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Lossy Audio[Single] momo - 大好きだよ [2011.04.27]DL41.7 MiBStatus unknown8420
Lossy Audio[Single] Moderato - Seiza Palace [2011.04.14]DL24.8 MiBStatus unknown2960
Lossy Audio[Single] Mizca(光岡昌美) - 1925(Type A+B) [2011.03.09]DL35.2 MiBStatus unknown2790
Lossy Audio[Single] Mizca - らふぃおら(女子キーバージョン)(320K UPDATED) [2011.06.15]DL40.2 MiBStatus unknown6590
Lossy Audio[Single] Mizca - らふぃおら(女子キーバージョン) [2011.06.15]DL70.4 MiBStatus unknown1320
Lossy Audio[Single] MIYAVI x KREVA - Strong [2011.10.05]DL20.7 MiBStatus unknown39760
Lossy Audio[Single] miwa - FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC [2011.09.21]DL41.6 MiBStatus unknown76341
Lossy Audio[Single] miwa - 441 [2011.06.29]DL37.5 MiBStatus unknown35601
Lossy Audio[Single] MISSIW - JINSEI GAME [2011.06.03]DL11.7 MiBStatus unknown530
Lossy Audio[Single] Miss A - Love Alone [2011.05.02]DL7.2 MiBStatus unknown8600
Lossy Audio[Single] MISIA - 明日へ(Live Ver.) [2011.04.27]DL7.2 MiBStatus unknown11870
Lossy Audio[Single] Misaruka - Merrow [2011.04.29]DL29.2 MiBStatus unknown4000
Lossy Audio[Single] MinstreliX - Rose Funeral Of Tragedy [2011.03.05]DL37.2 MiBStatus unknown4090
Lossy Audio[Single] Milky Bunny (益若つばさ) - Bunny Days♥ [2011.07.20]DL40.2 MiBStatus unknown22550
Lossy Audio[Single] mihimaru GT - マスターピース(320kbps UPDATED) [2011.06.08]DL46 MiBStatus unknown36830
Lossy Audio[Single] mihimaru GT - マスターピース [2011.06.08]DL21.8 MiBStatus unknown50691
Lossy Audio[Single] mihimaru GT - エボ★レボリューション [2011.08.03]DL38.7 MiBStatus unknown65930
Lossy Audio[Single] Michiyo Honda - Your Voice [2011.03.23]DL9.5 MiBStatus unknown3060
Lossy Audio[Single] MiChi - ONE [2011.06.22]DL47.2 MiBStatus unknown9130
Lossless Audio[Single] MiChi - LOVE is e.p [2010.12.22].zipDL39.3 MiB0114100
Lossy Audio[Single] MI-SA - ガンバルナミダ。 [2011.08.03]DL26.9 MiBStatus unknown7480
Lossy Audio[SINGLE] melody. - Next To You [2005.01.12][192K/MP3]DL23.2 MiB119690
Lossy Audio[Single] MEGARYU - 言えなかった「ありがとう」/アンコールfeat.ET-KING [2011.04.20]DL17 MiBStatus unknown16570
Lossy Audio[Single] Megaromania - Oath-cross of eternity [2011.03.23]DL37.2 MiBStatus unknown3590
Lossy Audio[Single] MEG - Ma Mélissa [2011.07.25]DL7.5 MiBStatus unknown8340
Lossy Audio[Single] MEG - DISCOTHEQUE/バナナの涙 [2011.06.20]DL16.9 MiBStatus unknown2820
Lossy Audio[Single] MEG - BELIEVE [2011.08.29]DL7.7 MiBStatus unknown9940
Lossy Audio[Single] MBLAQ - Your Luv(Real 320kbps Full Single UPDATED) [2011.05.04]DL32.3 MiBStatus unknown5010
Lossy Audio[Single] MBLAQ - Your Luv [2011.05.04]DL10.8 MiBStatus unknown5841
Lossy Audio[Single] Mazinkaiser SKL ED - Sadie - Juggernaut [320k]DL66.6 MiB014030
Lossy Audio[Single] MAY'S - Bonds [2011.09.14]DL56 MiBStatus unknown33950
Lossy Audio[Single] May J. - No No No [2011.09.07]DL5.8 MiBStatus unknown13680
Lossy Audio[Single] MARIA - Deep into You [2011.04.13]DL37.2 MiBStatus unknown8580
Lossy Audio[Single] MANATUNE - 鋼鉄のキズナ [2011.05.18]DL22.1 MiBStatus unknown2480
Lossy Audio[Single] Manami - ベストフレンド [2011.06.29]DL18.8 MiBStatus unknown6960
Lossy Audio[Single] MAMALAID RAG - 君がいるから [2011.03.23]DL13.1 MiBStatus unknown3330
Lossy Audio[Single] MAMALAID RAG - みつめていたい [2011.07.06]DL10.3 MiBStatus unknown3940
Lossy Audio[Single] MAGIC PARTY - ブラックアウト [2011.07.27]DL4.9 MiBStatus unknown4150
Lossy Audio[Single] Mademoiselle Yulia - GIMME GIMME [2011.08.03]DL4.4 MiBStatus unknown3580
Lossy Audio[Single] MAA - OKay [2011.07.20]DL27.9 MiBStatus unknown7800
Lossy Audio[Single] m.o.v.e - oveRtaKerS feat. RYUICHI KAWAMURA × SUGIZO [2011.03.09]DL51.9 MiBStatus unknown21460
Lossy Audio[Single] m-flo - Lotta Love [2011.03.16]DL6.7 MiBStatus unknown8740
Lossy Audio[Single] Luna Sea – PROMISE [2011.04.09]DL7.8 MiBStatus unknown17820
Lossy Audio[Single] LUNA SEA - LUNA SEA [2011.03.16]DL88.3 MiBStatus unknown18200
Lossy Audio[Single] LUNA - 花冠 [2011.07.27]DL20.9 MiBStatus unknown6420
Lossy Audio[Single] LuLu - 被験者No.049 [2011.07.27]DL18.8 MiBStatus unknown5420
Lossy Audio[Single] LOVERSSOUL - Ulalala Love [2011.06.24]DL5.8 MiBStatus unknown8610
Lossy Audio[Single] LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - It's You [2011.08.10]DL10.7 MiBStatus unknown42740
Lossy Audio[Single] LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - It's You [2011.07.19]DL5.3 MiBStatus unknown30380
Lossy Audio[Single] LOVE LOVE LOVE - 旅に出ようs.p [03.24 SP.] [2011.02.09]DL105.5 MiBStatus unknown7140
Lossy Audio[Single] Love For Japan - Love Will Find a Way [2011.05.31]DL16.4 MiBStatus unknown9440
Lossy Audio[Single] Love - Someday Again~また会う日まで~ [2011.05.11]DL51.6 MiBStatus unknown18590
Lossy Audio[Single] LONELY↑D – blue moment~astronauts have seen remix~ [2011.05.18]DL5.7 MiBStatus unknown2600
Lossy Audio[Single] LM.C - 星の在処。-ホシノアリカ- [2011.07.27]DL19.5 MiBStatus unknown20290
Lossy Audio[Single] LM.C - SUPER DUPER GALAXY [2011.03.30]DL15.4 MiBStatus unknown7610
Lossy Audio[Single] LISP - You May Dream [2011.04.13]DL17 MiBStatus unknown12160
Lossy Audio[Single] Lim Jeong Hee - Sunflower(Fukuyama Masaharu Remake) [2011.03.15]DL13.2 MiBStatus unknown24110
Lossy Audio[Single] LIL - ガールズ☆アラウンド [2011.05.25]DL10.4 MiBStatus unknown4540
Lossy Audio[Single] Lia - きみはひとりなんかじゃないよ/Song of Life [2011.08.17]DL46.1 MiBStatus unknown42290
Lossy Audio[Single] Lemming - Sakura no Kioku & Uchuu Kaisouki [2011/04/13]DL37.6 MiBStatus unknown3940
Lossy Audio[Single] lecca - マタイツカ.mp3 [2011.02.09]DL6.9 MiBStatus unknown4760
Lossy Audio[Single] Leader'S - 플리즈(Please) [2011.03.22]DL14.3 MiBStatus unknown1680
Lossy Audio[Single] Leader'S - 플리즈(Please) [2011.03.22]DL14.3 MiBStatus unknown680
Lossy Audio[Single] Lead - HURRICANE(通常盤+初回盤A+B+C+D) [2011.08.10]DL65.3 MiBStatus unknown6420
Lossy Audio[Single] Lc5 - refrain [2011.03.16]DL11.8 MiBStatus unknown4000
Lossy Audio[Single] Lay - Smiling! [2011.05.04]DL16.7 MiBStatus unknown7340
Lossy Audio[Single] Larval Stage Planning - 君+謎+私でJUMP!! [2011.07.27]DL49.7 MiBStatus unknown17560
Lossy Audio[Single] LAMA - Spell [2011.08.03]DL21.2 MiBStatus unknown15910
Lossy Audio[Single] L'Arc~en~Ciel - X X X [2011.10.12]DL39.3 MiBStatus unknown113780
Lossy Audio[Single] L'Arc~en~Ciel - GOOD LUCK MY WAY(期間生産限定盤)(アニメ盤) [2011.06.29]DL50.7 MiBStatus unknown14990
Lossy Audio[Single] L'Arc~en~Ciel - GOOD LUCK MY WAY [2011.06.29]DL39.2 MiBStatus unknown38950
Lossy Audio[Single] KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND - 副作用 [2011.06.29]DL32.5 MiBStatus unknown1420
Lossy Audio[Single] Kylie Minogue feat VERBAL – We Are One [2011.04.xx]DL10.6 MiBStatus unknown7050
Lossy Audio[Single] Kylee - NEVER GIVE UP! [2011.07.13]DL23.5 MiBStatus unknown30610
Lossy Audio[Single] KYLEE - CRAZY FOR YOU [2011.10.05]DL26.9 MiBStatus unknown100730
Lossy Audio[SINGLE] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mottai Night Land [320K]DL45 MiB3025690
Lossy Audio[Single] KREVA - KILA KILA/Tan-Kyu-Shin [2011.07.20]DL78.8 MiBStatus unknown31310
Lossy Audio[Single] KREVA - GO [2011.09.08]DL97.7 MiBStatus unknown81480
Lossy Audio[Single] KREVA - EGAO [2011.03.30]DL5.8 MiBStatus unknown7600
Lossy Audio[Single] Kra - 不思議な世界からの招待状 [2011.06.01]DL13.7 MiBStatus unknown4350
Lossy Audio[Single] KOKIA - 桜の樹の下/光の方へ [2011.04.27]DL83.7 MiBStatus unknown21650
Lossy Audio[Single] Kis-My-Ft2 - Everybody Go (通常盤) [2011.08.10]DL32.2 MiBStatus unknown72860
Lossy Audio[Single] KinKi Kids - Time(初回盘+通常盘) [2011.06.15]DL38.2 MiBStatus unknown14380
Lossy Audio[Single] Kinbaku Shoujo - Demo [2011.03.09]DL21.3 MiBStatus unknown2150
Lossy Audio[Single] Kina Grannis - Stairwells [2011.04.20]DL5.4 MiBStatus unknown5410
Lossy Audio[Single] KG - 片想い duet with JAMOSA [2011.04.27]DL5.9 MiBStatus unknown9680
Lossy Audio[Single] KG - 君じゃなきゃ duet with 安田奈央 [2011.08.31]DL29.6 MiBStatus unknown41560
Lossy Audio[Single] KG - 同じ願いで duet with 真崎ゆか [2011.07.27]DL6.6 MiBStatus unknown8530
Lossy Audio[Single] KEN-U - NEON (2011REMIX) [2011.03.23]DL5.6 MiBStatus unknown3190
Lossy Audio[Single] KAT-TUN - WHITE(320kbps UPDATED) [2011.05.18]DL33.3 MiBStatus unknown13770
Lossy Audio[Single] KAT-TUN - WHITE(320kbps Full Single UPDATED) [2011.05.18]DL64.6 MiBStatus unknown8730
Lossy Audio[Single] KAT-TUN - WHITE [2011.05.18]DL14.8 MiBStatus unknown16450
Lossy Audio[Single] KAT-TUN - RUN FOR YOU(Without Inst.) [2011.08.03]DL43.9 MiBStatus unknown31010
Lossy Audio[Single] KAT-TUN - RUN FOR YOU(Full 320K 通常盤) [2011.08.03]DL76.7 MiBStatus unknown7160
Lossy Audio[Single] KAT-TUN - RUN FOR YOU(Full 320K 初回盤) [2011.08.03]DL79.1 MiBStatus unknown16170
Lossy Audio[Single] KAREN – 大阪恋うた [2011.04.20]DL44.4 MiBStatus unknown4280
Lossy Audio[Single] KARA – GO GO サマー!(配信限定) [2011.06.22]DL4.7 MiBStatus unknown71240
Lossy Audio[Single] KARA – GO GO サマー!(初回限定盤C)(Real 320K HQ) [2011.06.29]DL37 MiBStatus unknown35370
Lossy Audio[Single] KARA – GO GO サマー! [2011.06.29]DL31.8 MiBStatus unknown65260
Lossy Audio[Single] KARA - ジェットコースターラブ [2011.04.06]DL40.6 MiBStatus unknown35320
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-24, 19:56] <Arkasia> [TRVE] do you still watch anime?
[07-24, 19:52] <Arkasia> I feel that many of those feminine looking, feminice voiced singers who sing about hetero romance are closeted gays. (Teenage) girls love that shit because they never see (heterosexual) men that 'sensitive' in their daily lives.
[07-24, 19:38] <AnimaxDay> ._.
[07-24, 19:32] <Profuse> @Kawaii gay people just love that fake feminine voice. It's the style that many gay musicians use to cater for the gays.
[07-24, 19:31] <OneCrazyRussian> @Profuse, he meant the visual part of the Ghoul's OP/ED. Because the songs suck-a-lot
[07-24, 19:24] <Profuse> @TRVE do you know any anime at all like golden witch? I CAN"T GET ENOUGH OF BEATRICE
[07-24, 19:24] <HeroineKawaii> what's wrong with the tokyo ghoul? can u explain TRVE?
[07-24, 19:23] <Profuse> @Kawaii no offense to you bro, the band that did the opening song sound like something you would hear played live in gay clubs.
[07-24, 18:55] <[TRVE]> Which is giving up on any anime being good.
[07-24, 18:55] <Kawaii!!> At least both the opening and ending song for Tokyo Ghoul are really good.
[07-24, 18:54] <[TRVE]> Good, you're one step closer. Open your eyes wider, educate yourself more and you'll reach the ultimate goal.
[07-24, 17:34] <Dragons4life> I give up on Tokyo Ghoul being good... my only hope now is on Zankyou no Terror
[07-24, 16:49] <BakaYuusha> Supposedly it wont be out till next year.
[07-24, 16:45] <Caev> anybody here know the status on highschool dxd ova ep 3?
[07-24, 16:43] <Caev> any1 here know about the status on highschool dxd ova 3?
[07-24, 14:56] <ahzuzai> where download ultraman ?
[07-24, 14:51] <Abunja> could anyone of you explain this shit?
[07-24, 14:51] <svm> teapot message rule violation
[07-24, 14:02] <Comet> what?
[07-24, 13:24] <[TRVE]> None of those are even remotely like Umineko, hazardous. Not a single title you listed.
[07-24, 12:42] <nicky_008> Damn, I've still sick in Kancolle, forgot reading the latest volume of Durarara. Btw, new S2 is (slowly) coming soon...
[07-24, 11:11] <nozdrum> how do you firce full sceen in touhou sky arena? #330252 I tried everything I could :(
[07-24, 11:10] <nozdrum> maybe no seeds? try ddl from df website
[07-24, 10:31] <Demandred> anybody got a clue why i cant dl Deadfish torrents but all others work fine?
[07-24, 10:19] <nozdrum> tabun
[07-24, 10:16] <nozdrum> so you can download .txt and rename to .torrent
[07-24, 10:16] <nozdrum> txt button? that's for people who have connection filters, like schools and such they don't allow downloading .torrent files
[07-24, 09:45] <lastpromises> What containg?
[07-24, 09:44] <lastpromises> for what is the button next nest Download?
[07-24, 09:43] <nozdrum> anyone knows how to set full screen mode in touhou sky arena?
[07-24, 09:30] <guest-again> lol tokko
[07-24, 08:54] <hazardous> there's also planetes, pumpkin scissors, rainbow nisha, solty rei, speed grapher, tokko
[07-24, 08:53] <hazardous> did you watched this too? black lagoon, busou renkin, gungrave, canaan, fantastic children, scryed, gun x sword, mars daybreak, xamd
[07-24, 08:09] <Profuse> I already watched Baccano :( It's the one with immortal people right?
[07-24, 08:08] <DmonHiro> Try Baccano. It's not exatcly like Umineko, but since you're seen Higurashi, it's pretty close, and good IMO. It's not told linearly, it jumps around different time periods.
[07-24, 08:07] <Profuse> I have that too downloaded the1920x1080 one but never watched it, I got to as far as the part a black guy passing out flyers. Plot didn't seem to make sense
[07-24, 08:05] <jofs> @Profuse: What about "Durarara!!"? One of my favorite shows
[07-24, 07:52] <Profuse> I watched ALL of that ALL of that
[07-24, 07:42] <hazardous> try Book of Bantorra, Higurashi, Dantalian no Shoka, Pandora Hearts
[07-24, 07:35] <Profuse> but hey Dmon do you know any animes like Umineko no Naku Koro ni?
[07-24, 07:34] <Profuse> Thanks Dmon I had that one for awhile but never watched it, I'll watch one ep and see if it's good
[07-24, 07:32] <DmonHiro> It's not as good as Gosick, but you could try Kamisama No Memochou.
[07-24, 07:30] <Yukina Himeragi> Any idea why elysium stopped subbing ?
[07-24, 07:30] <Profuse> Jofs I already watched that one, it's one of my favorite I love mystery animes.
[07-24, 07:10] <jofs> @Profuse: Gosick
[07-24, 07:03] <Profuse> something which you can watch for like hours until you fall asleep. Throw me some suggestion thanks.
[07-24, 07:02] <Profuse> I'm so stressed out, I'm spending money I don't have but no choice. Anyone know some good non slice of life or comedy anime to unwind to but nothing with too much action or extreme
[07-24, 06:36] <sarachikorita> Oldest anime I've seen is from 1971
[07-24, 05:36] <Mayobe> Jinseiiiiiiiiii.................
[07-24, 05:34] <meow> a show that you havent watch will be NEW to you........
[07-24, 05:29] <iceaco> 10? make it 20 for me. was just watching patlabor and youre under arrest the other day. and was just downloading iczer.. almost 30..
[07-24, 05:09] <sarachikorita> To some people anything more than a couple weeks ago is "old". To me, even stuff from 10 years ago isn't "old" yet.
[07-24, 04:58] <Big McLargehuge> >old
[07-24, 04:58] <Big McLargehuge> >oreimo2
[07-24, 04:46] <Dano> And Oreimo s2 sucked hard
[07-24, 04:13] <capmalice> I dont generally have trouble getting older series. If it has no seeds, it's because it sucked
[07-24, 03:43] <candicedgy> if only we were neighbors.. you could just lend me your copy of the season 2. X3
[07-24, 02:36] <Demandred> it could have been ended any number of ways, the way they chose blows
[07-24, 02:34] <Demandred> the last ep really sucks tho
[07-24, 02:34] <Demandred> too bad i dont upload, i have both seasons archived
[07-24, 02:28] <candicedgy> oreimo s2's taking too long to download. no seeders. sucks to want to watch old anime series'..
[07-24, 02:21] <Demandred> kinda pissing me off cause there are torrents that i wanna watch!
[07-24, 02:20] <Demandred> anybody know why when i try to dl a torrent by [Dead Fish] it starts to dl then resets itself over and over again?and its only deadfish, other torrents dl fine...
[07-24, 02:04] <Senfu> And will do the OST for Xenoblade Chronicle X, fuck yes
[07-24, 02:04] <Senfu> Idc he's still amazing
[07-24, 01:05] <guest-again> snk is his only ost that deviates from the pattern
[07-24, 01:05] <guest-again> sawano would be better if his music didnt all sound the same
[07-24, 00:52] <opabato9000> sawano's ok, not great, he's overhyped as fuck
[07-24, 00:18] <Hoshizora> yuyu where is my vol II of Aikatsu 2
[07-23, 23:53] <Senfu> Aldnoah OST tho... Hiroyuki Sawano is a true god
[07-23, 23:16] <iceaco> Hmm I don't find much interesting shows on weekdays this season.. Welp at least I'll use the weekdays to catch up.
[07-23, 23:12] <aers> Aikatsu isn't even delayed what
[07-23, 23:12] <Dano> Speak for yourself, I judge anyone and everyone.
[07-23, 22:50] <lifebaka> It's all right, herkz. We all have guilty pleasures. We don't judge you.
[07-23, 22:14] <herkz> i dont watch aikatsu i was just messing with yuyu
[07-23, 22:13] <polarwindz> Hey Guys, i am finally back to transcoding, been so pissed at my potato of a computer lol
[07-23, 22:11] <XavierSylfaen> also, a solution to aikatsu being delayed: stop watching aidolshit, problem solved
[07-23, 22:10] <XavierSylfaen> k, thanks
[07-23, 22:03] <herkz> probably soon, yeah
[07-23, 21:57] <darkfire68> ok thanks but its a little buggy, every field is ok and after upload I only got a poem with: I'm a little teapot,...
[07-23, 21:56] <XavierSylfaen> herkz are you guys going to release Space Dandy 13 within the next few weeks, I want to marathon all of S1 and start on S2
[07-23, 21:54] <herkz> pretty sure "insane quality dragonball" doesn't exist, but yes, anyone can upload
[07-23, 21:54] <darkfire68> can anyone upload torrents? have insane quality dragonball and i want to upload them here
[07-23, 21:46] <herkz> yuyu stop delaying aikatsu
[07-23, 21:43] <Yuyu> no
[07-23, 21:38] <herkz> i at least don't stall things, which i believe puts me above some fansubbers
[07-23, 21:28] <Yuyu> dicks
[07-23, 21:09] <Senfu> Leecher have feelings too, you know
[07-23, 21:08] <astrum> Nah, you're just useless. Best become a fansubber ASAP.
[07-23, 21:06] <pky> And if I'm not a fansubber at all... then I must be immortal?
[07-23, 20:58] <DmonHiro> Why not watch something else, if your episode of choice hasn't come out yet? There are literally thousands of anime episodes out there. Shave you seen them all?
[07-23, 20:52] <Cheesecake Militia> So if I'm a shitty fansubber, does that mean I must have a life? ( ´‿ゝ`)
[07-23, 20:44] <HorribleSubs> herkz are you trying to say you're a good fansubber
[07-23, 20:24] <herkz> everyone knows all the good fansubbers have no life
[07-23, 19:50] <lifebaka> Sometimes, Imouto6969, fansubbers have lives that get in the way of their fansubbing. FFF will get to it when they get to it.
[07-23, 19:50] <Dragons4life> I tough today was Tokyo Ghoul and Terror in Resonance, i was wrong..
[07-23, 19:32] <Imouto6969> Ahhhh where is jinsei!
[07-23, 19:14] <pky> And lolis' love day. Don't forget lolis' love day!
[07-23, 19:03] <BakaYuusha> Saturday and Sunday are the best this season. Wednesday is boy's love day.