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English-translated Animeハヤテのごとく [1-52][TVRIP][720p_AVI](全)DL13.03 GiBStatus unknown6191
Raw Animeハヤテのごとく NCED2 (704x396 H264 AC3).aviDL13.6 MiB011600
Raw Literatureハヤテ251-255.zipDL61 MiB0010090
Raw Literatureハヤテ231-260.zipDL225 MiB0011400
Raw Animeハマトラ THE ANIMATION 第01話 「コロンブスの卵」 (TX 1280x720 x265 AAC).mp4DL375.5 MiB0112450
Raw Literatureハマグリどっせ~!! 第01-02巻 [Hamaguri Dosse!! vol 01-02]DL190.7 MiB119820
Raw Literatureハニカム 第03巻.zipDL46 MiB0149470
Raw Literatureハニカム 第01-05巻DL302 MiB2185460
Lossy Audioハナレグミ,So many tears - どこまでいくの実況録音145分/Hanaregumi, So many tears - Dokomade Ikuno Jikkyo Rokuon 145 Fun(320K/MP3/RAR)(2014.01.29)DL327.8 MiB028900
Raw Live Actionハナミズキ (Hanamizuki).mkvDL2.06 GiBStatus unknown23740
Lossy Audioハナエ - BLACK BERRY(320K)(2012.03.07)DL29 MiBStatus unknown160000
Raw Literatureハツカネズミの時間 第01-02巻 [Hatsukanezumi no Jikan vol 01-02]DL110.4 MiB1212460
Raw Live Actionハッピーフライト 「綾瀬はるか 」[1920x1080p H.264 AAC].mkvDL5.21 GiB1224390
Raw Literatureハッピーネガティブマリッジ 第01-03巻 [Happy Negative vol 01-03]DL124.9 MiB4319910
Raw Literatureハチワンダイバー (81 Diver) 第32巻DL123 MiB8086510
Raw Literatureハゲルヤ 第01巻.rarDL46.5 MiB0120050
Raw Animeハケンの品格1~10最終話DL7.67 GiB2138700
Raw Literatureハクメイとミコチ (Hakumei to Mikochi) 第01巻DL75.7 MiB0110440
Non-English-translated Live Actionハクバノ王子サマ 純愛適齢期 第01-13話 終DL4.47 GiB0313080
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第09話」.mp4DL404.5 MiBStatus unknown7160
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第08話」.mp4DL434.7 MiBStatus unknown6950
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第07話」.mp4DL423.2 MiBStatus unknown7050
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第06話」.mp4DL399.1 MiBStatus unknown7080
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第05話」.mp4DL374.6 MiBStatus unknown6730
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第04話」.mp4DL409.8 MiBStatus unknown7050
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第03話」.mp4DL504.4 MiBStatus unknown6420
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第02話」.mp4DL488 MiBStatus unknown6310
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 2 「第01話」.mp4DL1005.5 MiBStatus unknown6830
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第07話」.mp4DL996.4 MiBStatus unknown15610
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第06話」.mp4DL1001.2 MiBStatus unknown15390
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第05話」.mp4DL904.4 MiBStatus unknown15352
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第04話」.mp4DL990.4 MiBStatus unknown15260
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第03話」.mp4DL1.25 GiBStatus unknown15160
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第02話」.mp4DL1.2 GiBStatus unknown15280
Raw Live Actionハガネの女 (Hagane no Onna) season 1 「第01話」.mp4DL726.9 MiBStatus unknown15610
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ 第13巻 [Hakaijuu vol 13]DL98.2 MiB7124280
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ 第13巻 [Hakaijuu Vol 13]DL98.5 MiB2113090
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ (Hakaijuu) 第13巻DL101.1 MiB8513870
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ (Hakaijuu) 第13巻DL101.1 MiB19148390
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ (Hakaijuu) 第12巻DL101.4 MiB10046090
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ (Hakaijuu) 第01-05巻DL568 MiB15095901
Raw Literatureハカイジュウ (Hakaijuu) 01DL119.7 MiB3046890
Raw Literatureハイスコアガール 第6巻 [High Score Girl vol 6]DL67.4 MiB20356240
Raw Literatureハイスコアガール 第06巻 [High Score Girl Vol 06]DL67.7 MiB4127970
Raw Literatureハイスコアガール (High Score Girl) 第06巻DL69.4 MiB231116690
Raw Literatureハイスコアガール (High Score Girl) 第05巻DL90 MiB4044590
Raw AnimeハイスクールD×D NEW PV?? ATX.m2tsDL122.2 MiB016980
Raw AnimeハイスクールD×D 第14話 TV未放送DL39.7 MiB0021010
Raw LiteratureハイスクールD×D 第01-03巻DL322.3 MiB10101340
Raw AnimeハイスクールD×D High School DxD (無修正) - 第1期+第2期(New) (乳) (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).mp4 [encoded by SEED]DL11.05 GiB31145237513
Raw AnimeハイスクールD×D High School DxD (無修正) - 第14話 (TV未放送) (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).mp4 [encoded by SEED]DL315 MiB1511553033
Raw AnimeハイスクールD×D High School DxD (無修正) - 全6巻+第13話 (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).mp4 [encoded by SEED]DL4.39 GiB13203563631
Raw LiteratureハイスクールD×D (High School D×D) 第18巻DL127.6 MiB0126880
Raw Animeハイスクール!奇面組 (kimengumi) 「第26話 ~ 第30話」.mp4DL892 MiBStatus unknown8260
Raw Animeハイスクール!奇面組 (kimengumi) 「第21話 ~ 第25話」.mp4DL912 MiBStatus unknown8090
Raw Animeハイスクール!奇面組 (kimengumi) 「第16話 ~ 第20話」.mp4DL988 MiBStatus unknown8320
Raw Animeハイスクール!奇面組 (kimengumi) 「第11話 ~ 第15話」.mp4DL1.05 GiBStatus unknown7890
Raw Animeハイスクール!奇面組 (kimengumi) 「第06話 ~ 第10話」.mp4DL1.05 GiBStatus unknown8040
Raw Animeハイスクール!奇面組 (kimengumi) 「第01話 ~ 第05話」.mp4DL996 MiBStatus unknown9130
Lossy Audioハイスイノナサ - 動物の身体/Haisuinonasa - Dobutsu no Karada(320K MP3 RAR)(2012.05.23)DL66.3 MiBStatus unknown29510
Raw Literatureハイキュー!! (Haikyu!!) 第09巻DL58.4 MiB400224721
Raw Literatureハイキュー 第12巻 [Haikyu!! Vol 12]DL103.4 MiB17176650
Raw Literatureハイキュー 第01-08巻 [Haikyu!! vol 01-08]DL1002.2 MiB521573163
Raw Literatureハイキュー (Haikyu!!) 第12巻DL106.1 MiB14140430
Raw Literatureハイキュー (Haikyu!!) 第12巻DL106.1 MiB20150300
Raw Literatureハイキュー (Haikyu!!) 第11巻DL214.3 MiB270175670
Raw Literatureハイキュー (Haikyu!!) 第10巻DL202.8 MiB481231030
Lossy Audioノースリーブス(no3b) - Answer(Normal+Type A+B+C)DL39.1 MiBStatus unknown9050
Lossy Audioノースリーブス - ペディキュアday(通常盤)(2011.12.28)(320K)DL55.7 MiBStatus unknown9630
Lossy Audioノースリーブス - ペディキュアday(2011.12.28)(320K)DL97.8 MiBStatus unknown23450
Anime Music Videoノーゲーム・ノーライフ No Game No Life OP「This Game」VOSTFR HDDL45 MiB1018820
Raw Literatureノ・ゾ・キ・ア・ナ 第13巻(完)DL265.9 MiB10159200
Raw Literatureノ・ゾ・キ・ア・ナ 第01-13巻DL981.3 MiB160187390
Raw Literatureノ・ゾ・キ・ア・ナ 第01-03巻 [Nozoki Ana vol 01-03]DL39.2 MiB1114420
Raw Animeノ・ゾ・キ・ア・ナ a peephole (BD 1920x1080 AVC FLAC).mkvDL4.25 GiB21321260
Raw Animeノンタンといっしょ① ”たからさがし”.flvDL5.8 MiB0179840
Raw Animeノラビッツミニッツと映画泥棒のクリスマスDL10.3 MiB012850
Raw Literatureノラガミ 第11巻 [Noragami Vol 11]DL70.8 MiB9263160
Raw Animeノラガミ 第01話 「家猫と野良神と尻尾」 (MX 1280x720 x265 AAC).mp4DL296.4 MiB0114060
Raw Literatureノラガミ (Noragami) 第11巻DL70.8 MiB5035550
Raw Literatureノラガミ (Noragami) 第01-04巻DL471.1 MiB4128480
Gamesノベリストを撃てDL135.5 MiB011500
Raw Animeノブナガ・ザ・フール 第01話 「星」 (TX 1280x720 x265 AAC).mp4DL413.6 MiB1012980
Raw Animeノブナガン 第01話 「織田信長」 (MX 1280x720 x265 AAC).mp4DL277.7 MiB0112101
Raw Literatureノノノノ1~9巻DL730 MiB10137800
Raw Literatureノットライヴス 第04巻 [Not Lives vol 04]DL78.3 MiB12218300
Raw Literatureノットライヴス (Not Lives) 第04巻DL80.2 MiB406650
Raw Literatureノットライヴス (Not Lives) 第04巻DL80.2 MiB7212950
Raw Animeノゾ×キミ Nozo x Kimi - OVA 第01話 (乳) (DVD 1024x576 AVC AAC).mp4 [encoded by SEED]DL208.9 MiB252260711
Lossy Audioノストラダムスに聞いてみろ 主題歌「FOR YOUR YELL」/のみこ(320+BK).DL49.3 MiB0385340
Raw Live Actionノイタミナラインナップ発表会2014 ~10th Anniversary~ (番組ID:lv172499091)DL1.26 GiB019460
Raw Live Actionネバーランド (Neverland) 「全11話」.aviDL7.52 GiBStatus unknown12711
Lossy Audioネズミハナビ - ザ・ワールド・イズ・ユアーズ(2011.12.07)(320K)DL110.6 MiBStatus unknown3380
Gamesネコっかわいがり!DL1003 MiBStatus unknown4730
Raw Literatureネクログ 第01-02巻 [Nekurogu vol 01-02]DL91.2 MiB1212620
Raw Live Actionネオ・ウルトラQ 第01-12話 完 (WOWOW 1920x1080 MPEG2 AAC TS)DL39.84 GiB0245112
Lossy Audioネオアンジェリーク Abyss (Neo Angelique ~Abyss~) OST MP3DL21.8 MiB012170
Raw Literatureネイチャージモン 第01-02巻 [Nature Jimon vol 01-02]DL205 MiB6214220
Raw Literatureニードレスゼロ 第01-02巻 [Needless Zero vol 01-02]DL125.6 MiB1416060
Raw Literatureニードレス 第01-02巻 [Needless vol 01-02]DL125.6 MiB2462820
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-30, 21:41] <lotusgg> because of CTUs size. Anime is mostly flat textures.
[09-30, 21:23] <x265> x265 is very good with edge-detection (if anime is simple, that is good), but modern anime has a lot of lighting, shading... effects, and that's a problem
[09-30, 21:18] <[TRVE]> Who gave you that idea?
[09-30, 21:17] <lotusgg> In case of x265, anime is the best scenario.
[09-30, 21:08] <OneCrazyRussian> Just make all video into keyframe-jpgs and make user to SVP that shit realtime
[09-30, 21:07] <OnDeed> *x264 beats
[09-30, 21:07] <OnDeed> 1) those numbers are more like "best case scenario, maybe, we hope at least" 2) it of course depends on the source and varies all the time 3) hhevc encoders aren't as mature so x264 (h.264) betas them by better utilization of the older format
[09-30, 21:05] <OnDeed> "x265 could half-size it or even double-quality it for the same size" --- no. I know that "50% better" is the usual media story for H.265, but compression simply doesn't work like that
[09-30, 21:00] <herkz> best size/quality ratio is smallest you can make it while making the encode transparent to the source
[09-30, 20:54] <lotusgg> anime blurays are usually 1gb+, when not 2gb. x265 could half-size it or even double-quality it for the same size.
[09-30, 20:49] <Prazision> I'd rather have a larger file that doesn't look like shit, tbh.
[09-30, 20:48] <aceCaptainSlow> Is this argument still going? XD
[09-30, 20:46] <sarachikorita> Well, you could do this: mux the video and audio into M2TS or MKV, and add PGS subtitles.
[09-30, 20:44] <xell17> Oh god, the new GitS 25th anniversary blu-ray is just as shitty as the old one. What a bummer.
[09-30, 20:42] <kandenshi> [TransportSubs]
[09-30, 20:38] <x265> I'm trying to encode the best I can, but targeting for best size/quality, not best quality
[09-30, 20:35] <NoobSubs> Not all re-encodes are shit.
[09-30, 20:34] <lotusgg> so why no crf0 the shit out?
[09-30, 20:29] <crf> You (probably) can't do typesetting with transport streams.
[09-30, 20:27] <lotusgg> why not sub into transport streams?
[09-30, 20:23] <crf> Stop comparing re-encodes. They'll look like shit anyway.
[09-30, 20:20] <OnDeed> (unless I musunderstood something)
[09-30, 20:19] <OnDeed> well, he is just going to be another re-encoding group anyway, so why discuss it to this degree. Those obviously don'T really care about how the stuff looks
[09-30, 20:19] <lotusgg> I'm pretty sure you just hate.
[09-30, 20:15] <herkz> i'm pretty sure you're just blind
[09-30, 20:14] <x265> I aiming to crf=21 with x265, which makes ~50% less size usually, and if you need to pause on flashing frames to tell difference, that would be "acceptable" for me
[09-30, 20:08] <lotusgg> even zero-raws use crf16~19
[09-30, 20:08] <lotusgg> <herkz> yes, and i'm saying that is far below "acceptable" >crf21
[09-30, 20:03] <OnDeed> <atikabubu> wait for daiz to pop out of the devil's ass and introduce something among the lines of x265 Hi444p --- why, that obviously exists, already. There is a 10bit profile for HEVC too.
[09-30, 19:52] <herkz> yes, and i'm saying that is far below "acceptable"
[09-30, 19:49] <atikabubu> 4K anime? tell me more, John Titor
[09-30, 19:47] <HerbalNekoTea> We need 4K anime before we really need to compare those encoding, i guess some of those encode will not be compatible with 4K. wwwww
[09-30, 19:46] <Senfu> .flv best format period /s
[09-30, 19:40] <atikabubu> wait for daiz to pop out of the devil's ass and introduce something among the lines of x265 Hi444p
[09-30, 19:38] <NoobSubs> x265 will conquer the world someday herkz.
[09-30, 19:21] <x265> Yeah, I know it has problems, crf=21, what did you expect? I'm just testing low bitrate, to get "acceptable" quailty
[09-30, 19:17] <herkz> all of your comparisons look fucking horrible holy shit are you blind
[09-30, 19:16] <OnDeed> "<x265> Watch this, this x265 encoding is ~40% lighter than original" -- you got some ugly blocking and banding there...
[09-30, 19:12] <x265> Both are x265, just to compare how parameters really matters
[09-30, 19:12] <deanzel> Who cares about how x265 encodes and displays animu. I'm more concerned with how my favorite Chinese cartoons will look. I need that proof before I am convinced about x265.
[09-30, 19:10] <lotusgg> try aq-strenght 1.5
[09-30, 19:08] <x265> @HerbalNekoTea,yeah, testing the x265 parameters to find the best for anime, some people here has been really helpful
[09-30, 19:05] <jofs> This
[09-30, 19:05] <x265> So, light is way smoother, but the edge-detection (look at the squares in her skirt) is messed up
[09-30, 19:04] <HerbalNekoTea> Common, you are still arguing about encode... I think you was arguing for the last 48h...
[09-30, 19:02] <x265> (Subs does not appear in one of them because is skipped just in the frame xD)
[09-30, 19:01] <x265> Watch this, this x265 encoding is ~40% lighter than original
[09-30, 18:58] <lotusgg> -2:-2 would be a great for holding up to all details that psy washes.
[09-30, 18:57] <lotusgg> I wish there were cabac deblocking
[09-30, 18:49] <x265> I've tried those values, fading is way smoother, even with crf=21; so this means more testing to do, I hope is worth it
[09-30, 18:47] <lotusgg> and psy-rd/oq in x265 is not the same as in x264.
[09-30, 18:46] <lotusgg> aq1 will not work as good as it does for x265 in x264
[09-30, 18:38] <x265> I see, I'll try psy 0 values and aq-mode 1 (all presets use 0 or 2, don't know why)
[09-30, 18:34] <hazardous> but everyone using psy between 0.60-90
[09-30, 18:22] <lotusgg> also aq-mode 1 produced less artifacs at +-1000kbit/s
[09-30, 18:22] <lotusgg> with x265, try psy-rd and rdoq at 0
[09-30, 18:22] <lotusgg> it just fuck with the grain, also producing aliased edges
[09-30, 18:21] <lotusgg> psy is bad for anime.
[09-30, 18:06] <x265> I hope UHD 10-bit monitors/TV drops their price soon...
[09-30, 18:00] <nitekatt> Large TVs are awesome for watching stuff.
[09-30, 17:48] <[TRVE]> I am quite fond of my tablet. Fuck large, expensive, clunky TVs.
[09-30, 17:21] <x265> Indeed, mobile devices are not the best for playing that video, but playing 720p ~3000kbps 8-bit is good enough to kill boredom out of home
[09-30, 17:09] <atikabubu> not to mention that 10 bit encodes simply rape your phones battery
[09-30, 17:07] <SneakiestNEG> Watching on a phone defeats the purpose of downloading a 30Gb BD rip lol
[09-30, 17:07] <atikabubu> i have a 37" HD Ready PDP and fuck watching on anything else
[09-30, 17:07] <x265> Watching anime on a 10" while traveling, or something like that, is not a bad idea. Of course is better at home with my 24" screen, but that isn't very "portable"
[09-30, 17:05] <atikabubu> or you can watch anime like a baws on something 32+ inches
[09-30, 16:52] <hazardous> gotta have tailor enlarge our pocket sizes then :p
[09-30, 16:47] <OneCrazyRussian> Because in 4 years there's gonna be 22inch Iphone 22+ and his Samsung 23" clone
[09-30, 16:38] <NoobSubs> Why watch anything on a 3 inch phone when you can use a 22 inch pc?
[09-30, 16:13] <Hoshizora> MX Player is by far the best Android player.
[09-30, 16:11] <herkz> well obviously you can't use CCCP on linux so i didn't mean that
[09-30, 15:26] <x265> H/W rendering is way smoother than VLC or default video player, really amazing
[09-30, 15:23] <x265> Gonna try, thanks
[09-30, 15:20] <[TRVE]> MX Player.
[09-30, 15:13] <x265> Simple question: best Android video player? I've using VLC, which is better than default player (something easy to achieve)
[09-30, 15:09] <x265> For example, Linux Mint, provides VLC already installed (nothing easier to install than that), at least MPV is also very easy to install
[09-30, 15:05] <herkz> probably because the devs are bad. also, CCCP is even easier to install than VLC, so that's a pretty bad argument.
[09-30, 14:59] <x265> Which makes me think, why VLC doesn't improve the rendering? Is a big, long-term, even default player in some Linux dist. player
[09-30, 14:58] <shaddrag> I remember the days when VLC was considered, how times and opinions have changed.
[09-30, 14:57] <x265> Although, if don't know the better alternatives, VLC becomes the best option you know about (recently, that was my case)
[09-30, 14:55] <x265> Well, VLC is well known and popular, an easy solution to play almost any kind of media file. But that doesn't mean is the best.
[09-30, 13:58] <jofs> @sillybean: But why use VLC at all when there is better alternatives? I don't get it.
[09-30, 13:48] <OneCrazyRussian> It's because your VLC didn't even render them properly
[09-30, 13:41] <sillybean> @hazardous : but those rains pixels that u mentioned never happens when i'm watching anime with VLC
[09-30, 08:57] <atikabubu> where the hell is the Sabagebu ED Single...
[09-30, 07:55] <OneCrazyRussian> Now everyone shut up and enjoy Space Dandy end.
[09-30, 07:45] <[TRVE]> I remux DVDISOs and watch everything with mpv (or MPC, depending on which computer I use).
[09-30, 07:44] <txtsd> I've been running archlinux for more than a month now, and I miss mpc-hc more than anything :/
[09-30, 07:35] <sarachikorita> Disclaimer: I use mplayer2 as my main player, mpv as my second player, and mplayer1 as my DVDISO handler on Windows. (mplayer2 and mpv share a common bug on Windows regarding DVD filesystems; mplayer1 doesn't have this bug, and it isn't an issue on Linux.)
[09-30, 06:32] <txtsd> thanks @sarachikorita
[09-30, 06:05] <sarachikorita> Only limitation of mplayer/mplayer2 is its crappy rendering of bitmap subs. For that, just use mpv, which is a fork of mplayer2.
[09-30, 05:46] <hazardous> never use VLC!
[09-30, 05:46] <hazardous> there's always some pixel blocks somewhere with VLC and during action scenes, it rains pixels. not to mention video looks kinda blurry on VLC.
[09-30, 05:18] <txtsd> Is there a guide for linux players? I switched to linux as my default OS and I've been using mplayer.
[09-30, 03:59] <Bobezlol> x265 is being aimed at 4k BD's and streaming stuff (like skype video chat crap)
[09-30, 03:27] <S3qu3l> Anyway you can scroll further in the chat or it's just limited to those few lines ?
[09-30, 03:22] <herkz> yes. it's not nearly as good as 10-bit x264 as far as banding is concerned, which makes it pretty useless for anime.
[09-30, 02:35] <x265> Yeah, that was the example that made me try psy=1.0 values and 10-bit, I think fading and banding is one of the weak points of x265