus unknown4771
Non-English-translated Literature銃騎士Cutie☆Bullet 第02話DL29.3 MiB007280
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王750+獵人344+火影忍者681 JOJODL16 MiB309070
Non-English-translated LiteratureToLoveRu Darkness 番外篇-19DL15.8 MiB0016870
Non-English-translated Literature銃騎士Cutie☆Bullet 第03話DL25.1 MiB106310
Non-English-translated Literature零度戰姬169-171DL29 MiB004690
Non-English-translated Literature(コミック)エマ 全10巻DL601.5 MiBStatus unknown41640
Non-English-translated Literature[一般コミック ・ 雑誌] コンプティーク 2014年07月号 CompleteDL244.4 MiBStatus unknown34970
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛MAGI 第229夜DL5.3 MiB105120
Non-English-translated Literature[台灣角川][介錯][絕對少女聖域AMNESIAN][01-04][全]DL788.6 MiB8010410
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴388+風夏19DL18.6 MiB126670
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Kuroko no Basket 264 [ES]DL7.1 MiB106750
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 075 [es]DL11.3 MiB104770
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 052 [es]DL14.7 MiB103490
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 009 [es]DL10.7 MiB103530
Non-English-translated Literature偽戀126DL11.3 MiB104100
Non-English-translated Literature[台灣東立][柳井伸彥][魔彈之王與戰姬][01]+[02-04漢化版]DL699.6 MiB416580
Non-English-translated Literature戀愛足球my bal 06DL14.6 MiB104120
Non-English-translated Literature火影忍者680 JOJO +獵人343+[刀劍神域][SAO Progressive][第10.5話]DL18.9 MiB435170
Non-English-translated Literature驚爆遊戲73DL37.7 MiB013570
Non-English-translated Literature[Maxus-Fansub] D.C Manga Chapter 899 [Arabic].rarDL9.7 MiB003710
Non-English-translated Literature[tsukikageScans]MOON_-_Subaru_Solitude_Standing_v05_c54_[ger]DL9.1 MiB103460
Non-English-translated Literature[刀劍神域][SAO Progressive][第10話]DL26.2 MiB105200
Non-English-translated Literature[くろみみ (宏咲はう)] きりりん de ふひひー (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) (非エロ)【OTK汉化】DL8.7 MiB207590
Non-English-translated Literature落第騎士的英雄譚03DL16.6 MiB405860
Non-English-translated Literature[一般コミック ・ 雑誌] 週刊少年チャンピオン 2014年27号 CompleteDL246.3 MiBStatus unknown28740
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Minamoto-kun Monogatari 123 [ES]DL3.1 MiB104300
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Minamoto-kun Monogatari 122 [ES]DL3.7 MiB104100
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Minamoto-kun Monogatari 121 [ES]DL2.9 MiB104030
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛MAGI 第228夜DL5.2 MiB015320
Non-English-translated Literature[팀@갤] THE iDOLM@STER 2 - Xbox360 Korean Booklet (1200DPI)DL2.53 GiB016820
Non-English-translated LiteratureFairy Tail S2 - 10DL241.3 MiB209760
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 074 [es]DL17.9 MiB103740
Non-English-translated Literature[팀@갤] THE iDOLM@STER 2 - PS3 Korean Booklet (800DPI)DL513 MiB006500
Non-English-translated Literature[팀@갤] THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL Korean Booklet (1200DPI)DL2.08 GiB016710
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 051 [es]DL8.6 MiB103270
Non-English-translated Literature風夏18DL9 MiB015350
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴387DL6.6 MiB003970
Non-English-translated Literature【个人制作】[田中政志] GON ゴン SELECTIONDL234.3 MiB016630
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 008 [es]DL14.9 MiB104240
Non-English-translated Literature【青文出版】[大島永遠] 四姉妹エンカウント 第01-02卷DL423 MiB6136200
Non-English-translated Literature偽戀125DL4.8 MiB004070
Non-English-translated Literature銃騎士Cutie☆Bullet 00-01DL39.2 MiB208010
Non-English-translated Literature火影忍者679 JOJODL7.9 MiB205380
Non-English-translated Literature火影忍者679+獵人342DL13.8 MiB106360
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Minamoto-kun Monogatari 120 [ES]DL3.3 MiB104450
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Minamoto-kun Monogatari 119 [ES]DL2.9 MiB104320
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Minamoto-kun Monogatari 118 [ES]DL3.2 MiB104250
Non-English-translated Literature[台灣角川][佐藤ショウジ][絕命制裁X][06]DL44.4 MiB114710
Non-English-translated Literature戀愛足球my bal 01-05DL71.1 MiB405910
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的劣等生-橫濱騷亂篇-08DL12.7 MiB406940
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Kuroneko Kareshi no NakasekataDL28.6 MiB207090
Non-English-translated Literature[ToLoveRu Darkness][第44話]DL20.2 MiB5017510
Non-English-translated Literature[一般コミック ・ 雑誌] コンプエース 2014年07号 CompleteDL294 MiBStatus unknown32220
Non-English-translated Literature[ZtDnS] Kuroko no Basket 263 [ES]DL19 MiB007850
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的劣等生-追憶篇 04 (請重新下載)DL6.3 MiB116950
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛MAGI 第227夜DL5.4 MiB105140
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴386DL6.1 MiB105320
Non-English-translated Literature風夏17DL12.9 MiB016260
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 007 [es]DL15.7 MiB004750
Non-English-translated Literature偽戀124DL10.5 MiB205550
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王749 JOJODL7.5 MiB108150
Non-English-translated Literature火影忍者678JOJODL4.7 MiB107920
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的劣等生-九校戰篇08DL12.5 MiB3118670
Non-English-translated Literature火影忍者678+獵人341+海賊王749DL20.8 MiB1010530
Non-English-translated Literature「EVANGELION+」~Evangelion Re-Take~ All Ages [Esp]DL64.9 MiBStatus unknown8660
Non-English-translated Literature零度戰姬167-168DL24.1 MiB005500
Non-English-translated Literature[這樣的精靈才不要!][全七話](聽說很H喔)DL76.6 MiB6313280
Non-English-translated Literature[KG] Naruto Manga 22. kötet (191. - 199. fejezet)DL66.5 MiB107610
Non-English-translated Literature大圖書館的牧羊人00-11話DL117.3 MiB007810
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛MAGI 226DL4.8 MiB006260
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 006 [es]DL12.1 MiB107070
Non-English-translated Literature[台灣東立][古味直志][偽戀][第09-10集][無水印]DL298.2 MiB207300
Non-English-translated Literature初音島III風見雞篇全19話DL260.3 MiB009900
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴 385DL7.3 MiB207570
Non-English-translated Literature風夏16DL7.2 MiB018980
Non-English-translated Literature偽戀123DL10 MiB016760
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-28, 20:10] <Progeusz> My country has 38 mil and the only anime publishing company died ~5 years ago. Manga market is growing nicely though.
[07-28, 20:04] <Progeusz> Arpeggio anime was a huge success in Japan (over 12.5k average) and it already has two movies announced, one is a recap with improved video and new scenes, other movie is new material
[07-28, 20:03] <OneCrazyRussian> My country has 130mil and 40 mil illegall immigrants. But 30% live in places without Internet entirely and other 30% have their speeds below 5mbps, so tell me about struggle of businesses
[07-28, 19:53] <[TRVE]> Mine has around 82 million and publishing companies still have to struggle to survive.
[07-28, 19:50] <SneakiestNEG> I can not be angry or frustrated at Crunchy. They are a business. There are simply not enough anime fans to support the licensing fees. US has 350 million people. My country has 17 million.
[07-28, 19:47] <SneakiestNEG> Might as well fly to Akiba.
[07-28, 19:45] <SneakiestNEG> One of the alternatives to pirating is import that DVD from America for 100$, buy an American dvd player from somewhere and wait for 3 weeks for the shipment.
[07-28, 19:04] <sarachikorita> Due to a power failure where my friend's capbox is located, Doraemon didn't cap today; since today's ep reruns at 12:30 AM tonight, if that airing caps successfully, I will encode then and release in the morning.
[07-28, 18:47] <[TRVE]> This may be the case, Puto, but don't overestimate the average Joe. If you label your episode anything other than "episode 001", he will ask where the previous ones are.
[07-28, 18:43] <MisterDonut> no one cares.
[07-28, 18:08] <vicokoby> hi
[07-28, 16:58] <Puto> they can be watched without having to watch the giant backlog of episodes
[07-28, 16:58] <Puto> re: 'would want to start from the beginning' - for the most part, Conan episodes are standalone
[07-28, 16:54] <sarachikorita> AFAICT, the manga isn't doing too shabbily, but the anime has done terribly, and I blame idiot fans... "oh, it's got that dub with the changed names, so instead of buying the DVDs I'm gonna download A-Conan" (never mind that the DVDs not only had subs, but BETTER subs than A-Conan)
[07-28, 16:53] <Artemix> Anyone knows if Arpeggio of Blue Steel is going to comeback?, really enjoyed it...
[07-28, 16:52] <sarachikorita> I believe we're at episode 747? Funi has up to 123
[07-28, 16:28] <OniichanDaisuki> red: deadfish exclusive color
[07-28, 16:23] <RobbyLob> Afelers:
[07-28, 16:19] <Afelers> hey guys whats the meaning of the colors (eg. red, white, green) at the list of the animes? I looked for it and still have no clue...
[07-28, 16:18] <OniichanDaisuki> (was it old news? I just found it lol)
[07-28, 16:17] <OniichanDaisuki> new F/SN will feature Heaven's Feel route!
[07-28, 16:17] <OniichanDaisuki> CONFIRMED!
[07-28, 16:06] <[TRVE]> 730 even.
[07-28, 16:05] <[TRVE]> Conan is a huge franchise, so the owner would demand huge licensing fees. CR might simply not have that much money. Besides, they'd be starting somewhere in the middle and we're at which episode? 600-something? Then what about the previous 600-something? (Potential) CR subscribers would want to watch a new title from the beginning. That means more licensing fees, plus chances are high that the rights simply cannot be obtained at this point.
[07-28, 16:02] <shaddrag> CR get your shit together man, we want HS to rip you a new one.
[07-28, 15:59] <sarachikorita> Believe me, we'd love for CR to get the rights to simulcast Conan. it would take a HELL of a load off our collective backs.
[07-28, 15:55] <[TRVE]> Jesus fuck!
[07-28, 15:55] <[TRVE]> >75€ for one movie
[07-28, 15:45] <Jiru> Is there no BD release for Gundam Build Fighters?
[07-28, 15:42] <karyuudo> Does anyone have Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyoto-hen Special Edition that can be posted?
[07-28, 15:38] <AndyAlex> why detective conan is not subbed by CR ?? this way we would never have trouble with the subs
[07-28, 15:05] <[TRVE]> Not at all. It's not like I don't have anything to watch, read or play.
[07-28, 15:00] <OneCrazyRussian> Being [TRVE] is suffering
[07-28, 14:59] <sarachikorita> I can take about any humor...except toilet humor, hate toilet humor
[07-28, 14:59] <DmonHiro> Wow... I'm getting depressed just THINKING about your midset. I can't imagine how it must feel having it.
[07-28, 14:56] <[TRVE]> stretching one "joke"*
[07-28, 14:52] <[TRVE]> I measure my enjoyment of things with how annoying things get. Childishness, retardation, being unfunny in general (most so-called comedic manga and anime are this), endless repetition and stretching the same thing out to infinity all contribute.
[07-28, 14:52] <jofs> Will check out Hataraku. Haven't seen it
[07-28, 14:50] <jofs> Lol. But I like comedy [TRVE].
[07-28, 14:43] <DmonHiro> I don't measure series in terms of realism and grittiness.
[07-28, 14:43] <DmonHiro> As for TRVE, I don't care how old I get, watching fun things is still fun.
[07-28, 14:43] <OneCrazyRussian> Goddamit, I wrote the wrong color. For future reference: #4169E1
[07-28, 14:43] <DmonHiro> Yes, Gochiusa and Hataraku would be good for him. For something more light-hearted he should try Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. Also, Kin-iro Mosaic would also work, but it's not restaurant/wokplace themed.
[07-28, 14:41] <OneCrazyRussian> I'm herkz and what stinx
[07-28, 14:15] <yakumofuji>
[07-28, 14:01] <herkz> i'm 12 and what is this
[07-28, 13:59] <Senfu> No, you?
[07-28, 13:57] <[TRVE]> Are you all 14 years old?
[07-28, 13:30] <OniichanDaisuki> it was hilarious
[07-28, 13:30] <OniichanDaisuki> try Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? #578301
[07-28, 13:09] <Senfu> Hataraku is sooo hilarious! Also, ending by nano.RIPE so a must-watch.
[07-28, 12:58] <[TRVE]> That's why I told him to give up on comedy.
[07-28, 12:57] <[TRVE]> Do you know any workplace-related comedies that don't suck?
[07-28, 12:57] <DmonHiro> Anyway, he should try Hataraku Maou-sama.
[07-28, 12:55] <DmonHiro> Guys, he's asking for comedies, and you're sugegsting anything but. Why?
[07-28, 12:50] <baka²> assuming Shindou will be
[07-28, 12:28] <Crowmando> Anyone planning on subbing the new HxH movie?
[07-28, 12:04] <[TRVE]> Or if he is in the mood for Japanese live-action, he could watch either Bambino or Dinner. Both are watchable.
[07-28, 12:00] <[TRVE]> I could have given him Bartender, but that might be a sleeping pill for him.
[07-28, 11:59] <[TRVE]> Better than Wagnaria.
[07-28, 11:55] <DmonHiro> Really? Woking Man? THAT's a good show to you? Kurosawa, OK, but Working Man?
[07-28, 11:51] <SneakiestNEG> I live in a place were gayporn from piratebay is as legitimate as streaming cartoons from netflix. Internet neutrality is the law.
[07-28, 11:49] <SneakiestNEG> protip: if a site transmission acts funny check with a VPN. Some countries (cough America cough) allow for throttling. The verizon netflix case is infamous. Not all ISP like torrents.
[07-28, 11:48] <Profuse> whats the closest anime that's like golden witch?
[07-28, 11:46] <jhon1988> SneakiestNEG, thanks!
[07-28, 11:44] <jhon1988> 日本の人でレスポンスが悪いのいますか?
[07-28, 11:43] <jhon1988> in most cases, such problems are often suspected my environment is the cause. i'm sure there is no problem in my environment, but there is no way to prove it. so it is do not have to respond seriously to this problem.
[07-28, 11:41] <SneakiestNEG> Just read on torrentfreak that Japan is going to launch an offensive on piracy again. But nyaa has been around for years ;)
[07-28, 11:26] <jhon1988> WastedMeerkat, response is rapid in the case of other sites, the response from Nyaa timed out or slow. again, in the case of the other sites is immediate.
[07-28, 11:14] <[TRVE]> jofs, let go of comedy and read Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa, then watch Hataraki Man. Both less childish than Working and SxS, therefore better.
[07-28, 09:26] <OniichanDaisuki> Guilty Crown nostalgia anyone? #580816 :)
[07-28, 08:47] <Nyaa>
[07-28, 08:32] <WastedMeerkat> jhon1988, what do you mean? Does it load slowly for you?
[07-28, 08:29] <4iDragon> HI
[07-28, 08:26] <jhon1988> Response of the site is very bad! in japan.
[07-28, 08:16] <Dat Size> and #580650
[07-28, 08:14] <Dat Size> #580650
[07-28, 08:04] <jofs> Can someone recommend a show that's similar to "Working!!" and "Servant x Service". I'm in the mood for some office/restaurant/workplace comedy
[07-28, 07:09] <matteroll> @WZ1 .... Netflix has pre-emptively and exclusively licensed for streaming as a Netflix Original Series. So they are allowed to do that lol.
[07-28, 07:02] <pky> Oh, God... please...
[07-28, 07:02] <pky> >monogatari = ecchi
[07-28, 06:15] <Senfu> #580672 lel wat
[07-28, 06:13] <TheM4gicMan> @NIFTeam Refer to the IRC tab.
[07-28, 06:03] <NIFTeam> Sorry where i can find a support tab or contact somebody of nyaa's staff?
[07-28, 05:50] <Abunja> both got*
[07-28, 05:49] <Abunja> there's actually nothing wrong in the toothbrush scene, Imouto6969. except that they seem both sexually aroused o_0
[07-28, 05:48] <WZ1> I check Netflix's progress in acquiring good anime to stream at a friends house and what do i see? Sidonia labeled as a Netflix original. My fucking sides. They hurt
[07-28, 05:26] <Imouto6969> Lol Kips, clearly you haven't witnessed the greatness of the toothbrush scene
[07-28, 05:09] <Abunja> @Fait, watch Panty & Stocking
[07-28, 05:03] <Artemix> Wow Tokyo ESP is so bad...
[07-28, 04:48] <Kips> monogatari isnt ecchi last i checked i thought it was all just interesting dialouge but like no action
[07-28, 03:57] <darkash> ...
[07-28, 02:51] <Global Tornado> Chrome Shelled Regios, the show within the show they would watch on TV was in glorious Engrish. "I'ma fuckin kill yru!"
[07-28, 02:26] <Abunja> oh, sorry. i badly phrased what i said before. i mean, if they want to fap then they don't need to watch ecchi
[07-28, 02:24] <Abunja> uhm, something that you can fap on, i guess.
[07-28, 02:22] <WZ1> what even do you think is in that section dumbass?
[07-28, 01:41] <Abunja> why watch ecchi? if you want to fap on it, there is a section in this site for that
[07-28, 00:52] <FaiT> The year is After Colony 195......
[07-27, 23:17] <Sethanye> Murr ill try finding DxD then, i dont mind if its a smaller sub group since well the dialog in an ecchi is hardly the strongest point anyway, unless youre watching the monogatari series lol. Thanks tho ill see if i can dig it up ^^