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Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.105DL14.1 MiB006220
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.104DL9 MiB006160
Non-English-translated Literature(SC61) [あぽ(仮) (抹茶梅)] 金剛ちゃん バーニングジェラシー (艦隊これくしょん-艦これ-) [Chinese].zipDL12.5 MiB2028820
Non-English-translated Literature[STK][YuuShibu][10][GB][720P].mp4DL179.7 MiB015370
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛_MAGI207DL15.9 MiB106240
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Kimi ga Koi ni OboreruDL231.7 MiB3112472
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Blind LoveDL157.9 MiB2011280
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] LoveholicDL154.7 MiB1010290
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Tight RopeDL69 MiB109240
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Love or PrideDL59.4 MiB209360
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Hidoi OtokoDL39.4 MiB207590
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Doushitemo FuretakunaiDL47.3 MiB208870
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Doushitemo Furetakunai DJ - The World with ColorDL20.7 MiB207830
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 055 [es]DL21.4 MiB105510
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴第363話DL4.8 MiB015320
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Shoujo Satellite 005 [es]DL4 MiB105640
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的優等生 漫畫 18DL3.7 MiB018410
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王730JOJO+惡魔奶爸231JOJODL14.9 MiB015240
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 028 [es]DL3.8 MiB104790
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 第十二卷DL94.1 MiB106620
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.103DL9.8 MiB015480
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.102DL9.3 MiB005420
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.101DL13.3 MiB015620
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.100DL9.1 MiB005740
Non-English-translated Literature[HF] Claudine...!DL30.9 MiB104800
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的劣等生-橫濱騷亂篇-02DL15.8 MiB029050
Non-English-translated Literature零度戰姬154DL4.7 MiB014050
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王730+火影忍者657JOJODL9.4 MiB018400
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.99DL13.5 MiB015150
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.98DL12.1 MiB105000
Non-English-translated Literature零度戰姬153+有你的小鎮254DL14.4 MiB014450
Non-English-translated Literature/home/yuuji/デスクトップ/性教育教材には同年代の生徒の写真を使うべきだと思うのです.zipDL156.9 MiBStatus unknown42870
Non-English-translated Literature【空気系☆汉化】[アリスソフト×天道龍馬] 大帝国FANCISM 第01卷DL95.5 MiB3022310
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 第十一卷DL94.7 MiB104870
Non-English-translated Literature【RH&紫色系】[鷹山誠一×みなづきふたご×伍長] オレと彼女の絶対領域 第01-02卷DL117.1 MiB1018800
Non-English-translated Literature【二次元汉化组】[エンターブレイン×ナイロン] フォトカノ Your Eyes Only 全28话DL247.8 MiB4015730
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.97DL11.8 MiB013660
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.96DL9.1 MiB013470
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.95DL9.1 MiB013400
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.94DL10.1 MiB013360
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.93DL10.5 MiB013280
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.92DL15.7 MiB013270
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.91DL14.3 MiB003370
Non-English-translated Literature零度戰姬152DL4.7 MiB013250
Non-English-translated Literature惡魔奶爸230+劍神之繼承者06+MAGI206DL23.1 MiB014500
Non-English-translated LiteratureArpeggio_Elf_Revenge (c)DL46.8 MiB057720
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Yuri -Escondida en la Oscuridad [es]DL17.3 MiB106320
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 054 [es]DL11.1 MiB104900
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Shoujo Satellite 004 [es]DL4.3 MiB104580
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 027 [es]DL12.9 MiB104540
Non-English-translated Literature有你的小鎮 番外200.3話明日香 (有H)DL8.4 MiB017530
Non-English-translated Literature天降之物75話DL11.3 MiB014100
Non-English-translated Literature巴洛克騎士 04DL4 MiB013930
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴第362話DL5.4 MiB014300
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 第十卷DL72.7 MiB104270
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.90DL10.4 MiB104810
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.89DL11.8 MiB015570
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.88DL11.5 MiB105570
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.87DL20.1 MiB014550
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.86DL14.6 MiB105430
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.85DL6.6 MiB104500
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.84DL9.2 MiB014350
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.83DL7.3 MiB104350
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.82DL8.1 MiB105180
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.81DL9.7 MiB104300
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.80DL8.9 MiB004290
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.79DL9.3 MiB104430
Non-English-translated LiteratureMFT Naruto - 656 VFDL9.4 MiB018000
Non-English-translated Literature[BKT] Bleach - Chapitre 559DL6.5 MiB016970
Non-English-translated Literature魔法科高校的劣等生-九校戰篇02DL11 MiB1110810
Non-English-translated Literature有你的小鎮253DL3.8 MiB015150
Non-English-translated Literature火影忍者656JOJODL5.3 MiB106920
Non-English-translated LiteraturePerdidaDL591.9 KiBStatus unknown30
Non-English-translated Literature飙速宅男 第九卷DL73.3 MiB205940
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.78DL8.4 MiB006730
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.77DL8.6 MiB106650
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.76DL8.9 MiB006750
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.75DL8.3 MiB106910
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.74DL7.8 MiB106780
Non-English-translated Literature[Koeisub&galaxy][SAINT_SEIYA_OMEGA][52-77][MKV+ASS][720P]DL7.76 GiB024310
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.73DL7.7 MiB106540
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.72DL7.7 MiB106310
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.71DL7.3 MiB106240
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.70DL8.1 MiB106370
Non-English-translated Literature魔笛_MAGI205DL4 MiB014660
Non-English-translated Literature【尖端出版】[Koi] ご注文はうさぎですか? 第01卷DL131.5 MiB2087330
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Hito Hitori Futari 053 [es]DL11.2 MiB107360
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Centaur no Nayami 026 [es]DL8.7 MiB107270
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 第八卷DL82.1 MiB108250
Non-English-translated Literature妖精的尾巴第361話DL5.3 MiB103810
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.69DL9.4 MiB103960
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.68DL9.3 MiB103900
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.67DL8.8 MiB103930
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.66DL10.2 MiB103890
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.65DL14.4 MiB106690
Non-English-translated Literature惡魔奶爸229DL8.5 MiB013220
Non-English-translated Literature海賊王729 JOJODL7 MiB013020
Non-English-translated Literature[FSF] Shoujo Satellite 003 [es]DL4.1 MiB103190
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.64DL18.4 MiB012810
Non-English-translated Literature飆速宅男 RIDE.63DL14.2 MiB108150
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <furzee> This website has been sold to the japanese government, data purging will begin in 24 hours from now. RIP NT.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[07-31, 23:25] <SneakiestNEG> You traitor admins! They bribed you with a Prius didn't they!
[07-31, 23:24] <SneakiestNEG> You know corporate firewall blocks piratebay but nobody seems to have heard of nyaa. Security through obscurity indeed.
[07-31, 23:23] <choconeko> sayonara NT, i am very grateful for the years of anime with you
[07-31, 23:22] <SneakiestNEG> The new standard of anime piracy: mobile phone cams put on youtube. You have 15 seconds before the bots take it down.
[07-31, 23:22] <TheCatWalk> Would be funny if the Japanese Government are just like "PSYCH, You just got PUNKED"?
[07-31, 23:19] <MisClub> plizzzz.... dont kill sukebeii :(
[07-31, 23:17] <Ansatsu247> You know strangely enough, they havent mentioned taking down Tokyo Toshokan. Lol. What screw ups.
[07-31, 23:12] <Yagami11> Staff, you are going to Moon?
[07-31, 23:11] <Yagami11> is worth $ 11,759,040.00, damn...
[07-31, 23:09] <TheCatWalk> well both AU and Animetake took a stance of 'No we are not taking our site down..NO'
[07-31, 23:08] <Yagami11> Save the one, save the all...
[07-31, 23:07] <lifebaka> We're doomed, BakaYuusha. No one knows how to read.
[07-31, 23:05] <BakaYuusha> No it says 24 hours from now. So every time you read that message you have at least another 24 hours.
[07-31, 23:04] <ilight7> T_T
[07-31, 23:04] <paulo27ms> nyaa why, can i donate money to save you?
[07-31, 23:03] <Yagami11> downloading xd
[07-31, 23:02] <Res> 58 minutes to go??
[07-31, 23:02] <Yagami11> So exacly what hour will be that shut down, cuz i doanload smth?^^
[07-31, 22:59] <MoJo-X> The Scurvy Pirate Code will forever be within us. In Piracy we trust,
[07-31, 22:58] <Yagami11> i think
[07-31, 22:53] <Krissen94> Anyone know about a good site where I can download subs for anime?
[07-31, 22:51] <TheCatWalk> It's all ogre now~
[07-31, 22:50] <ranma6899> ill miss nt
[07-31, 22:48] <goldenyears> Troll is so
[07-31, 22:48] <ara ara> so, they started cutting Hydra's heads, huh. But remember, for every head cut, two new heads appear. It is a battle, doomed from the start
[07-31, 22:47] <Hobichan> we will keep doing this for the next 5 months
[07-31, 22:46] <Yagami11> after 5 months you will be back?
[07-31, 22:43] <TheCatWalk> 5 months off doomsday coming up...gawd i hate crunchyroll
[07-31, 22:40] <DmonHiro> ...we're still doing this?
[07-31, 22:38] <Yagami11> hope another torrent site will luch after shut don ;)
[07-31, 22:34] <MoJo-X> Exactly! Youtube quality ftw!
[07-31, 22:33] <goldenyears> damn I need new planet for my animes
[07-31, 22:27] <Faggot> This is why I use youtube to get all my animes
[07-31, 22:23] <anon585> Daiz, you're alive!
[07-31, 22:23] <ranma6899> sign out see for yourself
[07-31, 22:20] <TheCatWalk> so like, WHois is saying this site still has a swedish domain and it okay not to cry now?
[07-31, 22:19] <pasokonchan> without anime in my way, i could have a life?
[07-31, 22:19] <Yagami11> Pray to Nyaa, we are lost.
[07-31, 21:56] <Yaru> we're doomed
[07-31, 21:53] <vampiregirl> i'm scared and stresed too
[07-31, 21:52] <OneCrazyRussian> ranma6899, you liar
[07-31, 21:50] <ranma6899> i signed out check something the whole site was gone nothing listed unless your signed in
[07-31, 21:49] <OneCrazyRussian> This is relevant to my question
[07-31, 21:48] <Hobichan> mods pls
[07-31, 21:47] <OneCrazyRussian> opabato9000, I am 40hrs into P3 on PCSX2 (somewhere near 3rd film, btw), but I don't want to redo P4 (I was playing for 15 hours or so) and also I'd want to get the differences between Golden and usual versions in both animation and game
[07-31, 21:47] <opabato9000> of course it's true, nobody lies on the internet
[07-31, 21:44] <Yaru> is that true?
[07-31, 21:43] <Yaru> [Sticky] <furzee> This website has been sold to the japanese government, data purging will begin in 24 hours from now. RIP NT.
[07-31, 21:39] <opabato9000> tried pcsx2 emulator? so you can maybe play persona on pc
[07-31, 21:32] <OneCrazyRussian> SPEAKING ABOUT NG+: I never managed to complete Persona 4 due to my PS2 breaking down, can someone pinpoint what's different about the Animation and how does it feel like "someone is doing NG+ on a livestream"?
[07-31, 21:29] <Yagami11> private tracer?
[07-31, 21:28] <Yagami11> I pray to God, not to let nya shut down ;)
[07-31, 21:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Do not worry, Nyaa will go onto NG+
[07-31, 21:28] <UnbornMVs> Zankyou no Terror anime of the season
[07-31, 21:27] <MoJo-X> Looks like the troll train has begun. It's going to be a long ride for damn sure.
[07-31, 21:23] <nozdrum> with a face like this there's no way they're joking around
[07-31, 21:21] <BakaYuusha> It's already started. The Japanese government has taken out myspace! Oh wait false alarm. It died years ago.
[07-31, 21:21] <Yompy> @Kawaii!! Do I really think Moderators on an internet anime torrent site joke around? No, of course not, Chinese grill cartoons are serious business
[07-31, 21:20] <Kawaii!!> @Yompy Do you really think Nyaa mods joke around?
[07-31, 21:16] <Yompy> So has this actually been sold off or is it a joke?
[07-31, 21:10] <blizzlogit> I will miss ya NYAA!!
[07-31, 21:04] <nozdrum> or you could try some IFO editor and see what's happening in there
[07-31, 21:02] <nozdrum> I don't really know much about all that stuff, usually I try randomly everything I have and works most of the times lol but I wouldn't exclude it could be damaged, if it didn't work even after writing to a physical disc
[07-31, 21:02] <max222> good bye nyaa we will miss you
[07-31, 20:52] <Apashi> Wait, I don't get it. Is it really closing or is everyone joking? I'm not good with anon speak =(
[07-31, 20:49] <Kirby54729> Misterdonut, surely you mean the day 4.0 comes out.
[07-31, 20:46] <[TRVE]> No, it was a copy of a physical disc made by a friend who moved away, so I only have this image and can't access the original. I could buy it, I guess. Oh, and in case you're familiar with PGCEdit, I have all the error messages it gives me here:
[07-31, 20:44] <Kumachi9> WE'RE NEVER GOING DOWN
[07-31, 20:42] <kuronekoshit> how about hentai
[07-31, 20:42] <vampiregirl> not invoke the government, because that scares me if
[07-31, 20:39] <nozdrum> could it be that the file was damaged? was it from a torrent? if so try to do force a re-check
[07-31, 20:38] <kuronekoshit> BOM JAPAN PLIS
[07-31, 20:38] <vampiregirl> the website online o.o
[07-31, 20:38] <[TRVE]> DGIndex says "File contains all nulls" and "No data. Check your PIDS."
[07-31, 20:37] <nozdrum> ...
[07-31, 20:36] <kuronekoshit> spaming weaboing plaming nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[07-31, 20:36] <vampiregirl> for I see the online site yet
[07-31, 20:35] <kenshinsama> I just realized something. With Daiz not around anymore, I'll be losing 95% of my moe intake. Gonna be severely depressed for a while. :(
[07-31, 20:33] <opabato9000> nyaa already dead. this is just a ghost
[07-31, 20:32] <kuronekoshit> nyaa when SHUT DOWN i can wait for that
[07-31, 20:30] <vampiregirl> aww, i´m stresed u__u
[07-31, 20:27] <nozdrum> DGIndex?
[07-31, 20:26] <[TRVE]> MKVmerge freezes.
[07-31, 20:25] <nozdrum> @TRVE did you try dragging the vob in mkvmerge and try to remux in mkv? see what happens
[07-31, 20:23] <Cloudef> Can I piss over the data?
[07-31, 20:22] <Res> i thought daiz was ded
[07-31, 20:21] <RangerArthur> daiz pls
[07-31, 20:19] <Res> LOL! Daaaaiiizzz!
[07-31, 20:18] <bibokun> Is this a joke? How close the site: (
[07-31, 20:17] <[TRVE]> I also cannot rip the image to hard disk. DVD Decrypter "blanks" the "invisible" VOBs, i.e. creates files with 0 KB size. The only thing I could do was to copy the content over with IsoBuster which indeed copies the VOBs, but they cannot be opened by anything. For example, MPC tells me "file cannot be rendered".
[07-31, 20:05] <vampiregirl> Right now the site is still standing. But I'm really stressed
[07-31, 20:02] <MisterDonut> the day nyaa dies is the day SHAFT releases Kizumonogatari
[07-31, 20:01] <[TRVE]> Yes, same behavior. Every episode is selectable in the menu, but only the first entry plays an episode, the others either start the same episode and stop after a few seconds or make the player freeze completely.
[07-31, 19:56] <lifebaka> Have you tried burning the image to a physical disk, [TRVE]? It shouldn't matter, but it sounds like the image might be the issue and burning a physical copy would verify that.