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Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみキャラCD.10 五位堂 結 starring 高垣彩陽DL131.7 MiB1016600
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみキャラCD.1 高原歩美 starring 竹達彩奈DL132.5 MiBStatus unknown17290
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみキャラCD.000 エルシィ&ハクア starring 伊藤かな恵&早見沙織DL116.5 MiBStatus unknown17470
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみキャラCD.00 ハクア starring 早見沙織DL143.7 MiB0217620
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみキャラCD.0 エルシィ starring 伊藤かな恵DL149.6 MiB0017011
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみぞ知るセカイII Original SoundtrackDL318.1 MiB0113200
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇 Original SoundtrackDL575.7 MiB1113691
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇 ENDINGテーマ 「キズナノユクエ」DL253.1 MiBStatus unknown19381
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみぞ知るセカイ OVA 「天理篇 ~再会~, ~邂逅~」 ENDINGテーマ 「ヒカリノキセキ&未来への扉」(初回限定盤)DL397.4 MiBStatus unknown19081
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 神のみぞ知るセカイ Original SoundtrackDL472.3 MiB0313330
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 石川智晶 - もう何も怖くない、怖くはない (劇場版 機動戦士ガンダム00 挿入歌)DL182.1 MiB0129700
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 桂ヒナギク&中川かのん&ハクア&水蓮寺ルカ starring 伊藤静&東山奈央&早見沙織&山崎はるか - 奇跡のドアDL233.4 MiB1118910
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 桂ヒナギク&ハクア starring 伊藤静&早見沙織 - Advance [Single, Maxi]DL134.1 MiB1116180
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 仮面ライダー OOO(オーズ) Special CD-BOX(初回生産限定)DL4.21 GiBStatus unknown20310
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 中川かのん&水蓮寺ルカ starring 東山奈央&山崎はるか - リンゴリボン [Single, Maxi]DL148.2 MiB0015150
Lossless Audio[StealthKim Raws][EAC] 中川かのん starring 東山奈央 - 桜色卒業|バレバレ・バレンタイン [Single, Maxi]DL159.7 MiB1019870
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 中川かのん starring 東山奈央 - かのん100%[初回限定盤]DL355.2 MiB0019330
Lossless Audio[StealthKim Raws][EAC] 中川かのん starring 東山奈央 - Colors (完全初回限定生産シリアルナンバー入りLPサイズジャケット仕様) [Limited Edition]DL414.5 MiB1121650
Lossless Audio[StealthKim Raws][EAC] 中川かのん starring 東山奈央 - Birth (完全初回限定生産シリアルナンバー入りLPサイズジャケット仕様) [Limited Edition]DL301.5 MiB0320620
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] コイノシルシ 「神のみぞ知るセカイ」ENDINGテーマDL216.7 MiBStatus unknown16690
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] アイノヨカン 「神のみぞ知るセカイII」ENDINGテーマDL140.8 MiBStatus unknown16520
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 『神のみぞ知るセカイ』 キャラクター・カバーALBUM2~ (初回限定盤)DL557.5 MiBStatus unknown29970
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] 「神のみぞ知るセカイ」 キャラクター・カバーALBUM~ (初回限定盤)DL759 MiBStatus unknown28240
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] UVERworld - クオリア(ガンダムOO盤)(期間生産限定盤) [Single, Limited Edition, Maxi]DL141 MiB0064860
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] TVアニメ 神のみぞ知るセカイ 「夏色サプライズ」/中川かのん starring 東山奈央 〈初回限定盤〉 [Single, CD+DVD, Limited Edition, Maxi]DL407.4 MiBStatus unknown19731
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] TVアニメ 神のみぞ知るセカイ - ガールズバンド“2B PENCILS”アルバム「2B PENCILS」(HQ Cover Modified)DL332.4 MiBStatus unknown26571
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] TVアニメ 「神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇」 最終話ENDINGテーマ~初めて恋をした記憶/2B PENCILSDL152.9 MiBStatus unknown21050
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] THE BACK HORN - 閉ざされた世界(初回限定盤) [Single, Limited Edition, Maxi]DL102.9 MiB1030990
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] Little Busters!/Alicemagic [Single, CD+DVD, Limited Edition, Maxi] (WAV+CUE+ISO)DL358.1 MiBStatus unknown46250
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] God only knows~集積回路の夢旅人~「神のみぞ知るセカイ」OP [Single, Maxi]DL166.3 MiB0017310
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] God only knows -Secrets of the Goddess-「神のみぞ知るセカイ 女神篇」OP [Single, Maxi](Tag Modified)DL203.3 MiB0115990
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] Gackt - The Next Decade [Single, CD+DVD]DL594.2 MiBStatus unknown13600
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] Gackt - Stay the Ride Alive [Single, CD+DVD, Limited Edition, Maxi]DL3.29 GiBStatus unknown12860
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] Gackt - Journey through the Decade [Single, CD+DVD, Maxi]DL527.9 MiBStatus unknown13870
Lossless Audio[Stealthkim Raws][EAC] A Whole New World God Only Knows「神のみぞ知るセカイII」OP [Single, Maxi]DL105.3 MiB0116700
Lossy Audio[star driver]戸松遥-モノクローム(2011.01.26発売.320K+BK)DL56.6 MiB3068010
Lossy Audio[Star Driver OP2 Single] SCANDAL - Pride [PV Rip]DL10.2 MiB0015840
Lossy Audio[ssm][131127] TVアニメ「ご注文はうさぎですか」OPテーマ -「Daydream cafe」/Petit Rabbit’s (MP3+BK)DL44.7 MiBStatus unknown72761
Lossless Audio[ssm][131127] TVアニメ「ご注文はうさぎですか」OPテーマ -「Daydream cafe」/Petit Rabbit’s (FLAC+BK)DL135.3 MiBStatus unknown26982
Lossless Audio[SSK-RAWz]_Kannagi_-_Soundtrack.rarDL45.1 MiB0118340
Lossy Audio[SSFTW] (C78) アップル&ウォーターメロン - KUNYADL49.6 MiB004110
Lossless Audio[SRPC0028] Sharpnelsound (DJ Sharpnel) — YONDERDOME Decade -10Years of DJ Sharpnel- [FLAC] (2011)DL591 MiB4014652
Lossy Audio[SRPC0027] Sharpnelsound (DJ Sharpnel) — 危ないベースライン [MP3 320] (2011)DL155.5 MiB4016900
Lossy Audio[SRPC0026] DJ Sharpnel - CyclicDL75.8 MiB005890
Lossless Audio[SRPC-0026] Sharpnelsound (DJ Sharpnel) — Cyclick [FLAC] (2010)DL364.5 MiB0112370
Lossless Audio[SRPC-0024] (C76) Sharpnelsound (DJ Sharpnel) — 妄殺オタクティクス [FLAC] (2009)DL443.5 MiB1010202
Lossless Audio[SRPC-0016] (C66) Sharpnelsound (DJ Sharpnel) — 悩殺!ハードブレイク [FLAC] (2004)DL448.8 MiB109590
Lossy Audio[SrF] Saint Seiya [Music] - Complete Song CollectionDL299.5 MiB0116770
Lossless Audio[SRCL-8192] ねらわれた学園 OPテーマ「銀色飛行船」/supercell [FLAC]DL126.6 MiBStatus unknown38040
Lossy Audio[SRCL-7486] supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day (Limited Edition)[MP3+MP4+Scans].zipDL292.4 MiB00106720
Lossless Audio[SRCL-7486] supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day (Limited Edition)[FLAC+ISO,MDS+Scans]DL1.1 GiB1041851
Lossy Audio[SRCL-7201] supercell - Sayonara Memories [Limited Edition][MP3+MP4+Scans].zipDL280.4 MiB1066130
Lossless Audio[SRCL-7201] supercell - Sayonara Memories [Limited Edition][FLAC+MP4+Scans].zipDL482.4 MiB0027511
Lossy Audio[Squirrel] さよなら世界 [iTunesStore MP3 192kbps].zipDL94.3 MiB0129180
Lossy Audio[Squirrel] S.I.D-Sound - 별에게 소원을 mp3DL113.3 MiB0118690
Lossless Audio[Squirrel] S.I.D-Sound - 별에게 소원을 FLACDL383.7 MiB029530
Lossless Audio[SQUARE] FINAL FANTASY IX THEME「Melodies Of Life」/白鳥英美子 (ape+cue+log)DL188.8 MiBStatus unknown32260
Lossy Audio[SQEX-20004] Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY Returning home [MP3].rarDL216 MiB0137240
Lossy Audio[SQEX-10244~5][Square Enix] El Shaddai - Ascension of the Metatron Original Soundtrack [MP3+Scans].rarDL369.9 MiB2019780
Lossless Audio[SQEX-10244~5][Square Enix] El Shaddai - Ascension of the Metatron Original Soundtrack [FLAC+Scans].rarDL809.1 MiB015430
Lossy Audio[SQEX-10235~7] DISSIDIA [duodecim] 012 FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack.rarDL286.8 MiB21105840
Lossy Audio[SQEX-10230] MYTH - The Xenogears Orchestral Album [MP3+Scans].rarDL104.5 MiB0040540
Lossy Audio[SP] GReeeeN - BE FREE - Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge (main theme single) [w_scans]DL24.1 MiB0120820
Lossless Audio[SPUS-21950] ChuxChu Idol 2 DIAMOND RING SPECIAL CD (wav+cue+bmp).rarDL248.4 MiB016920
Lossy Audio[sprite] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Visual Novel OSTDL135.5 MiB0140481
Lossy Audio[sprite] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - Chocolate SongsDL79.1 MiB0049501
Lossless Audio[Sprite] Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm CHARACTER SONG CD VOL.4 市ノ瀬莉佳『NIGHT FLIGHT』DL40.8 MiB7210590
Lossy Audio[] J-corEEE vol.5DL174.4 MiB014140
Lossy Audio[] J-corEEE vol.4.rarDL188.8 MiB014220
Lossy Audio[] J-corEEE vol.3DL123.8 MiB013770
Lossy Audio[Sounimation] Pri Para Opening Theme 01 Single - Make it! by i☆RisDL38.5 MiB8018400
Lossy Audio[Sounimation] Pri Para Ending Theme 01 Single - Jumpin’! Dancin’! by Prizmmy☆DL45.7 MiB2012740
Lossy Audio[Soundtrack] BEMANI series - jubeat & REFLEC BEAT SoundtrackDL551.5 MiB4181410
Lossy Audio[SOUNDS5EVER]凪のあさくら OP SINGLE [lull~そして僕らは~]DL17.4 MiB01432
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Youtubeの歌ってみた Vol. 1 [V2 VBR] (2012.06.27)DL76 MiB0123020
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid 9 [V2 VBR] (2012.08.15)DL149.4 MiB1026330
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid 8 [V2 VBR] (2012.07.12)DL104.4 MiB1036910
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid 7 [V2 VBR] (2012.06.09)DL102.7 MiB0135310
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid 12 [V2 VBR] (2012.12.26)DL147.4 MiB0211330
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid 11 [V2 VBR] (2012.10.17)DL108.6 MiB0110990
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid 10 [V2 VBR] (2012.09.19)DL88.8 MiB1034180
Lossy Audio[Sounds of You] Vocamelloid -Looking Back- Vol. 1 [V2 VBR] (2012.07.18)DL134.3 MiB1030720
Lossy Audio[sound sepher]DL948 MiB037760
Lossy Audio[Sound Online]v2DL1.13 GiB0235040
Lossy Audio[Sound Online]DL700 MiB017703
Lossy Audio[Sound Horizon]DL1.4 GiB22161201
Lossy Audio[SOUND HOLIC]v2DL2.18 GiB0160160
Lossless Audio[SOUND HOLIC] [M3-28] [SDHC-0027] Metallic Vampire (tta+cue+jpg)DL412 MiB10154452
Lossy Audio[SOUND HOLIC] ALLDL2.18 GiB2038250
Lossy Audio[soreG.O.]DL110.9 MiB002220
Lossy Audio[Soranetarium]DL174.2 MiB011580
Lossless Audio[Sony Music Japan] L'Arc~en~Ciel - DAYBREAK'S BELL (Apple Lossless)DL128.3 MiBStatus unknown9480
Lossless Audio[SNS]Tide-Line.Blue_OPDL113.9 MiB012650
Lossless Audio[SNS]One.Piece.Best.Album[WV]DL419 MiB0021320
Lossy Audio[SNS]NieA_7.NieA's.LocoDL218.5 MiB033390
Lossless Audio[SNS]Den`ei.Shoujo.Video.Girl.AI.OSTDL241.5 MiB024722
Lossless Audio[SNS]Chobits.Original.Soundtrack.001DL214.5 MiB013770
Lossless Audio[SNS]Chobits.OP.ED.ED2DL261.5 MiB106090
Lossy Audio[SNK Project] Shingeki no Kyojin - Original Soundtrack IIDL115.6 MiB0023663
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