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Lossy Audio[Single] AZU - トモダチ☆★ [2011.06.22]DL38.6 MiBStatus unknown3980
Lossy Audio[Single] AYUSE KOZUE - Cry for You / 君のせい~U KNOCKED MY HEART ~ [2011.02.16]DL33 MiBStatus unknown2120
Lossy Audio[Single] AYABIE - 流星 (通常盤) [2011.08.24]DL26.9 MiBStatus unknown9430
Lossy Audio[Single] AYABIE - Melody(Type B) [2011.02.23]DL18.8 MiBStatus unknown1750
Lossy Audio[Single] ave;new - acuerdo~アクエルド~ [2011.02.10]DL23.5 MiBStatus unknown11090
Lossy Audio[Single] Atsumi - 忘れないよ [2011.02.23]DL21.4 MiBStatus unknown2740
Lossy Audio[Single] ASKA - 廃墟の鳩 [2011.04.22]DL5.8 MiBStatus unknown6750
Lossy Audio[Single] ASKA - 上を向いて歩こう [2011.04.15]DL4.9 MiBStatus unknown10320
Lossy Audio[Single] Artery Vein – ラスト・ジャッジメント [2011.04.20]DL173.1 MiBStatus unknown5290
Lossy Audio[Single] Artery Vein – ラスト・ジャッジメント [2011.04.20]DL15.8 MiBStatus unknown7040
Lossy Audio[Single] ARTERY VEIN - パンドラの夜 [2011.08.24]DL44 MiBStatus unknown25840
Lossy Audio[Single] Art.s.Note - Kokoro moyou [2011.05.25]DL25.9 MiBStatus unknown3100
Lossy Audio[Single] ARARE - そうだろ? [2011.06.22]DL11.1 MiBStatus unknown1060
Lossy Audio[Single] Ap(r)il - Heart 8eat!! [2011.04.27]DL9.1 MiBStatus unknown2430
Lossy Audio[Single] Aoi - Yume no kanata e [2011.04.13]DL8.3 MiBStatus unknown3400
Lossy Audio[Single] Annabel - ignis [2011.05.01]DL53.4 MiBStatus unknown8010
Lossy Audio[Single] Anli Pollicino - Rondo [2011.06.08]DL29.6 MiBStatus unknown4470
Lossy Audio[Single] Angelo - Fate.rarDL22.9 MiB033430
Lossy Audio[Single] Angelababy - Love Never Stops [2011.04.20]DL4.6 MiBStatus unknown7660
Lossy Audio[Single] Angelababy - Everyday's a Beautiful Story [2011.04.20]DL6.5 MiBStatus unknown4530
Lossy Audio[SINGLE] ALSDEAD - INTO THE VOID [2011.04.13]DL17.8 MiBStatus unknown3810
Lossy Audio[Single] Alice Nine - Heart of Gold (通常盤) [2011.09.07]DL24.7 MiBStatus unknown16570
Lossy Audio[Single] Alice Nine - BLUE FLAME [2011.06.08]DL25.8 MiBStatus unknown11590
Lossy Audio[Single] Alice - moving on [2011.06.08]DL40 MiBStatus unknown1470
Lossy Audio[Single] Aldious : Mermaid [2011.04.06]DL27.3 MiBStatus unknown9030
Lossy Audio[Single] alan - みんなでね ~PANDA with Candy BEAR's~/「生きる」 [2011.06.29]DL52.9 MiBStatus unknown3050
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 – フライングゲット(Flying Get)(劇場版) [2011.08.24]DL58.2 MiBStatus unknown144730
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 – フライングゲット(Flying Get)(Type B) [2011.08.24]DL61.5 MiBStatus unknown219580
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 – フライングゲット(Flying Get)(Type A) [2011.08.24]DL65.6 MiBStatus unknown428800
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 TEAM-Z ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - 「恋のお縄」限定CDDL28.4 MiBStatus unknown83350
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 - 誰かのために [2011.04.01]DL9.7 MiBStatus unknown64230
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 - 周末 Not yet(Type C) [2011.03.16]DL59.8 MiBStatus unknown28700
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 - Everyday、カチューシャ(剧场盘 ) [2011.05.25]DL60.1 MiBStatus unknown95910
Lossy Audio[Single] AKB48 - Everyday、カチューシャ(TYPE B) [2011.05.25]DL63.1 MiBStatus unknown137680
Lossy Audio[Single] AK-69 - 69 [2011.07.27]DL23.4 MiBStatus unknown26320
Lossy Audio[Single] AISHA - AISHA.EP II [2011.04.27]DL50.5 MiBStatus unknown2380
Lossy Audio[Single] AiRI - 運命/二つの足跡 [2011.08.10]DL28.6 MiBStatus unknown17540
Lossy Audio[Single] AiRI - learn together [2011.05.25]DL47.2 MiBStatus unknown7910
Lossy Audio[Single] Aimer - 六等星の夜/悲しみはオーロラに/TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR [2011.09.07]DL27 MiBStatus unknown28860
Lossy Audio[Single] AILI ft. Warren G - This L.U.V. [2011.06.15]DL10.1 MiBStatus unknown910
Lossy Audio[Single] aiko - 恋のKoi no Super Ball/Home [2011.05.11]DL54.2 MiBStatus unknown94670
Lossy Audio[Single] AFTERSCHOOL - Bang!(Japanese Ver.)(日本盤)(320K UPDATED) [2011.08.17]DL37.1 MiBStatus unknown31600
Lossy Audio[Single] AFTERSCHOOL - Bang!(Japanese Ver.)(日本盤) [2011.08.17]DL9.5 MiBStatus unknown8340
Lossy Audio[Single] Acid Black Cherry - 少女の祈り III [2011.06.08]DL12.8 MiBStatus unknown53531
Lossy Audio[Single] Acid Black Cherry - ピストル [2011.09.21]DL8.9 MiBStatus unknown65861
Lossy Audio[Single] access - Share The Love - A [2011.08.03]DL34.3 MiBStatus unknown16770
Lossy Audio[Single] AAA - No cry No more [2011.06.22]DL52.2 MiBStatus unknown5480
Lossy Audio[Single] AAA - No cry No more [2011.06.22]DL32 MiBStatus unknown8180
Lossy Audio[Single] AAA - CALL / I4U (ジャケットC) [2011.08.31]DL67 MiBStatus unknown42360
Lossy Audio[Single] A.S.-베카(After School – Bekah) – Take me to the place [2011.07.13]DL16.5 MiBStatus unknown7430
Lossy Audio[Single] A-bee - Smile [2011.04.20]DL18.2 MiBStatus unknown3750
Lossy Audio[Single] a flood of circle - I LOVE YOU [2011.09.21]DL10.5 MiBStatus unknown12850
Lossy Audio[Single] a flood of circle - Blood Red Shoes [2011.09.21]DL17.9 MiBStatus unknown9060
Lossy Audio[Single] 9nine - 夏 wanna say love U [2011.07.20]DL17.2 MiBStatus unknown29050
Lossy Audio[Single] 9nine - SHINING☆STAR [2011.03.09]DL24.2 MiBStatus unknown7350
Lossy Audio[Single] 9mm Parabellum Bullet - 新しい光 [2011.05.18]DL45.4 MiBStatus unknown37780
Lossy Audio[Single] 9mm Parabellum Bullet - カモメ e.p. [2011.09.07]DL129.9 MiBStatus unknown36440
Lossy Audio[single] 7!! - ラヴァーズ [2011.06.29]DL23 MiBStatus unknown24940
Lossy Audio[Single] 4Minute – WHY(Type A)[320kbps] [2011.03.09]DL30.7 MiBStatus unknown5580
Lossy Audio[Single] 4Minute – WHY(Type A) [2011.03.09]DL102.2 MiBStatus unknown3610
Lossless Audio[Single] 4Minute - WHY(初回生産限定盤C) [2011.03.09]DL99 MiBStatus unknown6460
Lossless Audio[Single] 4Minute - WHY(初回生産限定盤B) [2011.03.09]DL97.3 MiBStatus unknown6870
Lossy Audio[Single] 4Minute - WHY [2011.03.09]DL28.6 MiBStatus unknown2730
Lossy Audio[Single] 4MINUTE - HEART TO HEART(通常盤+初回限定盤A+B) [2011.09.07]DL63.6 MiBStatus unknown28681
Lossy Audio[Single] 2PM - Take Off(期間限定生産盤 320kbps UPDATED) [2011.05.18]DL34.4 MiBStatus unknown9581
Lossy Audio[Single] 2PM - Take Off(Real 320kbps UPDATED) [2011.05.18]DL30.1 MiBStatus unknown16890
Lossy Audio[Single] 2PM - Take Off [2011.05.18]DL18.1 MiBStatus unknown12650
Lossy Audio[Single] 2PM - Take Off [2011.05.18]DL3.1 MiBStatus unknown6570
Lossy Audio[Single] 2PM - I'm Your Man(320K UPDATED) [2011.08.17]DL25.9 MiBStatus unknown17930
Lossy Audio[Single] 2PM - I'm Your Man [2011.08.17]DL18.4 MiBStatus unknown13800
Lossy Audio[Single] 2NE1(투애니원) - 내가 제일 잘 나가(I Am The Best) [2011.06.24]DL8 MiBStatus unknown19810
Lossy Audio[Single] 2NE1 - Hate You [2011.07.21]DL7.5 MiBStatus unknown24850
Lossy Audio[Single] 0.8秒と衝撃。 - 町蔵.町子.破壊 [2011.03.16]DL18.7 MiBStatus unknown3790
Lossy Audio[Since 2008]I've Sound Collection - KOTOKO(MP3-320Kbps, RG apply)DL2.23 GiB1365510
Lossy Audio[Silver Forest]DL920 MiB1036610
Lossy Audio[Silver Forest]DL643 MiB009570
Lossy Audio[Silly Walker]DL2.37 GiB031540
Lossless Audio[Silica]_More!_More!!_More!!!_-_STEREOPONYDL450.1 MiBStatus unknown54481
Lossless Audio[SiesTail] - 2011.10.16 [STCD-0034] テラ・アンダーグラウンド [東方紅楼夢7]DL332 MiB013060
Lossless Audio[SiesTail] - 2011.05.05 [STCD-0031] 赤いやかたDL217.8 MiB101760
Lossless Audio[SiesTail] - 2011.05.04 [STCD-0030] 緑のおべべDL241.8 MiB011640
Lossless Audio[SiesTail] - 2011.05.01 [STCD-0029] みゅーとまにあ [M3-27]DL118.1 MiB011760
Lossless Audio[SICD006] (C70) Sound Iemitsu - 紅蓮黒華-HARDCORE from S.Iemitsu.- [FLAC] (2006)DL500 MiB0210770
Lossy Audio[Shudouken]_One_Ok_Rock_-_Liar[EF846F9B]DL10 MiB0118390
Lossy Audio[SHSMD][Nightcore][FullAlbum]DL6.88 GiB0112000
Lossy Audio[SHSMD][Detective Conan OST & OP & ED & Movies OST][FLAC]DL23.87 GiB73625910
Lossy Audio[showery sky] ROOT DOUBLE -Before Crime After Days- Original Soundtrack + Drama CD [320kbps]DL400.2 MiB0129140
Lossy Audio[showery sky] Ever17 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS (Arranged Xbox 360 ver.) [320kbps]DL173.6 MiB1032601
Lossless Audio[Shourai] YA-KYIM - BAKUROCK ~未来の輪郭線~ Limited Edition [WPZL-30225][FLAC+CUE+Scans]DL170.8 MiB014901
Lossy Audio[Shourai] YA-KYIM - BAKUROCK ~未来の輪郭線~ Limited Edition [WPZL-30225][320k+CUE+Scans]DL84.3 MiB0215260
Lossy Audio[shoujo byou]DL1.51 GiB0116942
Lossless Audio[SHOT-010] SUPER SHOT5 Special edition -美少女ゲームリミックスコレクション‐ (TAK+BK)DL1.4 GiB0240171
Lossy Audio[SHOT-005] SUPER SHOT3 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- [MP3+Scans].rarDL202 MiB0114201
Lossless Audio[Shoku-dan] Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll {Karaoke}DL73.6 MiB017330
Lossless Audio[Shirushi Subs] Senhime Zesshou Symphogear Character song series 1 - Zwei Wing.rarDL38.7 MiB1014880
Lossless Audio[SHIRO-RAWS]TVアニメ[僕の妹は「大阪おかん」][特典CD「そのまんま!おかんCD」][FLAC+320K_MP3]DL367.8 MiB4016110
Lossy Audio[Shinsen-Radio]_Revo_Yuki_Kajiura_-_Dream_Port_[230kbps].rarDL35 MiB01930
Lossy Audio[Shinnru] You're Under Arrest Theme Song Full Collection.rarDL258.8 MiB01667681
Lossy Audio[Shinnru] Wand of Fortune 2 ~ Jiku ni shizumu Mokushiroku ~ Drama CD.rarDL130.1 MiB024650
Lossy Audio[Shinnru] voices in a bottle ~ Umi wo Koe Todoita Utagoe ~ [320K].rarDL124.9 MiB0026160
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[04-17, 18:59 UTC] <lae> did i miss the eye cats train
[04-17, 18:53 UTC] <Hoshizora> Hi.
[04-17, 16:35 UTC] <IEgg> my scanner is to bad ... sorry
[04-17, 16:33 UTC] <Noko> Why.jpg
[04-17, 15:35 UTC] <IEgg> hmm.... i upload now
[04-17, 13:25 UTC] <dac-subs> ok
[04-17, 13:18 UTC] <IEgg> nisekoi bd vol.01 and ED upload 04-19 02:00
[04-17, 13:17 UTC] <dac-subs> Hi
[04-17, 13:00 UTC] <IEgg> hello
[04-17, 12:29 UTC] <aers> Non-conformity detected. Goodbye.
[04-17, 12:29 UTC] <Seizhan> ( ̄▽ ̄ )
[04-17, 12:03 UTC] <DJATOM> \o
[04-17, 11:35 UTC] <DmonHiro> Gald to see the chatbox is being put to good use.
[04-17, 09:56 UTC] <Mezashite> ai katsu
[04-17, 09:54 UTC] <aers> ai katsu
[04-17, 09:40 UTC] <neto_rare> ai katsu
[04-17, 09:39 UTC] <Yuyu> ai katsu
[04-17, 09:38 UTC] <kandenshi> ┗┐<(^ω^)>┌┛
[04-17, 08:02 UTC] <xNothingx> Can I order a faggot here?
[04-17, 07:57 UTC] <RHExcelion> faggosaurus fucking pls
[04-17, 07:47 UTC] <Cheesecake Militia> ( ゚‿‿゚)☄
[04-17, 05:53 UTC] <Puyero> Hola amigos...
[04-17, 05:34 UTC] <Desbreko> This can't end well.
[04-17, 05:31 UTC] <Shinsekai Fansub> well hello
[04-17, 04:50 UTC] <Mooks> \chat is back/
[04-17, 03:59 UTC] <fgghjjkll> yo, sup guys!
[04-17, 02:13 UTC] <HorribleScans> Oh boy the shitposting box is back.
[04-17, 01:55 UTC] <astrum> Oh, thank goodness. I need a magician to help seed a long dead torrent for me.
[04-17, 00:50 UTC] <Seizhan> eee? messaging is back. ._.
[04-17, 00:22 UTC] <Yuyu> oh my
[04-16, 22:07 UTC] <Commie> Is this where I download anime?
[04-16, 22:07 UTC] <Eroyume> So I heard the messaging is back...
[04-16, 22:07 UTC] <DameDesuYo> (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻ go away message board
[04-16, 22:06 UTC] <DameDesuYo> back? What happened?
[04-16, 22:04 UTC] <lae> Magic happened.
[04-16, 21:51 UTC] <dac-subs> lol wut?
[04-16, 21:44 UTC] <DmonHiro> The messeging is back? What happened?